Review by Jeff AKA Snoopy

Reviewed: 10/10/00 | Updated: 10/10/00

What? A good platform other than CRASH? YUP!

Let's just say this.....a great game. I must say that the PSX platform games have been, well, awful. A good change of pace.

STORY 8/10

After our dragon beat up on the bad guys, he decided to take a break at the beach. However, he is brought into Avalar (SP) by these 2 people, and a talking cheeta. Anyway, the game starts quikly as Ripto, the enemy, comes and see's Spyro, and kinda flips out, since he hates Dragons. He tries to attack, but his 2 bone-head sidekicks decide to hurt Ripto. Peeved, he runs off, and the girl that brought you hear says that Ripto took over Avalar, and you were brought to stop him. ''How do we get into these sorts of things'' The quote from Spyro, and then you are off.


Easy controls make this game enjoyable. Starting off with the ability to charge and shoot fire, you must kill bad guys and sheep alike :) Well, the sheep and other ''normal'' wildlife keeps your health (little fly thing) up, and it's doggon fun too. As you progress, you get abilities such as Swimming and Climbing. Yu go through each level, trying to get 100% complete in each, but there's a problem. Sometimes, you can't get the ability you need till late in the game, and then you have to go back to get the level complete, something which can be forgot easily. Easy controls make the game fun though.


WOW! That's all you can say, as the background, enemies, and Spyro all are given special attention, and it all comes together really well.

AUDIO 9/10

Really good, but needed a little more sound effects. With a game like this, sound effects are needed, and the game doesn't have enough, in my opinion. However, the characters actually speak, which is really good, as I enjoy that. Also, the music suits the situation, and adds to the pleasure of the game.


Depending on how you play the game, the replay is wither HIGH or LOW. If you go through methodically, you can totally beat the game no problems. However, if you just want to enjoy it the first time, then you will miss much, so play it as you would.

OTHERS 10/10

This category is totally killed by Spyro 2. There are 2-4 subquests in each level, and each have a difficulty, some with 3 stars outta 5, some with only 1. This makes the game great.


With the only stumble perhaps in the story and audio, the game shines as an example of what PSX PLatforms should be like.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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