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Reviewed: 06/06/08

Another excellent game with many new concepts!

Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage! is an excellent sequel to Spyro The Dragon. Spyro decides to take a vacation in Dragon Shores but meanwhile in a land called Avalar an evil midget named Ripto has taken over. They mess with the portal in the Dragon Worlds and now Spyro shows up in Avalar and must help them.

Ripto looks like a midget who ripped his toe off and stuck it on his head (I guess that is where he got his name from) so as you would expect he looks really weird. The game has the same concept as the first but with some improvements. There are now many mini-games to play and natives to talk to and you can save anywhere! Dragons have been replaced with Orbs and there are no more Eggs but those aren’t needed anyways. The worlds are even bigger than the first but now there is only three but there are better levels. Between levels the game will show short clips that are pretty funny which seem to add to the enjoyment of the game. There are yet again more fun flying levels and with it comes new mini-games! Now on each flying level there is a hidden challenge that will reward you with an Orb upon completion.

Between levels you will get to watch short clips and some of them are kind of funny! A weird thing I found in the game is that early on you go to a level where enemies stole all of the food from this group and the only food the enemies carry are sausages, marshmallows, and fruit kabobs. Small variety of food there. A part that ticks me off is that somewhere near the middle of the game there is a part where you must help an Alchemist bring a potion to Hunter (a character from the beginning of the game) who’s feet are frozen in stone. It is a clear path with only one enemy in the way but instead she makes the most indirect route possible and goes back and forth while you have to protect her!

The graphics in the game have improved slightly but not enough to really notice and the music is still great! Now you can learn new skills as well such as diving, climbing, and smashing things with your head! This game is so much easier and shorter than the first which I think was not a good idea. Also this is the only Spyro game on a console that has a number in the title which is pretty strange. The bosses are pretty hard but are fun to battle. And now the blue gem has been replaced with a purple one and it stays that way through the rest of the series. Something that really ticks me off is this bear named Moneybags. He appears throughout the game over ten times and you have to pay him to go to certain levels or do certain things. It really bothers me when you do not have enough gems so you have to go back and find more. At the end you will face off with Ripto and just barely defeat him then the land will be saved and you will be rewarded by getting to go to Dragon Shores. If you manage to complete the game 100% you even will unlock permanent super flame! So overall, I thought this was an excellent game that was even better then the first except it is shorter and too easy.

Gameplay: 7.9/10
Plot: 6/10
Music: 9.2/10
Graphics: 8.3/10
Multiplayer: N/A
Overall Score: 9.1/10 (not an average)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (US, 10/31/99)

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