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"Dragons Are Great Creatures"

Spyro the Dragon debuted back on the Playstation shortly after Crash Bandicoot's great success. To many gamers surprise, Spyro is a great and fun platformer, similar to the likes of Crash Bandicoot. The premise behind it is simple, which is one of the things that make the game so fun. The Playstation is a system with a lot of great platformers, Spyro being one of those in its repertoire.

Graphics -
The graphics in the game are simple and work just fine. The game revolves around dragons, which are interesting creatures, and each one is nicely rendered with great detail. The environments range from small to relatively large, and each one is varied in its design. None of them are really anything special, though the simplistic design is what makes it so great.

With the onset of each new world, there are new levels, new architecture, and new enemies, throwing at you tons of variety. The cinematics are nicely done, and created with the actual in game graphics. Even though there is nothing too fancy about the graphics, there is enough variety in them to keep you entertained throughout the course of the game.
Rating – 8/10

Spyro the Dragon is a simple platformer in which you explore each level to find the items. You must free the imprisoned dragons in each world and recover the stolen dragon treasure. The game is by no means difficult, even to fully complete everything. That is one of the huge pluses of the game though. It is so easy to just pick it up, that anybody could play it if they wanted. In each level, you must jump, glide, charge, and breath fire upon friend and foe to traverse the lands.

In addition to the tradition adventuring through the levels, there are flying levels. In each flying level, you are tasked with obtaining a set of four objects, each with a set number of the object. These flying levels are fun, and a bit of a challenge from the regular game. There are multiple ways to complete each one, offering you some fun each time you play them.

Each level is varied nicely, with new design ideas and concepts in each world. Each world is centered around a central theme somewhat, even though some levels tend to stray from the concept. All in all though, they are different enough to be fun throughout the entire game, offering quite an entertaining experience. Each world is divided into a hub stage, with regular levels, flying levels, and boss levels branching off from each. Overall, Spyro is a fun platformer that everyone can enjoy.
Rating – 9/10

You play Spyro, a young dragon within the kingdom of dragons. One day, Gnasty Gnorc brings his horde of gnorcs into your world and imprisons the dragon society. You are the only one left, and with the help your dragonfly Sparx, you set out to free the dragons and recover the stolen treasure. There really isn't much to the story of this game, which is slightly disappointing, although most platformers tend to run dry in this category anyway.
Rating – 6/10

Sound -
The music in this game is simplistic as well, not a surprise. The background music is nicely done, and fits the world you are in. There are multiple effects everywhere, which offers a nice bit of detail into each level. The overall effects are nothing really special, but they work just fine. Unfortunately, they can get a bit annoying, especially the fire-breathing sound that is made every time you breath fire. It's simple and works, which is fine for this game.
Rating – 7/10

Replayability -
This game is rather simple, so it shouldn't take you too long to finish. There are six worlds, each with a multitude of levels. Each level contains dragons to free, treasure to recover, and some even have stolen dragon eggs. Once you obtain every bit of treasure and find all the dragons, you are treated to a bonus stage, which is a blast to play in my opinion. Spyro is one of those games that you will most likely want to play more than once, just because it is fun to play.
Rating – 8/10

Overall -
Everything behind Spyro the Dragon is really simple. The graphics are basic, the gameplay is way too easy at times, the story is lacking, the music can get repetitive, and the replay value dies off eventually. In the end though, it is a great platformer, another one for the Playstation to stand beside Crash Bandicoot.
Rating – 8 + 9 + 6 + 7 + 8 = 38/50 -> 8/10

Buy or rent-
This game is great, and everybody should own it. If you like platforming games, you will definitely not be disappointed by this one. Especially considering the cheap price you could probably find this game for, everybody should experience this great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/23/07

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