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    Guy by CAmerica

    Version: 3.5 | Updated: 07/03/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     HYPERLINK mailto:Captain_America3@yahoo.com 
    .  Email me here with anything you want to add, like strategies and 
    background info and whatever.  Thanks.	
    Guy FAQ Ver.1.0
                     Ver.1.5      I added more descriptions and fixed 
    spelling and what not.  Got some Guy translations too and I'll get some 
    more vs. strategies.
                     Ver.2.0      Got some more translations and a new v-
    ism section.	
                     Ver.2.5      Got lots more combos and strategies
                     Ver3.0        Well I got Feedback so now I need a 
    thanks section.  More combos and more details on moves and supers.
                     Ver.3.5       Added Guy's death combo.  90% life!  
    Mwahaha.  A few minor corrections too and extended some crap, and Guy's 
    V-ism infinite.
    1. Intro
    2. History
    3. -Ism
    4. Moves
    5. Special Moves
    6. Super Moves
    7. Throws
    8. Combos
    9 V-ism Combos
    10. Strategies
    11. Miscellaneous
    12. Thanks
                                     UB U UF
                                     B         F
                                     DB D DF  
    p=any punch
    k=any kick
    lp mp fp
    lk mk fk
    qcf=quarter circle forward
    qcb=quarter circle backwards
    hcf=half circle forwards
    hfb=half circle backwards
    1. First thing's first.  Why pick Guy?  The question is, why not?   He 
    has above average speed and strength, and very strong combos and 
    throws.  His stamina is kinda weak, but you won't be getting hit very 
    often once you master him, as you'll find no one can defend against a 
    good Guy player.  Probably has the most damaging combos I've ever seen.  
    They do take a certain amout of timing to do though, but oh well. 
    Now as I have seen, Guy is a VERY under used character.  I've seen more 
    Honda and Bison players then Guy.  This always puzzled me as he is much 
    better then any Shoto-er and he has style(who else can do a triple 
    front flip, grab you and smash you into the floor?)
    2.  Guy is the successor the Bushin style.  It's kinda like a modern 
    ninja thing, which his Master Zeku taught him.  I guess Guy is just 
    training and protecting the world.  That's his duty.  When a threat to 
    the world arises, so will the shadow of Bushin.  Guy first appeared in 
    the side scroller Final Fight.  Then he moved on to Street Fighter 
    Alpha, where IMO, he was the best character.  Then he went on SFA2.  
    With Custom Combos, he was put way back there because of Chun-Li and 
    Rose.  Back in SFA3 he soared to the top with a new super and the 
    ability to combo his supers into throws and everything.  Any other 
    background info would be appreciated.
    3. Which Ism to pick Guy on?  
    V-ism shouldn't really be Guy's top choice, but he has some very flashy 
    combos that you can prove how good you are with.  He loses his juggling 
    mp, fp chain though!  This is too big a sacrifice to make.  He does 
    gain a partial inifinte thought, but even then it's not very strong and 
    not worth the switch.
    X-ism isn't very good on anyone, except maybe Chunny, especially since 
    they gave him his most useless super.  However...his super does do 
    considerably more damage then on A and has alot more range.  I guess 
    it's not completely useless, just not as good as picking A-ism.  He 
    does gain more juggling ability though and becomes a little more 
    strong.  If they would have given him his Kick super then X would 
    probably be best
    So A-ism is your ticket.  In this mode he has 3 supers and 3 levels.  
    Either you go all out (level 3 supers) or you kinda conserve (using 
    only level 1 supers every once in a while).  You should know already 
    know all the standard stuff like safe falling, and all that which you 
    get to keep in A.
    4. Ok here where we start to learn.
    Standard jab, very quick.  You can chain 2-3 before you hit the next 
    punch for the combo.
    Jumping: Um same except you can only hit once, not much use.
    Crouching:  It's ok I guess.  Just stick with standing.  You should use 
    it after you get swept and they are moving close to you.  
    When close: It's like a low kick to the leg, can also be chained 2-3 
    When far: A side kick to the facial area, weak and fast.
    Jumping Very good priority.  If you're jumping back, hit lk and you'll 
    pretty much be safe from anything
    Not moving:  This is kinda dorky looking, but it stops all jump-ins in 
    their tracks.  It's useful but you'll probably forget about it. 
    Crouching: Uh, not really any use.  Real quick though and you can combo 
    into a Hurricane Kick from it.
    When close: He does kinda like a to hit smash.  No real use, except for 
    your mp, fp chain, for this and it look dumb too.  Plus, you have to be 
    RIGHT on top of the person.
    When far: He does a punch to the stomach.  Medium damage and should 
    pretty much only be used in combos.
    Note:  On this move you can be right in a shoto-er's face and they 
    can't counter with fireballs cause this punch with go through, but only 
    really close.  You can't use this anywhere like as an alternative to 
    Forward+mp: Guy leans forwards and hits the person twice with his 
    elbow.  This must be blocked high.  What you should do with this is 
    sweep a lot and then when they are expecting you to sweep and they 
    block low, you use this.
    Jumping: A punch aiming kinda downwards.  I never use this because you 
    can do a dropping elbow instead, which is easier to combo.
    When in air, down+mp: This is a good move to start combos with, you can 
    do it whenever, so it you miscalculate a jump or something, just come 
    down on them with this.  Also when you hit with this you should do a 
    crouching mk for a sweep or into your combo.  Also I'll add it leaves 
    the combo meter open for quite a while, meaning if you hit someone 
    while high in the air you can usually land and hit before they can 
    block again.  Also this move stay on for a while, so you should do it a 
    little before you peak at your jump.
    Crouching: This is a straight Punch forwards.  You can chain his 
    Hurricane Kick and his Dashing Elbow off of it.  This also suprisingly 
    is an anti air move.  Much more priority then you'd think and you can 
    cancel into a flip throw.  
    When close:  This is a good kick to combo a mk hurricane kick out of 
    it, an alternative to doing a mp, fp chain in the corner.
    When far: A straight out side kick.  Has good range and is quick coming 
    out.  Not really a good use except just to throw out for a surprise.
    Jumping: Just like his lk.  It has good priority, it's just slower and 
    Crouching: This is one of his sweeps.  It hits twice and is more 
    reliable then his d+fk.  The kick itself has good range, but if only 
    one hit hits, then they won't fall.  You have to be close for both hits 
    to hit.  Good for a counter sweep.
    When close: He does sort of an uppercut.  When they jump in it juggles 
    them, making it perfect for your flip throw.  This is also gonna be in 
    a lot of your combos.
    When far: He does a quick backhand.  This comes out fast for a fierce, 
    but it's also weak for one too.  Nail them at the end of a match with 
    this an they just shake for a while then scream and get flung across 
    the screen.
    Jumping:  A strong jumping backhand.  But because of how it tends to 
    only hit horizontally, you shouldn't use this.
    Crouching:  Here we go!  This is an excellent move with lots of speed, 
    range and priority.  This takes a chunk outta their block meter too.  
    So if you're going for cheap, jump in with the dropping elbow and do 
    his crouching fp then a crouching fk and half of their guard meter is 
    gone.  It doesn't have anymore combo abilities though.  =(
    When close: Ok this should pretty much only be used as a combo 
    finisher, as it knocks your opponent in the air, just waiting for a 
    super to knock them in the face.
    When far: Guy lets out a spinning kick with good range and comes out 
    fast.  There isn't much use for this move though, unless you're trying 
    to chip out their Guard meter or you can use it for good anti-air 
    defense.  It's a good ticking move because it's pretty fast and does 
    Df+fk: Guy does a backflip that hits twice.  This is a good hit and run 
    move and you should try to use it like a retreat dash.  It has great 
    priority, but it takes forever to recover from, so if it's block expect 
    a super fireball in the face.
    Jumping: Ah a really good jump in move.  Not a lot of priority though, 
    but it looks good and does damage and leaves then stunned so you can 
    follow up with a combo.
    When in the air, up+fk: Guy does a two-hitting backflip like his df+fk 
    except it's in the air. You have to jump straight up to do it.  Anti 
    Air defense I guess is what this is for.  If you have someone in the 
    corner you can keep jumping and doing that and you're pretty safe, then 
    when it hits(or their guard meter crashes), super him!
    Crouching: This should be his sweep, but it's not all that reliable.  
    You have to be in close for it to sweep, and it has a lot of recovery 
    time, so if you miss or it's blocked, you're pretty screwed.  But most 
    people will only counter with a sweep.  This also does a lot of damage 
    to your guard meter and has fairly good range.  If you are far somtimes 
    it will crash and you can do a super or flip throw if they don't safe 
     Special Moves
    Ok here's where learning guy is all about.  I'll list it's real name 
    and then what I call it and how to do it.  
    Houzanto/Dashing Elbow	qcb+p
    Haha, every shoto-er's nightmare.  Use this a lot when you're playing 
    against Ryu or Akuma, because it can go through fireballs and nail 
    them!  Good thing is that hardly anyone knows about this.  You can also 
    combo the ones using lp.  Don't ever forget about the invincibility you 
    have while turning.  The only thing you have to watch out for is Ken 
    cause it has some problems with Dragon Punches.
    Bushin Senpuu Kyaku/Hurricane Kick	qcb+k
    I guess this is for defense.  It's a pretty strong move and combos out 
    of Almost any normal attack .  It has good combo potentail but it is 
    pretty weak. Use it against jump-ins on big characters(i.e. Zangief, 
    Sodom, etc.) because it comes out pretty fast.  You will use it alot if 
    you decide to play V-ism Guy.
    Bushin Izuna Drop/Flip Throw	qcf+p, then p again.
    Ah, this is Guy's golden move.  He does a triple front flip, then once 
    you hit punch and you're over the opponent's head, he grabs them and 
    slams then into the floor.  Needless to say, this looks really cool and 
    it does good damage.  If you really wanna look good, you should throw 
    in a taunt as soon as the move ends.  If you aren't over the person and 
    hit punch, then he will just do his dropping elbow.  The dropping elbow 
    loses combo ability really bad so it's hard to combo, and all you can 
    do is a C. mk.
    Hayagake/dash	qcf+lk then any k when you want Guy to stop.
    Well this is a dash.  In fact, one of the few people that can dash, and 
    the only one with a full screen run.  But don't get your hopes up, it's 
    not like in vs. games where you can rush in and hit.  The only thing I 
    found this useful for is after you use his throw, then you dash in and 
    try to super or throw again.
    KageSukui/dash slide	      qcf+mk, then mk again to slide.
    This is a very good move to use against scrubs.  Guy will run in and 
    then slide and hit low.  When it hits, the person is on the floor.  
    This does ok damage and is a very good surprise move, since you can 
    only block it low and it comes out so fast.   Make sure you DON'T 
    become predictable with this move because you're in for it if it's 
    Note:  The best time to do this is probably when you have 1/2 a 
    screen's distance between you.  The move to get out takes forever but 
    the sweep goes far and low(under some projectiles).  If it's someone 
    with out a projectile(zangief or somthing) then you use it strictly 
    Kubikari/dashing kick	      qcf+fk, then fk again when you want him 
    to kick.
    This is a good move too.  Guy will run at you and then do a cool 
    looking spin kick.  This has a lot of start up delay but little 
    recovery delay, and it's not that strong either.  But it will hit if 
    you're not blocking high.  Besides looking cool, it does descent damage 
    too.   It will probably be blocked unless you're fast at pulling it 
    off.  Guy has no invincibility time or anything, so one well timed hit 
    and you'll be knocked out of it.  Best used against scrubs too.  Looks 
    great in combos though =)
    Note:  This is his most useful dash move.  Good air defense if you can 
    do it fast enough.  Good chipper too. You need to make sure you can get 
    it out quick or it loses suprise.  Another way is when you are full 
    screen away, since the recovery time is pretty good and makes you look 
    like you could get hit, you do a mk sweep.
    6.  Super moves
    Bushin Hassoken/jump super	qcfx2+p
    Ah, this has been totally upgraded since SFA2.  This is good air 
    defense too, but works even better for offense. You can combo very 
    easily with it.  Guy says something and then VERY quickly jumps at a 
    45° angle and starts to beat the hell out of the other person.  Now 
    alone, this super is rather weak, but you can combo it out of almost 
    anything!  Including his kick throw!  You should be using this often, 
    every time you connect your combos, end it with a level 1 jump super.
    Level 1:  4 Hits.  This doesn't have as good range and I Don't think 
    you can combo Level 1 off of a super, only in the corner.  Use this for 
    air defense or after a smashed Air throw combo.
    Level 2:  5 hits.  The coolest looking Version.  He jumps up at good 
    range and you should use this in combos or out of a kick throw.  Just 
    like level 3 except one less hit.
    Level 3:  6 hits.  Pretty much the same ass level two except with an 
    extra hit.  Just do it for maximum damage.
    Bushin Gorai kyaku/super kick	qcfx2+k
    This is a good super too.  Guy raises up his fist and then goes into a 
    combo.  He is invincible during the start up so use it as a counter.  
    Also, the level one ends with a kick the jets you across the screen.  
    If you have a level of super to waste, then use a level 1 and as soon 
    as it ends, throw the person with kick and launch into his jump super.
    Level 1:  4 hits.  Great counter for people that like to get on top of 
    you after a sweep/throw.  Pretty weak though.  This if not blocked will 
    send the other guy flying across the screen, with them in the corner.  
    If it's blocked you end up right on top them.  There is very little 
    recovery lag so just do a kick throw after and then go into your level 
    2 Punch Super.
    Level 2:  6 hits.  Man this doesn't have much use.  Never use level 2, 
    only level one and 3.  2 is probably almost as weak as 1.  It just 
    really isn't useful for anything except chipping to death.
    Level 3:  Ah great ground super.  Can use it in the same manner as a 
    level one of these, except you can pretty much juggle with anything.  
    Noticeably more damaging  and really good for juggling.  Combos out of 
    a C.mp too.
    Bushin Musou Renge/demon super	hcbx2+p
    Guy's new super.  Talk about flashy.  This resembles Akuma's raging 
    Demon, except I personally like it better because you can see how Guy 
    beats the crap outta you.  This is pretty strong taking out 1/2 power.  
    You need 3 levels of super to do this though.  This is the mark of a 
    master, because it has 0 range.  The best way to connect with it is 
    after a sweep or throw, get right on top of them and time it to hit 
    them as they get up.  It's VERY easy to avoid.  It has the same 
    properties as any normal throw.  You can duck it, you can jump outta 
    the way, you can hit him out of it.  Anything.  Of course it also is 
    unblockable.  Too bad he can't slide forwards like Akuma huh?  I 
    suggest you don't use it unless it's sure hit like they are dizzy or 
    7. Throws
    An important part of playing Guy is knowing how to throw properly.  Guy 
    has very strong throws so you should be using them often.
    Punch Throw	 Forward+2 punches
    This is Guy's least useful throw.  When it hit he flips you over and 
    throws you all the way across the screen.  It is useful for getting out 
    of corners or getting people into corners.  After you use this throw, 
    always use his dash to get in close.
    Kick Throw	Forward+2 kicks
    This is Guy's best throw.  He grabs you and then he start kneeing you 
    in the face.  You should mash for maximum efficiency.  At the end of 
    this throw, the opponent is tossed up so you can then combo with a 
    Super/Hurricane Kick/any other move or combo, even an air throw!  That 
    makes you look really good.  But while smashing their face in, if you 
    hold forward+pp, Guy will do his normal throw.  I don't really see a 
    use for this because I'd rather just combo into his super, but you 
    might want to try this on someone like Zangeif then dash up and kick 
    Air Throw(in air)	 forward+2 punches
    This is Guy's air throw.  It looks cool and does a lot of damage.  
    Kinda hard to hit with though unless you are both jumping.  This puts 
    Guy at an advantage because of his huge jumps.  You should try and use 
    this whenever the person and you are both jumping forwards, because guy 
    will usually win.  If you can crash someone then jump and throw them, 
    it sets em up perfect for anything.  Use a jump super or maybe a double 
    hurricane kick combo.
    Iznua Drop/Flip Throw	qcf+p
    OK I'll describe this throw a little more.  As it is a throw it is 
    unblockable.  You should use this a lot as you can cover the entire 
    screen in a single leap.  Even if you don't hit you are pretty safe 
    because there is little recovery time.  It does good damage too.  You 
    should use this whenever you want to get close. This is especially 
    useful against turtlers how love to sit back and throw out whatever 
    projectile they have.  Now combos are possible with this, which I'll 
    describe down in Combo section.  Now you mistime this and push punch 
    when you're not overhead, you'll do his dropping elbow.  This loses 
    alot of combo ability, but it takes out more from your guard meter.  
    You pretty much don't have any recovery lag after you do this, so what 
    you should do is a backflip(df+fk) as you as you land then throw out 
    another one and see if that hit.
    Degrees of the flip throw:
    Lp: This launches Guy up at a high angle, and higher then all 
    characters can jump.  So you they jumped in and you did this, as they 
    will be landing, so you will you, just on top of them.  Just press 
    punch and you'll nail them.
    Mp: This is what you use if they are not jumping in or full screen 
    away.  Probably the one you will be using most, because it takes you 
    high enough to escape most moves and far enough to reach.
    Fp: This is your full screen one.  If they are sitting back and you 
    have the whole screen to 
    get across, use this and you should be able to make it right across.  
    This is also an escape move too.  Say you're getting cheaped in the 
    corner by Ken and his stupid Dragon Punches, try to hit them with a fp.  
    Now it will cancel into the flip throw(not combo, but leave him stunned 
    enough to get outta there).
    8. Combos
    This is another Key thing to winning with Guy.  Guy has amazing combo 
    skills!  If only they would put him in a vs. game…Let's start out with 
    the easy ones.
    Jump in with fk, C. lp, hurricane kick(use with lk) 5-9 hits 
    Note: If you do this in the corner you can do a C. lp, hurricane kick 
    again for an extra for 4hits 
    Jump in a dropping elbow, C. mp, Dashing elbow(use with lp)3 hits
    [variation]You can do a S. mp, S. fp Dashing Elbow(with lp) for more 
    damage and an extra hit, but you have to close.
    S. mp, S. fp 2 hits
    Note:  May seem like nothing big, but this is very important.  Great 
    for juggles and great for any ground moves.  You can combo anything out 
    of it except a flip throw and Dash move.  Juggle wise, this is straight 
    up the best.  I'll put combo's with this in advanced section. 
    S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, S. fk,  4 hits
    Note:  Timing is tricky on this, but you MUST learn this to become even 
    half-good with Guy.  This is what he can combo his supers out up or 
    follow up with whatever he wants.
    J. flipkick(u+fk) S flipkick(df+fk)4 hits
    Note:  Just a little ticking combo.  Looks kinda cool but you have to 
    jump in deep for the backflip to hit.
    Jump in with a dropping elbow, C. mk.(doesn't combo but when they get 
    up try to throw them) 3 hit
    Jump in with fk, backflip(df+fk)3 hit, then do a flip throw and see if 
    you can hit them with it.  Work's 90% of the time against people.
    Harder Combos
    Level 3 Kick super, S. mp, S. fp flip throw10 hits
    Note: real nice corner combo.  Do this everytime you hit with your 
    level three kick super.
    Kick throw, Jump Super 12+ hits(remember to mash those kick buttons)
    Note: This is the ultimate Dragon Punch counter!  Wait for a person to 
    do it then counter it with this sucker...hehe.  That of course is for 
    FP DPs.  If it's a jab you can't jump in and counter, but you can block 
    it and counter.
    Kick throw, jump in air, air throw(in corner) 6+ hits
    Note:  Pretty hard to do, but it looks cool.  You can't combo his super 
    after it like you would be able to normal though =(
    S. lp, S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, S. fk S. mp, S. fp Flip throw 9-11 hits
    Note:  This works best in corner.  and boy does this take out power.  
    If you have trouble with the mp, fp chain then you can just leave out a 
    button and it still combos of the s. mp or fp.
    Jump in with fk, S. lp, S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, S. fk, Jump super 12 hits
    Note: Yeah!  This sucker can take out about 3/4 you life if it's with 
    level 3.  No need to be in a corner or anything!  Just wham and the 
    match is pretty much won.
    Jump flipkick(u+fk), S. lp, S. lp, C. mp, Kick Super(level 3)  S. lp, 
    S. mp, S. fp, S. fk.    17 hits
    Note:  This is a very strong combo.  It takes alot of skill to do right 
    though and you have to have the super knock them into the corner..
    S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, S. fk, C. lp Dash Spin Kick. 7 hits(in corner)
    Note:  My favorite combo.  Can't beat the style of it and does good 
    damage, about a 1/4 your bar.  Unfortunatly you have to be in the 
    [variation:  You can actually use any of his special moves after this, 
    except the Dash Sweep and the flip throw(?)  This one just looks 
    [variation]  You can forget the S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, S. fk, and do a 
    kick throw instead]
    S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, S. fk, C. lp hurricane kick 9 hits
    Note:  Same as the above more hits and damage but not as cool looking.
    (in air)Dropping Elbow(has to crash them) jump up and air throw, Punch 
    Note:  Much easier the it seems.  I guess you can use anything besides 
    a Dropping Elbow, but it seems to work best.  After it hits, the person 
    won't know to safe fall til it's too late.  If they tech hit out of 
    your air throw you're screwed though.
    S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, S. fk, S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, S. fk (corner) 8 hits
    Note:  WOW!  Half your their bar is gone is you hit with this sucker!  
    Man if you could do this any where that wouldn't even be funny.  I mean 
    2 of these and they're dead with a perfect!  Now if you could chain 
    your punch super out of that I think that would instantly kill you, but 
    I haven't yet.  Can anyone verify?  Timing is tricky because you have 
    to wait a little and do it as they are falling. I usually try only to 
    do this against Cheap Shotoers or when the other person has about 3/4 
    and I have 1/4(man that evens it out huh?)  Try not to use this combo 
    alot, because of the insane damage it does it's not fair to a Human 
    S. mp Demon Super  11 hits
    Note:  This is real iffy, but I did it once.  I'm trying to do it again 
    but no luck.  I was point blank and I didn't even mean to do it.  Don't 
    you hate that?
    Jump in Fk,  S.lk S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, S. fk, S. mp, S. fp Flip throw 9 
    Note:  For maximum hits use hurricane with fk.  This is probably your 
    most damaging corner combo.  About half damage but with more skill then 
    combo then the combo-combo combo(did you get that?). 
    Guy's Insane death combo.
    Jump in with fk, S. mp, S. fp, level 3 kick super, S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, 
    S. fk. S. mp, S. fp, Flip throw. 16 hits
    Note: Oh shit.  If you hit with this it's over.  80% power.  You can't 
    beat the Style of this, but this is a very hard combo to do and you 
    probably can't get it to work on a human opponent, but still.  You'll 
    get some oooos and ahhh's with this sucker...
    Partial infinte
    S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, S. fk. S. fp Flip throw(elbow drop), S. mk flip 
    throw(elbow drop) repeat.
    Note:  Ok here.  This only works on Zangief, they have to be in the 
    corner and takes incredible timing skills.  This is funny though as you 
    watch him mash trying to get out.  You HAVE TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU DON'T 
    DO A FLIP THROW, or the combo is ruined.  The best way is when you 
    cancel into the flip throw you press punch as fast as you can.
    My favorite combo:
    Jump in Fk, S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, S. fk, C. lp Dash Spin Kick.  or
    Jump in  fk, S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, S. fk, S. mp, S. fp, Flip throw.  
    I love to show off with these combo.  These combos are tricky to do, 
    but they do good damage and they are very flashy.  Anyways, there are 
    several ways to do a combos like these.  
    [more variations:  C. lp (lk)hurricane kick, C. lp/ S. mp, S. fp dash 
    spin kick/Flip throw]
    [S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, S. fk, C.lp/ S. mp, S. fp Dash spin kick/Flip 
    throw(most damaging)]
    [Kick throw, C. l0p/ S. mp, S. fp, Dash Spin kick/flip throw]
    [Level 3 Kick super, S. lp/ S. mp, S. fp, Dash Spin Kick/Flip Throw]
    Note: OK I hope you can tell that you use the S. mp, S. fp for the Flip 
    and the C. lp for the spin kick.
    9. V-ism Combos
    Ok I'll say it again.  Make sure you pick Guy on A-ism!  Customs don't 
    do anything for Guy except maybe make him look cool and get him his 2 
    best colours.  If there is anyone out there that plays V-ism Guy, let 
    me know some combos.  These are the few I have.
    mp+mk CC.  Dash in with a Spin kick, C. lk, backflip(df+fk), jump in 
    the air and air throw, mk, hurricane kick, hurricane kick, air throw. 
    12 hits(strictly for show, it's not very strong and hard to connect, 
    but since people will often just sit back and block that makes it good 
    to go)
    Note:  While technically the spin kick doesn't combo into to the lk, by 
    the time you hit low kick the flip kick should connect(thus they block 
    high they get the C. lk and if they block low they get the spin dash to 
    the head, leaving them open for comboing)  You might be asking how you 
    air throw from a backflip.  Your shadow will knock him straight up so 
    all you have to do is jump and throw.
    mp+mk CC: Droping elbow(d+mp in air) S. lk, elbow smash(forward+mp), 
    Droping elbow(d+mp in air) S. lk, elbow smash(forward+mp) repeat.
    Note:  This also takes alot of timing skills and for the pathectic 
    damage it does it really isn't worth it.  If you connect right away the 
    and can keep up the pattern it's about 25+ hits.
    lp+lk(works best on bigger charcaters)CC Do a jumping backflip, C.mp, 
    hurricane kick, hurricane(fk).  20+hits
    fp+fk CC. jump in with fk, s. lp, S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, S. fk, jump back 
    in with fk, s. lp, S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, jump back in and repeat.
    Note:  This only combos the first 2 times(11 hits) but if they block 
    it, it's pretty much an automatic guard crush.
    10. Strategies
    Here is some basic stuff to remember when you're playing as Guy.
    -Guy is very offensive.  You have to stick it in their face if you want 
    to win.
    -Guy also is very quick.  Use his speed and priority to your advantage 
    by jumping in with a fk and jumping back out with a lk.
    -Guy has a lot of moves that hit high and low.  Try to mix it up with 
    -Guy's Super's are very fast and have a lot of priority.  Try to use 
    them when you're getting up and the player is on top of you.
    -Make sure you don't forget about his Dashing Elbow.  It's a well over 
    looked move, but it's one of the the ultimate shoto destroyers.
    -Guy has huge jumps and the ability to jump off walls.  This is pretty 
    much all he has as a line of defense.  But jumping on the wall then off 
    will get you all the way across the screen, where you can jump in with 
    a fk, then combo.  A great way to get to damn Ryu players.  You can 
    also use this to your advantage at the last few seconds of a fight 
    since most people won't be able to catch up with you.
    -Guy has amazing damage potential.  Use it, but don't go overboard.  
    You don't wanna become cheap like shotos.
    -Guy also has amazing Juggling skills.  Juggle alot with weak moves to 
    show off.  remember though if you really need to win, belt out a S. lp, 
    S. mp, S. fp, S. fk, S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, S. fk combo.
    Vs. Strategies
    Oh don't we all just love him?  Hadouken!  Hadouken!  These aren't 
    really a problem with Guy, as he can just Dashing Elbow throw them and 
    nail him.  His Hurricane kick does present more of a threat because Guy 
    doesn't really have a good move to deal with it.  If he does it far 
    away, use a Flip Throw(with mp) and you usually can throw them out of 
    it.  Dragon Punches suck too.  Jump in if you expect them to do a 
    Dragon Punch and just block..  Then just do a kick throw into a super.  
    That'll make em think twice about using that again.  If it's a jab DP, 
    then you have to sweep them and get on top of them and throw them or 
    wait for a DP then counter.  Ryu players are so easy to read because 
    their lack of Strategy.  They remind me of Wolvie players in MvC where 
    they do the same pattern over and over again.  A ryu player's pattern 
    is somthing similar to this:
    Cross up with mk. C. mk fireball(3 hits).  They'll move in to a C. lp, 
    C. lp fireball/DP.  and that's pretty much what they do through the 
    whole match.  Using their precious Sweep as a counter for anything you 
    miss and using their precious Jab DP's to stop jump ins.  NO skill at 
    all.  To break the pattern you have to land a couple of Flip throws and 
    a combo or 2 into a super.  You might have to play the D.O guy for this 
    where you wait for them to mess up and then counter with all you've 
    got.  If it is a good Ryu player though, they will be on offense, 
    probably using the hurricane kick in the air to get close then throw 
    you and DP you.  
    Ken & Akuma
    Pretty much the same as Ryu except with their Hurricane and Dragon 
    Punch more.  Use the same techniques, just be more careful and combo a 
    lot against them.  If you're playing the computer Akuma on A or X-ism, 
    then DO NOT go up and try to throw them when they have a full super 
    bar.  You'll eat a Raging Demon.  Trust me on this one.  Good Akuma 
    player love to do this too.  Then there is Ken.  Ugh.  Well I've had 
    this death combo done to me once.  I was trying to do a combo but I 
    slipped and ate 3 level one Shinryukens(all comboed!)  Always look out 
    for those when jumping in and look our for his Shouryuu Reppa too.  
    Since we all know Ken is COMPLETE INVINCIBLE DURING ALL SUPER(not cheap 
    at all btw…) so you have to watch for those.
    Sonic booms are more dangerous then Hadoukens IMO.  When you jump in 
    look out for Somersault Kicks.  Just stick to combos and Supers.  
    Careful of his Crossfire Blitz combos which take out massive damage.  
    It's a good thing mot many people play Charlie(except me).  He doesn't 
    really have a defense game, but he can really mess you up if he turns 
    offense.  Block LOW a lot, because he'll do a lk into Crossfire Blitz.  
    Try not to let him stay close to you.  
    Well there is few to no Chunny players here, but from what I have seen 
    you kinda have to play Neutral.  You wouldn't wanna mess up her pretty 
    face so you should be hitting low alot.  Look out for her Hazan Tenshou 
    Super, which can just wipe out your bar.  She has invincibility during 
    her supers too, but over all you should be able to beat her.  They key 
    is Combos.  You have to really stick it to her face if she is trying to 
    play defense.  If she is playing offense(which any good Chunny player 
    will, look out for her FP which is strong and has more priority then 
    you).  X-ism Chunny is a completely different story, but since I'm the 
    only one that uses her you should be lucky and hope never to encounter 
    her.  Just look out for her Bird Kick which chips out massive 
    damage(from guard and power) and for her ridiculously overpowered jump 
    in with fp, fp, Sohakkei(her drillless drill hit) which can take out 
    1/3 of your life if all three hits connect right.
    Man I hate this guy.  People say he isn't cheap because of his slowness 
    and no projectile...But his Spinning Plie Driver(SPD) has too much 
    priority.  You can totally get messed up by him.  They can take you out 
    of you combo.  Talk about cheap.  Another thing is, you can wail away 
    on him all day doing minimal damage, and when all he has to do is land 
    a few supers and you're out.  The trick that I've seen to beat him is 
    to hit and run.  Use your S. lp, S. mp, S. fp, S. fk combo to gaurd 
    crush him then use it again to nail him up into a super.  I think that 
    Zangief's normal attacks take out block damage, so look out for that.  
    Ok Not much of a threat here.  Guy could jack him up in Final Fight and 
    he still can.  Cody is an intresting character and he shouldn't be 
    underestimated(he spent time in prison so he fights dirty).  Look out 
    when he gets his knife, cause then you're in trouble.  You can hit it 
    out of him very easy.  V-ism is more of a threat, because his supers 
    were never that good to start with, and now he has that weird dodge 
    shit.  Of course there aren't too many Cody V-ism players here (except 
    me again, haha)so not much of a problem, he can counter alot easier now 
    because somtimes it looks like you're missing him all together.  If 
    they get you in a Custom and have his knife, say goodnight, cause your 
    Guard meter will die and then you will too.  Simple 5 hit combo crushes 
    you then do it again and it dizzies you.  So stay offense when it's 
    on(that goes for anyone that play a V-ism character)
    That's all I have for now as no one plays with anyone but Ryu Ken or 
    Akuma(and what I got for other characters was against crappy players).  
    So any help would be appreciated.
    11. Miscellaneous Crap
    The characters on Guy's Gi mean Bushin.
    - 'Bushin' translates as 'God of the Military Arts'.
     Tsukami Nage                   Holding Throw(kick throw?)
     Izuna Otoshi                   Izuna Drop(air throw)
     Bushin Izuna Otoshi            Bushin Izuna Drop(flip throw)
     Houzantou                      Mountain Demolishing Dipper(dashing 
     Bushin Senpuu Kyaku            Bushin Whirlwind Kick(hurricane kick)
     Hayagake                       Rapid Running(dash)
     Hayagake: Kyuuteishi           Rapid Running: Quick Stop(dash)
     Hayagake: Kage Sukui           Rapid Running: Shadow Scoop(dash slide)
     Hayagake: Kubikari             Rapid Running: Neck Cutter(dash kick)
     Hiji Otoshi                    Elbow Drop(d+mp in air)
     Kubi Kudaki                    Neck Breaker(f+mp)
      Bushin Gokusa Ken              Bushin Imprisoning Fist Chain(combo?)
     Bushin-ryuu Seoi Nage          Bushin-style Shoulder Throw(Punch 
     Bushin Hassou Ken              Bushin Eight Paired Fist(Jump super)
     Bushin Gourai Kyaku            Bushin Strong Lightning Kick(kick 
     Bushin Musou Renge             Bushin Unparallelled Rapid Reap(demon 
    LP, LK= Guy crosses his arms.
    MP, MK= Guy turns away, holds an arm up, then lets it fall.  He says
             "Waruku omou na."  (Don't think badly of me)
    FP, FK=Guy holds his other arm by the wrist, with his fingers pointed
             Up.  He says "Korezo, Bushin-ryuu!"  (This is Bushin style!)
    Win Quotes:  Guy would be much better if he had More of a Ukyo 
    attitude, but no…Capcom has to go and make him a complete freaking 
    DORK!!  In SFA1 he was arrogant("Shouldn't you be crawling to a 
    hospital about now?) But now, man...Well here are his quotes.
     "You know what?!  I've you on a chain!  Ha! HA! HA!"
    "There's something you should get to know better…Your limits."
    "Perhaps you lack the discipline necessary for you to win."
    "What a cool move… You style possesses some worthy qualities.
    "Bushin style tends to overwhelm opponents…
    "Senseless killing does no appeal to me.  Leave my sight."
    "The eyes of a Bushin… No movement can escape them!"
    Guy has a different entrance when he's in a fight with Cody.  A bunch 
    of barrels will fall around him and he'll have his back turned.  On the 
    other side of the screen Cody is messing up his barrels, Guy does his 
    Hurricane Kick and destroys all the barrels in one shot.  He loses life 
    but there is some food he eats to recover it all back(Just like in 
    Final Fight).  A little plus is, if you have this on the PSX and you're 
    doing survival mode and you fight Cody later, this will give you full 
    health no matter how low it was before.
    Taunting:  Everyone loves to taunt right?!  Well the easiest way 
    is...After a fp flip throw, A Dashing Elbow, a punch super, or a combo.  
    For Guy's taunt he turns away from you(I love those kinda taunts), 
    raises his arm then puts it back down(like in his win posistion with mk 
    or mp). 
    12. Thanks
    Well I got input from some people so I wanna say thanks to Greg 
    (gdawson@angelfire.com)for some combos and the Strong Punch anti air 
    technique,  and Kao for the translations. 
    I hope this helped you and made you realize there are better people 
    then the Shoto-dorks.  Email me at 
    Captain_America3@yahoo.com with any input.

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