Review by Xa4

Reviewed: 10/23/01 | Updated: 10/23/01

simple, short but good 3D platform game

In this game, you are spyro, a young dragon who must save his friends from Gnasty Gnork and retrieve the legendary dragon treasure.

It's a 3D platform game, with great freedom of movement (unlike games like crash bandicoot which are mostly linear)

Now, the review

Graphics : 16/20

The graphics are above par : technically, they're not really impressive, but they're done with style (with an ultra-cutish style, to be precise). Everything is bright and colorful. Spyro and his foes are also fairly well animated, and some visual humor appear on a few occasions.

Sound : 14/20

The sound effects are basic but have the advantage that they never get annoying. Music is also ultra-cute and fairly entertaining. There is minimal voice acting whenever you save a dragon, but those spoken passages are really too short to say wether they're made with or without talent.

Gameplay : 15/20

Nothing revolutionary here, it's very standard 3D platform gaming but everything works perfectly : controls are very close to flawless, levels are classically but cleverly designed. Difficulty is quite low, so the frustration factor is kept to a minimum. Spyro has only a minimal set of available moves : charging and breathing fire, but never does the game give you the feeling that gameplay is limited.
some foes can be defeated by both methods, while others can only be defeated one way. One of the objectives of the game is to collect the highest number of gems. These can be found lying on the ground, when enemies are defeated or in various kinds of chests.
Spyro also has limited flying abilities, which are used to access otherwise unreachable areas.

Life span : 12/20

As I said above, spyro is pretty easy. the +/- 25 levels will keep you challenged for about 15 hours, no more. Of course, once the game is complete, you can always try to get a perfect score (100%) by saving everyone and collecting all the gems and this will unlock a ''secret'' level. Unlike other games, trying to reach that perfect score is not as dull a task as it sounds and can improve the game's life by, say, 10 additional hours.

Fun factor : 16/20

Somehow, I don't know exactly why, but I like this game a lot. Maybe it's the child in me, who knows ? I would recommend it to every platformer enthusiasts, especially now that it's available on budget. It's certainly better than crash bandicoot, although not half as long/difficult

Overall score : 73%

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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