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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Slavetothefreak

    Version: 6.00 | Updated: 09/09/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Spyro The Dragon Walkthrough
    Playstation 1
    Most recent update: 9-9-05
    By Musicvideofreak – Slavetothemusicfreak@gmail.com
    Copyright 2005 to Gina Fagundes
    All characters, areas, actions, dialogue, events, and the game itself are 
    copyright to Sony Computer Entertainment and Insomniac Games Inc.
    This guide is copyright 2005 to Gina Fagundes. It is approved for personal use, 
    and may not be copied, cut, pasted, stolen, ripped, jipped, or anything of that 
    nature. This guide may not be used on a website/web page unless permission is 
    granted by email and email only. If you wish to put his guide in any kind of 
    published form outside of Gamefaqs.com, then please email me at the address 
    stated above (slavetothemusicfreak@gmail.com) and simply ask for permission. I 
    will consider it, and then reply as soon as possible. I must ask you not to 
    base a guide of our own, nor any other works being published, on this document 
    or any others by me now or in the future. You may not modify this guide in any 
    way shape, form, or fashion whether permission has been granted to use or not. 
    Please cooperate with me on this. Failure to comply will result in violation of 
    the copyright laws.  
    You can contact me by email ONLY if:
    1. You have a question about the guide or Spyro The Dragon that is not already 
    stated in this, however, you may ask me to explain something better or 
    elaborate where I may have been vague.
    2. You have something to add... perhaps something I have missed or overlooked. 
    (Input very, very welcome)
    3. You have a hint, tip, strategy, or otherwise helpful information to share 
    with others and me through this guide. (I'll need these no doubt)
    4. You wish to publish these works on a web page (or any other way for that 
    5. You make sense. (Type in English and keep typos to a minimum)
    6. You have a subject title relevant to Spyro The Dragon or this guide.
    Contact me by email at:  slavetothemusicfreak@gmail.com
    Remember, my knowledge of this game is not limited to this guide. If you have 
    questions about anything Spyro The Dragon, Please don't hesitate to email me. 
    I'm sure I can answer it. 
    Thank you!
    This guide is for all of those clueless people like I was who don't want to 
    discover things on their own. Thanks for choosing my guide. It is an honor…^_^
    I dedicate this guide, like all of my others to my fiancée Mitchell Wells. He 
    is my life. Thanks babe! Go ahead and read, and enjoy. I'm sure you will. 
    Remember, email me if you need elaboration or anything stated above. I'm nicer 
    than the copyright laws state. ^^
    /Spyro The Dragon Updates!! ^^\________________________________________________
    1.00:  I started this guide. I had just finished the game and cleaned out 
    "Gnasty's Loot" for a complete game of 120%. Time to get going!
    2.00:  I finished the Artisan world and started the Peacekeepers portion of the 
    walkthrough. All is going well, but once I get too much farther, I'll have to 
    start playing with the walkthrough.  Patience…^_~
    3.00:  Today I spent a few hours typing up the rest of the Peace Keepers world, 
    some of the Magic Crafters, and a lot of grammatical changes. I changed my 
    format, and now I'm going to go to bed.
    4.00:  Well, I attempted to submit this little guide of mine to Gamefaqs.com, 
    but It is still pending. I did almost all of Magic Crafters, and a lot of Beast 
    Makers. Things are starting to come together and look better now. It's Friday 
    of Labor Day weekend. I've got a lot of time on my hands right now. 
    5.00:  I've been working on The Beastmakers land, but mostly just correcting 
    formatting errors, grammar, and spelling. I still may have missed some, so I'll 
    continue to read over it. Remember If I have missed anything, email me. :D
    6.00:  I was finally accepted ion Gamefaqs.com. YAY! My first walkthrough is 
    posted! I'm going to finish up Beastmakers, and maybe Dreamweavers tonight. It 
    is a Friday night after all. 
    This game in my opinion is one of the best games ever made for the original 
    Playstation. I was astonished at how hard it can still be today and I have not 
    played it since I was smaller in upwards on three years. It was quite a long 
    break, because it was sold in a old garage sale. I bought it in EB Games once 
    again for $6.50. It was a real steal ::Wink::
    The idea of this game is to collect stolen treasure and eggs from the gnorcs 
    and gnasty's various thieves, while releasing dragons from their crystal 
    encasements. Sounds simple right? Well, with this guide, it can be. Come on in 
    and I'll show you how it's done. ^_^
    Directional buttons:  Move left, right, up, and down. 
                                      Browse menu
    X:  Jump/ Glide
    O:  Flame
    Square:  Charge
    Triangle:  Drop in mid-flight
                    Look close up
    R1:  Roll right
    R2:  Move camera right
    L1:  Roll left
    L2:  Move camera left
    Select:  Inventory/ menu
                 Place to enter cheats
    Start:  Pause
              Menu screen
    Keep in mind this guide was from my head and my head only. This is the order in 
    which I completed the game 120%, so if you wish to do things differently, of 
    course you have the right to do so. I find my way the most effective and I'll 
    stick to it. I'd highly recommend it to anyone, beginner or veteran. 
    Throughout the entire game, you will be required to pick up and keep gems, eggs 
    and dragons. There are 80 dragons in the entire game, 14,000 gems (including 
    Gnasty's Loot) and 12 eggs. By the end of the game, you should have 120% and 
    the numbers listed above. 
    After the beginning sequence, you will be set in front of your very first 
    dragon. Release it by just walking up to it and touching part of the platform 
    they rest on. Go ahead. Try it. When you release it, go and glide to your left 
    to pick up your next dragon. Now you have two. Go explore around, and kill off 
    the five gnorcs in your path. Go into the castle type thingy, the bushes, glide 
    from the top of a hill, and between two walls towards the right of the hill. 
    There are gems and a dragon to your right in the walls area. There is also 
    "Toasty", a world like the others that you cannot access until you have 
    completed one Artisan Land, world. I suggest collecting the remaining treasure 
    and last dragon, by going through the tunnel on the right side of where you 
    started. You will run smack dab into the fourth dragon and some treasure. You 
    will have to go up using the whirlwind and glide a couple of times to collect 
    all of the treasure, but soon enough, that full 100 gems will be yours. When 
    you have collected the 100 gems and four dragons in the home world, head back 
    into the maze bushes and don't forget to check the middle for an extra life in 
    the peak-box. Then go to "Dark Hollow". 
    / Dark Hollow…\___________________________________________________________
    Start out by charging around the three elevated circles in the middle and 
    killing off three gnorcs. When you have succeeded in dong that, jump to the 
    next elevated surface with lanterns and a giant gnorc in the middle to kill all 
    of them. Be careful to charge the ones with shields and flame the giant gnorcs. 
    That can become annoying if you get them confused. When you turn around from 
    killing the giant gnorc and smaller ones, you should have a few steps to your 
    left on your way back to the start. When you go down, keep an eye on the giant 
    gnorcs walking to and from you. When they turn their backs, flame them. Their 
    fronts are covered in metal, so they are invincible from the front. After 
    killing two of them and gathering treasure on the way, go down near the water 
    and check for treasure in between the circles. When you collect all the 
    treasure on the ground, climb the circles and release the dragon, Oswin. He 
    will give you a tip on how to control your angle of view, but otherwise is good 
    for nothing. Glide down to the other, smaller surface by the water's edge, and 
    get the key and a couple of gems, then head back up to the surface to start 
    climbing those circles you ran around at the very beginning of this level. Once 
    you get there, climb them and gather up the gems. Use the key to unlock the 
    chest and get the gems. Glide to the next elevated area to your left and kill 
    the larger gnorc first and the two with shields as well. Release the dragon and 
    gather the remaining gems in this area. Go back to where you killed the first 
    large gnorc and climb the steps right there in front of you. Light the sticks 
    with your breath and walk up the steps. Turn right and glide to that little 
    place on the right side if you were to make a 360 as soon as you got up the 
    steps. Get the single green gem, then glide to the other side to get a few 
    different gems and an extra life, peak-box. Go back up the steps and kill the 
    large gnorc in front of you to the left ever so slightly, then the minions that 
    ran behind it like wussies. Jump in the hole and kill the huge gnorc in there 
    and then get the gems from the boxes, the stairs on the ways back up and 
    around, and the area near the home whirlwind. You can't miss the last dragon. 
    It'll make your stash seven now. Back to the Artisan Home!! ^_^
    Now you are back to the Artisan Home. When you get there, it's always a good 
    idea to kill off all of the old gnorcs you've already killed. They make for a 
    lot of easy extra lives as many times as you go back and forth, but if you just 
    want to cheat, you can just enter the code to get 99 of them. (Square x6, 
    circle, up, circle, left, circle, right, circle, and start at inventory menu) 
    When you get back, go through the two walls into the clearing area, now to your 
    left as you come out of the bushes, past the hill and the castle-type place. Go 
    into the dragon's mouth that you previously could not access and got to 
    / Toasty…   \_____________________________________________________________
    This place is hard at first, because you have absolutely no access to healing 
    fodder such as sheep when you are in here. That is unusual for most places, 
    seeing as how this is the beginning of the game and should be easy. Start out 
    this level by walking up to the nearest guy in a brown cloak and flaming him. 
    They usually have dogs nearby, so make sure if you flame the dogs, that you 
    back up or walk away from them. They do crush you and you have nothing to heal 
    with, so it can get icky if you don't watch out. Just take it slow and if you 
    get hurt, it's okay. That's what they made multiple lives for. Don't think 
    you'll get to of here with no hits. Oh, you'll feel it in the morning. Walk 
    through, flaming and dodging as you see fit. Don't miss one because you will 
    regret missing or neglecting to pick up anything later, trust me. It's very 
    self-explanatory. Kill off everything in your path, and when the only dragon in 
    the level is in sight, take a left onto the outward ledge and kill the two dogs 
    and old man out there. There should be a couple of metal boxes, so be careful 
    not to charge them too hard or you will fly off the edge. Not so fun. So pick 
    those up and go back to kill the old man and get the lone little dragon in this 
    level. He'll explain how this is a terrible henchman and you should be careful, 
    but the pumpkin on stilts is cheap. I'd be more worried about the dogs that 
    tend to multiply as you fry more and more of that boss. When you are done and 
    have gone through the three levels of this part, collect the last few gems from 
    the boxes and leave back to the Artisan Home. ^^
    When you get back, go directly into the next level… Stone Hill. This one is 
    / Stone Hill…    \________________________________________________________
    Here in stone hill, the best part to me is the sound effects. The people who 
    imitated goats and shit in this game, made a really fun place to kill stuff. I 
    laughed for at lest an hour on this one. The first things you do is charge all 
    of the goat things in the area and laugh your head off at all of the funny 
    noises they make. Then, once you have killed all three, go into the tunnel with 
    blue and silver tiling leading to gems, boxes with gems, and a dragon, Lindar. 
    Collect all of those and save just for good measure. As I say in every guide I 
    make… "Just in case…"
    When you've finished in here, head out of this room and go to the next room on 
    your left on your way out. Go through and there should be another goat waiting. 
    No, you haven't shaken them yet. Kill it and take the gems and extra life in 
    here. Release the dragon, Astor, outside by the home whirly and get the gems. 
    Now, I never suggest this, but since you are in Stone Hill, it's okay to jump 
    over the edge. You will land on the sand and you can go into a cave to the 
    right and get a key and break some metal boxes. When you are finished here, run 
    back out of the mini cave and to the left to pick up some odd gems and a 
    whirlwind ride back up to the last dragoon you released. When you exit this 
    room and back into the first grassy area you were in, jump in that well. I 
    normally wouldn't recommend this. It's dangerous. There is the dragon, Gavin, 
    down there and some gems. Remember that key you just picked up. Here is the box 
    it goes to. Head out of this area and back to the start, and run through the 
    tunnel that you have not explored yet. As soon as you get there, you will spot 
    a goat. Charge it and go on charging and flaming and collecting gems until 
    everything is either colleted or killed. Don't forget to check behind stuff. 
    Hugging a wall, sometimes, can pay off. Ride the whirlwind up in the middle of 
    the tower right in the middle. Release the dragon, Gildas, to your left and 
    collect the gems around the top here, then glide to the elevated grassy area 
    across from you. You will see gems, but ignore those for now. As you walk on, 
    you will notice a midget-like voice laughing at you and taunting you. It 
    belongs to a little blue thief who steals dragon eggs. You have to chase him 
    down and charge him or flame him. For this guy, I'd say just run after him and 
    eventually you will catch him. Spyro is built to run faster anyways. The more 
    you do this, the more comfortable you will become with chasing these little 
    critters down. Once you have captured the little jerk, go around and pick up 
    all of the missed gems and boxes along the paths of both round areas. Don't 
    forget to check the castle area for some green gems. When you have the full 200 
    gems and all of the dragons, Leave. 
    Here is a little tip for you. When you leave every area, make sure you have an 
    even number of gems. The number should always end in "00" (300, 600, 1200 for 
    example). Go back to where you released the dragon named Tomas and head to Town 
    Square using the spiral whirlwind again. Here we go! 
    / Town Square… \__________________________________________________________
    In Town Square, it's fun to just mess around and stuff. There are several 
    things you have to watch out for, but all in all, you should be fine, even if 
    it is your first time. First off, of course, is kill some chickens, gather some 
    gems and climb the steps to the first dragon. He will instruct you to turn left 
    and glide to the "Area with the bulls…" You can use his L2 and R2 advise if 
    need be, but in this area, there is no need. Glide over to the bulls and flame 
    them right away. You can charge them and flame them later or just leave them 
    and they will eventually disappear. Go on collecting gems and killing bulls and 
    stuff and climb the steps to get to the boxes you have to flame and jump to 
    get. Get all of those and glide to the next area with an extra life, all the 
    while collecting gems and such. Glide once more to another dragon, Devlin, and 
    let the poor thing scratch it's wing. Kill the bull and gnorc, and collect 
    treasure. It's very self-explanatory. Once you get to the end of the place 
    where the gold whirlwind is, let loose the next dragon, Alvar, and turn around. 
    You have more to do. Go back to where there are tons of chickens and jump on 
    that small, elevated platform. This will be your first blind jump, but it's not 
    as hard as you think. Get a walking start and jump blindly to the right as far 
    as you can go. Glide and land on the right and you should hear and see a little 
    blue man with another egg. This one is not as easy as the first. He has a head 
    start that can make you lose him, so use a little fancy footwork and you should 
    have him before he even gets in the doorway to the tunnel. Before you move on, 
    make sure you scan every gem and look carefully. It's easy to miss just one and 
    that one could cost you Gnasty's Loot later on. Go out of the end of the tunnel 
    and look down with the triangle button. Recognize this place? Yeah, you were 
    here once. Now glide across from where you are standing, break the boxes, 
    collect treasure, and glide to where you see the last dragon. Collect the 
    treasure, kill the bull, and release the dragon, Thor. He will give you a 
    simple thank you, and you can be on your merry way once more. Don't forget to 
    flame those little fan looking buggers. When you flame them three times they 
    explode and you get all kinds of gems from them, usually yellow. Never overlook 
    them. Now leave. Easy, right?
    When you get back to the Artisan Home, run back into the castle-type thing and 
    find the balloonist. Go ahead and go to the Peacekeepers world. You have 
    completed all but one Artisan Land, world. You'll see what I mean later, but 
    for now, just go to the Peacekeepers Land… You've deserved it.
    You get off of the balloon ride and you see the first dragon in this area, 
    Titan. Once you have freed him, it is time for you to start your search for 
    gems, eggs and dragons. Go and kill all of the soldiers and stuff roaming 
    around for gems. While you're at it, burn their tents to the ground as well. If 
    there is a soldier in it, he will either cower in terror or he might just moon 
    you. I'm serious. They will moon you. Yum. When you kill all of them off, 
    collect the odd gems around here and clear the visible area completely. When 
    you have finished that, release the second dragon, Magnus, in plain sight and 
    use the cannon nearby to crack all of the boxes that won't break. Also, use the 
    cannon to bust up the mountain right there with the giant red target on it. 
    When you finish, jump up high and glide to it. Go right and jump up a couple 
    more steps to kill a soldier and gather more gems. Mind you, we are not 
    visiting any other worlds yet; please refrain form entering them until you are 
    through with the home world. It's easier that way. Now, on your way down, go 
    right and glide to the next small area, which was not visible from any other 
    direction until now. I mean, the giant red target on an object should be a huge 
    signifier to shoot it, but anyway… look onto the lake of purple goop and take a 
    short glide to the tin rock that has three green gems. This is all self-
    explanatory, I'm sure, so just collect gems, release the dragon, Gunnar, and 
    kill that little egg-stealing maniac. Careful for the water… Spyro has not yet 
    gained the ability to swim, and will not until you spend the cash to pick up 
    the second game and learn it therein. For now water will kill, and or harm you, 
    so just watch out. As you turn around, you may notice a huge curved stone 
    coming out of your end of the lake. This is what I'd like to call a launching 
    pad. Lol. Well, not really, but you get the idea. Climb on it and glide to the 
    opening you see slightly to your left on the opposite rock face. In this little 
    niche, you will find a few Flame/jump boxes, and I'm sure you will have guessed 
    by now where the key goes. As it stands, you should have 200 gems. If you 
    missed a few here and there, there is plenty of time to look, so go ahead…………… 
    Back? Okay. Lets keep truckin'. As you may have already guessed, you leave by 
    gliding all the way back to the very beginning of the land by the shore, so go 
    ahead, and in the distance, you may just see some of a portal. Hug the left 
    wall, and enter Dry Canyon. 
    / Dry Canyon… \___________________________________________________________
    As we begin, note that this is not as simple as the Artisan Home worlds. This 
    world specifically has much gliding and some memory where everything is. 
    Basically it's a big lopsided circle. Start off by flaming the fan next to you. 
    Continue on and kill the guys with shields as they confront you, all the while 
    collecting random gems and breaking open boxes and such to gain them as well. 
    When you get to your first set of two guards, charge them both, but turn left. 
    Not only will you see gems and soldiers, you will see your fourth opportunity 
    to catch an egg thief. He moves in a giant circle, so don't worry if it takes 
    you a minute to catch it. When you are through here, keep collecting and 
    killing until you reach your next dragon, Conan. As wimpy as he looks and 
    sounds, try and refrain form laughing too hard. He is a peacekeeper. What do 
    you expect? When you get to the choice of where to go, up the stairs, or 
    forward, I always choose to go foreword. It just keeps me from having to go too 
    far back and pick up slack. As I said earlier, it's a giant circle, so don't 
    worry either way. When and if you go ahead foreword, flame everything. Don't 
    try to charge the vultures. It will not hurt them, just you. Also as you may 
    have already discovered, it's not the best choice to charge something at least 
    three times your size, so flame it, and then when you arrive at the next set of 
    stairs, STOP. Turn around and go back up the first set back there. It sounds 
    stupid, I'm sure, but if I don't I forget about that portion. It may not look 
    it, but you do in fact have to glide to the bottom step. I tried jumping the 
    first time, and fell to get hurt. In this level, as long as you stay on your 
    toes, you can afford it, but just don't. :D Walk and glide to the next portion 
    of rock when you get to that point. Once you have, go down, collect and kill as 
    you see fit. When you get out of this tunnel-like thing you've been in, go from 
    left to right collecting and killing. Make sure to release the old fart dragon, 
    DOESN'T SOUND RIGHT, BUT AFTER, ALL HE IS OLD.) Collect the rest of the gems 
    and move on. Now, climb up the big rocks, until you get to the part where you 
    can pretty much see everything. Basically, as far as you can go, but as you 
    look around, don't bother with that huge cliff far away in the middle of 
    nowhere just yet. We need a key for one of the boxes and there is no point in 
    making two trips. As you walk straight ahead, you will see a smaller cliff by 
    which you came out of the tunnel recently, so get the red and green gems and 
    extra life. Yes, climb back up. I'm sorry. When you get to the top here again, 
    glide all the way to a place where in fact you do some more climbing and 
    flaming of objects that are like fireworks. Get away or they will hurt you, but 
    after they explode, they leave you with a couple of gems apiece. Keep going and 
    jump down to where more vultures and a yellow huge gnorc is. Kill them all and 
    pick up the gems and extra life. Remember what I said about backtracking? Now 
    is the time. You have a couple of dragons to get and plenty of gems for the 
    taking. Go back and release Boris, who asks you of your gliding skills. It's 
    basically a hint. Glide to the space that kind of sticks out from the left of 
    the rock face to the left ever so slightly. When you get to the top, the red 
    gems are leading you into a VERY blind jump yet again. Jump, glide, and hug the 
    left wall. You'll see what happens. Unleash Maximos, who in my opinion is kind 
    of cool, and here is your well-deserved key. Go back to the place you saw that 
    was in the middle of nowhere and claim your prize. Go back to the home portal 
    and collect and kill for your finish to another perfect level. Head on home 
    At this point, you will easily have enough to get to the next level if you have 
    followed this guide to the T, so if you wish, you may go, but it's so much 
    easier to just stay and save having to come back later. Having to come back 
    blows. Now go to the portal in the middle of the land. Cliff town here we come!
    / Cliff Town… \___________________________________________________________
    Now that we have arrived, start by getting the stuff you know in this room. 
    Kill and collect. (Getting boring yet?) When you exit the temple type thing 
    they have you housed in for now, check both sides for as far as you get go. Get 
    the gems and move on. Let me restate the attacking rule if I haven't said it 
    enough… Charge things with metal, and flame things three times your size or 
    more. These extremely large women should be the very first thing I'm talking 
    about. They smack the little Mexican gnorcs and make them run after you, so 
    charge, then flame the ladies (If you can call them that). When you have done 
    that, flame the cauldrons they were stirring and you will receive another gem. 
    It's a tricky way to make you search for an hour trying to find the last ten 
    gems. If you happen to run across a roof that can be accessed, go for it. Less 
    to pick up later. When you cross the bridge after your second lady to flame, 
    don't get the dragon just yet. Go right instead and claim the fifth egg from 
    that little thieving bastard. Once you have done so, release Halvor, and start 
    killing and collecting on the bottom level. Try to resist the urge to climb 
    until you have collected all you can find from down below. When you are 
    satisfied with all of your findings down below, start your way up. I'm sure you 
    don't need me to lead you. Your probably a big kid, no worries. When you come 
    across the unbreakable chest, pass it up. You'll get it later. Go all the way 
    up and collect gems around the portal, kill the ladies, and release Enzo. Is it 
    just e or does this latest dragon seem a bit like a mean old black man. Poor 
    Spyro. Anyway, do as he says. Glide all the way to the opposite side of the 
    bank, collect all the treasure, release Marco, and I'll meet you up there. 
    WEEEEEEEEEEE! When you finally get up there and passed all of the birds, first 
    thing's first. Notice the whirlwind… "There"? Yeah, you will never have to 
    glide all the way across again. Congrats, now glide to the back of the temple. 
    Collect from all of the rooftops you couldn't reach before and take a good look 
    around to make sure you have all 400 gems and all three dragons. When you do, 
    When you get back, it's probably a good idea to save just in case you haven't 
    been. It's a good habit to make, although it isn't going to kill you if you 
    don't in this game. A few lost lives never hurt anybody. What better place to 
    save than right n front of our next destination… Ice Cavern?
    / Ice cavern… \___________________________________________________________
              You start off in a pretty sweet place. Just ice. Make sure you flame 
    most everything except for the big yellow ones. The big yellow ones can be 
    charged and they will slip and fall. The little annoying purple colored gnorcs 
    on skis and aqua colored ones in yellow boots can be charged or flamed, or they 
    can just bite me, but either way, they are annoying and sometimes come out of 
    nowhere. Collect and kill and release Ulric. He is kind of full of himself is 
    he not? Just keep going. When you get to a yellowed tunnel, check on your right 
    window to get a yellow gem. Try not to fall. That would just blow. When you get 
    a little closer to your second dragon, Todor, you will want to collect 
    everything on the bottom first, including him, and go back up to where you may 
    have seen the locked chest again after collecting the stuff up top. When you 
    get near a pole like the two right beside the second dragon, Todor, look up. If 
    you see gems on top of them charge them and retrieve your precious gems. Go up 
    top and glide to that little place with the key. This is basically splitting 
    up. I'm sure you will find this very annoying, but it has to be done. Careful 
    when you glide there. It's quite easy to overshoot it. Keep going until you get 
    to the wall and hug it all the way until you get to the platform with the big 
    icicle in the middle. Clear it off and kill the little snowball-throwing 
    bastard standing there, then turn around and go to the new, yellowed area to 
    the right of where you are facing if you turned around. This is going to 
    backtrack ever so slightly to a place you have not been, so bare with me here. 
    Andor is the next dragon on the list of your dragon elders. He is just bursting 
    with excitement to be set free. Keep going, kill, and collect, blah, blah, 
    blah. When you get to the area you HAVE been to, go get the locked box at he 
    top of the thingy and glide back to where you were and continue. :D See, now 
    that wasn't so hard. Now, go down a curved path to get to the home portal and 
    your fourth dragon, Asher. These dragons are getting older and more decrepit, I 
    swear. When you have finished with Asher, made a left into the next area with 
    two purple guys and some gems, boxes, and an extra life. Once you have 
    collected everything, listen. Do you hear that squeaking? That is the sound of 
    extra lives. We'll get to those later. Go back to the area you freed Asher in, 
    and climb the step/block looking things with gems of many colors on top in the 
    big circle. Bump the poles, collect and kill until you get to the last dragon, 
    Ragnar. Now, go back to the very beginning where you first landed. It's time to 
    get those extra lives. Go to that platform straight across form where you first 
    arrived and take a blind glide into the right as far as you can. You can't miss 
    he squeaky little dudes. Now go home.
    Two more to go. Next is up out of this tunnel and to the left over the river of 
    purple ooze, Doctor Shemp. This is another one of those annoying places where 
    you don't get healing fodder. Not cool. Yummy, sexier MILFs, to take care of. 
    Now she has new people to slap around after you. They make a mad dash for you, 
    and it is your job to wait for them and charge them. It's more fu to just step 
    aside and let them run off of cliffs and then collect the treasure they leave 
    behind, but sometimes there is more than one and you don't get that kind of 
    room nor time. Try not to let the MILFs (As they will be called from now on) 
    slap you otherwise you may find yourself on the wrong side of the cliff cursing 
    this sexy woman for just watching you die. When you get to the end of the road, 
    and you flame the last MILF on the side of the rather tall building, let the 
    whirlwind take you to the top, where you can then glide for a purple gem worth 
    25… quite rare in these parts. From there look around and you'll find the 
    smaller place back on land, where you should glide next. It has the key for the 
    chest you will be seeing in just a bit. Go down and fly on the whirlwind to the 
    top of a shorter ledger where inside, you will find the only dragon in this 
    hellish place, Trondo. He is very sick of the gigantic gnorc you must defeat 
    next. Not until the third or so time I played this level did I realize that 
    Trondo had a very valuable hint. "He should watch his back," is saying flame 
    him in the back, because, DUH, he is wearing armor. Just on the first platform, 
    jump up so he can see you and fall back down. When he turns, jump up and flame 
    him. One the second one, just jump up and when he turns his back, jump, so he 
    doesn't hit you and flame his ass. On the third one, just jump over his tiki 
    stick and flame his ass again. Pretty easy, but I always get hit at least once. 
    Keep walking across and gather gems, unlock the chest now, then glide downward 
    to the place where you can see metal chests sticking out. Going out and gliding 
    across to flame the last MILF on the ledge should be what you needed to finish 
    up this level. Leave.
    The only thing you should have left now is my favorite… Night flight. 
    / Night Flight… \_________________________________________________________
              Basically there is not a set way to do it I guess, but the easiest is 
    so straightforward a caveman could do it. ::Takes cavemen out to dinner and 
    looks ashamed:: Dang it!
    Just fly through the rings, flame and break the golden chests, fly through the 
    arches, and then light/ flame the lighthouses. Easy… ::watches as caveman 
    speaks intelligently to the waiter::
    Now go to the extremely noticeable balloon man and tell him you would like to 
    travel to Magic Crafters Home. Go ahead. Do it. 
    As you arrive, you will notice that it is a very interesting place indeed. It's 
    the first place that you haven't had a dragon right there at the entrance 
    waiting for you. Perhaps, they think your getting it. You should be by now. In 
    fact, the very first thing you see as you progress through the curved hallway, 
    is an egg thief. Make some sharp turns, fancy footwork, and cutting off his 
    route, and his egg will soon be your egg. Now, go all the way as far as you can 
    the way he was heading, and get the green and red gems. Now, go the other way. 
    As funny as these little metal covered walking fruit baskets look, they can 
    pack a punch, so don't just stand there an gawk, charge them. Your very first 
    dragon, Cosmos, awaits you in the next room. It's kind of nice to have a dragon 
    that actually cares hat you exist. The rest of them so far have been either 
    oblivious to you, or couldn't care les that you have arrived to save the day 
    and are doing a darn good job of it. Too bad you had to wait until dragon 
    number 33 to see some enthusiasm. This time, I'm not going to give you the 
    homeland all at once, because there is just too much to do at once and it's all 
    divided, so I'll just say in between the worlds. :D As you round your first 
    corner you have to take out a line of those fruity people, but they are easy, 
    and you can easily move on to bigger and better things in the green 
    grass/carpeted area you have up here next. The green guys with green and yellow 
    magic coming from them are people who you have to take out fast or they become 
    nearly impossible to kill. Because they are magical, most of them raise the 
    elevation of where they are standing and there goes your gem inside the little 
    jerk, not to mention their magic controls major parts of the world, and you may 
    need to kill them to move on or get certain things, so charge them or flame 
    them fast and get it over with. When you think you have cleared enough on the 
    bottom level, go and hop into Alpine Ridge, your next challenge. 
    / Alpine Ridge… \_________________________________________________________
    As soon as you land yourself in this world, you will notice the huge mammoth-
    sized "Pets" these fruity pieces of dirt are keeping under heir command. Just 
    flame them, as with all things bigger than you by a large amount. Again, just 
    kill and collect like normal. It's quite comical to see the little green mages 
    running in circles and screaming in this little whiny voice when they are about 
    to die. FUNNY! Eventually after climbing the magical steps, you will find 
    yourself at your 34th dragon, Zane. He reminds me of my gay friend Trey.
    Go left and climb up onto the wall thing they have going on here and glide 
    straight onto the platform way off into the distance. Kill all of the wizards 
    and move up the magical steps, quickly though, or they will fly out from under 
    you and you will plummet to your death below. When you finish here glide to the 
    only place you can real, kill the big fuzz ball, and continue onwards. For now, 
    your timing has to be no less than perfect. It may tale a try or two, but after 
    the wall has been up for a few seconds, start to glide. Too early or too late 
    will also send you plummeting to your death. You have to do this again, then 
    keep killing off these darned animals. They just never stop do they? As you 
    continue to climb, you will find number 36 on your list, Zander. He is awfully 
    excited to see you. After you release this dragon, look to the left, where 
    fireworks hold gems over on three different pillars off in the distance. Glide 
    to the opening in the mountain. You can make it, and when you get there dragon 
    number 37, Kelvin, is waiting for you, but run past it real quick and snatch 
    another egg from a dirty little egg thief. Also, make an extra round in the 
    direction he was heading just for the sake of not missing anything. There are 
    plenty of boxes and loose gems to pick up on the way. Once you do that, go back 
    and get the dragon, making a whole five, then dispose of the fireworks, being 
    careful not to let them explode on you of course, and carry on. You're done! 
    Just leave. 
    Once you get back to the Magic Crafters home, you should have all of your 
    friends back again, ready for round two. Knock them out again if you wish, but 
    this time, it will do you no good to kill the ones you have already received 
    gems from. Get up to the level with another egg thief and run him down to get 
    your eighth egg. These things are easy, and it will be the thing the next 
    balloonist asks you for, so lets just get the rest before we leave Magic 
    crafters shall we? The last of them are here. Moving on. Climb to the top of a 
    supercharge ram, and release Zantor, who is right next to High caves. He will 
    tell you a bit about the supercharge ramps, but as much as you may be tempted 
    to try them, not now. Go to High Caves first, and then we can use this 
    particular ramp later. 
    / High caves… \___________________________________________________________
    This is probably one of my least favorite worlds. This was one of the last ones 
    if not THE last one I finished when I needed Gnasty's Loot later on. Brrr, 
    spiders, and supercharges together sucks. Anyway, lets get going. They start 
    you off on a pretty intimidating look of the "Spider pit" as I like to call it. 
    There are spiders in there that can only be beat with a flame supercharge, or a 
    supercharge ramp. They are mean and will hurt you, so for the time being, just 
    stay away or outrun them, which if I might add is quite hard to do if you don't 
    glide at least a little. First of all, go left and kill the wizards and tornado 
    guys. Use the wider parts of the curved path on the way up. There is no way you 
    will make it all the way up at once, so take advantage of what you are provided 
    with. Cyrus is creepy dragon number 39. When you have let him go and he 
    disappears, it's time to do some fancy gliding. The moving pedestals in the 
    middle call for you. Go ahead. Fly over and flame the weirdos, just be careful 
    and keep an eye on your timing. Once you reach the other side, it's smooth 
    sailing for a while. Why, You ask? Well, to put it quite simply… fairies. They 
    are following your every move most of he way through this level, and if you 
    fall, most of the time, they will pick you up and fly you back to the top of 
    the main supercharge. Handy eh? By turning right, you can pick up number 40, 
    Ajax. (If I'm not mistaken, that is a kind of generic brand Comet bathroom 
    cleaner… is it not?) Haha. Continue on your way. Don't let he giant hairy 
    spiders distract you, although to gain one hundred percent of this world, you 
    WILL have to go in there eventually. Cross the bridge straight ahead of you, 
    and collect gems, but on your way out, glide to the area where you see chests 
    and gems waiting for you to your left. Once you are through, just jump off and 
    glide left to the egg thief. He is very much worth your time at this point. 
    There shouldn't be but a few more. When you have him, scan every inch of this 
    place he is running through. There are some tight turns, giving game makers 
    perfect corners for gems. Now take advantage of those darned fairies. They do 
    you good. Jump off and let them take you here they may, and when they lay you 
    down, CHARGE! All the way down at the bottom, there is a lip in the cliff that 
    allows you to jump in the air and glide much farther if you jump off of this 
    surface and immediately glide. Glide to the left opening, and collect some gems 
    and your next dragon, Cedric. Now, go back to the top and glide to the right 
    this time. Let the fairies take you up again after you have cleaned out this 
    area, and jump/glide to the grassy area off to the side of the right opening. 
    Another egg thief is up here, Watch out for the water, and get him now! It may 
    take a few tries, but just gliding across and anticipating where he will head 
    next is always the best maneuver in this case. Jump off one last time and let 
    the fairies do their duty. Run, but this time turn left. That spider in the 
    cave to your left is in for a surprise. I think you know what I'm getting at. 
    Just try your best to kill it, but if you fail, it's okay. Just keep your 
    charge going for as long as possible and kill as many of the different spiders 
    in every room tat you can. When you are finished, outrun the rest, collect some 
    treasure on the way if you wish, and find the fairy that gives you a flame 
    power up. When you get the power up kill the spiders that you can. It will take 
    a few tries, and one will still be left. Go back to the fairy, but when you get 
    a kiss, take a dive to the left and glide to the grassy area where all of the 
    tornados and wizards used to be. Run as fast as you can and flame the spider 
    you missed that was right at the beginning. Hurry, time runs out easily. Now, 
    go back up to the fairy one more time and let her kiss you or don't… whichever 
    suites your fancy, but when you get up there, take a sharper dive to the left 
    and land on the blue and gold checkered rooftop. The last of your boxes and 
    gems for this level are up there. Now leave. 
    Run down the super charge that is right there in front of you. This should kill 
    the magician so the wall will stop going up and down. Look around if you wish, 
    but there is only one way to get the unbreakable container by the first area of 
    small water you see. SUPERCHARGE. You have to hold your charge long enough to 
    hit it. It will break open, but while your down here, kill off all of the 
    baddies. When you go to the top, top level, make sure you get the box located 
    right by the water. You have to walk on the water's edge to receive it. That is 
    not all, however. If you glance slightly right, you will see the rock in the 
    middle of the water is less of a rock and more of a room. The back is missing, 
    so follow your instinct and glide there to grab the key to the chest you'll 
    find in this place in a minute. Collect and kill on the bottom level where the 
    balloonist lies, and go back to where you saw that dragon after breaking 
    through with the supercharge to release Boldar. Don't go into the world behind 
    him yet. You will lose the key and have to find it again when you get out, so 
    go back to the place where you encountered your second egg thief in the big 
    circle. On your way back in there, go to your right, up the supercharge, and 
    yet another blind glide to the right leads to the box. There is a chuck of the 
    wall knocked out on your right that you can glide to where your last few gems 
    lay in a locked box and an extra life. Go get them and be proud of your massive 
    accomplishment. Now head to the place behind the dragon…
    / Crystal Flight… \_______________________________________________________
    Basically, just go through the rings, the arches, flame the planes, and last 
    but not least, flame the gold chests. This one is slightly harder, and your 
    timing has to be somewhat perfect. Not a whole lot of slack to work with, but 
    still pretty easy.
    You've already killed and collected everything there is to collect, so just 
    head up to the tippy-top again, and hop into Wizard Peaks. 
    / Wizard Peaks… \_________________________________________________________
    Make your way through, remembering to check every nook and cranny. Trust me, 
    there are plenty of them. Kill and collect, and you will come to your first 
    dragon, Jarvis. Just like he says, use the super charges to your advantage. 
    From here, do just that. On the second charge up, you will want to use the 99-
    life code, no doubt. From here, this is a run/jump/glide situation. You will 
    see it. It's sort of like an island way out in the air. Go to it. It's worth 
    your time for 100% completion. There is also the second to last egg thief up 
    here. As long as you press the directional button keeping you ever so close to 
    the wall, then you may run. The egg thief isn't going anywhere fast though, so 
    I'm sure you'll have no trouble even if you choose not to risk it. Glide back 
    to the only reachable place and kill some minions, but remember, you have to 
    use the charge up for two more things. Use it to bash that unbreakable box 
    nearby, and use it one more time to get to the next island in the sky. The next 
    island in the sky is very nearby, just charge up, and take the route you took 
    to bash the box, then take a right. Just follow the path, jump, and glide. 
    Glide back when you gave collected everything from there and release Hexus, 
    your next dragon. Go onward and kill all of the baddies all the way to the top. 
    Near the top, you have your final egg to catch. YEY! All 12 eggs are now yours! 
    Hurry and get to the top! This is getting exciting. Lucus, your final dragon in 
    this world, is happy to give you some advice about a place in the Artisan home 
    that you can now access. Once you have completed the Magic Crafters world, I'll 
    remind you it's time to go there and get it over with. (The walkthrough for it 
    is in the Artisan world section in case you don't remember or never noticed.) 
    Oh, no, you are not done yet. Go back to the VERY beginning. This is the fun 
    part. Turn right when you get there, and you'll see a ledge on the outside of 
    the ice buildings. Well, what do you think it was put there for? Get moving! Be 
    sure not to fall, and carefully pick up all of the missing gems from your 
    collection. Just kind of map out where the remaining wizards stand inside and 
    glide to them. Kill tem and collect the gems near tem for your well-earned 100% 
    in this level. 
    No need to really even pause here, just jump right into Blowhard. Hehehehehe. 
    / Blowhard… \_____________________________________________________________
    This one is extremely straightforward. The wizards here are kind of tricky. No 
    matter where they are and where you are relative to one another, they can 
    always shock you if they see you. Make your way up to where the walking tornado 
    man is rising up and down and flame him. Don't walk into him or even try to 
    charge him. It won't work. When he runs off, follow him. Simply time your 
    landings, flame the magicians, and get to the cut to in the wall where your 
    next dragon, Altair, awaits to be set free once more. Continue the same pattern 
    you have been following until you are on solid ground once more. Turn left to 
    make sure not to miss anything that direction, then turn around and go the rest 
    of the way to flame him, and glide to pick up some gems and flame him again. 
    When he dies, pick up the gems and move to the last box of the Magic crafters 
    World! Just leave and you can go on with your life now.
    Right now, you should go to the Artisans Home, not the Beast Makers world, just 
    yet. Remember hat other world in the Artisan's Home? That place is by the 
    waterfall, so you just have to step on all of the stones in no particular 
    order, than you can open the wall right there that leads to Sunny Flight. If 
    I'm not mistaken, this is he next hardest one on your list. Go ahead and hop in 
    if you wish. There is nothing to lose at this point…
    / Sunny Flight… \_________________________________________________________
    This one's order is kind of tricky, and if you don't get it just right, it will 
    come back to bite you where it hurts the most. As soon as you can control this 
    fateful little dragon, make a sharp left and make a dive into the cave over 
    that direction to complete the flaming of the golden chests first. This is 
    pretty easy as long as you don't miss any. If you miss so much as one small 
    chest, you can pretty much consider yourself royally screwed. Go in a circle 
    and flame them all. There is no alternate way out, so go out the way you came 
    in, and when you see the train coming at you, flame it, and continue to flame 
    the four separate trains coming at you. When you finish the trains, go around 
    the very large rock to your right to the arches. Once you fly through just two, 
    you will have to go and shoot down all of the planes, then when you are 
    finished with that, if you have at least 12-14 seconds left on the clock, you 
    will be able to make it through all of the rings okay. It's nearly impossible 
    to get on the first time, but a few have done it. I nave have, but I get it 
    after a few, so it's pretty reliable. :p
    Now that you have completed the task of beating your third flight world, you 
    may now proceed to the Beast Makers Home world. I hate this place the most. 
    Almost all of the worlds are ridiculously hard, and takes forever to master 
    completely. This one is another one of those "collect things from the home 
    world as we go along ones". It's not that bad, but just keep track of what you 
    have, although we have all of the eggs, so it's no longer a requirement to look 
    out for them. YAY! This is a place to be cautious. As you begin to collect 
    gems, you may notice the ugly gnorcs adding electricity to a few portions of 
    the ground to make them highly dangerous. Never fails, does it? Now, this in 
    itself will make timing automatically towards the top of your list of things to 
    keep in mind. You can flame or charge the critters on the "Hotplates", but 
    either way hey will die, and you must be the one to do it before they get you. 
    When you achieve your first dragon, Bruno, then you will hear about how the 
    beautiful swamp was tarnished by the little green jerks you see running around 
    here. What a better place to start our adventure here in Beat Makers, then the 
    portal right in front of you at this point? Lets go.
    / Terrace Village… \______________________________________________________
    This place blows to high heaven, but it's a starting point. These little slime 
    balls are extremely dangerous, as they are equipped and ready for your 
    appearance today, so flame the big ones before hey fry you. When you get to the 
    little guys with tin all over them, charge into them and knock them over. It's 
    the easiest way to go. Keep moving but don't rush. Make sure you check back 
    behind the huts, which would be the left side of your screen after you kill the 
    first two purple guys. After you are sure you have everything, release Claude. 
    That should have been number 48. After releasing Claude, Go ahead and take your 
    time and keep the timing of your running and gliding in check as you keep 
    killing the baddies on the hotplates. You'll want to check left, right, and all 
    over for gems that are hidden. As you will see later, there are lots of hiding 
    places for things that you can easily overlook if you're not careful. Keep 
    following the obvious direction, and when you get your ext dragon, Cyprin, you 
    should have 49 dragons. You can collect all of the visible gems and stuff here 
    if you choose, but you will be forced to come back here if you want that 100% 
    completion, so just ignore them and save some time if you are pressed for it. 
    Head on up the stairs you see right in front of you, but don't just hop up to 
    the top just yet. Again, wait for the best time. More and more things are being 
    added to the hotplates for the sake of throwing you off the main target, the 
    green gnorcs that are making these areas dangerous. Don't forget it. Go on 
    through, but when you get to the end of the first one, look down. You will 
    probably see gems and such down there, so go. Make double time even. Like I 
    said earlier, you will walk around, eventually showing up at the bottom of the 
    stairs again, so if you forgot, or just didn't notice the giant colored gems 
    littering the ground, go ahead and get them now. No harm done. Climb back up 
    the stairs and get back to where you were. Go further than you did before, 
    killing everything in your path, and taking the whirlwind up to the top of the 
    next gliding area. When you manage to get up there, glide to the left and kill 
    the last guy on the last hotplate. He may be your last enemy, but don't think 
    you get to stop here. Once you acquire all of the gems from near the "Home" 
    whirly, then you have to get up to your last gliding point and glide again, but 
    to the right this time. To your right in that area, there are some well-hidden 
    steps up to the next level. One more blind glide to your left will take you to 
    a chain of roofs in which you will collect gems, light fireworks, and go back 
    down to get the gems form the fireworks. Once you have completed everything 
    here, you may go back. :D
    Once you eave terrace village, your next destination will be slightly to your 
    left over the next portion of bog. Destroy all of the fireworks, but don't fall 
    into the marsh. There aren't a lot of places to get away form the fireworks 
    here without running into another, so just light them one at a time to go the 
    easy route. When you get to the other side, flame the pigs and keep moving. 
    Don't go into Misty bog just yet. Your next destination will actually be the 
    next portion of land ahead of you. Walk around whichever side of the hut you 
    feel is the better way to collect the perfectly harmless gems there, accept for 
    the giant pig that is trying to take you down! AAHHHHHHH! RUN! No, just flame 
    it. Gather your findings and go to the hollow stump. Most of these around here 
    are filled with green gook, but this one doesn't. Jump down into that area. 
    Your next portal and some gems await you. Next is Wild Flight!
    / Wild Flight… \_______________________________________________________________
    It can get pretty confusing in here, but that is what I'm here for right? Go in 
    a giant circle to the right flaming the following items in order. Boat, boat, 
    fly through a ring, flame a chest, and keep going right until you see a boater 
    coming out of a tunnel. Go get him. Flame him and fly through all of the rings 
    as you get to them. When you come back out the other side of the tunnel, turn 
    left, and fly into that tunnel. As you go through, flame the golden chests, and 
    when to arrive on the other side, go up and left into the smaller tunnel. As 
    you flame all of the rest of the chests in the order you wish, get all of the 
    planes too. It's hard and might take a few tries, but never give up. It's worth 
    it in the end. 
    Next is Misty Bog. You remember where that is right?
    / Misty Bog… \_________________________________________________________________
    When you arrive in misty bog, go around the back of where you are in fact 
    standing at this moment and grab the gems, and chicken if you feel you need it. 
    Go through flaming the plants when they come after you and charging through the 
    frogs. You can flame the frogs I guess, but I wouldn't suggest it. When you 
    slow down long enough to flame them, they attack you. When you get to the 
    dragon Rosco, you need to glide to the next area where a line of shielded 
    gnorcs awaits. When you kill them all, don't go up the stumps yet. There is not 
    a way back up for quite a while, so lets get everything done here first. Go 
    back a few feet and glide to another gnorc trying to catch dinner. Glide; don't 
    just jump, up all of the stumps. Glide to the next area, being cautious of the 
    frogs of course. There are more frogs and gnorcs in there, so either take it 
    slow, flaming every frog, or just go on a rampage and lose a few hits. Whatever 
    suits you the best. Damon will be the next dragon halfway up the stairs. When 
    you get to the top, go all the way to the left until you reach the end, then 
    glide back to the only area you could possibly reach at this point. Go all the 
    way back to where you killed the line of gnorcs and turn right on the last 
    stump. You see the gnorc being chased by the pig. I chose to get in now, but 
    you can get it later if you wish. Glide there and glide back. Thank gods there 
    are no frogs for a short while. When you finally just down the stump, you will 
    see why. Kill what is there, and go forward up the stairs to free Zeke. He says 
    it simple, yet concise. Kill everything up until you get to the "Home" whirly. 
    Release Bubba, and collect everything in sight. Don't go home yet. Notice there 
    are some gems missing from your collection. That is perfectly fine, lest just 
    go get them. From here, go to the small, elevated surface just big enough for 
    Spyro and jump on it. See that thin sort of wall? Get there. See the steps made 
    out of he next wall? Get there too. As you keep climbing, you will notice more 
    stumps off in the distance. You can make it. go ahead. Glide to each one. They 
    are too far apart to just jump. When you get to the top, kill the gnorcs, and 
    collect the treasure. When you have the last of it, leave. 
    Next stop, Tree Tops. It is the hardest level in the game… or so everybody 
    says. It's the most fun for me, but at the same time, it's the hardest to 
    explain about. You should glide to the next area you have not been to, flame 
    the pig, and collect all the treasure around the tree, but before you head into 
    tree tops, it would be wise to finish up the home world. First off, go through 
    the tunnel-like thing separating the two areas. Get all of your gems together. 
    Now, lets get the rest of the gems and the key to the locked chest on the 
    bottom level. To the right of where you arrived in this area, climb onto the 
    elevated electrical hot plate. And go through three of them, timing being a 
    number one priority here, and get the rest of he gems by our new specimen, 
    Metalhead. Hehehe. (I'm hungry, and I want a burger) Now, scale the giant 
    building to your right until there are no more steps. Go all the way to the 
    right of here. There are no gems on the other side. No use checking. Glide to 
    the huge stump out in the water. It should be a perfect glide if you do it 
    right. Collect everything on all of the stumps, and hopefully when you glide 
    back to land you will be short a few. Unlock the chest bellow and there you 
    are. The last one is by the balloonist, which you can get now, or when you 
    leave. I'd get it now, but it's up to you. Now that you have finished 
    Beastmakers home, there are just two more worlds to go here. Tree Tops is 
    first. Here we go!
    / Tree Tops… \_________________________________________________________________
    As soon as you start off, you will notice the ever so nimble little egg thieves 
    are back to their normal business, but this time they hold purple gems. In this 
    level, we have bigger and better things to hurt you with. The bunch of bananas 
    the small dudes throw at you will hurt you no matter what you do to try and 
    stop them, so just ump over them. Simple enough. The bigger ones with the huge 
    arms, however, are less violent and will just kick you if you get too close. 
    You can charge or flame the small ones, and you can only flame the large ones. 
    Go on through the main direction and kill everything until you see another 
    thief. This red one is the only other one in this level. To get him, follow him 
    and kill everything in your path and climb the steps quickly. Release Isaak at 
    the top and go on your merry way. When you get to the top, charge as fast as 
    you can down the slope. When you get to the end, jump, but DO NOT GLIDE all the 
    way to a ramp to the far right. Charge up it and all the way to the end through 
    a tunnel to another ramp to your right. Go down that whole ramp, and when you 
    get to the end, jump, and when you think you have enough height, you may want 
    to glide the rest of the way to the UPPER part of this pretty big island. 
    Collect the treasure and kill the thief for a purple gem. Now, lets work on the 
    rest. Jump down and gather everything near the whirly to go home and jump in 
    the whirlwind to go back to the ramp behind you. When you get to the top, take 
    a small left and glide back to that ramp. Go back to the top where you first 
    started to get the rest of the stuff in here. When you go through, keep to your 
    left, and when you get to the room with the windows on the left, jump through 
    the second one and charge across to kill the little heathen hiding out back 
    here. When you do, you will notice a whole bunch of stuff you have been 
    missing. Well, go on tiger, gather it up. Once you have done so, go to the top, 
    grab the extra life, and turn around and glide to release the next quite 
    visible dragon, Lyle. Now it's time for the little yellow creep. In that grassy 
    area you should still be in, charge down the ramp, and land on the little 
    island right in front of you, but don't bother with it for now. You can come 
    back later to get things on it. Make an extremely sharp right, and keep 
    charging all the way to the next super charge that should now be straight ahead 
    of you. Run all the way down that, and don't lose it. When you jump off the end 
    here, you have to go right again. Going up this one and jumping right will 
    cause you to build more momentum on this one, but when you jump off of this 
    one, it's the real thing. You make it or you don't. It's a long jump/glide, but 
    it's very possible. When you are through gathering your booty and releasing 
    Jed, go back to the whirlwind and go back to collect the things you may have 
    missed and whatnot. I'll point out that the key for the locked chest on the ay 
    to the red thief is right on the middle of your path on the way to the yellow 
    thief. When you are done getting all of the odds and ends, continue your 
    journey elsewhere. Leave. 
    When you get back to home, go to Metalhead, up by the balloonist, and head to 
    your last adventure here in Beastmakers. 
    / Metalhead… \_________________________________________________________________
    When you get here, one of the first things to see is the new sheets of metal 
    these clever little beasts have now learned to use. They are now protected yet 
    still as dangerous as they previously were. Now, you must charge them only. The 
    big guys still need a good hard flame, but nothing to spectacular. Collect and 
    kill, but watch out for the rolling little ones. They hurt like a paper cut, 
    not much, just annoying. As you go along, check every nook and cranny for 
    random gems or boxes. Keep either dodging or charging the rolling baddies, and 
    just collect and kill. Go around the corner close to the end and free Sadiki. 
    He explains your next task is to kill the giant monster in here. It's easy, so 
    lets put it off shall we? Go back around the corner. By looking around, you can 
    probably see chests, boxes, and a whirlwind that you haven't used yet. Take a 
    blind fall/glide down to your left. You will see a platform to land on if you 
    hug the left wall. When you reach the bottom, glide through to the next area 
    and climb, kill, and collect. Get everything form both sides, climb the stairs, 
    collect the key, and find the whirlwind to ride to get to the rooftops via the 
    whirlwind and gliding. Now, when you are ready, go to the place where you 
    released Sadiki and make your way into the place where you might break the 
    metalhead. Go in, and when he starts to attack you, get behind his pillars to 
    make him break his own pillars, but don't let him hit you. It may take some 
    practice, but it is well worth it. Do this in both rooms, and your all set to 
    collect the rest, break open the locked chest, and move on. When you achieve 
    this, leave. 
    Go to the balloonist, who will commend you for bringing back so many dragons. 
    Just make him shut up and go to the Dreamweavers home world. These worlds are 
    going to be fun. :D
    This world is extremely neat. I love it. It might just be my favorite. Lets 
    complete the home world first, just so it doesn't get too tricky. First, 
    collect and kill. The big brown ones, you can just flame. The ones with metal 
    armor are easy. The guy in the middle controlling the gun either has a set 
    timer he is one or just when you get near one, they will get smaller, and you 
    can just punt them off the side of the cliff. Lateef should be your first 
    dragon, or at least one of them. It is in a very obvious place, through the 
    first archway you come to the right of the big armor covered guys who will not 
    shrink. Lol. They are funny as crap aren't they? When you get back there, kill 
    the three that get bigger and smaller all of the time and glide to your 
    immediate right and climb the stairs to collect treasure form the front of 
    Jacques and in front of the balloonist. Go back down and continue onward. Glide 
    to the next area and kill all three little and/or big dudes. Take the 
    whirlwinds up to the top and manipulate the big beings into smaller ones. Now, 
    go get Zikomo. There is only 20 more dragons to go. YAY! It sounds great. When 
    you have gotten that far, jump and glide to the next area by the castle and 
    kill and collect. Release Mazi too. Little flame-happy Spyro is ready to kill 
    some more gnorcs. Awwww. The "Fool" with the clock on him should be flamed or 
    charged to get him to do something whether it be lower a twisty thing, or 
    create a new path, or whatever they call for. Flame him and jump on the 
    spinning thing that has been lowered for a green gem and an extra life. At this 
    point you may be hurting for one. The whirlwinds behind you lead you to the 
    very beginning, so go back to where the two big armored dummies were and get 
    them out of the way, and climb. When you get to the "Fools", flame them and 
    climb the things they provide you with. The rest is pretty much self-
    explanatory. If you are missing a few gems, check the sides of the castle near 
    Haunted Towers. There is ten gems on one side and I think four or five on the 
    other. Go back to the very beginning and jump into Dark Passage.
    / Dark Passage… \______________________________________________________________
    To start out, just follow the past and make sure to flame or charge the 
    "Puppies" and "Cute little panda bears" when the fool has the light lit, but 
    you can buy extra time by turning him into a light by attacking his in any way. 
    Follow the path until your reach the first whirlwind. Kasiya should be number 
    62, for all you folks at home who are counting. It's hard to understand him 
    sometimes, but he gives you the oh so helpful advise to attack the fools after 
    you had to use that skill to get to him. ::Sigh:: What a dolt. Keep following 
    the path and use the advice Kasiya gave you if you wish. Azizi is next on your 
    list of dragons and number 63 for everyone else. This place is actually very 
    self-explanatory. Honestly, if you need my help, email me, but I'm probably 
    going to be vague for the rest of this, for time's sake. When you get to the 
    middle of the room, release the dragon Bakari. He is very confident in you, and 
    that is a good thing. Great, now, face the way of the unbreakable chest where 
    you just came from. Downward, to your right just a tad, there is a hole I the 
    wall that you have not been to yet. Just down, and wait until you think you can 
    reach, and glide in there. When you get there, don't go to the whirlwind to 
    your right. It just leads back to the main area you've already walked way to 
    far on. As you go along, kill and collect everything in your path. It doesn't 
    even hurt to stock up on some butterflies while you have the chance. 
    Eventually, you will run out of places to go, so again, look below you. You'll 
    see what I'm talking about. Glide there, and charge the line of pups. You will 
    come to a place where two giant pandas stop you, but the fool is… well, a fool 
    for lack of a better word and forgot how to turn on his lantern, so go ahead 
    and remind him how much fun it is to be one. Then you can kill the bears after 
    you have done that. Apara is standing encased at the top of the whirlwind and 
    to the side. This is getting old I'm sure, so just keep going. It will be worth 
    it. Do I really need to tell you where everything is. You are big kids, go for 
    it for once. Obasi is also waiting up here somewhere near the edge, so get him 
    as well. Get a walking start and glide to the area to the right of the mountain 
    that you can see blue gems by. We're almost done now. Ride the whirlwind up, 
    light the fuse to the rocket, and collect the booty. Now that you have 
    everything in here, leave.

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