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    Charlie (A-Ism) by WMahdi

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    Street fighter Alpha 3 AISM Charlie Faq Ver.1.0
    by Waleed Aaron Mahdi(middlekick@hotmail.com)
    1  Intro
    2  Normal moves
    3  Special moves
    4  Command attacks
    5  Throws
    6  Super combos
    7  Alpha counters
    8  Combos
    9  Strategy
    10 Closing
    CHARGE=Hold the indicated direction for 1.5 secs. 
    JAB=Light punch
    STRONG=Medium punch
    FIERCE=Hard punch
    SHORT=Light kick
    FORWARD=Medium kick
    ROUNDHOUSE=Hard kick
    X=Press the button the number times specified
    -> =Perform in the specified sequence
    + =Press both at the same time
    (??????) =Uncomfirmed
    1.0   Introduction.
    Welcome to my Charlie faq. In this guide, I will show you how I play 
    Charlie. I am an above average player and I am still learning stuff 
    about Charlie and the game in general, so if you see anything in here 
    that doesn't make sense, not only will do me a favour by about telling 
    me about it, but if you have any improvements on the subject, it would 
    really be appreciated.
    By the way, it should be noted that this guide is written for Aism and 
    most of the content won't be suitable for the other isms.
    Okay now that that's cleared up, GET READY FAIDURSE!!!!!!
    2.0   Normal moves.
    Far standing jab.
    A quick jab that links into itself and both versions of the
    short. Most of Charlie's corner combos are produced from this.
    Far standing short.
    A nice quick shin kick that has suprisingly good range, which
    makes it okay for poking. This is also the move to finish with
    after your barrage of jabs for your corner combos.
    Crouching jab.
    A quick jab that links into itself and both versions of the
    short. Most of Charlie's corner combos are produced from this.
    Crouching short.
    A low hitting toe kick. Similar to the standing version with a
    tad less range. Otherwise, great for combos and ticks.
    Far standing strong.
    A fairly fast straight punch that looks identical to Charlie's 
    standing fierce from A2. It is okay for anti-air at a far distance.
    Close standing strong.
    An elbow swipe. Combos well.
    Far standing forward.
    This is a stationary version of the jumbing sobat.
    Close standing forward
    An upward pointing kick good for anti air.
    Crouching strong.
    This move is also good for combos, and can counter important pokes
    such as Rolento's crouching fierce as well as Dhalsim's standing
    strong among others.
    Crouching forward.
    This has long range and fast startup, so is a good poke. Good to follow 
    up your sonic booms with this.
    Far standing fierce.
    Like his old spinning back knuckle from A2, but with hella speed. This 
    is fast enough to combo after a jump in. It also combos like Guile's old
    sonic combo. Jump Fierce-> Stand Fierce-> Jab sonic boom-> Backfist. In 
    the corner.
    Close standing fierce.
    Great for anti-air, this uses the same animation frames for the old A2 
    standing strong. Try juggling them into the roundhouse somesault shell
    for impressive results.
    Far standing roundhouse.
    Like the old step kick with a lot less range but hella speed which makes 
    useful for hitting whiffed ground attacks attacks and gaining a major 
    counter in the process. Try following your sonic booms with this, also 
    great for guard damage.
    Close	standing roundhouse.
    Okay anti-air. slow startup.
    Crouching fierce.
    This is Charlie's most important anti-air weapon, although the range is 
    short, it has great priority.
    Crouching roundhouse.
    A long ranged sweep with more range and startup lag than the forward.
    Jumping jab.
    An air jab with fast startup,low damage and nothing significant about 
    If you are going to jump in with this, make sure you hit them DEEP. If 
    you don't, you're likely to be thrown.
    Jumping short.
    A quick air knee with very short range.
    Vertical jumping short.
    A very short ranged high kick that's decent for anti air.
    Jumping strong.
    A type of jumping uppercut. This is a new normal for Charlie, it looks 
    very similar to Sagat's own jumping strong. The thing that bothers me 
    about this move is that it is angled upwards which makes you think "yeah 
    this MUST be for anti-air". But I will always lose in the air if I try 
    to counter jump attack someone with this:(
    Jumping forward.
    A long ranged horizontal pointing kick. This is fairly good air to air 
    if you use the jumping straight up version. This kick also crosses up 
    opponents. This also useful for anti-air and starting combos.
    Jumping fierce.
    A short ranged punch which is quite good in air to air. Also good for 
    jumping in combos.
    Jumping roundhouse.
    This is Charlie's longest ranged jump attack, good for combos and anti-
    air especially when done jumping backwards.
    3.0   Special moves.
    Sonic boom.
    A very good projectile with fairly fast startup and quick recovery. It 
    also travels higher than most projectiles, which is useful for opponents 
    beginning a jump at close range. However, due to it's fairly high 
    travelling position, certain characters can avoid this move for 
    free[cough cough,Ken,Ryu,Akuma cough] by using standard moves such as a 
    low roundhouse to let the sonic boom sail over their head whilst they 
    are doing the move:(
    Finally because of it's recovery,(or lack of) it is ideal to swat away
    opponents who jump over it or move in on opponents that don't.
    Motion: Charge b then f+ punch
    Somersault shell.
    This move is still good for anti-air if your opponent is an Xism 
    character:) due to the fact that they cannot air-block, and all versions
    of the somersault shell are fully air-blockable.
    The short version sucks because you can be hit out of it fairly easily:(
    The strong version is good for combos and wake-up.
    The roundhouse is good for corner and juggle combos.
    Motion: Charge d then u+ kick
    4.0   Command attacks.
    The second character in SFA3 to get a dash:)
    This is a unique ability, and although you are 
    completely vunerable during it,it is fast enough
    to suprise opponents with it during ground games or to
    follow up on fallen opponents.
    You cannot stop the dash by holding back once it has started.
    Motion: f,f
    Knee bazooka.
    Now this is where I think Xism Charlie has an edge over
    Aism Charlie. Because of the command for the Knee bazooka
    Aism Charlie loses his charge for a sonic boom, making the
    kb quite useless imo. Besides if it is blocked, thanks to the
    lenghty end lag, you are open to almost anything.
    Motion: During dash, press kick
    Step Kick.
    Like his normal far standing roundhouse, except you can use 
    this when you are close.
    Motion: f/b + roundhouse kick
    Jumping sobat.
    Like charlie's old sobat but with faster startup and recovery. This also 
    allows you to retreat while charging for a sonic boom. This is not an 
    Motion: f/b + forward kick
    5.0   Throws.
    Dragon suplex.
    Like Guiles' old fierce throw with finally more than two frames of 
    Motion: When close f/b + strong+fierce
    Knee gatling.
    This sets up a juggle in the corner(??????), but can be teched out of to 
    escape the possible juggle. Mashing on the buttons and shaking the 
    joystick increases the damage done.
    Motion: When close f/b + forward+roundhouse
    Flying buster drop.
    An air throw with good damage that also sets up a juggle.
    Motion: When close in the air f/b + strong+fierce
    Somersault throw.
    Charlie's other mid-air throw. If you connect with this, you'll throw 
    them very far away from you.
    Motion: When close in the air f/b + forward+roundhouse
    6.0   Super combos.
    Sonic break.
    A super version of the sonic boom that releases 2 sonic booms at level 
    1, 3 at level 2, and 4 at level 3. This is mainly used for corner and 
    juggling combos. Try not to get in the scrubby A2 habit of throwing it 
    randomly it for block damage, as you can easily be punished by jumpers, 
    alpha counters, and of course it will have only done minimal block 
    damage and would have wasted a super meter. The damage for this super 
    when it connects is very low, so if you have more than one meter charged 
    and your opponent is cornered you might want to try for a sonic break-
    >somersault justice combo for extra damage. 
    Motion: Charge b,then f,b,f+ punch
    Crossfire blitz.
    A rushing multi-hit super. This can do decent guard damage and you are 
    completely safe if your opponent blocks[unless they alpha counter].  
    This super isn't particularly damaging, and the only thing it's useful 
    for seems to be for block/guard damage.
    Motion: Charge b,then f,b,f+ kick
    Somersault justice.
    Like Guiles' SSF2T super, but with more style:) this will perform a more 
    powerful version of the somersault shell. This move is perfect for wake 
    up/anti air. Try to base all your super oriented combos on this. The 
    damage for this super is quite good so don't be picky about using level 
    3 instead of level 1...trust me, the damage between level 1 and level 3 
    can make the difference between victory and defeat. This move is also 
    highly punishable if blocked, so take note.
    Motion: Charge db,then df,db,u+ kick
    7.0   Alpha counter.
    Aism Charlie's alpha counter is the Spinning back fist. To be honest, I 
    have no idea why you would want to use this as the ONLY use you'll have 
    for alpha counters is to prevent your guard from being crushed or dying 
    of block damage.
    Even then you'll still be in trouble as your guard meter will be as 
    small as hell:( 
    Motion: While guarding enter f+punch+kick
    8.0   Combos.
    Charlie's combo ability has been increased tenfold:)
    Due the new and kinda cool juggle system, reduced lag on the sonic boom 
    and sonic break, you can really do some freaky stuff with him:)
    Most of the jump in combos listed here start with a jumping fierce but 
    feel free to change the jumping move with something else, except if it's 
    a cross-up combo of course:)
    A lot of the juggle combo's can be teched out of, so don't take them for 
    Simple Combos.
    1. Jump in roundhouse-> far standing fierce,or standing roundhouse,or 
    crouching roundhouse.
    Note:This is your all purpose long distance combo.
    2. Low short-> forward somersault shell.
    Note: A simple combo which I mainly use to punish recovery rollers.
    3. Jump in fierce-> crouching strong-> forward somersault shell.
    Note: This is Charlie's most important non super,non corner combo imo. 
    It works on all characters, knocks down and does good damage.
    4. Jump in fierce-> crouching jab-> crouching short-> fierce sonic boom.
    5. Cross up forward-> crouching jab-> crouching short-> roundhouse 
    somersault shell.
    Normal combos.
    6. Jump in fierce-> close standing fierce-> forward somersault shell.
    7. Jump in fierce-> close standing fierce-> jab sonic boom-> far 
    standing fierce.
    Note: Old school Guile combo:) some positioning and timing is required,  
    try to hit the opponent with the furthest reach of your close fierce to 
    let the sonic boom actually travel first and then follow it with the 
    8. Same as above except that you should catch your opponent in the air 
    with your jumping fierce, and juggle them with the rest of the combo.
    9. Jumping roundhouse-> crouching jab-> standing short->sonic break or 
    crossfire blitz.
    Harder combos.
    10. Jump in fierce-> crouching jabx2-> standing short-> jab sonic boom-> 
    low forward or spininng back knuckle. (corner)
    11. Jump in fierce-> crouching jab-> standing short-> sonic break-> low 
    strong-> jab sonic boom-> low forward. (corner)
    Note: When doing any sonic break combos, charge down/back immediately 
    for your next move. Try not to press the punch buttons rapidly, instead 
    slow your timing down so you will give yourself enough time to charge. 
    12. Jump in fierce-> crouching jab-> crouching short-> sonic break-> low 
    strong forward somersault shell. (corner)
    13. Jump in forward-> crouching jab-> crouching short-> sonic break-> 
    crouching jab-> standing short-> sonic break-> somersault justice. 
    14. Jump in fierce-> crouching jabx2-> crouching short-> sonic break-> 
    level 2 somersault justice. (corner)
    15. Knee gatling-> somesault justice.(??????) (corner)
    16. Oppenent gets hit in mid-air by sonic boom-> Jump in fierce-> 
    Crouching strong-> Roundhouse somersault shell/Somersault justice. 
    17. Flying buster drop-> level 3 somersault justice.
    Note: Try to get them in the corner for this as you'll get more hits 
    that way. Also, if you anticipate that they'll tech, delay the justice 
    so you'll get them as they are landing.
    18. Opponent getting up in corner. Early jab sonic boom-> low jabx2->low 
    short ->jab sonic boom -> low forward.
    19. Jump in fierce-> crouching strong-> somersault justice.
    Expert combos.
    20. Jump in fierce-> crouching jabx2-> crouching short-> level 3 
    somersault justice or crossfire blitz.
    21. Jump in fierce-> crouching jab-> crouching short-> level 1 sonic 
    break-> level 1 sonic break-> level 1 sonic break-> jab sonic boom-> low 
    22. Knee gatling-> sonic break-> somersault justice.(??????)
    23. Jump in fierce-> close standing fierce-> sonic boom-> crouching 
    strong-> roundhouse somersault shell.(??????)
    Note:A juggle combo similar to no.7 that must be done in the corner.
    24. Jump in fierce-> close standing fierce-> sonic boom-> crouching 
    strong-> somersault justice.(??????)
    Note:Another juggle combo that must be done in the corner
    25. Jump in fierce-> close standing fierce-> somersault justice.
    Note: Don't ask :D
    9.0   Strategy.
    Charlie's defensive game has been weakened, and I his offensive game has 
    been upgraded a tad. He has lost all of his major anti-airs from SFA2 
    such as the standing strong[now close fierce] which could be done at 
    anytime, standing forward[close only],and the short somersault shell 
    which now has reduced[read: crap] priority and is completely 
    His sonic boom although has slightly quicker recovery, also has been 
    weakened in terms of damage. 
    But offensive wise, he has been given a dash, which is fairly fast, and 
    can be useful in certain situations to suprise opponents. For example 
    say you normally do crouching short->crouching strong->crouching forward 
    to poke and your oppponent is accustomed to this and will usually block 
    all of it. But if you edit the crouching forward and replace it with a 
    dash, your opponent might be taken be suprise and you might get in a 
    throw or try and poke them even more for guard damage. I won't usally 
    use the dash that often at close range because once your opponent gets 
    used to your patterns, they will start looking for the dash in order to 
    punish you.
    Combo wise, Charlie has many practical and good damage combos. The 
    fierce->fierce->sonic->backfist combo does good damage and the next 2 or 
    3 hits that you land after that will make them dizzy. Also of note is 
    the level 3 somersault justice which does MASSIVE amounts of 
    damage...this can turn a whole match around in a couple of seconds! 
    Unfortunately the motion is quite awkward for some people so my advice 
    is to practice this move until perfected as it is very useful damage 
    Sonic boom.
    Some opponents still have trouble with this move:) Try to keep your 
    opponent occupied with this move when at a far distance, and supplement 
    your close ones with occasional step kicks and low forwards.
    The recovery on this move has been reduced, making it good to try and 
    hit opponents who jump over it with your crouching fierce[depending on 
    distance and how early/late they jump],jumping forward and fierce.
    You can also use your backfist to hit them out of the air when they jump 
    over the boom. This only works as a suprise tactic though, as players 
    don't usually expect the backfist to be used for anti air. Once your 
    opponent starts catching onto this, refrain from doing this and use 
    other moves or they will kick/punch you early out of it every time. 
    When you want to close the distance with your opponent, the jab sonic 
    boom will help as you can dash after it when they are in block stun from 
    the sb.
    The strong sonic boom should be mixed up with the jab version when you 
    want to confuse jumping opponents at a distance.
    The fierce sonic boom is what I'll try to win the fireball wars with and 
    for my non-corner combos.
    Due to the longer startup of the hit phase of the sonic boom, it is 
    slightly harder to nullify your opponents projectiles late. 
    When you have your opponent cornered, you should try and mix up your 
    blocked sonic booms combos with various enders.
    Jump in roundhouse->low strong->sonic boom->step kick
    A standard follow-up is the step kick...it does solid guard damage and 
    although your opponent can come out of blockstun just before the step 
    kick hits and counter you with a super or a dp like move, it's still a 
    valuable pressure tactic imo. Just don't get too obvious with it.
    Jump in roundhouse->low strong->sonic boom->low forward
    If your opponent is standing when they block, they will get hit, this is 
    also faster than the step kick.
    Jump in roundhouse->low strong->sonic boom->dash
    Great for pressure, naturally the dash allows you to do another sonic 
    boom combo and follow it in etc. Beware of supers.
    Jump in roundhouse->low strong->sonic boom->back fist
    If your opponent gets sick of blocking all of your ground follow-up 
    attacks they may try and jump, so the backfist will put them in their 
    Jump in roundhouse->low strong->sonic boom->walk up throw
    If your opponent is napping, go for it.
    Jump in roundhouse->low strong->sonic boom->jump straight up
    Jump up, but don't stick anything out and wait and see what they'll do.
    If they don't do anything, do a roundhouse on your way down and start 
    another sonic boom combo. Quite risky against characters with strong air 
    Jump in roundhouse->low strong->sonic boom->wait.
    After the sonic boom, wait to see what they do. If they jump, try to use 
    the crouching fierce or somersault justice(if you have it). If they 
    still block, try and suprise them with another jump in combo.
    Jump in roundhouse->low strong->sonic boom->jump back/retreat. 
    Ground game.
    My main pokes are crouching/standing short,crouching strong,and 
    crouching forward.
    Standing/crouching short patterns.
    This basically how I would use the crouching/standing short at close 
    and I would vary the patterns to keep my opponent from catching on to 
    what I'm doing. 
    Note:The following sequences are NOT combos, but merely patterns to try.
    Crouching shortx2->standing short->sonic boom.
    Probably the sequence I like to use the most.
    Crouching short->Knee gatling/Dragon suplex.
    This is a tick, so use it if your opponent is constanstly blocking every 
    attack you stick out to suprise them.
    Crouching short->Crouching strong->Crouching forward.
    This is just for pressure and allows you to charge for your next 
    Crouching short->Jumping sobat.
    Use this when your opponent tries to attack after blocking your short.
    Dash crouching shortx2->crouching strong->sonic boom->dash crouching 
    short etc.
    A good dash in sequence that works best when you dash from a close 
    Dash crouching shortx2->crouching strong->sonic boom->wait.
    If your opponent suspects that you'll do another dash, they may try a 
    counter of some kind. The fact that you pause is to wait and see what 
    they stick out and punish.[if applicable]
    Crouching short->cross up forward->crouching short->cross up forward-
    A suprising tactic that is effective because opponents won't expect you 
    to jump imediately after doing something like a low short. If the 
    forward connects, go for a combo.
    The low forward.
    The low forward has long range and will work as a counter move on other 
    moves that miss.
    e.g Ryu does a low forward that misses and you use your own low forward 
    to hit him whilst his is retracting. 
    Try not to use this move on very jumpy opponents as it'll put you in a 
    bad position and won't be able to counter their jump attack in time.
    Jumping sobat.
    This can be used as a sort of mini-backdash, it's helps when you want to 
    throw a sonic boom but want to be out of the range of your opponent's 
    jump attack.
    The recovery of this move is near instant so you can really go overboard 
    when you want to pressure them/do some guard damage. 
    Example. Jumping sobat->Jumping sobat->Jumping sobat->etc.
    You can use the retreating version as an anti-air tool when your 
    opponent jumps over your sonic boom. This does require a little timing 
    and positioning.
    Crouching strong.
    This is a fairly good priority counter poke that you'll use against 
    certain attacks, including Dhalsim's standing strong and fierce. 
    Experiment to find out what else it counters:)
    Spinning back Knuckle.
    This move is now seemingly more useful,it already had long range. But 
    now due to it's very fast start-up it can be used to hit fireballers who 
    are just about to throw a fb for a major counter. It is also effective 
    for opponents beginning a jump,[think Ralf from KOF] it can also be used 
    to poke large opponents such as Sagat,Balrog,Zangief,Birdie and Sodom 
    because it won't whiff if they are crouching.
    Also you can use the old Guile strategy of backfisting them when you 
    both have traded close fireballs. This only works on certain characters 
    Finally you can also use the backfist to hit opponents that are air- 
    blocking your sonic boom. e.g opponent tries to jump out of the corner,
    you use your crouching fierce which successfully connects and scores a
    counter hit, they tech, you throw a jab sonic boom which they are forced 
    to air block, and then you get them with your backfist.
    Anti-air game.
    Here are Charlie's best anti-air moves.
    Jumping forward.
    The range is long and priority is good. Try to anticipate when they'll 
    jump then do the straight up or jumping backwards version.
    Jumping fierce.
    Short range but good damage.
    Flying buster drop.
    Small range but high damage.
    Crouching fierce.
    The range is short, but it is very reliable...try do it as early as 
    possible to ensure it's success.
    Close standing fierce.
    This is faster than the crouching version and is cancellable, but 
    judging it's range can be difficult. Learn it's range properly and get 
    used to cancelling it into a roundhouse somersault shell on jumping 
    Somersault justice.
    Try to do it as late as possible so you get the most hits and because it 
    is invunerable at it's start.
    Guard crush
    When guard crushing someone, try have to a plan for the crush like doing 
    a combo/super/combo+super. If you are fast enough, you can even get a 
    jump in combo. 
    Apparently, when you are guard crushed you can try and cancel it be 
    mashing the buttons and shaking the joystick rapidly, just like you 
    would when you are dizzy.
    Super bar management
    Somersault justice is the most reliable super in your arsenal, guarantee 
    it's success by placing it into a combo. Against opponents who have 
    tight defense and make few mistakes, you should always try and connect 
    your level ones when you can. Against opponents who seem to constantly 
    leave themselves open, it may be better to save your meter for a level 3 
    super. Punish these players with your biggest non-super combo when you 
    are saving for a level 3.
    10.0   Closing.
    Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading/got something out of 
    this Faq.
    If you have any comments,opinions, more strategies, combos, mistake 
    discoveries, Charlie related info or anything that's on your mind about 
    this faq,
    Feel free to drop me a line at:middlekick@hotmail.com
    Props to:
    Capcom for making the best fighting games on the planet.
    Goodge st casino for great challenges, cheap credits, and getting the 
    machine hella early.
    All the goodge st regulars.
    Kao megura for his great SFA3 FAQ, go to his site and check them out 
    F*** you's to:
    Namco wonderpark for having crappy joysticks,stupid air conditioning in 
    your face whilst you are playing,only one SFA3 machine...they have FOUR 
    KOF98 MACHINES[wtf?],expensive credits,uncomfortable seats,and WAY TOO 
    LOUD MUSIC(How are you supposed to discuss anything with anyone?). 
    Versus Characters
    More Combos and confirmation of some existing ones
    More strats
    Waleed Aaron Mahdi
    "Kyokugen Karate is not for every Tom,Dick and Harry......It's for every 
    Hiro,Shin and Taro!"      -Takuma Sakazaki, AOF2
    End of Document  26/09/98

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