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"A stunning game."

Game Play-8/10

The game play in Spyro the Dragon is pretty neat, it is just your average platformer, except with different objectives and weapons, or means of destroying the enemies. This game is in 3-D, so that is something. I like pretty much any platformer. The controls are a little rickety and slippery, but you will get what you want in Spyro the Dragon, whether it is an enemy or a gem or just another level entrance. But are not platformers, and games in general, supposed to be challenging. One thing that bugs me is that this game had like no minigames, unlike Spyro 2 or Crash Bandicoot: WARPED. But that is a different day, and two different reviews.


The music in Spyro the Dragon is pretty forgettable, unlike the music in Spyro 2. The voice acting in Spyro the Dragon is excellent, I would not say the voice acting was as good as Curse of Monkey Island or Escape From Monkey Island, but it gets the job done. I really like Spyro's voice, it sounds very young and spunky, I think those are the correct words to describe it. The sound effects are pretty nice sounding too. They are a sound for sore ears, and that is the first time I have ever heard anyone use that kind of description.


The graphics in Spyro the Dragon are awesome. You will be stunned by the lush and realtistic landscapes. The dragons you save could look more different. A lot of the dragons you save look alike. But the level design is very original, and some of the secrets in Spyro the Dragon will psych you out. I had a very hard time beating Spyro the Dragon, but the feeling of accomplishment is worth the challenge in the end. Everything in Spyro the Dragon is colorful and stunning, I could hardly believe how beautiful everything in Spyro the Dragon looks like, I was in awe, seriously I was.

Overall-9/10 (Not An Average)

Overall, Spyro the Dragon is a great buy at a twenty buck Greatest Hits price. This game is not for kids, this requires much more patience and control. You really should get Spyro the Dragon. And that is my final, and yes I mean final, answer. Spyro the Dragon deserves a nine-out-of-ten simply because of the little detaails. So pick up Spyro the Dragon, or Spyro 2, today.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/27/00, Updated 05/20/02

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