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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Gbness

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    "With flames from the dragon of darkness...
                                   SPYRO THE DRAGON
                                  An FAQ/Walkthrough
                               For the Sony PlayStation
                           Copyright 2005-2006 Richard Beast
    ...the sunlight blinds his eyes." - Led Zeppelin
    Table of Contents:
    This guide, as you will soon see, is a fair size. Seeing as how this takes
    effect, you will most likely be lost in trying to find out what you want to
    read. There is one way to get to it, instantly. Press Ctrl + F, and then look
    for whatever you want. Let's say you want to go to the Basics section. Type in
    "4. Basics", and then you'll go to the basics section, instantly! Pretty neat,
    1. Introduction
    2. Legal Disclaimer
    3. Contact Rules
    4. Basics
    5. Walkthrough
       5a. Artisans Home
       5b. Stone Hill
       5c. Town Square
       5d. Dark Hollow
       5e. Toasty
       5f. Sunny Flight
       5g. Peace Keepers Home
       5h. Ice Cavern
       5i. Dry Canyon
       5j. Cliff Town
       5k. Doctor Shemp
       5l. Night Flight
       5m. Magic Crafters Home
       5n. Wizard Peak
       5o. Alpine Ridge
       5p. High Caves
       5q. Blowhard
       5r. Crystal Flight
       5s. Beast Makers Home
       5t. Terrace Village
       5u. Misty Bog
       5v. Tree Tops
       5w. Metalhead
       5x. Wild Flight
       5y. Dream Weavers Home
       5z. Dark Passage
      5aa. Lofty Castle
      5bb. Haunted Towers
      5cc. Jacques
      5dd. Icy Flight
      5ee. Gnorc Gnexus
      5ff. Gnorc Cove
      5gg. Twilight Harbor
      5hh. Gnasty Gnorc
      5ii. Gnasty's Loot
    6. Credits
       ~+{X STD X}+ --- {  +~+  {    1. INTRODUCTION  }  +~+  } --- +{X STD X}+~
    Well... I suppose you remember my very mediocre Dragon FAQ and Boss FAQ? Having
    played this gem once again, I decided that I'd add a bit to both of them, and
    make a walkthrough too. Call it something to do to pass a boring Saturday
    during an equally boring summer. Anyway, I'm your host Richard Beast, and this
    is perhaps the thirtieth time that you've opened up a game and seen my name
    next to it. Call that sad, shocking, strange, whatever ya want, I don't care
    much either way. =P
    This guide is probably one of my more straight forward ones, but you've gotta
    read this introduction first (you know it), then the legal disclaimer and
    contact rules, and then the basics and walkthrough, which will take you through
    all six worlds, and at the end of each level, I'll list the dragons found there
    for easy reference, if you're not one who likes to read much. Of course,
    they'll be covered in the walkthrough too, but that's just so that you can
    explore the guide easily. Then just an outro and credits... dig it. Anyway, no
    rambling here. Let's get it onnn.
    - Richard "Gbness" Beast
      ~+{X STD X}+ -- {  +~+  {    2. LEGAL DISCLAIMER  }  +~+  } -- +{X STD X}+~
    You are NOT permitted to put this FAQ on your site without my permission first.
    All you have to do is email me or IM me saying you want this FAQ on your site,
    then you can tell me your site and the chance is high that I'll let you. But if
    you put this FAQ on your site without my permission I swear you will regret it.
    If I let you, not ONE word should be changed from this FAQ! NOT ONE! Got it?
    Good. Also, make sure that no money is involved. If you want this FAQ to be sold
    on eBay, then just forget about it, man. And don't sell this guide either, or
    pay people to use it, or you'll be in such big trouble you don't want to think.
    Another little note is that I will not have this guide hosted on many other web
    sites besides GameNotOver, GameFAQs, IGN, and Neoseeker. You need full-on
    permission if it's not one of the four above sites. I am sick of people ripping
    me off (I have been ripped off three times in the past), so if I don't like
    your site, I won't let my guide be posted on it. I am sorry, but this is how it
    has to be. If you ask politely and I like your site, you will definitely have
    the luck of getting it up there. Thank you very much.
       ~+{X STD X}+ --- {  +~+  {   3. CONTACT RULES  }  +~+  } --- +{X STD X}+~
    You can e-mail me if there is a question you wish to ask that hasn't been
    answered in the guide, but I REALLY don't want to bother answering questions
    that have already been done, answered, and done again in the guide, if it isn't
    too much trouble. Feel free to tell me if there's something I've forgotten,
    My e-mail address is richard_power1000 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Except, replace
    the [at] and spaces with a "@" symbol and the [dot] and spaces with a period; I
    have to write like that so I don't get a dozen spam bots e-mailing me and
    getting me viruses. Just be polite in the e-mail, don't talk like "omg wtf rich
    ur gides r t3h su><0rz & how du i beat peace of toste", and don't ask something
    that's already been answered in the guide, and I'll respond.
    And don't bother sending things like:
    "You friggin' idiot. Your guides suck, you suck, and everything about you
    sucks. DIE DIE DIE!"
    "What the hell did you think you were doing writing all that garbage, you piece
    of crap?
    "I hope you fall down the stairs and break every bone in your body!"
    "u su><0rz, eVrYtInG BoUt u sUx, dIe ass!!!!!!1"
    I will laugh at such e-mails and delete them. So... if you're not just playing
    a friendly joke on me or something, don't bother with that crap cos I've been
    through with it too much.
    Okay, that's enough for that. My AIM name is rbeast288; sorry, I don't have MSN
    or YIM. The list is closed, but I'll add you if you ask politely via e-mail. I
    like chatting with people, but try not to overdo it on AIM if I add you to my
    list. Since I am busy a majority of the time and all.
          ~+{X STD X}+ --- {  +~+  {    4. BASICS  }  +~+  } --- +{X STD X}+~
    Spyro the Dragon isn't the most complicated of games, even if its initials is...
    alright, sorry about that. Seriously, you take the role of Spyro, a small
    purple dragon who's really an underling to the rest of the Dragon Kingdom. A
    villain named Gnasty Gnorc has turned the rest of the dragons into crystal and
    turned their treasure into monsters, so it's up to Spyro to collect 12,000 gems
    and free 80 dragons. Not the greatest of plots, but it isn't really intended to
    be. We take place across five worlds:
    The Artisans (a lively world of plains and a whole lot of dragons)
    The Peace Keepers (a darker world across the deserts, with annoying vultures
    The Magic Crafters (a lighter world through the mountains, full of druids who
    have an obsession with moving things)
    The Beast Makers (a world through swampy terrain, with a bunch of weird things
    and fewer dragons)
    The Dream Weavers (a world through medieval territory, full of mages who control
    light and time, and knights)
    Gnasty's World (nothing more than a junkyard, but Gnasty's adopted base)
    Each of the first five worlds consists of the following: a "home" stage which is
    generally lighter than the other levels, three normal levels, one level that
    consists of a normal level and a boss at the end, and a secret "flight" level
    which is really kind of a bonus, but allows for lots of gem collection. As for
    gems, you've got five kinds: the rather useless reds, which are worth 1, the
    ugly greens which are worth 2, the beautiful blue sapphires which are worth 5,
    the purdy yellows which are worth 10, and of course, the rare purples worth 25.
    To complete a level, you've gotta free all the dragons and collect all the gems,
    which is never really that tough (with my help, that is) except in some nasty
    spots which make their heads shown at least once a world. As for finding gems,
    you can get them from killing enemies with your trusty horn charge or dragon
    flame, or by collecting 'em from chests. You've got the normal gold/red chests
    which can be opened in any way, metal chests which have to be charged, gold
    chests in which you have to flame then grab the gem, "propeller" chests which
    have to be flamed thrice; and "fireworks" chests which require backing off.
    Other than that, there's really little you need to know before starting... just
    jump in and have fun.
        ~+{X STD X}+ --- {  +~+  {    5. WALKTHROUGH  }  +~+  } --- +{X STD X}+~
    Here we are, at the meat and bones of the guide. Shouldn't be too hard from here
    on, so... enjoy.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 4
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5a. Artisans Home  ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 100
    Probably the easiest place in the whole game; you merely have to walk a few
    steps from the entrance to free a dragon named Nestor there. Just in case you're
    too lazy to read the basics, you just have to stand on the platform a dragon is
    held on to free it, so it shouldn't be too hard for you from here. After he's
    freed, jump off the path that you're on, and move on to the hill to charge the
    gnorcs there. Or if you want to be a bit cruel, flame them and burn the flowers
    After the gnorcs are gone, glide from that hill to the small platform up ahead,
    which has a bit of treasure on it. Once you've got that, hop back down to the
    ground and walk around to the left, and into the garden maze. There are some
    gems scattered about here, but above all is an extra life, and at the end there,
    a portal to Dark Hollow. Don't take that yet, though. Instead, return to the
    left of that path where you found Nestor. If you can't remember, it's near a
    waterfall with five lily pads in the water.
    Delbin is held here, so might as well rescue him. As for the gnorc here, it'll
    take three flames to defeat him, but for each time you flame him, he drops gems,
    so make sure you pick them up. From here, head a bit to the right of that
    platform and that hill, and head through the little path there to find another
    garden full of gems, and a dragon named Argus to the right. That's not to
    mention a large dragon shaped head portal, which won't open until you've cleared
    out one of three worlds here: Stone Hill, Town Square, or Dark Hollow.
    Speaking of the former, head back a little bit from there to find some gnorcs
    and the portal to Stone Hill, but don't take that yet. Take care of the gnorcs,
    then climb the little platforms here, one by one, collecting the red gems as you
    go. From there, you'll see a path to the left, so you might as well follow it to
    reach a dragon named Tomas at the end. Before going down the path here, you may
    want to take a left and right to find a few individual gems scattered there, but
    you can't get up that tower yet, bugger.
    Jump down from here to find another gem wielding gnorc that needs to be flamed
    three times, and then enter the central tower to find a whirlwind... you'll find
    a whole lot of these in this game, so might as well get used to them. At the
    top, you'll find a portal to Town Square, and you can jump to reach the two
    towers on the left and right, although you'll have to climb back up for each
    one. By now, you should have four dragons and ALMOST a hundred gems... let's get
    the rest of them.
    Return to the large area at the beginning, near the garden maze, and go through
    the passage near its entrance. Collect the gems as you go, and then take a right
    to reach a balloonist, who will carry you to the Peace Keepers' home if you can
    free ten dragons. Four out of ten, that's not bad. By now you should have 100
    gems, so to continue, you can go to Stone Hill, Town Square, or Dark Hollow. My
    personal favorite and the easiest is Stone Hill... you know the way.
    If you can't find Nestor, turn off the game right now. He's right in front of
    you. You just cannot miss him. Believe me, you CANNOT MISS HIM. He'll inform
    you to find ten dragons and then get to the balloonist to get to Peace Keepers.
    Easy. From where Nestor is, glide to the ground and you'll see him right on the
    left of the screen. He's by the pond with the six pads in it. He'll tell you
    what Sparx is doing.
    You'll see Argus around Stone Hill, north of there, next to the dragon skull.
    He'll tell you how to get into Toasty, that you have to complete a level to get
    I'm honored, that's my brother's name. =P Well, in that little cave to where
    Town Square is, you'll find Tomas. The cave is on the upper-right side of this
    place. He's not easy to miss, if you're exploring. He'll teach you how to glide.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 4
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5b. Stone Hill  ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 200
    Stone Hill, hardly any tougher than the Artisan home, starts immediately in a
    large grassy plain with some rams running about. Either charging them or flaming
    them works just fine. From here, anyway, there are three passages and a hole in
    the ground, but let's save the latter for later (indeed!). Start by entering the
    passage to the left, and inside, you'll find a dragon to free there, and that's
    not to mention a LOT of treasure chests. To quickly get them all, just charge
    in a clockwise manner around the room.
    After you've cleared that room out, enter the next one that was on the right of
    that passage, flaming the ram and getting all the loot inside, not to mention a
    dragon there. Once this old guy is freed, there's a Return Home Vortex there...
    but why take that yet? Jump off the cliff here, and yes, you heard me right, the
    beach is right there! We've no time to take a swim, though... head across the
    beach and into the cave on the other side, where you'll find some more chests
    and a key. What's that key for?
    You're soon to find out. Head back to the opposite side of the beach, where a
    whirlwind will take you back up the cliff. You'll find lots of these, let me
    tell ya. With that, now it's time to return to the area right at the beginning,
    and jump into that hole. Once inside, make sure you claim the loot, and rescue
    another dragon. But the first thing you'll probably notice is a chest with a
    keyhole? How do you open those? GIVE 'EM SOMETHING TO PLAY WITH! This one's
    favorite toy is the key, got milk?
    Get all the gems in here and then whirlwind it back up to the main area, and now
    it's time to go through that one last passage, to the largest area yet. It's to
    the far right side of the wall, in case you're looking. Once inside, start by
    going to the left and charging open the treasure chest, and taking care of the
    shepherds and rams around here. Funny how the shepherds are like old geezers and
    hit you with sticks instead of pieing you in the face. And they don't even bring
    German dogs, boohoo.
    Just make sure you've scouted the whole area out to find all the gems, and then
    enter the tower and whirlwind up to the top to find a dragon and some more gems,
    not to mention a cliff over yonder. From where you can immediately see, glide
    over there and start heading to the right until you find a creature in blue,
    laughing like a hyena and carrying an egg. That's a perfect candidate for the
    insane asylum, but meanwhile, charge after him until you're near him, and then
    flame him. You need all of these eggs that you can find.
    With that egg in your possession, you need to finish up on the cliff and at the
    ship on the other side of it, finding gems. Take note that you can't go beyond
    where the statues stand, since there's an invisible barrier of sorts there. It
    isn't hard to miss gems around the top of this cliff, but it seems a lot of them
    are closer to the barriers if you're just looking for those last few. Anyway,
    from here just exit the level or use the Return Home Vortex, and from Home,
    enter Town Square.
    He's at the end of the leftmost tunnel, the one with the multitude of gems and
    chests in it. He'll tell you how to save your progress throughout the level. Boo
    to you.
    Astor is at the end of the second tunnel, next to the beach. The tunnel is very
    short. He'll teach you how to instantly go right back to Home. Oh, and he'll
    offer Spyro a story too, like any other old geezer.
    Carvin is in that hole that you can see at the beginning of this level. He'll
    inform you to eat butterflies, because then Spyro will be just as strong as he
    is. But I admit he is a big dragon.
    Gildas is at the other end of Stone Hill, through the rightmost tunnel. To make
    it exact, he's at the top of the tower in the center of the grassy area. Get to
    the top with the whirlwind. He'll give Spyro some hints on gliding.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 4
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5c. Town Square  ++ ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 200
    This place is probably a tad easier than Stone Hill as far as collecting gems is
    concerned. While Stone Hill was bigger and more spread out, Town Square is a
    little smaller and less spaced out. Right at the entrance is a huge flock of
    chickens, waiting to be flamed if Sparx isn't doing too well. Once at full
    health or whatnot, climb up the stairs and rescue a dragon there, then do what
    he says and glide over to the left to remember the Alamo. Actually, to go fight
    some bulls.
    It's probably better to flame them, since they don't die immediately if you
    charge them. Climb up the stairs on the left after they're done with, where you
    will see a gold chest with a blue gem on it. How do you open this? Flame it, and
    then a gem pops out. If you grab the gem as it comes out before it lands back in
    the box, the gem is yours and the box explodes. I would make a joke here, but
    being the nature I am, I'll refrain. Whatever. Just glide across another gap
    here and rescue a dragon.
    Once you're in the town itself, flame through, getting rid of the citizen gnorc
    and bulls. Just ignore the cliff on the opposite side for now, though, since
    that comes for a bit later. Climb up the stairs on the right instead, for some
    more chickens, gnorc wusses, bulls, and a huge crop of sweet gems, ripe for the
    taking. Clearing everything out, make good use of the yellow gem, which makes
    its first appearance known here. Make sure you free the dragon too, who is one
    step behind you.
    With that... what do you do now? Return home? There's still a dragon up there,
    though, and that's where the real stuff comes in. Return a bit back, up to where
    you climbed the stairs, and jump to the little grassy step to the right. Make
    one of your biggest glides yet, by jumping off from here and once past that
    wall, making a sharp turn to the right. And from here, make your first priority
    to CATCH THE THIEF. The gems can wait, but the thief will be time consuming.
    Remember that he'll go down so long as you flame him, and if you keep the charge
    up, you can easily do that.
    Now that you've got the egg in your possession, collect any and all remaining
    gems, and go through the tunnel, taking a small right on the other side to get
    some more loot. This next glide may be a bit tough, but just get a walking start
    first, and you're okay. From here, simply traverse to the other side to find a
    dragon trapped there, and another new type of chest, with a propeller on its
    top. To open it, flame it thrice to make it explode for some more yellow stuff
    (no, not that, perverts), and go back on the nearby Return Home Vortex. One more
    large world to go to from here, and that's the garden maze's Dark Hollow.
    Nils is at the top of the steps at the entrance. He'll tell you to glide to
    where the bulls are and to use the L2 and R2 buttons to look around properly.
    Thanks, captain obvious.
    Devlin is across the water, at the other side of Town Square. Basically from
    Nils, glide and climb up the stairs then glide across the land and you'll see
    him. He'll scratch his wing and tell Spyro to press X at the very top of his
    jump to get the best glide. Be glad, everyone, that's the final hint on
    gliding. BE GLAD, I SAY!
    He's just ahead of Devlin, right near the Return Home Vortex. After Devlin,
    turn right and head up the stairs, then charge through the bulls and you find
    Alvar. He'll tell Spyro that a man in blue has snuck into Town Square and
    stolen the dragon egg.
    The hardest dragon to find in Town Square, by far... from the top area around
    where Alvar is, you have to glide across to the area in the distance. Forward
    you may go, through the tunnel and across the long glide through these two
    pieces of land and there you'll eventually find Thor. He'll thank you for
    releasing him.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 3
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5d. Dark Hollow  ++ ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 100
    As you can tell by the figures above, Dark Hollow is a shorter level... three
    dragons and a hundred gems to find. There's another locked chest to open,
    though, but that won't be a problem. At the very entrance, charge through the
    frogs with shields (very interesting), and then climb up the nearby steps to
    find a locked chest. Speak of the devil. But that's not it; glide over to the
    left wing America (in a sense, but rather gliding to the left), to find three
    shielded frogs and a large frog with a club.
    In the case of the latter, use flame, for the others, use horns. Got it? With
    them safely out of the way, rescue the dragon there and return to the ground.
    Just a little bit ahead from that locked chest is another large frog with a
    club, and more shielded frogs, but don't start there yet. Instead, go down the
    stairs nearby, and enter the narrow passage within, to meet your toughest enemy
    yet... a large, SHIELDED frog! Enjoy seeing it belch, though; that must be a
    stupid moment for it.
    To get rid of it, flame it when its back is turned to you, and enjoy the blue
    gem it drops. Repeat with the next one, and in that room right up ahead, climb
    the platforms and claim the dragon, but please do not fall into the water, or
    it'll drink you. In cold blood. The key is in here too, know what that means?
    Return to the platforms and open that chest, and it explodes in your face with a
    large bundle of gems. Yee-haw. Now, back to three shielded frogs and large one
    with a club... handle 'em like you know how to.
    Ignore the campfire, as it's really quite pointless, and head up the stairs.
    There are two large frogs here, not to mention the small ones, so after taking
    those, return to where you just climbed up those stairs, and from here, you'll
    have to make two glides through the archways on the left and right, where you'll
    find platforms containing a single gem, and an extra life and some gems,
    respectively. Gotta love the world. But anyways, with that, climb up the stairs
    at the opposite end of the upper area, free the dragon there, and you can just
    hop back home...
    Short place, eh? I suppose that means you're ready for your first (no, NOT IN
    THAT WAY) boss level? Anyway, in the Artisan home, head back to where you freed
    Argus, where the dragon skull stands. Argus told you that it would open once
    you finished one level, and look ho, we've finished three. So it'll obviously be
    open and ready to be tackled.
    On top of the platforms in the center of the first room in Dark Hollow, glide
    over to the distance where the big gnorcs are. Flame them, and you'll see
    Alban. He'll tell you to charge small enemies because they have some
    protective shields. Good color to this dragon, anyhows.
    From where Alban is, jump down, and you'll see a set of stairs a little ahead,
    and on the right. A tough enemy is there. You have to flame his back because
    he's a big, shielded gnorc. Fight off two of these, and you'll be in a large
    water room. Jump across the platforms here, and you'll see Oswin. He'll you to
    use Triangle to look around.
    Darius is at the end of the level. It's just straight from the entrance, past
    the platforms, up the stairs and flaming the gnorcs in the way, up the stairs
    and around, there's Darius. He'll tell you to flame large enemies because they
    are too big to be charged.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 1
    <- \ /   ++ ++ ++  5e. Toasty  ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 100
    Toasty is the first boss level in the game, and probably the easiest of them,
    even if it isn't exactly the easiest level yet. You'll start out on a large
    cliff about some large orange void (scaaary), and some of the shepherds from
    Stone Hill here, and they even brought German Shepherd dogs with them! I'm dead
    serious on this, that the place is full of shepherds and dogs, likely German
    Shepherds. They're decently tough enemies, as they take two hits to go down.
    Flame them, then roll out of the way, then give 'em an extra flame.
    Roam through the first area, getting the gems around here and then heading to
    the left for some more shepherds and fluffy, adorable doggies. With that, head
    down and to the passage at the upper side, to meet TWO German Shepherds, but
    handle them one at a time, or you'll get pounded real quick. Once they and the
    shepherds are gone, enter the room behind them, heading around the pillars here
    for some more gems. At the upper side of the room is a left and up fork, but
    take a left here after handling the shepherd.
    Follow the small path there over the void, handling some more German Shepherds,
    and getting a few gems. Yeah, that was it. Disappointing, eh? The real action is
    going to begin real soon. Head back to that fork and head upward, freeing a
    dragon there, and then head forward to meet this place's boss... the half sheep,
    half pumpkin man Toasty. How lame is that?
    *         BOSS: TOASTY         *
    Our first boss, the rather toasty Toasty, isn't hard. At all. The fight will
    start with him standing there, swinging a staff around, in a rather pathetic
    imitation of trying to hit you. Before he can do anything, jump flame him, and
    he'll run away, guarded by two German Shepherds. With these, you can flame them
    both at once since they're so close to each other, but then run back, since they
    can and will jump you. When they come back, as black furry doggies (much love),
    give 'em another flame, and now we can REALLY finish up with Toasty.
    He's not much different now; the only noticeable different is that a sheep on
    sticks is showing through his pumpkin outfit. Torch him with another quick
    flame, and then his outfit burns away and reveals the REAL Toasty. Yep, that's
    him alright, guarded by three more German Shepherds. The same method used before
    should work well, handling two at a time and then running back and finishing up.
    If you get too close to Toasty, he'll kick you, and he does a lot of running
    away, but a jump/glide with a quick flame should finish him off.
    And with that, Toasty explodes into a mass of blue gems. I love that color, I
    say. As well as that, a nearby wall opens up for some more gems, so this short
    level should be complete with that one dragon and 100 gems by now. ^_^ At this
    point, the Artisans world is almost complete, but there's just one secret place.
    Remember the lily pads right at the waterfall? To unlock this secret, hop on all
    of them, one at a time. The order doesn't matter; just the moment that you've
    stepped on all five of them once, the wall there goes down to reveal a portal.
    Might as well.
    You'll find Nevin just a little bit before finding Toasty. Fight off the dogs,
    and cross through the tunnel while taking out the huge number of shepherds and
    dogs that you'll find through there and you'll see Nevin. He'll warn you about
    Toasty's power (which is rather non-existant).
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 0
    <- \ /  ++ ++ 5f. Sunny Flight ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 300
    Sunny Flight? Just what the Michael Moore with wings is that? It's different
    from any other level we've yet seen, in that Spyro will play the whole thing out
    while flying. Flying is a simple enough concept; Spyro will naturally go
    straight, you can "steer" him left or right normally, but up will take you down
    and down will take you up, in a plane style. Besides that, easy enough. You can
    still flame, a near necessity for this place. The overall objective, is to go
    through or destroy 32 objects.
    These are four trains containing two barrels apiece, eight chests to flame,
    eight arches to fly through, and eight planes to burn down. You have, first of
    all, thirty seconds to do all this, but for everything you go through/burn
    down, you get some extra time. Hell, you even get a whoopin' six seconds from
    burning a train down. But anyway, you should go for the chests first, and right
    in front of you are the train tracks to the left, a tunnel in the center with
    the treasure chests, and a way to fly on the right. Opt for the tunnel.
    In here, burn the first few chests you find down, then proceed in a clockwise
    fashion around the area, ending with the chest in the center, until eight chests
    are found, and you get an extra 60 gems out of it... whoo, that's nice. Exit the
    tunnel from the way you came and take a sharp left, cutting through those arches
    as you pass. Oh yeah, and the extra seconds are purdy too. Just fly through them
    in the order you see them, likely to be interrupted by a few planes. If this
    happens, flame 'em down; it'll just make our next step easier.
    Now fly towards the planes, so that they'll be flying right towards you, ready
    to get burned down. Track all of 'em down; they're not easy to miss. With all of
    them taken care of, swoop down, feel the swoon and all that, to the train
    tracks, and once again, fly so that the barrels go right to your face, and for
    every barrel you flame, the one next to it will blow (not that way, pervs). With
    that, you should manage to get a good time and completion to this area. At this
    point, you should have 16 dragons procured and 1000 gems collected. Head to the
    balloonist at the bridge, and depart for the Peace Keepers world...
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 3
    <- \ /  ++ 5g. Peace Keepers Home ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 200
    The Peace Keepers world is a truly perilous one compared to that of the
    Artisans, but it's not THAT bad, especially compared to the Beast Makers or
    Dream Weavers yet to come. You start on a bridge over a large river, quite like
    the end of the Artisans world, just take out the grass and replace it with a
    temple. A dragon with an appropriately stonelike dub can be rescued right at the
    entrance, and then you can deal with Gnorc Soldiers, which are rather easy
    things to deal with.
    So with that done, step outside to meet up with a desert. Yeah, that's basically
    what four out of the five real levels in the Peace Keepers world are, desert.
    There are some Gnorc Soldiers outside, with cannons that you can use yourself,
    but really aren't necessary yet. Anyhow, charge behind the cannons and take them
    out, because a blow from one of those cannon balls hurts pretty bad. Take out
    the one on the right first, then move on over to the left, where a portal to Dry
    Canyon lies... nah, that can wait.
    Head further into the desert, where a hoge bundle of cabanas lie. Pull a Guy
    Montag on this one, taking my way of life and going BURN IT ALL! BURN
    EVERYTHING, because Gnorc Soldiers tend to hide under them, and without them,
    you ain't got no gems, and that makes me a sad beast. Over to the right side,
    you can find a portal to Cliff Town, as well as some gems behind it which are
    rather easy to miss. And right at the end, you've got a Gnorc Soldier with a
    cannon. This is the only important cannon, so take that bad boy out.
    Go on over to the left, where you get a balloonist and a path that leads down to
    the Ice Cavern, which is a somewhat relaxing world compared to the desert
    atmosphere that the Peace Keepers world adopts. There's also a balloonist there,
    who will take you to the Magic Crafters world if you get 1200 gems. Actually, if
    you totally finish the Peace Keepers and Magic Crafters worlds, you'll have the
    criteria to go up to the Beast Makers world, but the criteria for that place is
    insane... oh, sorry about that. Get the dragon near the balloonist at the same
    So anyways, gather the gems around him, and head on over to that cannon. With
    your very own nose, nudge it over to the red bulls-eye mark in front of it,
    where a large pillar stands, and blast that to oblivion. Yep, just like that.
    And at the same time, blast down the sealed chests for some more extra gems.
    There's the Doctor Shemp portal there, who isn't as good as The Who, but it all
    evens out. And near that pillar you blasted down, you can climb up the stairs
    there to meet more Gnorc Soldiers, and the portal to Night Flight, the perfect
    brother to the Artisan world's Sunny Flight.
    Alright, moving on from there, hop across that pillar and head forward, taking a
    left to find a dragon, a circular walkway scattered with gems and a key, and a
    rather effortless egg thief which can be taken out just like his friends from
    Stone Hill and Town Square, with a simple glide and then quick torch. With him
    gone and the egg collected, return just a little bit, over to where you jumped
    from the pillar to this here area, and climb up the little path in front of
    you, making sure you've got all the gems in sight.
    From here, make a long glide over to the tunnel in the far off distance,
    wavering over a tad to the left, but you can't miss it. Inside, collect a
    foursome of chests, not including a locked chest with all the more colorful
    jewelry pleasure. With 200 more gems in your possession, to total 1200, it's
    time to start from one of the levels given to us. I personally like the Ice
    Cavern first, but hey, your choice. Dry Canyon and Cliff Town follow up on that,
    putting uniqueness to the Peace Keepers in general aside.
    Titan is right ahead of you, similar to Nestor. Just jump up that step and a
    little bit further you will find him. He'll tell Spyro to collect treasure
    because Gnasty Gnorc turned most of it into gnorc soldiers. Yessir.
    Go forward, past the cannons while killing the enemies at the cannons and then
    head to the right. You'll then see Magnus there. He's right next to the Ice
    Cavern portal. He'll give more advice on keeping Spyro healthy. We get the
    point already, man.
    Gunnar is the hardest of these, minimally. From where Magnus is, go back and
    then finish off the gnorcs by the cannon, and then use it to hit the bulls-eye
    right ahead of it. Jump up, then turn left and chase down the thief. You'll see
    Gunnar there. So, yeah, destiny is good stuff.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 5
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5h. Ice Cavern  ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 400
    Easily the toughest level yet, while still not a very hard level, you may notice
    that there are a whooping 400 gems here, putting a shame to the previous record
    of 200 on a non flight level. So with the start, you start inside an ice pillar;
    what a glorifying place to begin. Step out and then charge around it for some
    bootah, then walk up the path right in front of the entrance. Slippery ice, yo.
    Get the stuff here, and now I must make a note. From here, you can glide across
    the mountains and to the right, to find a platform with three extra lives.
    HOWEVER, this shouldn't be done until you've completely finished this place, as
    just charging forward to that platform can be done any other time and would
    disrupt the normal flow. So just take the path to the left, to be greeted by
    some bats and a large blue gnorc. The bats are fodder for Sparx, unlike the
    Keese from Zelda, which they remind me of. As for the gnorc, he can go down with
    a nice flame. Right beyond him is a green gnorc which tosses snowballs. Slightly
    more annoying, but still a piece of cake.
    Head on a bit to the left from there and rescue a dragon lying about, then enter
    the passage, making sure you collect the odd yellow gem here and there, which
    blend in fairly well with this passage's color. From there, just move on the
    room inside, with some more annoying gnorcs, a ledge to climb revealing gems,
    and if you glide over to the upper right, you can find yet more gems and a
    locked treasure chest. Ah, we can save that later. Instead, hop down and charge
    to the back side of the room to find a dragon ripe for the save.
    Odd looking Peace Keeper, but whatever. See the two poles in front of you, with
    gems on top of them? To get 'em down, just give 'em a good charge and they'll
    drop like flies, only in a different way. From here, you can see that you can
    glide over to a platform with a key, but you won't be able to make it back for
    awhile. Oh well, you might as well, since it's pretty straightforward from
    there. Just be sure to drop down when you can, or you may go a little bit too
    When on this platform, grab holda dat key, man, and then glide over to the next
    walkway there. Or if you want to play it in a more organized fashion, you can
    drop down and start from where you saved Todor, but I'd rather not. Regardless,
    once you land on the walkway, collect a few gems to the left, and then you're
    faced with a decision. Head into the cave straightforward, or take a right for
    some other stuff. The cave is the better choice, since it's really all that was
    between that glide to that key and this place. Plus, a new dragon's right in.
    Once inside the cave, flame some odd gnorcs here and there, collect gems as
    usual, and then enter the meat and bones of the real ice cave, where you'll meet
    yellow gnorcs wearing armor. To beat these guys, just like Todor said, you'll
    have to charge into them. One quick charge will do them in, so long as they're
    facing the void (obviously). With them all gone, proceed to the back side of
    the area, with the long stairs, and make sure you take the other small path at
    the top of the stairs... don't wanna miss them few gems.
    Having all this now in your possession, take a left and you're right back where
    you saved Todor, hip-hip hooray. By now, you can simply glide to that platform
    again and then back to that walkway; it's certainly a lot quicker than going
    all the way back through that cave. =P So anyway, now back on the walkway, head
    over to the right, only to be immediately ambushed by some easy green snowball
    throwing gnorcs. Oh noes. With them then all dreadfully underfoot, follow the
    narrow path to the other side, and step near the vortex to find Asher. Fourth
    dragon yet.
    The room right next to him holds some juicy content... more gnorcs, but lots of
    gems. To the left, you get a view of a dragon WAY up in the air, where you
    obviously can't reach, and to the right you get a view of three lives on a large
    pillar. Gah, I hate this room already. Just leave it and return to where you met
    Asher, now pay attention to the small little steps outside, with gems sprinkled
    across them. Jump across them, one at a time, until you reach a whole new area
    on the other side... nice.
    Inside, immediately charge forward to give the yellow armored gnorc a good
    nudge, only to take a right and find more, as well as a blue snowball throwing
    gnorc on skis introduced, but he's easily taken care of with a simple flame.
    That taken care of, take a right to find some more poles with gems on top of
    them, and a bunch more gnorcs. You know how that works by now. Just take care
    not to try and glide to the right, over to that dragon... that's just plain
    With that, head to the back side of this room and climb up the stairs, and then
    follow a small path and take a right to find some scattered treasure, and the
    Ice Cavern's fifth and final dragon, Ragnar. Whoo... the Ice Cavern is only
    matched by one other level in the whole game for number of dragons. But now,
    it's time to handle the two best things... that treasure chest, and those three
    extra lives. Start from the cave from whence you saved Todor, head to the part
    from where you entered, and climb up.
    And now, you can easily glide over to the right for a further number of gems
    added to your collection... yum. As for those extra lives, they're easy enough.
    From the very entrance, inside that ice tower, charge onto the path and glide
    across the mountains and to the right, and snag 'em all. With Ice Cavern
    completely whored out by now, it's time to step into Dry Canyon. Read the Home
    section if you're too lazy to find it yourself. =P
    Just up ahead. Fight off the large purple enemy and the green snowball throwing
    gnorc and free Ulrik. Be careful not to move too fast and fall down. He'll tell
    you only to flame big enemies, and not to charge them. We know that already...
    He's just ahead of Ulrik in the cave, by those poles with gems on top. From
    Ulrik, enter the cave and collect all the gems in sight, then just turn to your
    right and you'll see him. He'll inform Spyro that some huge gnorcs wear armor,
    and their backs are inaccessible, but in the Ice Cavern, you start slippin' and
    fallin', do ya not?
    He's just ahead of Todor. From where he is, climb down the stairs on the left
    and you'll find a slippery gnorc. Charge him a few times and he'll fall off the
    ice into the void. Right forward, you will find Andor and he'll give you some
    small praise.
    Right ahead from where Andor was. Get past the paths through here and the
    snowball throwing gnorcs and eventually you'll see him near the cave viewing
    the three extra lives. He's like more yet to come with the useless thanks.
    The very first area with five dragons is the Ice Cavern. Ragnar's the final
    one. Start off where Acher is. You could just go in the cave, and look up
    there, see Ragnar WAY up there, totally inaccessible. So, go back from there
    and jump up those blocks, one by one, and you'll be high up. As for the
    blocks... you shouldn't have much trouble. Each one will get higher, so don't
    just don't jump high enough or slip. Be sure not to make accidents, as the
    gnorcs here are strong. Beat off the slippery gnorcs with armor and pass
    through there, and we'll find Ragnar there. He'll tell Spyro that he's ready,
    but the question is for what.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 4
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5i. Dry Canyon  ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 400
    Dry Canyon is, quite literally, a barren desert wasteland. It doesn't help its
    cause any better by having cacti everywhere, or a thief running around not too
    far from here. Grab an odd gem a bit behind your entrance, then moving on a bit,
    you'll notice an egg thief. This one's a little harder to catch than the other
    three, but that doesn't say much. With a tad bit of "galloping", you'll nail him
    and flail him. And yes, I am aware that my rhymes are incredibly bad. Move on,
    Follow the path ahead of there, cleaning this area of gems as you go, until you
    reach another dragon short of ideas, Conan. With him rescued, there are really
    two ways to go from here. You can glide over to the left and enter that tunnel
    there, or you can take the path to the right. Personally, I recommend taking the
    path to the right, as it'll be faster as far as keys and keyholes go. So yeah,
    move on to meet the most putrid enemies in the whole game.
    What you have here are two vultures, who are incredibly annoying buggers whom
    you need to flame extra quick before being beaked out, and a yellow goof who
    wields a vulture as his weapon. Yeah, he attacks with a live bird, isn't that
    sad? Oh well, a flame will torch all of them, even the vulture in the yellow
    goof's hand. (...) Quickly go up those steps and climb up to the left to free
    a quick dragon who really drops a good hint, and take out those damn vultures.
    The yellow goof may even be dead already for some reason.
    Either way, the game's first purple gem is in place of that worthless sponge
    bob. You can go on from there to find the Return Home Vortex, but don't go
    through that any time soon. Just tidy up those gems, then return to where you
    freed the second dragon thus far, Boris. From there, glide over to the little
    tunnel on the left. If you can't see it, move your camera around a little bit,
    as the tunnel is in the wall. Inside, there are a couple easy gnorcs, and a
    featureless cliff. Where do we go from here?
    This is one of the game's small secrets, but just glide over to the left. Trust
    me; just do that while hugging the wall, and you're right on top of a walkway
    you can view from the Return Home Vortex, as well as a rather intelligent dragon
    in terms of comments, Maximos. You can't forget the key to a certain chest.
    With him out of the way, the first part of Dry Canyon is clear; might as well
    head on to the other part. Return to where you saved Conan, and glide over to
    the ledge on the left.
    Inside the tunnel is another stupid bird wielding oaf. Torch him, and beyond,
    you get one vulture wielding maniac in front of you (two vultures with him of
    course), and one to both the left and right, each accompanied by two extra
    vultures. How can one stand being around the wastes of feathers? Oh well, turn
    them all into leftover feathers, moving from the front to the left, as it's a
    shorter path of the two. And you can't forget in the small room in front of the
    entrance, the fourth and final dragon here.
    So, yeah, once the path on the left has been cleared of enemies and leftover
    gems, take the one on the right, bashing up the enemies and climbing up to the
    large structure. From here, glide to the next one to the upper left, climb up,
    and blast up some... fireworks chests? Hmmm, those are original. Climb all da
    way up to da left, brudda, and ya see dat 'dere platform way off yonder? Yer
    gonna hafta do some glidin' to get y'all rounded rump over there, yanno? *snaps
    out of it*. Alright, so anyway, glide to that platform in the distance.
    Over here, you're treated to a platform with some chests worth a few gems
    apiece, and above all, the locked chest. With all that loot there, you should by
    now have 400 gems. It's fairly easy to miss a few scattered about here, and
    especially around this area. But once you do have quad-hundred, drop into that
    Return Home Vortex or Exit Level, and haul over to Cliff Town, in the middle of
    the Peace Keepers home.
    Go ahead, chase down the thief at the left side while collecting treasure and
    go to the right, then you'll find Conan just up the step. He's another "thank
    you for releasing me" dragon. Running out of ideas, insomniacs?
    Alrighty, from where Conan was. Then, go up the stairs that you will find ahead
    of you and fight everything off, then you'll see Boris, to the left and up the
    other set of stairs you'll find. He awards good gliders, and he does drop a bit
    of a hint to glide across this cliff.
    This is something that'll really piss people. They just go ahead of where Boris
    is, go to that platform, and see Maximos up there. How to get there? Well,
    backtrack to Boris. Go up that little hill, and glide across to the left side.
    Go through the small chamber to see yourself at the top of a big cliff. Glide
    to the left, and you'll see yourself where Maximos is, as well as the key.
    He'll make some comments on those birds that are always around here.
    After Conan, go up the stairs right across the water and get to the end of
    that, glide across, and fight off the yellow gnorcs and the nasty buzzards in
    front of you with your fire. Then, go into the cave, and get Ivor and the
    treasure. Impressed, old man?
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 3
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5j. Cliff Town  ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 400
    The town of cliffs... quite original. The only problem with this level is that
    it brings vultures back; otherwise it's all good. You'll start inside a small
    fort which will face you with a path inward... so only one way. What I call a
    Mama Gnorc is right up ahead, stirring a cauldron. Make sure that all the
    enemies here are burnt toast, then make sure you flame the cauldron as well as
    any and all other cauldrons that you find. They all procure gems, and gems are
    good, ya know.
    Move further up, torching any cauldron or any gnorc that you meet, any around
    one structure, you'll meet a thief that can't do much more than run around in a
    circle. Give him the burn, to get no less than the fifth dragon egg. You're
    well on your way to getting all of them. But anyways, around the western part
    of this area, you'll find a dragon named Halvor, so make sure he's rescued, and
    then head to the top area to find two chests. They're easy to miss, so make
    sure you have them both.
    With that, head a bit outside and climb up the step that is, from this
    perspective, to the left. It's not hard to find anyhow. Climb up and run along
    the bridge there, following it up to meet some more gnorcs and another cauldron.
    Let them all feel it, for gems more than anything. At the top of this bridge,
    you will meet two more gnorcs, two more cauldrons, a dragon named Enzo, and the
    Return Home Vortex. Like we're going to use that. But make sure you sniff out
    the gems around the RHV, and rescue Enzo.
    Despite rescuing him, Enzo's really mean and encourages you to glide to the
    other side of the desert. Bah, that place really sucks. But you might as well
    do it, since there are 400 gems in this area, plus one more dragon. On the other
    side is those stupid vultures that we all loved so much from Dry Canyon. So
    anyway, if they fly at you, give them the wrath of the inferno. Pick up the gems
    at all the far corners of this desert, and continue up the hill. There are about
    seven of the vultures, so put them all in the ashtray.
    At the very top of the mountain, you'll find a dragon named Marco, but more
    importantly, this is the highest point of Cliff Town. You can go anywhere in
    the whole place from here, almost. Start by looking around for the castle (or
    whatever it was) that you were dropped into when this place began, and glide
    BEHIND it. There, you can just follow a trail of gems which end which a burgundy
    worth 25 gems. Awesome. From there, drop back to the entrance, and head over to
    the bottom of the mountain.
    And no, you do not have to traverse all the way up to the mountain; at the
    bottom of it there's just a whirlwind you can take up. But anyway, there are
    several forts around this place in which you need to fly over to get the maximum
    number of gems, but in particular, glide straight from in front of the mountain
    to find a fort with a rocket on top of it. It's a tough glide, but a possible
    one. Flame the rocket, then jump up the step and cross the bridge to find the
    steel chest that opened.
    Collect all the gems that drop out, and from here you can just use the whirlwind
    over and over to reach all the forts and pick up all the remaining gems. It's
    tough to get everything collected here, but just make sure you get everything.
    Once you have all 400 gems, use the Return Home Vortex or Exit Level or
    whatever, and head to Doctor Shemp.
    Halvor's around the middle of the desert, by the platforms. Just go ahead from
    the entrance, charge the gnorcs (flaming them does no good because a lot of
    them wear armor). He'll tell you to charge armor. More of that again, eh?
    Climb up the huge cliff straight ahead of Halvor fighting enemies like the
    pot-bellied lady and her little boys, and you'll come to the top. Enzo is here,
    next to the vortex. He'll advise Spyro to glide to the other side. Jackass.
    This does not have anything in the slightest to do with Marco Polo, believe me.
    Enough babble, just glide across like Enzo told you to. Fight off the stupid
    damn vultures, and you'll see Marco at the top. Also, just ignore the electric
    fences and try to get past them, because they might distract you a little.
    He'll advise you that you're on the highest point of Cliff Town, and you should
    use this place to glide to other areas, and to use the whirlwind below. Yep.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 1
    <- \ /  ++ ++ 5k. Doctor Shemp ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 300
    Another desert level, what else is new? But anyways, this place is filled with
    the big mama gnorcs from Cliff Town, along with... son gnorcs in armor. They
    will just charge at you and then kill themselves though... don't ask me why.
    But anyway, just head on a little bit and a mama gnorc will send a son gnorc at
    you, but just charge him for some gems. It's quicker that way, after all. Head
    beyond the mama gnorc, picking up anything shiny that you see (hint, hint), and
    just continue to follow the path.
    It's a lot of mama gnorcs and son gnorcs, but eventually you'll find a large
    structure in front of you, and a whirlwind to the left. Start with the structure
    and head behind it, to find a whirlwind there. What is this, Cliff Town? Take
    the whirlwind and from there, look to another structure that stands along to the
    left, with a single purple gem on it. It's worth 25, and they're quite rare in
    this game, so pick up every one that you see. Especially this one. Once that's
    done, glide to the raised portion of land below, directly in front of you.
    Here you'll find two sole emeralds, and the key to a chest. Sweet stuff there.
    Once back on the ground, take the whirlwind in front of you, and then drop down
    to meet a dragon named Trondo there. As you can guess, this is the second boss
    level, and this one will meet you as soon as you climb the steps. Enter the
    *      BOSS: DOCTOR SHEMP      *
    Doctor Shemp is similar to Toasty, in that the fight is easily divided into
    three parts, but even if the fight is fairly easy, it's a lot harder than
    Toasty. As soon as this starts, Shemp will try and hit you with that... weird
    thingy that he carries, but after he misses you (HOPEFULLY), he won't really
    take you seriously, and will just walk away, revealing his bare back. Might as
    well flame it. And after that's done, a bridge opens, and while his body's on
    fire, he'll run away.
    Follow behind him, collecting the gems that he drops, and climb the steps to the
    next platform. This time, needless to say, he'll actually take you a bit more
    seriously. He'll smash, then turn around for a second, giving you an opportunity
    to give him a torching. Same process... he drops some gems and a drawbridge
    opens. Head to the third platform, and this time he's really serious. He'll
    swing his doohickey, while spinning in a circle. Just jump over that thingamajig
    and burn him to a crisp while he swings and reveals his back. It's not a very
    hard battle.
    With that little problem taken care of, jump to the platform ahead and below
    (do not use the Return Home Vortex yet), to get a perfect 25 gems from inside.
    From there, if you don't have 300 gems you can hop further down and take the
    path from there, which leads outside, but otherwise just exit the level, and in
    the Peace Keepers home, jump into Night Flight.
    Trondo is ahead, just go ahead toasting everything: the fat gnorcs and their
    "children" and then you'll go up a whirlwind near the tower and then you can
    glide across, then jump down and see Trondo. He'll complain about Shemp, and
    inform you he should watch his back... interesting.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 0
    <- \ /  ++ ++ 5l. Night Flight ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 300
    This place is even easier than Sunny Flight, believe it or not. There's really
    only one where to go from here, and that's forward. Start by flying through the
    rings, which are all lined up nicely, and once you're out of that passage, fly
    down and breathe through all the chests you see. They shouldn't be too hard,
    although they tend to accelerate back and forth, up and down, left and right,
    With those out of the way, you can just fly through the arches. They're exactly
    the same as rings, really, except just very slightly tougher to go there since
    there's limited space. Once you've flown through the last arch, there comes the
    only part of this place that's even remotely hard: the light. You have to find
    the eight light towers and flame the upper part, which is huge, but if you miss
    one of them then that will be very annoying.
    Fly from left to right, flaming them as you go, and watching out for that one
    last turn at the end, and you won't have any problem finishing this place up
    with 300 extra gems. With that all wrapped up, return to the Peace Keepers Home
    and speak with the balloonist. Let him take you away, far away... *snaps out of
    it*, or in other words to the Magic Crafters Home.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 3
    <- \ /  ++ 5m. Magic Crafters Home ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 300
    The Magic Crafters world, which takes place almost entirely in the mountains, is
    the most numerous yet as far as gems go, and even tied with the next two. But
    anyways, fitting in with the mountains theme, the entrance to this place is set
    on a cliff. Do NOT try to glide to the other side, because it can NOT be done,
    and you will just waste time and lives trying. Instead, turn behind you and go
    into that room, careful not to fall in the water as you go, as in this game,
    water is bad. Grrr at you, Insomniac, you pro-dehydration serial killers.
    Take a left and you're immediately faced with an egg thief. This one's really
    easy to catch, just charge straight at him and gallop through to the left, and
    give him the torch. Note that the Magic Crafters world has no less than seven
    eggs in it, and the next three worlds have none. So once you have that, return
    to the fork where you found the thief, and take a right to find five shielded,
    pitchfork-wielding octopi. Mutants or something, I guess. Charge through the lot
    of them.
    Make sure you rescue Cosmos and pick up the gems in the chests nearby, or it'll
    be fairly tough getting 100% completion. With that, head to the next area, and
    don't bother taking a right, as the green druid there will just raise the wall.
    Take a left, quickly charging through the druids and octopi as you go. You'll
    pass Alpine Ridge along the way, but there's no reason to go in there. Just go
    up the hill, and at the top of it, you'll find another egg thief, this one who
    just runs around in a circle.
    With him dead and the egg yours, charge down the arch up front, and right
    through the druid that blocked your way earlier. =) That's correct, the whole
    thing is circular. Head back up, and up the next hill on the left, with flashing
    arrows. You'll see a LOT of these flashing arrows in the future, and they're
    very useful. But anyway, at the top of the hill, free Zantor, and check around
    the High Caves portal for some gems. But anyway, these flashing arrows allow
    for Supercharge.
    If you charge down arrows like these, a Supercharge will initiate. So here, for
    example, you can just charge down through the druids and the octopi, which are
    quite numerous, before the druid can bring the wall up. Quite convenient. Stop
    the Supercharge once you enter the room, and free Boldar, the dragon in front of
    the Crystal Flight portal. This is quite possibly the first Flight portal you
    have found yet (it shouldn't be, though, if you've been following this guide),
    so it's a good place to get the hang of flying.
    Now if you still have the Supercharge going, that's great; charge through the
    path to the right, and through the heavy chest for some gem beauty. If you
    don't, just go back and get it, then go through that heavy chest. With that,
    head up the hill to find the portal to Wizard Peak, which was my choice for
    first destination after this place, but before that, follow along the tiny
    little path outside the water, to reach the other side. The small room there
    contains a key. Didn't think there was a chest here, eh?
    Jump down, and head on to the water across from the way you came in. A druid
    is moving a platform there up and down, so jump on it when it's down, and once
    on the other side, run through the druid. There's a portal to the boss, Blowhard
    here, which is the last one, plus the balloonist. But anyway, as for business
    with the key. Return to the hill below the Supercharge (the one in which you had
    to take a left to get to, at the fork), and glide over across the mountain wall
    to the left.
    Once you get into that small room there, you probably automatically broke the
    locked chest, and that's good, cuz it has some gems in it. But now, anyways,
    with that perfect 300 gems, find the portal to Wizard Peak, and just jump right
    Cosmos is just past the octopi in the tunnel straight behind you. NOTE: Right
    ahead at the start of the place, you cannot glide across, no matter how hard
    you try. It is impossible. Anyway, go into there and to the left and then the
    right, then straight and you'll find him. He'll tell you he wants you to get
    the gems, dragons, and thieves.
    Go past Cosmos, past the hills and Alpine Ridge, charging through all of the
    armored octopi and to the top of the hill there, around the arrows Zantor
    awaits. He'll tell you that the arrows are really a super charge.
    Start using Supercharge by charging across the arrows. Go through the gnorcs
    (especially the wizard because it has a purple gem and controls the wall) and
    find Boldar, right in front of the Crystal Flight portal. He'll show you to a
    portal to learn to fly.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 3
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5n. Wizard Peak  ++ ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 500
    500 gems. That's the most we've seen yet, and the majority of levels that are to
    come will have exactly that many. But anyway, Wizard Peak is quite a large level
    compared to some we've seen, and it'll take a lot longer to clear this place
    than to clear perhaps any of the others we've yet entered. But anyways, upon
    entrance, do not go through the passage in front of you. Take a left and walk
    along the path there, following the trail of gems as you go. There's a gap along
    the way, but it's not like that's a problem.
    At the end there's a whirlwind, so take that up and follow the path there, and
    there are two paths. Told you, this place isn't exactly linear. Glide across
    the huge gap in the middle and to the other side of the area, which is like, on
    the roof or something. Now follow that path and drop down at the end of it,
    and gliding across the mountain at the end of there, and you'll be inside the
    passage we saw earlier. Told you... flame everything that you see. Now from
    here, work your way back to the entrance, it's not very long at all.
    You'll see the entrance soon enough, as it's an outside area. Now head all the
    way back to where I told you there were two paths. Yeah, it's right up the
    whirlwind. Follow the path you start on to its end, and do NOT glide to the
    other side. Instead, get to the end of the path and glide to the little part
    that's sticking out way down below. When you land there, flame the wizard that's
    immediately in front of you, and claim all the shiny treasure. I believe you
    were told growing up that shiny treasure is good. Remember your lessons.
    Drop down to the floor, and follow the path to the right, charging through the
    small green wizards, whom I affectionally dub the Storm Wizards. The whole place
    is filled with Storm Wizards and those big blue gnorcs, but whatever it is, take
    it out and claim the gems that they drop. Now take the bridge in front of you,
    and in the next room, clear the room of any opposition, and free the dragon
    there, whose name is Jarvis. The Supercharge here is very useful, as you can use
    it down this tunnel and smash through all the Elder Wizards (yes, I am aware my
    names are incredibly original).
    With all the Elder Wizards downed, immediately turn back and up that Supercharge
    path. Not before getting all the gems in here, but just head back up. And from
    there, use the Supercharge again, to reach the area where the Elder Wizards once
    were, and take a left. It's another Supercharge, but one that must be used in
    conjunction with the other one. With all that Supercharge power, follow along
    this straight path, ignoring the right, and at the very end of this path, JUMP
    as far as you can. And with a bit of gliding help, you'll land on a platform
    There's quite a bit of treasure here, but you may also hear a thief giggling.
    Turn around to the very edge of this platform, and walk along the very short,
    narrow path at the back, and at the far back side you'll find an egg thief.
    He won't even run away from you, since, well... this isn't the best place to
    try and run, since it's over a cliff. Torch him, and that's your eighth egg
    thus far. Now head back to the side of the platform from where you landed on,
    and glide over to the grassy area on the left.
    From where you land, an Elder Wizard will try and conjure up more gnorcs, and
    upon his death, he'll drop a burgundy gem. Awesome. Head back, in the direction
    that the Elder Wizard came from, and you'll find a dragon named Hexas there,
    who certainly deserves freedom. Ignore the tunnel on the left, as it's quite
    useless right now. Instead, collect any gems you're missing, and head back,
    in the direction that the Elder Wizard was running up. Follow up the steps
    there, charging and flaming all you see.
    At the top of this mountain, you'll find George Lucas; just take out the first
    part. But anyway, after you free Lucas here, you can go back to the Artisan
    home, and if you already haven't (and if you haven't, major shame on you), you
    can jump on the stones there and they'll all turn yellow. And from there you
    can easily access Sunny Flight, but you should have already got finished with
    that place a long time ago, so you should be able to blissfully ignore that
    There's an egg thief here, who will basically run around in a circle. Just
    glide at where he's going, and he'll run right in there and let you flame him.
    Easy as that. Now there's a Return Home Vortex here, but don't use it yet. Go
    back to the first Supercharge, which was near Jarvis. Start using it, then take
    a left into the tunnel there, to use a second Supercharge. And from there, take
    a right and enter the tunnel there, get to the very tip of the path, and glide
    to the uppermost platform there. NOT to the two smaller ones on the left, but
    to the large one.
    You may notice this one looks a bit like the one with the egg thief, but there
    is treasure aplenty on this one. Now carefully glide to the other two, making
    sure you don't glide too far, and clear all the treasure on all of them. At this
    point, you should have all 500 gems, but if you're missing some, it's probably
    in that first room at the entrance. Scout that out to make sure you're not
    missing anything, and now let's leave for Alpine Ridge.
    Quite an easy one. Just go ahead, through the gnorcs and enemies, past the
    paths, and you'll see a supercharge spot, Jarvis next to it. He'll tell you to
    bash wizards with the supercharge. Amen, brother.
    Why couldn't dragons be harder to find? Ah well, just supercharge forward from
    where Jarvis was and go to the right, while you take out all the wizards on the
    way and you'll see Hexas. He'll thank you for releasing him, like the other shy
    dragons here...
    Lucas is an important dragon to find. After Hexas, just go up, fighting gnorcs,
    and you'll see Lucas. The wizards and other enemies provide no real challenges.
    He'll tell you an important bit of advice, at the Artisans Home, jump on the
    stones, and then something may open up. For your information, reader, this is
    Sunny Flight. Originally, you could just hop on all the stones, but now it's
    easier because when you jump on them, they turn yellow so you will know which
    ones that you've stepped on. A good wake up call, I must say.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 4
    <- \ /  ++ ++ 5o. Alpine Ridge ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 500
    Compared to Wizard Peak, Alpine Ridge is relatively easy. The music here is
    good stuff, in my opinion, and really suits this atmosphere, but anyway, the
    level is relatively straightforward. So anyway, right at the entrance, a large
    Mammoth Beast, as I like to call them, will await you with the usual shielded
    octopi. Flame the Mammoth Beast and charge the octopi, you know how it works.
    Follow the rather linear path in front of you, to meet another octopi, another
    Mammoth Beast, and a druid moving blocks. 
    Charge through the blocks to make sure you don't get hit, and let the Mammoth
    Beast taste flame. Right after them, you get treated to a druid turning a
    staircase into a ramp, back and forth, back and forth. To get up here, jump on
    it when it's a ramp, and keep jumped over and over until it becomes a staircase.
    From there, it's an easy climb up and an easy charge or flame to the helpless
    druid. With that done, head forward and free Zane there. Right, like you're
    afraid of those Mammoth Beasts.
    There's a platform to glide to on the right with a lone Mammoth Beast, but do
    NOT glide over there. Instead, take a left and walk up the steps there, and
    glide to the ledge on the other side, where you'll meet an Elder Wizard and a
    druid playing with each other. Take them both to the inferno, and take a right.
    More Elder Wizards which challenge you to press the circle button. That was
    sure tough. So anyway, above you are three druids possessing the stairs there.
    Here's where timing comes in.
    The stairs there will head in and out, in a pattern. When the first stair comes
    out, immediately jump on it, then the others will come out. Quickly head up
    those, and fast, or they'll drop. At the top (BOW IN AWE AT MY MAGNIFICENT
    RHYMES), down the three druids there, and now glide to the right, where you'll
    get to that same platform with that lone Mammoth Beast. Now end him being alone,
    by making him join others in death. And here's where more timing comes in, as a
    druid is manipulating a wall.
    This druid will make the wall go up and down, so when the wall has been up for
    a few seconds (three or so), glide over there and it'll go down right before
    you manage to glide in. :) So once inside, charge through the druid and glide
    to the second part of this area, where there's the usual druid making a platform
    you need to glide to go up and down. Same thing with the wall; when it's been
    up for a while, it'll come down and you'll already be there. Flame the druid,
    and treat yourself to the rescue of a dragon named Eldrid.
    Now head up the path there, and take a left to enter a Mammoth Beast pit. Two
    of them, two easy flames. Drop what they leave, then head up the steps and
    collect whatever you see, now start heading up the path. From there, a druid
    will appear and raise a Mammoth Beast. Geez, that's creative. Let them both
    burn to ashes, then enter the cave on the left. Collect everything you see from
    inside, and note that it's two paths, so don't carelessly miss anything. With
    that, head back up.
    Climb up the stairs there and at the top, free ol' Zander there to learn how
    skilled you are with the Magic Crafters world. Right, really. The Return Home
    Vortex is there, but it's not time to use THAT yet, obviously. Instead, head to
    the end of this ledge and glide over to the three platforms way over in the
    distance. There are fireworks chests on all of them, so to get the gems inside,
    we have to do one of the easiest puzzles ever known to man. Start by flaming the
    chest in front of you.
    Glide to the next platform, and flame that chest as well. Now head to the last
    platform, flame that one, then head back and grab the gem that the second chest
    dropped, then glide over to the last one and grab the third gem, and return to
    the first platform and collect the first gem. That taken care of, glide to the
    cavern at the front, where you'll meet up with Kelvin. Science time! Or not.
    Well anyway, it's the fourth dragon, and another egg thief to chase. You know
    the drill.
    The egg thief will run you through a long path, so just make sure that you don't
    suddenly lose yourself or something, and you'll have him nailed in no time. With
    the tenth egg in your possession, hopefully you have 500 gems and four dragons,
    and you can use the Return Home Vortex or Exit Level and go to the final level
    of the Magic Crafters world... the land of caves on drugs.
    Talk about gigantic beasts. :) Flame all of them as well while getting past the
    druids around here, and then with enough effort, climb up the stairs that those
    druids are bringing up and down and find Zane. He'll ask Spyro if he's afraid
    of those big, noisy, gigantic, awful beasts. I think you very well know what
    Spyro's answer is, don't you?
    Eldrid is just past Zane. Go past there and turn to the right, get past the
    druid door trap by gliding when it's been closed for a while so it'll open when
    you're close and charge the druid as a reward, then get past the moving
    platforms. When the platform has spent a long time up, glide so that you'll
    land on it when it's down. ^_^ Eldrid can be found there. He just thanks you.
    Zander is near the Return Home Vortex. From where Eldrid is, go forward, up,
    then right past the huge yellow beasts and steps, and you'll see the crystal.
    He'll say that Spyro is on his way to learning all of the secrets of the world.
    Past Zander, just glide across to the platforms. Do that little puzzle with the
    fireworks boxes (jump on the first platform, flame the fireworks chest, jump to
    the second fireworks chest, jump back to the first one to get the gems, then
    back to the second to get its fireworks chest's gems, and finally to the third
    platform, where you can flame its chest, jump back to the second and wait for
    it to explode, and then return to it to collect all of the treasure) and then
    we'll see Kelvin. He'll tell you that the thieves haven't only stolen eggs in
    the Magic Crafters world.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 3
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5p. High Caves  ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 500
    As soon as you enter you're faced with two paths; one into a cave filled with
    spiders (face it, you knew that would occur at some point), and one going up
    the mountains. As much as the latter is superior, let's delve into the cave of
    spiders first. As for the spiders themselves, they're very heavily armored, and
    they're surprisingly fast, so do NOT touch them, they're just deadly. Grab the
    odd gem that you can find, and if you can, use high ground where they can't get
    Head to the next room after the first cave, which is much larger. There are a
    few corners with gems, but if the spider here is too much of a pain, just ignore
    them as we'll be clearing the spiders out very quickly. Just dash on to the
    left, and in there, you'll find yet another spider. This one's easy to dodge,
    though, just proceed into the light and grassy area and free the dragon that
    immediately awaits there, his name being Ajax, and now it's time to rid the
    caves of those spiders.
    Go into the tunnel to the right of Ajax, and start the Supercharge there. Once
    you've got it, immediately take a left back into the spider cave, and direct it
    right into a spider to get FRIED SPIDER! Yum. And with it taken care of, might
    as well take the stairs up there. Head right on in to find another druid (they
    seem to be notorious in the Magic Crafters world) and a rather harmless spider
    which will only really bother you if you stick around for too long. Take out the
    druid and dash through the door, using the high ground to help dodge the spider.
    Not hard.
    The next room is similar; just immediately glide to the elevated part of the
    floor on the right, where the druid is blocking the wall off, and once he's
    gone, quickly glide outside, where you'll meet a fairy who kisses you (don't
    tell me you didn't think that would happen), and now you get Superflame. These
    things are all over the sequel, Ripto's Rage, but for now, head back into the
    caves and use this to blast down the two spiders in these two recents caves.
    And with that done, return to the Supercharge. Time to scout the caves out and
    finish the last spiders!
    Use it, and run through the spiders to make them toast, until you're way back at
    the beginning of the place. The two spiders in the two caves between there are,
    at this point, dead, so make sure you get any leftover gems if you're missing
    them. But anyway, now it's time to trek up the mountains, which are full of the
    new Tornado Wizards (enhanced Storm Wizards, it seems), Elder Wizards, and
    druids. Geez, this place has too much magic. But in any case, just follow up
    the path.
    Flame the wizards you see, along with the Tornado Wizards. Tornadoes themselves
    will come down the path as you head up (...what?), so make sure you avoid them,
    as they sting quite a bit. Just continue up, careful around that narrow part at
    the end, and once you reach the top of the mountain, free Cyrus. He should've
    been a valiant swordsman or something, but eh well, he's a wuss. So anyways,
    there are two floating platforms in front of you, courtesy of the green druids.
    Know what to do?
    Wait for the platforms to get closer to your side (that is, to the right), then
    glide over and fry them. Do this to both, and glide to the other side. Claim
    all the treasure in that room, hop out, and then you can just follow a path and
    you'll be back to where you freed Ajax, which is really why I asked you to use
    the Supercharge earlier. Speaking of which, return to that Supercharge. And
    with that, glide to any of the tunnels on that mountain. One of them is just a
    small tunnel with some gems lined up on it, and the other two are the same one,
    with a dragon, lots of gems, and the Return Home Vortex.
    In the case of the latter, free Cedric there and marvel at the abundance of
    yellow and purple gems inside that room. And I thought there'd be only 400 gems
    here... ah, lost track. You may or may not have noticed, but you can actually
    fall off the cliff here, due to how this place is designed. And then the fairies
    will pick you up and transport you back to the Supercharge. Very convenient,
    being the glides here are insane. But anyways, there's one more thing that we
    have to do, starting with using that Supercharge.
    Use it to the fullest extent possible, and at the end of the path, glide way
    over the land patch on the very, very far side. With a little Supercharging
    skill, you'll land. Since, as Cedric said, jumping and gliding with
    Supercharging is good. From here, head up the hill and claim all the beautiful
    treasure here, as well as an egg thief. He's really no different from the one
    from Wizard Peak, as he runs around in a circle, so he shouldn't pose too much
    of a problem. Eleventh egg now.
    Now fall off the cliff and return to the Supercharge room. Eh well, we don't
    need to use it anymore. Exit the Supercharge cave and take a right, to find yet
    three MORE rooms in a mountain. The first one, anyway, holds some treasure, so
    clear it all out and then don't bother with falling in the cliff, just glide in
    there from where you are. It's some more treasure, perhaps a little more
    numerous as it's in fireworks chests, but nothing to marvel over. Glide to the
    third cave, which is the biggest and most rewarding.
    Inside is the twelfth and final egg thief. Wow, I see the Magic Crafters are
    really gonna have a lot of children. Follow the egg thief, picking up any
    treasure that you see, and at the end of the tunnel, you'll have him nailed and
    the egg picked up. I guess the Beast Makers and Dream Weavers don't breed much.
    But anyhow, that should be three dragons, two eggs, and 500 gems. With that,
    we can go to the boss level, with a boss that happens to blow hard... Blowhard!
    Go forward, past those big, stupid spiders. Bleh, ick, ugh. Just dodge them.
    Flaming them does no good, just when they look away, just run past them. At the
    end of that nightmare, you'll see Ajax. Spyro will feel just the same way you
    do... but Ajax informs you that supercharge will make you invincible... heh...
    Cyrus is the one we'll want to find. Get some supercharge from where Ajax is,
    and then go to the cave with the bugs and SUPERCHARGE THE BUGS!! Ha ha ha...
    kill them all! Wipe them out! Get revenge! Then fight off the wizards and
    druids. In fact, you can even do this with supercharge if you want to, because
    this will make it faster, but more difficult. It's really up to you. Cyrus is
    there to inform you to do just what you did about those awful green druids. Who
    would like things that could move everything in such a way anyway?
    Use supercharge, and go FAR away to the largest tunnel in the distance. Cedric
    is there, along with the Return Home Vortex. He will tell you to use charging
    and gliding to combine with supercharge, to really explore the High Caves.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 1
    <- \ /   ++ ++  5q. Blowhard  ++ ++   / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 400
    For reference, while writing for this level, I listened to three different
    versions of No Quarter, originally done by Led Zeppelin. Oh wait, that had
    absolutely nothing to do with this place. So anyways, Blowhard is a very easy,
    short level, and the boss is a pushover. As well as that, close to all 400 gems
    here are in yellow gems with the occasional blue here and there. So let's get
    this part-ah started. Claim the treasure right in front of you, and progress
    Get rid of the Storm Wizards that are in front of you, and keep following the
    path while claiming the treasure. And at last when you find a strange monster
    at the end of the path (that's Blowhard), flame him and he'll run away like a
    coward, opening a door behind you. Might as well take advantage of that. Head
    in there, while two druids are moving platforms. Geez, what else is new. It's
    not hard to miss the small walkway down below, where there are a few odd gems,
    so get those and head back up.
    Glide over to the druids when it calls for it, and get them in the ashtray. With
    that, glide over to the other side and take a right into the small room there,
    freeing a dragon named Altair though, who's an old geezer. And what else other
    than two more druids moving platforms? Oh well, remove them both and glide to
    the exit past them, and then you have a fork of left and right. Start by taking
    a left, to find five straight chests containing yellow gems. I get the feeling
    Insomniac was trying too hard.
    Don't jump down here, as that'll just take you right back to the entrance.
    Instead, follow along the main path to the right, and then you'll find Blowhard
    there. Pick up the gems that are lying around, and now, I guess you can say the
    fight with Blowhard has begun.
    *        BOSS: BLOWHARD        *
    I can't really say in words how easy Blowhard is, but this fight shouldn't pose
    any trouble at all. Start by, from where you are, flaming Blowhard and picking
    up the fireworks chests and stuff. All that Blowhard does is make thunder boom
    above you, and while that lightning is annoying, it shouldn't be any threat at
    all. Glide over to the other side after you've flamed him, and then just follow
    the path, collecting gems, until at the end, you find Blowhard again. Burn him
    once more with your flame, and then he's gone. Collect all the yellow gems that
    just flow out (right), and you're treated to a Return Home Vortex. Whoop de do.
    Get past Blowhard's minions and collect all of the gems here, then flame
    Blowhard and he'll open a door and run inside. Go through the cave, chasing
    Blowhard. Get past that and be very watchful of the druids as they make the
    platforms move and the water below isn't exactly nice. You'll finally see
    Altair, who is a particularly forgetful old man.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 0
    <- \ /  ++ ++ 5r. Crystal Flight ++   / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 300
    Similar to Blowhard, the Magic Crafters flight level is even easier than the
    Peace Keepers one, just like bosses. But anyway, 25 seconds to go through eight
    rings and eight arches, and flame eight planes and eight chests is more than
    enough. Start with the rings, each giving you an extra 1 second. So like, that's
    33 seconds right there. Just follow the rainbow colored things until you have
    60 gems in the pocket, and from there, fly through the arches in the flight
    path there is.
    When the fairy shows an arrow pointing to the right, take a sharp right turn
    and finish up with the arches. Once they're all done, fly around the mountain
    there, and you'll find the planes going in the same direction as you. It'd be
    quicker if they were flying in the same direction, but anyway, flame them all.
    This place is really made so that you can easily flame the all of them. And with
    them gone, you're really on a simple flight path through the chests.
    Swoop down after you've burned down the last plane, and grab that last chest.
    While time may be running low, the chance that it'll run out is quite slim. All
    the chests are quite easy to spot, so burn them down and collect the contents,
    and you'll have five 60s to make a perfect 300 gems. So with Crystal Flight
    taken care of, head over to Tuco the Balloonist, and go on to the swampy,
    electric wasteland known as the Beast Makers world.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 2
    <- \ /  ++  5s. Beast Makers Home  ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 300
    The Beast Makers world is by far the hardest yet, in my opinion, even if it has
    the same amount of gems as the Magic Crafters world, and far less dragons. There
    are only 12 dragons in the whole world, unbelievably, but the enemies are the
    hardest in the entire game, plus there are lots of tough glides and odd gems
    that you'll have to make and collect. Not to mention the criteria for getting
    out of here is very harsh... 50 dragons. Being that once you've finished this
    place you can only have 58, that's pretty hard.
    But anyway, I'm babbling. Start by heading to the left, avoiding all the mud
    pits here. You'll find a lot of them, and they're worth avoiding. You'll find
    what I call Gnorc Technicians here, in which are quite numerous in this level
    and the next one. They're standing on large fields which should NOT be stepped
    on unless they've already been electrocuted, otherwise you'll be electrocuted.
    That's a key element with them, timing. So anyway, these two shouldn't be too
    After those fields, you'll find a dragon named Bruno, as well as the portal to
    Terrace Village. Don't go through there, though; just glide across the mud and
    on through the paths, picking up the gems there. A Wild Boar, notorious in this
    level and the one after the next, meets you on the other side. To take them out,
    flame them right before they charge you, since they're quite fast for their
    size. And on the other side you'll find the portal to Misty Bog. Once again,
    You've got a fork here of left and right. Start by taking a right, where there
    are two metal chests near a tree. Flame the both of them thrice for the
    contents, then enter the hut over to the right. There's a lot of gems inside,
    consisting entirely of green gems, so with those all in your possession, head
    outside and then walk BEHIND the area, slowly collecting gems but being ready,
    as there is a Wild Boar behind, and it can and WILL attack you. Flame once you
    start getting to the blue gems, and you're okay.
    With that done, return to the tree, and free Cleetus there if you haven't
    already. After he's safe, jump into the pit there. Yes, I'm serious, it's NOT a
    mud pit, there's actually something inside. When you land at the bottom, you'll
    find a good collection of gems, as well as the portal to Wild Flight. That's,
    again, something that should be ignored for now. Use the whirlwind to return to
    the top when you get a chance, then return to the Misty Bog portal and take a
    A huge tree is in the center, and alongside its branches you'll find some gems
    that are quite easy to miss, as well as the portal to Tree Tops. Wow, these
    levels sure have apparent themes: terrace, bog, trees, wild. Told you this place
    was swampy. Anyway, there's a path to take near the Tree Tops portal, so take
    that and inside, you've got a locked chest, a mud pit, an area above in which
    you can't reach, and electric fields to the right. Tough, but let's head to the
    right first.
    Once above, rid the world of the gnorcs there, then glide to the other side and
    take the same timing there. And from there, just follow the path to find a
    portal to Metalhead (yes, that IS the boss, and it's a robot), and the
    balloonist. Of course, you can't even be ready to leave yet since we only have
    48 out of 50 dragons (well, YOU should, at least), so let's wrap other stuff up
    here. Climb up the fortress or whatever it is that's across from Metalhead,
    gnabbing the gems that line it.
    At the side of it, look at the small tree tops (literally) in the swamp itself,
    and glide over to the top one. There's a key on it, which is necessary for the
    locked chest below the Metalhead portal, and the smaller ones have some gems
    on them. Glide over to the land, find the locked chest, and get the rather
    numerous content inside. With 300 gems hopefully in your hands, let's head on to
    Terrace Village.
    Bruno is right past all the enemies. He's in the center; you can't miss him.
    The swamp is totally straightforward. He'll say how Gnasty Gnorc changed the
    swamp into an electrical junkyard or something like that.
    From where Bruno is, go a little further, and you can glide to the right and
    see Cleetus. He's off to get Gnasty Gnorc and has no time to talk. I like this
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 2
    <- \ /  ++ ++ 5t. Terrace Village ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 400
    Terrace Village is a fairly long winded but straightforward place, and it's not
    very long. Definitely the easiest of the three main levels of the Beast Makers
    world. So anyways, a large purple gnorc awaits at the entrance, with a weapon
    that has the power of electricity. Just flame him and there's no need to bother
    with that. Immediately up ahead, there are two paths, but just take the one in
    front of you first, where you're greeted by what I call Gnorc Gunners, and more
    big purple gnorcs. You know the drill.
    Collect all the odd gems that litter this place, and enter the hut in front of
    you. Beat off any gnorcs in sight, and on the other side of the hut, it's just
    the standard. Another room, another opportunity to collect gems and burn some
    gnorc. You can go behind the huts (or whatever they are) to the left, and follow
    the rather linear path there to meet the entrance, so make sure you've scouted
    out the entrance to this place, and the paths at the back, and then head up the
    stairs at the furthest area we've reached. Not hard to find.
    At the top of these stairs is Claude, another dragon. I'm starting to see a
    pattern in these names. But anyway, the rest of this place is an electric
    junkyard, full of electric fields courtesy of the Gnorc Technicians. There's one
    right at the entrance, as well as a three way fork. To the right is a rocket
    that will blow up a heavy chest, to the left is an odd gem here and there and a
    heavy chest (speak of the devil), and straight ahead is, well, straight ahead.
    Your choice.
    Continue along the fields, making sure you don't go to a new field randomly,
    because you WILL get electrocuted if you do so. Take out all the large purple
    gnorcs and Gnorc Technicians, until around the end you'll find a Gnorc Gunner,
    followed by a Gnorc Technician right behind, as well as a large purple gnorc.
    You may want to finish the gunner off, turn back, and then take out the purple
    gnorc and technician, because it's quickly easy for the large purple boy to
    whip his weapon out.
    On the other side, there are a few gems below the steps, but once on the steps,
    you immediately have to deal with purple gnorcs and Gnorc Technicians. Hmph,
    typical. Around the end, though, you'll be able to jump down, run through some
    Gnorc Gunners, collect some chests, and head back up, though. So anyway, with
    everything you can find in your possession, take the whirlwind after the fields,
    up onto the factory nearby, and then glide over to the roof across from you.
    Climb up from there, claiming gems, and there you'll find a room that you can
    glide to, on the left with the Return Home Vortex. Do NOT glide in there.
    That's right, don't. Instead, glide around the thingy near it, and land on the
    factory roof there. Make your way up and collect some gems, and at the top,
    flame the two rockets there. With them crashlanding on some poor innocent heavy
    chests, glide over and down to claim everything you see, and with that, make
    your way all the way back to the factory roof, and glide over to that room with
    the Return Home Vortex. Charge around it for the remaining gems, and enjoy a
    short level finished. Ready for the horror known as Misty Bog?
    None of the enemies in Terrace Village are a real threat. You will encounter
    large purple enemies that can shock you and electric gnorcs, but none of them
    are just dangerous. Just go up the stairs and further ahead, then you'll find
    Claude. He'll warn you about the electricity.
    He's not hard, even with these traps. Get past the gnorc electricity, while
    killing all the enemies on the way and using all your noggin, then you'll see
    Cypris. Nothing here is dangerous, but the gnorcs sometimes set the green
    floors on electricity. Don't walk on it and that point, just get those nasty
    gnorcs. After making your way past all of them, you'll get your reward: Cypris.
    He'll tell Spyro that sometime he can tell the dragons all about his journey...
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 4
    <- \ /  ++ ++ ++  5u. Misty Bog ++ ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 500
    In my opinion this is the single hardest level in the entire game. It's not
    that difficult to find anything, the only difficulty is getting to it in the
    first place. It features the hardest and most enemies in the whole game, and
    it's quite a parallel and forbidding place. But anyway, supposing you dare to
    stand up to it, you'll start on a platform across a vast swamp. Head behind the
    wall on this platform to meet a gnorc in a cage... hah, for a reason. It's a
    couple gems, though, so don't miss it.
    Now glide to the stairs nearby, where you'll find four Tree Beasts, as I call
    them. Do NOT just charge at them, as they'll just eat you up quickly and
    immediately. Instead, wait for them to twitch and charge themselves, and give
    them a flame. After all, trees are quite flammable. Repeat this with all four
    of them, then glide over to the other side, where you'll meet a few Frog Lizards
    as I call them. They're not easy enemies to deal with in numbers, but one or
    two are easy to charge.
    Check the odd corner and look behind whatever there is with L1 and R1, though,
    since there is the occasional thing lying about. But at the end here, we have
    three more Tree Beasts. Start by heading forward to the first one and waiting
    for it to charge at you, then going over to one side and taking care of that
    one, and finishing up with the last Tree Beast like you would normally. It's
    only good to be careful of such absurd beasts, right? I'm serious when I say
    they're ANNOYING AS HELL.
    Your reward for that freakshow is Rosco, right on the tree stump. Release him
    from his crystal prison, and then glide over to the island on the right which
    stands in swampland. Flame and charge the Wild Boar and gnorc there
    respectively, then return over to the bridge, which is completely littered with
    gnorcs. Charge all of them for the gems they drop, and climb the tree stumps
    there if you want, but don't jump into the tree at the top. We have things to do
    Return to the center of the bridge, and glide over to the platform on the left,
    where a lone gnorc awaits. Let him taste blood, then glide across the tree
    stumps there to get to a cave inside a tree with three Frog Lizards guarding it,
    go figure. These Frog Lizards are very formidable opponents, so take them out
    slowly and cautiously, preferably from a distance with your flame. After they've
    been turned into ash, enter this cave within the tree, where inside is about
    twenty Frog Lizards and gnorcs.
    I'm serious, this room is FILLED with enemies. All of them are weak against the
    charge, but the Frog Lizards are so dangerous that this is not a recommendation
    unless Sparx is at yellow. You may be able to get out of it then, but what I'd
    say is that you should perhaps take one or two out, run back and avoid getting
    hit, finish some more off, and repeat this process safely until everything in
    here is cleared and you've collected all the dropped, shiny contents, and you
    can rescue Damon from behind. That was hard enough.
    Exit through the right, following the tree trunk there for some gems, then
    glide to the land below, in which we've already traversed a little earlier
    (remember, it was with the three Tree Beasts), so it's not too far back. Glide
    to the bridge and cross it to reach the tree I mentioned earlier, and then just
    jump into it. It's just like the room where we freed Damon; it has two Tree
    Beasts and some gnorcs. Let them all have it, but handle the Tree Beasts very
    With everything in here taken care of and the gems at the back in your
    inventory, head up and rescue ol' Zeke there, and head into the warm, peaceful
    outdoors... not on the first two adjectives. But anyway, it's filled with Frog
    Lizards, gnorcs, and two Wild Boars, so don't just charge everything. Watch if
    you see a Wild Boar coming, and then flame them. This place is filled with
    treasure, so make sure you can collect all of it. And with that, climb the
    stairs there and rescue Bubba. As much as I'd like to use the Return Home
    Vortex, let's stray for now.
    Instead, glide to the little fort looking thing sticking up (I have no clue
    what it is), and over to the elevated ground to reach the steps above, to reach
    the roof of the cave that we were making our way through earlier. Clear the
    gems at the top, then glide to the tree stump across the upper bog. Wow, this
    swamp is made like a waterfall or something, it's really creepy. Make your way
    up the tree stumps and onto the bridge there, charging through each and every
    gnorc that you see. And at that point, it should be 500 gems. That was hard
    enough, so let's head on to the equally frustrating Tree Tops.
    Enter, then glide over. Get past those GOD-ANNOYING TREES by flaming them. If
    you don't flame them in time, they'll eat you. After getting past that, we'll
    see some frogs. Kill them, and we'll see more STUPID TREES. Flame them like
    crazy, and then get Rosco. He'll inform you that the frogs are cold-blooded
    killers. NO, THE TREES ARE, MORON.
    Now this is the hardest dragon to find yet, hardly any contest with Maximos or
    Ragnar. Don't go back, glide across everywhere, fighting off every single
    enemy on the way, and then you'll see a cave. Kill the frogs, and then we face
    our ultimate challenge: there are frogs and gnorcs EVERYWHERE! You can hardly
    move around in here without being slaughtered by knives and tongues. At least
    there aren't any trees here so there's no reason to flame. Use your charge, and
    by all means BE CAREFUL! You wouldn't want anything bad to happen. Go through
    all of this by giving them a good hit from the horns and we'll see Damon. He's
    similar to Altair, he can hardly remember anything and feels like he's been
    trapped ever since he was just as young and small as Spyro was. Thank god, that
    was quite a challenge!
    After getting Rosco, charge right ahead on this wooden path until you get to a
    hole in the floor. Jump inside. Not more of those stupid trees? Well they're
    here, so just burn them, and then use your charge to take care of everything
    else. Then go up the steps and we'll see Zeke, another thank-you dragon.
    Bubba's annoying to get, but we need him to get 100%. So what we do: go through
    all the gnorcs, hogs and everything, and climb up the steps to find Bubba.
    He'll tell you what to do with the frogs: smash them and squash them and
    squeeze them and squish them and stamp them. Spyro will inform Bubba that
    dragons ARE dragons, after all...
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 3
    <- \ /  ++ ++ ++  5v. Tree Tops ++ ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 500
    A devastatingly frustrating level, Tree Tops is probably the longest and most
    confusing one in the entire game, and there is no harder level to collect 500
    gems in. You're treated immediately to seeing a thief run away... carrying an
    egg? Nope, a purple gem. Near him are two Witch Doctors, as I like to call
    them. Anyways, flame the Witch Doctors, big and small, and take a left up into
    a room with a fork. Doesn't look like it, but there are two windows and one
    path to follow, and a path to the right. Head up first.
    Here, charge through the Witch Doctor, then take a left up to find a key and
    two large Witch Doctors. A key already? Oh well, burn the Witch Doctors and head
    up the stairs and take a right to find a Stonehenge, or whatever. An extra life
    is there, along with some more Witch Doctors and gems. Collect everything you
    see, then use the path and glide over to the island on the right, where you can
    free Lyle. There's also a Supercharge there, which isn't altogether appropriate
    for a place like this.
    But anyway, take the Supercharge and glide to the Stonehenge in front of you,
    which is a standard platform. You may notice another platform way off in the
    distance, but don't even ATTEMPT to glide there, because you will fail and it's
    much easier to get there later. Grab all the stuff on this Stonehenge, flaming
    all the Witch Doctors and stuff, then glide to the Supercharge on the right.
    Take it to its full power, and at the end of it, leap over to the heavy chest
    that's like, right below you.
    With that chest broken and the contents hopefully yours, collect anything here
    and then glide over to the platform with the Return Home Vortex there. There are
    some gems there, as well as a tree stump WAY up above with lots of stuff, but
    you cannot jump up there, so don't bother trying. There's a whirlwind nearby,
    though, which takes you to a bridge. Not the stump above, but a bridge. Oh well,
    just take it and follow it inside the room there, which has the usual Witch
    Doctor, and a heavy chest inside. Ignore the latter for now.
    Return to the bridge, and glide over to another bridge to the right, which is
    right below where we started. That's okay, it's time to take the right that we
    saw at the entrance. When you get to that fork, take a right and get rid of any
    enemies you left, and you'll see a purple thief run forward. Wow, strange colors
    and stuff. Glide to the room across there, and flame the Witch Doctor there.
    Land on the floor, and use the key to open the chest there, which is full of
    lotsa purdy colors. Yum.
    Take the stairs there, after you've collected everything, and free Isaak there.
    Now it's time to really get started Supercharging, as Isaak hints to. Start
    with this Supercharge, and then you'll be able to use it to leap to that heavy
    chest I mentioned earlier. Heh, not bad. Head back to the bridge, take the
    whirlwind up, and follow all the way back to the Supercharge, and now we start
    major gliding. Follow up to what I say here, otherwise it may be extremely
    Start with this Supercharge, and at the end of it, jump over to the right, so
    you'll be going up a backwards Supercharge. From there, jump over to the ramp on
    the other side, and shoot up there with all of your mighty Supercharge, and then
    do the longest glide you possibly can, across from there. With enough length,
    you'll be able to land on the platform we saw earlier that we couldn't hope to
    Supercharge to. There is a lot of treasure there, including a few purple gems,
    not to mention the gem thief and a dragon named Jed. Needless to say, you're
    congratulated for this effort.
    With that done, glide over to the first Supercharge that we came across, from
    where we freed Lyle. Take the Supercharge, land on the Stonehenge, and then
    jump over to the bridge on the right. But from there, don't take the bridge
    normally, instead, once it ends, jump way over to the right, with the
    Supercharge still intact. Now you should be on the lower bridge, able to go
    through the tree, and then at the end, you can jump over to that high tree stump
    way above the Return Home Vortex.
    From there, you can flame the purple thief and collect all the remaining gems.
    With that you should have 500 gems, but it's quite easy to have a few missing.
    If there are, just start from the beginning, and look at any room there is.
    There's nothing on the bridges, so don't bother looking at there; look in the
    tight corners of rooms such as the one with the locked chest. Having finished
    this incredibly painful place, let's finish up with the boss of the crop here,
    Wow, that's my father's middle name. :) Return to the beginning, and then go
    the way the green thief went to arrive at a Stonehenge. This isn't too much of
    a hurry, so you can take out the enemies at the first Stonehenge beforehand.
    Take care of business there, then go to the left and find Lyle.
    It's hard to explain things in Tree Tops, but eh, I'll go on. Go at top speed,
    leave the gnorcs for later. Show that thief no mercy, unless you want Isaak
    first. Take a turn around here and you'll see a purple thief in the distance.
    Glide over to him, killing the gnorcs, and you'll find Isaak up there. He'll
    tell you to jump at the end of a supercharge, and then Spyro could really go
    Jed isn't hard, he's just tricky. You may be thinking, use the supercharge to
    get him, right? Wrong. You have about a 1 in 30 chance of accomplishing this.
    What you have to do is go to the right instead of Jed, continue the supercharge
    wherever you may, and then do quite a ride from one area to Jed, getting the
    thief and Jed. Jed will compliment Spyro on his skills.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 1
    <- \ /  ++ ++ ++  5w. Metalhead ++ ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 500
    Metalhead, unlike the last three levels, is a full fledged level. There's only
    one dragon (no surprise), but there are actually 500 gems, as well as a hidden
    overlook that we'll have to take advantage of. But it's MUCH easier than the
    last two levels, so it's welcome relief. Start by heading up the stairs in front
    of you, and a Witch Doctor will immediately hurl a smaller one at you. As you
    can see, this place has a rather fast pace to it. Charge the Witch Doctor and
    stuff, and clear the gems around you.
    Climb up the stairs and finish up with the Witch Doctor, and from here we can
    take advantage of the secret. Look below to find a large river of swampy mud,
    a path below, and an entrance in the bars. Alright, might as well take that.
    Jump to the path below and enter through the bars, and inside, CLAIM THE
    TREASURE! You deserve it for discovering this little overlook. Head up the
    stairs, collecting treasure, and sniffing out the rooms. There are two rooms,
    above and below, one with an extra life and one with a whirlwind. You know what
    to do.
    With the whirlwind, you'll be gliding out of a tower and onto the roof of
    another building. Get whatever there is there, then glide over to the roof of
    another building that's in the distance, for another extra life, and some
    treasure. Then you can just drop below, get whatever you missed earlier, then
    climb the stairs. It's some standard Witch Doctor action, as well as dropping
    some smaller bogie men to get you. You know the drill, it's easy stuff. Just
    grab the gems in the corners.
    Climb up the stairs wherever you see, until you have two Witch Doctors. Charge
    their spawn and then finish them off, and take the path to the left to meet
    Sadiki, who will introduce you to Metalhead. Much harder than Blowhard, but
    then again, anything else is. Enter, and the fight begins.
    *        BOSS: METALHEAD       *
    Metalhead is a worthy opponent, but to damage the robot itself, you can't just
    flame or charge it. Instead, Metalhead runs on a set power, courtesy of the
    power rods here. When they're charged with electricity (i.e. flashing red),
    AVOID THEM, as they will damage you. Don't even bother if they're flashing,
    since they're just going to turn on. The best strategy here is to charge through
    the place, avoiding the charged bolts, and charging (right) the uncharged ones
    (yeah, seriously).
    Meanwhile, Metalhead will attack by shooting out a beam of electricity which
    should be easy enough to dodge. With all the bolts down, Metalhead will break
    the door down and run away, so you can chase him if you want. But don't forget
    the stairs in between the rooms here, as there are some gems at the top of the
    stairs. In the second room, there are more bolts, plus Metalhead will have a
    more rapid rate of electric fire, but it won't be enough to save him. Just
    repeat the bolt charging process.
    Metalhead will break down, and you can claim all the treasure that he drops.
    Don't enter the building behind him, though, instead head to the entrance of
    this area (before the room with the stairs), and climb these steps that line the
    wall, which go behind the mud waterfall (wow, that's sick). Climb up and at the
    top, you'll find a locked chest in which you SHOULD have the key for, from back
    in that secret overlook. Open it, claim the treasure, and then return to land
    and enter that building.
    The Return Home Vortex can be found by following the path inside, but there's
    stuff to do first. Follow the path up the whirlwind at the end, collecting
    treasure, then glide over to the ledge above for a bit of treasure. Return to
    the path above, then head outside and collect the gems on the roof. Follow the
    trail of gems, and at the end, you'll finish with a perfect 500 gems. Take the
    Return Home Vortex, and you can just go into Wild Flight.
    Sadiki ain't hard either. From the entrance, go up and some monster will throw
    a rolling gnorc at you. Charge into this gnorc or just plain run away, it
    doesn't matter. Go straight forward from there while keeping a close watch on
    those enemies from Tree Tops, and when you get to the end, look over to the
    left to see another path, where you can find Sadiki. He'll tell you Metalhead
    is charged up to meet Spyro, but his power pool will disrupt him.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 0
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5x. Wild Flight  ++ ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 300
    Wild Flight puts both Night Flight and Crystal Flight to shame; it's more than
    twice as difficult, and you may not even want to do it in an organized fashion,
    because of the way it's put together. But anyway, from where you begin, swoop
    down and flame the boat and the chest, then fly around in a circle flaming any
    other little thing that lies around, and after that little 360, fly into the
    tunnel there, the one with boats coming out of it. If you see them, flame them,
    and the arches as well need to be gone through.
    In that "room" (no better word for it) surrounded by the mountains here, flame
    the boats and fly through the arches... really nothing better to do. Make sure
    the boats are finished with first, though, since they're hard to deal with.
    With that done, start from the beginning of the tunnel, where the arches started
    to appear, and fly through the each of them, following through a new tunnel so
    that you can end up with 8 and be back at the entrance. Now for chests and
    Take the other tunnel, which has some chests at the entrance. Go through there
    flaming the chests as you go, and follow them all around that room until they're
    all cleared out. And with all of those, find the planes and start going in the
    opposite direction of them, so that they'll fly right toward you, and you can
    flame them. You may end with just a few seconds left, but that's Wild Flight.
    Supposing you got finished with that, you SHOULD have 58 dragons by now, so you
    meet the criteria to leave the swamps and go to the Dream Weavers world. Yay.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 3
    <- \ /  ++ 5y. Dream Weavers Home ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 300
    The Dream Weavers world is filled with things that can change, but surprisingly,
    it's not as hard as the Beast Makers world. In fact, it's quite level with the
    Magic Crafters world, but all the same, it's a very enjoyable final world before
    Gnasty's World. So anyways, a cannon manipulates all the enemies here. Enemies
    are constantly blasted, to be made big or small. I'm going to assume that
    enemies are small, because if they're large, just wait on them. Or if they're
    not shielded, then flame them. Easy as cake.
    Charge through the two enemies at the entrance, then glide over to the next
    platform, flaming and charging as you go. Awaiting you here is the portal to
    Dark Passage, which will be our first level we go to, but not now. Take the
    whirlwind in front of you, and on the platform there, flame the little imp right
    there, and you can either charge forward, try and get past the two large,
    shielding imps in which the cannon will NOT hit, or take a right. I go with the
    third option, as the second is trying to do something impossible.
    Head under the gate to the right, and once there, rescue ol' Lateef there, who
    will prepare you for the light of the Dream Weavers world. Heh... run around
    flaming the chests, not yet heading into the Lofty Castle portal, then return
    to find three shielded imps on the path up ahead, just waiting to be charged.
    Follow to the end of the path, but when it ends, don't yet glide to the platform
    in the distance. Instead, head up the stairs on the right to find a portal to
    Jacques (yeah some name, it is the boss), and take a left to see the balloonist.
    Yeah, it's tempting, but don't go to Gnasty's World yet.
    Return to the end of the path from earlier, and glide over to the platform with
    the three small imps. Let 'em all taste it, then jump into the... chain of
    whirlwinds. At the top, you will find an imp with a cannon there, and one that
    happens to manipulate the size of the enemies here. To start things off, charge
    that little squirt (why doesn't he use the cannon to make himself grow?), and
    then YOU take over the cannon. Start with those two large, shielded imps that
    blocked the stairs off. ;)
    Allow them to shrink in size, and then glide over to the platform over there to 
    meet Zikomo, who has a very distinct sounding name. I like it very much, so...
    yeah, whatever. Glide to the platform with the passage over to the right, flame
    and collect everything, and from there you can see the portal to Haunted Towers.
    Oooh... creepy... the third dragon, Mazi, also resides there, and he gives some
    very interesting info. Might as well take advantage of it and flame the clock
    A platform in the water will lower itself, allowing you to claim some stuff on
    top of it. So jump down, take the whirlwind nearby, and... it's another chain,
    which will end with you gliding back to the entrance. This is as good a time as
    any to go over to where the two large, shielded imps were blocking off the
    stairs leading above. Charge them with vengeance, and once above, you'll find
    yourself above the Lofty Castle portal. Glide over to the narrow little path
    on the wall, and follow it to the right.
    From here, there are two clock guys, and two lowered platforms. What do you do
    now? Yep, FLAME THE CLOCK DUUUDES. Let them both swallow some ash down, then
    climb up the platforms and glide over to the Icy Flight portal, just don't enter
    that yet. Anyway, that should wrap the Dream Weavers home up. Now just return to
    the entrance and enter Dark Passage.
    Glide over to Dark Passage, kill enemies before they grow (the cannon above
    makes them grow, just charge enemies when they are small), glide over to the
    next island and enter the passage right ahead of you and then see Lateef there.
    I'll say right now that his words are useful.
    Now this is interesting. ^_^ Get out of Lateef's passage, then charge those
    imps. Glide over to the island over there and charge the imps before they grow,
    then let the three whirlwinds take you to the cannon. Use the cannon to shrink
    everything. Then glide over to where Zikomo is. If you can't see him, he's just
    to the left. Rightful congratulations.
    From where Zikomo was, glide to where those two big imps were guarding the
    passage. If you haven't used the cannon yet, use it and fire at those two and
    they will become small. Glide to where they are and charge them both. But
    anyways, just mentioning that. From Zikomo, enter the passage below and you'll
    find Mazi just near the Haunted Towers portal. He'll tell you that even though
    the clock jesters are invincible, charging or flaming them could still do
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 5
    <- \ /  ++ ++ 5z. Dark Passage ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 500
    Right at the entrance, you'll find the usual jester carrying a light (yes, a
    light, not a clock), and a cute golden puppy! Ah, my dreams are coming true and
    they're being weaved! WHOO! Unfortunately, fantasies are limited as the puppy
    is an enemy in which the light guy will turn from a puppy to a huge red monster
    to a puppy and back and forth. Flame it either way to collect whatever it drops,
    because ahead there are shielded turtles who are a bit tougher. Charge them when
    they're small, as if they're big, they're nasty.
    Make sure you keep everything small by flaming the light jester, then take the
    whirlwind at the end of the passage to head up the wall, where you'll meet
    Kasiya. Get him out of his trap, and then up ahead is a demon carrying a bow.
    Geez, Satan would use a sword that would bring down the fires of hell upon the
    universe, but this guy can just be flamed. From right behind him, flame the
    jester with the light again to get rid of the puppies (exterminating dogs is
    pure blasphemy though), and head up the stairs.
    Two more puppies and one more demon later, and you'll find some more stairs,
    with the second dragon, Azizi, on top. Yeah, that may be used to describe me,
    but whatever. Just follow the path after that, gliding over to a heavy chest
    which you need a rocket to blast up. And that rocket is nowhere to be found, so
    just glide across the gap here and immediately flame the light jester, as there
    are a lot of enemies in here which will grow larger and hurt you. With that
    done, charge through the passage, taking everything out as you go.
    Outside of there, follow the path up to meet the third dragon so far, his name
    being Bakari, as well as the Return Home Vortex. Not like we're gonna use that,
    though. From here, look near the heavy chest to find a green passage underneath;
    hence why this place is called Dark Passage. But anyway, glide to that passage,
    making sure that you're not too high in either way, then after you get out of
    there, you're in an entirely new area, with demons, dogs, and whatnot. No light
    jesters here, though, so just take EVERYTHING out.
    Make sure you don't miss any gems here, as there are a few tricky corners. With
    all the gems here collected, glide across the huge gap here, and land on the
    very narrow passage on the other side (preferably to the far right side), where
    five puppies wait to howl for your death, as the dogs of doom. No light jester
    to sing for their growth though, so horn them all and in the next room, there's
    a light jester guarded by two huge turtles. And he's NOT going to change the
    Glide in between the turtles, careful not to get snapped, and flame the light
    jester. Now head to the walls and quickly charge the turtles before the light
    kicks back on, then take the whirlwind there to arrive on the roof. Well, not
    really the roof, since there are a lot of stairs here, but anyway, there's yet
    another passage, with the fourth dragon here, Apari, in front of it. Just get
    him freed, and get the gems at the far ends of this place, and enter that
    passage behind Apari.
    Jump over to the right and climb the stairs, where you'll find an area with a
    purple floor right below. Since there's absolutely nothing there, and no point
    whatsoever of jumping down, don't bother. Instead, climb the stairs further up,
    and glide over to the other side of the gap, jumping from ledge to ledge, and
    at the end of this is Obasi, yet another dragon. That makes the fifth and final
    dragon so far, so yeah, this place is fairly populated, I guess. But anyway,
    it seems the passages here are built on a mountain, cuz that's where you are.
    Set into flight and glide over to the other side of this cliff, and in this
    cavern, just charge the pups (poor doggies), and use the whirlwind at the end,
    to find a rocket. It's science, right? Just what we were looking for... give it
    some fire, then glide over to the Return Home Vortex platform, and to the heavy
    chest, to claim your treasure. And with that, you should have 500 gems, and be
    ready to advance into Lofty Castle.
    From the entrance, continue through the barrage of enemies here. Remember the
    clock jesters from Home? Well, they're basically the same, but they focus on
    light instead of time. If it's dark, the enemies here are dangerous. The golden
    puppies here become red killing dogs with huge mouths, and the green
    turtle-like things with the armored shells become gigantic armored green
    creatures that cannot be killed. Obviously, you will want to let those light
    jesters have it so it'll be light and the enemies will just be small like
    creatures. Now that you know this, go ahead to find Kasiya. He'll tell you to
    watch the jesters.
    Just go ahead flaming everything and you'll see Azizi in two seconds. He'll
    thank you. But all the same, there are those big green monsters and the
    overgrown puppies to look out for.
    Bakari is akin to Azizi, just continue killing stuff and you'll find Bakari.
    However, you'll have to do a bit more gliding than before to get to him, and
    right before him you'll have to glide across a cliff, and on the other side
    there are killing monsters right near the end, and usually the light will be
    off. This might be a bit tricky. Anyway, take him out by attacking the light
    jester and then go right ahead. Bakari will await you there. He'll tell you
    that you are just might be the dragon to kill Gnasty Gnorc.
    From where Bakari is, do a bit of searching. See the green cave on the other
    side? Glide down and across, then you'll land there. Continue forward killing
    the enemies you will see (don't worry, no jesters) and then glide to the area
    in the distance. Charge right through the four puppies, then destroy the two
    huge shielded devils by flaming the light clown and then charging these
    creatures. After that, go up the whirlwind and take a right and find Apari.
    He'll tell you that he'd help you, but he doesn't want to be trapped again, but
    Spyro will say that Gnasty will be the trapped one.
    From Apari, just continue. Don't worry, those blue floors are not water, no
    matter what they look like. You'll have to do a lot of glides and jumps around
    here, and a lot of the time a puppy or a turtle will be guarding it. Anyway,
    just continue gliding and then use a whirlwind, then you'll find Obasi. He'll
    thank you. Azizi all around.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 3
    <- \ /  ++ ++ 5aa. Lofty Castle ++ ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 400
    As this place opens, circle around the entrance to collect any odd gems here,
    jumping onto platforms for the more hidden ones, and charging through all the
    flying pigs. Wow, this is just getting way too colorful for me, now it's all
    about flying pigs. Right. A platform over to the left has one of those frogs
    from Dark Hollow flying on a balloon. What do you do to make him lose his
    balance and drift into the endless void below? Right, flame him. Meanwhile you
    can just glide to the island across.
    In here, there's a locked chest to the left and some flyin' bacon to the right.
    Also, keep a good eye out for fairies in cages. Free all three of them and you
    get a whirlwind, which is always good. There's one right at the entrance here,
    and you can charge through the narrow path there to find two more. Also, a
    strange note to make is that there's one of those gold chests with a red gem in
    it. I'm ripped off! But anyhow, return to the beginning of the path, and take
    the whirlwind that the fairies are surrounding.
    Mudada (wow, his name doesn't end with the letter "i"), is at the top, so make
    sure you be a good soul and free him. But anyways, there's an island across
    from here, but don't go over there yet. Instead, take the path behind you,
    following it across the fountain and to the other side. You're faced with a fork
    after that; right goes to a large collection of islands, and the left goes to
    Lofty Castle itself. I'll go with the left for now, if only because there's a
    long line of flying pigs, and bacon is tasty.
    Line the pigs all up in the meat grinder (or rather, your horns), and follow
    the path to the left to get into the castle itself. Head up on the whirlwind
    right at the entrance, and then immediately glide to the left, where you're
    faced with a lot of balloon-wielding frogs and fairies in cages. I don't care,
    let them all taste death to your flame (the cages, that is!). If you miss
    anything, just return to the entrance and start it again, since it's not easy
    to pick everything up at once. Just make sure all the frogs are dead and the
    fairies are freed.
    Once the glide stops, drop down at the end of the castle path, and pick up the
    two treasure chests there. Those are easy to miss if you're going through here
    for a second time, looking for the rare thing or two that you missed. And with
    that done, head to the platform that was right in front of the whirlwind, as
    that too is a whirlwind now. Just take it up, and at the top you'll free Useni.
    Ah yeah, this place has Dark Passage syndrom all over it now. Make sure you
    pick up the key too, as keys are generally good in video games.
    With that, glide into the passage at front, and then charge down the ramp
    there... Supercharge time! Get all the power you can, and at the very end,
    get the most jumping power you can, and glide all the way over to the platform
    in the far distance over to the right, somewhat around the castle. It's a blue
    one with treasure on it, so it's hard to miss in eyesight, easy to miss in
    Supercharge. But supposing you can manage that, there's lots of treasure to
    claim on this platform.
    What with all the treasure collected on that platform, jump to the ground below,
    and you're right back near the entrance, able to collect that grand locked
    chest. Of course. Now head back to the whirlwind, and up to the path above. Now
    it's time to head to the area in front of where Mudada was. Glide in front of
    where you are, to the large island in the distance, freeing the nearby fairy(es)
    and collecting gems. Same old, same old. Then climb up the platform, get the
    last fairy, and that wraps that up.
    Head to the foot of this platform and glide over to the blue platforms on the
    left. Mmmm... fresh meat. Yeah. From here, glide over to where the locked chest
    was yet again, taking the whirlwind up, and turning around to face the fork
    where the left went to the very lofty castle, and the right went onward. Opt
    for the latter this time. From here, there are quite a few frogs with balloons
    above platforms, so take the existing whirlwinds to get to the distant
    platforms, where fairies are caged, and frogs fly in the air.
    All the three fairies here are fairly out in the open, so you shouldn't have
    any problem finding them. With all of them collected, jump back down to find a
    whirlwind, and there's another castle passage to go through. Head through it,
    and once on the other side, you have several flying pigs circling around a
    fountain. Like that was ever imaginable. Charge through the lot of them, and
    take last glances at the fountain too, since you never know what might be left.
    I speak from experience.
    Anyway, this area is pretty much the same as the last one. Circle the area,
    taking whirlwinds and freeing fairies, until you have three of them freed. From
    there, take the whirlwind surrounded by fairies, and we lift up to the great gig
    in the sky... guess that means death. Four more gems later, there's a Return
    Home Vortex there, and we can take off against the medieval towers haunted by
    darkness itself.
    From the beginning, flame the monster on the balloon (he looks like the
    monsters in Dark Hollow but he barely attacks), then use the whirlwind and
    glide over, get the booties, then free all the fairies. One's down on the
    ground, and two are just straight ahead. Use the whirlwind that appears and
    free Mudada at the top. He'll say that fairies are always on Spyro's side.
    Go ahead across the whirlwinds and enemies, and you'll be at a large area. Go
    ahead, and cross the path, then go right and go through killing enemies if you
    want, and then use the whirlwind to get to Useni. He'll tell you that
    supercharge is useful here for taking you to new places.
    Use supercharge and do amazing glides! Solve this little puzzle here with the
    enemies, and then you'll arrive at this path. Go ahead and see Baruti.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 3
    <- \ /  ++ ++ 5bb. Haunted Towers ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 500
    This is my single favorite level in the entire game. It's unique, long, tough,
    and it has every good element of previous great levels put together into one
    completely awesome level. So anyway, the level starts with a wooden door in
    front of you, which is both flammable and "chargable". So take any appropriate
    action to it, and in that room, you'll meet Storm Wizards (yeah, they're back),
    and Gnorc Knights. Together with that, there are Armored Knights (as I call
    them), but ignore them as they're invincible.
    Charge both the Gnorc Knights and Storm Wizards, then cross the bridge to find
    a metal door to the left (which is impervious to flame or charge), and an
    Armored Knight to the right. Yeah, marvel at my incredibly unique rhymes. But
    anyhow, you can't get past either, so might as well follow the bridge to get
    kissed by a fairy, just after getting rid of the Gnorc Knight, and that proves
    my point that Spyro is a lady's dragon. But anyways, don't waste a second of
    this effect, as it gives you Superflame, just like in High Caves.
    Follow back through the last bridge, and flame the Armored Knight on the left
    immediately. But don't head through there; head to the right wall and flame the
    metal door, and while the treasure there is very tempting, don't bother with it.
    Take the next bridge, closer and closer to the entrance, and use the last
    seconds of the Superflame to breathe on the Armored Knight in here, and the
    downed one at the very entrance. If you can't do it first try, just return to
    the fairy and get more breath. Amen.
    Head to that metal door we burned down, and collect everything there is behind
    it. It's a lot, I'll let ya know. With everything else collected, let's move on.
    So anyway, it'd be nice if in going forward, you had some Superflame still, but
    it's not a big deal. Head back to where the Armored Knight was blocking the way
    onward, and at the end there, just use the whirlwind to head up to the fields
    above. There are some Armored Knights there, both downed and up, but either way,
    if you have Superflame, send them to the inferno, as well as anything else
    At the end of the field here is the first dragon, Kosoko. From right behind him,
    follow the bridge to some kind of fort. Or whatever it is, I'm terrible with
    medieval history. Surf the sides of it to get some gems, and then enter it to
    find a single fairy who will give you the kiss of death. Or rather, your enemy's
    death. Use your newfound Superflame to burn down the metal door, heavy chest,
    and any single other Armored Knight that's in the field. With everything here
    completely dead, head forward beyond the metal door of the past.
    Take out the Storm Wizard here, and take the whirlwind up to the stairs into the
    castle itself. Hehehe, just knew that in a medieval world, there had to be a
    castle other than Lofty Castle, right? Too bad this one's superior. Jump up the
    stairs here and find the arrows to a Supercharge within the gate. This one is
    very important, but it's not that vital yet. Use it to get through the door
    right ahead, and then crash it anywhere. You are now in the foyer of the castle,
    with five doors, all blocked.
    The three doors on the right all have wooden doors on them, while the two doors
    on the left (which are more important) have metal. Start with the upper wooden
    door, and charge through it to meet a fairy inside. Yeah, you know what the
    result of that is. Immediately go to the room on your left (which is blocked
    with a wooden door), and you'll find an Armored Knight inside right away. Send
    him to the burning haven, and claim all the treasure inside, because trust me
    when I say it's a lot.
    Leaving that room, charge into the room on the left of there, which is the third
    wooden door, and inside is the second dragon, Lutalo. And no, this is not going
    to become another Dark Passage. With whatever you need to do in there done (as
    in, running back and forth), return to the room with the fairy, and get some
    more Superflame. From here, find the metal door on the right, and burn it down
    to claim the death of an Armored Knight right behind. :) There are stairs there,
    but don't use them yet.
    Instead, head to the other metal door, and make a wild dash to the end of the
    field there, where a heavy chest lies. Collect every single thing inside, and
    finish up with any enemies here. Now it is time to do the single most insane
    thing the game will demand... after this, nothing else will seem crazy. First of
    all, return to the Supercharge. It's time to do the unthinkable since Tree
    Tops. Get it going to full power, and then go through the first door on the
    left, which was the lower metal door, which leads to the fields.
    Keep the Supercharge going, and jump down to the left. Take the arch through,
    and at the end of the ramp, jump over to the distance, where you'll land on a
    quite distant platform. Collect whatever odds and ends lie here, then take the
    whirlwind up to the true haunted tower, which is actually the second floor of
    the castle we were in earlier. To the immediate left is a dragon named Copano,
    who will congratulate you on that leap of faith you just took. But now we have
    precious little time to spare.
    Enter the room on the right, and before doing ANYTHING, climb the stairs and
    glide over. Climb to the top as quickly as you possibly can, because the Armored
    Knights can and will come alive when a Storm Wizard sends some sparks down.
    Immediately get to the very top, and once there, give that Storm Wizard a good
    facelift into death. Then charge into the room on the left, and get a kiss from
    the fairy, which will give you eternal Superflame. That's right, for as long as
    you remain in Haunted Towers, you have Superflame. Awesome.
    Return to the last room, and head down the staircase Superflaming every single
    Armored Knight you see. Then jump to the bottom, claim some easy treasure, and
    then return to where you found Copano. Just head outside to find a heavy chest
    which should definitely be flamed to gain what lies inside. From here, go back
    into the tower, and find a hole in the floor. Jump in there, and we're right
    back in the room with the six passages at the first floor of the castle. So
    with that, take the stairs which were formerly blocked with metal.
    Take a right and flame everything you see; there's nothing that Superflame
    can't destroy. Including Armored Knights, which are now just sissies waiting to
    be sent. Claim everything within this court (notice there's a fairy here, but
    you don't need them anymore), and then you can just take the Return Home
    Vortex back to the Dream Weavers home. Too bad Superflame will be gone as we go
    to Jacques and beyond, but wouldn't it be cool if otherwise?
    Get past the knights, charge through everything, and eliminate it all. All of
    the gnorcs are in knight armor and some have magic so they have all taken a
    step up on the difficulty scale. You'll come to a room with a fairy. She'll
    kiss you and your breath is ultra strong! Flame the steel door right behind you
    and then use the whirlwind, and meet Kosoko. He'll inform you about the fairy's
    From Kosoko, go forward flaming the enemies here and perhaps get to the end of
    this area and reach the fairy, then get her power and head up the path a little
    before her. Inside, just use supercharge in here, and go into the red room.
    Lutalo is here. He'll speak about Gnasty Gnorc.
    Besides Jed and Damon, Copano is probably the hardest dragon you have yet to
    find. Return to the entrance of this passage and use the supercharge. Exit
    through the second left door. Once you get outside, go to the left and when you
    reach the end of the island, do a gigantic supercharge-glide. This will be hard
    but it is indeed possible. Use the whirlwind and get to the top, then you'll
    see Copano. He'll mention Spyro's supercharge ability.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 2
    <- \ /   ++ ++   5cc. Jacques  ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 500
    Jacques's level isn't too bad, but it's a world of fire, clock jesters (no more
    light jesters), and boxes coming from out of nowhere (seriously). But with that,
    the enemies at the entrance aren't too bad, and a charge and flame are much
    greater than they are. Flame the clock jester at the entrance, then jump on to
    the platform in front of you. Yeah, basically, the whole world plays out like
    this. Just move up a bit from there, and you're immediately faced with a fork of
    left and right.
    To the right is a straight and narrow path, while to the left is a bunch of
    platforms. The right is overall more appealing, but we'll only be there for a
    second. There's a clock jester somewhere right there, so give him a good flame,
    and then immediately HEAD BACK! Yeah, to that left path. Take out any
    surrounding enemies, then flame the clock jester that's near the platform there.
    With the platform there raised, jump up to the ledge and drop down below, to
    the lowered platform there. You heard me, stand on the lowered platform on the
    other side, and STAY THERE.
    Eventually, that clock jester you flamed a minute ago (the one right into the
    right path), directly relates to this. That platform will raise, and you can
    glide over to the distance, and free a dragon by the name of Unico. Yeah,
    Jacques is the only boss level that has two dragons. But with Unico freed, you
    have two paths to take once again; one has a whirlwind and four platforms in
    the air, and one has a ledge way off in the distance for you to glide off to.
    Take the latter first, and get over to that ledge to find a few odd gems.
    Take the whirlwind there to go back to the fork, and in the other path, just
    use the whirlwind there and move over to the left. All the platforms here are
    mounted by monsters, and you want 'em all dead. Dead as doornails. If you fail,
    just head back to the whirlwind and do it again, just don't land in the lava
    below, since it burns. And also, don't forget the gems on the walkway below,
    since you're more likely to concern yourself with the gems above. So with that,
    return up and to where you freed Unico.
    Glide back to below the platform which is now risen, and glide over to the very
    small island on the left, and to the large island in which a very large platform
    centers around. It goes hand in hand. That being done, let the jesters around
    the platform burn (yes, there are two of them), and then glide to the little
    cave in the wall, where you can pick up a key. Yeah, there's a locked chest
    here. From there, jump back to that platform, and you can just continue to the
    next island, where it's just one more jester and one more platform.
    Above there, you'll find that locked chest, which has a LOT of gems in it, trust
    me. Here you can head to the right, or down the stairs there, but start with
    going to the right. Just head down there, take all the enemies out, and you'll
    end right where you got to that left-right fork with the left going to Unico
    and stuff. So once you get back there, head all the way back to the locked
    chest, and go down the stairs to free Revilo. From there, Jacques is right up
    ahead. Boss time.
    *         BOSS: JACQUES        *
    Jacques is really easy; in fact, as you charge at him, he'll just immediately
    turn and run away. His one and ONLY attack is throwing boxes at you, and so long
    as you can walk or roll away, they will not make contact with you. So just
    avoid that fate, and continue up, following him. Eventually, he'll stop on the
    one platform and you'll have to flame him, but just do that, glide from island
    to island, and at that last platform, flame him and he'll drop a whole LOT of
    gems. All purple, yay. From there, take the whirlwind for no less than 75 more
    gems, and the whole place is finished. Time for the flight of ice.
    At the beginning, just flame the monsters around here (they prove no real
    challenge) and charge into the clock jester, then jump up. Flame the clock
    jester on the right, then get flame the one on the middle. You now have a VERY
    SMALL TIME to jump up and get to Unico. Don't expect to do this on your first
    try. It's more than possible to do this though. He'll thank you... right.
    Get past everything, and go down the stairs. The enemies are not harmful, but
    the glides are. It's basically just straightforward, but some of the huge
    glides here could prove a small challenge. Revilo has a unique message from a
    wise dragon of the past to aim high in life but avoid flying boxes. Cool.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 0
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5dd. Icy Flight  ++ ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 300
    Icy Flight is the second toughest flight level, but it's still not really that
    bad. Nothing next to Wild Flight, in my opinion. There are some lights in front
    of you, as well as some chests, so when the chests really begin, you might want
    to divert from the lights and focus on the chests. Or you can finish up with
    all the lights and then return to the chests, your choice. But anyway, just make
    sure that before you reach the train tracks, you've got all of the lights and
    chests, because we're done with those from here on.
    The copters here are divided into two rooms; one has five of them and one has
    three of them. Fly in the opposite direction as the trains, and as they come at
    you, take them all out. Depending on the speed of doing this, you'll end in
    either of the rooms, so whichever one you're in, swoop into the air and flame
    down everything you see. And yeah, that's it. It ended pretty quickly. With all
    of the Dream Weavers world done, we can advance onto the junkyard maintained by
    Nasty Nork himself. Time to finish it all up.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 2
    <- \ /  ++ ++ 5ee. Gnorc Gnexus ++ ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 200
    Gnorc Gnexus beats the Artisan home or Toasty; it's the single easiest level in
    the whole game, but since it can't all be finished in one go, just come back to
    here after you finish up with the levels here. To get to Gnorc Cove, Twilight
    Harbor, or Gnasty Gnorc, you have to reach the end of the level before it.
    Well, we can get into Gnorc Cove now, but the latter two are an exception. After
    that, to get into the very LAST level, you have to have 12,000 (that is, all of
    'em) gems, 80 (again, each and every one) dragons, and 12 eggs. Have fun.
    But at the entrance, anyway, is Delbin. You might remember him from the Artisan
    home, but yes, all the dragons here are rebels from the five dragon homes.
    Circle around the place to find all 75 gems accessible now, and then hop into
    Gnorc Cove, as there's nothing left. When you finish Gnorc Cove, return and pick
    the next 50 gens up and enter Twilight Harbor, then with that done, beat Gnasty
    Gnorc after claiming the final 75 gems, and after that, free Magnus. And by then
    you should be able to enter the FINAL level. Hehehe... before then, Gnorc Cove.
    Yep, Delbin. He's right in the center. He'll tell you to reach the exit in
    Gnasty's lands. You may have remembered that you freed Delbin a long time ago.
    Some dragons have stood up to Gnasty Gnorc, only to be trapped again. Only
    Spyro will be able to defeat Gnasty Gnorc, so it's up to you...
    Magnus is where Delbin is, after you kill Gnasty Gnorc. If you didn't read back
    there for some reason, he's just in the center of the room. And no, you CAN NOT
    GET HIM THE FIRST TIME THROUGH GNORC GNEXUS. You have to beat Gnasty Gnorc
    first, so go out and do it.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 2
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5ff. Gnorc Cove  ++ ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 400
    Gnorc Cove is a surprisingly docile level compared to what you might expect.
    You'd expect gnorcs at every corner, shooting shooting shooting, but no such
    thing exists in Gnorc Cove. But anyway, glide over to the path in front of you,
    where a gnorc will be rolling barrels at you. To avoid this, just jump over 'em
    and give 'em a torchlight. Easy as that. With that, take a right and head up
    that path, taking out the Gnorc Cooper (wow, I make stupid names), and then
    taking a further right from there.
    Climb up to the ledge above, and after that, once again glide to the ledge above
    the huge platform in the sea. It's a large walkway, and on top is Lateef, the
    76th dragon, who was also from the Dream Weavers world. From here, glide over
    to the other side of the upper ledge, where a Gnorc Cooper is hurling TNTs down
    to the ramp behind him. Bahaha, classic. Head down this ramp, and in the area
    below, just make sure that you get every single gem and enemy that's lying
    around, since they can be quite tricky.
    Having done, return up to the ledge above, going to the far left in case there's
    anything there. And with that, take the bridge in the center of this long
    ledge, over to the other side. From there you even get to claim an extra life,
    you little cat, you. Take a right from there, and glide over to the ship on the
    other side, where you'll find a lot of enemies (no, you can not hurl a TNT at
    the heavy chest in here) and of course, a heavy chest. No, you cannot hurl a
    TNT at it.
    Glide over to the platform to the upper-left, taking out the row of enemies as
    you land, then head up to the right jumping over the barrels that the Gnorc
    Cooper hurls, and finishing him up at the top. After he's dead and gone, walk
    up a little bit, where you'll find yourself peering over that ship from earlier,
    and a barrel in front of you. What do you do? HURL THE BARREL AT THE CHEST AT
    Ooops, sorry 'bout that. You have to go back to the ship, sadly, plus the chest
    has like 8 gems in it, but oh well, at least we're closer to 400 gems. Return
    all the way back to where you hurled the barrel, and then step by step glide
    over to the next ship, which is in front of you. And in there, take out the
    Gnorc Coopers and other likewise enemies, and cross the bridge there to reach
    Tomas, who is our 77th dragon (wow, lucky), and also from the Artisans world.
    And he has my brother's name. Boo.
    Cross the bridge from here, taking out the line of gnorcs on it, then jump from
    the platforms into the structure below. No, do NOT try to glide over to the
    Return Home Vortex across the sea, that's just a terrible idea. Reach the floor
    below, and use the opportunity to charge the rats as fodder for Sparx, since you
    may be running low on health at this point. But anyways, there are three rooms
    here, one green, one blue, and one purple. And there are also some Gnorc Coopers
    in here as well, so take those out FIRST.
    Yeah, so three rooms. The blue has a key in it and nothing more, so let's go in
    there first. It's just a small little room with a key and nothing else, so that
    will be taken care of quickly. Head into the green room next, which is filled
    with Gnorc Coopers everywhere. Well, what do you do? Chuck barrels at their
    head? Yeeeep. Take out every single enemy in the entire room, and claim that
    locked chest in here. Now that only leaves one room to enter, and that is the
    purple room.
    From in here, use the barrel to get rid of the armor that the Barrel Coopers
    are wearing, then simply glide over and burn them to death. The same process
    will repeat again, and you'll be on the other side of the passage, and near a
    whirlwind, in little time. And the whirlwind will take you to that distant
    platform with the Return Home Vortex. :) Let's hope you have 400 gems, so you
    can safely have this place finished, collect 50 more gems from Gnorc Gnexus,
    and enter Twilight Harbor.
    Lateef again, cool. Ignore my incredibly nostalgic state of mind, and forgive
    me if this strategy isn't great. Just go straight ahead, flame all those big
    gnorcs twice apiece, then go straight ahead and up, flaming TNT barrels and
    jumping over normal barrels. Get up high and do some nice glides and you'll
    reach Lateef. It's just some good luck messages.
    He's really straight ahead from Lateef. Head forward and left, through there,
    up, forward, right across the path with the barrels, farther right and across,
    then you'll find Tomas pretty straight from there. Just destroy things
    carefully, and you'll see him. He'll tell you he never expected to be freed and
    he always believed in Spyro. Took a while, huh.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 2
    <- \ /  ++  5gg. Twilight Harbor  ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 400
    Twilight Harbor is right behind Haunted Towers as my second favorite level, and
    right behind Misty Bog as the second hardest level. It's a hella fun place,
    even if it's this late in the game. You'll start on a fairly linear path, with
    some Gnorc Gunners on it. The whole place is filled with Gnorc Gunners, and all
    the enemies here have projectiles. Charge through this one, and then jump up to
    the area above, where you get an up or a right. Up will take you to a
    crossdressing gnorc and the way beyond. The right is an extra life.
    Start with the latter, pick up that extra life, and take out the occasional
    enemy there. And from there, head up and past the Gnorc Axeman (I can't find a
    creative name for him), and then take a right. You can jump off the bridge down
    below, or you can head along the ledge on the left. There's a fair bit of stuff
    on the left, so don't miss it. After doing that, glide to the path below, and
    follow over to the left. Here's a Gnorc Commando, a stronger version of a Gnorc
    Gunner. Easy stuff still, though.
    Collect everything there is in this small purple room (wow, romantic), and then
    follow the outside path to reach a heavy chest and Cosmos from the Magic
    Crafters world. Then it's another simple path forward, past some more gnorcs.
    Just glide past the bullets they will shoot at you, though, since you're bound
    to get hit. Don't try and take them both out at once; just dominate them, and
    move on past the Gnorc Axeman. I'm starting to think they should've called this
    place "Gnorc Factory".
    Inside the room up ahead, head a little bit in (not with the courtesy of several
    Gnorc Gunners), and take a left up the stairs. The gems there are a bit tough to
    miss... the Gnorc Axeman isn't, though. Collect any gem that isn't yet nailed
    down, and move on to find a bridge held by two levers. IGNORE both levers for
    now; we'll come back to that. Up ahead is Cleetus from the Beast Makers world.
    Yeah, we know about Gnorc Commandos by now; just head up the path on the upper
    right. It's a Supercharge!
    Charge down the Supercharge (it works), and then take a left at the end of the
    path. Dash across the bridge, into that green room, and outside to where Cosmos
    and the heavy chest were. Use the last of the Supercharge's power, and let the
    heavy chest taste oblivion. With everything inside it in your possession, head
    back to the bridge supported by the two levers, and flame the second one. To
    avoid difficulties, just make sure it's the second one, and then go back to the
    Use it to head up the now elevated bridge, and sky rocket into the passage above
    the green room below. This room has the occasional treasure, but you'll want to
    return all the way back to the Supercharge after you've cleared it all out.
    Using the Supercharge, dash on that bridge ramp, and don't stop when you enter
    the room above, just keep using it and glide to the platform in the distance,
    where you'll find three yellow gems. Not much for a feat like that *ahem*, but
    not that bad either. Now it's back to where you found Cleetus, and advancing.
    The room up ahead holds one Gnorc Commando and two Gnorc Gunners. Go from left
    to right and take them out, or you may get a faceful of bullets. Once you have
    them take out, take the right on the right and in the next purple room, it's all
    three enemies in Twilight Harbor... a Gnorc Gunner, a Gnorc Commando, and a
    Gnorc Axeman. Take them out one by one, but go for the Gnorc Axeman last. This
    room is quite menacing, and you're yet to see what's up ahead. Carry on through
    the upper left.
    And that one last path there holds four gnorcs, with two being gunners and two
    being commandos. Take them out one at a time, jumping to avoid the bullets, and
    going slowly. You don't want to die right before reaching the Return Home
    Vortex, do you? So just slowly proceed, and when you reach the end, glide over
    to the other side and claim the last few scraps of treasure (let's hope you have
    400 gems now), and the Return Home Vortex. Time for some nasty Gnasty hunting.
    Destroy the gnorcs, then go ahead straight and you'll see Cosmos there. These
    gnorcs are really tough. All of them wield machine guns and this is not good at
    all. They can get you by a long range and they're very agile, especially the
    big yellow ones. Sometimes you'll have to wait for them to reload. Get past all
    of that mess and a little more, then you will find Cosmos for some quick and
    brief thanks.
    Do some serious charging to get to him. You'll have to kill a lot of stuff but
    he's straight ahead. Most of the maching gun gnorcs get much easier when you
    get used to them. He'll tell you to keep a look out for gnorc commandos. Spyro
    is correct on this one.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 0
    <- \ /  ++ ++ 5hh. Gnasty Gnorc ++ ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 500
    The world of Gnasty Gnorc... ahhh yes, the time has come. Time for the small
    purple dragon named Spyro to face off against the simple, "no threat", ugly
    Gnasty Gnorc. But anyway, Gnasty Gnorc is WAY above, firing green light all over
    the arena. Just quickly run through the arena if you want to avoid that, since
    there is some treasure littered around here and there, through the arena. And
    quite a bit of it, at that. But when you're finished collecting stuff, might as
    well take the sole available path.
    A thief will meet you very shortly at the entrance, and will immediately run
    away. Hah, catch the little thieving squirt, cuz he happens to have a key. When
    you reach him, flame him, and make sure that you have all the treasure here,
    since Gnasty Gnorc's level largely revolves around treasure. With that, get to
    the end of the passage, where you'll drop back out of the arena. Take a left,
    where a door has a large keyhole in it. DUN DUN DUN. Just head in there, and
    we're already chasing a key thief.
    You'll catch up to him quickly, but just make sure you don't fall in the purple
    ooze below (yes, this is a junkyard), or you'll never make it back up. Since the
    path is very straightforward, you can probably chase the thief and get all the
    gems at the same time. But anyhow, with that all finished and the key in your
    possession, the path will end and drop you back to the arena, where you can find
    the ledge where Gnasty Gnorc is, and as you lower it with the key, he runs away!
    The epic chase, take 1. Boss time.
    *      BOSS: GNASTY GNORC      *
    Gnasty himself isn't nasty. At all. In fact, like I said earlier, he'll just run
    away immediately after you see him. So you have to run after him, of course, but
    we have plenty of opportunities to run after him. My recommendation is that for
    now, you pick up every spare bit of treasure that you find, and just follow this
    path collecting what there is. When you finally reach the end of the path,
    Gnasty will run away, but that could obviously only be expected. So you'll have
    to drop down and continue all the way back on this path. Boo.
    Oh well. Take the path again, perhaps collecting any spare treasure that you
    miss, and when the path ends and Gnasty has barely gotten to that one platform,
    flame him and he'll run away into the room on the right like a coward. Now what
    you have to worry about here is just getting to the other side. Glide from
    platform to platform here CAREFULLY and QUICKLY, as they get smaller and
    smaller, and the last three are already tiny enough to begin with. So eventually
    you'll reach the final ledge.
    Gnasty is here, and will furiously try to fire green light at you. But it's too
    late; you can simply flame him and he'll die off, dropping purple gems behind
    with him, and allowing Spyro to laugh at him. Well deserved. With that done,
    you'll see the credits (?) and then be back at Gnorc Gnexus. You have 12,000
    gems, 79 dragons, and 12 eggs... free Magnus from the Peace Keepers world, who
    is right there, and the portal to the final world will open. It is time to
    conquer Gnasty's treasure vault, and the absolute final level.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\           Dragon Number: 0
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5ii. Gnasty's Loot  ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/            Gem Count: 2000
    The ultimate level of levels. I was originally going to allow you to go through
    this entire level by yourself, but I decided against it. So nyah. Anyway, the
    whole place will allow you to fly, so start by gliding to the ledge across the
    acidic water here. As another note, all 2000 (!) of the gems here consist of
    purples and yellows, but no surprise there. The first dose, which is across the
    acid, has a few. You're only just getting started.
    Fly over to the next ledge, where you're treated to a few extras. Now jump down
    and climb the nearby stairs, where you'll find a key thief. Gnasty Gnorc's world
    is notoriously filled with these guys, I see. He's easy to catch, though, since
    he'll just run around in a circle. Pay more attention to the treasure that
    surrounds this arena, though, since it's much easier to miss. After you have the
    key, fly up to the ledge above, and unlock the door. It's some stairs, and
    another locked door. Some eventful door.
    But there's a bonus in this. The whole place revolves around the idea that the
    higher ground you get to, the higher you can fly. There's no way that you could
    fly up here earlier, but since you're taking flight from here, you can now fly
    to areas above where your limits were earlier. Start by going to the arena where
    you chased the key thief. There's a large grassy area above that, where some
    more treasure and a key thief lie. This one's a bit harder to chase than the
    other one, but glide in front of him and you're sure to get that key.
    Having done that, return to where you unlocked that last door, and head up the
    stairs to use the key in that door. And right as you unlock it, a key thief in
    an airplane zooms by. I would chase it, but you don't have the altitude yet.
    Head up the stairs in that door there, and at the top is... nothing. Absolutely
    nothing. Just fly out from there, and find the plane. It really just circles
    around the area, so it's not that difficult to find. When you're on its tail,
    start taking advantage of it.
    The plane will go under the pipes here, so make sure you do NOT do that, as
    that will just slow you down and increase your chances of falling. Instead, go
    on the outside of the pipes, and you'll just catch up. When you're right behind
    it, flame it to get that key, and look for a ledge with a heavy chest on it, and
    a locked door. It's not easy to get to, but you'll manage. At the top, unlock
    the door with that key, and take a left. AGAIN, time to chase a key thief! Don't
    worry, though, this is the LAST one. :)
    Jump down and fly into the tunnel on the right. Be very cautious while going
    through this place, because if you fall into this lava, it'll hurt. Chase the
    thief through the lava tunnel, and outside back through the passage. You may
    need to go through there 3-4 times to catch the thief, but you'll catch him
    eventually. When you do that, return to the entrance of the door we opened
    earlier, and climb up the stairs to find the FINAL locked door. Inside is none
    other than...
    ...one yellow gem. But the key is that you have altitude now, and as much as you
    can get. Set off from here, and start roaming the area outside, looking for
    rockets. There are three or four in total, and just as many heavy chests. But
    either way, make sure you have everything there is to get, then look for a tower
    that has a Return Home Vortex on it. But DON'T use it! Inside, just set off the
    fireworks chests, where about 950 gems worth of burgundies drop down. With 2000
    total gems, now go through the Return Home Vortex for the final ending... and
    the game is now over, sadly. Hope you enjoyed it.
         ~+{X STD X}+ --- {  +~+  {    6. CREDITS  }  +~+  } --- +{X STD X}+~
    You, obviously, deserve something for actually taking the time to find the URL
    to this guide, actually say "eh, let's see how bad this is", "He's back again?
    Let's read this!", or "Hopefully this can help me in my quest through the game",
    because you deserve something for that. But with that, here are some shout-outs
    to whatever and whomever helped me.
    - Jeff "CJayC" Veasey: For running the whole site of GameFAQs, the main site
    that I work for. It's an awesome site, and I must commend CJayC for running
    this great site for 6 whole years and posting this guide.
    - Stephen Ng: For being the FAQ editor for IGN, which is the other site that I
    write for. I am honored to write for IGN, since it is a great site. I was also
    very glad to do an exclusive for IGN.
    - All the guys who first got me started writing from GameFAQs and all of my
    best friends like SinirothX, Psycho Penguin, Meowthnum1, CVXFREAK, Karpah,
    ZoopSoul, Crazyreyn, Gobicamel, asa2377 (OH EM GEE YOU TROLL), Warhawk, Cyril,
    supernova54321, Minesweeper, AlaskaFox, me frog, RHarrison, masterzero99, Tom
    Hayes, wayalla, djg40, MTincher, NickBush24, BurningFox, AquaBlast, and
    definitely more that I'm forgetting: you are some of the best friends that
    anyone can have, and I may have quit FAQing/left FCB forever without all of
    you. Thank you for everything and for motivating me to get my ass in gear.

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