Review by Dragongeezer

Reviewed: 01/03/07

A good start to a great trilogy

Spyro the Dragon is the first game in the Spyro series, developed by Insomniac, the only ones who knew how to make a Spyro game work. As an introduction to the Spyro games it introduced the little purple dragon who is now on a quest to rescue his crystallized dragon friends and collect the stolen treasure and defeat the primary antagonist Gnasty Gnorc in the process.

So, that's all very well, but how fun is this game to play? Well, quite frankly, it couldn't be better. The controls are all very simple to master with no ridiculously complicated special attacks, and once you've got the grip of it(which will be very quickly)it is tremendous fun headbutting enemies, supercharging around the place and gliding from platform to platform, and you will have trouble trying to pull yourself away from the game. It is very addictive indeed, if at times a little too easy, such as the boss levels. Each boss would probably be defeated the first time they were encountered unless the player was very unlucky. Even the final boss is easy to defeat and there can be no denial that this game isn't that challenging, although it does have some very difficult bits e.g. finding the last gem or working out the Supercharge combination to get to the last crystal dragon. As for the camera, it is absolutely perfect and very easy to use, much better than using the right analog stick to control it. This camera system of using the shoulder buttons just could not be better and it is one of the best things about this game, and, in fact, the whole trilogy. It is also very easy to see your progress, merely by checking your Inventory as it will show the percentage you are, the amount of dragons and gems you have in each level and how many dragons and gems you have in total.

As for the plot, it's so-so. A lowly troublemaker named Gnasty Gnorc is living in the junkyard of the Dragon Kingdom and he is insulted on TV by the dragons. So he uses some magic he stumbled upon to turn the dragons into crystal and the gems into warriors, so Spyro, the only dragon who wasn't hit by this spell has to head off the rescue the dragons and restore the treasure. Very simple idea, but it's enough for the player to want to keep playing and it certainly doesn't spoil the game one bit. And while the idea may be a little simple, it is rather unique and rather suitable in an unusual sort of way.

The music and graphics are actually superb. The levels each have a different tune that fits in perfectly and all the different worlds Spyro travels to look mesmerizing and not one world could be honestly classed as boring, dull, or monotonous and from your first sight of each level you travel to, you immediately want to explore and discover all the secrets it conceals.

Where Spyro the Dragon suffers is the replay ability. It is a wonderful experience completing this game, but once you're 100% complete, you will find little more to do. Of course you would not want to start the game over immediately and you may find the game rather dull once you have everything. After a little while you may think back on this game and remember how fun it was to complete and start over again and have great fun once more, but you would certainly not feel like this right away.

I'm sure Spyro fans would greatly enjoy this game as it has most elements that Spyro requires and is the first of the few Spyro games that are actual masterpieces.

All in all, Spyro the Dragon is a very good game that is definately worth buying, that is, if you are ready for a charming, colourful game that is not too challenging and would not be played again right away. It is pretty much the perfect beginning game for the Playstation console and would be excellent to introduce you to gaming, particularly platforming games, and if parents were buying a Playstation for their children, this would be the perfect game to come with it.

Final Marks

Gameplay: 9/10
Story: 6/10
Music: 10/10
Graphics: 9/10
Replay Ability: 6/10

Total Marks: 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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