"Who says all sequels are bad?"

They always say, ''Never judge a book by its cover.'' Well, I am/was guilty of that when I first saw commercials for the first Spyro game. I thought, ''Wonderful. Another cute little kiddy game.'' As I stated on my Spyro review, I was proven wrong. So, I thought, ''Why not try out Spyro 2 and see if that holds up to the first.'' Well, all I can say is that while it is a bit different from the first, it is still a great game.

The Classic Battle of Good vs. Not Very Nice
In Spyro 2, Spyro and his friend, Sparx, grow sick and tired of all the rainy weather. Spyro sees a portal leading to a place called Dragon Springs. Spyro flies through the warp only to find that he has been tricked by some people from another dimension called Avlar who need the assistance of a dragon. It seems they are under the rule of a tyrant named Ripto. So, Spyro decides to help those in the land suffering from oppression defeat Ripto.

A Bit of the Same... And Then Some!
The gameplay is a lot of the same as the original. You run around collecting gems. Each level has 400 gems. There are three worlds with varying amounts of levels. In each of the levels, there is also a set amount of orbs you can find that can only be obtained by completing certain minigames.

Downgrade on the Graphics?
The didn't seem as smooth as the first Spyro for some reason, but still seemed very good. The textures and colors still look as beautiful as they did on the first.

Happy, Shiny Music
The music fit well with the game. The sound effects weren't too bad, actually. There were a couple that got very annoying after a while though, such as the noise Spyro makes when he jumps.

Ah, Innovation
The game showed a lot of innovation which is always good for a sequel. There were literally tons of minigames and side events. Some of them can be frustrating, but if you persist, you will prevail. All in all the game was very fun.

Enough with the Oppression Message!
The only thing that sort of turned me off a bit was the storyline, which just didn't seem very interesting. Sure, it was something a bit different to begin with, but the idea of chasing after an evil guy to stop the oppression he is spreading for some unknown reason was just uninteresting.

Graphics: Not as good as the first, but still very good 9/10
Sounds: Fit well with the game 8/10
Control: Didn't seem as overresponsive as the first. The camera angles also seem a bit more lenient in this game. 8/10
Plot/Storylne: The weakpoint of the game. It didn't significantly hinder the game, but it just needed a bit more spice. 6/10
Gameplay: It's actually a bit more fun than the first game 10/10
All Together: 9/10

If you like the first Spyro, then you should enjoy this one. Also, if you like platform games, this one should be up your alley for at least a trial. This game isn't particularly hard considering I got 100% of the game finished within five days. I'm sure others have done it faster.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/03/01, Updated 04/16/01

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