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"A Great Sequel With A Slightly New Concept!!!"

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage is the sequel to Sypro the Dragon (Of course, you should've known that by now if you're reading this review). Naturally, since it is a sequel, it should be better is!! Now, let's start the review, shall we?

Story 10/10: Spyro has decided to take a vacation at Dragon Shores but when he goes to the portal, he's transported to another place, instead!! Where is he? Avalar!! Here, Ripto, a short, small, orange guy has invaded and taken Avalar. The inhabitants (mainly the Professor, Hunter, and Elora) have tried to get a dragon to help and they succeed! Spyro has came to help!! Now that Spyro's there, he really doesn't have any other choice than to help, now does he? So, yet another adventure starts...Great Story!!!!

Music 10/10: I like the music. Ain't no other way to say it, ain't that complicated. So...what else is there to say? Fits the mood, is catchy, etc. Great Music!!!!

General Sound 10/10: I've always thought that the Spyro series were great with the general sounds. The talking, in my opinion, is marvelous!! They fit the people perfectly!! You can hear the expressions in the talking and it's all wonderful!!! There are also the sounds that are made from...Spyro breathing fire, Sparx retrieving a gem, etc. Great General Sound!!!!

Graphics 10/10: Not that perfect, compared to Final Fantasy...or a PS2 game, but it's still really good. Spyro looks nice...and purple. The Professor and Elora, in my opinion, looks the coolest...mainly because they're so...unique, shall you say? Basically, not Final Fantasy great but still Great Graphics!!!!

Controls 10/10: Nice, responsive, and really simple. If you've played Spyro 1 before, you'll know the controls instantly. They're the same! Whenever the controls are different, you'll be told so don't worry about being confused. Great Controls!!!!

Game Play 9/10: Basically, you go around the worlds, entering different portals to different places with different people to help out. That's a lot of differents. Anyway, you just go around, collecting gems. What else do you have to collect? In Spyro 1, it was dragons but now, you're after Talismans and Orbs. Now, you won't just find them laying around like the dragons in Spyro 1 (wait...they weren't ALL lying around, were they?). Instead, you have to work for them. Help this guy out with whatever he needs help with and he'll reward you with an orb! Completing the level to the finish will earn you your Talisman. It doesn't exactly SOUND like much, but believe me, when you play it, it IS much. Err...there are bosses...and...umm...yeah...that's about it...Good Game Play!!!

Replay Ability 8/10: After you beat the game, you have a nice little ''reward.'' However, if you manage to get all the orbs and gems in every level, you can earn a better reward that might make you want to play the game again because of it (I won't tell you what it is, though). It's fantastic! Also, you can earn things called Skill Points, which are received for doing certain tasks. You can get them on the first time you play the game but some might be easier with the help of the reward...yeah...overall, Nice Replay Ability!!

Difficulty 9/10: Not too hard, not too easy. Some tasks will get on your nerves but you'll get past them. Some are so easy, you can't believe that it was there, but don't worry, there are harder tasks. Anyway, basically, those balance it out. You'll have some hard times, but some easy times, too. Some Skill Points are so tough to get that you'll just want to...throw down your controller in anger (like me, for example). Then again, they are rewards for having specific gaming maybe I'm just that weak...Anyway...Good Difficulty!!!

Length 9/10: Personally, I've always found Spyro games to be too short and this is no different. However, to most, it's not too long, not too short. Of course, sometimes, you're just really getting into it and then POOF! You'll be like, ''Finished already?'' Anyway, overall, though, the length is just enough...I guess...Good Length!!!

Improvement From Prequel? Definitely!!

Other: If you like this, you'll LOVE Spyro 3!!

Buy Or Rent? BUY BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!

Overall: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/12/03, Updated 07/12/03

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