"Spyro's best adventure on the PlayStation"

What's not to like about Spyro the Dragon? Nothing, Spyro is a cool character and his games have always been decent. He's lot better than Crash Bandicoot, that's for sure. Of the Spyro trilogy released for the PlayStation, this was the best one. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! is a solid game though it isn't anything legendary. Like the other Spyro games, you control Spyro most of the time. Along the way you will have the ability to have him learn several ability which includes diving into water, climbing (because dragons need to be able to climb up walls) and ramming. Of course there is more to learn also. The sotrlyine is pretty clear-cut as one should expect. Ripto and his cronies are up to no good. You, the hero must go out and stop Ripto. Oh, and we can't forget the faithful dragonfly thing, Sparx. He doesn't do much but he's there for moral support I guess.

The music to this game is pretty bland but it isn't so bad. The neat thing though is the sound. When you are under water, you can hear the bubbles and you can hear the ground rumble when our favorite little purple dragon runs. Spyro and his friends also talk which I found to be a good aspect. Usually I'm against voice acting but this was an exception. A really good job was done with the voices. Well, there is the whole quirkiness associated with the voice acting so I can't commend it that highly but it was still solid overall. This was one of the games that had voice acting when voice acting was still relatively new so brownie points for that as well. The game is pretty well graphically. As a lesser PlayStation game, this game didn't do too shabby in the visuals department. Admittedly, some of the levels are really repetitive with the scenery but there is enough diversity to keep I somewhat appealing. The graphics are vivid and beautifully illustrated for Spyro, the people you encounter and the scenery.

The Camera Angle to this game is mediocre. Sometimes, the camera doesn't want to go the way you want it to and it becomes annoying\. But once you get used to it, you will not have a problem with it most o the time but the PlayStation marked the era of annoying camera angles. You have pretty good control over Spyro though. Spyro won't "slip" off edges like Mario does in some games. I was thankful for that. This game also has a unique look on the replayability. There is little need to start a new game over. Once you beat the game, you can play every single level over again! (Including bosses) However, if for some reason you did want to start a new game then you will be just as satisfied as the first time you played it. The replayability in this game is superb. Overall this is a decent game. These games won't blow your mind like Mario but they are some nice solid games. Spyro the Dragon is a fairly iconic character and I will assure you that he blows Crash Bandicoot away in every aspect

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/10/04, Updated 12/19/06

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