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"Fun 3D platformer, though the massive levels seem too empty in places"

Right from the start, it's easy to tell that this game is going to be extremely fun. You may spend a few minutes wondering around the huge main world, just bashing into all the enemies, and exploring around the beautifully detailed level. Should you bump into a dragon, he will give you help on what to do in the game, all spoken in speech. When you are ready you can exit through one of the portals in order to get to a level. The first thing you may notice is the gigantic size of a level. Each level has its own different enemies, secrets and things to do. It's just so fun to explore around the levels, finding different objects along the way.

The only problem as far as game play is concerned, is the lack of things to do in a level. There are no real tasks to solve, such as accomplishing objectives. For this reason, the levels feel extremely empty, with nothing to do apart from collecting gems and rescuing dragons. But, just because there is not much to do in the levels, doesn't make this a boring game. Finding all of the gems and dragons in each level is not only difficult, but is extremely fun as well. The levels are huge, but yet each one is different from the other.

There are over twenty levels in the game, not including the bonus levels where you have to accomplish certain objectives within a certain time in order to complete the level. There are gems to find, sometimes up to 400 gems in a level. There are dragons to rescue, some of which are hidden in extremely difficult places. There are a few puzzles to find, which is usually runs along the lines of finding a key to open a chest, or rescuing an egg from a thief. This game is huge, there is just so much to do, and it's just great fun! This game will last absolutely ages.

The graphics are amazing. Spyro is drawn extremely well, and each of his movements is animated brilliantly. There is a different animation on Spyro for every movement, whether he is walking, running, flaming or jumping, the animation is always smooth and controlled. The enemies and dragons in the game are also remarkably well drawn and animated. The objects in the game, such as trees, waterfalls and rocks, are very detailed, but also never seem to lose disappear even when Spyro is on the other side of the level. The backgrounds are drawn nicely, and all of the graphics suit the game very well.

There are more than enough sound effects in Spyro the Dragon, such as the sounds when Spyro runs, or when the sheep bounce all over the level, or the trembling sound of the enemies when Spyro goes close to them, each of these sound effects are different and original from the other sound effects in the game. There are hundreds of speech effects, most of which are from the dragons which have been imprisoned around the worlds. The music in the game is slow, yet suits this type of game perfectly. There are literally hundreds of music and sound effects, and they all seem to fit in very well with the game.

The graphics in Spyro the Dragon are incredible. Nothing seems to go out of shape or disappear, even when Spyro is on the other side of the level. The game is easy to get used to, and it is great fun just to explore around the levels. There is so much to do in the game, such as finding gems, rescuing the dragons and solving the occasional puzzle, that the last ability factor is also high. Overall, apart from some of the levels feeling just a bit empty, Spyro the Dragon is a great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/18/00, Updated 01/10/04

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