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"Absolutely Wonderful"

Spyro the Dragon- One of the best Playstation platformers ever. In my opinion, it easily excels the likes of Crash Bandicoot, and the story is a light-hearted and extremely funny. This game promises a fun time, and anyone can play this game with ease. This game has all the essential ingredients necessary to make a great game, and then some. A true classic, and a must buy for any Playstation owners.

Graphics- 8/10

Colorful and imaginative environments are in every level of this eye-pleasing platformer. The environments are big and cleverly designed, and have many areas that can hide the gems, and makes you hunt for them. The character models are original, but not too detailed, and the dragons vary in voices and design. The cartoonish style of the game really brought out the kid in me, and I enjoyed this game like few I ever have.

Sound- 9/10

Wow, the voices are actually good quality, something rarely found in many games today. The sessions where a dragon gives advice to Spyro are quite memorable and clever, partly due to the sometimes comical voices. The game's music also gives a sense of entertainment, but it is a little too kiddy for my tastes. The game's overall sound is very well done, and it really added to the fun.

Gameplay- 10/10

Simplistic, yet easy-to-learn controls are the name of this game. Spyro has a limited but effective repertoire of moves, but they get the job done. Jumping is well done, and the flight stages are just awesome. There are also gems to collect, and it is a challenge to find all the gems in the game. You gain health by killing sheep/fodder, which then turn into butterflies, which your companion eats. The overall gameplay really added to the fun of this game.

Story- 10/10

It isn't the most complicated story ever, but it is a clever and fun one. Gnasty Gnorc takes control of all the dragons by turning them into crystal, and it is up to you to save the dragon race. You go around and can release dragons, and collect gems. The name of the villain reminded me of Donkey Kong Country, a game which I really enjoyed. Which brings me to my next point, the story is a little kiddy, but it really doesn't hurt the game too much.

Fun Factor- 10/10

This game is amazingly fun, and it is one of the best platformers available today. The atmosphere really adds to the entertainment, and kids will absolutely love this game. Some parts of the game are utterly addictive, and I found that to be a major time-killer.


I don't recommend renting this game. Why? Because once you start playing, you won't be able to stop. Then you are going to go out and get the game, and you will have wasted 5 bucks renting the game in the first place. The only exception to not buy this game is if you don't have a Playstation, because there really is no excuse to not purchase this game if you do have one.

Overall- 10/10

This game is a legendary platformer, and is a true classic. It is a little short game time and a little easy, but this game is too good to ignore. Absolutely wonderful.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/22/02, Updated 06/22/02

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