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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Last Avenger

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 03/17/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             The Last Avenger Spyro the Dragon Strategy Guide
                    By: Karl Schaumann (the Last Avenger)
                           Email: Lastavenger90210@cs.com
    I: Revision History
    II: General Hints
    III: Treasure
    IV: Enemy List
    V: Walkthrough
    VI: FAQ
    VII: Game Summary Table
                          -REVISION HISTORY
    1.0: Finished strategy guide, treasure, and FAQ.
    1.1: Expanded FAQ, spaced things out a little better
    1.2: Added the game summary table
    1.3: Updated copyright notice, fixed wholly inaccurate summary table
    1.4: Added enemy list. This is hard!
    Welcome to my strategy guide for Spyro the Dragon. I highly recommend 
    reading the manual first, because it tells you the story, introduces 
    you to controls, and so on. I will not tell you how to do every move. 
    When I say charge, I will not tell you which button to press, so with 
    that in mind plunge in!
    General Hints
    The first thing that you should know is that Spyro is only a little 
    dragon, not the big ones you rescue. Thus, he cannot spit fireballs of 
    death or fly or cast spells. He can only headbutt or breathe a spark 
    shower. Secondly, dragons can't swim. Not even a little. So don't jump 
    into water if you can at all help it. Third of all, you must be very 
    good at controlling Spyro to win the higher levels. Gliding well is 
    crucial, as is good charging skills. Knowing how to use your flame 
    effectively is nice but not essential. Make sure you know how to rotate 
    the camera, as you will need it to see some of the harder-to-reach 
    areas. Jumping and rolling are handy too, but aren't usually necessary. 
    Lastly, whenever you get the chance, rescue a dragon then save your 
    game. This isn't terribly important if the dragon is easy to get, but 
    the two dragons in Tree Tops and Haunted Towers are very hard to get so 
    save once you find them. There's no point in losing a life and having 
    to do it over again.
    This section deals with most everything you need to know about treasure 
    (for total level amounts, see the Summary Table at the end.) It will 
    include such basics like the worth of a gem, and then the variety of 
    boxes, barrels, whatever gives one or more gems (with the exception of 
    enemies and bosses.)
    Red Gem=1
    Green Gem=2
    Blue Gem=5
    Yellow Gem=10
    Purple (rarest) Gem=25
    There is one unexplained factor (called 'attack.) This is the form of 
    attack you need to use to destroy it. "Any" means that anything can 
    destroy it, while "Special" means a special method must be used.
    Attack: Any
    Really easy, and common too. You see a lot of them throughout the game. 
    They only hold one gem in any event.
    Attack: Charge
    Flaming won't work, so charge them. Again, they're pretty common 
    throughout the game. Like treasure chests, they only hold one gem.
    Attacks: None
    This box is indestructible until you find a golden key. There is one in 
    each level, and the key can only be used in its location level.
    At any rate, once you have the key, find the box and get close to it. 
    The key will open the box automatically, and spill forth several gems 
    or sometimes only one.
    Attacks: Special
    These metal chest are wrapped in chains, and nothing Spyro does will 
    destroy them. There are many ways to destroy them however, including 
    lightning the rockets, shooting a cannonball at it, hitting it with a 
    barrel of TNT, etc.
    Attacks: Any (flame is easier)
    These oddities are found as soon as you reach Peace Keepers (and maybe 
    Town Square, I'm not sure.) They appear to be a square, golden box with 
    a "lid" with the color of the gem they contain. If you flame them, the 
    gem will come flying out; jump and grab it before it falls. 
    Alternately, you can charge, but Spyro will take longer to recover. 
    Once you get it, the box is destroyed. 
    Attacks: Flame
    Found only in Cliff Town, the evil cafeteria ladies are always near one 
    of these. Flame them to make a gem fly out, where you can safely grab 
    Attacks: Charge
    What? These are uniquely found in Ice Cavern. In that level, some of 
    the posts have gems balanced on top of them. Charge the poles to shake 
    it loose, where you'll get it automatically.
    Attacks: Flame x3
    Now these are truly weird. You start to see them around Dry Canyon, I 
    think. Anyhow, flame them once, and the top will begin to spin faster. 
    Flame it once more to send it spinning even faster, then flame it one 
    last time to destroy the box. The top will fly off and shatter 
    somewhere. Actually, once I did this in the bonus level, and the top 
    hit a thief and killed him!
    Attacks: Flame
    I think Dry Canyon introduces these. From then on, they're moderately 
    common. Anyhow, flame them and they'll start to hiss and spark. Get 
    away from them, as in a few seconds they explode, sending a gem or 
    three sky high. You can charge these, but then the box blows up right 
    away and you'll get hurt.
                                -ENEMY LIST-
    This is a compilation of all the enemies in Spyro the Dragon. To be an 
    enemy, the foe must be a) a carrier of gems b) inherently hostile in 
    some way and c) must be able to move about. 
    The enemy name is in capital letters, then the Appearance (which is the 
    levels they appear in) and Attacks (which attacks affect them, similar 
    to the Treasure above.) Enemies in more than one level (for example, 
    druids) are listed in the first level they appear in, in order of 
    levels of the walkthrough. 
    These names are of my own devising.
    Appearance: Artisan Home
    Attacks: Any
    These green, harmless fellows are training enemies. When they see you, 
    they'll either run or shiver with fright. 
    Appearance: Artisan Home
    Attacks: Any
    These slightly tougher Gnorcs wear black masks and carry a sack over 
    their shoulder. They won't attack, but will run away if they see you. 
    You have to hit them with a flame or charge three times; the first two 
    times they'll give you a red gem, and the last time wipes them out 
    completely and gives you three red gems.
    Appearance: Stone Hill
    Attacks: Any
    This is the first damaging enemy. When they spot you, they'll run 
    forward and try to ram you. However, dragon horns are stronger than ram 
    horns, and if you charge them they'll die instead of you getting hurt. 
    Flaming works too.
    Appearance: Stone Hill, Toasty
    Attacks: Any, but flaming is recommended
    When the shepherds see you, they go into a fighting stance to protect 
    themselves. Get too close and they do a slick karate move that ends up 
    knocking a hit point of your total. Flaming them is best, but if you 
    charge them head on you'll hit them while they're still jumping in the 
    Appearance: Dark Hollow
    Attacks: Charge
    These warriors carry swords and metal shields, making them impervious 
    to your flame. However, they're small and can safely be charged. 
    Alternately, you can flame them while their shield is down, but don't 
    do this unless you're an experienced player.
    Appearance: Dark Hollow
    Attacks: Flame
    These guys are bigger than the swordsman, but lack armor, so you can 
    flame them to take 'em down. They carry huge chicken legs that double 
    as clubs, so hit them fast.
    Appearance: Dark Hollow
    Attacks: Flame (from back)
    These interesting enemies don't hurt you, but if you attack them head 
    on, they won't be affected and they'll bounce you back a ways. Wait 
    until their back is turned, and then give them the hotfoot. 
    Appearance: Town Square
    Attacks: Any
    Flaming these guys kills them immediately, whereas charging will knock 
    them horns first into the ground, where they'll hopelessly struggle 
    (you get the gem regardless of the result.) Aside from that, they're 
    really not anything special.
    Appearance: Town Square
    Attacks: Any
    Later in Town Square, these would-be tamers are running from angry 
    bulls. Kill both of them. If you save his life, the ungrateful matador 
    will whack you with his sword.
    Appearance: Toasty
    Attacks: Flame 
    These tricky enemies are annoyingly common. The best way to beat them 
    is to flame them once, and get out of the way or they'll stomp you. 
    Then, go back and flame them again to kill it for good.
    Appearance: Peace Keepers Home
    Attacks: Any
    These are like their swordsmen friends in Dark Hollow, except sometimes 
    they actively chase you. However, any attack affects them, so use that 
    to your advantage.
    Appearance: Peace Keepers Home
    Attacks: Any
    Upon sighting you, these blue-hatted guys will run and man their 
    cannons, attempting to blast you. Get around their protective cannon 
    and flame them for a gem and control of a cannon.
    Appearance: Dry Canyon
    Attacks: Charge
    The first enemies you see in Dry Canyon lie down until you get within 
    range, then they'll wake up and hide behind shields. However, they have 
    a ranged attack, so kill them quickly (charging their cannonballs won't 
    hurt you.) 
    Appearance: Dry Canyon
    Attacks: Flame
    When these sharp-eyed birds catch sight of you, they fly off their 
    perches and try to run you through with their long beaks. Flame them in 
    midair to kill them prematurely.
    Appearance: Dry Canyon
    Attacks: Flame
    Wherever there are vultures, there's a bird keeper. These bullies wield 
    a vulture as a club, trying to smash you. Flaming them works just fine 
    (this is also the first enemy that surrenders a purple gem when you 
    defeat them)
    Appearance: Cliff Town
    Attacks: Charge
    These guys have the improved armor, meaning they aren't ever vulnerable 
    to fire as they don't drop shields. Aside from that, they're basically 
    swordsmen commanded by the…
    Appearance: Cliff Town, Dr. Shemp
    Attacks: Flame
    These big cowards send their troops after you. When they're disposed 
    of, flame them to get rid of them for good (in Cliff Town, hit their 
    cauldrons as well.) 
    Appearance: Cliff Town
    Attacks: Flame
    The slightly smarter vulture elite will fly off his perch when he spots 
    you and try to attack you from the side. Just turn around and flame him 
    head-on. No problem.
    Appearance: Ice Cavern
    Attacks: Flame
    Like Arnold Schwartzennagger (I'm not sure if that's spelled correctly) 
    the strong Spyro version hangs out in Ice Cavern and checks out his 
    muscles. He'll try to punch you when you come too close, and flaming 
    works best.
    Appearance: Ice Cavern
    Attacks: Any
    The snowball enemy isn't a snowball, but actually a Gnorc who throws 
    them at you. They can wound you, but charging them disintegrates their 
    Appearance: Ice Cavern
    Attacks: Charge (special)
    Charging this enemy won't kill him, but it will knock him back a ways. 
    This is usually enough to send him off the edge, making him fall off 
    and surrendering a gem. A few of them take two to knock over, but don't 
    go over the edge yourself!
    Appearance: Ice Cavern
    Attacks: Any
    These irritating enemies are like the snowballs, but have skis and move 
    faster than their counterparts, and are more maneuverable besides.
    Appearance: Dr. Shemp
    Attacks: Charge 
    The stronger knifemen charge you with a wild cry when their cafeteria 
    lady masters give them a good swat. Either charge them, or jump over 
    them to see them leap over the edge, leaving their gem behind.
    Appearance: Magic Crafters Home, Alpine Ridge, Wizard Peak
    Attacks: Charge
    The armored jester (known as an armored fool in the walkthrough) is a 
    strange creature indeed. Charge them immediately before he can hurt you 
    with a swing of his staff. In Alpine Ridge, they ride the monsters.
    Appearance: Magic Crafters Home, Alpine Ridge, High Caves, Blowhard
    Attacks: Any
    These enemies are the most common in the game. They themselves can't 
    hurt you, but they move around chunks of earth or whatever they can 
    find to indirectly hurt you or stop your progress. Some of them run 
    around in terror once you get close to them, others laugh, some just 
    sit there and continue to control stuff with their magic.
    Appearance: Magic Crafters Home, Wizard Peak
    Attacks: Any (charging recommended)
    Found mostly in Wizard Peak, these stormy tempered mages patrol an 
    area, watching for intruders. If they spot you, they'll shoot a bolt of 
    lightning at you. This won't affect your horns, so charging them 
    straight on is a safe method (jumping works too, but the bolts have 
    unlimited range so don't try to outrun them.)
    Appearance: Alpine Ridge
    Attacks: Flame
    These strange yellow beasts around found around Alpine Ridge. They act 
    really fiercely, but they're very weak and easily disposed of with a 
    flame. The armored fools ride these occasionally.
    Appearance: High Caves, Wizard Peak
    Attacks: Flame
    The blue wizards are tricky enemies. They can animate creatures to do 
    their bidding, or they can attack you with a purple ray. When facing 
    groups of them, jump often to avoid their beam attack.
    Appearance: High Caves
    Attacks: Special
    These armored spiders can only be defeated with a supercharge or 
    superflame. They will chase you if you get too close, so get away from 
    them quickly if one comes after you.
    Appearance: High Caves
    Attacks: Flame (you might be able to charge)
    Found locked in battles with blue wizards, the storm wizards send 
    tornadoes to blow you away. Dodge them and torch them before they can 
    release one.
    Appearance: Wizard Peak
    Attacks: Flame
    These enemies are some of the minions the blue wizards summon to attack 
    you. Hit them with a flame to take them out quickly. They're found all 
    over the place in Wizard Peak.
    Appearance: Beast Makers Home, Terrace Village
    Attacks: Any
    These enemies can be hard to defeat, especially in Terrace Village. 
    Their section of ground glows with electricity that will hurt you if 
    you step on it, so wait until it's not charged before going for them. 
    Keep in mind that the death of an electrician will NOT stop the 
    electrified ground.
    Appearance: Beast Makers Home, Misty Bog
    Attacks: Flame
    These pig-like enemies are basically bulls found in Town Square, but 
    they're immune to charging, so keep that in mind.
    Appearance: Terrace Village
    Attacks: Flame
    Purple Gnorcs wielding zappers are never a good thing. Approach them 
    and they start to laugh; get even closer and they'll give you quite a 
    shock (bad pun intended.) Flame them instead.
    Appearance: Terrace Village
    Attacks: Charge
    Also found in Terrace Village, these Gnorcs have a suit that is both 
    armor and weapon. They can't be flamed, but they can shoot lightning at 
    you. Charge 'em quickly.
    Appearance: Misty Bog
    Attacks: Charge
    Another type of knifeman, this type is like the one in Cliff Town. 
    However, he also wears a walkman. Weird. Charge them anyhow.
    Appearance: Misty Bog
    Attacks: Flame
    When they spot you, they begin to shake. After a while, they will 
    charge at you on the spot. Meet them with a nice reception of flame to 
    get rid of them.
    Appearance: Misty Bog
    Attacks: Any (but charging automatically makes you lose a hit point)
    These hard enemies are always found in groups. See the walkthrough or 
    the question in the FAQ devoted to this enemy to find out how best to 
    defeat them.
    Appearance: Tree Tops
    Attacks: Any
    When they see you, they hurl a leaf-like projectile. This cannot be 
    charged safely, so roll or jump out of the way instead before going 
    after them with an attack of your own.
    Appearance: Tree Tops, Metalhead
    Attacks: Flame
    Unlike their smaller counterparts, the big arrowheads don't have a 
    ranged attack, but they can hurt you if you get too close to them. 
    Flaming them is always a good idea.
    Appearance: Metalhead
    Attacks: Charge
    These are very similar to the Elite Knifemen, except they can fight on 
    their own. The big arrowheads or Metalhead himself often use hurl these 
    at you.
    Appearance: Dream Weavers Home
    Attacks: Any/Flame
    When small, anything can defeat them. When big, only flaming is 
    effective. Get the picture?
    Appearance: Dream Weavers Home
    Attacks: None/Charge
    When big, stay away from them because you can't defeat them. But when 
    they're small, a charge will send them flying, and you'll be able to 
    get a gem.
    Appearance: Dark Passage
    Attacks: Any
    I'm not sure if these guys can attack you… it's better to be safe than 
    sorry. Any attack kills them.
    Appearance: Dark Passage
    Attacks: Flame
    When the lights go out, the innocent little puppies turn into horrible 
    red things! Flame them quickly or they'll chew you up and you'll lose a 
    hit point.
    Appearance: Dark Passage
    Attacks: Charge
    Like the name? When they see you, the  armored fire skunks will bunch 
    up and then spit a fireball at you. Despite being a dragon, Spyro will 
    get hurt if you hit it.
    Appearance: Dark Passage
    Attacks: None
    If you thought the normal armored fire skunks were bad, wait until you 
    see this one. It is impervious to all your attacks, and the fireballs 
    it spits are big and powerful. Be careful.
    Appearance: Dark Passage, Lofty Castle
    Attacks: Flame
    When they see you, these bright red enemies will loose an arrow at you. 
    Jump, roll, or otherwise get out of the way and then flame them.
    Appearance: Lofty Castle
    Attacks: Flame
    These weird enemies can be found floating in the sky via a balloon. 
    Flame the balloon to pop it and send the Gnorc plummeting (you'll get 
    your gem, too.)
    Appearance: Lofty Castle
    Attacks: Flame
    The name and description says it all. Flame them. 
    Appearance: Haunted Towers
    Attacks: Any
    Despite having wooden shields, flaming works just fine on them. When 
    they see you, they hurl a nasty little explosive at you.
    Appearance: Haunted Towers
    Attacks: Superflame
    Initially, you can't do anything to wound them, but once you get super 
    fire, you can kill them. Keep in mind that piles of armor are 
    vulnerable to this too.
    Appearance: Haunted Towers
    Attacks: Any
    These are like blue and green wizards rolled into one. They can both 
    animate Tin Knights and shoot lightning. However, they have the green 
    wizards' smaller size, making any attack effective.
    Appearance: Jacques
    Attacks: Charge
    These enemies attack with their huge hands if you get too close to 
    slowly. Charge them quickly to hit them before they can hit you.
    Appearance: Jacques
    Attacks: Flame
    Like their armored friends, these guys attempt to protect their little 
    flowers by swiping at you with their hands. Flaming is the only 
    solution to these problems.
    Appearance: Gnorc Cove
    Attacks: Flame
    These enemies pick up metal explosive barrels and hurl them at you. 
    Jump over them or charge the barrels back at them to destroy the 
    hauler, or you can just flame him.
    Appearance: Gnorc Cove
    Attacks: Any
    The wrench-wielding engineers are always found on top of barrels. Flame 
    the barrel if its TNT, charge if it's metal. Easy.
    Appearance: Gnorc Cove
    Attacks: Flame
    Hit them with any kind of barrel (including the one they're holding) to 
    wound them, and then flame them again to kill them.
    Appearance: Twilight Harbor
    Attacks: Any
    When they see you, these enemies will shoot several rounds at you. 
    Jumping over them doesn't work, so either roll or just wait until it's 
    Appearance: Twilight Harbor
    Attacks: Flame
    Unlike their relatives in Twilight Harbor, these guys throw grenades 
    all the time in a random direction. Use caution when facing them.
    Appearance: Twilight Harbor
    Attacks: Flame
    When they spot you, they'll spray the ground in front of you with 
    several shots. Leap over the stream to get close enough to flame them.
                                -ARTISAN HOME-
    Before you go running off to who knows where, take a look around. 
    There's a crystallized dragon in front of you, but don't touch it yet. 
    Two green things with woolen caps are talking to each other (even 
    though you can't hear them.) Some gems are visible in the distance.
    First of all, run up to the dragon. The crystal covering will fly off, 
    and he will tell you to rescue ten dragons in this world, then you can 
    move on to the next. Spyro votes to blowtorch Gnasty Gnorc, but the 
    dragon insists on finding dragons first. 
    You have just rescued your first dragon. With a few exceptions, I will 
    not repeat what dragons say, so make you sure you listen to them when 
    they talk.
    Now is your chance to run around and practice your attacks. You have 
    two attacks: the charge (or headbutt) and the flame attack. The gnorcs 
    (those green dudes) can be killed either way, and each yields a gem 
    when defeated. 
    Notes: This is a training level. Nothing can hurt you except the water 
    in the pond with the big round stones. Do not concern yourselves with 
    this for right now. Stay away from the waterfall.
    There is a small challenge. On the platform to the right of the 
    brightly lit castle entrance, there is some treasure. Find the very top 
    of the hill, and get a good glide to reach the jewels. This will take 
    practice, but you'll get the hang of it.
                                 -STONE HILL- 
    The portal to this level is guarded by two gnorcs. Flame or charge 
    them, and then jump through the portal. You'll see a gem count, and 
    then you'll arrive in Stone Hill.
    The first thing you see is a big ram on a hilltop in front of you. When 
    you get too close, he charges at you, so be sure to flame or charge 
    him. These enemies are not especially hard, but they can do damage, so 
    make sure you get them before they get you.
    You'll notice that there are several tunnel entrances. Some are guarded 
    by rams, which you have to defeat. Others aren't.
    Now just run around, rescue a dragon or two, collect some treasure, and 
    you're ready for the next area. 
    One tunnel is longer than the others and takes you to a slightly 
    tougher area. This time there are a few shepherd weirdoes with canes. 
    They die with either attack, but flaming them is easier. P.S. If you 
    heard a na-na-na-na-na while going through the tunnel, you heard a 
    thief, which I'll explain about in a moment.
    One new thing is a tower with some swirly thing in it. Jump on to ride 
    to the top, where you'll find a dragon and some treasure. You'll also 
    notice a grassy area that encircles the areas you were just in. Glide 
    over there for some treasure and a thief.
    Thieves can't hurt you, but you need to headbutt or flame them to get 
    the egg they're carrying. They look like little guys dressed in blue 
    and carry a pink egg thing. They are extremely fast, so charging them 
    is recommended. Make sure you don't fall off the cliff, and you'll be 
    Now go back to the first area. There is a stone circle on the ground 
    that you can jump into. A dragon is located there, and a locked box, 
    which requires a key to open. You don't have that yet, so take the 
    whirlwind back up. One tunnel leads you to a Return Home vortex and a 
    dragon, but don't leave yet. Instead, jump over the low railing (don't 
    glide) and you'll land on a beach. The stretch leads you to a cave, 
    where a key awaits you.
    From here it's pretty simple. Open the locked box, and exit. If you 
    explored around thoroughly, you should have gotten everything, but if 
    you didn't, that's okay too. Come back later if you missed anything.
                                  -DARK HOLLOW-
    Dark Hollow is a level that is reached by going through the hedge maze 
    to your left of the starting position in Artisans.
    This is your first moderately hard stage. All the enemies here are 
    immune to one of your attack forms. The gnorcs who hop around with 
    metal shields and swords can't be flamed, but charging will work just 
    fine. The big guys with drumsticks will club you before you can charge 
    them, so use a flame attack. 
    I can't really describe much here. Explore every niche and light the 
    fires to illuminate balconies that you can glide to. The walking big 
    guys can only be flamed when their backs are turned, so time carefully. 
    You should be able to get everything on your first try here. I did.
                                 -TOWN SQUARE-
    To get to Town Square, you must go through the darkened tunnel in back 
    of the starting position in the Artisan's Home. From there, kill the 
    burglar and go into the tower with the door cut into it. A whirlwind is 
    inside, waiting to take you to the bridge leading to Town Square.
    This is a somewhat confusing stage with a lot of gems scattered around 
    and an impressive four dragon count. The bulls are instantly destroyed 
    with a flame, but if you charge them they flip over and their horns get 
    stuck in the ground. Laugh at this a little and continue on your way, 
    jumping up steps and destroying bull and matador alike. The one tricky 
    part of this area is indeed tricky. When you climb up a set of stairs, 
    you will see a small raised platform to your left. Jump up on it, then 
    turn to the direction you just came from. Jump off and glide in that 
    direction, then make a sharp right. You'll land on a grassy area with 
    some gems and a higher platform with an egg thief ahead. He is kind of 
    hard to beat, and of you miss him once you have to do the gliding thing 
    again until you get him.
    It's pretty hard to get everything here on your first try, and I don't 
    recommend trying to get it all in one go. When you have improved your 
    gliding and are more familiar with the controls, come back and get 
    This is the boss of the Artisan's world. Getting there can be hard if 
    you don't notice little things very well. If you follow the perimeter 
    of the wall around the Artisan's Home, you will find a small break in 
    the wall, which you can go through. When you rescue the dragon, he will 
    either tell you to complete (not ace) any level if you haven't already 
    or will give you the go-ahead if you have. When you have all the 
    treasure in this area and have a good fill of sheep, jump into the 
    stone dragon's mouth that opens up to hop into Toasty.
    The enemies here consist of wolves and the shepherd guys from Stone 
    Hill. Of the two, the wolf is probably the trickiest to kill. You have 
    to flame him once. He'll turn black but HE'S NOT DEAD YET. He'll 
    immediately pounce and attempt to flatten you. The best way to avoid 
    this is to roll, but charging in any direction works too. Regardless of 
    whether they succeed in their attack, the wolf will go back to its 
    position. Flame it once more, and it dies for good.
    The beginning area here is a little area with a couple raised plateaus. 
    Kill the wolves and occasional shepherd, and when you're done, enter 
    the castle door. A few wolves and a shepherd await you. Kill them, and 
    now find the window sill that does not lead to a dragon. Follow the 
    narrow path, and watch out for the wolf. Since maneuvering space here 
    is restricted, time your attacks carefully. Once he's disposed of, kill 
    his kin and the shepherd and smash open the treasure boxes to boost 
    your gem count.
    Now go back, and rescue the dragon. He will warn you of the foe you 
    face. Now, proceed toward the lowered wall. A black guy with a pumpkin 
    head and pointed hat is twirling a scythe around. There is a wolf here; 
    kill it, and simply walk up to Toasty and flame him. He'll drop a gem 
    and run to another area. Kill his wolf guards, and flame him once 
    again. Now, his fancy outfit will disintegrate and you find that he's a 
    sheep on stilts. Kill his elite wolf (they're just normal ones, sorry) 
    bodyguard, torch Toasty once more, and he's gone, leaving a few blue 
    gems. The wall will lower, revealing two metal boxes and your ticket 
    out of this world.
                           -PEACE KEEPERS' HOME-
    You need to have rescued at least ten dragons before Marco the 
    Balloonist will let you come here. If you have rescued all the dragons 
    in all the Artisan levels, you'll have more than enough.
    Right away, you'll be on a dock. Jump up the stair and into the 
    fortress. A dragon named Titan is imprisoned here; free him and he 
    tells you how the Gnorcs have taken over the world. We can't stand for 
    that, so face right. A Gnorc wielding a spear patrols the area. Charge 
    him, and he releases a gem. Go left, and exit the fortress.
    A spear guy and another Gnorc with a blue hat are wandering around 
    here. As soon as they see you, they'll immediately take to battle 
    stations. Quickly kill the spear guy, and then get right up to the 
    cannon so that gunner can't get to you. Torch him.
    You can use the cannon to kill the other two gunners close by. 
    Otherwise, just kill them.
    Go straight ahead to find a small Gnorc camp. One will be braver than 
    his fellows and charge; deal with him, and then torch the tents to 
    reveal the terrified occupants, who have the nerve to moon you! This is 
    not appropriate behavior, and in dragon world, the penalty is death.
    There are a few more gunners and spearmen running around. It's 
    impossible to write a walkthrough because it's a round area, and you 
    can go just about anywhere.
    During the course of your exploration, you should have found four 
    portals, Dry Canyon, Cliff Town, Ice Cavern, and the boss, Dr. Shemp. 
    Go to Dry Canyon first. The Driest Canyon anywhere.
                                  -DRY CANYON-
    This confusing level is rather odd in design; it's going to be 
    difficult to write a walkthrough for it, but I'll do the best I can. 
    Right from the start, charge toward the slumbering Gnorcs. They're 
    armed with mini cannons. If the cannonballs hit you in the horns (i.e. 
    while charging) they'll explode but you'll be unharmed. Otherwise, 
    you'll lose a hit point. Since they have shields, headbutt them all.
    Now go slightly backwards, and find the side path. A few more riflemen 
    litter this area, and another thief! Just like the ones from Stone Hill 
    and Town Square, this guy will taunt you from a distance before taking 
    off like a rocket. Chase after him (he always follows the same route) 
    and after the third lap or so, you should be able to get his egg.
    Now follow the real path until it curves right. A dragon on top of a 
    few stone steps will thank you. Kill the Gnorc, and then glide across 
    the river and kill his fried (if you don't, he'll shoot at you from his 
    side.) Alternately, glide to the stone steps, which can be found to the 
    Before too long, you'll meet a bird keeper and his vulture friends. The 
    birds, when they see you, fly off their perches and attempt to run you 
    through. Torch them. The bird keeper will swing another bird like a 
    club; torch him, and he'll fall like a sack of potatoes.
    The rest of this level is very confusing, and I can't really understand 
    the layout. All I can say is, to get the dragon you can see from the 
    Return Home vortex, find Boris the dragon (the one who tells you about 
    gliding.) From his point, you should see a fortress. Glide to it, and 
    follow the path. A single Gnorc guards a seemingly normal lookout 
    point. Go up to the very tip, and glide, making a hard left. Hopefully, 
    you'll land on a small ridge. Follow the steps for the key to a locked 
    chest, and the last dragon.
                                  -CLIFF TOWN-
    Cliff Town is in plain sight, near some Gnorcs.
    In the beginning, a knife-wielding guy will brandish his weapon at you. 
    He's wearing armor, so charge him and he'll die. Get the chest in the 
    room you start out in, and exit. An evil cafeteria lady is stirring up 
    something foul in that cauldron; you can tell because the knife guys 
    have passed out in front of her. She'll swat 'em in the rump to rouse 
    them and try to slash you. This is not a good nor righteous thing, 
    sending weaklings out to fight you, so end their misery and charge 
    them. The evil cafeteria lady has committed a serious crime, and 
    deserve capital punishment. Torch her, and then torch the cauldron, and 
    it spits out a gem. No wonder the knife guys were passed out…
    Go across the bridge and free the dragon. Wander around town, killing 
    knife guys and (gasp) more cafeteria ladies. At one point, you'll find 
    a thief. He can lead you on a merry little chase, but it's best to get 
    his egg. You should have four by now, a good solid number.
    When you're all done with this section, jump on the raised section 
    (near the actual cliff) and proceed to fight your way up to the top. 
    Cafeteria ladies and their minions will try to stop you, but they're 
    just the same as the others. Note that if you get too close to the 
    cafeteria ladies, they'll whack you. This doesn't do any damage, but 
    you'll be knocked off the rooftops and will have to start all over 
    Once you get to the long, curving right ramp, follow it, kill the 
    enemies, and you'll notice an iron box bound with chains. Nothing you 
    do seems to affect it, so leave it alone and climb the steps. This 
    time, two cafeteria ladies are in your way. They teamed up on you and 
    want nothing better than to stuff their foul mixture down your throat. 
    Kill them (and their cauldrons) and free the dragon they were guarding. 
    He will hint about the next area… across the river! Glide there (get 
    the best possible, or you'll fall short) and now you run around the 
    desert, killing Elite Vultures. These guys are similar to their fellows 
    in Dry Canyon, but they circle around and try to hit you from the side.
    A lone cactus guards a dragon, which also marks the highest point in 
    Cliff Town (as the dragon tells you.) A whirlwind is activated (it's in 
    the first section of the city) and will take you to this point. 
    From here, glide to the various rooftops , blasting treasure boxes and 
    collecting gems. The really far off buildings can't be glided to; yet. 
    When you're finished with this section, find the desert overlook which 
    gives you a view to the building you cam out of. Glide behind it, and 
    grab the gems you find.
    OK, now go back up to where you killed the two cafeteria ladies (you 
    can take a whirlwind there, now that you're done so.) A cleft in the 
    cliff leads to some more booty and the exit, but we're not done here 
    yet. From this point, glide to the rooftops you couldn't previously 
    reach. One rooftop has a firecracker on it. Torch it (you'll hear a 
    hissing if you did it correctly) and it'll spiral around, ending in… 
    the iron box you couldn't break before! It will shatter, spilling gems 
    all over the place.
    Once you're done with Cliff Town, take the exit portal. It's time we 
    entered the colder regions of the Peace Keeper world. The incredible, 
    cool, Ice Cavern.
                                -ICE CAVERN-
    This is one of my favorite levels in the game, despite a complicated 
    From your starting position, go left. An Arnold Schwartzenagger (did I 
    spell that right?) wannabe is checking out his muscles. Show him that 
    mind (flame) over might is right. 
    Now, continue along the path. An irritating little Gnorc with snow 
    shoes will pack snow and throw snowballs at you. This is funny, but 
    unfortunately it is damaging. Like the riflemen in Dry Canyon, 
    intercepting their missiles while charging destroys them (and doesn't 
    hurt you.)
    Follow the nice lovely path into a fortress. Get all the gems here, and 
    try not to get hurt; the only fodder animals here are these irritating 
    little bats who fly around and are hard to hit. 
    A muscle guy guards a big dragon. Free him, and after saying "Before 
    charging those large enemies…" and then trail off before disappearing. 
    How very helpful. But continue on until you enter the second fortress, 
    and turn right. Kill the enemies, and when you come to the gems on the 
    lamp posts, charge the posts and they fall on top of you.
    Now go back, and leap onto the step, and onto another platform, 
    grabbing gems and freeing a dragon. Glide to the next platform, and now 
    face right. Glide there, picking up a few gems and finding a locked 
    box. To open it, we first need to find a key… and that's just what 
    we're going to do! From the lock box area, find a lone platform in the 
    purple mists. Get a good glide, but not too good or you'll overshoot 
    your mark (if you're going right over it, press the triangle to drop 
    right there.) A few more jewels, and the key provide you with some more 
    treasure. Unfortunately, we can't get back to the locked box… yet. 
    Glide back to the main path, and now just simply follow it until you 
    get to the third dragon and the exit. Enter the fortress and kill the 
    muscle guys. You'll soon see three life boxes on a little ledge you 
    can't get to. Interesting.
    From here, backtrack through the level. There are a few places you will 
    have skipped, so get another dragon and (as always) some more treasure.
    When you get back to the fortress, open the locked box for some more 
    Now, go all the way FORWARD to the first set of Stonehenge type of 
    ruins (there's a big icicle in the middle.) Now, jump on the lower 
    platform, and then glide to the others. After some time, you'll come 
    across the next area.
    A few snowball dudes have skis, which makes them faster. Kill them in 
    the same way as the others. In addition, big guys with armor present a 
    seemingly unbeatable enemy, until you charge them. They'll get knocked 
    back a little ways, hopefully right off the cliff.
    The fifth dragon can be found in this little section, and hopefully the 
    rest of the treasure. If you didn't get it all, retrace your steps, 
    because especially in this level, it's better to get all the treasure 
    without all the enemies running about.
    What about those three lives? Well, go back to the very beginning, and 
    go to the overlook. Jump off, and glide to the right. You'll land on 
    the small island, for a small boost in your life count. Optionally, if 
    you want to beat this quickly, it leads almost directly to the exit.
    That was long. Now we go to the boss, an extremely sad being. See below 
    for more details…
                                     -DR. SHEMP-
    Remember the evil cafeteria ladies from Cliff Town? Well, they're back, 
    and their lackeys are now fanatic skull staff guys! Either charge them 
    or jump over them; the latter will result in them leaping off a cliff. 
    Anyhow, kill the cafeteria ladies along with their minions, and follow 
    the path until you get to a narrow pass. As soon as you enter, a 
    fanatic will charge you, followed by another; dispose of them both and 
    kill the cafeteria lady that started it all. Now, a supreme cafeteria 
    lady has THREE minions. They aren't any problem, and neither is she. 
    Now, before you take the obvious whirlwind, locate the small path. 
    Follow it (kill the cafeteria lady or she'll knock you over the edge) 
    until you reach a different whirlwind. It takes you up to the top of a 
    tower with some gems. Collect them all (and I don't mean Burger King) 
    and find the lone plateau. Glide to it and get the only gem, a valuable 
    purple one. Look downward, and glide to the raised plateau, giving you 
    a key and some jewels. 
    Now take the real whirlwind (the first one you encountered.) Go down 
    the steps, and rescue the dragon, who complains about the boss you're 
    about to fight. Since he annoyed your superiors, it is up to you to 
    show him that bones and sunglasses are NOT cool.
    Jump up on the small step, and you'll get a view of the lovely Shemp. 
    Jump up so he notices you, and he'll get mad and charge over and try to 
    swat you. Wait till he's done, then quickly jump up and torch his butt. 
    It'll start smoking, and howling, Dr. Shemp will hop along to the next 
    platform (sad!) Go across the rope bridge (it doesn't activate unless 
    Dr. Shemp gets hurt) and jump up on the step. Now, he's gotten a bit 
    smarter, and won't come after you. Rather, jump right up onto his 
    platform, and he'll take a huge windup. Take this opportunity to torch 
    his butt again, and for the second time, he'll run bawling off to his 
    last platform.
    Now, jump back onto his platform. When he notices you, JUMP. His staff 
    will pass under you, and while his back is turned, torch it again. 
    He'll yelp, and then die. Finally, that guy was butt (no pun intended) 
    Grab his gems, but do not exit the level yet. Glide to the open doorway 
    which was previously inaccessible. Bash open the treasure chests, and 
    jump across the gap to find the last cafeteria lady. No pain no gain… 
    kill her. Oh, and by the way, you'll need a key; it you don't have it, 
    go to where the purple gem was, and it's one a platform with some gems. 
    Go back to Shemp's exit area, and now glide to the small step. The 
    chest will explode, and you'll now get some more, pretty, jewels.
    Good work, men, our job here is done. On to the next area…
                            -PEACE KEEPERS' HOME- (returned)
    What? Peace Keepers again! Yep, there's a whole new area that's just 
    itching to be discovered. Find the cannon near the two tents (to the 
    left of it is a spire of rock, in front of it is a pit. Find it yet?) 
    and take control of it. Now, swivel it so that it faces the bullseye 
    target on the spire, and fire away! The spire will shatter! You can 
    also use this cannon to destroy the iron boxes near Dr. Shemp's portal.
    From the portal (in back of it) jump to the newly created platform, and 
    jump again. Make your way to the pond, and a dragon. The latter will 
    congratulate you, and now you get to chase the thief. This one can be a 
    little tricky, but remember not to fall into the pond, and you'll be 
    okay. Oh yeah, there's a key too; be sure to grab it.
    Now, jump up on the arch of rock, and glide to the smaller beach with 
    the fortress entrance. Inside is the locked box and some more gem 
    All right, we're done with Peace Keepers. No more cannons, thank 
    goodness… on the other hand, the level designs here were quite good.
    Talk to the balloonist (I can't think of his name off the top of my 
    head) and if you have 1200 treasure, you'll be able to go to Magic 
    Crafters. This is where we want to be going, so hitch a ride. Magic 
    Crafters, here we come!
                              -MAGIC CRAFTERS HOME-
    This is a very bizarre world. However, it features some of the more 
    interesting and spacious levels in the game, and the music isn't bad 
    Anyhow, go into the cave from the start (not like you have any choice…) 
    There are two camouflaged pools of water in here, be careful. Across 
    the second one is an egg thief. This fellow is tricky. Charge after him 
    until you get close enough, then torch him. If you're too far away, 
    you'll miss. If you take too long, he'll jump up on a ledge, where 
    he'll be permanently safe. If this happens (it undoubtedly will) go 
    back to the entrance, re-enter the cave, and try again.
    When he's disposed of, go to the lighted area. A strange, armored 
    creature gazes at you. It's bad, though, so charge him. Locate the 
    dragon (who speaks with a very distinctive accent) and kill a whole 
    line of armored fools (I'll just call them that.) And, of course you'll 
    be picking up treasure the entire time. 
    Now exit the palace. A few green guys (with colored spheres shooting 
    out of their hands) are moving around chunks of earth, levitating them 
    to safety. The one on the far right isn't killable just yet, so take 
    care of his comrades by charging them before he can put the ground up. 
    Kill the two armored fools on the far left, and go up the ramp. Another 
    blue egg thief is here. Kill him, and now go around and defeat that 
    irritating green druid you couldn't beat before.
    Oh yeah, there's a new kind of treasure chest, the helicopter types. 
    See the Treasure Gathering section above for information on these.
    Right up to now, you should have noticed a gateway to Alpine Ridge. 
    We'll get to that in just a moment, but for now we have to explore a 
    Go back to the second thief area, and go up the ramp. Unlike others, 
    this one has yellow arrows running down it. Rescue the dragon and he'll 
    inform you of the supercharge ramp. Cool. The portal for High Caves is 
    located here as well. 
    Charge down the ramp. You'll notice that Spyro goes much, much faster, 
    and has yellow fire coming out of his feet. Since he's so fast, the 
    druid won't be able to raise his wall in time to block you.
    Sometime, you'll crash. Go straight, and find the third dragon, who 
    tells you about the level up ahead, Crystal Flight. See the Treasure 
    Rounds section below for more information on this level.
    All right, now exit the cavern. A moving wall might push you into the 
    water, so watch out. In addition, a green wizard will shoot lightning 
    bolts at you if he sees you; however, lightning against horns is 
    ineffective, so charging him is the best method (the iron box can only 
    be destroyed with a supercharge; practice it and break it open.) 
    All right, go up the ramp. The level Wizard Peak will come into view, 
    as well as another green wizard. Go back down.
    Eventually, you'll come upon Blowhard, the boss of this world. We're 
    not even close to being there yet. And once you have enough eggs, talk 
    to the balloonist and you'll get access to Beast Makers.
    Hopefully, you got all this down. Head over to Alpine Ridge, back 
    toward the beginning.
                                -ALPINE RIDGE-
    All right, is that a weird looking thing or what? At any rate, it's 
    hostile. Even though it looks tough, a simple flame kills them. There's 
    an armored fool as well; kill him, but don't accidentally fall off the 
    Follow the path. A druid is moving a chunk of ground across the path to 
    sweep you off. Not so. Wait until the coast is clear, then charge 
    across and get rid of him. Kill the enemies and gather the treasure in 
    the immediate area.
    Now, a druid is alternating between a ramp (which you can't climb) and 
    a stairway (which you can climb.) Wait until it turns into a stairway, 
    and then QUICKLY climb up and kill the druid permanently.
    All right, now two armored fools are patrolling the area; take them 
    out, and go through the archway. However, do not glide straight ahead. 
    Rather, face left. A set of short steps takes you to an overlook, where 
    you can glide to where a blue wizard and a druid are battling it out. 
    Kill them both, and enter the castle.
    You will probably get hurt here, but no matter what, keep attacking. Do 
    not retreat, because there's only one fodder animal and it will take 
    off more than it will give.
    All right, who put all the druids here anyway? They do this little step 
    system; jump as soon as the first one juts out, and keep jumping, 
    watching as the steps appear (and disappear!) beneath your feet. Kill 
    the druids, get there treasure… you know the routine.
    OK, now glide to the next area, kill the beastie, and now things start 
    getting a little tricky. A druid alternates between closing up and 
    opening a passage; you die if you reach it while closed. When it's been 
    closed for about two seconds, glide toward it, and it should be open by 
    the time you get there. Kill yet another druid, and hmmm, let's see… oh 
    yes, I remember. Glide to the area with the patrolling armored fool 
    (for some stupid reason I fell off the island the first time I tried to 
    do this; don't ask me why, but be careful) and kill him, as well as the 
    fodder animal if you need it.
    Now this part is very hard. Like before, if you glide while the chunk 
    of earth is down, it'll rise, and you'll plummet to your doom. So after 
    one second and a half (I've timed this) seconds, glide, and kill that 
    druid! Arrrggghhh, these guys are so annoying…
    Hmmm, kill the enemies some more, and climb up the sideways steps. The 
    last (thank goodness!) druid raises a platform and summons a yellow 
    beast to attack you; no big deal, just kill him and his druid pal. Now 
    go back a little ways and to the left, where an armored fool is feeding 
    some beasties. Kill them all, get treasure, and then enter the cave, 
    where yet more beasties await. Kill them all! 
    I believe there have been dragons in plain sight, but I can't remember 
    their exact location.
    All right, now go to where the exit is, and look for a narrow slit in 
    the rock. Glide to the previously inaccessible cave, and chase the 
    thief for an egg! And, of course, get the treasure here. From here, 
    glide to the three pedestals with the fireworks boxes on them, and blow 
    them all up to get the last bit of treasure. If you don't have it, you 
    either missed some, or skipped a section of the level.
                                 -HIGH CAVES-
    At the start, you have two choices. Either visit the cave system, or 
    take the outdoor route. Let's start with the great outdoors. A couple 
    blue wizards and a peculiar tornado-like being are having a fight. Kill 
    them all (the storm guy might be a little tricky, but his tornadoes 
    don't specifically follow you.) Proceed. Again, another fight will 
    occur, and break it up like you did the last.
    One last fight to go. Kill the wizard, and make your way up the long 
    ramp, using the outside ledges as areas to dodge the tornadoes. Once 
    you reach the top, defeat the storm guy and kill the fodder animals (if 
    you need it.) 
    The dragon here will complain about the druids, like from the home 
    world. Glide to their platforms and torch them, then glide to the 
    palace. Get all the gems, and then proceed.
    Before long, you'll come upon a main section of this level. A great pit 
    is present, but if you fall, three fairies will come, lift you up, and 
    take you to the top of the supercharge ramp, which is exactly where we 
    want to go. Alternately, run around this area, rescuing another dragon 
    and getting some more jewels before the supercharge.
    There are three locations. The cave on the left takes you to the last 
    dragon and the exit, the one in the middle takes you to some treasure, 
    and the ridge on the right has an egg thief for you to kill. First, 
    take the middle one and get all the treasure. Fall down, and the 
    fairies will take you back. Now, go left, rescuing the dragon, getting 
    treasure, etc. and again get back to the supercharge area. This time, 
    go right. Make your way up, and after a  tricky chase, another thief 
    will fall. 
    All right, now find the caves next to the dragon. They contain some 
    pretty nasty little spiders. Or rather, big spiders. Nothing you do can 
    hurt them, so go back. But now, supercharge and head into the caves. 
    Any spider you run into will, well, die immediately. There are three 
    spiders total. Once you've killed them, grab all their treasure.
    All right, now climb up the steps in one of the caves. A druid works 
    his vile magic from a raised platform. Kill him now, and proceed. 
    Another druid will seek to stop you. Kill him, of course, and exit.
    A fairy here will kiss you, and Spyro will glow red. Now go back, and 
    if a spider approaches, breathe on him. Spyro's breath is supercharged, 
    and is hot enough to kill the spiders.
    When you've collected all the treasure, return to the home world. From 
    here, go to Wizard Peak, a long and difficult level to complete.
                                -WIZARD PEAK-
    Hoo boy, this is long. I doubt I'll be able to cover it all, but I'll 
    try anyway.
    From the start, turn back around and look for a small path you can 
    glide to. Glide there and follow it, gliding more as necessary. Blue 
    wizards, the ones you fought in High Caves, are here along with the 
    green ones from the home world.
    You can only reach the blue wizards by gliding to their perches; there 
    are two or three around, I believe, and will take a little looking for 
    to find. Once you've killed them and gotten their treasure, find SOME 
    WAY to get back to the start of the level. I don't care if you exit and 
    then re-enter, just get back or this'll get impossible.
    All right, see that purple guy with the club? Torch him. Two green 
    wizards are patrolling the area as well. It's best to charge them, 
    thereby reducing the chance that you'll get zapped.
    Go into the next room. If you killed the blue wizard here, then the 
    club guy might not be around, but I haven't checked this. In any event, 
    dispose of it (whether it's there or not) and again, kill his wizard 
    friends. Of course, you're getting jewels throughout the whole level.
    This repeats until you find the first dragon. He will tell you about 
    his "favorite supercharge spot" and a few other things I can't remember 
    off-hand. This is a cool supercharge site, but nothing compared to Tree 
    The group of blue wizards below the ramp can be supercharged or simply 
    flamed. Another ramp will follow. Defeat the wizards, then proceed to 
    fight your way up the actual mountain (you'll rescue another dragon in 
    the meantime) until you finally reach the top. Kill the very last blue 
    wizard near the exit, and rescue the dragon to find out about the 
    treasure round in Artisans. Interesting, but we've got things to do 
    here in Wizard Peak. Oh yeah, before I forget, there's an egg thief 
    running around a pond somewhere, kill him and get his egg.
    Now, things start to get difficult. Begin by supercharging down the 
    first ramp, then the second, and finally going up the ramp and leaping 
    through the opening. Glide at the highest point, and you'll land on a 
    small island with a good sized cache of jewels.
    Now, glide back (or whatever) and go back to the first ramp. 
    Supercharge down the two ramps again, and when you reach the bottom of 
    the second, make a HARD right. Don't fall in the water. Continue, into 
    the opening, until you fly out another ledge and onto another gem 
    platform. Go around behind it to find another egg thief (who won't run; 
    what a relief!) and then glide to the other gem islands before going 
    OK, you can also supercharge down the second and break open the iron 
    Hopefully, after thoroughly exploring this area, you should have 
    everything. I tell you, it sure took me a whole lot longer than this to 
    beat the level.
    Now that that's over with, we're about to face the boss of Magic 
    Crafters, Blowhard. His portal can be found near the balloonist.
    The first part of this level is very straightforward. Simply follow the 
    path, killing all the green wizards you find. Again, the best way to 
    kill them is charging. When you're done, you'll see one of the tornado 
    guys, like in High Caves, but this one has some durability. When he's 
    on the ground, torch him and he'll fly off, releasing a yellow gem.
    Now, go back a little ways and enter the castle. Rescue the dragon in 
    the side room, collecting the treasure as well, and now two rooms with 
    druids and their platforms will try and stop you. This is also like 
    High Caves, except for when the druids die, the platforms do not move 
    ever again, so make sure you get everything in the two rooms before 
    exiting them.
    All right, go right when you exit and break open the metal boxes for 
    some yellow gems, then go back. Like before, Blowhard will try to zap 
    you using lightning. Now, though, he stays in the air longer. Just 
    breathe while he's grounded, and you'll get access to the last area.
    Collect all the gems, and prepare to kill him once and for all. Now, 
    when he releases his thundercloud, a bolt of lightning will appear at 
    all times, so stay out of the way, and hit him for the third time. 
    He'll finally die, giving you some treasure, and the exit out of here.
    Well, since we're finished with Magic Crafters, it's time to move on to 
    Beast Makers. Talk to the balloonist; if you've been collecting all the 
    eggs, you'll have no problem with him. Set your sights on Beast Makers, 
    and hunker down for some real challenge, because now these levels start 
    getting quite difficult…
                           -BEAST MAKERS HOME-
    Right away, you'll notice the deformed chicken running around. Not 
    good. Collect all the treasure in the immediate area, then go to where 
    a Gnorc charges up a section of ground. When it's not lit, charge him 
    quickly to kill him. Do the same with his friend. Right ahead, you'll 
    see Terrace Village and a dragon. Rescue the dragon, but don't enter 
    Terrace Village yet.
    Go across the log bridge, blowing up the fireworks boxes, and proceed 
    to do a little island-hopping. Some very big wild boars are running 
    around, and they're only susceptible to fire, so don't try charging 
    The second island holds the entrance to Misty Bog. When you're ready, 
    enter it, but before then, explore and get to know Beast Makers a 
    little better.
    Make your way to the right. When you get to a larger area, look down 
    the "raised" pit, and you'll find that it isn't filled with slime, like 
    the others. In fact, it's the portal for Wild Flight. See Treasure 
    Rounds below for more on this level.
    Enter the building and smash all the treasure chests, then go around. A 
    wild pig will round the bend and probably take you by surprise, so be 
    prepared to flame quickly and without warning.
    All right, now go back, until you reach the area within the tree roots. 
    They hide a couple gems, so get them all. Explore the tree all around. 
    You'll come across Tree Tops, the longest level in the game. Be 
    patient, we'll get there in due time.
    Now, enter the final building. Smash all boxes, get all gems… I really 
    don't think you need a walkthrough for this part. Jump up on the small 
    step, and kill the electrician (for lack of a better name.) Glide 
    across, kill Gnorcs… etc. When you get all the way around, you'll find 
    the boss portal, Metalhead, as well as the balloonist, who wants you to 
    free at least 50 dragons. That's a whole lot, so we're going to have to 
    be thorough with this level. Ready?
    No. Jump up the staircase, and collect all the treasure around the 
    temple type of building, then glide to the island stump, for some 
    treasure. Glide to the next for the key. Now, get back to the building 
    and open the locked chest for some more treasure.
    Hopefully that wasn't too bad. Now we can go to Terrace Village. 
                              -TERRACE VILLAGE-
    You start out on a dock, and a strange purple Gnorc is wielding 
    something that looks like a chainsaw… it's actually an electric zapper, 
    but it looks more like a chainsaw.
    Anyhow, regardless of what he's using, flame him, and climb up the 
    steps. A few more chainsaw guys await, as well as a strange Gnorc in a 
    suit that's armor and weapon in one. Charging is the only way to affect 
    them for good. Kill him, and then look to the left for a little hidden 
    path with a few chickens and a turret. 
    Go back, and then forward into the little building. Many turrets are 
    located here, so kill them all! When you're done, a dragon will mark 
    the transition to the next area, which is like the home in that there 
    are electrified floor tiles. Unfortunately, they're also much harder to 
    A general guideline is to always go for the electricians first. Avoid 
    the chainsaws and turrets, because if the former doesn't see you, he 
    won't react, and the latter won't be able to zap you if you keep 
    moving. When the floors are safe, mop up everyone else.
    If it's really unavoidable, charge right through the turrets. They'll 
    slow you down a bit, but not too much; do not go out of your way until 
    the electricians are down.
    After this stretch, rescue the dragon who appears… lying down. Now 
    that's a sight to see. Unfortunately, we still have more to do…
    OK, first go down the side paths, kill the turrets, and grab the gems. 
    These are usually located on the outside of the main path, and branch 
    off. It's hard to explain.
    Jump up on the steps, and now we have more fun with electricity. Except 
    now, there's a gliding bit thrown in. Since you can't enter 
    immediately, glide after the floor has been glowing for about two 
    seconds. By the time you reach it, it should be safe, then, of course, 
    immediately charge the electrician before anyone else. 
    When you reach the whirlwind, glide down to the last charged area. 
    Since there's more of a delay, glide as soon as the floor starts 
    glowing, and kill the electrician.
    If you've done this more or less right, you shouldn't have lost too 
    much health. But now, provided you've scoured every inch of this level, 
    we're done with enemies. Just a bit more gliding and running around 
    before we can get out of here.
    All right, from the area where you glide to the exit, instead glide to 
    the building opposite, landing on a ledge. A few treasure boxes are 
    around, destroy them. Now, directly on the ledge opposite the exit, 
    look backwards. Some cleverly hidden steps lead up to some more 
    Where's the rest? If you noticed the gems glittering on the rooftops 
    during the electricity areas, that's where we're going. Make a blind 
    jump off the building (backwards) and turn left after the corner. 
    You'll land on a rooftop with some gems, etc. Glide to the others, and 
    be sure to light all the fireworks to destroy the iron boxes. Once 
    you've gotten everything, return home and get ready for Misty Bog.
                                 -MISTY BOG-
    This is a hard level, and you should expect to exit if you run out of 
    From the start, go around and kill the knife guy. Is that a radio he's 
    listening to? Weird…
    Go back, and glide to the big steps, and then climb them. Some weird 
    tree stump type things are your main foes here. When they start 
    shaking, that means they've spotted you. Get a little closer, and when 
    they charge, flame them head on. There are about five or six such foes. 
    Collect treasure and all that good stuff, then glide to the next area.
    Four attack frogs (I know, I know!) will be hopping around. Flame them 
    QUICKLY as their attack is very fast, and will probably hurt you if you 
    don't kill them at extreme range; any closer will guarantee a hit. 
    Collect treasure, etc. and then jump up to rescue a dragon, who tells 
    you about attack frogs. We know about them already, but the more 
    dragons we rescue, the better. Glide to the area where a wild pig is 
    chasing a knife guy around. Kill them both, then get to the long dock. 
    A line of knife guys await. Simply charge them all. Jump up the tree 
    stump steps, and then you go down I believe…
    Now, a big army of attack frogs and knifemen block your passage. This 
    is very hard, as the knifemen can only be killed by charging, but the 
    attack frogs will smack you as you charge toward them. I'm almost sure 
    there's no way to avoid getting hurt in this area.
    After this nightmare, climb up the steps for another dragon. He'll say 
    something about him being trapped since he was Spyro's age. Great. Go 
    right. This last area contains a number of enemies, but life is made 
    simpler for you here. The wild pigs, as soon as they see you, will 
    charge. Anyone, you or otherwise in their path gets hurt (or killed.) 
    Try to line up enemies in a straight line. Of course, you'll have to 
    kill the pigs, but they're much easier compared to those irritating 
    The last dragon and a few chests mark the exit. Rescue the dragon, of 
    course, who has a rather violent personality. 
    Wondering why this level seemed short? It's because there are a number 
    of side paths, all of which contain treasure, and (gasp) more enemies. 
    To get to the first and closest one…
    Notice the low walls around these flat areas? These can be glided to 
    from the exit platform, and by carefully making your way around them, 
    glide to some upward steps. At the top, grab the treasure, and now 
    glide to the tree stump on the upper area. Get the best glide to climb 
    these steps, as they're spaced far apart. When you get to the last, 
    another dock full of knifemen awaits (charge through them) and then 
    follow the path (it might be another army of knifemen and attack frogs, 
    except HARDER) and somehow, somewhere, get back to the beginning spot 
    where the tree stumps first ambushed you. Go all the way to the first 
    dock, and look to the left. A knifeman traps a chicken; kill both for 
    gem and butterfly, and glide to the next tree stump. Yup, three attack 
    frogs in a horizontal line. My suggestion is to glide all the way to 
    one side, outside of attack range, and then mow them all down. Climb 
    the steps, follow the path… you get the idea. 
    Am I sounding generalized? I know all there is to do is rescue dragons 
    and get gems, but seriously these levels are admittedly cool.
                                  -TREE TOPS-
    Oh man, I hate this level. Too difficult, no quick way to get 
    everything… a real nightmare. 
    Auuuugggghhh! They never stop coming, do they?! Even though you have 
    all the eggs (or at least most of them) the thieves are still around. 
    At the start, one will taunt you. You can't kill him for the moment. 
    Some weird creatures lie ahead. The smaller ones produce a leaf-like 
    projectile. Unlike previous such enemies, charging the leaves as 
    they're being thrown hurts you, so jump over them instead. Flame or 
    charge the smaller one, and flame the bigger one.
    Climb up the steps, and kill some more Big Arrowheads (named for 
    convenience) and now go straight ahead, killing yet more enemies.
    Now, you're faced with something tricky. Two smaller guys guard a 
    lookout. The easiest way to bypass this obstacle safely is to get both 
    their attentions at once, and jump as the two projectiles pass below 
    you. Once they throw, you get about four seconds, more than enough time 
    to kill them both (flaming is quicker and easier than charging.)
    Glide to the next area… another thief will taunt you form afar. 
    Actually, if you take the second path (mentioned below) you can get him 
    easily, but otherwise you'll have to do a bit of work. Glide to the 
    area and clear out the arrowheads and get their treasure. A locked box 
    is located here. Great, now we can find a key in a huge level like 
    Climb the steps, and go down the supercharge ramp.
    Darn, I can't remember anymore, my brain is in fog… all I can do is 
    mention the second path, along with the secrets of how to get the 
    The second path is in the beginning area. After the steps, notice the 
    two windows on the left. The far one is actually an entranceway. Get to 
    there, and charge the short walkway, and, of course kill the little 
    arrowhead for good measure. Jump up on the little step, and follow the 
    short path. Oh good, the key. Though I'd never find it in this mess…
    Kill the two big arrowheads (the best way is with a flame, since it 
    spreads.) Follow the steps, kill the enemies, and when you reach the 
    lookout, glide to…
    I'll write more when I've explored this level more thoroughly. Sorry!
    Well, you've figured out most of it on your own, but what about those 
    two thieves? This is possibly the hardest challenge in the game, so be 
    sure you have at least 40 lives, less if you're better at 
    At any rate, from the area where you first met the red thief, charge 
    along the ramp adjoining that building, and when you reach the end, go 
    (but don't glide!) to the left. Charge up the walkway, and leap off the 
    edge. Still supercharging, go down the other ramp. Now, fire will start 
    to spray out from Spyro's feet. When you reach the end of the ramp, go 
    straight, and you'll reach the top island easily. Along with some 
    treasure, you'll meet the thief, and will be rewarded with a generous 
    purple gem upon his defeat.
    Oh great, here comes. The green thief's little abode can be reached in 
    one of two ways. The first (and probably easier) is to find the grassy 
    supercharge area. Go down it, and land in the ruin, make a sharp right, 
    and go down the supercharge ramp. When that's done with, go slightly 
    right again, and go UP the ramp, and at the peak of it, jump. This is 
    where you lose the most lives. If and when you succeed, land on that 
    little ramp, and in turn jump off THAT one, and you should have a good 
    enough momentum. If not, you can use the whirlwind method; see below 
    for more information on that.
    My method, I suspect, was a bug in the game, since it's not in the 
    official strategy guide. At any rate, you have to find the grassy area, 
    like before, but don't supercharge. See those two poles that overlook 
    it? Go next to the one on the right. Now, get a good glide and get 
    BEHIND the one on the left. This is very hard to do, good luck.
    But anyway, since the footing is so narrow, be very careful. Risk a 
    glide to the little area, and (even though the camera won't cooperate) 
    face the area as best you can. Again, get a really good glide, but it 
    won't be enough to reach that area. Instead, go for the whirlwind. 
    Hopefully, it will lift you up, and send you back, but that's not our 
    goal. Instead, as soon as it lets you go, circle back down, and reach 
    the area. Kill the green thief for a well-deserved purple gem, get 
    treasure, rescue dragon. Also, use the whirlwind to circle back if you 
    can't quite make it using the supercharge method.
    Was that level hard enough for you? Hope it was, because the levels let 
    up a little from here on out.
    The leaf-hurlers (a.k.a. smaller arrowheads) are here, but now they're 
    armored, making charging the only way to defeat them. And the big 
    arrowheads sometimes hurl them like cannonballs, simply charge or get 
    out of their way. 
    From the start, dispose of the two hurled arrowheads, and prepare to 
    climb the steps; a small arrowhead will jump out to try and ambush you, 
    so be ready. Climb up the steps and kill all enemies on this little 
    ridge. Cross the bridge, kill/dodge enemies, and take the steps on the 
    right. You know the routine, kill enemies, get gems. Now, if you take a 
    left, you can go down a ramp to free a dragon. Metalhead himself is up 
    ahead, but there's a secret area we should visit first.
    Backtrack to the area with the first big arrowhead and look down. A 
    broken grate blocks part of a slimy green river. Glide down to it 
    (careful not to fall in) and jump to the other side. Comb this area, 
    grabbing all the gems, an extra life, and a key.
    Take the whirlwind, and let it lead you to a gem strewn platform. Grab 
    the gems, then glide to the next gem platform. Repeat until you're 
    Now, let's pay Metalhead a little visit. As soon as you enter the 
    doorway, it'll slam shut and you won't be able to go back, so be sure 
    you're at full health.
    There are two ways to defeat Metalhead. The poles feed him energy. When 
    their tops are green, charge them to destroy them, or when Metalhead 
    aims an attack as you, maneuver so that a pole is between you and him, 
    then dodge the attack, shattering the pole and leaving you intact.
    Metalhead can shoot an electric stream, a ray of blue circles, or hurl 
    arrowheads (big and small) as you. If any of these three hits a pole, 
    it'll shatter. If you charge one while it's red or blinking, you'll get 
    Once all the poles are gone, Metalhead will retreat. Climb up the steps 
    and navigate the ridge to find any gems there might be.
    Now, follow Metalhead's trail. He's in a bigger room this time, with 
    more poles, but we'll get to him in a minute. Look to the left. Glide 
    to the ledge, and climb the "steps", eventually ending up at the locked 
    box. Remember that key? Open the treasure box for a gem.
    Use the same strategies as before to beat Metalhead. If you're getting 
    hurt badly, retreat to the upper step, because the enemies can't reach 
    you there (anything else can.) Hang in there, focus on destroying 
    poles, and soon he'll fall once and for all. Collect his gems, then 
    follow the path. Take the whirlwind, follow the path, and glide to the 
    next area. Follow the entire path, collecting gems and such, and 
    smashing open two treasure chests at the end.
    Go back to the whirlwind and right next to it is the exit/treasure 
    room. Grab everything here (since Metalhead's gone you can go back and 
    get anything you missed) and exit the level. Next stop: Dream Weavers!
                            -DREAM WEAVERS HOME-
    The balloonist in Beast Makers will allow you to go here only if you've 
    rescued 50 or more dragons. If you've thoroughly explored Beast Makers, 
    you should have enough, otherwise go back to the other worlds and 
    rescue any you didn't get before.
    This is a weird home, and hard to understand. The enemies here 
    alternate between being big and small. The black-robed guys can either 
    way be killed with a flame, and when small a charge works just as well. 
    The armored ones, however, can only be defeated by charging, and only 
    when small.
    Glide to the area, and you'll see the portal for Dark Passage, but 
    don't go there yet. Kill the enemies around here, and then take the 
    whirlwind (remember to only go for the armored ones if they're 
    smaller.) Another evil fairy (black robes guys) will turn big just as 
    you get to him, so remember to flame instead of charge. Explore around, 
    and you'll see the portal for Lofty Castle. Again, we're not finished 
    in the home yet, so keep on going.
    Those two armored, big, fairies are invincible, at least for the 
    moment. They never shrink, so stay well away from them. Now, three 
    armored fairies shrink and grow alternately; as soon as the first 
    shrinks, charge through their line. Explore the area across the moat, 
    and you'll see the entrance to the boss, Jacques. We won't get to him 
    for a while, so take a left and note the location of the balloonist. Go 
    back to where you killed the three armored fairies. Glide forward, to 
    where the three fairies area. Kill each and every one of them, and be 
    aware that they do grow larger. Man, that guy is starting to get on my 
    nerves. Let's go get him. When the fairies are disposed of, take the 
    whirlwind, and sit back as they automatically take you to the gunner. 
    He can't hurt you, so just get him from his side of the cannon, and 
    shrink all the enemies, including the two near the staircase. By the 
    way, you should have rescued all the dragons you've seen so far, and 
    for the remainder of this guide, I won't list their locations anymore, 
    unless I need to use them for a landmark or what to do first.
    First of all, rescue the dragon nearby. Then, kill the two fairies that 
    were previously guarding the staircase. Climb the stairs, and glide to 
    the narrow ledge. Follow it, until you reach a plateau. Two fools (not 
    armored) are running around here. Torch them both, try to kill them 
    within six seconds of hitting the other, since if their timer runs out, 
    the platforms nearby will sink. When they're both down, use the two 
    platforms to glide to a grassy area, then to another, and lastly to a 
    portal containing the passage to the treasure round, Icy Flight. Like 
    all treasure rounds, information on this can be found at the end.
    By the way, there's another fool somewhere, but he's alone. A dragon is 
    nearby as well. He tells you they're invincible, but you should attack 
    anyway. This one, should you torch him and locate his platform fast 
    enough, will only stay still for a few seconds, but once you succeed 
    you get an extra life and a blue gem.
    We're missing one level. Get back to the light cannon, and find the 
    area with one normal fairy and one armored fairy. Glide there, and by 
    exploring the passage (killing yet another fairy in the process) you'll 
    have seen the passage to Haunted Towers.
    Now that we're mostly done with Dream Weavers Home, head back to Dark 
                               -DARK PASSAGE-
    This level is actually quite straightforward, with only a few side 
    paths to take. However, it boasts the biggest dragon/treasure count in 
    the game, so be sure you have quite a bit of time to spend here.
    The fools are back, armed with lanterns. Often, they're with either 
    dogs or armored skunks. However, when their lantern is out, they get 
    big and mean and scary. The skunks can't be defeated in big form, but 
    the dogs can. Torching the fools makes their light stay on for a good 
    while. Keep in mind that even while small, the critters can still 
    attack you (the dogs bite and skunks breathe fireballs, so watch out.)
    Another new enemy here is the Devil Archer. Their arrows have a good 
    range, but are easily dodged. As soon as you here the stretch of the 
    bow string, dodge, because the arrow has just been fired. One flame 
    kills them for good.
    Problems arise when you have a combination of these enemies. In that 
    case, jump to dodge enemy attacks, and as a general rule, kill the 
    archers first, before the dogs or skunks. 
    There is a little side path, which in fact composes a large section of 
    the level. At one point, underneath a Devil Archer on a ledge (there's 
    an iron box on it) is located a second path. Glide there from somewhere 
    else, or just fall (be sure to be "in control" though, or you'll die.) 
    This is exactly like the first section, but the enemy combinations are 
    harder, and there's more treasure. There are a total of five dragons 
    here, like in Ice Cavern, so be sure to get them all (like in every 
    single level before this one.) There's a lot of gliding, and you will 
    eventually wind up on a glide point to the exit. Good luck here.
                                -LOFTY CASTLE-
    Now this is weird level design, along with weird enemies and more 
    whirlwinds than Tornado Alley…
    Start by jumping and torching the balloon the big armored Gnorc is 
    riding on. It'll pop and the Gnorc will fall and leave his gem behind 
    (it is pitched right to you.) Then, glide over and kill those weird 
    bloated flying things, and get their treasure. Now go back to the 
    beginning area, and take a whirlwind. From there, glide to the first 
    castle, and note the location of the locked box. Flame or charge the 
    box that holds a fairy (non-hostile) captive, and follow her into the 
    building. Kill the Devil Archers you find, and rescue the good fairies 
    they have captured. When all three are free, they'll fly to a circular 
    area and form a whirlwind. These are different from normal whirlwinds 
    in that the star things inside are colored, not just white.
    From where you end up, glide to the little series of suspended islands. 
    Kill all archers, bloated things, and Gnorcs, and as always gather any 
    treasure you find and rescue all dragons you come across. Take the 
    fairy whirlwind and you'll end up on a small castle roof type of thing. 
    Kill the two archers (don't fall into the water) and glide to the next 
    series of islands. Find the four bloated things in a row, and kill the 
    archer. Go around the outside of the tower, and climb the short steps 
    for an extra life and a few gems. Now enter the tower. Take the normal 
    whirlwind, and get the best glide you can. Kill the Gnorcs by popping 
    balloons, and torch the cages in mid air. You'll probably have to try 
    this a few times to get everything. Now, go around the ground level of 
    the tower, and get all gems and such that you find. 
    Now, take the fairy whirlwind. A dragon, along with some gems and a key 
    are your reward. Glide across the tower, and go down the supercharge 
    ramp. At the end, turn toward the right, and at the VERY top, start 
    gliding. Your goal is a small grassy area, next to the tower (some 
    fodder mushrooms are jumping around.) This is very hard to get to, and 
    it will take quite a few tries before you manage to get there. When 
    you've got it, go back down the ramp with the many bloated things that 
    you have already defeated, and then clear out the series of suspended 
    islands. After a while, you'll enter a different tower. Kill the first 
    archer, but cross the bridge carefully as the second archer has a clear 
    range of fire from his position. Kill him, and glide out to yet more 
    suspended islands. Repeat this, rescuing fairies and dragons alike, and 
    eventually you'll come across the exit to this level.
                               -HAUNTED TOWERS-
    This tricky level is a bit like Tree Tops, but (in my opinion) a lot 
    easier. From the beginning, you'll notice the pile of armor. You can't 
    kill it or do anything, so break down the door instead. Kill the Gnorc 
    with the hand grenade (you can torch him in spite of his wooden shield) 
    and also the decorated wizard. The animated Tin Knight is undefeatable 
    for now. Proceed across the towers, until you reach the grenade Gnorc 
    chasing a fairy. Let her kiss you, and now you can breathe more 
    powerful fire. Unlike before, Tin Knights die when breathed, as do all 
    metal things like doors and chests, and also the suit of armor near the 
    When you're done with this area, take the whirlwind, and gather all the 
    treasure you find. There are some more piles of armor, and the wizard 
    will animate some of them into Tin Knights. Dodge them as best you can, 
    and kill the wizard, but the Knights are permanent until you use the 
    fairy fire. Three grenade Gnorcs guard the next fairy; kill them all, 
    and sweep the area with stronger fire, killing all the knights you can. 
    Go across the bridge, and proceed across that as well, again ending 
    with a fairy to help you beat the Tin Knights. When you've gotten rid 
    of them, blast open the door and charge up the ramp to kill the wizard. 
    REMEMBER THIS RAMP! It will be important later.
    Take the whirlwind and climb the steps. A supercharge ramp will greet 
    you. Charge down the two metal doors, and you'll be in a larger hall, 
    with three wooden doors and two metal ones. The wooden ones have behind 
    them a dragon, a fairy, and a treasure room guarded by a Tin Knight. 
    The metal ones have access to back outside, and the next way to 
    Get the fairy fire, and blast open metal doors and iron boxes, getting 
    all the gems you can in the meantime. When you're finished, we're going 
    for the last dragon. Go back up to the supercharge ramp, and do as 
    Charge down, into the hall. Take the far metal door (the one leading 
    back outside) but don't fall for the ramp, it doesn't lead anywhere. 
    Instead, hug the wall and go left, and jump onto the area. Remember the 
    ramp I told you to remember? You'd better! Charge up it, and now glide 
    to the platform on the side. Go inside (you might need a whirlwind, I 
    can't remember) and go inside. Rescue the dragon, and now things get 
    tricky. Jump up all the steps, but EXTREMELY quickly, as the piles of 
    armor will animate into Tin Knights. If you're fast enough, kill the 
    wizard, and blast open the wooden door. The special fairy behind gives 
    you permanent super fire as long as you're in Haunted Towers. Kill all 
    the Tin Knights, and go back outside and destroy the iron box. Then, 
    fall down the hole back into the main hall. Take the passage behind the 
    other door, and from here just glide to the fortress and clear out all 
    the enemies. The last wizard guards the exit, so take it.
    Begin by charging the armored big-arms, and flaming the one wielding 
    the all-powerful… flower. Torch the fool, and jump up on the raised 
    area to get to the next area. The path forks here; you can either go 
    left or right. Let's go right. A long series of rooms with the big-arms 
    follows. Be sure to hit the fools. One near the beginning doesn't have 
    any apparent purpose; we'll get to him later.
    Once you've reached the end of the left passage (i.e. about to enter 
    the castle) go backwards. Kill all the enemies but in reverse, and of 
    course you're collecting all treasure you see, right?
    One small note: On the way back, you'll see two fools running around a 
    raised area. You have to torch them both to fully raise the platform. 
    You can use this to get back, but also gives you access to a ledge with 
    a key and a few gems.
    When you get back to the fork, find the fool near the lava flow. Torch 
    him, and QUICKLY hit the other one to get to the next area. The 
    previously too-high area is now accessible. Glide to it, and wait for 
    the fool to run out of time, letting you glide to a small area with a 
    dragon and another irritating fool. Rescue the dragon, and go into the 
    lava chamber, with the four pedestals. Take the whirlwind, and proceed 
    to flame them all, using the path below to get back up if necessary. 
    Once they're dead and you've collected all the treasure, go and torch 
    the fool. A helpful piece of land will pop out, allowing you to reach a 
    whirlwind which in turn takes you an area with some treasure, and the 
    ability to glide to yet another little island.
    When you're finished, find some way to get back on the main path, 
    probably by gliding. You can exit and then restart the level if you 
    want, but you'll have to go through all the enemies again.
    Using the key obtained above, open the locked box. If you've gotten 
    everything up to this point, you should have about 350 treasure, but 
    the number must end in a 5 or 0. If not, you missed something.
    Go down the steps. A dragon will hint about how to defeat this bizarre 
    The ugly green bouncy thing is your opponent. When he spins around, 
    he'll release a box, which you can dodge. Get right up to him and 
    breathe on him. He won't be affected. He'll retreat to a different 
    area, and will do so until the very end. Time your glides and 
    approaches to avoid getting hit. Keep in mind that if he's on a pink 
    box, you have to flame him before he runs away. Once you kill him for 
    good, he'll release three purple gems. Take the whirlwind to the exit, 
    and you'll pick up another three purple gems. Wasn't that fulfilling?
    Look how far you've come since that day you first picked up the 
    controls to this day. You're growing up before my eyes… sob…
    I'm kidding. I assume you're ready for the final area, the big boss 
    world: GNASTY'S WORLD!!!!!!!!
                                -GNORC GNEXUS-
    The balloonist requires you to have at least 6000 treasure before he 
    allows you to go here. 
    Oh, look at this IMPOSSIBLE level. It consists of a circular area with 
    gems in plain sight, a balloonist in plain sight, and the levels in 
    plain sight, not to mention the dragon, who's naturally in plain sight. 
    Only one level is open right now, and that if Gnorc Cove. Get in there!
                                  -GNORC COVE-
    All right. You've become a Spyro veteran, slayer of the unjust and 
    cruel, rider of the brightly colored balloons. You're the champion, 
    unbeatable opponent, defeating such formidable foes like chickens and 
    sheep. Your deadly flame breath ignites dangerous hazards such as a 
    patch of flowers. Your charge attack can attack with devastating force, 
    ramming a wall with no apparent effect.
    For these reasons, I'm only giving you a general guide, not a "go here, 
    go there" type of walkthrough. You can figure SOME things out on your 
    own, and you've been to all worlds before this one, so you shouldn't 
    have any problem.
    The enemies here are some barrel haulers who throw metal barrels at 
    you. Torch them as you would anyone else. The metal barrels can be 
    charged, and the TNT can only be flamed; unless, of course, you want to 
    lose a hit point, you're always able to do that.
    The engineers sitting on top of barrels are armed with wrenches. Charge 
    them if metal, torch if TNT. Really easy to beat.
    The hardest ones are the guys who attempt to smash you. You have to 
    flame them once, and then go it again really quickly or they'll be able 
    to smash you again with a fist. 
    The unbreakable boxes here are almost always breakable upon contact 
    with any explosive barrel.
    There is a key located here, in the first underwater base with the 
    steps leading down into it.
    Notice that the dragons you rescue here have the same names as ones 
    you've rescued previously. Laziness on part of the programmers?
    Once Gnorc Cove is done, move on to Twilight Harbor.
                                -TWILIGHT HARBOR-
    The foes here are big grenadiers (like the ones in Haunted Towers) that 
    throw grenades haphazardly, making predicting their patters nearly 
    impossible. Use the delay between throws to your best advantage.
    The small Gnorcs are armed with machine guns. A quick flame while 
    they're loading will kill them.
    The big Gnorc commandos are armed with heavier weapons, and fire in an 
    arc pattern. Jump over their bullets, and flame them when close enough.
    Again, the dragons here are ones you have already rescued. And also, 
    didn't this place used to be a dragon junkyard? What are these guys 
    doing here anyway… also, Cosmos the dragon (the first one in Magic 
    Crafters) has a different voice. Oh well…
    There's one secret. Near the bridge, you can spin the handles by 
    flaming. Be on the supercharge ramp side when they're up, charge down 
    the ramp, and go up, revealing the second floor of the building. 
    Alternately, charge when it's down and backtrack all the way until the 
    unbreakable box, smashing it open when you reach it.
    The enemies here can be tough, but simply persevere and you'll make it. 
    Now, onward. You're almost there, grasshopper. Now, we go to fight the 
    ultimate foe, the legendary (smelly) huge (ugly) mace-wielding (stupid) 
    Gnasty Gnorc! Ready?
                                -GNASTY GNORC-
    Gnasty will safely observe you from his position. You're on a gear. If 
    you step off it, he'll fire greenish rays at you, so be sure to dodge 
    Look around until you find a thief. Chase him down, and collect the key 
    he drops when defeated. Now, you can open the other door. This reveals 
    yet another thief on a slightly more difficult chase, against 
    surrendering a key.
    Now, charge right up to Gnasty's little step. The key will lower it, 
    and Gnasty will retreat a little ways. Boldly charge him, and the 
    little coward will run away again! For a guy with so much armor and 
    such small legs, he's pretty fast, and you can barely keep up with him. 
    He'll lead you on a merry little chase, eventually ending up on a 
    slightly raised area. Jump slightly and torch his unprotected legs. 
    He'll jump, release a purple gem, and then retreat down another 
    hallway. When you're ready, glide to the ledges and you have to be 
    quick here. As soon as you step on the first ledge, it and all the 
    other will start to retract, and if you don't make it in time you'll 
    fall into some nice little lava.
    When you reach the last position, flame Gnasty, and defeat him once and 
    for all!
    Good job! You've beaten the game! Some reporters will interview you, 
    and Spyro will mention finding all the remaining treasure. In order to 
    get to the last level, we have to get 100%. This means a total of 12000 
    treasure, 80 dragons, and twelve eggs. If you're having trouble, refer 
    to my FAQ below, and be sure to beat the Treasure Rounds as well; those 
    are explained in more detail below.
    This section contains to the last level, Gnasty's Loot. You have to 
    have fulfilled the conditions above to be able to enter. Once you can, 
    jump into the last portal, into Gnasty's Loot.
    This level is a little different in that it has a sky-high 2000 
    treasure, four thieves, and no dragons or eggs. You can fly in this 
    level, and you must do so to be able to win.
    The start involves killing the two thieves and getting their keys, 
    opening the locked doors. This place is chock full of treasure chests, 
    and gems are lying around everywhere. A lot of them are purple ones, 
    wow. When you open the second, a thief in an airplane will fly out. 
    Chase him down, but only flame him if you're sure you can hit him, 
    because otherwise you'll get slowed down. Once his plane is down, 
    you'll automatically get the key. 
    Open the other door. Now, another thief in an airplane will take you 
    through a lava tube, be sure to go above the pipes. However, the lower 
    you fly, the faster you go. He will take quite a few laps to track 
    down, but when he finally dies, you'll get the last key. Open the last 
    door, and go up. One lousy yellow gem? That's it? Actually, yes, 
    because you can now fly anywhere in the level. Go around all the roofs 
    of the buildings, lighting rockets like a Fourth of July maniac. Get 
    all the gems, and fly to the area with the Return Home. You should have 
    950 treasure by now. Where's everything else? Well, go inside the 
    If you thought the rooftops had lots of rockets, then this one has at 
    least four times the amount. Light one of them, stand back, and watch 
    the fireworks. When it's all done, a chamber full of purple gems will 
    invite you to get them all. Pick them all up, getting the remaining 
    treasure, and exit. NOW you can exit.
    You've beaten the game! How do you feel?  
    Treasure Rounds
    Any level with the name 'Flight' after it is a treasure round, where 
    you fly around the levels, through rings, blasting treasure chests, and 
    other such things. There are four groups of objects in each level, 
    eight of each specific object. If you get all eight objects, you get 60 
    gems. If you get them all in one round without running out of time or 
    crashing, you get another 60, resulting in every treasure round having 
    a total of 300 gems to collect. None of them have dragons or eggs.
                                 -SUNNY FLIGHT-
    This is located in the Artisans world. Go to the big pool of water and 
    jump on all five round stones. They will flash yellow and you'll hear a 
    grating noise. Turn around and you'll see a section of wall lowering, 
    revealing the entrance to Sunny Flight.
    This is my way of doing this, and I've gotten a time of 1:44. Beat 
    Start by going into the small cave and destroying all the treasure 
    chests. Do this by blasting the first three, then hit the one next to 
    the crystal, and fly around the circular room before exiting. Now, from 
    the entrance, turn right. A train should be coming. Target the barrels 
    on it, and blow fire once. Both will blow up. You should be going 
    against the train. After the arch, one will immediately appear, so be 
    ready. Follow the track and take out the remaining trains. When you're 
    done, you should end up near the start of the train area. From here, 
    make another right. Fly through the arch on the tall pillar, then go 
    down and fly through the one near the water. In this small area, a 
    total of eight planes are flying around. Shoot them all down (try to go 
    against them to save time) and when done go to the arch on the smaller 
    pillar, and follow the cliff side until you fly through the last one.
                                  -NIGHT FLIGHT-
    This one can be found in Peace Keepers. From the blastable pillar, go 
    straight, and kill the Gnorc spearman guarding this level.
    OK, first fly through all eight rings. Simple. Next, blow apart all the 
    chests, following the small raised islands (they're in two groups, so 
    be aware of this.) Now, fly through all of the archer before starting 
    on the lighthouses. Fly through the small cleft (getting three) and 
    then go to the other area, with a total of five lighthouses (zigzagging 
    seems to be effective.)
                                 -CRYSTAL FLIGHT-
    This is found in Magic Crafters. From the turn in the castle after the 
    supercharge ramp, go straight (a dragon is in front of it, if that 
    helps you.)
    Like the Flight before this one, fly through all eight rings, then do 
    the archers. There's a general route, and you can usually see the next 
    arch as you fly through one. The one tricky part comes where you have a 
    split decision between a treasure chest and an arch; if you're good, 
    you can get both, but otherwise take the arch and loop back for the 
    chest, and then blast all you see. When the last one is gone, you'll be 
    in position for the planes when they come (it's hard to explain, but 
    you'll know what I mean when it happens) and then try to go behind 
    them, because killing them all head on is impossible.
                                -WILD FLIGHT-
    In Beast Makers. Near the second dragon, fall down the well, and this 
    will be straight ahead.
    This is a hard level, but you can do it. Begin by killing the boat, and 
    follow the other boat into the tunnel. Get the arches above and the 
    boats; this is very hard, but necessary. When you get to the other 
    area, kill all the boats you can find before continuing down the 
    passage. Defeat the last few boats, and blow apart a few treasure 
    chests, again following the path. You'll emerge into a big open area 
    with planes and treasure. Focus on the chests first, and when you've 
    gotten all of those, go against the planes (they usually differ in 
    altitude) and when the last one is destroyed, you'll get your treasure. 
    Just one more Flight to go…
                                  -ICY FLIGHT-
    This is HARD. The beginning part is a fast-paced area where you have to 
    get lighthouses and chests at the same time. There's a small area 
    behind the fourth lighthouse which conceals the rest of the treasure 
    chests. Get the remaining lighthouses, and when you come to the train 
    track, make a left. Kill any trains you come across. You'll now be in 
    an area with three Gnorcs in helicopters. Torch them in midair, and be 
    on the lookout for trains, as they're hard to find later. Continue 
    along the track, and you'll be in an even bigger area, this time with 
    five copters. Once they're dead, get rid of the remaining trains and 
    you're finally done.
    NOTE: These levels sound easier than they are, and location is 
    difficult to use, but I'm doing the best I can.
                             -FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS-
    Q: What's with these big armored foes? Nothing works on them!
    A: Oh yes they do! See the walkthrough for Dark Hollow and Ice Cavern.
    Q: Where can I find lives?
    A: There are two ways. The most common is in purple boxes with a few 
    eyes peeking out from under the lid. They make a unique noise, and so 
    alert you to their presence.
    Also, about 5% of enemies (randomly determined)release a life, but 
    never if this is the first time killing them.
    Q: What's the hardest level?
    A: Well, either Tree Tops or Icy Flight. It's pretty hard to tell 
    exactly, but if I had to I'd go with Tree Tops. Be extra careful when 
    in this level.
    Q: I'm missing treasure in _________. Where is it?
    A: See the little table below. These are based on my personal 
    Artisan Home: No clue. Look in the Toasty area.
    Stone Hill: Almost certainly around the perimeter of the level, where 
    you chase the thief. If not, it's probably in one of the rooms you 
    skipped during the first part.
    Dark Hollow: Remember the place with the key? Look in the areas between 
    the pillars there, you can find a few red gems.
    Town Square: Anywhere, really. A probable location is near the exit of 
    the tunnel where the thief runs (make a right.)
    Toasty: In the open window, in the castle. See the walkthrough.
    Peace Keepers Home: Either in the tunnel or around the second area. You 
    need a key to open the chest in the former.
    Dry Canyon: Have you tried the little island? Maybe the area with the 
    last dragon (see walkthrough)? There are a few places you can look, 
    just explore.
    Cliff Town: Either on the rooftops, or in the desert area across the 
    river. Look very hard. It also might be around the back of the building 
    you entered in.
    Ice Cavern: Don't ask. It might be anywhere, just try exploring 
    Dr. Shemp: No excuse. All treasure is easy to see with a little 
    Magic Crafters Home: Probably in the locked chest. See the walkthrough.
    Alpine Ridge: Hmmm, I would think you could get it all if you explored 
    thoroughly. I know this isn't helpful. See the walkthrough.
    High Caves: Explore, explore, explore…
    Wizard Peak: Well, either behind the mountain on the path, or around 
    the islands you supercharge to. See the walkthrough.
    Blowhard: Easy. I can't tell you, just explore.
    Beast Makers Home: I can't say, but it might be around the giant tree 
    roots, or on the tree stumps. My walkthrough has more on this.
    Terrace Village: Almost definitely on a side path, or on the rooftops.
    Misty Bog: Look all around the big open areas. There are so many hidden 
    niches here, it's not even funny.
    Tree Tops: No. It could literally by ANYWHERE. Look really hard, 
    because I can't help you.
    Metalhead: The walkthrough has information on this.
    Dream Weavers Home: Hmm, like I have always said, EXPLORE!
    Dark Passage: The walkthrough has information on this.
    Lofty Castle: See above
    Haunted Castle: Have you destroyed all the suits of armor? This 
    happened to me.
    Jacques: Be sure to explore both paths, and also the area with the 
    first dragon. Where is information on this? The walkthrough.
    Gnorc Gnexus: You are pathetic.
    Gnorc Cove: I really don't know. Never had trouble.
    Twilight Harbor: Same as above, but you do have to explore a little 
    more thoroughly. Look for the glimmer of gems if you don't know where 
    they are.
    Gnasty Gnorc: This is basically an extended thief chase. I can't say 
    anything, but get everything along the path before you do the 
    retreating ledges area.
    Gnasty's Loot: Treasure spree! Look everywhere! You'll have fun doing 
    Q: Why isn't your Tree Tops walkthrough complete?
    A: Too hard to do. You play the level and write a detailed walkthrough, 
    then email it to me, and I might post it here (with all due credit, of 
    Q: How many treasure/dragons/eggs is/are in ________?
    A: See the table below.
                              -SUMMARY TABLE-
    Level                 Gems                Eggs           Dragons
    ARTISANS              1000                  2               16 
    Home                  100                  0               4
    Stone Hill            200                  1               4
    Dark Hollow           100                  0               3
    Town Square           200                  1               4
    Toasty                100                  0               1
    Sunny Flight          300                  0               0 
    PEACE KEEPERS         2000                 3               16 
    Home                  200                  1               3
    Dry Canyon            400                  1               4
    Cliff Town            400                  1               3
    Ice Cavern            400                  0               5
    Dr. Shemp             300                  0               1
    Night Flight          300                  0               0 
    MAGIC CRAFTERS        2500                 7               14 
    Home                  300                  2               3
    Alpine Ridge          500                  1               4
    High Caves            500                  2               3
    Wizard Peak           500                  2               3
    Blowhard              400                  0               1
    Crystal Flight        300                  0               0
    BEAST MAKERS          2500                 0               12
    Home                  300                  0               2
    Terrace Village       400                  0               2
    Misty Bog             500                  0               4
    Tree Tops             500                  0               3
    Metalhead             500                  0               1
    Wild Flight           300                  0               0  
    DREAM WEAVERS         2500                 0               16 
    Home                  300                  0               3
    Dark Passage          500                  0               5
    Lofty Castle          400                  0               3
    Haunted Towers        500                  0               3
    Jacques               500                  0               2
    Icy Flight            300                  0               0
    GNASTY'S WORLD        3500                 0               6
    Home                  200                  0               2
    Gnorc Cove            400                  0               2
    Twilight Harbor       400                  0               2
    Gnasty Gnorc          500                  0               0
    Gnasty's Loot         2000                 0               0
    TOTAL                14000                12              80
    Q: How can I best defeat attack frogs?
    A: Annoying, aren't they? If the walkthrough doesn't answer your 
    question, then this will. Notice that your fire breath lasts about a 
    second after you press the button (it uses that time to fan out.) You 
    can use this to your advantage by staying just out of range, then 
    breathing and simultaneously moving forward. You'll catch the frog at 
    the fringes of your breath, and hopefully he won't strike back.
    Note that your fire breath has a longer range than is immediately 
    Q: If I get an extra life, am I healed up to full health?
    A: No. Unlike in Spyro 2 and 3, you don't gain health when you get a 
    Q: How do I get those extra lives in Icy Cavern
    A: Simple. From the beginning, go to the overlook (there's a whole 
    bunch of gems around) and glide. Turn to the right and you'll see the 
    Q: How did you figure that out?
    A: Well, I noticed the shape of the icicle nearby, and figured the 
    place to go was near that icicle… that place turned out to be right 
    near the beginning.
    Q: I'm missing a key in (insert level here). Where is it?
    A: This should help you out:
    Stone Hill: In the beach cave
    Dark Hollow: On a little island near the area after the big armored 
    Gnorcs (there's a dragon nearby too.)
    Peace Keepers Home: Close to where the thief is (see walkthrough)
    Dry Canyon: Near the last dragon (see below, then walkthrough)
    Ice Cavern: You can glide there from the box location. If you face the 
    front of the box's right, face northwest; you can use the triangle if 
    you want.
    Magic Crafters Home: Near Wizard Peak, follow the narrow trail and do a 
    little bit of island hopping. In a small cave, a key can be found (the 
    box is found by gliding; see the walkthrough.)
    Beast Makers Home: Let's see… from the temple (jump up to it from the 
    area with the balloonist and Metalhead) glide to the small island you 
    see… it's right there. Glide to the second, and then back to the main 
    Tree Tops: Hard to explain… you can supercharge there and it's in a 
    little tree stump. You can see it from the exit; the key is in there.
    Metalhead: Well, it's in the area past the broken gate (glide there 
    after climbing the first set of steps.) The chest is found on a side 
    area in Metalhead's last stand.
    Any more? I don't think I forgot any, but there might be; email me if 
    you want the location of another.
    Q: Where's the last dragon in Dry Canyon?
    A: On a ledge, it's all explained in the walkthrough.
    Q: What about in Haunted Towers?
    A: On the second floor of the tower. See the walkthrough.
    Q: And what's this about Gnorc Gnexus? The inventory says there are two 
    dragons, but I can only find one! What's the deal?
    A: After you beat Gnasty Gnorc, the last dragon of the game will be 
    waiting for you to rescue it. You cannot get him unless you've defeated 
    the Gnorc King once and for all.
    Q: Is there any easy way to beat Tree Tops?
    A: No. You will almost certainly lose a life in that level.
    Q: If I crash in Treasure Rounds, do I lose a life?
    A: No, you don't, or you'd run out to quickly. If you want to leave a 
    level quickly, you can just crash.
    Q: Would you recommend this game?
    A: Yes, I would. It has strong scores in every aspect save story (which 
    isn't important in action games anyway) and is well worth your money.
    If you have any more questions, email me at lastavenger90210@cs.com If 
    you want to use my guide, put "Spyro FAQ" or "Spyro Guide" as the 
    subject. If you have a question, title it as such. This helps me be 
    more efficient, and lets me get back to you faster. Thank you!
    Thus ends my strategy guide for this fine piece of work called Spyro 
    the Dragon.
    This was written in January-March 2001 by the Last Avenger, and I 
    reserve all rights. As of yet, this is allowed only on the following 
    -The Treetops (http://.users.aceplanet.com/urtz4)
    I do not tolerate this on any other site to which I have not given 
    permission. If you want to use it, POLITELY ask me if you can and 
    there's a very good chance I will let you, provided you let me see the 
    site, and give me the right to remove it if necessary.
    This work is mine! MINE! Don't copy me! It's bad! I think you get the 
    idea. See my name? It's the Last AVENGER. Copy my work then… VENGEANCE 
    WILL BE MINE!!!!!!!!!!
    Copyright 2001 by Karl Schaumann (the Last Avenger)

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