Review by Doodleheimer

"This game is so addicting."

Game Play-10/10

The game play in this game is definitely an improvement over the first. For one thing, there are much more puzzles to solve. And the minigames in this game are numerous. There must be a hundred minigames in this game. The orb objectives are great too. The replay in this game is excessive. You will play this game for weeks, trust me. The controls, like the first, are still a little slippery and rickety. But like me, you will get over that little hurdle. The huge amount of stages and objectives will keep you busy for weeks, trust me. The replay, well there is so much replay in this game, you will be glued to your television, and your hands will be glued to the controller. The levels are very unique, this game is sooo much better than the first, it is no wonder why this game is a Greatest Hits Title. Which is good, so those of you who do not currently own this particular game can go out and pick it up for a Greatest Hits price of only twenty dollars.


The graphics did not really change that much from the first Spyro, but that is not a bad thing at all. The level design is much, much, much better. The variety of the levels and stages are wonderous. The graphics stayed the same from the first, which is good. I do not think that they could have improved the graphics. The enemies are pretty much the same as the first. But although much of the graphics stayed the same from the original, that does not mean that the graphics and views still are not breathtaking and awe-inspiring.


The sound effects in this game are just the same as the first. The voice of Spyro is the same. The other characters' voices are great too. The music in this game is a huge, and I mean huge improvement over the first game. The tunes in this game are much, much, much more memorable and catchy. The music in this game fits the scenery and surroundings very well indeed. Man, could this game get any better?


This game is a great and excellent buy at a twenty dollar Greatest Hits price. I suggest that you go out to a store and buy this game today. This game may just be the best platformer game ever. The rich, lush graphics, the memorable and catchy music, the loads of secrets and replayability, and an overall great platformer is perfect for anyone and everyone.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/27/00, Updated 05/20/02

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