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    Cammy by RBatiste

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    ***CAMMY FAQ***
    by Nunya Business
    Version 1.0
    1.0 - (9/11/99) This FAQ was first submitted.
    1. Intro to FAQ
    2. Intro to Cammy
    3. Legend
    4. ISM's
    5. Special Moves
    6. Super Moves
    7. Combos
    8. Misc. Cammy Stuff
    9. Copyright Info
    This is the 3rd FAQ I've written in my entire life, with my other two being from Super Smash
    Brothers.  I've been an SF fan since I first played SF2 those many years ago.  Anyway, I decided
    to write this FAQ because just the other day at Gameworks, I decided to play a little SFA3 there
    since I'm waiting for the Dreamcast version & don't have a Playstation.  I decided to use Cammy
    because I was finally getting the hang of her in X-Men vs Street Fighter & I wanted to see how
    far I've come with her.  And I actually kick butt all over the CPU all 3 times I played with her
    (but I didn't get to Shin Bison, just to about the 8th Stage each time I lost).  So now she, along
    with Karin, is going to get my undivided attention in this game till I can use them as well as Ken
    & Ryu.  So for those of you want to learn Cammy, then read on, cause even though there lot of
    Cammy fans out there, we need a bunch more of Cammy PLAYERS.
    As I mentioned above, there's a lot of Cammy fans out there & who can blame 'em.  She's
    another one of those famed Capcom females.  She's quite the looker & in my opinion,
    unbelievably cute.  Sure she wears clothing that shows her rear end all over the place, but she is
    in no way slutty like a certain couple of succubuses by the names of Morrigan & Lilith (But
    that's OK, I still love my Morri).  Plus she's not a ditsy airhead like Mai Shiranui (Just saw the
    Fatal Fury movie the other day & I was thinking "What an airhead!").  Cammy has been loved
    since her first appearance in Super SF2, & will be continue to be loved for quite sometime.  I just
    hope Capcom will put her in some more games.
    OK enough of my blabbing.  In this game, she's a rouge Shadowloo commando that was created
    in one of Bison's labs.(Although she doesn't know this!)  Her position & purpose in the
    organization is unclear, but it's perfectly clear that Cammy that is 100% loyal to Bison.  I would
    continue & tell you the rest of her story, but I don't want to spoil ya.  Besides, there's already a
    bunch of FAQs out there that will give you the endings to all the characters.
    Here's a little bio on her.
    Height: 5'4 ft.
    Weight: 102 lbs.
    Blood Type: B
    Age: 17??? (In various endings people will refer to her as a child & since 18 is the legal adult age
    & she looks to old to be 16, she HAS to be 17.)
    3. LEGEND
    F - Forward
    DF - Down-Forward
    DB - Down-Backward
    UF - Up-Forward
    QCF- Quarter Circle Forward
    QCB - Quarter Circle Backward 
    UCF - Uppercut Forward (Forward, then Down, then Down-Forward
    HCF - Half Circle Forward
    HCB - Half Circle Backwards
    P - Any Punch          HP - Heavy Punch
    K - Any Kick           LK - Light Kick
    LP - Light Punch       MK - Medium Kick
    MP - Medium Punch      HK -Heavy Kick
    'A'- Move can be done in A-ISM
    'X'- Move can be done in X-ISM
    'V'- Move can be done in V-ISM
    4. ISM'S
    I'm sure everybody knows about these, but in case you haven't, I'll explain.  ISM's are the
    newest feature to the world of SF.  Think of them as fighting styles.  After selecting a fighter,
    you'll have the choice of 3 ISM to begin a match:
    A-ISM - This mode is basically played like the previous Alpha games.  You can air block, roll
    after being knocked down, taunt, use Alpha Counters, use the new air recovery system. 
    However, the attack power for your fighter will be lower than it would be in X-ISM, as is the
    guard meter; which shows you how much damage you can take while blocking.  The Super Meter
    has 3 levels, but you only need 1 level to complete most of the Supers in the game.  Plus an
    Alpha Counter will only cost you 1 Level. 
    X-ISM - Plays the same way as Super SF2 Turbo.  No air blocking, no air recovery, no taunts
    (except for Dan), & a pre-determined Super which requires you to fill one huge bar to execute it. 
    However, you can cause more damage to the opponent in this mode, but at the same time you'll
    receive more damage.  Also the fighter is less likely to fall victim to an air juggle than in the
    other 2 modes because they seem to fall faster.
    V-ISM - Plays like A-ISM, except your Supers will be custom combos just like in SFA2.  What
    happens is by pressing a P & K button of the same strength (LP & LK for example), you will
    then have a bunch of shadows trailing you & they will mimic you in every attack you perform till
    the meter runs out or your opponent knocks you out of the Super.  The Super Meter is measured
    in percentage rather than Levels.  You only need to be 50% full to perform one & an Alpha
    Counter will cost you the same amount. 
    These are the special moves Cammy has at her disposal. Unfortunately, all of Cammy's special
    moves seem to have an all or nothing scenario, in which if it's blocked, your in trouble.  Very
    few of her moves can be abused so be careful.  Be sure to notice what ISM you can perform a
    certain move.
    *Cannon Drill - QCF + K    / 'A' 'X' 'V'
    I know everyone calls this a "Spiral Arrow", but true Cammy fans will know this as the Cannon
    Drill.  She'll take a quick dive at her opponent, feet first.  If it connects, the opponent will always
    be knocked down.  The range & damage in previous games has been toned down & traded in for
    speed & recovery.  Although the recovery time is faster, you still want to block if you don't
    connect with this.  The LP version is much safer to use at far distances because she doesn't go to
    far & it might bluff the opponent into making a move.  A great combo finisher.
    *Cannon Spike - UCF + K    / 'A' 'X' 'V'
    This is THE move for Cammy players.  This is her uppercut move where she'll jump feet first up
    into the air.  The range here is great, the damage is pretty good, & is an excellent jugging move in
    V-ISM Custom Combos.  This can be used for both offense & defense.  But as I said before, this
    is an all or nothing move if used up close, so use with caution.
    *Spin Knuckle - HCB + P    / 'A' 'X'
    A surprise move.  Cammy will jump towards the opponent while spinning, then when she
    touches the ground again, she'll deliver 2 quick punches.  She's invulnerable during the time
    she's spinning so it a great attack to use against people who do nothing but throw fireballs all
    day.  However, when she hits the ground again, she's completely open to low attacks.  It's nice
    for counter hits & will catch an opponent off guard, but this is one of those moves that cannot be
    *Cannon Strike - QCB + K (jumping forward)    / 'V'
    Another surprise move.  When in the air, Cammy will come down at an angle & kick the
    opponent.  This attack will get you a couple of lucky hits, but its yet another attack that should
    not be abused. 
    *Cannon Revenge - QCB + K   / 'V'
    A VERY hard attack to execute.  Unlike XvSF, she doesn't glow when she starts up, which adds
    to the surprise value.  But Cammy will stand there looking like an idiot until an opponent gets
    near her after 1 second of charging or after another second has past, canceling the attack.  If they
    do get near her when the move is charged, then she'll unleash a Cannon Spike which makes for a
    nice counter hit.  But as I said, its difficult to perform because your totally open to any attack
    before Cammy can charge the move & she's open-season to fireball throwers.  Try to use this as
    least as possible.
    *Hooligan Combination - HCF + P, then...    / 'A' 'X' 'V'
    There's only two ways an opponent can stop this move; attack her before she gets in her
    cannonball stance, or if they can't stop her from getting into this stance, they get the heck out of
    her way.  The move starts slow, but once she gets into a cannonball shape, she jump at a certain
    distance depending of the strength of the Punch button you used.  Once this happens, you have 4
    choices of attacks to use...
    Razor Edge Slicer - ...do nothing
    Cammy will hit the ground & slide into the opponent causing a knockdown if it connects.  One of
    the better surprise moves in her arsenal & can only be blocked low, but if it is blocked, get
    yourself out of there.
    Fatal Leg Twister - ...press F + K when close & high
    This attack is unblockable & to my knowledge can't be Tech. Hit.  If Cammy lands on the
    opponent high, she'll put her legs around the opponent's head & flipping them around to kiss the
    ground below.  Nice damage as well.
    Cross Scissor Pressure - ...press F + K when close & low
    Harder to pull off since you have to be close to the ground.  If this happens, Cammy simply
    piledrive them into the ground.  Much more damage than the Fatal Leg Twister & is also
    unblockable.  Not too mention it looks cool too!
    Cancel Hooligan Combo - ...Press any button when far ???
    I'm not totally sure of this, but if you press any button when far away, Cammy will come out of
    the cannonball stance & will be free to attack the opponent when ready.  A nice way to get some
    sneaky combos.
    Here's Cam-cam's super moves.
    *Spin Drive Smasher - QCF, QCF + K    / 'A' 'X'
    She starts out with a multi-hitting Cannon Drill, then finishes with a multi-hitting Cannon Spike. 
    Causes a good amount of damage & definitely useful is combo finishers.  In A-ISM, Level 1
    travels the shortest distance, while Levels 2 & 3 add a much larger range & power to the attack. 
    In X-ISM, this super will always have the distance of the Level 3 version.  But if blocked or
    missed, block quickly or you're at your opponents mercy.
    *Reverse Shaft Breaker - QCB, QCB + K    / 'A'
    Cammy's new super & the most dangerous one she has.  Treat this as you would treat Ken's
    Shinryuken.  Cammy jumps straight up in the air feet first & if it connects, it will introduce the
    opponent to new meanings of pain.  This will hit opponents that are both on the ground or the air. 
    But don't forget to mash the buttons for maximum affect.  The Level 1 version will get you up to
    10 hits, the Level 2 version about 15+, & the Level 3 version more than 20 hits.  But I'll tell you
    this now, don't use the Lv 3 version unless you know it WILL hit.  However if you miss in any
    version, prepare to receive some pain yourself.   
    *KILLERBEE ASSAULT - DB, DF, DB, UF + K    / 'A'( Lv 3 Only)
    The super from X-Men vs Street Fighter has been put into this game.  I've yet to see it in action
    in this game but according to the Brady Games guide book that I have, it does massive damage. 
    However if it's totally like the way it was in XvSF, then it can be seen from a mile away, so use
    it wisely.
    7. COMBOS
    I do know if all of them are right or not, so e-mail me if you see a mistake or have some of your
    own.  (see address below)
    1. Jump HK, crouching LK, Cannon Spike
    2. LP, Cannon Drill or Cannon Spike
    3. LP, LP, crouching LK, Cannon Drill or Cannon Spike
    4. Jump HP, MP, Spin Drive Smasher
    5. Jump(in close) LP, crouching LK, Reverse Shaft Breaker
    6. Jump HK, LP, crouching LK, Spin Drive Smasher
    (More to come I hope!)
    Here's stuff about Cammy outside the context of fighting.
    5th Stage - Dhalsim
    9th Stage - Vega
    10th Stage - Juli & Juni
    11th - Shin Bison
    X-ism/ Press any P - Dark Green hat, uniform, & war paint
                Press any K - Light Green hat, uniform, & war paint
    A-ism/ Press any P - Light Blue hat, uniform, & war paint (standard)
                Press any K - Navy Blue hat, uniform, & war paint
    V-ism/ Press any P - Pink hat, uniform, & war paint
                Press any K - Purple hat, uniform, & war paint
    (Hair, skin, tie, gloves, & boots will always stay the same color)
    1. She'll stand at her spot, run her thumb across her neck & yells "Come On!"
    2. Her opening from X-Men vs Street Fighter.  She'll stand at her spot with her coat on, then
    throw it off when just before the fight begins.
    You can choose which one you want to see by holding a button right after the KO screen.
    Hold LP or HK - She'll run her hand across her neck, then put one of her hands on her hip &
    looks towards the screen with a mean look on her face.
    Hold MP or HP - She'll stand at attention (military talk) as M. Bison will appear, floating on the
    side where Cammy is looking.  The MP version will have her say "Yes, Sir!"
    Hold LK - For you perverts out there, you will know this as Butt Shot #1.  She'll turn her back,
    then give a thumbs-up as her face is turned to the side.
    Hold MK - Perverts, you will know this as Butt Shot #2.  Same as before except she'll turn her
    hips to one side & look back at you with a wink in her eye & a thumbs-up.
    Press Start (anytime during a match, only in A or V-ISM) - She'll run her thumb across her neck
    and says "Come On!"
    Only one.  Similar to the 2nd win pose I listed except Bison will come down with his cape
    around him & with a glowing hand pointed at Cammy.
    STAGE (for any of you who care) - Greece
    This FAQ is Copyright 1999 Nunya Business.  In no way can you sell my FAQ without my
    knowing.  If you want to contact me, my e-mail is <nunyab60@hotmail.com>.
    Thanks to Gamefaqs for having a place to house such information.
    Thanks to Capcom for creating the BEST SF game ever & for making Cammy!
    Thanks to Brady Games for making the SFA3 Guide Book & for providing me a quick reference
    in typing this FAQ.
    I would also like to acknowledge Gouki's Page Of Whatever <www.gpow.com> for housing tons
    of SF related info.  This site was sort of my inspiration. 

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