"Finally, a Game That Doesn't Suffer From 'Sequel Symdrome'"

Spyro 2, also known as 'Ripto's Rage', 'Ripto's Revenge', or 'Gateway to Glimmer', is probably one of the best platformer games out there for the Playstation One. I was a bit skeptical at first after hearing all the bad things about Spyro from other gamers, but this game changed my view on the series forever.

Story: 10/10

Very unlike most platformers, the game starts from the ending of the first game. Spyro and Sparx had just finished torching Gnasty Gnorc, so they're looking for a vacation to let them unwind. When they go into the portal that leads into Dragon Shores, the best amusement park for dragons, they end up in another world filled with various mammals like fauns, cheetahs, and moles. Turns out that the animals need their help, for a short dinosaur-riding lizard named Ripto is making everyone miserable. After a short meeting with Ripto and his two goons, the game starts.

What gives this story a ten is that they finally explain why we're collecting the little gizmos that are scattered throughout the realms in the first place!

Graphics: 9/10

To our standards now, the game isn't stunningly beautiful, but remember that this is a game for a past system. Unlike most older games, you can't see through walls and the characters don't look like a jumbled mess of polygons. The characters are pretty detailed too. What brings the score down is that you can still pick out individual polygons from a rather short distance.

Gameplay: 10/10

This game offers many hours of good clean fun. First of all, the gems are actually used to do something; buy moves and passageways from a greedy gem-stealing bear called Moneybags. (Don't worry, you'll get it back at the end of the game.)
Once again, you have your fire breath and your friend Sparx, but this time you have to collect orbs and talismans to get farther. Talismans are in the shape of unique statues, while the orbs are earned by doing challenging tasks.
The worlds are really big, each one with unique species and characters. The worlds are big enough to explore in, but they aren't so big that you get lost in the wilderness with no idea where you're going.

Control: 9/10

The control is smooth most of the time, but the flying, gliding, and supercharge controls feel too loose. You'll get used to it after a while.

Sound: 10/10

Everyone has an unique voice, and most of their voices fit their personalities perfectly. Some of the lines are really funny, and will make even the most solumn person smile.

Replayability: 9/10

The game has millions of Gems, and 64 orbs to get, so you won't be bored easily. Also, even when you beat the final boss, you still have alot more to explore in the end. (What you'll find if up to you to find out. )

Buy or Rent?

If you loved any of the Spyro games, or you're a avid platformer fan, then this is the game for you. Besides, the price for this game is usually twenty dollars, so what's to lose?

This game is a wonderful experience for any Playstation owner, and is worth a spot in your collection. Relight your collecting passion with Spyro!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/16/03, Updated 01/16/03

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