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"A different, original turn in today's RPG's must be observed."

When I first heard about Star Ocean, I was thinking..."just another good game that will never make it here in the U.S. It has come, and from good word of mouth...I purchased the game.

Good move.

Although it starts quite slow, Star Ocean is one of those games that desire to be original and be played. It's something of a throwback to what people really consider an RPG these days, but they will pleasantly surprised to see that good RPG's don't only come from that beloved company called Square. This is from Enix, that company that made the Dragon Warrior/Quest series...but killed itself in America with the terminally lame 7th Saga.

You shouldn't worry about not knowing anything about the first one, because playing Claude's scenario will tell you the story well enough for you to understand where the game's coming from. After a freak teleporting accident, Claude Kenni is transported to the planet Expel. He saves a young girl named Rena from a monster using his phase gun, which completely matches a current legend in the town of Arlia about a "Warrior of Light" coming when the world is in trouble. The world definitely is in trouble, because of an evil meteorite crashing on the planet and causing lots of trouble.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are surely 16-bit like...but they blend well with the absolutely brilliant looking backgrounds. Who needs polygons when you can do this? (10)

Sound: As for sound, the music isn't the greatest of all...but it works fine for every place that you go in this game. The voices for each character you control range from funny to downright annoying. Add to the fact that you hear them constantly...but I got used to them, maybe you will. (9)

Gameplay: Oh, this is so full of it. You can choose from three ways of doing a battle system, from turn-based to real-time...and the battles are actually fun to do...making raising the levels you need in this game all the more enjoyable. Another big thing is the Item Creation system, in which you create weapons, armor, items, and other things with skills you learn as you go. Learning how to use Item Creation is a good way to do well in this game. (10)

Replayability: This game has over 80 endings...for the reason that as you go along in the meet different characters with different feelings...and how you act towards them is how they will feel about you at the end of the game...making a ending for you. You will only be able to have certain characters in certain times...and the ending will change with every private action that can happen during the game. (10)

This game can be challenging and it will require some standard leveling-up to beat some bosses sometimes. This is probably one of the toughest RPG's I will probably play...and it takes 30-40 hours that doesn't count towards leveling-up your characters. A rental can give you a good shot at the feel of the battle system. Other than that, this is a great buy for anyone who wants a break from the normal RPG stuff coming out these days.

Total rating: 9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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