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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52

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                    /  )
                   /   )
             |'',,' ,,/
            / ,,''''   \
      ,,,,''.'          \
       \  /              \                        ,--'''''''''.,     ____
        )/              ,-' ,''''',  ,'',      /',|             \,.''    ',
       /(            ,'' ,''       .'    \    /    \             \          '.
      / (           /  ,'        .'       \  /      \   ,.       |            '.
      \ |           \ \        , ',        '        /   | /      )    ,,       \
       |\            ',\     \ \    \              /    '       /    /  \       |
       '\\              '.    ''     ',          ,'           .'     \  /       |
          '',             \           ..        //            \       ''        )
             ''.           |       ,,' |       / /      ,       '.              )
                '\         |     \     |      / /       /\      /              /
                  |        /      \    \     | ',      |  \  ,/.             ,'
                  /       /        \    \    |   ''-.,,|   ''   ''-,,____,-''
                 /       /\    ,.'''     \   |         __           __  .', |\ |
               ,'       /  ''''           \  \  T H E |  \ ---  /\ /  _|   || \|
             .'        /                    \\        |   || / /--\\__/ ',' |  \
              '.     ,'                       \/\     |__/ | \   |
                 \,.'                         /__\               |
                    |                                            |
                    |              Spyro the Dragon              |
                    |             (Sony PlayStation)             |
                    |                                            |
                    |               Author: dark52               |
                    |                Version: 1.21               |
                    |              Started: 14/07/04             |
                    |              Updated: 29/12/05             |
                    |   E-mail: dark52 (at) darkspyro (dot) net  |
                    |      Website: http://www.darkspyro.net     |
                    | 1. Introduction...................[010000] |
                    | 2. Gameplay Basics................[020000] |
                    |     i - Story.....................[020100] |
                    |     ii - Controls.................[020200] |
                    |     iii - Gameplay Basics.........[020300] |
                    | 3. Walkthrough....................[030000] |
                    |     i - The Artisans..............[030100] |
                    |     ii - The Peace Keepers........[030200] |
                    |     iii - The Magic Crafters......[030300] |
                    |     iv - The Beast Makers.........[030400] |
                    |     v - The Dream Weavers.........[030500] |
                    |     vi - Gnasty's World...........[030600] |
                    | 4. Cheats and Codes...............[040000] |
                    | 5. Version History................[050000] |
                    | 6. Thanks.........................[060000] |
                    | 7. Contact........................[070000] |
                    | 8. Copyright......................[080000] |
    | [010000]                       Introduction                                 |
    Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for the Sony PlayStation game, 'Spyro the
    Dragon'. The game was released back in the autumn of '98 by Insmoniac Games who
    have since gone on to create another two Spyro games before moving to the PS2
    and creating a whole new series 'Ratchet and Clank'.
    This guide aims to be all you ever need to read in order to complete Spyro the
    Dragon. Everything bar a script is in here, you just have to look.
    | [020000]                      Gameplay Basics                               |
    Spyro the Dragon, the first of a trilogy of Spyro games on the original
    PlayStation. In this huge 3D platformer, you get to traipse around the Dragon
    Worlds in order to defeat the evil enemy, Gnasty Gnorc. You play as a young,
    fiery, purple dragon with the ability to charge, jump, glide, roll and breathe
    Overall the graphics of the game still stand up well and aren't impossible to
    use nowadays such as some other games from Spyro's time. The game can be
    really simple in places, but almost impossible in others, giving a nice
    variety of challenges throughout.
    o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [020100] |---------|                         Story                          |
    o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/
    Before they redid the site to be completely 'A Hero's Tail' (it has changed
    again since), this was the story on the official site covering Spyro the
    | 'As often is the case in Fairytales, the story of Spyro the Dragon really   |
    | begins with an evil deed. It all started with a putrid green slimeball      |
    | named Gnasty Gnorc who caused so much trouble in the Dragon Realms that he  |
    | was banished to the Dragon Junkyard, a very unpleasant place - worse than   |
    | death for any dragon. But it seemed to suit Gnasty just fine. In fact, as   |
    | soon as he got there, he renamed it Gnasty's World. Gnasty always resented  |
    | the Dragon communities and their pleasant and peaceful ways. More than      |
    | anything though, he detested their beautiful, shiny jewels, which are not   |
    | only nice to look at, but are a constant reminder of his own flaws. Gnasty  |
    | wanted to show those arrogant and pretentious dragons what he was made of.  |
    |                                                                             |
    | Soon, Gnasty began playing with spells as a way to cut through the boredom, |
    | and quickly found two spells that tickled his fancy. He discovered a giant  |
    | spell that could trap all the Dragons in crystal, and a potion to animate   |
    | those radiant gems and turn them into Gnorc soldiers. After a bit of        |
    | practice, he unleashed the spells like a giant tub of gnorc-slime on the    |
    | unsuspecting inhabitants of the Dragon Realms. They worked all too well...' |
    And here's what the official booklet says:
    | 'IN THE BEGINNING,  the five  Dragon  families  lived in their  five Dragon |
    | Worlds in harmony.  Their lives were happy and peaceful...  until the day a |
    | Gnorc broke the rules!  Gnasty Gnorc  was an  unpleasant  creature from the |
    | bottoms  of his  dirty boots to the  top of  his  unwashed head.  He wasn't |
    | pretty, and his  personality combined the  short temper of a  gnome and the |
    | bad attitude of an orc!  Gnasty  resented the happy  Dragon families.  More |
    | than anything,  he detested their beautiful,  shiny jewels,  which were not |
    | only  nice to look at,  but showed him  refelections of his  own ugly  face |
    | every  time  time  he did so.  Gnasty  became  such a  problem  that he was |
    | banished to the Dragon junkyard.  This was a world the Dragons weren't fond |
    | of, though it suited Gnasty just fine. He renamed it Gnasty's World as soon |
    | as he got there.  Gnasty began  fooling around with  magic spells.  After a |
    | while,  he hit on the two he wanted:  a giant spell to trap all the Dragons |
    | in crystal,  and a potion to animate those radiant gems  and turn them into |
    | Gnorc soldiers.                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | On a nice sunny day,  Gnasty cast the freeze spell, trapping the dragons in |
    | crystal, and turned all the gems he could find into his willing minions. He |
    | even began turning the Dragon Worlds into Gnorc Worlds!  But the one little |
    | detail he didn't  count on was Spyro the Dragon - Spyro's so small that the |
    | spell shot straight over his head!                                          |
    |                                                                             |
    | Now Spyro, the only unfrozen Dragon, must travel the six worlds - including |
    | Gnasty's industrial world - releasing all  the Dragons and collecting their |
    | stolen treasure. In the meantime,  Gnasty's minions are doing their best to |
    | stop him. Not that Spyro is without friends... the Dragons he releases give |
    | him hints, and all along the way, he is accompanied by Sparx the Dragonfly, |
    | his best friend.                                                            |
    |                                                                             |
    | What seems like a fun time flaming  Gnorcs soon turns into the adventure of |
    | Spyro's young life.  When he meets Gnasty Gnorc for the final conflict, his |
    | destiny can truely be fulfilled!                                            |
    |                                                                             |
    | GO GET 'EM, SPYRO!'                                                         |
    And here's what you hear and see in the first cutscene of the game:
    |     Director: OK, rolling.                                                  |
    |     Dragon 1: Oh, it's been peaceful here in the five worlds, or is it six, |
    |               for a dragons age.  We now have twelve thousand treasure,  or |
    |               is it fourteen thousand?                                      |
    |  Interviewer: What about  this  Gnasty Gnorc character?  Now,  I understand |
    |               he's found a  magic spell to turn gems  into warriors for his |
    |               cause.                                                        |
    |     Dragon 2: I'll take that question. Gnasty Gnorc is a simple creature.   |
    | Gnasty Gnorc: Simple!?                                                      |
    |     Dragon 2: He has been contained in a remote world,  and is no threat to |
    |               the dragon kingdom...                                         |
    | Gnasty Gnorc: No threat!?                                                   |
    |     Dragon 2: Besides he is ugly.                                           |
    | Gnasty Gnorc: Ugly!? That does it!                                          |
    |                                                                             |
    | *Gnasty casts a spell freezing all the dragons*                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |        Spyro: Looks like I've some things to do.                            |
    The screen fades from black and you see yourself, Spyro, standing in front of
    a large green, crystallized dragon. Skip on to the walkthrough if you already
    know the rest of the basics, or really couldn't care less and just want to get
    on with the game.
    o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [020200] |---------|                        Controls                        |
    o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/
    All controls are the same whatever level you are in, and here they all are:
    | Button                  | Action                                            |
    | X                       | Jump. Press again when in the air to glide.       |
    | Square                  | Charge                                            |
    | Circle                  | Flame                                             |
    | Triangle                | Look around in front of you/Stop glide (when      |
    |                         | gliding)                                          |
    | R1/L1                   | Roll Right/Left                                   |
    | R2/L2                   | Spin camera right/left                            |
    | START                   | Access the pause menu                             |
    | SELECT                  | Go straight to the Inventory  screen of the pause |
    |                         | menu                                              |
    | D-Pad/Left Analog Stick | Move around                                       |
    (Note that if you  have played subsequent Spyro games,  when you press Triangle
    during a glide, you stop dead, there's not  slight boost to your height as that
    was added in Spyro 2)
                              | Gem Colour | Gem Value |
                              | Red        | 1         |
                              | Green      | 2         |
                              | Blue       | 5         |
                              | Yellow     | 10        |
                              | Pink       | 25        |
    o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [020300] |---------|                    Gameplay Basics                     |
    o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/
    Here are a few things that you should know before playing this game:
     - The game is set in a vivid 3D world inhabited by Gnorcs.
     - Your goals, apart from killing Gnasty Gnorc, are; to free all 80 dragons
    that were crystallized, to collect all the gems in the world, and to rescue all
    12 dragon eggs stolen by thieves.
     - Gems are found in several places, inside Gnorcs, inside flamable chests,
    inside smashable chests, on the ground and as prizes for flight levels.
    Once you have killed a Gnorc and collected its gem, when you next enter the
    level, the Gnorc will return but where you found a gem before, you will receive
    a silvery orb type thing. Collect 40 of these and you will gain an extra life.
    You may also sometimes find a life straight off, these look like a small,
    silvery Dragon statue.
     - The dragonfly following you around shows you how many hits you can take
    before you die. Yellow is full health (four hits from death), blue is three
    hits left, green is two, and he will dissapear when you only have one hit left
    before you die. To regenerate your life, simply kill a sheep or random non-
    aggressive animal where you are, they will release a butterfly which Sparx, the
    dragonfly, will then proceed to eat if he has less than yellow health. And when
    he does so, he will move up a colour and you'll have an extra hit left.
    Now it's time to get started with the game.
    | [030000]                        Walkthrough                                 |
    o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [030100] |---------|                      The Artisans                      |
    o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/
            o----------o    /==========\
            | [030101] |----|   Home   |
            o----------o    \==========/
                   | 100 Gems  |
                   | 4 Dragons |
    Welcome to the Artisans homeworld. Here you will be able to access the six
    levels that reside in this area before moving on to a second dragon world. The
    Artisans homeworld is merely a place for you to get to grips with the controls
    and the general feel of the game.
    'This family of Dragons provides the world with artefacts of culture and
    beauty. They write songs, create sculptures and paintings and are the most
    gentle of all the Dragon families. They are very social beings and enjoy
    getting together for group singing and art viewings among the lush, rolling
    hills and green valleys of their home.'
    As soon as you arrive, walk forwards a bit and step onto the circle at the base
    of the green crystallized dragon. A short dialogue will then occur, this will
    happen each time you free a dragon, but it will be slightly different each
                         o----------------o   -------
                         | 01/80 | Nestor |  | Green |
                         | Found directly in front of you as |
                         | you begin the game.               |
    If you should ever want to watch/listen to the dragon again, simply step onto
    the circle and select Replay Dragon from the menu that pops up. Incidently, to
    save your game, stand on one of these circles and select save game. Also, in
    order to save your position within a level, so that if you die you don't have
    to go all the way back to the start, simply walk over the circle, it will flash
    a lighter colour as you do so and now anything that you've killed up to this
    point will stay dead when you die and when you do so, you will be transported
    back to the last one you walked over before you died.
    You should now set out to explore this world. Collect all the gems around and
    flame or charge all the Gnorcs that you find. These range from a simple Gnorc
    who will just run away from you, and only requires a simple flame or charge, to
    a different kind of Gnorc which requires three flames before you get all the
    gems out of him.
                         o----------------o   -----
                         | 02/80 | Delbin |  | Red |
                         | By the waterfall in the main area |
                         o---------------o   --------
                         | 03/80 | Tomas |  | Orange |
                         | Directly after the tunnel in the  |
                         | main area that leads to the area  |
                         | with towers.                      |
                         o---------------o   ------
                         | 04/80 | Argus |  | Blue |
                         | In front of the portal to Toasty  |
                         | just off the main area.           |
    On a high up shelf in the starting area - to get to these simply stand on the
    top of the nearby hill and glide down onto the shelf.
    On some towers- to get these ones, use the whirlwind to get up to the top of
    the middle tower, and jump off either to the left or right, depending on which
    set of gems you are aiming to get.
    Once you have gotten all 100 gems and freed all four dragons in the homeworld,
    it's time to move on to one of the levels within the Artisans. Let's start with
    Stone Hill as it's the first portal you are likely to spot.
            o----------o    /================\
            | [030102] |----|   Stone Hill   |
            o----------o    \================/
                   | 200 Gems  |
                   | 4 Dragons |
                   | 1 Egg     |
    The portal to here is located in the main area of the Artisans world. Almost
    impossible not to see it.
    You start off in a huge open area which is inhabited by a few large Rams who
    will attempt to hurt you by charging at you. Charge them right back. You may
    also notice a well in the centre of the area as well, there is little point
    going down here just yet.
                         o----------------o   ------
                         | 05/80 | Lindar |  | Blue |
                         | In the most left tunnel from the  |
                         | starting area of Stone Hill.      |
                         o---------------o   ------
                         | 06/80 | Astor |  | Grey |
                         | Right next to the end of level    |
                         | portal, which is through the      |
                         | middle arch from the starting     |
                         | area of the level.                |
    When you reach the area with the Return Home whirlwind, jump off the side and
    over the wall to a beach below. In the cave down there you will find a key. You
    can now return to the well in the middle of the starting area and jump down
    into it. Open up the locked chest in there to get some gems.
                         o---------------o   ------
                         | 07/80 | Gavin |  | Blue |
                         | Down the well in the starting     |
                         | area of Stone Hill.               |
    After the third tunnel, you will find yourself in an area much larger then
    before. Here you will find several Rams as well as Shepherds who will hit you
    with their crooks. These can be charged, but while you do kill it, you will
    rebound like you were hitting a wall, which will give any other enemy nearby
    enough time to attack you. Once you've got all the things you want from the
    ground, head into the tower in the middle of the area to get up to the top. Up
    here you will find a dragon.
                         o----------------o   ------
                         | 08/80 | Gildas |  | Blue |
                         | At the top of a tower in the area |
                         | where you find lots of Shepherds. |
    From here, glide over to the grassy area on top of the walls of where you were
    confined on the ground. You can now run around here and collect some gems. When
    you come across a thief holding an egg who taunts you, chase after him as fast
    as you can. He is about as fast as you so you will need to outwit him in order
    to flame/charge him to get the egg back. It may take a while but you should
    eventually get there.
    Once you've got all the gems in the level, either head back to the Return Home
    whirlwind, or press START and choose Exit Level. Either way, you return back to
    the Artisans homeworld.
    And, just in case you didn't bother to try out the Spyro the Dragon demo that
    you may/may not have got in the same box as the game, you should note that
    while you no longer require absolutely to use the Return Home portal, in the
    demo version of the game, the portal had the last gem of the level inside it,
    forcing you to go through it. This was obviously removed from the final game,
    I'm guessing because it wasn't a very noticeable place to put a gem, therefore
    making the player search the level for hours for one last gem if they hadn't
    realised that it was there.
            o----------o    /=================\
            | [030103] |----|   Dark Hollow   |
            o----------o    \=================/
                   | 100 Gems  |
                   | 3 Dragons |
    Next we head to Dark Hollow. The entrance to this level is in the small maze in
    the main area of the Artisans home.
    The first Gnorcs you'll see are now equipped with a trusty metal shield that is
    useless. Although it can sometimes prevent you from flaming it, it won't stop
    you charging them. Also, there are a couple of larger Gnorcs that are also
    wielding a shield. However, this shield is wood, and the Gnorcs are well over
    twice the size of the others. These will just require a simple bit of flaming,
    as charging is ineffective against them.
    Up the platform set in front of you and to the left is one of these large
    Gnorcs. And to the right of him is a Crystallized Dragon.
                         o---------------o   --------
                         | 09/80 | Alban |  | Purple |
                         | At the top of some stepup         |
                         | platforms next to a large Gnorc,  |
                         | just across from the locked       |
                         | chest.                            |
                         o----------------o   ------
                         | 10/80 | Darius |  | Grey |
                         | Right next to the Return Home     |
                         | whirlwind.                        |
    When you travel down the green steps, you will meet a large Gnorc that will
    take up the entire passageway. When he turns round flame him, as his armour
    will prevent flames when he is facing you.
                         o---------------o   -------
                         | 11/80 | Oswin |  | Brown |
                         | In the only cave of the level, on |
                         | a platform in some water.         |
    In the same place as you find Oswin, just down a bit from him is the key to the
    locked chest outside near the start. Once all gems and dragons are freed, head
    back to the Artisans home in whatever way you like.
            o----------o    /=================\
            | [030104] |----|   Town Square   |
            o----------o    \=================/
                   | 200 Gems  |
                   | 4 Dragons |
                   | 1 Egg     |
    The next portal is up the tower with a whirlwind in the middle.
    Directly in front of you is the fodder for this level. Scrawny chickens.
                         o--------------o   -------
                         | 12/80 | Nils |  | Green |
                         | Up the top of some steps right at |
                         | the start of the level.           |
    From Nils, glide across to where a Bull is running around. These bulls can be
    die in two slightly different ways. One is to flame them, this kills them right
    off. The second is to charge into them. This will release their gem, but it
    will knock the bulls backwards a little and stick them into the ground by their
    large horns. You can leave them there, or you can charge or flame them again to
    end their misery.
    Also, around here you will find a chest that when flamed, a gem will pop out of
    the top. When it does so jump up and grab the gem, this will smash the chest
    and you will get the gem. You should also realise that to continue on with the
    level, you glide down from where this chest is, across to another platform.
                         o----------------o   ------
                         | 13/80 | Devlin |  | Blue |
                         | A short glide over some water     |
                         | will get you to this fellow.      |
                         o---------------o   -----
                         | 14/80 | Alvar |  | Red |
                         | Close to the Return Home          |
                         | whirlwind of this level.          |
    At the top of the stairs just past the first large fountain, jump up onto the
    green platform, then glide around the corner of the stairs in order to land on
    another platform. Here, you will find another one of the theives. Chase him
    down, making sure not to fall off anywhere. After catching him, jump over the
    gap at the end of the tunnel to yet another platform, then head a bit to the
    left and jump off the end, down onto another platform with a couple of bulls
    running around on.
    Here you will find some spinning things, flame these about three times (more if
    you're slow at flaming) until the spinning thing flies off and the container
    smashes. You should also note that the direction you are facing in affects
    where the spinning thing goes, it can be aimed at some nearby enemies in order
    to blow them up from a distance.
                         o--------------o   -------
                         | 15/80 | Thor |  | Ochre |
                         | On a platform above the Return    |
                         | Home whirlwind.                   |
    And that should be that. Town Square completed.
            o----------o    /==================\
            | [030105] |----|   Sunny Flight   |
            o----------o    \==================/
                   | 300 Gems  |
    Yup, not yet to Toasty. One more level before that. Head on over to the
    waterfall and jump on all five of the stepping stones there until they flash
    yellow. A wall will slide down and a portal to Sunny Flight will be revealed.
    This is the first of several flight levels throughout the game. The aim here is
    to achieve a number of tasks within a strict time limit. Each thing you do will
    get extra time for the level.
    From where you start, head down to the right and into a cave with several gold
    chests in. Follow it along flaming each chest as you go past, until you get to
    a large circular area with yet more chests in. Go around clockwise flaming the
    chests and once you get them all, head back along the tunnel. From here, head
    to the left and go through the green arches all the way until you reach a place
    with lots of airplanes flying around. Flame all of these, it's best to get the
    ones coming towards you, but you can also chase them down. Once done, head
    through the two archways nearby to complete those. Then head down to the
    railway track and fly along it in the opposite direction to the way the trains
    are going. Make sure to flame the trains as you go. When you reach the last
    train, and have flamed it, the level is complete. 300 Gems are yours.
    Select No when it asks you to try again (unless you failed, in which case
    select Yes) and you're back out in the home of the Artisans.
            o----------o    /============\
            | [030106] |----|   Toasty   |
            o----------o    \============/
                   | 100 Gems  |
                   | 1 Dragon  |
    Head to the corner of the main area and into the slightly smaller area where
    you found Argus. Here is the portal to Toasty which should now open up for you
    to go into.
    This is your first 'boss' level. There really isn't much different to this one
    then any other, except that there's one enemy who you fight a few times.
    From where you start head along the pathway and you'll notice the Shepherds
    that were in Stone Hill. Here instead of Rams, they have Dogs. These Dogs will
    require two flames to kill, and they will jump at you, trying to flatten you.
    The attack is usually quite difficult to avoid, but it can be done.
    Move along and into the building. Kill all the Shepherds and Dogs here and head
    out of the window. Along here are some more Dogs and Shepherds as well as more
    gems. Head back into the building and free the dragon.
                         o---------------o   -------
                         | 16/80 | Nevin |  | Ochre |
                         | Just before the big boss of       |
                         | Toasty, Toasty.                   |
    Now for the big boss fight with that scary looking scarecrow thing. First get
    rid of the dog in the usual manner. Then flame the scarecrow. He will drop a
    gem and run off into a new area, this time with two dogs. Again, kill the dogs
    and flame the scarecrow. His robes, head and scythe will then disintegrate to
    reveal a sheep on stilts. And again, flame the three dogs and him, this time he
    is ended. Gather the gems and head off to the Return Home whirlwind if you have
    everything complete.
    That's all for the Artisans now. You can head off to the Peace Keepers. To do
    so, head down to Marco the Balloonist and talk to him. He should let you go
    straight away.
    It's time for the Peace Keepers home world.
    o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [030200] |---------|                   The Peace Keepers                    |
    o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/
            o----------o    /==========\
            | [030201] |----|   Home   |
            o----------o    \==========/
                   | 200 Gems  |
                   | 3 Dragons |
                   | 1 Egg     |
    And welcome to the second homeworld of Spyro the Dragon. Here you will find
    several new levels, as well as many new people to see, places to meet, dragons
    to collect and gems to free.
    'These large, powerful Dragons enforce order throughout the world. They are the
    strongest of all the Dragon families, and know most about battling their
    enemies. They live in the desert sand dunes, tar pits and ice-caves and are
    always on the lookout for any creatures breaking the peace.'
    From where you land, head straight forwards to free the dragon stuck in
                         o---------------o   --------
                         | 17/80 | Titan |  | Orange |
                         | Straight forwards from the        |
                         | entrance to the Peace Keepers     |
                         | homeworld.                        |
    From here, head to the right and follow the room out to the right. You should
    now be right at the entrance to the main part of this homeworld.
    The cannons you see can both be fired by you, and the Gnorcs wearing a large
    black hat. They will aim it at you and fire, while it easy to avoid the
    incoming cannonball, it can sometimes be more difficult to actually kill the
    Gnorc as it spins the cannon around as you attempt to get to it. Jump round it
    and flame and you should be able to get it quite quickly. To actually fire the
    cannon yourself, walk up to the end of it and the camera should move so that it
    shows where the cannon is pointing. Also, when you move towards the cannon,
    this pushes it and will turn in the direction you push. And finally to fire it,
    simply flame the end of it. The cannonball will auto-target anything in its
    line of sight so there is no need to adjust for altitude.
    There are also a few soldiers around here who will either hang around to attack
    you, or, most likely, run away and hide in their tents. Flame the tent to get
    at them.
                         o----------------o   ------
                         | 18/80 | Magnus |  | Grey |
                         | In front of the balloonist.       |
    When you get to the area with the Dr Shemp portal, use the cannon there to
    smash the unbreakable chests and the large rock with a red 'target' on.
    Just past here, you will find a small enclosed area with a Dragon and a thief
    in. The best way to catch the thief is by jumping over the water at him. You
    will also find a key here too.
                         o----------------o   -------
                         | 19/80 | Gunnar |  | Green |
                         | Down by a small pond where the    |
                         | egg thief lives.                  |
    To use the key, jump up onto a sort of bridge thing that heads towards the
    start of the level, then right at the end of it, jump off to the left and into
    an archway in the wall of the rock. In here you'll find the locked chest.
    And that should be 200/200 Gems collected. Time to move on to one of the levels
    in this homeworld. First is Dry Canyon.
            o----------o    /================\
            | [030202] |----|   Dry Canyon   |
            o----------o    \================/
                   | 400 Gems  |
                   | 4 Dragons |
                   | 1 Egg     |
    The entrance to this level is situated near the beginning of the world, just
    near to the place where the two Gnorcs fight each other with cannons.
    Around here are several new Gnorcs. These are yellow, carry a metal shield and
    have a gun. The bullets they fire can be charged without hurt to you, you'll
    just rebound as if you hit a wall. Just charge the Gnorcs down as well.
    In the area to the left of where you start, is a thief. Chase him down around
    and around until you catch him for his egg.
                         o---------------o   --------
                         | 20/80 | Conan |  | Orange |
                         | Near the start of the level, just |
                         | before a river.                   |
    Further past here are some vultures along with their master, a huge yellow
    gnorc who also holds an extra Vulture which he uses as a thing to hit you with.
    As usual with these large Gnorcs, you can only flame them.
                         o---------------o   --------
                         | 21/80 | Boris |  | Yellow |
                         | Up the top of a set of stairs and |
                         | on a slightly raised platform.    |
    From where you find Boris, head up to the top of the slope, and glide off to
    the left and land in the middle of a large archway in the rock. Go through here
    until you get to a ledge to nowhere. Jump off the left edge of it and around
    the corner, hugging the wall as you go. Wander up the slope here, collect the
    key and free the dragon.
                         o-----------------o   --------
                         | 22/80 | Maximos |  | Yellow |
                         | Right next to the key.            |
    Now you have the key, head back to where you freed Boris and instead of gliding
    to the left, go to the right and land on another place. Follow the tunnel
    through till you get out into an area with plenty of vultures in.
                         o--------------o   --------
                         | 23/80 | Ivor |  | Purple |
                         | Inside the large building.        |
    Jump on top of this castle thing, and head to the left and over to the
    fireworks in a box. Flame them and stand well back. After the second one, glide
    off towards the locked chest in the distance. You should easily make it. This
    should be the last load of gems to collect in this level.
            o----------o    /================\
            | [030203] |----|   Cliff Town   |
            o----------o    \================/
                   | 400 Gems  |
                   | 3 Dragons |
                   | 1 Egg     |
    The portal here is just in the middle of the main area of the Peace Keepers'
    Directly in front of where you start, is another new Gnorc. This time it's
    orange, wears a sombrero and has a metal poncho. He will attack you if you stay
    in front of him for too long, but just charge him and he's dead. A little
    further on, you'll see another one of these, but this time a large orange Gnorc
    dressed in a large red dress, will hit it and send it charging at you. Charge
    it as usual, and flame the large Gnorc. Also, flame the pot it's standing next
    to, as a gem will fly out of it.
                         o----------------o   ------
                         | 24/80 | Halvor |  | Pink |
                         | Over the bridge and to the left.  |
    Nearby, there is a thief. He will run around one building only and it's best to
    run after him in a clockwise direction. He shouldn't be too much of a challenge
    if you cut the corners of where he veers out to the left.
    Head up the platforms at the end of the level, working your way up by defeating
    all the large Gnorcs, remember to flame the pots to get a gem.
                         o--------------o   ------
                         | 25/80 | Enzo |  | Pink |
                         | Right at the top of the set of    |
                         | bridges and platforms, just past  |
                         | two large Gnorcs.                 |
    Before you do what he says to do, glide down to a building in the area you just
    came out of, it has a red rocket on its' roof which, when flamed, will fly off
    and burst open the unbreakable chest. Jump over to another building nearby to
    collect some more gems, then jump back to get the gems on the lower level on
    your current building.
    Head back to where you freed the last dragon, and do what he said to do. Glide
    there and find out. While it can sometimes be tricky to make it, you need to
    glide right at the top of your jump and make sure to head towards the middle of
    the other side of the river.
    Over here you will find lots of vultures and gems.
                         o---------------o   -------
                         | 26/80 | Marco |  | Beige |
                         | At the highest point in Cliff     |
                         | Town.                             |
    Jump down to the buildings on the right and collect those gems, then head back
    up to where the dragon was. Head all the along the top here until you reach
    where there is a barrier. Go right to the edge and glide down to the building
    where you started, making sure to land behind where you could previously have
    got to. These should be the last gems of the level.
            o----------o    /================\
            | [030204] |----|   Ice Cavern   |
            o----------o    \================/
                   | 400 Gems  |
                   | 5 Dragons |
    With 25% of the game completed now (if you've done everything possible so far,
    that is: 2000 Gems, 26 Dragons and 5 Dragon Eggs) this is the quarter of the
    way point. The entrance to Ice Cavern is located right next to the balloonist,
    just down a slope.
    Almost as soon as you get started in the level, you'll spot a very large,
    purple Gnorc standing around flexing his muscles. Nothing special about him, so
    do the usual flaming of large Gnorcs. You will then shortly come across another
    variation of the small Gnorc. This time it's green and throws snowballs at you.
    The usual flaming or charging still applys here. Oh, and you should also note
    that like the ones in Dry Canyon, when you charge into the snowballs, they
    don't hurt you. It also doesn't make you rebound as the ones in Dry Canyon did.
                         o---------------o   ------
                         | 27/80 | Ulric |  | Pink |
                         | Near the start of the level.      |
    There a few bats around here, on the roof, they are the butteryfly givers of
    the level and need to be scared down so that you can kill 'em.
                         o---------------o   -----------
                         | 28/80 | Todor |  | Turquoise |
                         | Inside a large building type      |
                         | thing.                            |
    Near this dragon, you'll see some poles with red gems on the top. Charge into
    the bases of these poles to knock off the gems on top.
    Further on, and you'll meet some of those Gnorcs that Todor mentioned.
    Completely covered in metal armour and very big, so they can neither be charged
    or flamed. Seems a perfect Gnorc? Well that would be true if it wasn't for the
    fact that they're standing so close to the edge and they're standing on ice.
    So, simply charge into them a few times to knock 'em off. Their gems will fly
    straight back up to you.
                         o-------------o   ------
                         | /80 | Andor |  | Blue |
                         | Bottom of a set of descending     |
                         | platforms, i.e. stairs.           |
    Now, head all the way back to the place where the locked chest was, and jump
    off to the left in order to land on a small platform just off the edge of the
    main path. Here you should find the key for the locked chest, so jump down to
    the main path (about exactly where you were before) and head back to the chest
    again. Collect the gems and jump off to the left again in order to continue
    with your journey around the level.
                         o---------------o   --------
                         | 30/80 | Asher |  | Purple |
                         | Right next to the Return Home     |
                         | vortex.                           |
    Near here, are some small castle rampart thingies with gems on, one by one
    follow them along by jumping on each one all the way to an opening at the end
    where you'll find more of those large Gnorcs with armour on.
                         o----------------o   --------
                         | 31/80 | Ragnar |  | Purple |
                         | Right at the end of this cavern.  |
    That's all the essential stuff out of this level now, but for three extra
    lives, head all the way back to the start of the level and jump round to the
    right off where there is a small jutting out bit. Go round the corner and land
    on a platform with three lives on, then jump down to the room below and move on
    to the Return Home vortex.
            o----------o    /==================\
            | [030205] |----|   Night Flight   |
            o----------o    \==================/
                   | 300 Gems  |
    The last level before this world's boss. Similar in style to Sunny Flight,
    Night Flight is a timed flying game which requires you to collect specified
    targets within a short period of time. To get to the portal, go up to where you
    blasted apart a large rock, and go to the right, where you'll find both a Gnorc
    and the portal here.
    First, get all the rings, simple flying to get these. Then flame the chests as
    you go past them. Then, go through all of the archways, ignoring the
    lighthouses. Once you've got them all, flame the lighthouses in the order you
    go past them. While not entirely easy, it isn't too difficult if you know what
    you're doing.
            o----------o    /==================\
            | [030206] |----|   Doctor Shemp   |
            o----------o    \==================/
                   | 300 Gems  |
                   | 1 Dragon  |
    The final level of the Peace Keepers. Dr. Shemp is located almost directly
    infront of where you land after Night Flight.
    Here you'll find those big red Gnorcs from Cliff Town again, along with some
    little friends. No cookingpots though. All the little ones will charge at you,
    and if you dodge out of their way, they'll jump off the edge leaving their gem
    behind. You'll need to go collect these. Due to the metal armour, they can't be
    Walk past the first whirlwind, and head behind the tower nearby, then ascend in
    that one's whirlwind. Jump off to the left to grab a large gem, then once
    grabbed, glide off back to the left, landing on a small platform with a key on.
    Then head up in the second whirlwind and glide off forwards to land on another
    platform near a large red Gnorc. Head into the tunnel to pick up some more
    gems. Then head all the way back and go up the first whirlwind to get to where
    the boss lives.
                         o----------------o   --------
                         | 32/80 | Trondo |  | Orange |
                         | At the start of where you fight   |
                         | Doctor Shemp.                     |
    He surely should. Jump onto the small jutting out bit just below the main
    platform which Dr. Shemp is standing on and jump up onto it, then back down.
    This should entice the good doctor to attempt to attack you. When he turns
    around and heads back, flame him. He will then move along to another platform
    just over a bridge.
    Entice him again, but this time you'll have to get a bit closer, and stay there
    too. As he spins round, flame his back and dodge his stick. Again he will move
    along. And for the last time, make him mad and he'll once again spin, this time
    dragging the stik along the ground, jump over it and flame his back for the
    last time.
    Just past the Return Home vortex is a locked chest for you to use your key on.
    Once you've got all the gems here, leave and head towards Gosnold the
    Balloonist in the homeworld.
    We're off to the Magic Crafters now!
    o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [030300] |---------|                   The Magic Crafters                   |
    o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/
            o----------o    /==========\
            | [030301] |----|   Home   |
            o----------o    \==========/
                   | 300 Gems  |
                   | 3 Dragons |
                   | 2 Eggs    |
    'Dragons of this Family spend their time making magic artefacts used by all the
    Dragons throughout the rest of the worlds. They are shy around other creatures
    and like to be alone. They can be very happy in their remote mountaintops, ice
    cliffs and caves, studying their craft in peace.'
    As soon as you get into the corridor, you meet up with a thief. Chase him down,
    he's generally quite easy to catch. And a bit to the right of where he was
    first standing, you'll see some crazy looking Gnorcs wearing metal armour and
    holding a large stick. Charge these down.
                         o----------------o   -------
                         | 33/80 | Cosmos |  | Green |
                         | In a small room filled with       |
                         | Gnorcs.                           |
    Out of this room, you'll find several green wizard Gnorcs who will, when you
    get close to them, suddenly make the ground pop upwards and take them out of
    your reach. The way to deal with this, apart from to get there faster, is to
    use the spinning chest things next to them. Stand facing the wizards, with the
    spinning chest inbetween you and him, and flame it several times. The spinning
    bit will fly off and kill the wizard.
    Just up the path is a thief which you will need to cut off and flame/charge. It
    shouldn't take too long to get him if you've gotten the experience of catching
    previous thieves.
                         o----------------o   --------
                         | 34/80 | Zantor |  | Orange |
                         | At the top of a super-charge ramp |
    I agree. Try it. Charge down the slope and straight into the wizards and other
    Gnorcs down there, continue charging through the tunnel and out to the right,
    then straight into an unbreakable chest, which will then break. Head back into
    the tunnel you just came out of to collect any gems you missed.
                         o----------------o   --------
                         | 35/80 | Boldar |  | Yellow |
                         | In front of the Crystal Flight    |
                         | portal.                           |
    Back out there again, watch out for the things that those green Wizards move,
    and also for what the other type of Green Wizard shoots out of its hands.
    Collect all the gems around here and go up to the top. Walk round the edge to
    the chest, then jump into the tower in the middle of the pond to collect a key.
    Head all the way back to the top of the super-charge ramp and glide off to the
    right and round the corner into a small cave in the rock. Here is a locked
    chest which the key will open.
    That should be all for this homeworld, so head over to Alpine Ridge (located in
    the first part with the green wizards in, just off to the left of the entrance)
    and get started!
            o----------o    /==================\
            | [030302] |----|   Alpine Ridge   |
            o----------o    \==================/
                   | 500 Gems  |
                   | 4 Dragons |
                   | 1 Egg     |
    Straight away you'll notice a very large orange creature. This can only be
    flamed and likes to walk towards you, slow and easy to get rid of. There are
    also those strange Gnorcs from the homeworld again. You should also be aware of
    the green wizards again. They move stuff around again so quickly take care of
    them. Also, the butterfly givers in this level are some kind of goat-like
                         o--------------o   -------
                         | 36/80 | Zane |  | Green |
                         | Just after the moving stairs.     |
    Hmm, well head to the left from here and jump up onto some shelves. Then glide
    down to the large blue wizards wandering around to the right. As usual with big
    things, you can only flame these. They also act slightly like the green wizards
    you saw towards the end of the home world, i.e. shooting things at you. And
    their shots cannot be charged down without injury.
    Get up to the top of the steps here and after flaming the wizards, glide down
    to the right and flame the large orange beast, then go to the left and through
    the doorway there. Make sure to start flying at a time when as you approach the
    barrier, the wizard lowers it. It's no good starting as soon as he lowers it as
    that is too late.
    Same kinda timing is used when the next wizards is raising and lowering his
                         o----------------o   -------
                         | 37/80 | Eldrid |  | Green |
                         | Right after a wizard who raises   |
                         | and lowers his platform.          |
    Carry on along the level until you get to the dragon.
                         o----------------o   ------
                         | 38/80 | Zander |  | Blue |
                         | Right next to the Return Home     |
                         | vortex.                           |
    Now, head a bit to the right and onto a jutting out bit which points towards an
    open cave in the middle of the area. And glide down to it.
                         o----------------o   -------
                         | 39/80 | Kelvin |  | Green |
                         | In the cave.                      |
    In here is a thief, chase him around the pathway until you catch up with him
    and get that egg back. Once you've done all that, head to the entrance again,
    and glide over to the platform with the fireworks on. Flame it and head on to
    the next, flame that and go onto the next one. Then flame that, and head back
    to the previous one. Collect all the gems to complete this level.
            o----------o    /================\
            | [030303] |----|   High Caves   |
            o----------o    \================/
                   | 500 Gems  |
                   | 3 Dragons |
                   | 2 Eggs    |
    Entrance to here is at the top of the super-charge ramp.
    Head to the left and work your way up to the top of a spiral ramp by killing
    all the large blue wizards and the tornado witches. Avoid the twisters they
    send out at set intervals.
                         o---------------o   --------
                         | 40/80 | Cyrus |  | Yellow |
                         | At the top of the spiral.         |
    That's 40 of 80 Dragons now. You should also have 8 of the 12 dragon eggs by
    now as well as around 3850 gems. This gives a nice total of 42%, mostly due to
    the lack of gems.
    Glide off to the left, timing it so that you land perfectly on the moving
    platforms, make your way across and into a room on the other side. As soon as
    you grab all the gems in here, walk out of the window at the other end and drop
    down onto a ledge. Make your way to the right and over to a dragon.
                         o--------------o   ------
                         | 41/80 | Ajax |  | Grey |
                         | Just off from that ledge thing.   |
    Meh, make your way across here further, and over a bridge to get some fireworks
    gems. Then jump off the bridge to the caves in the wall. Go for the end one,
    then once you've got the gems in there, jump over to the other. Chase down the
    thief in here, and then, once you've got all the gems, fall out of the
    entrance. Some fairies will pick you up and take you to the top of a super-
    charge ramp.
    Use it to jump into the caves and platform on the other side of the gap.
                         o----------------o   --------
                         | 42/80 | Cedric |  | Orange |
                         | Next to the Return Home vortex.   |
    Indeed, well use the charge to get to the green area to the right where you'll
    find a thief. As the thief is on the other side of a very thin edged pond, use
    the spinny chest things to hit him with.
    Head back to the top of the ramp and charge down it again. This time go to the
    left and go through the caves here, hitting the giant metal spiders as you go.
    Head through to the right (it doesn't matter if you are actually super-charging
    or not) and kill the wizards to get through. Go out of the window at the end
    one and let the fairy kiss you. This will give you a super-flame which is
    temporary. This flame allows you to destroy the metal spiders with your breath
    rather than the complicated super-charge. Once you collect the gems from the
    ground, this level is completed.
            o----------o    /=================\
            | [030304] |----|   Wizard Peak   |
            o----------o    \=================/
                   | 500 Gems  |
                   | 3 Dragons |
                   | 2 Eggs    |
    The entrance to this level is right at the top of the end area, just after the
    wizard that moves a wall to push you into some water. And near the place where
    you found a key.
    Head straight into the room in front of you, taking out all the Gnorcs. Some
    snow might suddenly start spinning around in front of you then turn into a
    large white Gnorc with a club. These are controlled by the large blue wizards
    on the high up platforms. There are also several of the green lightning wizards
    wandering around too. Carry on through here until you get to the dragon.
                         o----------------o   --------
                         | 43/80 | Jarvis |  | Orange |
                         | Right at the top of a             |
                         | super-charge ramp.                |
    Then, head all the way back to where you started the level. Jump over to the
    platform on the left (or right, depending on the way you look at it) and go
    along the path and up the whirlwind after the jump. Go along here right to the
    very end, past where it looks like you should go next. Now glide down and to
    the left in order to land on one of those blue wizard platforms. Now head all
    the way back through the big place again and back to the start. Head all the
    way back up through the whirlwind, and this time, go right and onto another
    Follow this round until you reach a point where you can see gems on a lower
    shelf. Jump down to these, and follow it along, then at the end of the short
    path, jump over to the second of the blue wizard shelves. Now head all the way
    back to the dragon again.
    When super-charging, you can charge down the large blue wizards that await you,
    as well as those spinny things. Go down the ramps whilst super-charging and
    take out all the other large blue wizards as well, also charge straight through
    the unbreakable chest as well.
                         o---------------o   --------
                         | 44/80 | Hexus |  | Yellow |
                         | Just before a large set of        |
                         | platforms going up.               |
    Make your way right to the top of this pathway and take out the large blue
    wizard up there. Although, halfway up is a thief which you will need to jump
    over some water to catch.
                         o---------------o   -------
                         | 45/80 | Lucas |  | Brown |
                         | Right next to the Return Home     |
                         | vortex.                           |
    Now come the tricky bits. Head all the way back up to the top of the super-
    charge ramps (next to the dragon) and charge down and follow it all the way
    down another (you will now be glowing orange) and up a third ramp. You will
    need to jump right at the point where the ramp dips down in order to get the
    right sort of height for reaching the platform. Walk round the back of it to
    find a thief. He doesn't move at all though, so just flame him to claim the
    last dragon egg of the game. Glide back to the normal place and then waltz all
    the way back to the top of the super-charge ramps again.
    This time, instead of going straight when you reach the bottom of the second
    ramp, head to the right and then through an opening to the right again. Again
    you need to press X at the right moment in order to gain enough height. Next,
    head over to the smaller platforms on the left. These should give you the last
    gems of the level, so leave the level now.
            o----------o    /====================\
            | [030305] |----|   Crystal Flight   |
            o----------o    \====================/
                   | 300 Gems  |
    Head just inside the building below and you should find the portal just on your
    From the start, head right and attack the planes coming at you, flame as many
    as possible, and then, once you've got them all, if you're near the rings go
    through them all. If not, then just start on whatever is closest. Follow them
    along until you complete them, then go onto the next and then finally with the
    last set. It shouldn't be too difficult if you start with the planes. Try if
    possible to go through the rings after the planes as that makes the journey so
    much easier.
            o----------o    /==============\
            | [030306] |----|   Blowhard   |
            o----------o    \==============/
                   | 400 Gems  |
                   | 1 Dragon  |
    The final level of the Magic Crafters. The portal is down by the balloonist.
    This level is basically a walk-through as there is little to challenge you. All
    you need to worry about are those green lightning wizards. Right near the end
    of the pathway, you'll see a twister kind of thing. This is Blowhard, the boss
    of the Magic Crafters. Just flame him once and he'll move on.
    Follow him into the room he just opened and time your jumps in here so that you
    don't get knocked into the water.
                         o--------------o   --------
                         | /80 | Altair |  | Orange |
                         | In between the two areas with     |
                         | green druids.                     |
    Just outside here, you'll find Blowhard again. Flame him and he'll fly off for
    a second time. And follow him to flame him once more. He's dead, you should
    have all the gems, so jump into the Return Home vortex.
    That's all for the Magic Crafters. Let's move on now to the Beast Makers which
    houses one of the hardest levels in the game. To get there, walk on over to
    Tuco the Balloonist. He'll take you to the Beast Makers world.
    o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [030400] |---------|                    The Beast Makers                    |
    o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/
            o----------o    /==========\
            | [030401] |----|   Home   |
            o----------o    \==========/
                   | 300 Gems  |
                   | 2 Dragons |
    'These Dragons are responsible for bringing forth all new species of living
    creatures into the world. They choose to live in swamps, in tumble-down wood
    platforms, on stilts in the mud flats and in hollowed-out trees in the thick
    forests. Here they can find natural clay, roots and other materials to do their
    work in peace.'
    As soon as you arrive, you should notice the butterfly creatures, which here
    are chicken things with spots. Also, you should notice the Gnorcs nearby that
    have the power of electricity. The platforms they stand on will glow light blue
    when they are live, and will hurt you if you stand on them at this time. Charge
    or jump across the platforms to kill the Gnorcs charging them when they aren't.
                         o---------------o   ------
                         | 47/80 | Bruno |  | Grey |
                         | Right after the two electric      |
                         | fields.                           |
    Jump over to the left and along the platforms. Flame the large boars that'll
    charge at you as if you charge at them, you'll be hurt.
                         o-----------------o   -------
                         | 48/80 | Cleetus |  | Green |
                         | Over by a well and a large        |
                         | building.                         |
    Make sure to go down the well for some more gems. Work your way around the
    level until you reach a pyramid type thing with very steep steps. Go up these
    and to the right. Then right at the corner, glide over to the platform in the
    green water. Here you'll find a key for that locked chest you may have seen
    Once you've collected all 300 of the Gems, it's time to start a level.
            o----------o    /=====================\
            | [030402] |----|   Terrace Village   |
            o----------o    \=====================/
                   | 400 Gems  |
                   | 2 Dragons |
    The portal to here is located right near the start of the level.
    Right from the off, you'll see one of the level's Gnorcs. He is a large, purple
    Gnorc with an electric rod in his hand. If you get too close he'll shoot at you
    with it. Just flame him. Oh, and be careful not to fall into the green stuff
    here, it'll kill you in one go. You'll also notice another small type of Gnorc.
    These wear a full suit of metal clobber, with two things jutting out the front.
    They will try to electricute you too, so charge these down before they can.
                         o----------------o   ------
                         | 49/80 | Claude |  | Blue |
                         | Just through the first big        |
                         | building.                         |
    Go right a bit from here to find a red firework, fire it and it'll smash one of
    the two unbreakable chests nearby. Again, just work your way through the level.
                         o----------------o   -----
                         | 50/80 | Cyprin |  | Red |
                         | After a few more of the electric  |
                         | fields.                           |
    After the next field, jump down before you go on, and collect the gems down
    there. Then work your way around till you get back to where you were before,
    then carry on.
    After the whirlwind, jump over to the shelf above where you were shortly
    before, but not onto the electric field shelf. You can use the spinny chest
    thing to hit the electrician. At the top of this structure, glide to the left
    and round the corner to land on another platform.
    A jump later and you'll find yourself in a place with a couple of rockets in.
    Flame them both and then go to where they each went to collect the last gems of
    the level.
            o----------o    /===============\
            | [030403] |----|   Misty Bog   |
            o----------o    \===============/
                   | 500 Gems  |
                   | 4 Dragons |
    The portal here is around half-way through the homeworld.
    Go round the back of where you start to see a Gnorc catch one of the chicken
    things. Then, jump over the water in the normal direction. Here you should
    watch out for hungry trees. They have eyes in them and will suddenly rush at
    you with their mouths wide open. Flame 'em, charging don't work.
    On the next bit are some attack frogs. These will flip their tounges out at ya.
    Don't hesitat to charge or flame them as they show no mercy.
                         o---------------o   ------------
                         | 51/80 | Rosco |  | Dark Green |
                         | On a platform just after those    |
                         | trees.                            |
    Jump down to the right to take care of a Gnorc and boar. Then, jump back up and
    glide down to the pier below. In the middle of this pathway, jump over to the
    left and take care of another Gnorc who is trying to capture a chicken thing.
    Then head up the tree trunks nearby and glide down to some more attack frogs.
    Kill 'em. Work your way through the next room full of frogs and Gnorcs.
                         o-------------o   ------------
                         | /80 | Damon |  | Dark Green |
                         | After the frogs and Gnorcs.       |
    Once you've got the gems that are a little further on, head all the way back to
    the pier and jump down the hole by the fairies.
                         o--------------o   ------
                         | 53/80 | Zeke |  | Grey |
                         | Just down the hole.               |
    A few more boars and Gnorcs around here, they tend to kill each other.
                         o---------------o   -------
                         | 54/80 | Bubba |  | Blue |
                         | Right next to the Return Home     |
                         | vortex.                           |
    Stand on the post nearest the Return Home vortex, and then jump over onto a
    wall on the left. Then, jump up onto a kinda stepway up to the top of a
    building. Next, when you've got all the gems, glide over to the left and land
    on a tree trunk in the water. Follow it up to another pier with another load of
    Gnorcs on. Charge 'em all down and grab the last of the gems.
            o----------o    /==============\
            | [030404] |----|   Treetops   |
            o----------o    \==============/
                   | 500 Gems  |
                   | 3 Dragons |
    What is regarded by some as the most difficult level in the game, if not the
    whole of the Spyro series, is here now. The entrance is by a large tree just
    before a bridge. If you're inexperienced at this level, bring a lot of lives.
    A random green thief will suddenly take off as soon as you begin the level, if
    you're quick enough you might be able to catch it. You'll also see two of the
    Gnorcs for this level straight away as well. There is a large Gnorc which
    stands on it's hands and will kick you if you get too close, and a smaller
    Gnorc who will throw a yellow thing at you. Work your way through here until
    you get to a window. Head out of the one on the right and follow it through
    until you grab a key. Then carry on through here and explore the circular area
    above. Then, glide to the left and free a dragon from its' crystal prison.
                         o--------------o   -------
                         | 55/80 | Lyle |  | Green |
                         | Over there.                       |
    Charge down the ramp and land on a platform not far away. Then, glide over to
    another super-charge and follow it down until you smash into an unbreakable
    chest, thereby breaking it. Then glide on down to an area below which is right
    next to the Return Home vortex.
    Jump into the whirlwind and walk up the super-charge. After cleaning out the
    inside, head back out to the top of the super-charge ramp and jump off to the
    right and down onto a spiralling ramp. Jump into the whirlwind here to get all
    the way back to the start of the level. This time go past the window and out
    onto the ledge just right of it. Glide down to where you can see a deep red
    thief. You probably won't catch it, but open the locked chest and move along up
    to the dragon.
                         o---------------o   -------
                         | 56/80 | Isaak |  | Green |
                         | The top of a super-charge ramp.   |
    Are you? Well charge down the nearby ramp and jump at the end in order to smash
    into an unbreakable chest you saw earlier on. Jump back to the spiral walkway
    and back up in the whirlwind. Head all the way back to where you last found a
    dragon, and charge down the super-charge. Head off to the right at the end of
    it (remember to jump right at the end of the ramp, still hold charge though)
    and along the spiral path you've used before. Charge along here and out the
    other side to land on another super-charge ramp, carry on super-charging and
    fly off the end to land on the bit above where the Return Home vortex is. Flame
    the red thief here to get a gem.
    Now, once again head all the way back to the start and head out of the window
    again. Go on until you reach the dragon spot out here. This is the difficult
    part now. Charge down the ramp and head to the right and carry on charging down
    here. Then as you reach the end, head right again and charge backwards up the
    ramp and then jump off to the right again and head up another ramp, then right
    at the end of this one you will need to be going fast and to jump perfectly in
    order to land on the platform in front of you.
    The green thief from the start is here, so flame him for a nice pink gem. And
    of course, free the dragon.
                         o-------------o   -----
                         | 57/80 | Jed |  | Red |
                         | After a series of difficult jumps |
    Now head home.
            o----------o    /=================\
            | [030405] |----|   Wild Flight   |
            o----------o    \=================/
                   | 300 Gems  |
    Yep, another flight level. This one's located right at the bottom of the well.
    First go after the boats. While you're chasing them, also go through any
    archways you can. When you've got both sets, then go after the chests. Once
    you've got them all, fly in the opposite direction to the planes and flame
    them. Four planes go around with each other in two sets of four, if you know
    what I mean.
            o----------o    /===============\
            | [030406] |----|   Metalhead   |
            o----------o    \===============/
                   | 500 Gems  |
                   | 1 Dragon  |
    And the boss level? So soon? Yep. Right near to the balloonist.
    As soon as you get up the stairs, one of the big feet kicking things will fire
    a metal version of the small things from Treetops at you. Charge it to kill it.
    Work your way throught to the dragon.
                         o----------------o   --------
                         | 58/80 | Sadiki |  | Purple |
                         | Right before Metalhead.           |
    However, before fighting big ol' Metalhead, you should probably finish up
    outside. Jump down into the moat at the far side (well, the side nearest you)
    and land on a small platform just before a broken grate. Walk around in here
    and grab the key. Then go into the whirlwind. After landing, glide over to
    another highup place to get some more gems. That should be all the ones out
    here, so go back to the dragon and into the realms of Metalhead.
    To take out Metalhead, charge into the poles that are sitting around him. Only
    do so when they are green though as otherwise it'll hurt. Once you've got rid
    of them all he'll run off to another room.
    Repeat here and it's the end for the head of metal. Now head back to the steps
    where you came into this room and jump onto the platform on the left. Work your
    way around until you get under the waterfall and open the locked chest. This
    should complete your gem collection for this level. So leave.
    Once out of the level, walk along to Cray the Balloonist and go off to the
    Dream Weavers world.
    o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [030500] |---------|                   The Dream Weavers                    |
    o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/
            o----------o    /==========\
            | [030501] |----|   Home   |
            o----------o    \==========/
                   | 300 Gems  |
                   | 3 Dragons |
    Welcome to the world of the Dream Weavers.
    'These Dragons are peacekeepers of the night. From their island in the clouds,
    they flit through the dreams of other creatures of the world, making sure that
    no nightmares bother dragons while they're sleeping. Anyone who has bad dreams
    at night can call on these Dragons for help.'
    Right in front of you are two different kinds of creatures. One is very tall
    and has red hair and is therefore unchargeable, but flamable. The other is
    large and covered in metal, therefore unchargeable and unflammable. However, a
    cannon in the middle of the area can change them into a smaller version of each
    of them, which are more vulnerable to defeat. For some reason they are randomly
    changed every now and then.
    A bit further into the level you'll spot the butterfly creatures, this time
    they are small mushrooms that hop around a lot.
                         o--------------o   -------
                         | 59/80 | Lateef |  | Blue |
                         | Near the portal to Lofty Castle.  |
    Work your way around the level until you get to the cannon in the centre. Use
    it to shoot the two big metal creatures that are blocking a doorway.
                         o----------------o   -----------
                         | 60/80 | Zikomo |  | Turquoise |
                         | On a platform near the cannon.    |
    Just through the nearby corridor, you'll find an open area with a dragon and a
    fool in. Flame the fool and it'll lower a nearby platform for a short period of
                         o--------------o   -------
                         | 61/80 | Mazi |  | Blue |
                         | Near the portal to Haunted Towers |
    Head off to where the two large metal creatures were and charge them now. Go up
    the steps and continue along here until you reach a couple of fools. Flame them
    both and use the platforms to get further along in the level. Once you've got
    all the gems, that's the level done.
            o----------o    /==================\
            | [030502] |----|   Dark Passage   |
            o----------o    \==================/
                   | 500 Gems  |
                   | 5 Dragons |
    Much like the creatures in the homeworld, there are a couple of new creatures
    here that have two forms. One large and almost invincible, the other small and
    weak. The way to alter their state is by flaming the fool with a lamp, when it
    is bright they are small, when it is dark they are big. Simple.
                         o----------------o   -------
                         | 62/80 | Kasiya |  | Green |
                         | At the top of a whirlwind.        |
    And a little further on you'll meet a red devil-like creature who fires arrows.
    Again, these cannot be charged but can be flamed. Avoid the arrows as they
                         o---------------o   --------
                         | 63/80 | Azizi |  | Purple |
                         | A bit further on.                 |
    Make your way along, flaming the fools and killing the creatures.
                         o----------------o   -------
                         | 64/80 | Bakari |  | Green |
                         | Next to the Return Home vortex.   |
    Just below the platform with the unbreakable chest on, you can see a passageway
    with gems in. Glide down to here. Go past the whirlwind and collect all the
    gems. Then, glide down further to a level with several of the dogs on. Then go
    inside, flame the fool, then charge the little creatures, then use the
    whirlwind to get up higher.
                         o---------------o   -------
                         | 65/80 | Apara |  | Green |
                         | Near where you come out of the    |
                         | whirlwind.                        |
    Carry on through here and over some gaps.
                         o---------------o   ------
                         | 66/80 | Obasi |  | Blue |
                         | At the end of the path.           |
    Next, glide down to the right onto another platform. Go through and kill all
    the devils, dogs and turtle things in here, then use the whirlwind to get up
    higher again. Flame the firework at the end of the path and go collect the gems
    from the now exploded chest. These should be the last ones, so head on home.
            o----------o    /==================\
            | [030503] |----|   Lofty Castle   |
            o----------o    \==================/
                   | 400 Gems  |
                   | 3 Dragons |
    The entrance to here is located near to where the two Gnorcs block a
    passageway, but to the right and round the corner.
    A few of the levels' creatures are seen almost straight away. First you can see
    a flying creature that seems to have no basis on any real life animal. You can
    also see a large Gnorc fitted out with full frontal body armour. He is killed
    by flaming the balloon he is holding onto.
    Get over to the place where there are a couple of those devil cupids and free
    the fairy in the cage. Once you free three fairies, they will form a new
    whirlwind for you to use.
                         o----------------o   -------
                         | 67/80 | Mudada |  | Green |
                         | Right where you land after the    |
                         | whirlwind is formed.              |
    Head over the pathway and jump over the gap after the devil cupids. Then glide
    down to the platform there and proceed to free another three fairies as well as
    the dragon.
                         o----------------o   --------
                         | 68/80 | Baruti |  | Purple |
                         | Next to a river.                  |
    Ignore the fairy whirlwind for a while and glide down to the walkway with
    several of those flying pig things. Go into the building there. Go up in the
    whirlwind and use the height to glide down around the circular place to free
    the fairies here as well as killing the Gnorcs.
                         o---------------o   -------
                         | 69/80 | Useni |  | Green |
                         | On top of where the fairy         |
                         | whirlwind takes you.              |
    Yep, welcome to Lofty Castle 2: The Second Castle. Anyway, grab the key and
    jump over the whirlwind and right onto the top of a super-charge ramp. Charge
    down it and head to the right-hand side of the spiral bit. Go along it and then
    fly off towards a platform above where you have been before. Make sure to stop
    though. Jump down into the area below and free the fairies, flame the devils
    and open the locked chest.
    The resulting whirlwind will take you back to where you've been before. Now
    head to where you made a whirlwind, but didn't use it. This time go into it. Go
    through here and jump off towards the place you haven't been.
    Free the three faries over here to get a whirlwind to both the final fifteen
    gems of the level, and the Return Home vortex.
            o----------o    /====================\
            | [030504] |----|   Haunted Towers   |
            o----------o    \====================/
                   | 500 Gems  |
                   | 3 Dragons |
    Entrance to this level is situated to the left of the place where you first
    enter the world.
    Right next to you is a pile of collapsed metal. This is the inanimate remains
    of a knight. When activated by a wizard they jump up to form the knight as you
    will see in a minute. In the next room (smash down the door) there is a green
    Gnorc who will throw grenades at you. As well as that there is a blue version
    of the green lightning wizard you found in Magic Crafters.
    Ignore all the large knights as they are currently invincible, and charge on
    through to the room at the end. Kill the Gnorc in there and then let the fairy
    kiss you. This will give you a super charged flame breath with which you can
    destroy both the knights and any metal doors.
    Take another blast of the super-powered flame breath and go through the
    whirlwind, and kill the knights over there too. Then go free the dragon.
                         o----------------o   ------
                         | 70/80 | Kosoko |  | Blue |
                         | Near an unbreakable chest.        |
    Go past the rest of the knights and over a bridge to a sort of castle. In the
    middle is another fairy who will kiss you. Use this flame to destroy all the
    rest of the knights and the unbreakable chest if you haven't already.
    Go up in the whirlwind and charge all the way down into a larger room full of
    doors. The first door has a third fairy in which will allow you to destory some
    more doors and knights in here.
                         o----------------o   -------
                         | 71/80 | Lutalo |  | Green |
                         | In the third room.                |
    Now for something that'll make the rest of the level quite easy. Go back up to
    the top of the super-charge ramps and charge all the way down, go out the
    doorway that leads out to the left and up the ramp where you went up before.
    Make sure to press X right at the last point of ground and you should get
    enought height to reach the platform.
                         o----------------o   ------
                         | 72/80 | Copano |  | Blue |
                         | Just inside a bit.                |
    Yep, that's 90% of all the dragons done. Only 8 more to go! Woohoo! Anyway, in
    the big room to the right are load of the knights. You will need to race to the
    top before they all are activated in order to kill their wizard. If you fail,
    just go back to the dragon and then come back again. Go into the room at the
    top and let the fairy kiss you. This kiss is permanent for the rest of the
    level now. Take out those knights and destroy the unbreakable chest too. Then
    go down the hole in the middle of the room. Now just go throught the rest of
    the level easily.
            o----------o    /================\
            | [030505] |----|   Icy Flight   |
            o----------o    \================/
                   | 300 Gems  |
    The portal to Icy Flight is located on a platform reached by passing those two
    impassable creatures.
    Straight away go for the lighthouses whilst also the chests. The get the one
    train and head in the direction it came from. Flame the three copters in this
    area and go after the train that should arrive. Then continue along the track
    and get the next two, then flame the remaining five copters.
            o----------o    /=============\
            | [030506] |----|   Jacques   |
            o----------o    \=============/
                   | 500 Gems  |
                   | 2 Dragons |
    The portal to Jacques is located right near to the balloonist.
    Anyway, a strange monkey thing with armour on is nearby as well as another
    really weird looking thing that looks like it's wearing a dress. Flame the fool
    to move on up. Go right and flame the second fool you get to to move on
    further. Continue along until you reach a locked chest. Go down the stairs
                         o----------------o   ------
                         | 73/80 | Revilo |  | Blue |
                         | Down the stairs, just in front of |
                         | Jacques.                          |
    Uh, yeah. A battle huh? Just follow it around, attempt to flame it when you get
    near and just wait until it dies at the end. Waste of time really. Once you've
    got the gems next to the Return Home vortex, glide back down to the dragon and
    back up the stairs.
    Head down in front of you and take out those metal monkeys. Move along a bit
    further and flame the two fools at the same time to raise up a platform for you
    to access a cave above where you'll find a key. Now glide down to the platform
    just to the left and then on again. Hop up onto the wall here and over. Head
    round to the fool you didn't flame before, then head back to the wall and flame
    the fool there. Use that platform to jump up onto the wall and then jump down
    onto the newley lowered platform below. Wait till it rises and then glide
    across to the dragon on the left.
                         o---------------o   --------
                         | 74/80 | Unika |  | Orange |
                         | Just at the end of the glide here |
    Head down the path and then go off to the left. Use the whirlwind to start a
    swerving glide to flame the four monsters on high up platforms. Then flame the
    fool and head off down the right path. Jump on the platform that just moved out
    and then into the whirlwind. Then glide to the right to collect some more gems.
    Now head all the way back to the locked chest to get the last remaining gems of
    the world.
    With that all done, it's time to move on to the final world of the game,
    Gnasty's World. With 90% of the game completed, the final stretch is in sight.
    Go and talk to Amos the Balloonist to get there.
    o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [030600] |---------|                     Gnasty's World                     |
    o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/
            o----------o    /==================\
            | [030601] |----|   Gnorc Gnexus   |
            o----------o    \==================/
                   | 200 Gems  |
                   | 2 Dragons |
    This is the first level that is incompleteable the first time you go through
    it. Just so you know, there are currently 75 gems in the level.
                         o----------------o   -----
                         | 75/80 | Delbin |  | Red |
                         | In the middle.                    |
    Just in case you wanted to know, he was the dragon you freed by the waterfall
    in the Artisans homeworld. Anyway, head on into Gnorc Cove, the only portal
    open currently.
            o----------o    /================\
            | [030602] |----|   Gnorc Cove   |
            o----------o    \================/
                   | 400 Gems  |
                   | 2 Dragons |
    And straight off you see a very large Gnorc rolling barrels in your direction.
    To take care of him simply charge into one of the barrels and knock it straight
    into him. A short way further into the level, flame the TNT barrel to blow open
    the unbreakable chest, then glide over to the right to carry on with the level.
    Over here you'll see one of the large Gnorcs, this time with a TNT barrel in
    his hands. Knock the nearby metal barrel into him, then repeat to kill.
                         o--------------o   ------
                         | 76/80 | Lateef |  | Blue |
                         | Near the bridge and up past a TNT |
                         | thrower.                          |
    And just so you know, Lateef was the dragon you freed in the Magic Crafter's
    homeworld near the portal to Lofty Castle. If seems that the dragons didn't
    trust in Spyro to save the day, and have attempted to fight Gnasty themselves.
    But alas, they got crystallized again.
    A little further on and through the boat, when you get to a place with another
    unbreakable chest, don't try to break it just yet as you can't. Move along
    until you get to a place with a metal barrel nicely positioned so you can hit
    the unbreakable chest from before.
                         o---------------o   -------
                         | 77/80 | Tomas |  | Orange |
                         | Right after a load of things on   |
                         | barrels.                          |
    And Tomas is the same dragon as was near the entrance to Town Square in the
    Artisans homeworld.
    Go down the middle path when you reach it. All the way down here until you get
    the key, then go out and go through the green tunnel. Open the locked chest at
    the end and then head down the last remaining tunnel. Make sure to hit the
    large Gnorc with the barrels before jumping over the gaps. Now exit the level
    whatever way you like, there is no need to actually go through the Return Home
    vortext here.
            o----------o    /======================\
            | [030603] |----|   Twilight Harbour   |
            o----------o    \======================/
                   | 400 Gems  |
                   | 2 Dragons |
    This new portal should now be open in the world area. Get the gems that are
    just inside the mouth of the dragons and then walk off into the portal.
    This level is populated by Gnorcs with guns. Their bullets will all hurt you
    and you need to be able to jump over them if they start firing at you. All
    types here can be flamed, and as usual only the small ones charged.
    Very little in this level that needs any though really, just work your way
    through till you reach the dragon.
                         o----------------o   -------
                         | 78/80 | Cosmos |  | Green |
                         | Near to an unbreakable chest.     |
    And this dragon was first found in the Magic Crafter's homeworld, he was the
    first dragon you found there.
    When you reach the bridge, don't flame the handles yet.
                         o-----------------o   -------
                         | 79/80 | Cleetus |  | Green |
                         | At the bottom of a super-charge   |
                         | ramp.                             |
    Yep, this dragon was first found near the well with the flight level 'Wild
    Flight' in, in the Beast Makers' homeworld.
    Head up to the top of the super-charge ramp and charge down it. Follow the path
    along all the way to the unbreakable chest, slam into it to break it open. Then
    as you head back to the super-charge ramp, flame the second handle on the
    bridge to raise it. Charge down the super-charge again and this time take off
    from the bridge in order to land in the room above it. Out of the window and to
    the right at the other end is a life, and then glide down to the other platform
    with gems on nearby. Now head back to the last dragon and continue along with
    the level.
    Grab all the gems and head out.
            o----------o    /==================\
            | [030604] |----|   Gnasty Gnorc   |
            o----------o    \==================/
                   | 500 Gems  |
    The final boss battle of the game is here. Grab the last few gems of the
    homeworld just in front of the portal and then head on in (note, you still have
    1 dragon left to go)
    Gnasty is directly in front of you, but you'll need to do a bit of work before
    you can actually reach him. While you can't get to him, he can shoot you so
    don't stay in one place too long. Head through the only doorway you can go
    through and chase down the green thief to get a key off him. Use that key on
    the locked doorway, then chase after the green thief in there for another key.
    Be careful when it goes outside though, as if you die, then you have to start
    all over again.
    With this key, head to the lock underneath Gnasty, it will lower and he will
    run off. Chase him around his track as fast as you can (make sure to grab all
    the gems though) and then when he stops, flame him. Follow him into the
    building and jump over the platforms as fast as you can as they are retreating
    into the wall. By the time you reach him the platforms will be almost gone.
    When you do reach him, flame him once to kill him.
    The first end of game cutscene plays and then the credits roll.
            o----------o    /===================\
            | [030605] |----|   Gnasty's Loot   |
            o----------o    \===================/
                   | 2000 Gems |
    Back in Gnasty's world, free the final dragon.
                         o----------------o   ------
                         | 80/80 | Magnus |  | Grey |
                         | In the middle of the world.       |
    Yep, once again this is another previously freed dragon. This one was first
    found in front of the balloonist in the Peace Keepers' homeworld.
    Head into the final portal now if you have reach 100% completion. If not, then
    go finish up what you have left to do.
    You have the ability to fly around this level, just not very high yet. Jump and
    then press X again, as if you were going to glide, to fly. To get higher you
    will need to walk up some steps over to the right. Once you get to the top, you
    can fly slightly higher then before. To get higher again, go find the purple
    thief with a key, he is located over to the right of the level. Chase him down
    and then with the key, go to the locked door nearby.
    The next thief is located on a large green patch of grass. Flame a spinny chest
    to get him fast. Unlock the next door and a thief in a plane will fly out. Head
    up the stairs inside the doorway first, then fly out after the thief. You'll
    need to fly anti-clockwise round where he is flying as if you go the other way
    he is always too high up. Once you finally get the key, head over to the next
    locked door, then go left and start chasing after the thief. As soon as he
    takes off follow him. Open the last locked door. You are now free to fly
    anywhere in the level.
    Flame all the rockets and gather the gems. Then head into the room next to the
    Return Home vortex. In here you will find loads of firework boxes with the pink
    25 gems in. Flame one and watch the whole room explode into pink gems. Also
    note the large Gnasty Gnorc picture on the wall.
    Once all 2000 gems are collected, fly into the Return Home vortex and you'll be
    treated to a second end of game cutscene. With all 14000 gems collected, 80
    Dragons freed, 12 eggs rescued, you have reached the 120% mark of the game.
    Congratulations on completing the first Spyro game.
    | [040000]                     Cheats and Codes                               |
            o----------o    /====================================\
            | [040101] |----|   'Crash Bandicoot: Warped' Demo   |
            o----------o    \====================================/
    Hold down L1 and Triangle on the start screen. You will need to reset the
    PlayStation in order to get back to Spyro.
            o----------o    /==============\
            | [040102] |----|   99 Lives   |
            o----------o    \==============/
    Go into the Inventory screen and press the following keys:
    S, S, S, S, S, S, C, U, C, L, C, R, C, SELECT
    There's no confirmation sound, but you should see your lives increasing all the
    way to 99.
            o----------o    /==================\
            | [040103] |----|   World Select   |
            o----------o    \==================/
    Press the following buttons in the Inventory screen to get the balloonist to
    let you go to any of the homeworlds:
    S, S, C, L, R, L ,R, C, U, R, D
            o----------o    /=============================\
            | [040104] |----|   The Codes for the Codes   |
            o----------o    \=============================/
    X = X
    S = Square
    C = Circle
    T = Triangle
    U = Up
    D = Down
    R = Right
    L = Left
    SELECT = Select
    | [050000]                      Version History                               |
      v1.21 - 29/12/05
    More layout tinkering, mostly due to a new method of creating the guide which
    is currently in initial testing of this as a more universal layout for all my
      v1.1 - 19/05/05
    Reformatted the guide to make it easier to read at a glance, corrected a few
    spelling mistakes and changed the art.
      v1.0 - 14/7/04
    Made the entire walkthrough, nothing else, apart from editing the ASCII art a
    little to make it more like how it was originally drawn.
    | [060000]                          Thanks                                    |
    First of all, I'd like to thank the creators of this amazing game, Insomniac
    Games. Without them, there wouldn't be a game to have written this about.
    I'd also like to thank any site that is currently hosting this guide, the more
    the merrier, as this guide was written for the users, and not the websites.
    Mainly though, I wish to thank GameFAQs and its many contributors for inspiring
    me to write any of the guides that I've written over the past three years,
    including this one that you're reading right now.
    | [070000]                          Contact                                   |
    If you wish to contact me for any reason, be it a question, praise, criticism,
    reporting an error in the guide, whatever, use the below address. Make sure to
    be clear in your subject line about what the email is about, and to include the
    exact name of the game somewhere within your email or subject so that I know
    what you're talking about.
                            dark52 (at) darkspyro (dot) net
    | [080000]                         Copyright                                  |
    Copyright 2004-2005 dark52
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advanced written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public domain is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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