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Reviewed: 06/18/00 | Updated: 06/18/00

A great sequel, but perhaps too easy

This game is another great from Insomniac Games. It is fun for nearly everyone with the cute little dragon. But perhaps they ran out of ideas for this one on where to hide jewels and other things.

Gameplay: It’s great. It is very easy to attack and move around. There are no combinations of buttons, so you just press a button and he does something. The new way of buying abilities instead of starting with all of the abilities you’ll need is quite original. Also, having to talk with people to find out how to do things or to take on a challenge was also very fun. Though, it seems to me that it has gotten way too easy for veterans of the first game to find the objects in the second. I found everything the first time I played a level and never had to go back to it. Still, it’s very easy to control, veteran or first-time player. 7/10

Sound: The sounds are awesome. The music is nothing but the best for this game. Its soft mellow tunes are perfect for most of the levels. Though I miss Spyro’s original voice, the voices go perfectly with the characters, no matter if they’re goofy or evil. The sound effects are very cartoonish, but they fit perfectly for this game. Yet, some of Spyro’s attacks sound very real, such as his flame attack. 10/10

Story: The story begins right after Spyro has beaten Gnasty Gnorc. He is going on vacation at Dragon Shores to relax. But, as he steps through the portal, something is occurring at Avalar. The Professor, Elora, Hunter, and Zoe are calling him to their world to help them battle Ripto, who has over run Avalar with his minions. Once Spyro arrives, he already has to start to battle to help these strangers. As he goes through each section of Avalar, he gets talismans that will help him defeat Ripto later, and believe me, there are a lot of them. 10/10

Graphics: The graphics in this game are superb as well. Every section of Avalar has its own characters to help, such as the Mice miners of Glimmer (I love how they look). Though many of the things in this game look kind of goofy, they fit in perfectly. The items in the game are very nice looking, especially the orbs and talismans. The enemies are very well-generated and don’t lose any of their great looks no matter what you do to them, even when you torch them. 10/10

Replayability: It is quite fun, though searching through the game again might get monotonous after a few times. They have special goodies to make up for this. This was a good idea. To see the characters and hear the voices is enough to play through it again even. 8/10

I gave this a 9 because it is a great game, but it still was a little easy. I recommend everyone buy this. Though, the veterans might want to rent it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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