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    Dhalsim by Choopal

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 01/27/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 09:21:30 PST
    by Choopal <Choopal@hotmail.com>
    Unpublished work Copyright 1998 Johmar de Guzman
    This FAQ is for private use only. This  cannot  be  used  to  earn 
    something. You can alter or copy some parts of  this FAQ  as  long 
    as I am recognized as the owner of the material. @This is my first FAQ 
    so please bear with me!@
    The Street Fighter game series are (c)
    Capcom of Japan and (c) Capcom of America.
    Version 0.5 -- Ze first one! Not really finished.....
    Version 0.6 -- Cleaned up the tabs. Made the FAQ more readable. 
    I will assume that you are already between intermediate and  expert  
    level since you plan on using Dhalsim (hey, how could an amateur or 
    scrub  could use Dhalsim PROPERLY????). I will only have a  summary 
    of the basics. 
    Also, this FAQ is intended to be used for the Aism Dhalsim. Although  
    the combos will work for the X-ism or V-ism  Dhalsim, The  execution  of  
    the moves will be different (e.g. X-ism Yoga Flame = HCF + P).
    Forgive me if my FAQ is a bit informal. This is only my first  time 
    writing a FAQ. I was only inclined to do one because I  can't  seem  to  
    find  any Dhalsim FAQ.
    This is not yet the final version. I still have some researching  to 
    do.If you have noticed, there are some parts which are not done yet.  I 
    promise i'll finish them as fast as i can.
    Now, let's proceed!!!
         Table of Contents
    1. The Basics
    2. About Dhalsim
    3. Regular Moves
    4. Special Moves
    5. Super Combos (SC's)
    6. Combos!!!
    7. Against AI
    8. Against Humans
         The Basics (I have only copied this part from Kao Megura's guide)
    This section outlines the basic controls for Dhalsim
     (joystick directions and results)
      ub  u  uf      Jump Up-Back         Jump Up         Jump Up-Forward
        \ | /
     b -- n -- f     Walk Back / Guard    Neutral         Walk Forward
        / | \
      db  d  df      Defensive Crouch     Crouch          Offensive Crouch
     (button layout and effect)
     LP  MP  HP      Light Punch         Medium Punch        Hard Punch
     LK  MK  HK      Light Kick          Medium Kick         Hard Kick
     (FAQ abbreviations)
      qcf / qcb  -  Press d,df,f or  d,db,b on the joystick.
      hcf / hcb  -  Press b,db,d,df,f or f,df,d,db,b on the joystick.
      PP / PPP   -  Press any two / all three Punch buttons.
      KK / KKK   -  Press any two / all three Kick buttons.
      (air)      -  The move can be performed while on the ground, or
                    while in the air (during a jump or after  an  air 
    Block                  <Hold b / db  (air)>
    Ground Recovery        <Press KK when knocked down>
    Air Recovery           <Press (b / f) + PP when launched>
    Taunt                  <Press (b / f) + Start>
    Throw                  <When close, b / f + PP / KK>  
    			PP = Dhalsim throws them to the other side
    			KK ground = Dhalsim does his Yoga Nugie
    			KK air    = same as PP 
    Tech. Bonus            <When thrown, press f + PP / KK>
    Damage Reduction       <Tap any button rapidly and shake the joystick
                            b / f when  you're  damaged  by  a  multi-hit 
    Guard Protection       <Press b / db to block just prior to an attack>
    Counter Hit/Reversal   <Hit someone as they're attacking you>
    Alpha Counter          <While blocking, f + same P + K  (ground only)>
    			Dhalsim does his MP standing near.
    *I will not elaborate these basic moves since this is a Dhalsim FAQ, not 
    a Basic Moves FAQ, Ok?
        About Dhalsim
    Although Dhalsim is not the most powerful character in SFA3, He can be a 
    VERY formidable character if used  properly.   Besides,   it's  fun  
    using  underdog characters! Besides Dhalsim, The other charac-ters that 
    I use  most  often are Karin, Rose, Cammy, Chun-li, Juli, Guy, Sakura, 
    Gen and Dan. 
    Dhalsim is a Yoga Master. Because of that, He can stretch his  body  to  
    disproportionate  lengths and he can  release  balls  of  flame  from  
    his  body. (Although the flames don't really  injure  someone mortally).  
    He started fighting because he senses an evil aura, a  certain  
    im-balance  in  power, so he  starts to search to neutralize the power 
    before  it's  too late.
        Regular Moves
    Standing LP (near)  - a chop from  the  top of his  head   down  90 
                          degrees.  Very high priority  since  it  even 
                          wins against jumping Fierces.Damage is measly
    Standing LP (far)   - he outstretches his arm forward a bit. It 
                          comes  out  fast,and has no recovery time.    
                          pretty useless because of damage.
    Crouching LP (near) - a straight horizontal chop. Pretty good for 
                          1-2 combos but other than that, useless...
    Crouching LP (far)  - same as standing LP far, only this time he is 
                          sitting.not comboable.
    Jumping LP (near)   - he does a forward chop. utterly useless.
    Jumping LP (far)    - his arm stretches downwards at about southeast 
                          direction. Although  this  is fast,  Dhalsim's 
                          jump  is  so  slow  that it renders this  move 
                          useless. I'll tell you more  on  this  in  the 
                          combo section.
    Standing MP (near)  - A chop that is directly opposite Standing LP 
                          near.  It starts from shoulder level going up 
                          90  degrees.  Very high priority. It is Dhal-
                          sim's main launcher (Although it doesn't launch 
                          up that high unless you caught them with this 
                          while they're in the air). I think  you  can
                          combo this with his Yoga strike super  al-
                          though  I'm having a hard time doing this.
    Standing MP (far)   - basically the same as standing LP far although 
                          much more powerful, and has a recovery time.
    Crouching MP (near) - a more powerful version of crouching LP near. 
                          This is comboable, although the reach is not  
                          that great.
    Crouching MP (far)  - Both his arms go at about two characters length 
                          before retracting. Although I don't usually use 
                          this, I think this move is useful.
    Jumping MP          - ??? (sorry, but I don't use this. this is like 
                          jumping LP.)
    Standing HP (near)  - Dhalsim headbutts his opponent. Very fast at 
                          coming  out and it hits two times. The only 
                          problem with this is the slow recovery time. If 
                          your opponent blocked this one, get ready to be 
    Standing HP (far)   - Both his arms reaches at about 3/4 of the 
                          screen. This is Dhalsim's strength. It has both 
                          damage  and  reach  so  use this often if your 
                          opponent likes to stay  away  and  throw cheap 
                          fireballs =). If you do this early enough it  
                          will hit the opponent as a reversal because   
                          oftentimes  it  hits them as they are doing a 
                          move (e.g fireball). The  recovery time of this 
                          move is acceptable because your opponent won't
                          reach you even if it's blocked.
    Crouching HP (near) - A hard horizontal chop. This comes out  very  
                          fast  and has a little recovery time. For a 
                          Fierce, this is a really fast move. And it 
                          comboes too!
    Crouching HP (far)  - Similar to his Standing HP far  although  he  
                          is  crouching(duh....). Very useful for scrubs  
                          since  Dhalsim  is  safe from fireballs with 
                          this move. When you're opponent  throws
                          a fireball, do this and his fireball will miss, 
                          at the same time, you will hit them for a nice 
    Jumping HP          - ??? (I don't use this either. This is a 
                          stronger version  of jumping lp)
    Standing LK (near)  - A quick kick. I can't describe  it  'cause  
                          it's  so weird.. He's like kicking a bucket. 
                          Not that useful.
    Standing LK (far)   - A stretched version of the standing LK near. It 
                          reaches for about two and a half characters 
    Crouching LK (near) - A very very short sweep (though it doesn't 
                          really sweeps the the enemy...). Used  in 
                          combos.  Other than that, utterly useless.
    Crouching LK (far)  - A very very short slide. The  weird  thing  
                          about  this slide is that you can cancel the 
                          slide to another move.  Great for starting an 
    Jumping LK (near)   -  
    Jumping LK (far)    - 
    Standing MK (near)  -
    Standing MK (far)   - His foot stretches for about 3 characters 
                          length in a 35 degree angle.Great for keep 
    Crouching MK (near) - He makes a weird kick. Has short range. This is 
                          comboable, but it has a certain timing to it 
                          (Just like the timing in Ryu's Forward 
                          crouching to fireball).
    Crouching MK (far) - He does a more powerful version of his slide.  
                         Has longer range but it still does not really 
                         trip the opponent. Not Comboable.
    Jumping MK (near)  - 
    Jumping MK (far)   - 
    Standing HK (near) - He raises his knee (another one of  those  
                         weird  moves of Dhalsim). Comes out very fast 
                         and has an  acceptable recovery time. If you hit 
                         your opponent with this while they're on the 
                         air, It will juggle. Comboable.
    Standing HK (far) - A more powerful version of standing MK. Has a    
                        longer reach too, about 2/3 of the screen. 
         Special Moves
    *Yoga Fire*
    QCF + P
    One of his main moves. This comes out much faster than any other 
    fireball (yes, even faster than Ryu's). Use this to you're advantage. I 
    even tried fighting the Computer Sagat with fireballs and Sagat  loses  
    every  time. Because of the speed of this move, I usually use this in 
    combos. Although the recovery time of this move is a lot faster than 
    others, don't take it for granted. You will still get punished if you 
    foolishly use this move.
    *Yoga Flame*
    HCB + P
    His famous firebreathing act. Be careful  using  this  move  since  it 
    has a lag time before the flame comes  out.  The HP  version  has  the 
    most lag time. If you didn't hit your  opponent,  Dhalsim  will  still 
    continue his flame for about half a second before stopping, so be sure 
    you hit the opponent with it, even when it's gonna  be  blocked.  This 
    has very good damage if it connects. Can be used for anti air.
    *Yoga Blast*
    HCB + K
    Yoga Flame that spews upwards. Basically the same as Yoga flame, 
    Although the damage leaves something to be desired.
    *Yoga Teleport*
    F, D, DF + KKK or PPP 
    F, D, DF + KKK or PPP (air)
    B, D, DB + KKK or PPP
    B, D, DB + KKK or PPP (air)
    His own teleport. Very good for mind games  against  a human  opponent. 
    Forward version if you want to go behind  the  opponent  and  the  back 
    version to go behind you. As with all  teleports,  it  has a lag and 
    recovery time so use this sparingly. I would recommend  using  the  air 
    version instead so as to be safe. 
    *Yoga Escape*
    When knocked down B, DB, D + K
    This one's ported over from the vs. series. This is useful if you don't 
    use it too often. Since it's a kind of teleport, You're opponent  might 
    anticipate this and knock you silly.
    *Yoga Shock*
    B + LP, hold LP until you attack
    This move has very high priority. It even cancels out supers. You  can 
    delay the chopping motion by about a half second  before  it  executes 
    automatically. It is an overhead attack
    *Kuuchu Miyuu*
    Jump, press Start
    Intimidation!!! this one's to insult  you're  enemy =).  He  does  his 
    winning stance in the air for about a second and a half.  One  of  the 
    best taunts in the game. (The best taunt is Dan's =) ).
    *Drill Zutsuki*
    Jump, D + HP
    He flies horizontally downward headfirst. Has a lot of damage. You can 
    do this anytime during jumping, although it is best used  while  going 
    down or right after jumping. If timed right, you can combo this with a 
    short kick and a fireball.
    *Drill Kick*
    Jump, D + K
    Same as the Drill Zutsuki only this time, it's feet first. There are 
    three versions of this move. The Roundhouse has the  same  angle  as 
    the Drill Zutsuki while the Forward and short has  the  steeper  and 
    steepest moves, respectively. Always use this after jumping  because 
    Dhalsim's jump is so slow.
         Super Combos
    **Yoga Inferno**
    QCF, QCF + P
    Do I have to explain this one? This move can be used as a finisher for 
    Level 1 = 3 hits
    Level 2 = 5 hits(?)
    Level 3 = 12 hits
    **Yoga Stream**
    QCB, QCB + P
    His Yoga Inferno with a twist...... It hits  low!!!  This  is  great  
    for punishing people who like to block high and compared to the Yoga 
    inferno,this makes more damage. Another good thing about this is that it 
    reaches 1/2 of the screen.
    Level 1 = 3 Hits
    Level 2 = 4 hits
    Level 3 = 5 Hits
    **Yoga Strike**
    QCF, QCF + K
    He rises up in the air at about a 65 degree angle and catches the 
    opponent then slamming them on the ground. Like any other anti-air 
    supers, this  is unblockable It is only meant for people jumping at  
    you. Never use this when you're opponent's on the ground!!!! This move 
    has one of the  highest priorities in the air. The only moves  that  has  
    higher  priority  are Zangief's body splash and the shotokans jumping 
    roundhouse. This super has the biggest damage of Dhalsim's SC's.
    **Crouching LK, Yoga Fire** (2 hits)
    Dhalsim's bread and butter. It doesn't matter if your LK is near or far 
    because both are bufferable. Use the HP Yoga Fire  to  knock  down your 
    opponent. If you still can't do this....then you might as well stick to 
    **Crouching LK, Yoga Flame** (2 hits)
    Has more damage than the Yoga Fire Combo. The only problem with this is 
    that this is a bit harder to do.
    ***Drill Kick, Crouching LK/Crouching LP, Yoga Fire/Yoga Flame*** (3 
    This must also be on your repertoire. The good thing about combos ending 
    in Yoga Fire/Yoga Flames is that you're pretty safe from counter attacks 
    if they succesfully blocked youre combos.
    **HK standing(far), HP(far)** (2 Hits)
    This is used for keeping you're opponents away from you. Hey, that's 
    what Dhalsim is all about! If you're HK hits, you're opponent will  lift  
    up a bit so you can connect with the HP.
    **Yoga Fire, HK standing(far)** (2 hits)
    This move was used in previous versions of SF, and  it  still  works!   
    If you're opponent was hit with the Yoga Fire, He will launch a bit  
    allowing you to connect with the HK. If you're opponent jumped over  the  
    fireball, He will still be hit by the HK. The only thing you must 
    remember  here  is timing.
    **Drill Kick, Crouching LK/Crouching LP, Yoga Inferno/Yoga Stream**
    This is a more powerful version of combo no. 3.
    **Standing MP (near)/Standing HK (near), Yoga Strike**
    I'm not really sure if this connects. I've been doing this for the  
    longest time and I still can't connect it. Tell me if someone has 
    already  done  it ok?
    ####If there's something wrong here, please notify me so that I can 
    readily  fix them. If you have any questions, send me a message at 
    Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com

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