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After Insomniac games released Disruptor for the original PlayStation, they were landed a three game contract with Universal Interactive Studios. The company director Ted Price had always wanted to make a game about a dragon, and thus was born a phenomenon that was Spyro the Dragon. Spyro is a 3D platforming adventure. It is far from the best Spyro game (in my opinion,) but it is still an instant classic that is a candidate for greatest game mascot of all time. Many innovative game features can almost send Crash Bandicoot running for mommy. But let's talk about why the first installment in this epic series unfortunately can not pull that off.

//::-- Story --::\\
The story is a hybrid orc/gnome called Gnasty Gnorc gets angered when the dragons insult him on a documentary style video. Due to his anger he casts a spell on all of the dragons that turns them into crystal. He also uses a spell that turns most of the dragon's treasure into an army of his minions. Unfortunately, for him, he somehow missed Spyro. The are no cutscenes in the game except for when you release a dragon from its captivation. As you may notice, it is very basic and forgettable. Still it is not completely terrible, and can't kill the whole game.
Score: 6/10

//::-- Graphics --::\\
So far in history, the only game company that could pull of better graphics in a game than this game was RareWare. Also, considering that this game was released in 1998, this game is just about as boss as it could get graphicly. (Take that Harry Potter 2!).
Score: 10/10

//::-- Music --::\\
This game isn't the best in a Spyro game, but it is still great. Stewart Copeland, the drummer from The Police, composed the soundtrack for the first three Spyro games. The soundtrack is lively, kid-friendly, and atmospheric. A couple of tunes I didn't like were the music of Terrace Village, Misty Bog, Lofty Castle, Ice Cavern, and Twilight Harbour.
Score: 8.5/10

//::-- Gameplay --::\\
Spyro is a 3D platformer in which you must collect jewels, dragons, and eggs. You can bust open a box or a metal crate to get more gems. You can attack enemies to get more gems. Your two attacks are charge and flame. If you see a trail of flashing arrows, you can do a supercharge which lets you charge large enemies, which will normally make you flame them. You can also glide by pressing X twice. To attack metal things you must charge them. If you attack an enemy you have already defeated, you will obtain an orb which, if you collect enough, you will gain an extra life. The gameplay is fresh, new, innovative, and easy to handle with the controls. The camera has two options. Active and passive. In active mode, the camera is slow and sometimes uncenter. That can be fixed with the L2 and R2 buttons. Active mode is quick and is alway right on target. I prefer passive so that you can see the gems around you and you don't have to circle back as much. The only problem is that there are too many levels. There are 36.
Score: 9.5/10

//::-- Bosses --::\\
These bosses are the worst bosses in a platformer. They are no challenge, and don't take any time to figure out what to do. They are pathetic. Enough said.
Score: 2:10

//::-- Overall --::\\
Overall this game is amazing and I recommend it to any friend of platforming. You may even like it if you are a fan of other genres.
Overall: 7.2/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/21/11

Game Release: Spyro the Dragon (Greatest Hits) (US, 08/23/99)

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