Is there a way to beat dias in tournament of arms?

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    akiman1985 - 8 years ago

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  1. You can "Defeat him" but you can't "win" the tournament. I am not 100% sure, but I'd have to guess that it's only possible by cheating, which is the only way I've been able to do it. (defeat him that is)

    When you fight Dias in the tournament, he has 8000 hp, despite how it shows 2500 when he isn't fighting Claude. Also, his hp fully regenerates every second. This means the only way to kill him is to land one hit which deals more than 8000 damage. Also, spells and elemental attacks will not work, as he absorbs every element. Also, all of his other stats (by that I mean besides Hp/Mp) all depend on Claude's stats (or maybe your party's stats if you're cheating). If you come in there at level 20 and have like 1500 hp, dias will do between 400/600 per hit. If you come in there level 255 with maxed stats and hp, he will deal between 4999-9999 per hit depending on your battle skills. Basically what I'm trying to say is that no matter what he will kill you in 2/3 hits. He is also extremely hard to hurt. He will parry 80% of your attacks and 19% of your attacks will do 0 damage. That rare instance where you actually hit him for damage will be the killing blow (assuming your attack rating is high enough to crit for at least 8000)

    I cheated and used claude, rena, noel, and ashton level 255, with over 9999 in all stats besides luck and guts, with all the best CoT equipment against dias in the tournament. It usually takes me about five minutes of whacking away at him while buffed with angel feather and bless and whatnot for me to land a hit on him and end the battle. It is made easier if you let one party member die and let the remaining ones attack while in rage mode. (This makes your hit % increase exponentially, I'd kill him in 1-2 hits while in rage mode.)

    The only other way I've been able to damage him is again to cheat by equipping claude with the levantine sword, seraphic garb, and all the rest of the best equipment in the game. Then I would enter the battle, be hurt until I have 1 hp remaining, at which point I would receive 0 damage from dias attacks. The point of this is that having low hp brings out the best defense rating of the seraphic garb, AND the best attack rating from the levantine sword. At that point, I was able to deal 18 damage per hit to Dias (which won't kill him due to his hp regeneration but I thought it was nice to be able to knock him back/stun/peep him)


    For winning, you get 5,000 exp, & 60,000 fol. It then will fade out to the arena where it shows claude and dias at opposite corners of the arena with swords drawn.
    Dias then says " You've got good skills, but you're still too soft. Under the circumstances, I think I'll win"
    Claude replies with "Haha, you're a predictable one Dias... Ok then, En Garde!"

    After that small exchange, you are thrown into battle against Dias again. You can defeat Dias as many times as you want in this manner, and this scene will repeat itself indefinitely. I've beaten him many consecutive times, but as I said at first, no matter what, you cannot win the tournament.

    I'd post a video to show you, but my 30 second fraps videos would hardly do this question justice.

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  1. sorry but i don't believe M1nutes its nothing personal. if i had a cheating device then i would check it but no. I do not believe you an beat him but it is theoretically possible. Anyway it is almost impossible to hit through his defense it is so immense that no matter what level you are (in disk 1 i was roughly lvl 60 Claude 30+ the rest of my party. (I wanted to beat dias baaad.) you will always hit 0. and i personally think he hits through defense. cause when i was lvl 30 and went through this he was hitting the same as my lvl 60.

    again sorry m1nute the story sounds too far fetched.

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