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"A great game that will entertain for hours at a time."

Gameplay - Very nice and smooth Gameplay. You cn change the camera using the L1 and the R1 button so you can see everywhere. The reason I give this part a 9 is because at certian camera angles you can see when an enemy is coming up behind you otherwise no flaws. The gliding ability is very straight forward and you will master it with in minutes. You will also have to watch out for your little conpanion, Sparks. Sparks is a dragonfly. He keeps watch over you. When he is gold that means you have full life, when he is blue it means you have been hit once adnwhen he is green it means you have been hit twice. After green he is gone. You will learn more about sparks in the game. This is just a review. I give this section a 9.

Story - This is the story of the whole game. In the beginning, the five Dragon families lives in their five dragon worlds in harmony. Their lives were very peaceful... untill the day a Gnorc broke the rules (gasp!). Gnasty Gnorc began to fool around with magic spells. After a while he found the 2 he wanted. Those two would turn all of the dragons to stone and all of the gems to his warriors. Gnasty Gnorc did just that. He froze all of the dragons except for little Spyro... Now Spyro, the unfrozen dragon must travel to all 5 worlds and Gnasty Gnorcs worlds and rescue all of the dragons, get many gems and toast Gnorc's hide. I give this section a 9.

Audio/Video - The graphics in this game are impressive. They arent real in depth but they get the job done. They go along with the theme. The music blends very well eith the graphics to give a nice mellow type of play. When you play you will feel relaxed and all of the things won't surprise you. I give this section a 9.

Replayability - This game is GREAT to replay. There are so many side things to do. You can see how many gems you can get, explore new passages and try to get all of the dragons (you don't need them all to beat the game). There are 14000 gems in the game. Can you get them all? After you play it a few times it is a snap but it never gets old. I give this section a 10!

To buy or to rent? - This is definitly a game to buy. If you want to spend less just rent it becuase you can beat it in about 2 days if you are good. But if you want to get everything, kill every enemy, bet every jewl then... you should but it. It will take you moths to get everything here.

That is pretty much it for this review. I hope yu enjoy ths game as much as I did becasue it is GREAT! There is also 2 other games beside this for the PlayStation but this one is a classic.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/05/02, Updated 03/05/02

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