Review by Lathander

"A very rewarding game"

I came to play this game some weeks ago and was fascinated. A very good jump-and-run.

Story (5/10)
Who cares about story in a jump-and-run game? In the beginning the dragons live peacefully together and then the evil Gnasty Gnok comes and turns all the dragons in crystal statues. All - except Spyro, of course! So now your job is to find all the dragons and rescue them. You also have to find 12000 jewels and about 16 eggs.

Controls (8/10)
The controls are simple and learned fast. You soon know all the moves the dragon has and you can use them in a proper way. Only sometimes I thought that the controls might have been a little more precise but they are okay the way they are. I didn´t use a dual shock gamepad so I am not sure how the vibration function is worked into the game and how good the analog control is working.

Graphics (7/10)
The graphics are very good for this platform game that was released in 1999. They are 3D-worlds which differ very much. The enemies are various, the bosses funny and every one plays differently.

Sound (8/10)
Well, I didn´t find the music in the game disturbing, so it was not that bad at all. I will not remember any of the music. But I liked the voices. After you free a dragon you will hear some words from him and several times Spyro will say something as well. I like Spyro´s voice.

Fun (10/10)
You have more than 30 levels, in each you can find some dragons and 100-500 jewels. You also have to find several dragon eggs. So you have to find A LOT to complete the game with 100%! It is a very rewarding game: You will not leave a level without of having collected everything. And in the end, I completed the game perfectly.

The bonus stages are a lot of fun as well: Spyro flies through a world and has to complete several quests: Shoot planes, fly through rings, etc.

Challenge (8/10)
Spyro is not a too difficult game. I completed it without too many problems. It is a relaxing game.

Replayability (4/10)
Once you get through the whole game with 120% you will not play it again. But until you get this score, it will take many, many hours...

Overall (9/10)
For today, this game might be a little old. There are no special moves, Spyro can´t swim and so on. But it still is a lot of fun. I already started Spyro 2, after that I will play Spyro 3...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/22/02, Updated 09/22/02

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