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"Adventure gaming doesn't get much better than this!"


I have heard that the game uses the PSX technology to its absolute fullest. Great visuals, outstanding scenery, and you can see more than an eye's length away into the environment. Strong graphics in every area, from the backgrounds to the enemies and it is very smooth, never choppy.

SOUND: 100

Another perfect score. Good music which is in fact very fitting to the background. Each different enemy (some may be the same but with different weapons) makes his own unique dying sound. Tons of depth in this area.


This is where the game hits a soft spot. You may think hey, that's what an adventure game is all about, but 3 out of the 6 worlds are very easy, and can be played through in less than an hour (all three of them).


Almost perfect, a few picky flaws here and there. The load times are excellent and very brief, and there are no video sequence interruptions since the story is played throughout your adventure. The buttons may not be perfectly responsive here and there, but otherwise the control is perfect. The enemies are well designed; some can only be killed by a horn charge if he is armored, and some of the bigger enemies can only be successfully attacked by flame. This is no game of Quake; there are many times where you have to use your head. It falls short of perfect because of the camera angles; even in the active camera mode sometimes it fails to give you a good view, and bad views do cost you. Another little glitch is the annoying fact that when you save to a memory card at a save point, you don't return to the point, instead to the level's beginning. This creates no real problem, because the levels are nice and short, also well designed. There are 6 worlds; each has some 5-6 mini levels, and to advance a world you must achieve a certain goal. There are world transporters, that can also return you to any previous world, but this is where a flawless life getting strategy can be discovered. You see, everyone you kill gives you a gem, but if you kill them again after they reappear due to your absence, they give you a 1/20th of a life if you attack them. This allows you to travel back to the first world from another world, and continually get lives. Some other annoying things are the rare but happening high frustration level when you attempt to jump over cliffs and miss (jumping is HARD), but all in all, this game is immensly fun and will give you hours of satisfaction. The game may be too easy for a veteran to adventure gaming.


Buy it, by now it should be around $15-20. Or, you could save a few bucks and rent it and finish it in 2 days (it is addictive enough to happen).

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/26/99, Updated 11/26/99

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