"Comparing S2 with S1"

Definitely a great sequel but it was missing something that other reviews seemed to have missed. This review is not for judging the game but instead I am comparing it to the first. By comparing, people who have actually played Spyro 1 can get a better picture of the sequel. So if you have not played S1 this review will not mean nearly as much to you.

Sound: 9/10
The music is good and sounds are too but Spyro1 won by an inch at the finish line. I personally love the music of both and would by soundtracks of them if they existed.

Graphics: 10/10
If you were a fan of S1's graphics you will like these the same. S2 still has the amazing platform that really brings the game to reality.

Story: 9/10
This is where S1 pulls through as being better in my perspective. I for one absolutely love Dragons. That's why I loved the first one because it was more of a dragon story in a sense the all the worlds were a lot cooler when they looked like they where taken from a Tolkien book or the DragonLance series. S2 does not have this and that is why I don't like it as much as S1. I totally hate the fact that the other main characters are other stupid animals instead of dragons. All the worlds look more like an environment that could be found on earth instead of a book. As for the actual plot, it's the same. Except the bad guy (Ripto) takes control of a world you could care less about instead of a dragon world.

Gameplay: 10/10
Same as before with a couple new things and power ups. I like how your now able to swim, this adds a whole new dimension per say, to the game. The only thing that gets at me is that I wish there were MORE power ups. There simply aren't enough.

Replay: 10/10
This is one of the main reasons why I liked S1, because as is the first time through did not take long enough, it was always fun to play again. S2 is actually better here. This is because of the fact that instead of collecting Dragon eggs like the first one, you collect orbs. But all these orbs have challenges and all these tasks make the replay value even better.

If your a Dragon fan or just a Spyro fan, this is a must buy. I would not rent it because you would be paying just as much to rent it for the insanely long time it takes to beat.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/01/02, Updated 07/01/02

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