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    M.Bison by LRamirez

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/24/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Street Fighter Alpha 2 M.Bison FAQ v.1.0.0 (Feb. 24, 1999)
    (This FAQ is copyright protected. Publication without author's permission is not 
    allowed.) M.Bison, Street Fighter Alpha 2 and its characters are registered 
    trademarks of Capcom of Japan.
           ____ M. BISON ____
           -Table of Contents
    I. Abbreviations
    II. Normals & Throws
    III. Specials
    IV. Super Combos & Custom Combos
    V. Patented Bison Strategies
    VI. Versus Characters
    VII. Misc. Bison Information
    VIII. SFA3 Bison Info
    IX. Misc. Street Fighter Information
    X. Personal Information
    This FAQ automatically assumes you are familiar with the gameplay dynamics of 
    Street Fighter Alpha 2. If your not, go read an SFA2 FAQ.
    I. Abbreviations
    Jab= LP
    Strong= MP
    Fierce= HP
    Short= LK
    Forward= MK
    Roundhouse= HK
    ----Joystick Directions----
    B= Away from opponent
    D= Duck (down on the joystick)
    F= Towards your opponent
    U= Jump (up on the joystick)
    BD= Away and ducking
    ----Other terminology----
    Charge= (hold joystick) in `X' direction for 2 seconds
    *= Stars indicate the effectiveness of the attack or strategy.
    (*= Use rarely; **= Descent Attack; ***= Excellent Weapon)
    II. Normals & Throws
    **LP: Used rarely. Only in close standing or ducking situations. Tricky to use, 
    50% of out prioritizing in most situations.
    ***MP: Best standing or ducking normal punch. Fast and good reach. Out 
    prioritizes many attacks.
    *HP: Only use when opponent is recovering from missed attack and you don't have 
    a super combo or special charged. Too slow, leaves Bison to vulnerable and its 
    hitting time is too short. Unreliable as an anti-jump-in attack.
    **LK: Excellent Jump-in! Out prioritizes often, quick recovery time. Excellent 
    crouching attack to badger opponents. Okay standing attack.
    ***MK: Excellent air stuffer. Kills a lot of your opponent's mid-air attacks. 
    Good jump-in attack. Excellent jump up in the air and land with an MK attack. 
    Excellent in ending a crouching LK combo string. Excellent walk up to opponent 
    and hit standing MK attack. Good anti jump-in counter attack when you opponent 
    lands a small distance away from you.
    **HK: Excellent anti jump-in counter attack; you must be wary of the kicks angle 
    and speed, timing and position are essential to this move. Jump-in HK is okay, 
    but its to slow and your opponent may recover by the time you land; can't follow 
    up with another attack after the jump-in HK. Ducking HK produces a slide sweep. 
    Excellent attack if you use it correctly. Ducking HK, to slow, leaves Bison very 
    vulnerable if blocked. Good as a long distance attack, just watch out for 
    fireballs or rushing type attacks which will stuff the HK slide.
    **Throws: Bison has a regular ground and air throw, both are done by with the MP 
    or HP buttons. I do not advise using the air throw because your likely to get 
    stuffed by an attack. This is only a viable tactic if you know your opponent 
    frequently air blocks.
    III. Specials
    ***Psycho Shot: Charge B or DB, then F plus any punch button.
    Punch determines speed of Psycho Shot (LP= Slow, MP= Medium, HP= Fast.) 
    Excellent pressure tactic, creates block damage. Slow recovery time, do not use 
    from close ranges. Vary speeds, but usually stick to LP speed. Charge your next 
    attack during Bison's frozen animation (after he throws a Psycho Shot.) 
    Excellent and safe anti-air.
    *Scissor Kick: Charge B or DB, then F plus any kick button.
    Kick determines speed and distance of the Scissor Kick (LK= Short and Fast, MK= 
    Medium and medium, HK=Long and Slow.) The Scissor Kick is a terrible attack. 
    Rarely use it. Slow recovery time on all three speeds. Use HK Scissor Kick only 
    (a) when the opponent is in recovery animation after a missed attack and your 
    close (b) at the very beginning of a match (rarely works) (c) counter attack a 
    rushing attack (50% of working).
    ***Head Stomp: Charge D or DB, then Up plus any kick button.
    Always use LK when your close to your opponent and when your far. Excellent 
    pressure tactic, creates block damage. Pretty safe move unless you become 
    predictable and they anti-air counter attack or just jump away. NEVER use on 
    Evil Ryu, use rarely on Chun Li. You can follow up with a Demon Dive afterwards.
    **Demon Dive: Charge D or DB, then Up plus any punch button and any punch button 
    (or after a Head Stomp.)
    Punch determines trajectory of Bison's flight (LP= Low Flight, MP= Medium 
    Flight, HP= High Flight.) Excellent when you fly past your opponent and dive at 
    the last minute. HK Demon Dive is good when you opponent is near and you want to 
    escape. Don't become predictable. Don't always use the Demon Dive after a Head 
    Stomp. Occasionally use the Demon Dive by itself, but if they block, you'll land 
    close and be open for counter attacks.
    *Teleport: Teleport towards your opponent F, D, DF + Three Punches (long) or 3 
    Kicks (short). Teleport away from opponent B, D, DB + 3 Punches (long) or 3 
    Kicks (short).
    Little experience using Bison's teleport. But if you teleport near your 
    opponent, they'll usualy counter attack you. Bad recovery time. Possibly good 
    when escaping corners, make sure all the punch or kick buttons function on the 
    IV. Super Combos & Custom Combos
    *Super Psycho Crusher: Charge B, F, B, F plus any punch button.
    Terrible super combo. Uncomboable. Very low priority, gets stuffed by almost 
    everything. Terrible counter attack move, you will usually only get one hit. The 
    Psycho Crusher will hit and then cause your opponent to fly away, no juggling 
    for extra hits. Great at creating block damage, pretty good recoverability, but 
    on occasion you may get counter attacked. Use only as a desperation move, as the 
    move is pretty quick, but your opponent will usually block in time though. Scary 
    attack though.
    ***Kneepress Nightmare: Charge B, F, B, F plus any kick button.
    Level 1: 3 hits; Level 2: 4 hits; Level 3: 5 hits.
    Great super combo, uncomboable though. Initial frames are invincible. Only 
    usable as an anti-air or a counter attack. Usually just use level 1, unless your 
    really close to an enemy who has missed an attack and is in a recovery 
    animation. Great anti-air but you will never get all the hits. Good at creating 
    block damage. Scary attack.
    *Bison Custom Combo: 2 Punch + 1 Kick or 2 Kick + 1 Punch.
    Due to the fact that Bison's ducking HK is a slide with a long recovery time and 
    that he's slow and his specials require charging, Bison stinks at custom combos. 
    Only good one I can think of is ducking MK, into standing HP's, as many HP's as 
    you can fit into the combo. Anyone have any good custom combos for Bison?
    V. Patented Bison Strategies
    ---Offensive Maneuvers---
    *Blink Scissor Kick or Kneepress Nightmare: Immediately after the round starts, 
    pull off a HK Scissor Kick or Kneepress Nightmare. Any overly aggressive players 
    or thoughtless amateurs will get hit by the attack. Good players will not fall 
    for it. Good at aggressive Akumas. Strong risk, if they block, you usually will 
    get counter attacked.
    ***Throw'em Afterwards: If they block your Kneepress Nightmare, you'll have a 
    good chance at throwing them once you recover from the KN.
    **Sweep: Your opponent begins to retreat, or stand his ground and your 4 to 5 
    character spaces away, do a HK slide. Good chances of tripping them. If they 
    block in time they won't be able to retaliate because you'll have enough time to 
    block and you'll fall out of their sweeping range. Never sweep at close ranges, 
    unless they come at you.
    **Crouching/Standing MP: Stuffs a lot of moves at semi-close range.
    ***Walk up MK: Opponent is standing his ground or retreating, walk up and do a 
    standing MK. If he blocks, he can't retaliate, if he doesn't, that's good. MK 
    has great range.
    ***Psycho Shots, Head Stomps and Demon Dives: From a far distance throw LP 
    Psycho Shots. While Bison is in his frozen animation after throwing the PS, 
    charge another PS or a Head Stomp. Mix it up. Throw 3 PS's in a row, then do a 
    Head Stomp. Do not become predictable. Occasionally do a Demon Dive, especially 
    if they start to come charging at you. Do a Demon Dive late in its descent, good 
    at tricking people; easy to anti-air though.
    ***LK Jump-In Agonizer: Jump-in LK, crouch LK x 2, crouch MK... repeat x2 or x3.
    ***Head Stomp Demon Dive Aggravate: LK Head Stomp, Demon Dive, Jump Up, land an 
    MK on top of the opponents head, Jump Away (retreat), HK Slide, Jump Away 
    ***Sweep 2: Long distance HK sweep. Charge down as they get up, Head Stomp, 
    Demon Dive, Jump Up, land a MK on top of the opponents head, Jump Away 
    *****The Supreme LK Jump-In Head Stomper X Maneuver...
    Jump-in LK, crouch LK x 2, crouch MK, LK Head Stomp, Demon Dive, Jump Up, land a 
    MK on top of the opponents head, Jump Away (retreat), HK Slide, Jump Away 
    (retreat), charge back, HP Psycho Shot then use the OPsycho Shot ManeuverO (see 
    ***Psycho Shot Maneuver...
    LP Psycho Shot x1 or x2, LP Head Stomp, Demon Dive, Jump Up, land a MK on top of 
    the opponents head, Jump Away (retreat), HK slide, Jump Away (retreat).
    ---Defensive Maneuvers---
    **Demon Dive Escape: Your opponent is closing in on you, and you need some 
    breathing room, HP Demon Dive, but don't Dive, you'll safely land on the 
    opposite side of the screen. The Demon Dive is somewhat unpredictable, so be 
    careful, try to tame this crazy move.
    **Recovery Throw: Your opponent tried a jump-in combo, you blocked it all. If he 
    or she is close, must be close, throw them. Also good when your opponent blocks 
    your Kneepress Nightmare, you got a good chance of throwing them.
    ***Anti-Air Counter Attacks: Standing HK. Level 1 Kneepress Nightmare. If your 
    at a distance, do a LP Psycho Shot. HK Head Stomp.
    ***Alpha Counter: Works 99% of the time.
    ***Air Attack Stuffer: You and your opponent are both in the air, stuff their 
    attack with an air MK (doesn't work often with Chun Li, Rolento, high arcing 
    Hurricane Kicks, sometimes not Gen or Guy either). Tricky but usually good.
    VI. Versus Characters
    Adon: Be extra careful with your Psycho Shots, Adon can punish you easily. 
    Mostly Head Stomp. HK Scissor Kick right after Adon lands from a long distance 
    Jaguar Tooth or Jaguar Kick. Adon is tricky. Trick him with Demon Dives, but be 
    Akuma: You might be able to Blink Scissor Kick/Kneepress any aggressive Akuma 
    players. Head Stomp those that air fireball to much, mini risk of flying past 
    Akuma though. Beware Demon Diving in a corner, Akuma may counter attack with a 
    Messatsu Shouryu. Akuma is fireballer, so be careful with your long range 
    sweeps. Psycho Shot any jump-in Hurricane Kick.
    Birdie: Don't get predictable with the Head Stomp or Demon Dive, Birdie has a 
    good anti-air counter attack against these. Just don't stay to close to him, 
    cause he'll grab you. Predictable Psycho Shots might get you killed by Birdie's 
    Super Combo grab.
    Chun Li: Your dead. Chun Li kills most everything that Bison throws at her. Chun 
    Li can easily evade your Head Stomp and then punish you for it. Mind games will 
    only work on Chun Li. Predictability will kill you quickly.
    Dan: Just don't do anything incredibly stupid against him. Dan's Hurricane kick 
    will kill Bison's Scissor Kick all the time. Dan can anti-air Bison, but he has 
    a hard time at it, except when he dragon punches.
    Dhalsim: Yoga Draft kills predictable Demon Dives. Long limbs kill long distance 
    HK sweeps. Don't throw Psycho Shots from near distances, Dhalsim will jump-in 
    with a long limbed kick.
    Evil Ryu: Evil Ryu has patented Anti-Head Stomp Technology (tm). DO NOT Head 
    stomp Evil Ryu, Bison will always miss and get punished. Play very carefully. 
    Evil Ryu scrambles Bison's Head Stomp targeting system!? Believe on this.
    Gen: Just play smart and do let him take advantage of Bison's weaknesses.
    Guy: Throw a Psycho Shot from across the screen and Guy can get you. Don't be 
    predictable with your Psycho Shots, use them sparingly and at opportune times. 
    He's also a toughie for Bison.
    Ken: Psycho Shot any jump-in Hurricane Kicks. A missed Shouryu Reppa is easily 
    punishable; use a well timed Kneepress Nightmare. Sometimes its dangerous to try 
    and throw Ken after you've blocked an attempted combo. You'll try to throw him, 
    but Ken is fast, and he'll continue the combo.
    Rolento: Play carefully, Rolento can usually out jump Bison. Predictable PS's 
    will get you killed. I believe Bison's HK Scissor Kick can stuff a lot of 
    Rolento's jump in, be careful.
    Rose: Bison Killer. Don't be to predictable with Psycho Shots because she'll 
    deflect them or absorb them. Play carefully, Rose is a tough character for 
    Bison. Her anti-air super combo can easily grab Bison.
    Ryu: Psycho Shot any jump-in Hurricane kicks. Play carefully, predictability 
    will kill you. Head Stomp, Psycho Shot, cause him to create a mistake. HK Slide 
    may get you killed by a fireball or super fireball.
    Sagat: When Sagat gets predictable with his fireballs, Head Stomp him. Be 
    careful though, Sagat recovers quickly, and he might Tiger Uppercut you if you 
    try a Demon Dive, or he might throw a fireball (or Super Fireball) that will hit 
    you as you recover from the Head Stomp.
    Sakura: Just play carefully, because you could still lose.
    Sodom: Don't stay close because he'll grab you. Sodom is a decent fighter 
    against Bison. Who ever is smarter will win this fight.
    Zangief: Zangief can put you into a Spinning Pile Driver (or Final Atomic 
    Buster) even while your hitting him with crouching LKs.
    VII. Misc. Bison Information
    Taunt: Bison taunts his opponent by standing up straight, crossing his arms and 
    saying ONuiri WaO, which means lukewarm in Japanese, which means that Bison is 
    telling his opponent that he's slow.
    Win Pose #1: Bison looks at his fallen opponent and laughs or says ONuiri Wa.O
    Win Pose #2: Bison materializes floating in the air and laughs ONuiri Wa.O
    Win Pose #3: Bison looks at you and tears off a button from his collar. He might 
    grunt something.
    Character Color, while at the character select screen.
    Red Bison: Press any punch button.
    Blue Bison: Press any two punch buttons.
    Black Bison: Press any kick button.
    Dark Green Bison: Press any two kick buttons.
    Bison background story: Bison searches the world for the best fighters.
    Bison's A2 Mid Boss: Charlie. Charlie wants to arrest Bison for drug and arms 
    Bison's A2 Final Boss: Ryu.
    Bison's A2 Ending: Bison tries to convert Ryu to use psycho power. Will he be 
    VIII. SFA3 Bison
    Haven't played much SFA3 Bison, mainly because he stinks in this game. A3 was 
    strongly designed for aggressive characters and Bison is not an aggressive 
    Changes from A2 to A3.
    1. Jump-in MK is a straight kick in A2, in A3 ii is a bent knee kick. Diminishes 
    its ranges and usefulness.
    2. Standing MP got new animation, slightly longer range than A2, but slightly 
    longer delay.
    3. Z-Ism Bison has new animation for the Demon Dive, same as his animation from 
    4. More exaggerated differences in length and speed of scissor kick attack.
    5. Z-Ism Bison has no Psycho Shot, instead he has a Psycho Crusher. Psycho Shot 
    is better then Psycho Crusher.
    6. Z-Ism Bison no longer can teleport.
    Z-Ism Bison stinks. A-Ism Bison is weaker then A2 Bison. Haven't been able to 
    use V-Ism Bison a lot. Basically, A3 Bison stinks. If I ever get SFA3 for home 
    play, I'll try to build a good A3 Bison FAQ. Untill then, just don't choose him. 
    Choose V-Ism Ken (forget about V-Ism Ryu or Akuma, Ken is the man!)
    IX. Misc. Street Fighter Information
    Usenet: alt.games.sf2
    Good place for SF info, although sometimes a lot of irrelevant and thoughtless 
    posts get posted. Flame wars sometimes bury down the group.
    Websites: GPOW
    Gouki's Page of Whatever has a lot of information on SF. Although it has a lot 
    of graphics and complicated HTML. Must have newest browser for this. Don't have 
    the url for the site, go to a search engine and search GPOW.
    X. Personal Information
    My name is Luis Ramirez. I frequently play A2 in the UC Berkeley arcades (OThe 
    UndergroundO). I'm usually the only Bison player there. I love human 
    I thoroughly appreciate anyone offering new strategies or ideas in using Bison. 
    Or just to talk about Bison and SF in general.
    Questions, comments or complaints. Send'em to ramberk@uclink4.berkeley.edu
    Any new things I find out will get updated into a new FAQ. This is my first FAQ 
    and its concluded! Enjoy using Bison! He's boring in that he can't combo at all, 
    but he's good at strategy gameplay. In reality Bison is weak character in A2. 
    Probably middle tier, or below, but if you play really well, work really hard, 
    Bison will reward you.
    SFA2 Bison FAQ, c Luis Ramirez 19

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