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    Cave of Trials Guide by Zero-b3

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                                Star Ocean 2
                         Cave of Trials Stategy Guide
                                version 2.0
    		     By Zero(webmaster@zero.b3.nu).  
    		       zero.b3.nu--my game page
    	In my opinion this is one of the best games ever made next 
    to Chrono Trigger.  One of the best parts about this game is the 
    difficulty it can present, but if you can't pass something because of 
    it's difficulty it just gets annoying and that is why I made this 
    stategy guide.  The Cave of Trials can be really hard if you 
    aren't at a very high level and even then it's puzzels are sometimes 
    hard to figure.
    So here it goes...
    Table of Contents
    I.   Intro to the Cave of Trials
    II.  Cave of Trials
    III.  Extra tid-bits
    I.   Intro
    	To get to the cave of trials you must almost beat the game. 
    Once you have gotten far enough to beat the first nine of the ten 
    wise men attack.  I was around level 70-80 when I first went at them 
    and they weren't to bad, this was on the regular difficulty.  Once 
    you have beaten the first nine the last save point in the tower of
    Fienal is the key.  Once you save there two options open up.  The
    obviousis the cave of trials and the other is a PA with Indalecio's
    daughter, Filia.  First you must have met her in the only PA you can
    do in the Port of Clik, before the tidal wave hits.  If you have done 
    this go to Central City and do a PA.  She should be in the main building,
    with the mayor, on the first floor.  She tells you about her father 
    and reveals he has a limiter on.  The limiter is automatically 
    removed onceyou talk to her. With the limiter off Indalecio is nearly
    invinsable so I recommend not doing this unlessyou are planning on 
    spending a bit of time leveling up.  I had all of my character's on 
    their master level(256) and it was still tough to take him out.
    	To get to the Cave of Trials you must goto the stadium in 
    fun city and talk to an old guy towardsthe back of the stadium. 
    He'll ask you if you would like to relive your memories and if you 
    savedat the last save point then he'll give the option to really
    relive memories.  Say yes to his questions and you'll end up in
    Alria by a weird looking animal.  If you talk to the pinguin like
    thing and say"you silly Vern Vern"  you'll  get knocked back to 
    reality(Nede).  Once you'll leave Arlia you'll see a handy Synard 
    waiting for you.  You can go any dungeon or city you wish a still 
    do any PA's left, but the cave of trials is on an island on the 
    south-western part of the map.  It looks like a pyramid, but it goes 
    deep into the ground.
    II. The Cave of Trials
    	If you made it through Fienal's monster with little problem
     you should be alright tostart the Cave of Trials.  I was still around 
    level 80 and the monsters were still a bit of a challenge.  Once you 
    beat the cave the monster will be cleared out until you leave the cave
    and return.  But the bosses always remane dead and the doors stay
    open so feel free to return to the surface and save or fill up on
    items, because you'll need it.  
    -------- 1st Floor --------- Heraldic Ruins
    Items--Fruit Nectar, Juicy Beef, Tri-emplem, Link Stock, Wonder Drug, 
    	Blueberry, Nuclear Bomb
    	Once in just up then turn left at the first chance.  After 
    going down there is a door on the left with a teleport to the ninth 
    level.  It doesn't work till you've reached that floor, so just go down.
    The next room to the left has a blue berry, then go down and to the 
    right.  If you pull the lever on the wall the door to the bosses 
    chamber opens, but there is more treasure's to get.  Straight ahead and 
    to the bottom is a Tri-emplem and the room on the left has a Juicy
    Beef and a wonder drug.  Go inthe right door then take a right, the 
    room on top is empty but alittle further to the right is a nuke. 
    Then go back to where you turned from and head up.  to get the Link 
    Stock(Increase's links abilities for everyone, it's in your precious
    items directory).  To the left and then up is a fruit nectar, they are
    very useful.  Now just head back to the boss and take a swing.  The 
    boss isn't that hard, but take out the knights first with anything 
    and just use regular attacks on the witch.  After she is defeated you 
    get a nice pair of bunny shoes(the best in the game, give you ultra speed 
    and the bunny races is the only other place they are available).  
    --------- 2nd Floor ----------- Love Alley
    Items--Purity Leaf, Reflex, Link Combo, Resurrection Mist
    	This levels puzzel is one of the toughest in the whole cave.  
    The message by the stairs is supposed to be a clue for solving it but 
    it's doesn't help much.  The object is to point the statues in the 
    direction of the people they like, hence the Love Alley.  Here's the 
    solution...Yufie points south, Lloyd points east, Cistina points to the
    south, Feria goes east, Luke points north, Milene points to the south 
    and Sharon looks to the west.  Once you have them pointing towards whom 
    they like the sound of a door opening pops up and the boss is now available
    for battle.This boss is just a slime guy and he's a baddy on the next 
    level, so if you have problems level up before the next floor.  Regular 
    attacks should be just fine.  You get a Seraphic Garb for beating it.
    That seems to be the best armor in the game, it doesn't have the 
    highest defense, but as your HP drops you defense goes sky high and
    your almost impossible to kill, especially Claude for some reason.  
    ----------- 3rd Floor --------- Single Path Cave
    Items--Slayer Rings, 2 Fruit Nectars, Juicy Beef, Dream Crown, Sylvian Mail, 
    	Wonder Drug
    	Again the name is a clue.  The tiles on the floor represent 
    the rooms on the level.  To get the door open you must enter every 
    room once and only once.  to do this just go stright up and go in
    a then in a counter clock wise direction around the edge and then 
    in the second room from the right on the top go down to the third 
    room and take left, you should be back at the start with the door
    open.  If you messed up the tile will show which rooms you were 
    in or missed or were in twice.  you can pick up any of the treasures 
    along the way but don't of the path.  Going of the path is when you 
    actually change screens.  Here's a sample path..
    /              /               /               /                /
    /       < < < <  < <  <        /         <  <   <   <  <        /
    /       v      /        ^      /         v     /         ^      /
    /       v      /        ^      /         v     /         ^      /
    /        v     /        ^      /         v     /         ^      /
    /        v     /        ^      /         v     /         ^      /
    /        v     /        ^      /         v     /         ^      /
    /        v     /        ^      /         v     /         ^      /
    /--------------/------- ^ -----/---------------/----------------/
    /        v     /        ^      /         v     /         ^      /
    /        v     /               /        v      /         ^      /   
    /        v     /       Start  < <  <   <       /         ^      /         
    /        v     /               /               /         ^      /
    /         v    /               /               /         ^      /
    /         v    /               /               /         ^      /
    /           >   >   >  >  >   >   >   >     >    >  > >  >      /
    /              /               /               /                /
    kind of crude, but you get the picture    <>v ^=path to go
    	The boss is the old clock looking guy, there is three of them and 
    they all cast Dream Peace very quickly.  To keep them from doing 
    this get someone who cast attack all spells quickly, hence Rena.
    That spell freezes you for a bit and it can be painful.  They are 
    also baddies on the next level.  You get magical drops for beating 
    them, which does the same thing as dream peace, but it doesn't seem to 
    work on bosses.
    ------------- 4th Floor ----------- Dancing God's Alter
    Items--Fruit Nectar, Extinction(for Leon), Resurrection Mist, Purity Leaf, 
    	Black Earring, Seraphic Garb, Peep Non
    	This level, along with most of the rest of the levels, have 
    walkthrough walls.  Right at the begining the two treasures look like
    they are in sealed rooms but the front wall, about in the middle, is
    walk-through.Down the right hall and to the top room is the lever to
    open the door at the begining.  The bottom of the wall is walk-through.
    In the previously closed room is the music god.  You get the Illusive 
    Shaminson if you play something she likes.  The character you pick must
    have a level 10 music ability and Rena or Leon usually works best. 
    Then to the left, way up then to the right is another sealed room with 
    the boss.  It's hole is towards the top of the wall.  This boss is very
    fast but if you have the bunny shoes, your faster. Again regular attacks 
    work just fine.  You don't get anything for beating him.
    ------------ 5th Floor ------------  Lady's Revenge
    Items--Wonder Drug, Juicy Beef, Fruit Nectar, Fresh Syrup, Slayer Ring, Fairy 
    	Ring, Seraphic Garb
    	Right away you can get a fresh syrup and a slayer ring.  Just go all
    the way up, the room on the right is empty but remember it.  You'll now 
    have the pleasure of meeting puffy and her little friend.  No matter what 
    you answer to her questions you'll have to fight her pet.  Just run away 
    for now because you cannot harm him enough to kill.  Even if you do things
    turn out the same.  After she leaves go to the right, the top room is empty 
    also.  Now the room towards the top in the next area has a wonder drug.  Then 
    keep heading right.  Again the room towards the top has a treasure, Seraphic 
    Garb, and heading down a ways after that will lead you to Puffy.  She's in a bit 
    of trouble and if you choose to save her you'll then be able to beat her
    pet.  It's just the clock guys again, shouldn't be too hard now.  After you
    beat them Puffy will run off and drop the weird slayer.  Make sure and equip it, 
    to whom, it doesn't matter.  The monster is now in the empty room at the 
    begining of the level, I told you to remember.  One shot from the weird slayer 
    will kill it and you'll get a jewel that will open the door to the next floor. 
    The door is down and to the right from the room that you saved puffy.
    ------------ 6th Floor ------------- Burglar's Nest
    Items--Dream Crown, Cure Poison
    	This is the awesome room that Santa likes to hang out.  Santa appears 
    randomly, but every time I've played a new game, 4 times, he has been there 
    on the first trip down.  After that he seems to be there on a totally
    ramdom chance.  He is a very expencive dealer, but the goods are worth it. 
    He sells every jewel or metal to make things out of plus a couple of other
    goddies.  The Santa Boot's he sells goes for 10 million and seems to be a 
    complete waste of money.  They are supposed to give you good item if your
    wearing them and stay at an inn, but I have always gotten junk and I don't 
    always get something. 
    	The Go-Home frog is pretty useful, especially in the cave of trials.
    it lets you teleport back to the begining of any dungeon.  And the best item 
    he sells is the tri-emblem, it raises your stats very nicely and has high def. 
    against all magics.  They are worth the money.  
    	To get the door open in this floor you need to talk to the thief 
    statues.  The usually just say that it is a statue of a thief, but there 
    is one at ramdom that has a switch to open the door.  The boss is Funnythief 
    lvl99.  He is very fast, but when you start the battle he is not there.  There 
    are a few other monsters too, but he drops in a few seconds after the start.  It 
    doesn't really matter how you kill him, but regular attacks are, again, the most 
    effective.  For beating him you get the funny slayer, which is very useful on 
    the next level.  He is a regular monster on the next floor and comes in big 
    groups, so the autokill it gives really helps.  
    ------------ 7th Floor ----------- Goddess's Altar
    Items--Ishidaya Tes, Purity Leaf, Fresh Syrup, Ganze Sea Urchin, Yukiocho 
    	Tea, Peep Non, Cracked Jewel*, Resurrection Mist, Bunny Shoes!, 	Tri-
    emplem, Weird Slayer
    	You'll see an alter with a message next to it, it says "Make the offering 
    on the altar whose portal opens with the jewel's power." The portal is refering 
    to the door just ahead, but the only jewel available is the cracked jewel and 
    that doesn't work.  The cracked jewel is at the end of the hall on the right.  
    Once you get this all you need to do is use someones metalworking skill, 
    preferably with level 10, and it'll turn into the Red Lotus Jewel, which will 
    open the door.  
    	Your boss for this level is the Mithril Eater.  It's the most lazy boss I 
    have ever seen and is like the monster you get the LEA metal from.  You can keep 
    this guy from attacking at all if you get of your characters, especially Claude 
    to continually wack the thing.  No special attacks though because those rarely 
    cause peeping(stars around the head) which stops him from attacking.  You get 
    the Million Staff from this guy for his defeat.  and the bunny shoes are just 
    behind him.
    ------------- 8th Floor ------------ Food God
    Items--Soda Pop, Wonder Drug, Ganze Sea Urchin, Amoeba Soup, Funny Slayer, 
    	Peep Non, Million Staff, Prime Toro Tuna, Lavender, Seraphic Garb, 
    	Fresh Syrup, Slime Jelly
    	To fight this boss you need to feed the stupid wall 'O food god.  It is 
    really picky and I'm not sure quite how it works, but you need to feed it the 
    best meal you can make, usually using the master chef specialty and mixing fish, 
    meat or wheat works well.  If it likes it give em the worst drink you have and 
    you'll make him sick and the door magically opens.  
    	This boss is really easy but watch out because they can eat you.  And when 
    your in them it drains your HP.  A big fat Gelatin Steak is you prize for this 
    level, fitting eh?!
    ------------- 9th Floor ------------ Sealed Coffin
    Items--Valiant Boots, Wonder Drug, Resurrection Mist, Artemis Leaf
    	To the right of the stairs are two treasure's, one in a sealed room with 
    an invisible door at about the middle of it.  To the left and going in almost a 
    circle, you'll run past the bosses door.  Inside lies a "sealed coffin," 
    surprise, surprise.  This will not open until you beat the 12th floor's boss.  
    	Here's the bosses strategy anyway.  To get him to come about you must have 
    the Holy Sword and with the coffin open just press X by it and he'll appear.  
    It's just three wizards and if you have someone that can cast spells that hit 
    everyone it'll keep them in check while the rest just beat them senseless.  
    You'll get the Levantine Sword(the best in the game).  Once you have both of 
    those sword's the door opens to the 13th floor.
    ------------- 10th Floor ------------ Decision Point
    Items--read below
    	This floor gives you the choice of which way to go and only that path.  
    The tiles on the floor are used to open the doors to the rooms.  If you mess up 
    on which path you want you can just go back up then down the stairs and they 
    reset.  Red and Yellow romes hurt your HP and MP of your entire party while you 
    are in them.  The green rooms are normal.  Here's another map with the color and 
    treasure's of each room.
    /              /               /               /                /
    /              /        4      /     11        /    12-end      /
    /       3      /               /               /                /
    /              /               /               /                /
    /              /               /               /                /
    /      2       /      5        /               /     13         /
    /              /               /        10     /                /
    /              /               /               /                /
    /              /               /               /                /
    /              /               /               /                /   
    /      1       /      6        /      9        /        14      /         
    /              /               /               /                /
    /              /               /               /                /
    /              /               /               /                /
    /   start      /       7       /       8       /      15        /
    /              /               /               /                /
    2.yellow-Funny Slayer
    3.red-Bunny Shoes!
    7.yellow-Fresh Syrup
    8.red-Rainbow Diamond, Sages Stone, Valkyrie Boots
    10.red-Valkyrie Boots
    12.Boss-Tri-Ace(Ashton's Best Killer Move)
    13.red-Million Staff, Meteor Swarm(Celine's Best Spell)
    14.yellow-Purity Leaf
    15.red-Valiant Boots
    	The boss is like the guardian's of the fields on Nede.  His name is also 
    Geo Guardian and he fights almost exactlty the same.  Again regular attacks work 
    very well, he does have quite a bit of HP.
    ------------- 11th Floor ------------ Dragon's Nest
    	Anice relaxer for what you've gone through already and what your about to.  
    The Boss is a large dragon.  Most special attacks wont hit it and give him time 
    time prepare an attack.  Keep three guys on him and put Rena in a corner ready 
    to heal.  You'll get the skill Float for beating him.  It is very effective 
    against regualar enemies, but makes things harder against the last bosses.
    	To gain access to the nest floor you must use the portal to go to the 
    first floor and seperate.  The 12th floor is only for couples and the best 
    couple, of course, is Rena and Claude.  Healing will be quite often needed and, 
    for some reason, Claude seems to be nearly invincible with the Seraphic Armor 
    on.  It also really helps Rena. 
    	The portal on the first floor that I told you about at the begining is now 
    available and will drop you to the ninth floor.  All you need to do is walk 
    around the third row from the top of tiles and you should hear about 4 clicks 
    then it opens.  
    ------------- 12th Floor ----------- Hall of Warriors
    Items-Valkyrie Guard, 2 Battle Suits, Bunny Shoes!!
    	As if the trip down wasn't tough enough, the boss onm this level is in the 
    rooms straight up from the entrance and is not easy.  It's a Phoenix and guess 
    what, they fly.  So again special attacks aren't very useful.  The best strtegy 
    that I have found is to stick Rena in a corner with the strategy of Heal friends 
    only on and control Claude using regualr attacks.  Dragon Howl seems to be the 
    best, and most often working, of the special attacks any of them have and Claude 
    has it.  And if you equip Claude with the valiant guard and only use regular 
    attacks it should be an easy win.  When the bird attacks with his Master attack 
    Claude should block it and the bird will get the reprocusions.  For this fight 
    you get Holy Sword Farewell, which opens the coffin on the ninth.  If you want 
    you can just keep the two you have and fight him, he's not that hard, or return 
    to the top and regather your guys.  Make sure and save though.  And at random, 
    when you return to the phoenix's room he might appear and you'll have to fight 
    him again, remember, phoenix's live forever...
    ------------- 13th Floor ----------- Holy Nest of Angels
    Items-Valiant Mail, Valiant guard, Angel Armband(behind the boss)
    	Alright lucky 13!!  This is another short level, but for a good reason... 
    the boss.  Just head down the right and left halls and at the end are two 
    levers.  Once they are both pulled the bosses chamber is opened.  
    			Gabrie Celesta
    	In many books and sites she is referred to as Indalecio Celesta, but I 
    believe that is just because of a bad translation.  The best team for this job 
    is Claude, Rena, Dias and Ashton.  Turn off all of Ashton's specials, they 
    really mess him up with this fight because they are so slow.  Dias has a couple 
    good one's, but illusion should be the only one you would want on.  Claude's 
    doesn't really matter if your gong to control him, but if not only have Dragon 
    Howl on.  Start off by controlling Rena and running her into a corner and 
    turning on the hela friends only strategy again, the rest should be on conserve 
    killer moves.  
    	The best is controlling Claude and just having him constantly hit Gabrie 
    with regular attacks.  Some times she'll get stuck between the three and you'll 
    take off a good chunk before she gets away, but it is very hard to get her 
    stuck.  I have heard she has around a million HP.  You should wear her down soon 
    enough.  When you beat her you get the Silver Trumpet and about a half a million 
    in experience!!  Behind her is the Angel Armband, verrryy useful.  Now that she 
    is beaten you are free to roam and explore.  The monsters are gone until you 
    leave so get all you missed.  The bosses, including Gabrie, never come back 
    III.  Extra Tid-bits
    1.  The Silver Trumpet if used by Claude, can create the songs "Melody of the 
    Gods" and "Evil Melody."  Melody of the gods make item creation a 100% success 
    while it is playing.  The evil melody brings out Grabrie's evil sister if you 
    are on a battle field.  She has 2.5 million HP and can turn you to stone or 
    paralyze very easily, but you get some nice stuff.  Either an Angel Armband, 
    which if you did the PA to take off the limiter on Indalecio, you will need it 
    on every character.  And sometimes you will get a Levatine Sword plus a ton of 
    2.  An easy way to make money is to use the identify all skill to make prices 
    cheap and buy a bunch of stuff and then using it to make them expensive and 
    selling them.  You get almost twice what you payed for.  This works very well 
    with the traveling Santa. I believe you don't even need to use identify all with 
    most of Santa's items. He sells the sage stones for 50000 and buys them back for 
    65000, a nice profit!
    3.  Another way to make money is to write a few books and give them a the 
    publisher in Central City.  Go through some thing that is really long and when 
    you go back you might have made a good shot of money.  This really only helps 
    towards the begining of reaching Nede because the money isn't that much once you 
    have reached a certain point.  
    4.  If you've gotten bored with the game, by some strange chance, or just want 
    something different to do you can try messing with the endings.  On large 
    factor's that affect feelings towards each other is seeing the other die in 
    battle.  Set up a party and let one of them die and see who you can get 
    together.  The toughest challenge is getting Claude and Rena hooked up with 
    someone else.  Books that you can write also have an affect for a bit on 
    5.  Paintings and Fanzine magazines-They really have no purpose in the game, 
    just fun little extras.  When used the paintings just show a large picture of 
    that character.
    Not many in this yet, but thanx to those who have e-mailed me about the errors 
    in this and the info about santa.    
     Any questions or answers, you can email me at webmaster@zero.b3.nu

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