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    Gen by Ingus

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    STREET FIGHTER ZERO 3: Character Guide to Z-ism Gen Ver 0.3
    For the Sony PlayStation (import) and Arcade
    By Ingus a.k.a. Michael Wang <Isamu__dyson@hotmail.com>
    Unpublished work Copyright 2001 Michael Wang
    This FAQ is for private and personal use only. It can only be reproduced
    electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered as long as
    this disclaimer and the above copyright notice appear in full. This FAQ is not
    to be used for profitable/promotional purposes; this includes being used by
    publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into
    magazines, etc. in ANY way. This FAQ was created and is owned by me.  All
    copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically mentioned
    in this FAQ. Please give credit where it is due.
    The Street Fighter game series and the Final Fight series are (c) Capcom of
    Japan and (c) Capcom of America.
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    Version 0.1 ---------------------------------------------------------[2-5-1999]
        FAQ Created
    Version 0.2 ---------------------------------------------------------[3-8-1999]
        Re-did the formatting of the FAQ
        Changed some wording
        New section 'Updated Combos'
    Version 0.3 -------------------------------------------------------[10-17-2001]
        Corrected some typo
        Redone the Move list formatting
        New section 'Tricks and Traps'
    This FAQ assumes you the reader know the basics about the game play mechanics
    of Street Fighter series in general (2-in-1, combo, etc), and some knowledge on
    the various 'improvements' Alpha 3 has (air juggle, air recovery and the
    likes).  If you have questions on how to play the game, please search GameFAQs'
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 section, many excellent general FAQ's are already there.
     This FAQ is aimed at those players that have already played Alpha 3 for a
    while and is looking for someone interesting to learn.  Well, enough
    chitchat... on with the show!
    In the hands of an experienced player, Gen can be a devastating character who
    excel in air juggles and fast ground based combos.  However Gen is also one of
    the harder to learn character in Alpha 3 and many times when a gamer attempts
    to play him he/she will become frustrated with some of Gen's short comings and
    give up on him.  If you are willing to spend some time with the character
    though, I believe you'll learn to appreciate Gen.
    In this guide, I will show you how I play Gen in Z-ism. I am (in my humble
    opinion ^_^) an above average player and I am still learning stuff about Gen
    and the game in general.  So if you see anything in here that doesn't make
    sense, not only will do me a favor by about telling me about it, but if you
    have any improvements on the subject, it would really be appreciated. By the
    way, it should be noted that this guide is written for Z-ism, Gen in other
    styles plays differently and since I don't think those 2 styles are not as good
    when it comes to playing Gen, I won't talk about them much.
    I suppose the first thing I should talk about is Gen's weakness.  Mainly Gen is
    hard to play because he has 2 styles of fighting that he can switch at anytime
    during a round.  Because of this, he has twice the amount of normal moves
    compare to other characters.  Learn to use these moves will serve you well
    because each style has it's own advantages and disadvantages, and a truly
    devastating Gen is one that knows how to get around the weaknesses by switch
    styles and knows when to switch styles.
    Gen's PPP style is a fast poking style, most of his normal moves in this style
    can be chained together to create long combos (see combo list below). The main
    weakness for this style is the lack of damage potential.  When Gen's special
    meter is below Level 2, this style can not really hurt the opponent.  Also, the
    uppercut attack in this style (Gekirou) does not have a high priority, and can
    be knocked out of the air by quite a few moves.  Finally, the jumps in this
    style are faster and lower compare to Gen's KKK style jumps.
    Gen's KKK style is a slow and tricky style.  Most of his normal moves will have
    interesting effects in addition to damage, and this is the style that takes
    time to get used to.  While potentially more damaging to the opponent, this
    style is fairly slow, and some of the moves have extremely long lag before
    or/and after execution.
    And now here is Gen's strength.  More then anything else, it's his flexibility.
     If your opponent is turtling, use the KKK style to crack his defense, and if
    your opponent is on an all out offense mode, go to PPP mode and poke him out of
    his attacks. More then anyone else (not counting those Level 3 'special' supers
    such as the Raging Demon), Gen has 4 supper attacks (2 in each mode), and all 4
    of them are useful in different situations (see the move analysis below). 
    Also, Gen's speed is his strength.  While there are faster characters (Guy,
    Chun Li), not many can match Gen in damage to speed ratio.  Every crossup,
    counter, near the corner throw, anti-air crouching roundhouse will always end
    in something insanely damaging if you know what to do.
    (This list is taken from Kao Megura's excellent Alpha 3 FAQ, this FAQ could be
    found at GameFAQs.com.  I didn't know many of the Japanese names of Gen's moves
    and this list helped me a lot when I was writing this FAQ, thanks Kao! ^_^)
     ZV  Ansatsu Ken: Sou-ryuu           Press PPP at any time  (air)
    XZV   Hyakurenkou                    Tap P rapidly
    XZV   Gekirou                        f,d,df + K
    XZ    Zan'ei                         qcf,qcf + P
     Z    Shitenshuu                     qcb,qcb + P
     ZV  Ansatsu Ken: Ki-ryuu            Press KKK at any time  (air)
    XZV   Jasen                          Charge b,f + P
     ZV   Ouga                           Charge d,ub~uf + K
    XZV   Kyoutetsu                      Press MP
    XZV   (low-level hit)                Press HP
     ZV   (counter punch)                d + HP
     ZV   Satsu Jin                      d + LK
    XZV   Saizu                          Jump over someone, press MK
     ZV   Uken                           In air, quickly press HK twice
     Z    Kouga                          In air, qcb,qcb + K
     Z    Jakouha                        qcf,d,df + K
     Zero Counter (ZISM):    Sou-ryuu:  HK Gekirou
     Zero Counter (ZISM):    Sou-ryuu:  Advancing Uken (2nd hit)
     Zero Counter (VISM):    Ki-ryuu:   Palm Thrust
     Zero Counter (VISM):    Ki-ryuu:   Sou-ryuu Standing HP
     Ground Throws:          b / f + PP / KK
     Air Throws:             b / f + KK
     Interruptable Attacks:  (Sou-ryuu)  stand   LP MP HP:1 MK
                             (Sou-ryuu)  crouch  LP MP LK MK
                             (Ki-ryuu)   stand   LP
                             (Ki-ryuu)   crouch  LP MP
     - Gen has two different "styles" of play he can use by pressing PPP
       or KKK.  Once you've changed into a certain style, you can only
       use the moves in that style (for example, in Sou-ryuu style, you
       could use the Shitenshuu but not the Ouga).  Gen normally starts
       in his PPP style, but if you switch to his KKK style, he'll
       remain in it for the rest of the game.  You can switch Gen's
       styles at any time, while jumping, blocking, attacking, when
       knocked down, while dizzy, and so on.
     - In X-ism Gen cannot change styles.  He instead uses a mishmash
       of moves taken from both style instead.  He cannot chain combo
       and has his fast Ki-ryuu style jump.
     - In his Sou-ryuu style, Gen can chain together his normal attacks.
       The sequence is pretty loose--the only real restriction is that
       you can't chain a stronger attack into a weaker one (like HP into
       LK).  Otherwise, just about anything is possible.
     - During the Geki Rou, you need to tap the Kick button as your
       opponent goes higher and higher into the air if you want to get the
       full hits (you'll know if you did this correctly because he'll
       finish with a kick that knocks your foe away).
     - If hit by a Shitenshuu, a timer will appear over the head of Gen's
       opponent and count down.  When it reaches zero, Gen's foe falls to
       the ground and is dizzied.  You can increase the timer speed by
       hitting your foe with multiple Shitenshuus, but your opponent can
       stop the timer by hitting you with an attack.  Note that your
       opponent is damaged during the intitial hits, each time the counter
       goes down by one, and when it hits zero and he / she is dizzied.
       The higher level you use, the more damage the Shitenshuu does during
       the intial hits and for each timer countdown. - During the Ouga, you can:
          * Direct your initial leap left or right by charging d,ub / uf
            instead of charging d,u (which always takes you to the wall
            behind you).      * Do nothing when you touch a wall for a jump kick
          * Press b when you touch a wall to abort the move
          * Press f when you touch a wall for a long kick toward your foe
          * Press u when you touch a wall to move to the ceiling
             + Do nothing when you touch the ceiling to do a head stomp
             + Press ub~uf when on the ceiling to abort the move and drop
               in either direction
             + Press b / f when on the ceiling to use a dive kick in either
               direction - The Kyoutetsu is an overhead attack.
     - The Low-Level Hit hits low and must be crouch-blocked.
     - The Counter Punch causes huge amounts of damage if it hits someone
       who is in the middle of an attack (3.5-4.0 times more damage).
       However, if you are hit out of it, you may take lots of damage
       yourself.  The move also has a considerable delay.
     - The Satsu Jin will knock an opponent up into the air.  You can
       follow it with a Jakouha or jump after them with the attack of
       your choice.  Note that if you use the Uken, they can't flip out
       afterwards. - Gen's jumping Ki-ryuu MK (the Saizu), works best as a cross-up
       attack. - During the Kouga you can:
          * Press LK for a jump kick off the left wall,
             + Then, press MK or do nothing instead for a long kick towards
               your enemy.
             + Or, press HK instead for a higher, faster long kick.
          * Press MK for a head stomp off the ceiling,
             + Then press LK instead to dive left.
             + Or, press HK instead to dive right.
          * Press HK for a jump kick off the right wall,
             + Then, press MK or do nothing instead for a long kick towards
               your enemy.         + Or, press LK for a higher, faster long kick.
     - It's easy to accidentally tap a button too much so that if you "do
       nothing" after using LK or HK to go to a wall, you'll end up doing
       the following LK or HK move instead.  To prevent this, pressing MK
       has the same effect as "doing nothing".  Gen can perform one extra
       attack per level.
    In this section, I will not go into detail on all of Gen's moves since it would
    take way too much time and effort to try to analyze all of them.  The moves
    that are here will be the ones I think will be the most useful and interesting.
    == Throws ==
    [PPP style throw]
    (press 2 or more punches when close up) - standard throw
    [KKK style throw]
    (press 2 or more kicks when close up) - Leg trip
    {Special Note}
    Both of Gen's ground throws will make its target float up a little bit.  Some
    moves / supers can catch them before they land for added damage.  See combo
    list below for details.
    [Air Throw]
    (in either style, jump and press 2 or more kicks when close up) - Gen grabs the
    opponent and then proceeds to stump on their head when landing, just like his
    Jakouha super in KKK style. Point of interest here is that if you do the throw
    with KKK button (if you have a button mapped to that) not only will you throw
    the opponent, you will land in KKK style too.
    	PPP style:
    == Normal Attacks ==
    [Crouching Fierce]
    This version has great speed and range, use this as your main poke. Throw this
    move out a lot, because not many moves can match it's range and speed, you
    won't get hit by many things even if you missed the attack completely.
    [Crouching Roundhouse]
    This move has an even longer range compare to the C. Fierce, but the recovery
    time on this move is not great, unless you are sure the move will come in
    contact with your opponent, try to stick with the C. Fierce or the C. Forward. 
    However, if you blocked a fireball at close range, C. Roundhouse immediately
    and you can catch the opponent before he can block.
    [Standing Forward]
    This move has a really good recovery time and excellent priority, and since you
    can buffer command attacks after this move it should be used when you are not
    sure if there's an opening on your opponent's defense.  Just poke him/her with
    it a few times and see what he does afterwards, then plan your special attacks
    == Command Attacks ==
    (f,d,fd + k) - this is an excellent command attack, it does not have the
    piority of a dragon punch, but it will beat many things.  After the initial
    hit, keep on tapping the kick button you used to start the move to add
    additional hits.  There is a rhythm to the button press, generally it's a slow
    to fast sequence, practice it a few times until you get this down, as the last
    hit in the kicks is more damaging then the rest.  Short Gekirou has a max hit
    of 6, and Forward has a max of 7, while roundhouse will produce 8 hits. Point
    of interest here is that if your opponent blocked the first hit on the Gekirou,
    keeps on tapping the kick button.  While this won't hit the opponent, Gen will
    float a little bit, messing up your opponent's timing should he/she tries to
    retaliate.  Also, if you tap the kicks in a rapid succession, Gen will land
    after at most 4 or 5 hits (the last hit will never connect) while the opponent
    will be floating in the air for a short time.  This is one way to start an air
    juggle combo if the opponent is cornered.
    (Tap P rapidly) - Gen's 'hundred hand slap'.  Range of this is pretty horrible,
    and the damage it inflicts isn't all that great.  One use to this is when
    blocking a jump in attack start pressing fierce rapidly.  If your opponent's
    timing is even a little off, your hyakurenkou will come out before his ground
    attacks.  That, of course, will end his combo chain.
    == Supers ==
    (qcf,qcf + P) - Gen rushes forward with his fist in front of him, the more
    super level you use up the further and faster this move becomes.  At Level 1
    it's 4 hits, and Level 2 is 5, while Level 3 is 6.  Not a particularly powerful
    super this move can be knocked out by a well placed throw (well, cpu has done
    it to me a few times, but so far no human opponent has done so) or a low trip
    (this man people has done on me).  So why is this move good? Two reasons.  One
    is that it can be buffered into Gen's standing strong, crouching strong,
    standing forward or crouching forward.  Two is that after the super is done,
    Gen will recover from it before the opponent hits the floor (provided that the
    super actually hit the opponent, of course).  This opens up a whole new world
    of pain to the opponent because now he can be juggled.  Feel free to use the
    Gekirou to tag on another 8 hits, or switch to KKK style and do the Jakouha to
    catch your falling opponent. For those of you that really want to show off,
    another well timed Zan'ei can hit the falling opponent again, but this takes a
    lot of practice and after taking the second Zan'ei, you opponent will not
    float, and thus you will not be able to juggle him again.
    (qcb,qcb + P) -  Gen does a few fast strikes on the opponent and a counter
    starts going off on the enemy.  This move can be chained from a strong or a
    forward, but due to its lack of range, it's best to chain this move after a
    jab.  If the counter hits zero the opponent will go dizzy automatically.  The
    damage on this move isn't high at first, but if you manage to dodge your
    opponent all the way till he goes dizzy, the cumulative damage will impress
    you, even at level 1.  However, the main reason to use this move is to force
    your opponent to attack you.  Most of them know that if they don't hit you
    before the timer runs out, they'll go dizzy.  So what they'll do is they will
    start attacking you very aggressively.  This is good because when someone is
    playing like that they don't think too much. (unless of course that's the way
    they play in the first place, in that case don't bother with Shitenshuu) You
    can (most of time) find openings in their attacks and knock em out with a well
    timed attack of your choice.  Best of all, even if your opponent take hits from
    you, the counter will still go down, so they will be even more frenzied and you
    should be able to find even more openings.  Only thing to watch out for is an
    opponent that likes to throw, if that's the case, stay AWAY from them after
    performing the Shitenshuu on them.
    	KKK style:
    == Normal Attacks ==
    [Jumping Roundhouse]
    This move hits twice in air if you press the kick button twice.  At first
    glance it doesn't seem any better then Chun Li's jumping roundhouse, after all,
    her roundhouse will attack twice in air automatically.  But if you put this
    attack during a jump - in attack it's a different story.  After the first
    roundhouse, most experienced player will crouch and block, in anticipation of
    your low attacks after you land.  This is when you tap roundhouse again, and
    since you are still in the air this is considered an overhead attack, and
    because your opponent is crouching, this second hit will hit them and allow you
    to start the combo of your choice after you land.  Nifty huh?  Mix the two hit
    roundhouse with the one hit roundhouse and you opponent will be even more
    [Crouching Roundhouse]
    Gen pushes the ground with his palm and kick upwards with his legs.  Mainly
    used as an anti air move, this attack leaves the opponent high in the air if
    hit, and if you are fast enough you can start juggling your opponent
    afterwards.  However, if missed, this move has a horrible lag, so unless you
    are sure it will hit, don't do it.
    [Crouching Short]
    This is what you want to do to the opponent after he takes that roundhouse from
    you.  The C. Short in KKK style will pop an opponent up in the air
    automatically, and you can start your air juggles right after it.
    [Jumping Forward]
    At first glance this is pointless, as the attack doesn't attack in front of Gen
    much.  But the true usefulness of this move is in the crossovers.  The leg Gen
    extends backward will hit opponent's back if you jumped over them while
    executing this move.  A suggestion is to do this move as you jump over a
    person, then perform a C. Short right after you land, then you can start the
    air juggle of your choice.
    [Standing Strong]
    This move will cause Gen to pull back a bit then do an overhead attack with his
    arm.  The move is very slow and has a bad lag afterwards, but the good thing is
    that it has a very good reach, most of the time your opponent won't be able to
    reach you to counter attack if you perform this at maximum range.
    [Standing Fierce]
    Gen will reach down with his fist and do an upward scooping strike, even though
    he's standing, this move will hit low.  The move is very slow, and personally I
    don't think it's worth the trouble.
    [Crouching Fierce]
    Now this is an interesting move.  Gen will duck a little bit and the do a
    downward slap with both of his arms.  Also call the counter punch, this move
    can deal huge amount of damage to the opponent if you manage to make a counter
    hit with it.  But it's very slow (again) and if you get hit during the move,
    you will take that huge damage instead.  One way use the fierce is time it so
    it counters a jump in attack - this cause extreme damage.  In any case, the
    crouching fierce does have an excellent range, but because of its speed, I
    don't use it very often.
    == Command Attacks ==
    (Charge b,f + P) - This rolling attack will go through most projectiles (none
    of the supers, of course) and if done at close range can cause quite a bit of
    damage.  However the lag after execution is long and if blocked you can get
    into some real trouble.  Generally do not use this move if you can avoid it.
    (Charge d,ub~uf + K) - This move can be controlled, delayed and canceled (see
    above) but the best effect of this move is that it leaves the opponent high in
    the air after a successful hit.  Again, you can start your juggles right
    afterwards.  In Alpha 3 this move has gained considerable speed compare to its
    Alpha 2 counter part.  One of the best uses for it is if your opponent is a
    shoto fireball-throwing freak, as soon as see him/her start a fireball start
    the Ouga, and you will be able to hit him/her and avoid the fireball all at
    once.  Another use for it is when your back is close to one of the edges of the
    screen and your opponent is crouching, do an Ouga.  Since it's considered an
    airborne attack, it'll hit the crouching opponent.  Due to the speed of the
    move many people will not be able to react to it till it's too late.
    {Special note}
    These two moves are both charging moves, but you do not have to start the
    charge in KKK style. The best way to play Gen (in my opinion anyway) is to stay
    in PPP mode and charging all the time.  When you see the need of either of the
    moves, switch style and immediately execute the move of your choice.  A lot of
    times after your opponent blocked a long sequence of ground based attacks from
    Gen, they'll try to sweep you down with a roundhouse. This is the best time to
    switch style and start an Ouga, because of the speed of the move, you should be
    able to hit the opponent before his can block again.
    == Supers ==
    (In air, qcb,qcb + K) - Gen starts a super kick in mid air, the damage is good,
    but don't expect to get all the hits in.  In fact, don't do this move beyond
    Level 1 because after the first hit, the reset of it will be blocked most of
    the time.  Use it as an anti fireball move as it's fast and if that misses, try
    to land somewhere away from your opponent.  The best way to use this move
    though is out of an air recovery.  Tap PPP while in the falling animation will
    bring you out of the fall and start Kouga immediately before you land.  Many
    people (especially those that knows how to juggle in Alpha 3) will be waiting
    for you to fall down and start something nasty on you (Akuma's endless
    hurricane kicks immediately comes to mind).  By pulling the Kouga off in mid
    air during a fall it will guarantee to surprise your opponent (and they'll
    think twice before trying to juggle you the next time you fall).
    (qcf,d,df + k) - Gen's anti air super throw, it's angle and priority is very
    much like Rose's Level 1 anti air throw, not many thing can knock you out of
    it, but it is possible to get knocked out.  By itself, this move isn't very
    useful, but when it's put into a combo that ends with an air juggles this can
    cause a lot of damage.  Don't use this move as your anti air move, since its
    priority isn't the greatest, if you need something to hit jumping opponent, use
    C. Roundhouse instead.
    Gen is and tricky old bastard. Some of his 'tricks' are listed below. Note that
    these tricks are not guaranteed combos, but most of time your opponent will
    for them.
    a)A Fierce Jansen (KKK rolling attack), followed by a Hyakurenkou. (PPP hundred
      hand slap) Do your stance change while rolling and start tapping punch very
      fast before the roll is finished.
    b)Like in a, do a Fierce Jasen, switch stance in mid roll, and get up with a
      Super Shitenshuu. This is useful when your opponent tries to catch you from
      the roll with a slow move like a Roundhouse sweep.
    c)With your back against a corner, do a PPP low Roundhouse, in the middle of
      the sweep, change style and charge down. As soon as the kick is done, tap up
      and kick and go for a KKK Ouga (triangle kick off the wall). Since Gen is so
      close to the wall this move will come out lightning fast, and very hard to
      guard against.
    Gen's main strength is his combos, an innocent looking jab can turn into a
    combo that eats up 80% of you opponent's health.  Knowing the combo and being
    able to actually do the combos is two completely different things though.  But
    then again, practice makes perfect so keep on trying! ^_^
    PPP style:
    Most of the attacks will flow into each other provided that 1. You tap them in
    the right sequence and 2. You tap them with the right timing.  By right
    sequence I mean from the weakest attack to strongest attack. (ie. Jab -> short
    -> forward -> Fierce -> Roundhouse will work, but that combo will not work
    backwards) And the timing of the combo can get tricky, some of the move can be
    taped in a quick succession, while others will have to be carefully timed to be
    counted as part of the combo.  Keep these 2 points in your mind and try Gen out
    in training mode and try to find your own combos!  But just so you have
    something to start with, here's some of Gen's PPP combo I use a lot. I'll start
    off easy and move into the harder to do combos
    a) Jumping Roundhouse -> Jab -> C. Fierce
    b) Jumping Roundhouse -> Jab -> C. Short -> C. Forward -> C. Fierce
    c) Jumping Roundhouse -> Jab -> Shitenshuu
    d) Jumping Roundhouse -> Jab -> C. Short -> C. Forward -> Level 2 Zan'ei (Level
    1 will not be fast enough to connect as a part of the combo)
    e) Jumping Roundhouse -> Jab -> C. Short -> C. Forward -> Level 2 Zan'ei ->
    f) Jumping Roundhouse -> Jab -> C. Short -> C. Forward -> Level 2 Zan'ei ->
    Style switch -> Jakouha with the remaining energy
    As you can see, these combos actually all follow the same path, so find what
    works for you and develop your own combos!
    KKK style:
    This style does not combo very well, because of the slowness of the style, only
    a few moves will chain, and even less will do full damage.  But the 2 hit
    jumping round house is a great combo starter, and if you can pull off that, you
    can follow it with a variety of attacks.  Again, find what works for you and
    use the combos below as a reference.
    a) Jumping Roundhouse x 2 -> Jab -> Fierce Jasen (switch style here and go for
    a Gekirou afterwards. Not a true combo, but many times this will hit an
    unsuspecting opponent
    b) Jumping Roundhouse x 2 -> standing roundhouse
    c) Jumping Roundhouse x 2 -> C. short -> Jumping Roundhouse x 2
    d) Jumping Roundhouse x 2 -> C. short -> Style switch -> Gekirou (corner only)
    e) Jumping Roundhouse x 2 -> C. short -> Jumping Roundhouse x 2 -> Jakouha
    (corner only)
    f) Jumping Roundhouse x 2 -> C. short -> Jumping Roundhouse x2 -> Style switch
    -> Zan'ei -> Gekirou (well this is a very hard to pull combo, I only got it to
    work once)
    Since I posted this FAQ on the net I got quite a few e-mails with incredible
    sounding combo lists.  While I haven't tried out all of the combos mentioned
    there, I will list them in this section.  If you have your own combo, send it
    to me, and I'll add it here.
    List of contributor for this section so far:
    Benjamin Chen ---------------------------------------- <bechen@ic.sunysb.edu>
    Psyduck       ---------------------------------------- <Psyduck228@aol.com>
    1. Crossup forward, cr. jab x2, cr. short, cr. forward, level 2 rush super,
    reverse Gekirou, tap kick buttons for three hits, land and instantly switch
    styles and do a level 1 catch super. Quite easy if you know the trick that when
    you tap, tap on KKK so you land in KKK style. Not the most damaging but
    probably the most flashy.
    2. Crossup forward, cr. jab x2, cr. short, cr. forward, level 3 rush super,
    reverse Gekirou (roundhouse version) for 3 hits, st. strong, roundhouse reverse
    Gekirou 8 hits.
    3. KKK style corner only. Jump roundhouse 2 hits, st. jab, cr. short, st.
    roundhouse, level 3 catch super. Its possible to escape with air recover, but
    its somewhat tough to flip out of the st. roundhouse since it can't be
    air-blocked, and even if you flip out after the st. roundhouse the level 3
    super catches you anyway.
    4. A typical chain into a level 2 rush super this time, but now juggle with a
    well-timed level 1 Shitenshuu. The Shitenshuu itself must connect. When the
    opponent goes dizzy, punish them with your favorite five hit normal attack
    chain such as, j. roundhouse, or crossup forward, cr. jab, cr. short, cr.
    forward, cr. fierce. Another one I use is jump in attack, cr. jab, short, st.
    forward, st. roundhouse.
    5. Corner only, any throw (2p or 2k) into Jakouha. Works even on the most well
    timed flip out. Near unavoidable.
    6. Anywhere, throw with leg trip (2k), catch with level 3 Zan'ei.  Timing is
    somewhat tricky, since the leg trip is a KKK style throw and the Zan'ei is a
    PPP style super.  Level 2 Zan'ei will connect if the opponent is thrown toward
    the corner and doesn't fly all the way back.  Level 3 can catch opponent
    anywhere.  However this combo can be avoided with air recovery or a throw
    7. Crossup forward, cr. jab, st. fierce, Hyakurenkou. Perform the cr. jab and
    then just mash fierce button.  Fierce is an interruptible attack on the first
    hit, and if you mash the button fast enough, only the first hit of the fierce
    will come out. Then the Hyakurenkou will chain.  Good thing about this combo is
    that the Hyakurenkou will push your enemy away even if they blocked, leaving
    you relatively safe. Also this combo is cheap for some decent chip and guard
    crush damage.
    8. Ouga, Jakouha.  The Ouga will pop the opponent up if hit, so just catch them
    with a Jakouha for some extra damage.  Watch out for air recoveries.
    9. KKK style crossup (the jumping middle kick is what I assume you should use)
    st. Fierce. The standing fierce takes away a huge amount of block bar, which
    makes this combo useful even if blocked.
    10. Corner, Gekirou with Roundhouse, tap kick rapidly for 3 to 4 hits, then
    when you land (or in the air) switch styles and do a ducking Roundhouse into a
    Like I said earlier, Gen's at his best when played with a mix of his styles,
    some of his combos come from style mixing, find what works for you and try them
    out.  If you are too lazy, look at the combo lists above and practice the
    combos that interest you. ^_^
    Like all characters Gen only has 3 levels (darn! ^_^) of super meter.  To use
    the bar efficiently is a problem that's faced by all Street Fighter players. 
    Here's how I tend to use the bar.  First and foremost, I rarely use the bar up
    by using zero counters (a.k.a. alpha counter, depends on if you are playing the
    import or not).  In Alpha 3, the zero counters are near worthless - they don't
    do enough damage, and shorten your block meter while draining one bar of super!
     Only time you want to activate this is if some one is trying to cheap a win
    out of you (Ryu and his Level 3 Super Hurricane kick for example).  For all
    other purpose, reserve the bar for supers.
    Gen has 4 supers, and all of these moves have different characteristics
    depending on the amount of super bar consumed.  Knowing when to use how much is
    sometimes not so obvious.  For me, I tend to do Zan'ei exclusively at Level 2,
    Shitenshuu exclusively at Level 1, Jakouha at the Level that have the right
    angle, and Kouga exclusively at Level 1.
    Why is that? Here's a short explanation:
    This move at Level 1 goes out only about half a screen, and has a tendency to
    stop right in front of the opponent if blocked.  The lack of distance make the
    Level 1 Zan'ei hard to combo, and stopping right in front of your opponent is
    not some thing you want to do.  At Level 3, this move does only one more hit
    compare to it's Level 2 version, and the Level 3 version only travels a little
    bit further, while draining all of your super meter.
    The difference between the Levels on this super is the slight increase on the
    speed of the count down.  While Level 3 version of this does a lot more damage
    compare to the Level 1 version of it, I still prefer direct damage supers such
    as the Zan'ei.  Besides, I only use this super to force my opponent come out of
    turtling, and Level 1 of it serves that purpose well enough.
    Level 1 of this move goes up at an angle of around 100 degrees (in other words,
    almost straight up) and won't catch much.  Level 2 the move goes to around 120
    degrees and Level 3 has the best reach at around 135 degrees.  In most cases, a
    Level 2 Jakouha will catch a character as well as a Level 3 can, but sometimes
    when your opponent air recovers, only a Level 3 can catch him/her.
    Level 1 of this will do 2 attacks off the wall of your choice, Level 2 will do
    3 attacks, and you get 4 attacks out of a Level 3 version.  Since the move
    isn't all that hard to block, usually only the first attack will hit.  For that
    purpose, a Level 1 of this will serve you well enough.  Only reason to do a
    Level 3 of Kouga is to 'cheap' a win out of your opponent, as the block damage
    of this move is quite high.
    Generally I play an offensive Gen. Staying in PPP style most of time, I tend to
    switch to KKK style only when I need to.  In PPP I use my C. Jab a lot when
    close up, if the jab hits, I'll continue the attack with one of the combos
    listed above.  If the opponent is turtling a lot, then I usually switch to KKK
    and use the Roundhouse X 2 to crack his/her defense.  The cool thing with Gen
    is that if you have a Level 3 bar, if your opponent even makes one mistake you
    can take out more then 60% of his energy.  This actually leads to some heated
    name calling in the arcades... but that's another story ^_^.  But the point
    here is, find what works for you!  Even though I like to use the PPP style for
    defense and KKK for offense it doesn't mean you have to do the same thing! 
    Find what works for you and have fun.
    Gen isn't the most powerful character in the game, but he's close to it when
    played well (the top characters is still probably one of the shoto kids in
    arcade, and on PS Fei-Long and Dee-Jay is up there too). But because of the
    amount of moves Gen posses, it's actually fun to learn and play him.  If you
    want to find a character that can provide long hour of fun, give Gen a try! 
    You won't be disappointed.
    Special Thanks
    Kao Megura								<kmegura@hotmail.com>
    Kao's awe -inspiring FAQ is what made me want to write my own in the first
    place.   Thanks a lot!
    Unpublished work Copyright 2001 Michael Wang

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