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Reviewed: 07/08/04

Back and better than before!

Spyro the Dragon hit the stores by storm back in 1998. It was a monumental hit and became one of the Playstations best selling games. Demand for a sequel was high and a sequel came. This is Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage.
There was some confusion between different versions of the game. One version sold in the US and Canada has the title: Ripto's Rage. The other version sold in all other countries has the title: Gateway to Glimmer.

These two versions are really the same game and should not be confused with one another. But, back to business. The game starts right after the first game with Spyro and his trusty friend Sparx the Dragonfly downright bored because there's been so much rain as of recently. They think of a plan to go somewhere sunny all the time: Dragon Shores! So, the two run towards the portal that will take them there. They glide in.....

Meanwhile at the exact same time In a different world............

A group that contains a centaur, a cheetah and an old professor are trying to obtain a dragon to help them defeat an evil gremlin named Ripto
from destroying their world via a magic portal and some orbs. The portal works! It takes Spyro right from his vacation to this strange new world. (Avalar) It looks like his vacation is postponed until he gets rid of Ripto.

He'll need you to collect gems, orbs and other trinkets to gain the powers you need to defeat him! It's quite a beautifully done game IMO. The graphics are great for a PSX game and it's so much fun to play. Now let's get to reviewing.

Graphics: 9/10

The visuals are excellent for a PSX game. Right from Spyro's tounge to the stones in the castle walls. It's very detailed and masterfully done. Another mention is the movies in this game. They're all top notch and look quite real. There are some problems here and there but, other than that, it's very good. 9/10

Story: 8/10

Not a bad story for an adventure/platformer game. It's a bit cheesy but, that shouldn't stop you from liking it. The cinematics advance the story as you advance through the many lands of Avalar. You must stop Ripto and his minions from taking over their peaceful lands by torching what Ripto sends to destroy you, obtain enough gems to learn all new abilities to gain access to places you probably think dragons couldn't go and save the people from danger of the many mini worlds of Avalar. Lots to do. 8/10

Sound: 9/10

Awesome music! It hardly ever gets repetitive and there's different songs in each level. (That's over 30 songs) The sounds the civilians of Avalar make are unique in each mini world. The sound is clear and crisp with no skipping. (But that can change depending on the condition of your CD) Great stuff. 9/10

Pros and Cons:
-Fun and helpful characters
-who doesn't like roasting sheep with flame power? :)
-Will keep you going for hours
-great visuals
-fans of Spyro will love it
-fun mini-games

-a bit glitchy
-not much replayability

Rent or Buy? If you're a Spyro fan, a definite buy! Even if you're not, it's a good rent!

Overall: 9/10

I hoped you liked my review! (If you have enough money, you can buy all 3 Spyro games in one box now)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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