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    Secret Dungeon Boss Guide by Dan GC

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    Star Ocean: The 2nd Story - Secret Dungeon Boss Guide Version 0.2
    For U.S. Version Only On PSXŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
    By Dan GC <lbdangc@aol.com>
    Last updated: 08/05/99 05:46 PM PT
    First Edition: 07/31/99 07:31 PM PT
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      Star Ocean: The 2nd Story was/is...
    Created by: tri-Ace
    Creator of Most FMVs: Links
    Produced by: Enix
    Published by: SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America)
    Released: June 9, 1999 in US
      If you can help me with anything: basics, more strategies, etc., or if
    you just have questions, comments, etc., E-mail them to
    <LB Dan GC@aol.com> One more thing, don't E-mail with questions that are
    already in this FAQ, otherwise, I'll discard them or tell you to check
    the FAQ.
    Table of Contents
    Part 1: Updates
    Part 2: Introduction
    Part 3: Bosses
             - Darkfeather & Weird Knight x2
             - Blood Gerell & Hunting Gel x5
             - Dream Shade x3
             - Miel 32
             - Weird Beast
             - Funny Thief LV 99, Dream Shade, & Funny Thief x3
             - Mithril Eater
             - Erysin Beast
             - Geo Guardian
             - Dragon Tyrant
             - Phoenix
             - Wise Sorcerer & Dream Shade
             - Gabrie Celeste
    Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions
    Part 5: My Comments and Stuff
    Part 6: Special Thanks
    Part 7: Author Information
    Copyright Disclaimer:
    This Document Copyright (c) 1999 Dan GC
      This FAQ is for personal and/or private usage only. If reproduced, it
    must be via electronics, and if placed on a Web Page, may be changed
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      This FAQ was created and owned by me, Dan GC <LB Dan GC@aol.com>
    Any Copyrights and Trademarks not specifically mentioned in this FAQ are
    acknowledged. Always give credit where it is due.
       All trademarks and the such are Copyright to their respectful owners.
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    This FAQ can be found at:
    GameFAQs                              www.gamefaqs.com
    Part 1: Updates
    Version 0.2 8/05/99:
      Changed equipment for fighting Gabrie Celeste, added something at the
    end of the "Introduction," added a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) in
    the FAQ section
    Version 0.1 7/31/99:
      First Edition
    Part 2: Introduction
      Well, well, well, you've made it to the Cave of Trials, have ya? The
    Cave of Trials is a fun and difficult place. But the problem is, you
    can't save ANYWHERE inside the Cave of Trials, you have to return
    outside to the World Map to save. You can buy this item from Santa
    called 'Go-home Frog' which allows you to escape to the first floor of
    the Cave of Trials. But you won't get that until you go to the 11th
    Floor and do something there.
      If you manage to beat the final boss of the Cave of Trials, there
    won't be ANY random battles whatsoever as long as you stay in the Cave
    of Trials, but if you leave the dungeon and go back in, random battles
    will start. Also, if you stay in there, all doors will be open, so you
    can get ANY items you were unable to get and won't have any trouble
    with it. In my opinion, the hardest floors are the 10th and 13th Floors.
    The 10th floor has hourglass guys that can cast Dream Peace (which stops
    all of your characters) and there are the blob monsters that can eat
    your character whole. The 13th floor, you fight regular enemies in
    random battles that look exactly like previous bosses you have fought,
    except for the color.
      Many people cheated in the Cave of Trials, they used a GameShark code
    that allowed them to save anywhere, but at least that wasn't as serious
    as using a GameShark code for invincibility and stuff like that. Anyway,
    I've ranted long enough.
      The descriptions of all bosses are from Ian Kelley's Walkthroughs.
    The names of the bosses are from the Japanese version as well as the
    Weaknesses/Resistance, so correct me if I'm wrong. I can't get the U.S.
    names because I already beat the Bonus Dungeon and didn't have a spare
    save so I can start all over from the beginning of the dungeon. I saved
    after I beat all of the bosses up to the last one.
    The strategies are made for Full-Active battles, if you are playing the
    Standard (turn-based) or Semi-Active way, too bad, this FAQ just isn't
    for that type of gameplay. You'll have to look elsewhere, heh heh heh.
    All battles in the Cave of Trials, I assume you have Bunny Shoes
    equipped on all of the characters you are using. If not, then go back to
    Energy Nede and get those Bunny Shoes at the Bunny Races! Once you get
    the Valiant Boots and Valkyrie Boots (two of each available in the Cave
    of Trials), replace the Bunny shoes for the characters you are using
    with those equipment (Valiant Boots for males, Valkyrie Boots for
      This FAQ is based on Galaxy mode, hence the high levels if you're
    playing on Earth mode. I base it on Galaxy because it's in the middle
    (Earth, Galaxy, Universe).
    Part 3: Bosses
      While in the Cave of Trials, you should always have Claude and Rena in
    battle. The other two characters will be fighters (your best fighters
    in your opinion other than Claude). Every character should have their
    best equipment and the final changes for the Killer Moves they have.
    Claude: Mirror Slice and Twin Slash
      Other fighters:
    Ashton: Sword Dance and Dead Triangle
    Opera: Hyper Launcher and Alpha on One
    Bowman: Sakura Attack and Explosion Pills
    Precis: Barrier and Mujin Super Beam 
    Ernest: Broken Heart and Sonic Whip
    Dias: Illusion and Firebird Shock Wave
    Chisato: Rising Dragon and Tear Gas
      Choose whichever two fighters you want (personally, I chose Chisato
    and Ernest).
              - Darkfeather & Weird Knight x2
    Meeting Place:
      Level One
    Recommended Level:
      160,000 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance: None
     [Weird Knight]
      23,000 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance: Fire, Dark
      This is a a relatively easy fight. The other fighters will take out
    the Weird Knights (hopefully) while you can stall Darkfeather. But you
    might have to attack Darkfeather, then help the other fighters, then
    go after Darkfeather again so she doesn't cast magic. You might have to
    keep switching like this. But to stall Darkfeather, just do Mirror
    Slice. But, if the other fighter(s) is/are helping you take out
    Darkfeather, she'll probably die before the Weird Knights, which makes
    it easy from then on. 
      Darkfeather is wearing Bunny Shoes, so she travels at a considerable
    speed. You have to stop her when she is casting a spell. Just run up to
    her and do Mirror Slice. After you beat her, if you thought she was
    hard, "You ain't seen nothin' yet."
              - Blood Gerell & Hunting Gel x5
    Meeting Place:
      Level Two
    Recommended Level:
     [Blood Gerell]
      60,000 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance: None
     [Hunting Gel]
      20,000 HP
      Weaknesses: None?
      Resistance: None?
      The Hunting Gels aren't too harmful, they can't do much to you anyway
    since they are SOOOOO slow. If you fought Blood Gerell in the Fighting
    Arena in Survival on Energy Nede, then you know how easy (or hard,
    depending what view you're looking in) it is. With Claude, just keep
    doing Mirror Slice on Blood Gerell until in dies then go after the
    Hunting Gels.
      Blood Gerell isn't very harmful, he only has two attacks: a projectile
    and a bite. Although he can stone/poison you sometimes if he attacks
    you. But he's pretty slow, so it doesn't matter. You might want to take
    out some of the Hunting Gels first, then when there's only one or two
    left, go after Blood Gerell. But you might have to take out Blood Gerell
    earlier so it doesn't hurt you or your partners. Otherwise, this battle
    is still too easy.
              - Dream Shade x3
    Meeting Place:
      Level Three
    Recommended Level:
      35,000 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance: None
      Now, these guys aren't hard, but they play cheap. They can do Dream
    Peace, which stops time for your party and gives them time to either
    attack you or use Dream Peace again. If you see a Dream Shade starting
    to do Dream Peace, attack it as soon as possible. This battle will take
    a while since characters might die and the such. The only strategy is to
    prevent them from using Dream Peace and kill them.
              - Miel 32
    Meeting Place:
      Level Four
    Recommended Level:
      190,000 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance: Everything
      This robot is actually pretty hard. But maybe that's because it has a
    lot of HP and is resistant to everything. When it attacks, it can cause
    you to lose quite a lot of HP. But if you trap it or keep attacking it
    continuously from both sides, it won't be too much. Claude just needs to
    keep doing Mirror Slice while the other fighters just help with what
    they do. He will probably hit your characters a few times, but Rena will
    take care of that by healing them.
              - Weird Beast
    Meeting Place:
      Level Five
    Recommended Level:
      811,200 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance: Invulnerable against Magic
      The first time you fight this thing, it's with Puffy but Puffy isn't
    in the battle. You can only do one HP damage per hit to this Weird
    Beast. And look how much HP it has, that would take you so long to kill
    it. Also, it's invulnerable against magic. So, you should just run away.
    Later on in the level, you will encounter Puffy again, she is being
    attacked by Dream Shades. After you defeat the three Dream Shades, it's
    the same Dream Shades you fought on Level Three, so just follow that
    strategy. Puffy will run away after the battle and drop the Weird
    Slayer. Equip it on Chisato and find the Weird Beast.
      When you find the Weird Beast, you will battle it. Just attack it with
    Chisato and it'll die in one hit.
              - Funny Thief LV 99, Dream Shade, & Funny Thief x3
    Meeting Place:
      Level Six
    Recommended Level:
     [Funny Thief LV 99]
      40,000 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance: None
     [Dream Shade]
      35,000 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance: None
     [Funny Thief]
      30 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance None
      Before you go into battle, equip the Funny Slayer on some character
    (not Claude). With Claude, go after the Dream Shade and do Mirror Slice.
    Now switch to the character with the Funny Slayer equipped and go after
    the Funny Thief LV 99 and attack it once. The Funny Thief LV 99 is
    overly difficult, and does over 1000 damage per hit, and it is really
    fast. So sometimes, the only way to kill it is to Counterattack (note:
    a Combat Skill). After killing it, go after the Funny Thieves, they're
    easy to kill since they are the Funny Thieves you fight in the beginning
    of the game near Arlia. Claude should have killed the Dream Shade with
    his Mirror Slice, otherwise, just keep attacking it.
              - Mithril Eater
    Meeting Place:
      Level Seven
    Recommended Level:
      600,000 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance: None
      When you arrive on this level, you should equip the Funny Slayer with
    some character since you will encounter Funny Thieves LV 99. But when
    you enter the room with the Mithril Eater, take off the Funny Slayer and
    equip the best weapon with that person.
      Mithril Eater is an overly difficult boss that can parry attacks too
    much. Well, the only strategy here is to...attack normally with Claude.
    The other fighters will do what they will. Lost Patience is an attack
    Mithril Eater can cast ANYTIME it wants to, and it usually causes your
    characters to become critical and poisoned, if they don't die from it,
    that is. This battle will take a long time.
      Claude's normal attack is better than Mirror Slice here. Also, with
    the normal attack, you can cause Mithril Eater to be dizzy easier, so it
    won't be able to use Lost Patience. You will have to heal your
    characters as soon as possible when Lost Patience is used. Keep this
    strategy up and Mithril Eater will EVENTUALLY die.
              - Erysin Beast
    Meeting Place:
      Level Eight
    Recommended Level:
      450,000 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Star, Fu, Mu
      It's only one monster who can eat you up, how much trouble could it
    be? Lots of trouble, I'd say. If it eats one of your characters, that
    character usually doesn't come out until the monster dies. So, how do
    you kill it. Well, with Claude, keep doing Mirror Slice. The other
    fighters will aid you. This battle will take a while, but not too long.
              - Geo Guardian
    Meeting Place:
      Level 10
    Recommended Level:
      400,000 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance: None
      The Geo Guardian is exactly the same as the Guardians you fought in
    two of the four Fields on Energy Nede. The only difference is this one
    is much stronger and some of its attacks are different. Otherwise, to
    defeat this Guardian, just trap it against a wall and keep doing normal
    attacks with Claude. The other fighters will aid you here as well.
    Sometimes, the Guardian can escape the wall trap, but just hit it with
    a normal attack before it can attack again. It's a very simple battle.
              - Dragon Tyrant
    Meeting Place:
      Level 11
    Recommended Level:
      550,000 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance: None
      The Dragon Tyrant is similar to the Synard you fought on Energy Nede.
    Except this one is much stronger. How you are going to beat this? I'm
    not sure, but I just used Mirror Slice with Claude, Tear Gas with
    Chisato, and Broken Heart with Ernest.
      Okay, just control Chisato again. The AI will do the strategies you
    want Claude and Ernest to do. Claude will usually keep doing Mirror
    Slice or Twin Slash while Ernest will usually do Broken Heart and do
    Sonic Whip occasionally. With Chisato (you're controlling her), keep
    doing Tear Gas. The hits will do less than 900 damage per hit, but if
    your keep this up, it'll be trapped against the wall and will die
              - Phoenix
    Meeting Place:
      Level 12
    Recommended Level:
      350,000 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance: Fire, Wind
      You will only have two characters for this battle. The characters you
    should use are Claude and Chisato/Opera. You see, after beating the
    Dragon Tyrant on the Level 11, there is a door you can't go through.
    There's a teleporter nearby that door which transports you to the first
    floor of the dungeon. You then have the option of only having two party
    members (you have to if you want to get past Level 11).
      On your way to Level 12, you should encounter Santa on the sixth
    floor (I think it's random when he appears, but he appeared here when I
    was going to the Level 12 floor), you can buy stuff from him, buy at
    least two 'Go-home Frog's. When you get to the 12th floor, in the room
    just up ahead, there will be the Phoenix. If your partner is Opera, the
    match will be no problem. If your partner is Chisato, still not much of
    a problem.
      You should also use Chisato again in this battle. The AI will usually
    keep doing Twin Slash with Claude. Okay, with Chisato, keep doing Tear
    Gas. It'll eventually die and won't be able to do anything since it's
    trapped against the wall.
      BUT, if you have Opera instead of Chisato, use Opera. With Opera, just
    keep doing normal attacks. The Phoenix won't be able to do anything, and
    Claude will just do a buncha' Twin Slashes. It'll die soon enough. 
              - Wise Sorcerer & Dream Shade
    Meeting Place:
      Level Nine
    Recommended Level:
     [Wise Sorcerer]
      700,000 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance: Earth, Fire, Star, Mu
     [Dream Shade]
      35,000 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance: None
      After beating Level 12, use the 'Go-home Frog' and talk to one of your
    party members to bring the party back together. Now, proceed to Level
    Nine and examine the coffin. You will see it's open and the boss will
    appear and you have to fight it.
      This is another pretty easy battle. With Claude, go after the Dream
    Shade and do Mirror Slice, it should die after that one Mirror Slice.
    If not, just keep attacking normally. The Wise Sorcerer is easy, but
    has a lot of HP. When the Wise Sorcerer stops moving and appears to
    attack/cast magic, use Mirror Slice. Just keep doing Mirror Slice until
    it dies. Don't worry about the other characters, they'll do what they
    will to kill the Wise Sorcerer. This battle is a little too easy, if I
    do say so myself.
      After beating this boss, use the 'Go-home Frog' to teleport to the
    beginning, go outside, sleep in Arlia, go back to the dungeon and save
    before going in. Well, now it's time to fight the final boss of the
    Cave of Trials. Do you think you're ready? The random battles are
    insanely difficult on the last level (Level 13) so you might want to
    run away from all of the random battles on Level 13.
              - Gabrie Celeste
    Meeting Place:
      Level 13
    Recommended Level:
      1,000,000 HP
      Weaknesses: None
      Resistance: Star, Light
      This battle took me about 24 minutes to beat. I say to have Bunny
    Shoes on all of your characters, but you can equip the best greaves you
    have for the characters you are using in battle and use Skanda Compress
    in battle to make everyone faster, but when they die, they lose it, I
    think. The characters you should use in this battle:
     Weapon:  Eternal Sphere
     Armor:   Valiant Mail
     Shield:  Valiant Guard
     Helmet:  Duel Helm
     Greaves: Valiant Boots
     Acc. 1:  Fairy Ring
     Acc. 2:  Tri-emblem
    [Chisato]                  or [Ashton]
     Weapon:  Weird Slayer         Weapon:  Melufa
     Armor:   Battle Suit          Armor:   Valiant Mail
     Shield:  Valkyrie Guard       Shield:  Valiant Guard
     Helmet:  Mithril Helm         Helmet:  Duel Helm
     Greaves: Valkyrie Boots       Greaves: Valiant Boots
     Acc. 1:  Fairy Ring           Acc. 1:  Fairy Ring
     Acc. 2:  Tri-emblem           Acc. 2:  Tri-emblem
    [Leon]                     or [Celine]
     Weapon:  Million Staff        Weapon:  Million Staff
     Armor:   Ishtar's Robe        Armor:   Ishtar's Robe
     Shield:  Valiant Guard        Shield:  The Armband of Kali
     Helmet:  Isis Tiara           Helmet:  Isis Tiara
     Greaves: Bunny Shoes          Greaves: Bunny Shoes
     Acc. 1:  Fairy Ring           Acc. 1:  Fairy Ring
     Acc. 2:  Tri-emblem           Acc. 2:  Tri-emblem
     Weapon:  Fallen Hope
     Armor:   Ishtar's Robe
     Shield:  The Armband of Kali
     Helmet:  Isis Tiara
     Greaves: Valkyrie Boots
     Acc. 1:  Tri-emblem
     Acc. 2:  Tri-emblem
      Everything at Level 10; disable Flip
      Same as above
      Everything at Level 10; disable Flip
      Same as above
     Mirror Slice
     Rising Dragon and Tear Gas
     Sword Dance and Tri-Ace (optional)
     Extinction, Growth, Protection
     Meteor Swarm, Angel Feather
     Fairy Heal, Fairy Light, Raise Dead, Growth, Protection, Angel Feather
      "Protect Friends!"
      "Protect Friends!"
      "Attack till all MP are gone!"
      "Aid Friends!"
      Well, the spells Gabrie can cast take a short time to cast, but you
    should have enough time to hit her out of it. All of her attacks are
    very deadly. They can usually kill your characters in a few hits.
      If she successfully casts any spell and you don't have enough
    resistance, you will either become critical or just die. I'm going to
    list her physical attacks, but I don't know the names of them, so I'm
    just going to make up fake names.
    [Cross Blast]
      This is an attack that is similar to Claude's Ripper Blast, but much
    deadlier. Crosses pop up out of the ground in a similar fashion to
    Ripper Blast, but more crosses come out and usually kills any character
    hit by the crosses.
    [Homing Discus]
      This attack is a homing discus, or otherwise frisbee, that does quite
    a lot of damage to your characters. It follows the character it's after
    and usually hits that character.
      This exactly isn't a barrier, but she is invincible when she does
    this attack. She spins around the room much faster than Bunny Shoes
    speed and does too much damage to any character no matter how much
    [Star Guard]
      This isn't an attack, but when she parries, stars come out to hit any
    character(s) in front of her. It's similar to knight shields in which
    "sparks" come off the shield to hit the enemy when it's used to parry.
    STRATEGY TO BEAT Gabrie Celeste
      If you have Leon, use him instead of Celine. If you don't have Leon,
    use Celine. Rena will constantly heal the fighters because they are
    there to damage/distract Gabrie Celeste, which is pretty hard.
      Well, if you think you're good enough, you will need to control BOTH
    of your fighters. It's not as hard as it seems. But then again, you
    might need to use three or all of the characters, but usually only two.
      If your fighters are strong enough, they will hurt Gabrie Celeste
    about 1000 HP per hit. Chisato's Tear Gas repeated tactic won't work
    very well here (aww...only if it did, heh). I said you have to control
    both of your fighters, right? Well, here's the strategy:
      Let your magic people do what they will (Leon/Celine will cast their
    best spell which is Extinction/Meteor Swarm respectively). The magic
    attack will always do 9999 damage except when Gabrie is doing the
    barrier attack. Rena will heal and cast spells at the same time.
      The magic people will be casting magic, so you should be given enough
    time to attack Gabrie. If a character dies or is low on HP/MP, use
    items. A remedy for MP is Fairy Glass, which temporarily halts the
    consumption of MP. You can also use Merlin Drink, which restores MP to
    its fullest. HP is Fresh Syrup, which restores HP to its maximum. You
    can use either Smelling Salts, Resurrection Mist, or Resurrection Bottle
    to revive a character. Although Resurrection Bottle only restores the
    character's HP to 60% while the Smelling Salts and Resurrection Mist
    restore them to their maximum. Basically, you'll be low on many of your
    items after this battle.
      A tip here is to use the quick character select which is L2 as
    default, it switches between the leader and the character you used last
    other than the leader. You may also have to use different characters
    just to use items because the fighters will be busy, while sometimes,
    the magic users aren't the busiest.
      Now, using both fighters, it won't be easy, but it won't be hard.
    Okay, you should start out using Claude. Go up to Gabrie and use Mirror
    Slice. This will keep her busy enough for your other fighter (which is
    Chisato or Ashton, right?). Now, switch to that ohter fighter, go behind
    Gabrie, and use Rising Dragon or Sword Dance. If you keep her busy
    enough, you can keep her between both characters by just using Mirror
    Slice and Rising Dragon/Sword Dance. But that won't work for long.
    You'll have to keep trying to do this, although it'll probably only work
    once for each fighter per trap.
      Another strategy is to keep attacking normally from behind with Claude
    and use Rising Dragon with Chisato. The Eternal Sphere stars can hit
    Gabrie for some damage, if you're strong enough. The Eternal Sphere is
    a replacement for Chisato's Tear Gas ToD.
      This battle will take a long time, but you'll eventually do it.
    Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions
    Are you working on a hidden/secret/bonus dungeon boss guide?
      Yep, here it is. Heh.
    Help me, I'm stuck on [insert boss name here]! How do I beat him/her?
      You have enough strategies for the Cave of Trials bosses in this FAQ.
    The items you say in your FAQ are in Japanese, I have the American
      Well, well, well, my, my, my, yea, okay, enough of that. That really
    wasn't a question, but it was linked to another question like listing
    something for them or whatever. Have you checked your items/equipment?
    No, I mean it, have you really? The items and equipment in all of my SO2
    FAQs are from the U.S. version, but some of the boss names as well as
    the resistance/weaknesses are from the Japanese version.
    Part 5: My Comments and Stuff
      First of all, I'd like to say this: if you have any corrections for
    me, such as the Weaknesses and Resistance, and Boss names, then e-mail
    me at <lbdangc@aol.com> and correct me. This is because most of the
    stuff is from the Japanese version, and I tried to put all of the US
    names and stuff replacing the Japanese stuff.
      You might want to use Noel instead of Rena when fighting Gabrie
    Celeste because when you want to revive a character, just use an item.
    Also, Noel can equip the Million Staff like Leon and Celine. This makes
    them the strongest magic users.
      It took me over an hour to type up a strategy worthy of anyone to beat
    Gabrie Celeste.
    Part 6: Special Thanks
    Ian Kelley (ikelley@sas.upenn.edu):
      Allowing me to use the boss information (HP/Descriptions) from both of
    his excellent SO2 Walkthroughs
      Creating this game
      Producing this game
      Making most of the FMVs in the game
      Publishing the game
    My Most-Previous FAQs:
      Got most of the layout from either of them
    Part 7: Author Information
    Name:     Dan GC
    E-mail:   LB Dan GC@aol.com
    Web page: None
              Under Construction
    ICQ:      None
    "You're funny. But keep it up and you'll just piss me off." ~ Xenogears'
    Don't plagiarize! It's bad! And always give credit where it is due!
    This Document Copyright (c) 1999 Dan GC

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