Review by CChan

"A great addition to your Playstation games!"

Spyro the Dragon is another game that I liked the most because of its very, very nice graphics, cool musics and a great game!

Graphics – 9
Say ‘Hi' to these amazing graphics. These high-quality graphics are made of high-resolution and very detailed graphics. In this 3D world, there are many cheerful colours added too.

Musics – 9
The musics are nice and cool. These ‘can-be' soft, loud, booming and exciting background musics are surely too add confidence in you.

Gameplay – 10
Totally stunning! Spyro the Dragon is on its quest to safe the rest of the ‘statued' dragons by the evil one. While on its fun-time journey, there are sure to be lots of challenging enemies to fight with lots of levels to complete. This cute dragon can collect items and there is also a dragonfly flying beside him, acting as his HP. Most of his adventure are to restore the 'statued' dragons and to find secrets to help him open the gateway to the next level!

Replayability – 8
As there are not many things to do once you complete the game, you will not play with this game. But, I'm sure you'll miss this game!

Overall – 9
This stupendous game will be a great addition to your Playstation games! So quick, you know what to act, right? Buy this game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/25/00, Updated 01/25/00

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