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    Karin by BChung

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    Street Fighter Alpha 3
    Karin Kanzuki FAQ version 2.3
    This FAQ will try to explain Karin's strenght and weaknesses so players can
    be more effective with her.  Specifically, this is an Aism Karin FAQ.  But
    it also covers general information about the character.  THIS IS BY NO MEANS
    COMPLETE OR ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.  This is simply my observations and
    experience past penned onto the Internet.
    imbyc@erols.com // This is my email address, in case anybody wish to ask me
    anything in this FAQ specifically or have comments or for whatever other 
    This FAQ is also under the impression that the person reading it knows the
    basic system of Alpha 3.  Things like the anti-juggling flip out, the new
    throw system, the new roll system, the new super level selection system,
    etc..  If not, please refer to other FAQs for Alpha 3 game engine
    Hopefully, this FAQ will help any Karin players out there improve on their
    game.  If not, oh well....Enjoy folks.
    Revision History
    1.0 7/??/98 Karin FAQ started.  Had information on beta copy of Alpha 3.
    2.0 8/15/98 Played the final version of Alpha 3.  Made many changes to how
    this version affected her.
    2.1 8/17/98 Added minor changes based on more playing of the final version.
    2.2 8/19/98 Tested out all the chains and 2 in 1 regular moves that Karin
    has.  Added brief summary of Karin's mid boss, 9th character, and ending 
    dialogue.  Added Misc. Notes for various things that don't fit elsewhere.
    Also realized I didn't have a section on Karin's supers...oops.  This will
    be added soon...I promise.
    2.3 8/22/98 Added the Super Moves section.  Also edited minors parts of the
    FAQ in general.
    Karin Kanzuki is the only daughter of an extremely wealthy family that also
    owns a huge corporation with virtually unlimited resources.  Karin's family
    motto is: "Be the winner at everything you do" or "All you need is victory".
    Both are used in the game.  One is in her beginning intro, the other is in
    her winning quotes.  Karin lost a fight to Sakura, so now she travels across
    the world, searching for her for a second match.
    Mid-boss, Blanka: Karin is surprised at the existance of such a creature.
    Blanka thinks Karin is cute, but decides to fight her.  Karin warns him she
    is very strong, and her fists are the "King of Beasts" (don't ask).  After
    Karin defeats Blanka, and ponders at the thought of the size of the world
    and the surprises it holds.  Karin then thinks she notices somebody watching
    her fight Blanka, but not sure since she couldn't see anybody else around.
    9th character, Sakura: Karin meets Sakura in Bison's stage.  Karin tells
    Sakura she will lose this time.  Sakura senses Karin is stronger this time,
    and welcomes her to a fight.  After Karin defeats Sakura, she explains how
    she was lucky, and Sakura is still more powerful.  Sakura says she just
    enjoys fighting, not winning or losing in particular.  Karin agrees with
    her.  Karin feels the thrill of the fight (great...another Ryu), and will
    now fight only the the thrills, not for winning.
    Special Boss, Juni and Juli: Bison appears, and is interested in the two
    school girls.  Sakura and Karin doesn't know who he is, and they demand
    answers from him.  Bison says he will answer their questions, if they can
    defeat his 'Dolls'.  As the round begins, Juni and Juli drops from the sky
    in about a dozen shadows, then fade into just the two of them.
    Final Boss, M. Bison: Bison appears and congradulates Karin for defeating
    his 'Dolls'.  Bison tells Karin who he is.  Karin is surprised to see who he
    is, and vows to destroy him.  After Karin defeats Bison, he retreats to his
    base to continue be revived in his Psycho Drive.  Karin then explains to
    Sakura she had an ace up her sleeve.  Karin phones an aide named Shibazki
    (not sure on spelling) elsewhere and tells him to execute their plan.  He
    does so.  In space, a satalitte is seen shooting down a huge laser.  The
    laser hits Shadaloo HQ, destroying it.  Bison screams it's not possible that
    he lost.  Later, Karin explained to Sakura that Shadaloo has been
    interfering with their business, so they had to destroy Shadaloo.  Karin
    then bloasts about the strength of her family and how nobody should mess
    with them, and gets away with it while Sakura looks abit worried from that
    killer satalitte as Karin laughed.  The End.
    Special Moves
    NOTE: All the following I describe are in Aism, not Xism or Vism.  As far as
    I can tell, there is no difference between the moves in the different modes.
    Down, Down-Forward, Forward + P
    Unlike Fei-Long, her punches do NOT come out instantly.  Instead, she moves
    forward first, then punches.  The timing on rushes is also not like
    Fei-Long's.  The next move in the rush you wish to perform must be entered
    before you finish your current one, animation-wise or else the move will
    come out, but not combo, leaving Karin open usually.  It is easier to pound
    on Punches once the QFC part is out to get the triple punch rush out.  But
    by doing this, Karin does only a little bit more then most character's
    fierce or roundhouse.  Unless the juggles of these rushes can be used, Karin
    still does only a little more then most fierces and roundhouses.
    NOTE: I will only put the possible links in her rushes.  Because after any
    of those moves, Karin can end it with an ender.
    These are the enders:
    forward P
    back P
    down-forward P, P
    up K
    down K
    back K
    A simple chart to show what she can do in the rushes:
    QCF + P ---- P ---- P (automatically the forward P ender)
          |      |
          |      |
          |        ---- ender
            ---- ender
    Every single one of her enders is also a move she uses outside of these
    rushes.  The rush may also be stopped at any time.
    Forward P ender
    This is the Down, Forward, Down-Forward + P special move.  Acts the same
    way.  Knocks opponent down and away.  Slightly better recovery in the final
    Back P ender
    This is Karin's high counter, Down, Down-Back, Back + P.  Looks like it acts
    exactly like the high counter done normally.  Semi-useful if the rush is
    screwed up, and you want some way of defending yourself.  But if opponent
    goes low or throws, you're still screwed.
    Down-Forward P, P
    This WAS Charge Back, Forward + P, P move.  The NEW motion for that move is
    Back, Down, Down-Back + P.  Still good for quick damage. As with almost all
    her enders, bad recovery still.
    This is Down, Forward, Down-Forward + K move.  Good for possible juggles
    from it.  Like the anti-air super (QCF x 2 + K).  Keep in mind the opponent
    can use the anti-juggle flip out to escape.  This ender usually leaves Karin
    safe, but it depends on how close the opponent is when this ender finishes.
    This ender seems slightly slower coming out now, making it more difficult to
    combo and launch the opponent.  Otherwise, pretty much the same.
    Up K
    This is Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Up-Forward + K move.  The jumping in
    the ender usually kills the surprise value of it acting like an overhead.
    Recovery of this move is now good.  Unless you land it deep, you will
    recover in time.  More useful now, but the time for the move to come out
    still prevents it from being a great ender.
    Down K
    This move isn't a special move.  It's basically a sliding version of her
    sweep (low roundhouse).  The animation for this ender and her sweep is
    slightly different, but the effect is the same.  Must be blocked low, of
    course.  Recovery on it is good.  Unless Karin is close to the opponent,
    they will not be able to hit Karin afterwards.  Probably the best ender of
    all, even though damage is low and no possible juggles after it.  No changes
    from what I've seen.
    Back K
    This is Karin's low counter, Down, Down-Back, Back + K.  Looks like it acts
    exactly like the low counter done normally.  Like the Back P ender, can be
    used to bail yourself out of trouble if the rushes are screwed up.  Better
    then high, since low attacks are more likely to be thrown out.  Still, not a
    good idea to use it often.
    Although Karin has many possible ways to end her rushes, none of them will
    fool an opponent more then once or twice.  Keep it simple and use it to tick
    for block damage or quick counters for safest results.  Try to combo into
    the fierce version of the rushes, since the combo can miss due to lack of
    speed and range of the rushes on a jab or strong version.
    Forward, Down, Down-Forward + P
    Karin throws out an open palm strike with one arm.  Knocks down always.  2
    in 1 into this move for a simple combo that knocks down.  Can stuff or trade
    with many moves because of the priority, but the bad recovery makes other
    moves more attractive.  Range is slighty than a sweep.  Punch button used
    doesn't appear to affect move in any ways.  Good damage.
    Forward, Down, Down-Forward + K
    Karin steps forward and slides into a high kick.  Hits twice if close, once
    with knee, and one with the ending extension on the kick.  Second hit
    launches the opponent.  Another of this same move can launch the opponent
    once more with timing.  Not sure if it can be repeated infinitely.  Opponent
    flipping out at the wrong time might be why I have been able to get upto 4
    consecutive juggles.  Priority is fair, with fair recovery.  If move is
    blocked deep, Karin can be hit back.  Range is determined by the Kick used.
    Short has least range.  Roundhouse has most.  Short version must be landed
    deep, or will not launch, but almost always safe.  Roundhouse will land both
    hits within sweep range, but the deep range will allow the opponent to hit
    Karin afterwards if missed.  2 in 1 into this move often.  Damage is fair,
    but possible juggles are the reason to use it, even though the opponent can
    flip out.  No changes that I've seen.
    Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Up-Forward + K
    Karin hops a large distance with arms out stretched.  When she lands, she
    swings both arms down.  The first hit hits only high, so can be ducked.  But
    the second hit is an overhead, so it must be blocked high.  Range is
    dependant on Kick button.  Short has just over sweep range.  Roundhouse has
    3/4 of the screen.  Priority is good, but most opponents will hit Karin
    before she can land and attack.  Recovery is now good.  Like the ender,
    unless the move lands deep, Karin will recover against most moves.  First
    hit's range is about a fierce's range.  Second hit is just under sweep
    range, since her arm is outstretched.  Has a slight delay on startup.  Can
    clear fireballs if used on reaction.  Will not clear Sagat's high Tiger
    though.  This move is much better then before, but since the move still
    doesn't hit until she swings, use other moves to tick for damage.
    Charge Back, Forward + P, P (motion in beta version)
    Back, Down, Down-Back + P, P (motion in final version)
    Similar to the rushing punches, Karin throws a forearm to the chest of the
    opponent with the first button press, then she elbows the opponent in the
    face with the second button press.  As with the rushes, tap the button ASAP
    will result in 2 hits landing and flooring the opponent.  Not hitting the
    Punch again will end the move right there.  Can be delayed to fake people
    out.  Range is now very dependant on the strength of the button now.  Jab
    is sweep range, Strong is about 1/4 screen, and Fierce covers just under 1/2
    screen now.  Damage is now fair with both hits.  Priority is slightly higher
    then the rushing punches, although it now shares the same problem with the
    rushing punches; the farther she travels, the longer for the hit part to
    come out.  Recovery is okay.  She recovers from this slightly faster then
    the rushes.  Since the range of the move is so long now, it can be used
    every and then to catch opponents off guard.  Otherwise, fairly useless.
    360 + K
    Karin, surprisingly, has a command throw.  Karin grabs the opponent, knees
    them two times, then does a stylish 'oi-lay' type twist on their arms,
    flipping them over and onto their backs.  This throw switches sides with the
    opponent.  After testing it, it appears to be a 6 point motion.  However,
    since the low counter overlaps on one side, and the hopping overhead attack
    overlaps the other side, missing it means you're pretty open for almost any
    attack.  Has a regular throw whiff animation when missed, and acts exactly
    like a regular throw whiff animation.  Seems to have regular throw range
    also.  Damage is slightly higher then a regular throw.  Probably an extra
    jab's worth.  No changes I've noticed.
    Forward, Down-Forward, Down, Down-Back, Back + P (old motion in beta)
    Down, Down-Back, Back + P (motion in final version)
    This is Karin's high counter.  Karin rises her arms into her blocking
    animation.  When struck, she'll attack with an attack that sorta looks like
    Gen's punch throw.  She'll be in the counter position for about 1 second.
    Seems to be instant when the move is inputted.  Has half second recovery if
    it doesn't counter anything.  The counter CAN miss, if the opponent hits the
    counter correctly.  For example, I did this move while getting crossed up.
    The opponent's attack hit the counter, but since he was behind me, Karin's
    counter attack MISSED completely.  Also, Rose's Friends super's extra hits
    will outprioritize the counter, stuffing it completely even though the
    sound and animation of the counter starts.  In theory, this means any
    character that can 2 in 1 into a quick and/or high priority attack should be
    able to stuff the counter.  Like a close strong into a Dragon Punch from
    Ryu or another Shotokan.  This move also can absorb a Dragon Punch's hit,
    and then counter it for damage.  Probably works best against Ryu, since his
    Dragon Punch only hits once.  Akuma will probably outprioritize the rest of
    the counter.  Other then the new motion, no changes were noticed.
    Forward, Down-Forward, Down, Down-Back, Back + K (old motion in beta)
    Down, Down-Back, Back + K (motion in final version)
    This is Karin's low counter.  Karin couches into a low block animation when
    this move is performed.  In theory, this move should be more useful then the
    high counter, since foot games occur quite often with Karin.  I also assume
    this counter will have all the same properties of the high counter.  Rose's
    Friends should stuff it, 2 in 1 into Dragon Punches or other high priority
    moves should stuff it, etc..  Everything about this move is the same has the
    high counter, except it works against low attacks.  No changes other then
    then motion here also.
    Super Moves
    NOTE: Karin's Xism super is the level 3 ground super.
    Down, Down-Forward, Forward x 2 + P
    This is the ground super.  It's basically a longer, super version of her
    rushes.  EXTREMELY invincible at startup.  Can past through many moves at
    level 2 or higher.  Level 3 will past through a fireball at startup.  I
    believe only a Dragon Punch has defeated/traded with this super before.  The
    damage on level 1 is fair.  Level 2 is low, by level 2 standards, but it
    launches.  Level 3 seems like the normal 50%.  Level 1 and 3 has bad
    recovery times, since they're basically ending in the Forward P ender at the
    end of the super.  Level 2 ends with the K ender, so it launches and
    recovers well.  This isn't a great anti-air super, but since it is very
    invincible, it will usually beat the air attack at startup, for very little
    damage.  This super almost always lands its hits.  What this means is that
    if the first hit caught the opponent and pushed him too far for the second
    hit to connect, it will almost ALWAYS land the rest of the super.  I think
    I've only seen once or twice that this didn't happen.  I use it often for as
    a get up move.  Range on first hit is always just inside the sweep.  To use
    it outside that range is wasting super energy.
    Down, Down-Forward, Forward x 2 + K
    This is the anti-air super.  It's basically the Down, Down-Forward, Forward,
    Up-Forward + K move, except Karin leaps high into the air, arms flailing.
    This move will NOT hit an opponent on the ground at ALL.  An anti-air super
    in the truest sense of the definition.  Damage on level 1 is fair.  Level 2
    is fair.  The level 3 version seems slightly below 50%.  Range is about one
    to two character lengths from where the move starts.  So make sure the
    opponent jumps in deep, or else you will not get all the hits to land.  Not
    very good/horrible as anti cross-up defense, unlike Ken's Shinryuken.  This
    super can be tacked on from the K ender or that move for extra damage with
    some timing.  The anti-juggle flip will probably not help too much, since
    the super will just ignore the air blocking and hit anyways.  This super is
    very good at stopping air moves.  Best time to activate this super is around
    when the opponent just pasts his peak of the jump.  This way, the super will
    be at its maxmium effectiveness, range and invinciblity wise.  Karin has no
    better anti-air than this move.
    Regular Moves
    Karin's low forward is no longer bufferable, a major disadvantage since it
    was among her best pokes.  Karin doesn't have close moves in the final
    version of Alpha 3 as well as the beta.
    The following moves are bufferable:
    Standing Jab
    Standing Short
    Standing Strong
    Standing Forward (Must be done early.  Only the frame of when the knee comes
    out combos, not when Karin fully extends the kick)
    Ducking Jab
    Ducking Short
    Ducking Strong
    Ducking Fierce (Must be done early.  Only the frame of when the uppercut
    begins to come out will combo, not when Karin fully extends her uppercut)
    The following moves will chain:
    Standing Jab into Standing Short
    Standing Jab into Ducking Jab
    Standing Jab into Ducking Short
    Ducking Jab into Standing Jab
    Ducking Jab into Standing Short
    Ducking Jab into Ducking Short
    Ducking Short into Standing Jab
    Ducking Short into Standing Short
    Ducking Short into Ducking Jab
    All jabs and shorts except for Standing Short will combo/chain into itself.
    In fact, Standing Short can only be comboed into a special or super.
    Punch Throw
    Karin puts her weight on the opponent, and pushes onto the opponent.  They
    fall together to the ground, with the opponent taking the blunt of the
    weight.  This throw does good damage.  Use it often.  Karin recovers much
    more quickly then the opponent, so positioning from it is possible.  Karin
    has a fairly fast walking speed, so her throws are quite effective.  This
    throw's animation is very fast, so Tech. Hitting it is difficult also.  This
    is her air throw also.  Karin's air throw range and effectiveness seems
    really good.  Much easier to Tech. Hit out of though, since they drop to the
    ground together before damage is inflicted.  No changes from beta.
    Kick Throw
    Karin grabs the opponent and knees them repeatedly.  Fair damage.  Recovery
    doesn't seem as good as the punch throw.  But bashing the opponent
    repeatedly looks cool :)  That's about the only reason to use this throw.
    No changes.
    Forward + Forward Kick
    Karin quickly spins around and throws a jumping, spinning, arcing roundhouse
    (?) kick to the opponent's torso area.  This move is an overhead.  EXTREMELY
    fast.  Rivals Akuma's overhead in Alpha.  Almost instant, instant recovery.
    Use it often.  Although Karin performs a tiny hop, she is still vulnerable
    low.  Damage is fair, but the speed of the move should be abused repeatedly
    for a fairly effective high/low game.  The priority of his move seems to be
    lessened from the beta, but still very fast.
    Misc. Notes
    Karin's walking speed in the final version appears to be much faster then
    before (my mind is drawing a blank on the beta, sorry), so walk up throws
    are a huge part of my game.  Her relatively small size helps alot walking
    under jumps and dodge other attacks.  Her jump seems to raise very quickly,
    then floats the rest of the way down.  Since the jump is quick to start, air
    throws can be used for air defense or air combos.  Karin can tick into her
    360 just like Zangief.  Probably easier to escape though.  Jump in attack,
    jab or short, 360.  Simple and effective.
    Thanks to all the folks that works and plays down at Gametime arcade in
    Alexandra, VA.
    Special thanks goes to Mikey, since he used Karin also, he helped contribute
    to this piece of work.
    This FAQ is for personal use only and may not be distribute for profit.  It
    also may not be copied, in part of whole, for publication purposes without
    permission from myself.
    Karin Kanzuki is Copyrighted (c) Capcom Entertainment 1998
    This FAQ copyright (c) Bruce Chung 1998

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