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    Guile by Juraiprince

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    SFA3: Guile Start up Guide
    Updated 9/3/99
    Who is Guile?
    That’s neat, now how do I get Guile?
    Normal Moves & Explanation
    Special Moves & Explanation 
    Super Moves & Explanation
    (Special stuff between)
    What's up everybody? I'm here just to make a few minor adjustments. Dare I say, "update"? 
    It's not a biggy, just a little slide of the hand to make this more nice and sweet. I'm also
    fixing up the look, seeing as how I dimwittedly made the original using MS Word *slaps 
    self silly*, now I'm doing this in order to adjust it for you, so you need not do alot of 
    Guile’s full name is William F. Guile, a colonel of the United States 
    Army(though it seems somewhat implied that he’s in some kind 
    of intelligence branch as well as the USAF throughout all the SF
    games). Guile is Charlie’s/Nash’s long time friend and comrade(did that seem 
    redundant?). Guile’s mission in SFA3 is to find Charlie/Nash and bring him back safely.
    The problem is that Charlie is working on a secret mission to destroy Shadaloo(Bison’s 
    underground network of basically all the bad stuff you can think of) alongside Chun-li. 
    Thus, the conflict is presented that should Charlie be taken away from the mission, 
    the risk of Shadaloo remaining is at stake. What ultimately happens to Guile, Charlie,
    and Chun-Li? Find out by beating SFA3!(hopefully, with the assistance of this guide). 
    The question is easily answered, but not so easily done by the person 
    asking the question(i.e. you). The answer lies in the new World Tour 
    Mode in SFA3. Assuming you know how World Tour Mode works, simply select 
    your character and level them past level 27 once you reach
    the Thailand stage where you must fight the following people in this order: 
    - SURVIVAL BATTLE: Sagat x3, 1 Round Win/Loss.
    - SURVIVAL BATTLE: Juli/Juni, 2 Round Win, 1 Round Loss
    - MAX SUPER BATTLE: M. Bison, 2 Round Win/1 Round loss.
    If you have past level 27 once you reach this stage, you’re pretty
     much safe. Now, all you have to do is fight your way through a
     survival battle against 4 Rolento’s, a Guard Crush attack against
     Charlie/Nash, and then finally, a Super Combo attack against Guile. 
     Once you’ve defeated Guile, just save, and go to any mode(including training) 
     and Guile’s icon will be shown, thus, he’s now playable.
    First and foremost, this can’t be explained without some kind of guide telling 
    you what buttons I’m referring to, so:
    A: Any(referring to either a kick or punch button)
    U: Up
    D: Down
    B: Back
    T: Forward/Toward
    F: Fierce Strength
    M: Medium Strength
    W: Light Strength/Weak Strength
    K: Kick 
    P: Punch
    PP: 2 punch buttons pushed simultaneously
    PPP: 3 punch buttons pushed simultaneously
    KK: 2 Kick buttons pushed simultaneously
    KKK: 3 Kick buttons pushed simultaneously
    (2sec.) :  Hold down the specified direction for 2 seconds
    o.k., so now here are the NORMAL moves.
    WP: Weak Punch(Jab)
    Standing: Guile tosses a quick jab, doing small damage. Unlike in
               SFA2, you can’t go from a charged-back weak punch into a Toward-
               punch-turning into a sonic boom, otherwise known as canceling a normal move 
               into a special. You can however, use the standing weak punch to link to another
               attack button, such as a crouching or standing weak kick/punch.
    Crouching: Guile does a quick, low-range jab.
    Jumping: Not too special, but it’s a quick jab in the air which CAN counter, 
             just not all too well.
    CHAINS: All versions can be chained into a weak kick(short).
    MP: Medium strength Punch(Strong)
    Standing: Guile does a surprisingly quick punch that looks like a 
              thrusting uppercut. Basically, Guile moves his upper body forward
              while punching up. Do not use as an anti-air, though, because it’s
              not intended as one.
    Crouching: Guile does a somewhat slow, medium range punch.
    Jumping:  A semi-quick punch resembling his jumping Fierce Punch. 
              Pretty decent air counter, and Jump-in.
    CHAINS: Only the jumping  version can chain into a Fierce, the standing 
            can be canceled into a sonic boom, if, of course, you’re charging 
            back while the MP is being performed. 
    *NOTE: In X-ism, Guile punches upwards. I think the same is true for V-ism*
    FP: Fierce Punch(Fierce)
    Standing: A slow, mid range crossing punch. It looks a lot like Charlie’s. 
              It’s not the greatest basic attack, but it has little recovery time, 
              so that’s a plus.
    Crouching: A fast uppercut. Incredibly fast for a fierce uppercut, and it’s
               a pretty good anti-air move. There is a bit of a problem in trying 
               to cancel this move into a Flash kick, because of the awkward timing, 
               so, be forewarned.
    Jumping: A very fast punch. This move tends to be awkward because it comes out
             and ends rather quickly, but it works great as a stun in order to set
             up a ground combo. 
    CHAINS: Can’t be changed into other normal moves, but can chain into special 
            moves like the sonic boom or the flash kick.
    WK: Weak Kick(Short)
    Standing:  A short ranged kick to the shin of a standing opponent(that’s the best 
               way to describe it).
    Crouching: a mid-range kick doing small damage. This is an odd crouching weak kick, 
               as it goes farther than all other weak kicks, and thus, counters 
               most all of them, but, this plus comes at the sacrifice of being able 
               to be blocked while standing, also unlike the other crouching weak kicks.
    Jumping: Guile tosses his knee to the air, which lasts long, but has little range.
             Can be beaten quite easily by other jumping weak attacks, minus Ken/Ryu/Akuma’s 
             jumping weak Kicks, since they attack at the same level as Guile’s.
    CHAINS: Jumping weak kick obviously chains into a standing Weak punch, or Fierce punch. 
            Crouching can be canceled into a flash kick or sonic boom, and 
            the standing just can’t be chained at all.
    MK: Medium Kick(Forward)
    Standing:  Best described as a sobat kick, guile spins his body and sends out a mid-range
               strong Kick. Unlike past incarnations, this is not an overhead, and the player can 
               “shift” or Move guile while he’s in this move by simply pushing back or forward 
               while pushing the MK button.
    Crouching: a longer ranged kick than the weak kick, but slower and more powerful.
    Jumping:  This is guile’s best jump-in. Guile jumps while kicking down at an angle 
              (similar looking To akuma’s dive kick but a less steep angle) at the opponent. 
              I say this is the best of his jump-Ins simply because of the angle. This works 
              best against fireball happy players, and it can Chain into ground moves very easily.
    CHAINS: Standing can’t be chained, crouching version can be canceled into a flash kick, 
            but not into A sonic boom. Jumping can chain into a standing weak punch/kick,
            or crouching MK or even a Standing FP.
    FK: Fierce Kick(Roundhouse)
    Standing: there are two versions of which can’t be controlled.
    1) Long Range: Guile does a spin kick away from the screen, which aims at a pretty steep 
    2) Close Range: Guile somehow defies physics and does a move that looks like his 
                    crouching Medium kick only now he’s upside down and does much more damage.
    Crouching:  Guile spins while doing two strong, tripping kicks. It’s just the recycled 
                animation of the Weak Kick and Medium kick in respective order. Definitely
                use this if you want to Guard Crush your opponent. Not the best of trips 
                because of the recovery lag due to the second kick, but it’s most useful 
                when blocked.
    Jumping: Guile does a pretty quick, straight and long kick. Does moderate damage, and can 
    CHAINS: Standing and crouching versions can’t chain, jumping can chain into a 
            standing/crouching weak punch, a crouching medium kick,<br> or a trip. The weak 
            kick doesn’t chain very well, so skip that option unless you’re gunning for the 
            crouching version.
    Are you ready for a barrage of special moves?(note sarcasm) I know I am!
    *From here on in, (X) denotes moves being available in X-ism, (A) for moves in A-ism, 
    (V) for moves in V-ism. Take note, that if  you’re playing the import(japanese) version,
    the –ism tags are: X-ism, Y-ism(I think) and Z-ism respectively*
    SONIC BOOM – B(2sec.), T + AP (X)(A)(V)
    A spinning projectile that looks like a spinning comet(sort of).
    Weak:    A slow projectile, slow enough so Guile can almost walk past it, given enough space
    Medium:  Slightly faster same amount of damage. 
    Fierce:  Much Faster, and same amount of damage. 
    NOTES – All of these versions can be canceled into(meaning, you can charge back on the 
    joypad while performing another move and when that move ends, push toward the opponent and 
    any punch and the Sonic boom will come out and actually register as a second hit), some 
    better than others, believe it or not. The weak version seems most effective because it may 
    force the opponent to block to early, presenting the opportunity of Guard Crushing them. 
    Fierce and Medium versions are also great, but you may just end up skipping the medium 
    version because the Fierce and Weak versions are so good in mixing up opponents.
    FLASH KICK – D(2sec.), U + AK    (X)(A)(V)
    Guile does a somersault kick which ends in a big, crescent shaped slash(which is why some
    people call it the “slash kick” instead), all this while in a short amount of time. 
    I’m guessing this is why it’s called the “flash” kick. Do not use these as anti-air 
    moves unless your opponent is attempting to jump in on you with a normal move, or of course,
    if they're using X-ism characters.
    Weak: Unlike Charlie’s this special starts off at mid-height, so if you perform this move
          on a crouching character who’s very small(i.e. Sakura, Karin, Dhalsim, and even 
          Vega to name a few), you’ll more than likely miss.
    Medium: This version starts off slightly higher, but does more damage. Again, if it’s 
            a small character AND they’re crouching, you’re just a jumping target.
    Fierce: He starts off higher, which is not even funny. It’s so easy to miss a crouching
            opponent, and the damage isn’t too significant compared to the medium versions. 
    NOTES – All three versions are but a single hit(thus showing a BIG difference to 
    Charlie/Nash), and can be canceled into by most crouching attacks, including the Fierce 
    punch. Best version to use is the Weak kick version, seeing as how it travels pretty high 
    and does roughly the same damage as the medium or fierce versions.
    Guile makes a spin kick that is aimed at the opponents head. Although this comes out and 
    ends relatively quickly, I haven’t found it possible to tie in a special or a super move 
    finish. It tends to miss characters like Blanka or Karin if you’re smack dab in frount of 
    their faces. I’ve tried this move on X-ism, but I wind up performing the Roundhouse move 
    where he flips over and does the long range kick. 
    Is this really a special move? It’s debatable, but lets move on. Guile performs a forward 
    rushing movement ending in a high-range knee. I can’t find a good use for this, aside from 
    the occasional escaping from a would be jumper. It also seems to catch jumping opponents, 
    depending how low and how close to Guile they are. 
    Guile does as the name implies, he spins and this the opponent with the back part of his 
    fist(more specifically, the knuckles). This is a far-range attack, and does pretty good 
    damage. But it has somewhat of a startup lag. 
    Guile spins his body and spin kicks the opponent. By holding toward or back on the joystick,
    Guile will go forward or back, respectively; leaving the pad/stick at neutral position will 
    leave Guile at his original position. This is not an overhead, you cannot hit crouching 
    opponents, unless they are (obviously) not blocking.  
    SONIC HEMISPHERE -  B(2sec.), T, B, T + P  (A)
    I believe this move was inspired from Street Fighter: The animated movie, as it bears close
     resemblance. It has a pathetic range, and is what tones it down. 
    Level 1(WP):  Guile performs the standard sonic boom animation but instead ends it with a 
                  big sonic boom which shields him for about one-half character length, both 
                  standing or jumping. 
                  (3 hits MAX)
    Level 2(MP): The same as the Level 1 version, but you are shielded for about one character 
                 length. Guards against jump-ins extremely well.
                  (4 Hits MAX)
    Level 3(FP):  Again, the same as both the Level 2 and Level 1 versions, but you are 
                  shielded for little over one character length away. Does a LOT of damage, 
                  and this thing actually moves! Problem now is that it won’t shield you as 
                  well as the Level 2 version would. 
                  (5 Hits MAX)
    NOTES – I honestly don’t know what to say about this move. It looks cool, it has at least 
    that much going for it. Problems are the range, or rather, the lack of it, the measly damage
    at level 1 or 2, and did you notice how I said “shields” rather than, oh say “attacks”? Well,
    it’s because it’s stationery!!! It won’t move unless it’s the Fierce version, and because 
    of it moving, you lose all the protection you had from the medium version! The best one to
    use is of course the Level 2 Sonic Hemisphere. Also, it seems you can combo this in, be it 
    by luck or by skill, take your pick. I’ve actually canceled into this move from a close 
    standing fierce punch of all things! 
    SOMERSAULT REVOLUTION -  DB(2sec.),  F, B, UF + K   (X)(A)
    Can you say “Somersault Justice”? I knew you could. 
    Level 1(WK) : Guile does two consecutive flash kicks. Doing moderate damage. (6 Hits)
    Level 2(MK) : Guile again does two consecutive flash kicks, but the damage is higher, 
                  and the second  flash kick goes much higher, which is good.
                  (6 Hits) 
    Level 3(FK) : Guile does THREE consecutive flash kicks, each higher than the last. 
                  To call the damage this move does on X-ism insane would be the understatement 
                  of the year. A-isms damage is also very high. 
                  (13 Hits)
    NOTES – What more can be said than what has been said? The best version is of course the 
    Level 3, and has little startup time, but some recovery lag at the end. This is definitely 
    the super move you’ll want to use, but actually performing the move on the joypad or 
    joystick may feel awkward at the start. Not only does this move have the damage to deem 
    it the better super move, it also chips away hungrily at the opponent’s Guard meter. ^_^ 
    It is important to note that unlike Charlie’s somersault justice, Guile starts off 
    relatively low and doesn’t go very high after the first somersault. Where Charlie almost 
    goes off the screen at the third somersault, Guile goes just below the life energy meter. 
    SPECIAL SECTION: guile’s subtle differences in each –ism. 
    X-ISM: Guile is, of course, at his strongest in X-ism. He has all of his moves intact 
    (except for the spinning heel kick) and he retains his Somersault Revolution as his super, 
    so this isn’t too bad. Problem is, Guile plays (or at least, I do) at his strongest in 
    the air, as opposed to Charlie. Well, needless to say that without the air guard ability, 
    Guile can be hurt big time. Sonic booms are the special of the day, so mix them up often, 
    but don’t perform them for an indefinite amount of time, Guile is not Ryu or Ken. Since 
    Guile now has increased Guard Crush power, use those crouching Roundhouses! You will be 
    guard crushing your opponent in no time. 
    A-ISM: In this mode, Guile is literally (as A-ism implies) standard. All the supers, 
    moderate damage, low damage special moves. Main difference between A- and X-ism is the fact 
    that Guile can now do the Sonic Hemisphere and the Spinning Heel Kick (but if you play a 
    rather good guile, you’ll find out that you won’t need to get that close to an opponent). 
    As for other plusses, Guile can ground/roll recover, and air block. Guile is not 
    necessarily at his best here just for the reason of being able to air block, in fact, 
    you’ll be spending more time on the ground (of all places) than anywhere else. The reason 
    being that his somersault seemingly has more priority. Out of all the times I’ve played 
    jumpers, the somersault in X-ism – I have no reason why this is – seems to get canceled 
    pretty easy. Whereas, in A-ism, the somersault can’t be canceled unless the opponent is 
    at a jump-in range that is slightly above Guile’s head (when he’s crouching, of course). 
    This is definitely a good mode for beginning Guile players. 
    V-ISM: First things first, Guile has just lost his spinning sobat, which is replaced by 
    the lunging half-spike,  and both his sonic booms and his somersaults do just about the 
    same damage, meaning, small. You have no supers, and the Guard Crush damage is laughable. 
    So why pick V-ism? Because Guile has the biggest air priority in this mode, and not only 
    that, but the ability to do all of his special moves without charging the joypad/stick in 
    any direction makes for some interesting possibilities when V-ism is activated! The other 
    con that Guile has in this mode is that his Fierce punch looks and acts different. What I 
    mean is, Guile performs a far reaching punch (but not too long a range) which takes a long 
    time to recover from. The pros, include Guile’s ability to roll recover, increased air 
    priority and the combos done when V-mode is activated do tons of damage (if you’re 
    wondering how this is, do you remember the trick behind charlie in SFA2? Well, if you 
    don’t, the trick is to trip the opponent so that they fall at an angle where you can 
    immediately go into a somersault to juggle the opponent. What’s great about this, is 
    that Charlie didn’t need to hold down on the joystick/pad for two seconds since he was 
    in the Custom Combo mode). Is this the absolute best mode for Guile, maybe. I’m not a 
    Guile expert (yet…) but I find that X-ism is the best for me. Perhaps the V-ism craziness 
    that exists should exist for Guile users, but like I said, I’m not that far down the line 
    to know this. 
    VI: THERE’S A SIX?!?!?!	
    Yes…Yes there is. You’ve actually read enough to get you some more goodies on Guile. 
    The first is:
    I’d like to first note that I don’t use V-ism too much, due to my partiality to the damage 
    from the Somersault Revolution in X-ism. 
    TO ACTIVATE THE CUSTOM COMBO METER: Press a Punch and Kick button of the same strength 
    when the power meter reads 50% or 100%. I’m not really going to tell you "combo that to 
    that" or "go from A to B", just follow these Guidelines. 
    A)The Flash kick and Sonic boom need no charging! Just push back, then forward plus punch,
    or down, and then up and kick for the sonic boom or flash kick, respectively. 
    B) The trailing shadows are there for a reason: they mimic you’re every move. Toss a fierce 
    punch, and the shadows will also perform the move. Problem? Well, the shadows almost 
    "spit out" the opponent. So, timing and execution are a must. 
    C)The crouching MK and the spinning back knuckle stun the opponent long enough for you to 
    jump and start a jump in combo or anything else you have in mind. It won’t last long, so 
    I’m afraid so. This section is dedicated to all the “miscellaneous” parts of  SFA3, 
    of course, they’re all geared towards Guile.
    a)TAUNT: press START(one use per round)
    Who doesn’t like these things? Guile has but one taunt, he puts one hand at his hip, 
    while he rotates his other arm mockingly, while saying  "Come on". 
    b)Entrance Quote: Guile says "Do your best"(thanks to Sir 0rion for this), and rotates 
    his right arm(if you’re on the second player side, it’s his left). 
    *ALTERNATIVE ENTRANCE* : If Guile is playing against Charlie/Nash, then they will salute 
    each other in the military style. This brought a tear to my eye :-( (thanks again to people
    who sent in responses about this)
    So far, I’ve only seen four colors. 
    WP: Black muscle shirt with black camouflage pants.(A)
    WK: Reddish muscle shirt, with brown camouflage pants. (A)
    MP: Classic green on green outfit.
    FK:  Brown outfit(if you’ve played SF2: CE and so forth, you’ll remember this.
    d)END QUOTES: Fun! Fun! And more fun! I know there are more, please e-mail me, and tell me 
    the rest.
       "Man enough to fight me, but not enough to beat me!"
       "What’s wrong, cadet? Can’t handle intense training?"
       "I soar to destroy, dive, and I’m deadly"
       "What? No handcuffs? Fighting isn't what it used to be..."
       "Qualified to fight. But not qualified to win"
       From what my friend says(who chooses to remain anonymous), Guile’s “Military Martial 
    Arts” is completely fictitious. Guile’s in-close type of fighting and stiff fighting 
    stances are similar to what one might learn in the army, but his moves are too exaggerated. 
    Just wanted to share.
    END: Yay! Finally! 
    I hope my guide will be of some use to you, after all, it was intended for the benefit of 
    all who read this.
    Capcom- for making one of the(if not “the”) best fighting game out there. 
    All the ARK, karin and Chun users who made my life so miserable just so that 
    I would get better at using guile. Thank you. Thank you very much.
    And of course, thank you for reading this guide. 
    Special thanks to Sir Orion who helped out with some other quotes and stuff. 
    As always, there is a disclaimer:
    Copyright 1999 to JuraiPrince. Don’t even think about copying this, changing a few 
    words and selling without first asking permission first. This guide shall not be 
    reproduced whole or in part. All rights reserved. Have a  nice day.

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