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Reviewed: 07/01/10

Spyro flames the competition down with this title

This title happens to be Spyro's second adventure in the series thus far. The second game features more interactions among Spyro and the other characters in the game, there is also more gameplay and a better replay value, cool kick butt moves like diving underwater and climbing ladders and overall just a better game than the first one. Spyro has an edge over his opponents in this headstrong platforming game.

The sound is a remarkable feat in this one compared to the original adventure. there are dozens of characters in this game and each has a different voice to communicate with our hero. Spyro also talks more as well. The background music in each level certainly goes along with that level as well. The noises and cries from Spyro's enemies also have a nice touch to them. the sound and Audio in the game is adjustable to which is very convenient for any Spyro fan. Insomniac Games and Universal Interactive Studios has really stepped up to the plate when it comes to the sound quality, from Spyro collecting gems to flaming down his enemies the sound quality is second to none.

The graphics for playstation may seem basic to any gamer in today's world, however the graphics in this epic game are very good. the detailing on Spyro has gotten better since his first game. the flame breathe is more realistic looking as well compared to the first one. The details on over 100 characters that Spyro meets and comes in contact with is another great job well done as well. The enemys, each has their small little details that seem like they were thought out in the making of this game. The interactive levels in this game are extremely detailed from head to toe. the graphics are a top notch feat in this interactive game.

Replay Value
The replay value in this game is just amazing. there are many adventures that Spyro journeys through on his quest to stop the evil villain. There are more than 30+ worlds to explore with each world having adventures to do after the main quest in that world is complete. The challenges in the game range from "super simply" to "how do you get past this part?!?!". This game features many more challenges that the original version just could not delever. The replay value receives a 5 star rating from any gamer regardless of preference of game choice. there is also a guidebook to help the avid gamer to see how much progress has been made in the game. The replay value is also the number one reason to pick up this low priced title.

The gamer definitely has more options to the controls as well as the camera views inside the game itself. The camera can be in two views which is a very nice touch to the game's quality if I do say so myself. there are also additional moves that Spyro can learn as well, from headbashing to climbing the controls are very smooth. the game plays easy and gets to a medium difficulty toward the end which is a challenge to any die hard gamer.the gameplay is just the right tempo though to want to continue and keep playing through the adventure.

This story is slightly different from the days when Spyro sqaured off against Nasty Norc. There is a new nemesis in town with two great big beasts at his side known as Crush and Gulp. The villain definitely does more interacting though throughout the game itself. Spyro must once again muster up the courage to defeat the evil Villain know as Ripto. The story may seem cliche but the gamer will soon find out that this task is not as easy as it seems. The story among most platforming games seem the same but Spyro is very different in this sense. There are also numerous characters to help you along your adventure from a cheetah who loves to compete to a big fuzzy bear who will sell you services and levels that are not available unless you pay him. The path to this game may seem very straight forward but times may get frustrating for the gamer.

I really can not think of any reason to not buy this platforming hit. The adventure is priceless and the game is very solid throughout the adventure. This title is at the lowest price it will be at too. the game itself is just made of fun for any gamer. the game will have you coming back again and again for another play through. I recommend this game for any gamer who loves platforming, you will instantly fall in love with Spyro the dragon from the first 5 minutes of playing. Sony Computers, Insomiac games, and Universal Studios Pictures has pieced together one great game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (Greatest Hits) (US, 11/02/99)

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