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    Rose by LBL

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 09/19/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Rose Guide- Version 0.5
    By: LBL Copyright 1999.
    Version 0.1 (10/22/98)- Initial version of FAQ.
    Version 0.2 (11/26/98)- A Thanksgiving revision!  Fixed grammatical mistakes,
      added miscellaneous section and thanks section, added one more vs.
    Version 0.3 (3/4/99)- A slight revision with two more vs. strategies.
    Version 0.4 (5/19/99)- Phantom Menace day!  Corrections mostly.
    Version 0.5 (9/19/99)- Updated strategies from contributors, updated Thanks, 
      some other minor stuff, the last revision.
    I.    SFA 3 BASICS
    II.   ROSE
    VI.   COMBOS
    In Alpha 3, after selecting your character, you get to select an "-ISM" or 
    mode of play.  Each one has its strengths and weaknesses.  This guide is 
    written for playing Rose any –ISM, but most of the combos apply only to A-
    ISM.  Here's a description:
    X-ISM:  In this mode, your character loses the ability to air block, alpha 
    counter, recover from throws (tech hit), taunt, and roll.  They have a 
    predetermined Super Move that utilizes the entire super meter and does 
    (usually) tremendous damage.  Rose can perform well in this mode, but gains 
    more options in A-ISM.  X-ISM characters have more Guard Blocks than 
    characters of other –ISMs and do more damage (than A or V).
    A-ISM:  This mode is like the previous Alpha games.  A-ISM characters can air 
    block, perform alpha counters, tech hit throws, taunt, and roll.  They have 3 
    levels of super meter to work with.  Level 1 supers are done with (the motion 
    for the move) + jab/short, level 2 with strong/forward, and level 3 with 
    fierce/roundhouse.  Also, if you have 2 levels of energy, you can do a level 
    2 super with fierce/roundhouse.  Rose works best under this ISM because she 
    is most versatile here.  Generally, A-ISM characters have average length 
    Guard Meters and do an average amount of damage with respect to X and V-ISM 
    V-ISM:  V-ISM characters have all the ability of A-ISM characters, but they 
    do not have super moves.  Instead, their energy bar is used for Custom Combos 
    that can be done by pressing a punch and kick button of the same strength 
    simultaneously (like jab + short).  Custom Combos can only be done when the 
    bar is at least 50% full.  Unlike in Alpha 2, your character does not speed 
    up (considerably) during a custom and you also can jump and move backwards.  
    Also, your last trailing image can also hit your opponent.  The time between 
    when you strike and your image strikes is determined by which buttons you 
    used to activate the custom.  Jab + Short will make the image hit almost 
    right after you hit the enemy, while Fierce + Roundhouse will delay the 
    image.  Rose is not suited for V-ISM since her damaging Custom Combos are 
    difficult to perform.  However, any V-ISM is already powerful with those 
    cheap generic guard-breaking combo traps, so if you're Custom-Combo-skilled, 
    go ahead and choose Rose.  V-ISM characters have relatively the same Guard 
    Meter lengths as A-ISM, but do less damage.
    "Classic" Mode/No ISM: This not-so-secret-anymore "-ISM" is time released in 
    the arcades, but can be accessed thorough the World Tour Mode on the 
    Playstation.  Supposedly, your characters act like X-ISM characters except 
    they can't recover from air juggles.  But consequently, it is near impossible 
    to juggle these characters anyway.  "Classic" characters also do not have a 
    super bar but do tremendous damage with their attacks.  You have no guard 
    meter also.  To access this mode in the arcade, hold down the Fierce + 
    Roundhouse buttons before you begin a game.
    "Low Guard" Mode: This is another secret –ISM.  Your character has only 1 
    block (not including the "curve" block) in his or her guard meter and can 
    therefore be guard crushed quite easily.  To access this mode, hold down the 
    Jab + Short buttons before you begin a game in the arcade.  Afterwards, you 
    will be able to select from the 3 normal –ISMs.
    "Mazi" Mode: In this mode, if you lose just one round, you lose the entire 
    match.  I think you take more damage in this mode too.
    New to Alpha 3 is the Guard Meter.  Each time you block an attack, this meter 
    will deplete.  The amount depleted depends on what strength of attack you 
    blocked.  The length of the meter depends on which character and "-ISM" you 
    are using.  When the entire meter is depleted, your character is temporarily 
    stunned (even in the air).  You can, however, shake the joystick and press 
    all 6 buttons rapidly to reduce the amount of time your character is stunned.  
    Afterwards you will lose 1 "block" of the meter and it will reset.  The Guard 
    Meter will refill automatically throughout the round.  Rose has an average 
    length guard meter with respect to other characters using the same ISM.
    If you hit an opponent with an attack while they're in the middle of doing 
    something, you will do more damage.  The action will pause for an instant and 
    your hit will make a loud crashing noise if you interrupted an opponent's 
    attack with a fierce or roundhouse.  Counter hits in general are extremely 
    useful since they allow for certain juggle combos to connect when they would 
    otherwise miss.
    U- Up
    D- Down
    F- Forward
    B- Back
    DF- Down Forward
    DB- Down Back
    UF- Up Forward
    UB- Up Back
    QCF- A quarter circle forward (D, DF, F)
    QCB- A quarter circle back (D, DB, B)
    HCF- A half circle forward (B, DB, D, DF, F)
    HCB- A half circle back (F, DF, D, DB, B)
    DP- Dragon Punch motion (F, D, DF)
    P- Punch, PP- 2 Punches
    K- Kick, KK- 2 Kicks
    (air)- this move can also be done in the air
    Throw- F/B + PP (air), F/B + KK (air)
    Tech Hit- F + PP when being thrown
    More Damage/Less Damage- Rapidly shake joystick when doing/being hit with a
         multi-hitting hold 
    Air Juggle Recover- PP when hit in air
    Roll Recover- KK when hit in air
    Alpha Counter- Block, then F + P&K of same strength (uses up one block
         of the guard meter), Alpha Counters use up 1 level of super energy in
         A-ISM and 50% of the bar in V-ISM
    Taunt- Push Start (or Select on Playstation)
    II. ROSE
    Rose is a unique character in the Street Fighter world.  In the story, she 
    has a mysterious, unknown past with connections to M. Bison.  As a character, 
    her moves and strategies offer a refreshing change of pace from the usual 
    "shoto" style.  This FAQ was created with the intent of teaching you (the 
    public) how to use this often under-picked but cool character (who else 
    fights in a dress and heels?).  I hope you can be able to use this 
    information to add a little variety to your arcade (Ryu/Ken/Akuma matches are 
    such a bore...)
    First things first, let's talk about how Rose stacks up against other 
    characters.  When I first started this FAQ almost a year ago, Rose seemed 
    like a middle-ranked character to me.  Her general lag time on most of her 
    fierce attacks and apparent lack of reliable anti-airs lead me to the 
    conclusion that she wasn't top-tier like she used to be.  However, with VERY 
    VALUABLE feedback from those that wrote in (mainly Greg Dawson telling me 
    about her 99% accurate Soul Throw juggle), I can see that Rose really is one 
    of the best characters in A3 (that doesn't rely on cheap VC combos).  It just 
    takes a little more skill to utilize her strengths in A3 than it did in A2.  
    Speaking of A2, Rose has had some slight gameplay changes to her since then 
    (where she was arguably the BEST character), changes generally for the worst.  
    Her Soul Illusion super has lost ALL of its effectiveness, she lost priority 
    on many of her counter moves, and has been given delay/recovery times on her 
    special moves as well.  But we'll learn that A3 Rose doesn't require A2 
    Rose's strengths in order to win.
    Crouching- A quick punch.  Like most of its kind, it's weak, main use is in 
    linking combos, and has extreme priority.  Rose can also use this as she's 
    getting up to snuff most get-up combos or super moves your opponent might 
    try.  Also try doing a rapid succession of jabs after rolling if you want to 
    protect yourself against possible throws/counters.
    Standing- A quick standing punch.  Little range.  Nothing great.
    Jumping- An air chop with little range.  Jumping straight up with a jab stops 
    a lot of jump ins, but jabs do lousy damage as you already know.
    Crouching- Rose's crouching strong was a major weapon she used in Alpha 2 to 
    counter almost every low attack an enemy threw at her.  Its priority has been 
    slightly reduced in Alpha 3 (you can't snuff supers like in A2 anymore, but 
    your jabs can!), but it still works extremely well as a counter, beating just 
    about anything.  Get into the habit of canceling into a short Soul Spiral 
    every time you hit your opponent with a low strong.  You will also use it a 
    lot to 2-in-1 into combos.
    Standing (far)- A glowing version of her jab punch.  Let's move on.
    Standing (close)- A glowing slap to your opponent's face.  Although cool 
    looking, it doesn't seem to have any other useful value except for the 
    ability to 2-in-1.
    Jumping- A glowing version of her jab punch.  Used in similar circumstances.
    Crouching- Rose's main anti-air attack.  Yeah, it's priority isn't nearly as 
    high as it was in Alpha 2, but this is what will win you your fights.  I used 
    to think this move sucked because it only counters moves about 65% of the 
    time, trading hits with the opponent the rest of the time.  But, the 65% it 
    does register a counter hit enables you to follow up with a Soul Throw or 
    Aura Soul Throw that is virtually guaranteed to connect.  If it does trade, 
    you can still time your Aura Soul Throw to connect as your opponent is 
    falling down.  You can use this to combo too, but it has virtually non-
    existent horizontal range and you must be standing EXTREMELY close to the 
    enemy if you want it to connect.
    Standing (far)- Rose whips out her shawl which looks really cool.  It has 
    decent range but its slow coming out so use it generally for counter attacks.  
    Can't 2-in-1.
    Standing (close)- A shorter-ranged whip of her shawl.  Use it to 2-in-1 your 
    combos if you have the skill.
    Jumping- Rose jumps in with her shawl in the shape of a glowing crescent.  
    This is a good jump attack for her to start combos with because it's easy to 
    hit your opponent deep with it, but it doesn't have the range nor priority of 
    her jumping roundhouse.  It's hard to follow up with this move, so stick with 
    the more reliable roundhouse or forward.
    Crouching- Like the jab, mainly used for ticking or in links.
    Standing- A real short ranged kick.  No use, except maybe for ticking.
    Jumping- A short ranged jump kick.  Although it little range, Rose's jumping 
    short surprisingly has some uses that have been pointed out to me.  Its 
    priority is great, beating out most standard air attacks like the shoto's 
    jumping forward and roundhouse.  It hits at a very steep angle and will knock 
    an airborne opponent upwards, allowing for an easy Soul Throw when you land.  
    It can be used as a jump in, but I recommend the forward as it has the same 
    priority with more damage.    
    Crouching- A long range kick.  She can 2-in-1 with this, although you might 
    accidentally do an unintended slide instead.
    Standing (far)- Rose balances herself on her shawl and delivers a long ranged 
    kick.  Rose can't be sweeped when using it because she is off the ground.  
    Cannot 2-in-1 with this.  Good for ticking.
    Standing (close)- Rose will do a small hop kick that looks like an upside-
    down letter "L."  I see no use for it though since it can't be cancelled.
    Jumping- THE jump-in of Rose.  This kick is great to meet someone up in the 
    air with because of its horizontal range and priority.  Rose can cross 
    opponents up with a jumping forward really easily as well (something you'll 
    want to do often).  This is probably your safest bet for a jump in attack as 
    it has great priority, hits deep easily, and allows for an easy follow up.  
    Its only downside is it doesn't do the damage of a fierce/roundhouse.
    Crouching- A really long range sweep (one of the best sweep ranges in the 
    game).  Be careful though, it's quite slow recovering and you can 
    consequently be sweeped yourself if your opponent blocks it.  Like all 
    sweeps, never use it from close range, always use it from its maximum 
    distance to avoid being counterattacked.
    Standing (far)- Like the standing forward, except Rose extends her body 
    farther for more range.  Because of it's long range, it makes a great counter 
    attack after blocking moves that put your opponent's at a distance such as 
    Blanka's rolls.  However, it has hideously slow recovery time, so never use 
    it haphazardly up close as opponents can (and will) easily jump in on you as 
    you are recovering.  
    Standing (close)- A cartwheel kick.  This is not a top-down as I previously 
    suspected.  It will only come out if you're extremely close to your opponent.  
    If you're skilled, you can time it to counter enemies jumping from far away. 
    But IMO, Rose better and damaging anti-airs, making this move pretty useless.  
    Recovery time isn't that great and it can't combo.
    Jumping- A good jump in.  It has better range and priority than her fierce, 
    but it's harder to hit deep.  You should probably use this more often than 
    the fierce, but the forward is better.  Use the roundhouse/fierce when you're 
    sure your jump in will hit, use the forward for the other times.
    TAUNT- Start (Select on Playstation)
    Only A-ISM and V-ISM characters can taunt.  Rose will close her eyes, shake 
    her head, and wave her finger at your opponent in a "You shouldn't do that" 
    sort of fashion.  Like all taunts, you are completely vulnerable while doing 
    it.  The best time to do this is at far distances and right after you 
    connected with a super move or big combo.  It's mainly used just for 
    humiliation purposes.
    SLIDE- DF + Forward [1 hit]
    This allows Rose to slide under certain projectiles.  It has some slight 
    recovery delay, so you should try and hit your opponent with the tip of it so 
    you will be safe.  You might also want to use it when the Soul Illusion is 
    active to break a low guard meter.  Finally, by connecting with the tip of 
    it, you can set up traps.
    SOUL DRAIN- F/B + PP (air) [5 hits]
    This is Rose's only throw.  It's not great (mainly since it leaves too much 
    distance between you and your opponent afterwards), but she has it, and it 
    might as well be put to use.  This is a hold and therefore if you shake the 
    joystick rapidly, you will do more hits and damage to your opponent.  But 
    your opponent can also shake the joystick to reduce the damage given.  One 
    thing to remember is that Rose will not automatically switch sides when she 
    throws anymore.  If she does 5 or more hits, she will switch sides.  If she 
    does 4 or less, she will remain of the same side that she initiated the 
    throw.  So, if you're in the corner, try to get your throw to do many hits by 
    shaking the joystick so your opponent will be put in the corner.  
    Consequently, DON'T do a high hitting throw your opponents when they are 
    already in the corner.  After a Soul Drain, you'll be too far away from them 
    to do anything complicated, just do a Soul Spark for 1 tick of blocked 
    [Note: On the Playstation version, Rose will always do 5 hits and will never 
    switch sides? ...Strange.]
    ALPHA COUNTER (A-ISM)- Block, then F + P&K of same strength [0 hits]
    Rose will do a mini Soul Throw that switches the sides with her opponent.  It 
    can be used on either jump in attacks or ground attacks, but it doesn't work 
    well against projectiles.  Most useful when you're in the corner, but Alpha 
    Counters themselves aren't that useful anyway since they have low priority, 
    do crap damage, and take away a guard block.
    ALPHA COUNTER (V-ISM)- Block, then F + P&K of same strength [1 hit]
    Rose will do a low roundhouse.  This should only be used on ground attacks or 
    closely thrown projectiles.  Use only when necessary because of all the 
    negative consequences of Alpha Counters listed above.
    SOUL PIETTE- F + Roundhouse [1 hit]
    Rose has a top-down?  Apparently she does.  This move looks like the 
    cartwheel kick she performs when she does a close standing roundhouse.  She 
    will take a small step forward after performing a Soul Piette.  Like most 
    top-downs, the most opportune time to use this would be on an opponent 
    getting up.
    SOUL REFLECT- QCB+ P [1 hit]
    As you probably know, there are 3 forms of this move, each performed by 
    pressing a different punch button.  Rose CANNOT reflect or absorb super combo 
    fireballs with the exception of Dan's super.
    JAB- Rose absorbs a projectile into her super meter.  This is essential to 
    charging up.  The amount of energy you gain has been reduced from Alpha 2, 
    giving you only 1/3 a level of super energy rather than a 1/2, so it takes 
    about 3 fireballs to charge 1 level of super energy in A-ISM.  Just make sure 
    you don't absorb too early or too late.
    STRONG- Rose will reflect a projectile horizontally.  The speed at which the 
    fireball is reflected has been GREATLY reduced, so don't expect to hit your 
    opponent with a reflected fireball from full screen distance unless they're 
    brain dead.  Mainly use this to pressure opponents, set up traps, or send 
    back fireballs at relatively close range.  Surprisingly, the strong reflect 
    can be used as a semi-decent anti-air, as it hits Rolento from his wall jumps 
    very consistently.
    FIERCE- Rose will reflect a projectile upwards at a 45 degree angle.  This is 
    mainly used if you think your opponent will jump in after throwing a 
    fireball.  Use this mainly from long range to keep your opponent at bay.  The 
    fierce reflect can also be used to initiate juggling in the corner.
    SOUL SPARK- HCF + P [1 hit]
    This is Rose's projectile and the punch used determines the length of the 
    shawl.  It is really slow recovering and therefore should only be used while 
    pressuring or keeping the opponent away (not in combos).  The shawl can be 
    hit so it's best used from far distances.  When blocked at close range, the 
    Soul Spark will send your opponent far away, so use that if you want to keep 
    your distance too.  By itself, it does PATHETIC damage, but after absorbing 
    fireballs you can increase the damage of the next Soul Spark you throw.  
    After throwing it though, your sparks will go back to its "normal" damage and 
    you'll have to absorb again.  
    SOUL THROW- DP + P [0 hit]
    This is supposed to be Rose's air defense, but it's not very reliable (by 
    itself).  The punch used depends on the height Rose jumps.  In order to work 
    effectively, Rose must meet with a jumping opponent at the peak of their 
    jump, so the timing is tricky.  Since this is more an anticipation move 
    rather than a reaction move, I'd suggest to use it very sparingly as an anti-
    air.  It is not invincible so she can often get hit out of it.  Like I said, 
    by itself, the Soul Throw is not very useful, however, it combos perfectly 
    and with 90%+ consistency off of a counter hit, so generally use it as a 
    SOUL SPIRAL- QCF + K [Short- 1 hit; Forward- 2 hits; Roundhouse- 3 hits]
    This is Rose's main special move to combo with, however like most of her 
    moves, the damage has been reduced (greatly) from SFA2.  The kick used 
    determines the number of hits produced.  Consequently, the stronger the kick, 
    the longer the delay AND recovery time.  Thus the Soul Spiral will leave you 
    in a dangerous situation if blocked.  Only use it if you're sure it will hit 
    (like in a combo) or to drain the last bits of life on an opponent, as even 
    the short version can be retaliated against if done from too close.
    "Sako Made Yo!" (Whatever the hell that means, I just think it sounds cool) 
    Rose throws a stronger version of a Soul Spark (although visually it looks 
    the same) that hits for several times.  At Level 2, she will attack first.  
    The Aura Soul Spark has specific uses at each level.
    Level 1 [3 hits]- Use mainly to reverse projectiles or moves at close range.  
    Level 1 does lousy damage.  It will go through regular fireballs, but not 
    super ones.
    Level 2 [6 hits]- Rose will cartwheel several times before throwing the 
    fireball thus this does more hits (but not damage) than a Level 3 super.  
    This is best used in combos, especially with the Soul Illusion active, but 
    again the damage is not so hot.
    Level 3 [4 hits]- Rose will throw a stronger version of the Level 1 Aura Soul 
    Spark.  This reflects both normal and SUPER fireballs, so its ideal use is to 
    hit an opponent who throws a close range super projectile such as Ryu's 
    Shinkuu Hadoken.  Level 3 Aura Soul Spark does considerably less damage than 
    a Level 3 Aura Soul Throw, so only use it as a reversal or to finish the 
    round, NOT if you're trying to inflict damage (in that case, use a Level 3 
    Aura Soul Throw instead).
    An important super both offensively and defensively.  Like the Aura Soul 
    Spark, each level differs in strength and usage.
    Level 1 [0 hits + throw]- This is a great defensive super.  Rose will do a 
    powered up version of a regular Soul Throw.  This is strictly an air defense, 
    as it will NOT hit an opponent who's on the ground.  Rose's Level 1 Soul 
    Throw will counter nearly every jump in the game (I'm sure there's an attack 
    that can hit it, but I never encountered an opponent who used one).  You can 
    use it early, meeting your opponent in the air, or you can use it late as 
    your opponent is nearly on top of you.  This can also be used when juggling 
    Level 2 [2 hits + throw]- Rose will do a double-hitting crouching fierce, 
    then a powered up Soul Throw.  Like Level 1, this can also be used as great 
    air defense but in this case you must hit your opponent late because of the 
    crouching fierce animation.  Unlike Level 1 though, it can hit opponents on 
    the ground, but only at extremely close range.
    Level 3 [3 hits + throw]- Probably one of the best supers in the game.  Rose 
    will do a rushing standing strong punch, a double-hitting crouching fierce, 
    then the powered up Soul Throw.  This has many uses, the main one being in 
    combos.  You can also pop up with this super to hit opponents standing over 
    you.  You can use this to hit missed attacks such as a missed sweep or dragon 
    punch.  You can use it as a very reliable anti-air.  You can even use it in 
    juggles.  Finally, you can use it to hit advancing attacks such as Birdie's 
    Bull Horn, Balrog's rushing punches, Vega's Roll, Ryu/Ken/Akuma's Hurricane 
    Kick, etc. as it has tons of priority (for instance, if Ken started his 
    Shoryureppa super at the same time Rose started the Level 3 Aura Soul Throw, 
    Rose will win out) and does great damage as well.  Also note that the first 
    frames (as she's rushing forward) of the Level 3 Aura Soul Throw is 
    invincible and can therefore be used to pass through fireballs and nail your 
    opponent while he's still stunned.
    SOUL ILLUSION- QCF, QCF + K [0 hits]
    As mentioned in the introduction, Rose's Soul Illusion has lost its most 
    powerful purpose in Alpha 3.  It no longer does insane amounts of blocked 
    damage like in Alpha 2.  It no longer does any damage, period!  If you try to 
    do the Illusion + Roundhouse Soul Spiral blocked death trap, you'll find that 
    it doesn't take off hardly any amount of blocked damage and because of the 
    new extended recovery of the Spiral; you'll probably be countered as well.  
    It still multiplies the number of hits (thus the damage as well, but by VERY, 
    VERY, VERY little) Rose does by 4.  It's only useful for breaking your 
    opponent's guard meter.  The higher the level, the longer the illusions last.
    X AURA SOUL THROW- QCF, QCF + P [3 hits + throw]
    I find Rose to be quite effective in X-ISM mode as well.  Her X-ISM super is 
    an improved version of her A-ISM's Level 3 Aura Soul Throw.  Rose will do a 
    rushing strong punch (except she will travel farther and faster than in A-
    ISM), a double hitting crouching fierce, and then the powered up Soul Throw.  
    It is used in the same manner as the A-ISM Level 3 version; it can also be 
    used as an anti-air move too (in this case your opponent must be close to the 
    ground, preferable jumping from far away).  Like the Level 3 A-ISM version, 
    it is invincible to fireballs in the beginning and has lots of priority.  
    Greg Dawson told me you can escape this by ramming on kicks (in PSX A3).  
    I've never been able to, but I'll take his word on it.
    [Note: In the Playstation version of Alpha 3, X-ISM supers are identical to 
    A-ISM Level 3 supers.  Was it the same way in the arcade?  Oh well...]
    1)	Jump in with fierce/roundhouse/forward, low fierce, roundhouse Soul Spiral
    [5 hits]
    *One of Rose's most important combo that every good Rose player knows.    
    The low fierce might be hard to connect with and because of the new 
    longer delay of the spiral, you must cancel into it very quickly now, 
    otherwise the fierce will push them too far away.  Jumping in with a 
    roundhouse would be safer, and a forward would be even more safer, but 
    neither is as stylish as the fierce.*
    2)	Jump in with forward, low strong, short Soul Spiral [3 hits]
    *IMO, Rose's bread-and-butter.  It is much safer if blocked because of the 
    short rather than roundhouse spiral.  If done from maximum distance, she 
    can't be countered, and thus sets up for a lethal counter attack.*
    3)	Start the Soul Illusion, cross up with forward, low fierce, roundhouse 
    Soul Spiral [13 hits]
    *This was Rose's most dreaded combos in Alpha 2, but it's not so scary 
    now.  It's best done right after you knocked someone down, in which case 
    you must immediately start the Soul Illusion afterwards.  It's slightly 
    harder to do now because you have to cancel very quickly into the spiral. 
    Probably does that same damage without the Illusion, but it's sure to get 
    you some compliments from spectators.  It's a good cross up combo to do 
    even without the Illusions.*
    4)	(corner) Jump in with forward, do a low forward, fierce Soul Reflect, 
    juggle with Level 3/X Aura Soul Throw [6 hits]
       *Originating all the way back from Alpha 1.  Only the low forward will 
        allow you to follow up with the fierce Soul Reflect off of a jumping 
        forward.  You can also choose to jump in with a fierce, do a low 
        strong and continue with the combo, but jumping in with fierce lacks the 
        range of the forward.  Cancel extremely quickly into the Aura 
        Soul Throw afterwards.*
    5)	Jump in with fierce/roundhouse/forward, low fierce, Level 3 Aura Soul 
    Throw/X Aura Soul Throw [5 hits]
    *Damage, damage, damage is all I can say.  Learn to land this and you 
    should be set.*
    6)	Jump in with a roundhouse, Level 3/X Aura Soul Throw [4-hits]
    *This allows you to combo your super directly from your jump in, making it 
    much easier to than the combo above.  Just do a QCF + Roundhouse in the 
    air to hit them, and as soon as you land do the second QCF motion with 
    fierce to get the super to come out.  VERY useful.*
    7)	Level 1 Soul Illusion, Level 2 Aura Soul Spark [13 hits]
    *Show off combo, plain and simple.  This is most easily done when your 
    opponent is dizzy and it takes off a good amount of energy while being 
    stylish at the same time.  I know you can probably do a jumping fierce and 
    low strong before this, but it's too much effort to try to.  And it's much 
    easier to just to combo the Aura Soul Throw.*
    8)	Low fierce when opponent jumps in, then...
       [counter hit] Soul Throw [1 hit]
       Level 1 Aura Soul Throw to juggle [1 hit]
       Level 2 Aura Soul Throw to juggle (fierce must hit very late) [3 hits]
       Level 3 Aura Soul Throw to juggle (cancel very quickly) [4 hits]
       (if in corner), another low fierce, then anyone of the above [2+ hits]
    *THE juggle that will win you your games.  The low fierce must be a 
    counter hit in order for the regular Soul Throw to connect.  The supers on 
    the other hand, need not have the low fierce be a counter hit, but it will 
    make it easier if it were.*
    10) As your opponent gets up, do a low jab, link into a low short, link into 
        a low forward, then do a short Soul Spiral [4 hits]
    *An easy combo to use on a getting up opponent.  Also a good poking combo.  
    Be careful of pop-up supers though.  Actually, you can implement this 
    combo as part of a trap discussed later.*
    I've tried my hardest, but I can't find a decent V-ISM combo for Rose.  She 
    really suffers disadvantages in that –ISM since she loses her all important 
    Aura Soul Throw.  I was experimenting a little and found moderately passable 
    Custom Combo.  Thankfully, some nice contributors gave me some more VCs to 
    work with.
    1)	Start Custom Combo with LP + LK when opponent is in the corner, do 
    repeated (and RAPID) short Soul Spirals. [10+ hits]
       *You've got to be REALLY quick in doing those spirals or else they will 
        fall to the ground.  I can usually get around 8-10 hits before something  
        messes up.* 
    2)	Start Custom Combo with HP & HK when opponent is in the corner, do a short
    Soul Spiral, hold back + fierce, short Soul Spiral (miss), back + fierce,
    *The second and subsequent short Soul Spirals should miss in order for 
     this to work properly.  I usually mess up though...*
    3)	Start an air Custom Combo with MP & MK when opponent is in the corner, do 
    a jumping forward, low short, low forward, repeat from jump in.
    *A generic corner trap VC that works for just about everyone.*
    In this strategy section, I'll show you what mind games I play with my 
    -	Many opponents win by turtling (how pathetic) and making you come to   
    them.  If you don't they'll throw fireballs at you so you're forced to get 
    closer.  But with Rose, you can just reflect/absorb the fireballs.  Try to 
    get your opponents to come to you instead of chasing them.
    -	GET OPPONENTS TO JUMP AT YOU!  Your anti-airs will win you your games, not 
    your combos.  Make them jump into a low fierce and follow up with the 
    appropriate juggle or just make them jump into a Level 3 Aura Soul Throw.  
    Do it enough times, and they'll never jump on you again!  Reflect a 
    fireball horizontally to bait them to jump.
    -	Rose's crouching strong is great for winning ground games/ticking.  If an 
    annoying Ryu or Ken tries to poke at you with a low forward (so they can 
    2-in-1 into a fireball, how predicable), the low strong will snuff it out.
    -	THE INDESTRUCTIBLE JAB:  If you haven't noticed, jabs in A3 have 
    sickeningly high priority.  Just time your jabs to be fully extended when 
    it makes contact, and you can snuff ANYTHING!
    -	This psych works on those shotoscrubs who just love to uppercut their 
    opponents (and they stupidly use the fierce version too).  Walk up towards 
    your uppercut happy friend, then make him think your about to jump by 
    suddenly pulling the joystick to the down-back position as hard and as 
    loud as you can.  Because of your sudden jerk, he might uppercut by 
    mistake, then you can punish him with an Aura Soul Throw, or do a low 
    fierce 2-in-1 into a roundhouse Soul Spiral (remember cancel fast).
    -	Rose's Level 3/X Aura Soul Throw is one of the best counters in the game 
    since it has such high priority.  Basically, you want to set your opponent 
    up to be hit by it, by pretending you're vulnerable and then quickly 
    executing the super as they try to counter.  The best way to do this is to 
    make them block a Short Soul Spiral at maximum range.  Usually, the short 
    version will push the opponent just far away enough so that their counter 
    attempt (almost always a sweep) will miss.  So right after they block the 
    Short Soul Spiral, do a Level 3/X Aura Soul Throw to nail them.  Combos #3 
    and #10 set this up rather nicely.
    -	Also set up the Level 3/X Aura Soul Throw by making them block a slide at 
    maximum range.
    -	Use the Level 3/X Aura Soul Throw to pass through fireballs.  When a shoto 
    does a constantly keeps doing a low forward into a fireball pushout, do a 
    Level 3/X Aura Soul Throw immediately after blocking the low forward to 
    pass through the fireball and nail him.
    -	Reflect a fireball with the Fierce Soul Reflect, then immediately throw a 
    fierce Soul Spark.  This should pin your foe since if he jumps, he'll get 
    hit by the reflected fireball, and if he stays grounded, he'll have to 
    block your fireball.  Don't do this too often, because smart players can 
    throw a super fireball in your face.
    -	This is a cheap that works for almost everyone, but I feel obliged to put 
    it in.  Use at your own risk.  As your opponent gets up, do a low strong.  
    If it hits, 2-in-1 into a short Soul Spiral.  If they block, throw them.  
    I personally don't use this unless my opponent cheeses (throws when I'm 
    blocking) or cheaps me (then they have the nerve to get mad at me, go 
    -	Rose's Soul Illusion intimidates a lot of people, even though it 
    shouldn't.  Start it, and if they jump at you, do a crouching fierce 
    followed by a juggle.  If they don't, slide in closer and try for a cross-
    up that will take a large chunk off their guard bar.  If they just turtle 
    there, throw 'em!
    -	Although I hardly ever use it, at times when I get stuck the corner, I do 
    my Alpha Counter.  Many opponents won't expect it because no one ever uses 
    it.  This will put them in the corner, but remember, you'll sacrifice a 
    level of super energy and a guard meter block.
    -	If you're fighting the type that just crouches next to you when you get up 
    waiting for you to pop-up with a super so they can counter, just throw 
    them as you get up.  Conversely, if you're fighting the type that just 
    blocks when they get up, throw the sucker too!
    -	Just be patient and stay grounded.  Once the opponent realizes they can't 
    jump in on you, you can start being more aggressive and start jumping in 
    yourself (when there's an adequate opening).
    -	Avoid sweeping a lot.  Rose's sweep has a long recovery time (longer than 
    Ryu/Ken/Akuma's sweeps) which allows her to be countered.  Only sweep when 
    the opponent is vulnerable, and only if you couldn't hit them with 
    anything more damaging.  Sweeping a missed uppercut is stupid as you could 
    easy have hit them with a more damaging combo or super.  Get it?
    -	Go for cross-ups.  If you do sweep an opponent, cross them up with a 
    jumping forward as he's getting up and go into a combo.  If you're fast 
    enough, start the Illusion before crossing them up so you can get more 
    hits/better damage his guard meter.
    -	I wouldn't recommend you trying a get up combo right away.  Definitely 
    don't try for it when their bar is full since most intermediate and expert 
    players pop up with supers.  Pretend like you are going for one, and draw 
    them to use their super to make them waste their precious energy.  You can 
    counter them then, and it should be "safer" for you to try get up combos 
    on them now.
    -	As soon as the round begins, try jumping straight up with roundhouse.  If 
    they tried to jump at you, you'll be able to nail them.  If they jumped 
    backwards or threw a fireball, you didn't lose any ground.
    This is a quick overview of the attacks Rose should use for an anti-air, jump 
    in, or tick.  They are listed in order of usefulness.
    Aura Soul Throw (any level)
    Low fierce (followed by juggle)
    Soul Throw (anticipation)
    Strong Soul Reflect (high jumpers)
    Standing Roundhouse (enemy jumped from far away)
    Air Throw (for an unexpected surprise)
    Forward (all purpose)
    Roundhouse (if you're sure it'll connect)
    Short (snuffing out other air attacks)
    Fierce (like Roundhouse)
    Low strong (all purpose, combo afterwards)
    Low jab (like strong)
    Slide (set up traps, go under projectiles)
    Standing forward (avoid sweeps)
    Standing roundhouse (you'd better be at a safe distance!)
    You will probably encounter this match often.  The good thing is that very 
    few people have ever fought against a skilled Rose player, so a surprise 
    factor is giving you an edge already.  You can tell whether you're fighting a 
    skilled Ryu player or a scrub in a matter of seconds.  Scrubs will almost 
    instinctively jump back and throw a fireball (the number of fireballs will 
    determine the level of scrubiness).  Against these scrubs, it's a simple task 
    a just looking for a pattern (they usually throw a fireball from more than 
    half a screen away, and jump in from closer up) and counterattacking.  I 
    would not recommend reflecting fireballs against scrubs because they then 
    become weary of your ability to do so and thus won't leave themselves open as 
    much.  Once you pick up their fireball/dragon punch pattern (it's usually 
    fireball, fireball, move in), jump in when you find an opening and do either 
    combo #2, #3, #6, or #7 (depending on how far away you were).  Scrubs love to 
    use super moves, and will be especially prone to using it if they're losing.  
    Just pay attention to this and if it looks like they're frantically doing 
    fireball motions on the joystick, it's your signal to jump in and murder 
    them.  Cross ups and get-up combos work especially well on scrubs too.  
    Intermediate players will use the Hurricane Kick a lot.  If they use a ground 
    Hurricane to get closer to you, either do a Level 3 Aura Soul Throw, or do an 
    (Level 1 or 3) Aura Soul Spark to nail them.  If they try to do an air 
    Hurricane Kick to jump in on you, do a Level 1 Aura Soul Throw to grab them 
    (sometimes a crouching fierce works, but it often trades).  Reflecting 
    fireball traps work pretty well.  Intermediate players often have a fireball 
    pattern you can pick up on too.  They are especially susceptible to the 
    missed dragon punch "psych" discussed in the strategy section.  Expert 
    players will provide a challenge.  They will only throw fireballs when there 
    is minimal risk for them to do so; thus they have no real pattern to leave 
    them open.  You can recognize an expert player since he will play more ground 
    games and tick rather than bombarding you with fireballs.  Counter his ground 
    moves with your low strong.  He might try to jump in on you with an air 
    Hurricane Kick like intermediate players do, you can Level 1 Aura Soul Throw 
    him here too.  In this kind of match, you've got to take advantage of every 
    mistake.  Try the "psych," but know that if it works once, he probably won't 
    fall for it again.  Do some reflecting traps to try to get him to jump.  Go 
    for a cross up every time you trip him (remember not to use a sweep too much 
    because he can counter).  Don't go for an early get-up combo when his bar is 
    full since he will almost definitely pop up with a super and you'll eat major 
    damage.  Instead, if you think he will pop up with a super (or Dragon Punch), 
    stand next to him like you're trying for a combo and block as he gets up.  
    He'll either waste his super and will be at a disadvantage then, or you'll 
    block his Dragon Punch and he'll be vulnerable.  If you do get knocked down, 
    roll and do repeated low jabs as you get up to stop him from tripping you 
    again.  Be careful of his top-down chop, experts (and intermediate) players 
    will use this on you as you get up.  You must block high to avoid it, but 
    also be careful because your opponent might be "teaching" you to expect a 
    top-down and block high, then he'll do a low sweep to trip you again.  Avoid 
    this costly scenario by popping up with a Level 3 Aura Soul Throw and making 
    him think twice about attacking you while you're down.  Always remember to 
    keep your meter charged as well; absorb fireballs when you're low on energy 
    and reflect when your bar is full.  Ryu usually starts off aggressive, so 
    counter his jump ins with your low fierce juggles and counter his ticks with 
    your strong.  Afterwards, you can start your offense and show him no mercy!  
    Too many people choose this character in my arcade, and very few play him 
    well.  Scrubs (and sometimes experts) are sometimes obsessed with connecting 
    a Raging Demon.  They'll always try to trip you and do the motion.  But, you 
    can ALWAYS see it coming, and you can ALWAYS jump out of it (If you have a 
    full bar of super energy, just use the Level 3/X Aura Soul Throw to hit him 
    out of it).  Once they waste their 3 levels of precious super energy, they 
    will be more prone to jumping in and attack.  Now just be patient and counter 
    their efforts with Aura Soul Throws, crouching fierces, etc.  If they plan on 
    jumping in with an air fireball, do a fierce Soul Reflect to be stylish or do 
    a Level 1 Aura Soul Throw.  Again, be careful of A-ISM Akuma popping up with 
    a Super Uppercut, if you sense they will (especially if they have a full 
    bar), don't try a get up combo.  Wait for them to pop up with it, block, then 
    counter.  If he tries his flying air-throw attack, do any appropriate level 
    Aura Soul Throw to hit him out of it.  Follow the general strategies outlined 
    in the Ryu section in dealing with patterns, how to counter (air hurricane), 
    and top-down dangers and you should do fine.  Besides, Akuma's a shotokan; 
    you're destined to beat him.
    Another one of "those" characters.  Ken can be played much like Ryu and 
    Akuma.  Look for a fireball pattern (especially against scrubs) and try to 
    get them to miss an uppercut by "psyching" them out.  Like Akuma, be careful 
    of Ken popping up with his Shoryureppa super, don't try for a get up combo if 
    he has a full meter.  Counter his hurricane attempts and jump ins like you 
    would with Ryu or Akuma.  Watch out for his top-down kick; just pop up with 
    your Level 3/X Aura Soul Throw.  Expert Ken players love to cross up with a 
    forward.  Unfortunately, Rose doesn't have a good counter for this other than 
    just know which direction to block.  Be careful when crossing up expert Ken 
    players since they can do a Shinryuken to hit you out of your cross up 
    attempt, only experts will do this though so you shouldn't experience this 
    problem often.  Again, you should read the Ryu section to get more in-depth 
    strategies since they play mostly the same.
    CHUN LI: 
    Not very many people play her at the arcade I go to (Tilt, Tyson's Corner), 
    but I use her and I assume players use her in a similar fashion.  Her 
    fireball's range has been decreased and she's no where near how strong she 
    was in Alpha 2.  Don't jump at her since she can counter with a Kikoshou, 
    Hazan, Rising Kick, or crouching roundhouse.  NEVER EVER jump at a crouching 
    Chun Li, as she's just baiting you to jump into her Hazan.  Use your low 
    strong to counter her low forward.  If a scrub is using her, look for 
    fireball patterns and jump in accordingly as she has the worst fireball 
    recovery in the game.  Watch out for Chun Li's top-down kick.  If you see her 
    do it and you're quick enough, you can do a Level 3/X Aura Soul Throw to nail 
    her.  Use low jabs to stop throw happy Chun Li players, or just do an Aura 
    Soul Spark/Throw to counter.  Try and get her to jump so you can counter 
    since she jumps so high.  Don't try to meet her in the air since her forward 
    will beat out yours.  You'll need to be quick at reacting to her mistakes and 
    countering her moves in order win.
    I'm glad more people are using her since A3 first came out.  Cammy's best 
    aerial attack is her jumping roundhouse because it has priority on almost 
    every air attack.  In other words, don't fight her in the air.  Like Chun Li, 
    you must take her on the ground.  Fortunately, a lot of Cammy's moves have 
    significant delays, so if you block them, you can retaliate full force.  
    Cammy players can be very sneaky.  They will go in and out of your range, 
    poking at you and setting you up for mistakes.  She plays generally like a 
    shoto without a fireball, so treat her as such.  Do be careful of her using 
    her Flying Frankensteiner/Slide attack, as it catches many people off guard.  
    Level 2 or 3 Aura Soul Throw her if you're quick and she tries that, or do a 
    low fierce.  Also be cautious about crossing up since she can use her Reverse 
    Shaft Breaker to counter your attempt.  Jumping in on her will be hard since 
    she doesn't have a fireball to make her open, just be careful she isn't 
    making you jump into a Cannon Spike or Reverse Shaft Breaker.  Pop up with 
    Level 3/X Aura Soul Throw to stop her get-up combo attempts.  You can also 
    use it to get her after blocking almost any of her special/super moves (with 
    the exception of her Flying Frankensteiner, since you can't block it, you 
    must hit her out of that).  Her jumping strong can beat out your low fierce, 
    so it's better to counter her jump ins directly with an Aura Soul Throw.
    People chose him when Alpha 3 first came out, but now he's left unpicked so I 
    won't go to in-depth.  Reflect his fireballs back at him because he has a 
    long recovery time (just be careful he isn't throwing a super).  In fact, 
    against CPU Sagat, you can get a perfect by just continuously reflecting his 
    fireballs with the strong Soul Reflect, but that's another story.  Try and 
    psych him into using a Tiger Blow, after he misses punish him with an Aura 
    Soul Throw.  Other than that, standard Ryu like procedure should be enough to 
    stop him.
    Again, another under-picked character left to waste away into oblivion...  
    She plays sort of like Ryu in that she can sometimes slip into a fireball 
    pattern too.  But her fireballs come out slow and have worse recovery time so 
    you can punish her fireball mistakes more easily than Ryu.  You can Level 3/X 
    Aura Soul Throw her Hurricane Kick attempts all the time, just be fast with 
    the motion.  A missed Dragon Punch/Uppercut super (Midare Zakura) leaves her 
    VERY vulnerable, don't squander the opportunity to kill her if you do block 
    these attacks.  The only real threat is her top-down kick.  She can alternate 
    this with her Haru Ichiban (super Hurricane Kick) and if you blocked wrong, 
    you could take a lot of damage.  Either don't get tripped, or pop up with a 
    super of your own.  Like all matches, you should not jump in often because 
    Sakura has some mean juggles with her standing fierce and jab uppercut.  
    Experts Sakuras like to cross up a lot with after a successful trip or throw, 
    be ready and block in the right direction.
    I haven't fought an experienced Blanka, so this is mostly experience from 
    scrub matches.  As soon as the round starts, do a standing roundhouse.  It 
    will hit him if he tried anything, or take a nice chunk off his guard meter.  
    If you ever block his roll attack, immediately do a Level 3/X Aura Soul Throw 
    to nail him.  Don't jump at him (should I even say this? You should rarely be 
    jumping) because his jumping fierce beats out almost all of your air attacks 
    or he might be baiting you to jump into his Electricity or Vertical Roll.  If 
    he jumps at you, you can always counter with an Aura Soul Throw or do a 
    crouching fierce leading into a juggle.
    I haven't fought a good 'Gief player either... and I know they exist because 
    there's so many good FAQs about him.  Well, I'll give you my experiences from 
    the ones I have played.  Zangief needs to get close to inflict damage, so you 
    want him far away; and the best way to do that is to make him block a Soul 
    Spark.  A blocked Fierce Soul Spark can send him almost all the way across 
    the screen, making him have to regain ground.  Obviously you can't throw Soul 
    Sparks all day because he has several ways to get around them.  If he jumps 
    (which a good Zangief will rarely do), then just knock him out of the air 
    with your Aura Soul Throw.  DON'T try a low fierce juggle as his splashes and 
    forward knee drops will hit you cleanly.  If he spins through your fireballs, 
    you can try a standing roundhouse to keep your distance (don't sweep or he'll 
    FAB you).  If he makes you block a Glowing Hand or does a missed one at very 
    close range, he's probably trying to FAB/Piledriver you afterwards.  Be 
    careful and either jump away, or counter with X/Level 3 Aura Soul Throw.  
    DON'T jump at A-ISM Zangief since he can do that nasty standing jab/Aerial 
    Slam on you.  It's better just to keep your distance in this fight and don't 
    panic if he approaches.
    She's too cool.  Karin can juggle really good in Alpha 3, and a good Karin 
    player will do anything to land that Hop Kick on you.  So what to do?  I 
    would choose to be semi-aggressive and try to keep the Karin player on the 
    defensive.  Don't jump at Karin, obviously, since she as an anti-air Kick 
    super and her Fierce has mad priority on jump-ins.  You can use X/Level 3 
    Aura Soul Throw if she tries to do her rushing punches at you.  Get her to 
    jump at you by throwing Soul Sparks at a distance so you can counter.  If she 
    ever ends her rushing punch series with her Palm Thrust (which is often the 
    case if she accidentally push punch one too many times), you can quickly nail 
    her with your trusty X/Level 3 Aura Soul Throw.  If she ends with a Hop Kick, 
    she's basically safe from retaliation and you can't do much about it.  If you 
    tried to Aura Soul Throw, she will block or blow through you with her Punch 
    Super.  Yep, Karin's Rushing Punch super is one of the few attacks in the 
    game that out-prioritizes Rose's Level 3 Aura Soul Throw, so watch out.  Just 
    block her Rushing Punches low, and if you see her starting her top down 
    ender, super through it.  Anyway, my personal opinion is that there are much 
    more beginner Karin players out there than there are experts, so you should 
    be able to handle this fight fine.
    Anyone play him?  Well, he's a pretty good turtler, but turtling won't win 
    you victories in Alpha 3.  Reflect his barrage of Sonic Booms back at him, 
    alternating with the strong and fierce Soul Reflects.  If he jumps over the 
    strong reflected fireball, low fierce into juggle, Aura Soul Throw, or 
    regular Soul Throw him.  If he tries jumps over the fierce reflected 
    fireball, he'll be forced to block or take the hit.  His Flash Kick isn't 
    that good as it used to be, so occasionally jump in with forward, and do a 
    low strong followed by short Soul Spiral.  If he blocked, he'll most likely 
    try to counter with a Flash Kick or sweep.  In the former case, block the 
    Flash Kick and punish him on the way down.  In the latter case, use your Aura 
    Soul Throw to blow through his sweep attempt.  Don't jump in too often, or 
    he'll Somersault Justice you.  Remember that your Level 3 Aura Soul Throw can 
    pass through his fireballs.  The best way to handle defensive characters like 
    Charlie is to make them come to you.  Stay at a distance and do reflecting 
    traps until Charlie is forced to go after you.  If you ever do get hit by his 
    Flash Kick, roll and pop up with a Level 3 Aura Soul Throw when you get back 
    Hard match, but winnable.  An expert Dhalsim (which will almost always 
    exclusively choose V-ISM) will actually try to stay close to you.  However 
    most Dhalsims you'll fight aren't experts and prefer to play him the more 
    traditional way of keeping you at a distance.  Against the distance fighting 
    Dhalsims, counter his limbs with your crouching jabs or strong.  Level 3 Aura 
    Soul Throw him if he begins to haphazardly stick them out.  Reflect his 
    fireballs horizontally if you think he'll follow up with a limb afterwards.  
    Reflect it vertically if you think he'll try to air drill towards you.  Most 
    Dhalsims won't jump in with a traditional attack.  Rather, they'll use their 
    kick drills.  Your low fierce isn't so reliable against his drills, but once 
    again your Aura Soul Throw can cleanly counter him.  His jumps are really 
    high, and you can regular Soul Throw him if he gets too carried away at 
    floating... er I mean jumping.  He has his anti-air grab super, but I found 
    it hard for Dhalsim to connect with it.  You shouldn't be jumping in on him 
    anyway, but if you do, just remember he has it.  I have fought an expert V-
    Dhalsim and they are hard with their constant drilling VCs.  Beat out their 
    pokes with your jab and super them out of the VC.  But your chances of 
    fighting an expert Dhalsim are slim to nil, so don't worry. :)
    Arcade SFA3's outfit system only allows 2 colors per ISM, but the Playstation 
    version thankfully allows any of a character's 6 colors to be used in any -
    ISM.  In the Playstation, the color is determined by which button is used to 
    choose your character.  In the arcade, the color is determined by which kind 
    of button (punch or kick) you use to select your –ISM, not which button you 
    use to select your character.  Here are descriptions of Rose's outfits:
    PUNCH [Square]- Gray outfit & blue shawl.  She looks kind of like a zombie in  
                    this color. 
    KICK [X button]- Light blue outfit & blue shawl.  I prefer this X-ISM color 
                     over the punch and personally think it's one of her coolest 
                     colored outfits.
    PUNCH [Triangle]- Red outfit & yellow shawl.  This is her original color and 
                      it's pretty plain IMO, but it is the better A-ISM color 
    KICK [Circle]- Blue outfit & Yellow shawl.  I never liked this color.  She 
                   looks too pale like she's already dead.
    PUNCH [R1 button]- Pink outfit & white shawl.  This is my favorite color for 
                       Rose (just barely beating out X-ISM kick).  
    KICK [R2 button]- Light purple outfit & white shawl.  I was mistaken and 
                      thought that this was the awful KK color in Alpha 2.  It's  
                      okay, but rather plain to me.
    Classic Mode/No ISM- This mode has the same color options as X-ISM in the
    Rose is a mysterious woman who wields the mystic "Soul Power."  
    She feels that Doomsday is fast approaching...  
    She must seal Bison's power away, even at the cost of her life... 
    What future awaits her in the end...?
    (Mid-boss fight with Guy, 5th round)
    Guy:   You are Rose, are you not?  
           It is not right to give up your life, even for your mission.  
           Risking life and surrendering it are two different things.
    Rose:  My mind is made up.  Is it your place to try and help me?
           Even if so, your assistance is not anything that I need nor want.
    <after the fight>
    Guy:   "Soul Power..." Most impressive!  
           But never underestimate his power.
           He's a man of such evil energy, even my kindred fear him.
    Rose:  Thanks for the advice, but I must continue on my path...
    (Fight with Vega, 9th round)
    Rose:  Vega! Warrior of Shadowloo! I've finally found you!
           You know where Bison is, don't you?  Tell me!
    Vega:  I have no reason to do such...  However...
           As your name implies you possess the beauty and thorns of a rose...
    	 So I shall adorn you in a pure red to suit your name better.
    <after the fight>
    Vega:  Remember...  Bison looks forward to your challenge...
    	 I don't understand his thinking, and I probably never will...
    	 Why would you dare to go to him, only to be slain in the end...?
    Rose:  By reading your mind, I now know where Bison is...
    	 Once divided, two separate fates unite.  This is our fate...
    	 I don't know what awaits us...  And neither does he...
     (Fight with Juli and Juni, 10th round)
    Bison: You arrived earlier than I had anticipated...
    	 Sorry, but I have another appointment...  Come back later.
    Rose:  Bison!  You can't avoid this...  You know you can't...
    	 Since the day we met, fate knew it had to end in this way...
    Bison: Ha ha ha ha!  Don't be so melodramatic!
    	 Why don't you play with them if it's a challenge you desire?
    	 You have nothing to lose...  Except perhaps your life...
    (Boss fight with Shin Bison, 11th round)
    <This match has a cool introduction.  As Bison is descending down surrounded 
    by psycho flames, Rose is in her block stance and is being pushed back by 
    Bison's force.  After Bison lands, Rose throws a tarot card at Bison which he 
    effortlessly knocks away.  Then the dialogue starts...>
    Rose:  Did you truly believe they could defeat me?
    	 There's no escape...  For either of us...
    Bison: A rose without thorns means friendship... Come now...
     I should never have allowed you to grow thorns...
    Rose:  No!  That obedience is what caused all this tragedy...  
     The game is over...  Let's finish this now!!
    <Rose zaps Bison with a bolt of Soul energy>
    Bison: Guwaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!
    Rose:  You are finished Bison!  
           It wasn't supposed to end like this...
           You were my master...  
           Now I must destroy you with my own hands... 
    Bison: Guh...  You impressed me...
           There was no other way to end this...
           But... my "soul" will not be extinguished just yet!
    <Bison knees Rose in her stomach>
    Bison: Haaaaa!!
    Rose:  Ughhaaaaaahhhhh!!
    Bison: Just imagine your future...!
        Can you see it?!
        Can you see who truly wields the power granted only to us?
           It is YOU who stands victorious in the world of eternal doom!!
    Rose:  ...!! ...What... what is this...!
           This means... you will... No... I myself... will...
    Bison: Right... we'll return to where we belong... as was our wish!!
           Two separate lives share the same... soul...
    <Portrait of Bison's face burning in blue flames>
    Bison: Guwahhhhhh......!!
    Guy:   <holding an injured Rose> Hmm... I was wise to come here quickly...
        I felt something unsettling...
        ...Her wound does not seem fatal but...
           ...she needs to be taken care of immediately...
    <A black and white picture of Bison is flashed>
    Guy:   Hmm..! Was it all in my mind...?
        That man is gone... He is no longer a threat to this world...
        Then... what could this be...? What is this sudden chill...?
    "If existence is a nightmare, one can only hope they are dreaming."
    "A life shrouded in darkness is spent searching for the light."
    "Fate is fate, whether or not you choose to accept it."
    "Every action has the potential to fill or empty one's heart."
    Rose will begins each match floating in the air with her eyes closed and arms 
    crossed in front of her.  Two sparkling energy orbs are on each side of her.  
    Once they dissipate, Rose will land and Round 1 begins.
    Rose has 6 win poses after winning a round.  You can select which pose she 
    will perform by holding the appropriate button before she starts posing.  For 
    no particular reason, I decided to give a name to each one.
    TSK-TSK (Hold Jab)
    This is her taunt.  She will close her eyes, shake her head, and wave a 
    finger at your fallen opponent.
    LOOKIE HERE (Hold Strong)
    Rose will extend her arm while holding her shawl, allowing it to drop to the 
    ground.  A sparkling ball on energy will encircle the shawl as Rose smiles.
    ILLUSION TSK-TSK (Hold Fierce)
    This is like her Tsk-Tsk pose, except she will first make two images of her 
    appear on both sides.  Then all 3 Roses will close their eyes, shake their 
    heads, and wave their fingers.
    HAND-IN-HAND (Hold Short)
    Rose will make an image of herself.  They both will stand back to back and 
    hold hands with the other arm across their chest (pledge-of-allegiance 
    style).  The "real" rose will then look at you and smile.
    FOOL'S GOWN (Hold Forward)
    This is by far her coolest pose.  Rose will create a giant glowing Fool tarot 
    card and hide behind it.  When the card spins around and disappears, Rose 
    will be dressed in an awesome looking gypsy-like gown (the color of her gown 
    will be the same color as her outfit).  Also, she will be holding a fan of 
    tarot cards in one hand, a single tarot card in the other, and have a tarot 
    card sticking out between her breasts!  Not only does this look awesome, but 
    there's a little humiliation factor to it as well.  Loosely implied, you 
    could be calling your defeated opponent a "fool."  Rose will automatically do 
    this pose if she has a perfect victory.
    FATE IS FATE (Hold Roundhouse)
    This pose is pretty cool as well.  Rose will face away from your defeated 
    opponent, kind of at a slant with wind blowing in her hair.  She will look at 
    a tarot card, then cooly toss it on the ground with a disconcerting look on 
    her face.
    Well, since this is probably the last revision of this FAQ, I want to take 
    the time to really thank all the people who have contributed to making this 
    FAQ possible.  Really, this FAQ wouldn't be possible without your help (oh 
    God that sounded sappy, but it's true).  To be honest, I started this because 
    I was bored, and then eventually ended up expanding it to what it is now.  
    Now that SFA3 is 1 year old, I think it's time to end this. 
    1. Danny "Aya Brea" 
    They very first contributor to this FAQ.  He gave me some much needed Rose 
    stuff such as her new standing strong/forward, throw, and strategies; plus 
    he's a non-shoto.  Haven't heard from him ever since, but I'm really grateful 
    that you were the first to help this FAQ.
    2. Greg Dawson
    Probably a much better Rose player than I'll ever be, and the biggest 
    contributor to this FAQ.  Greg gave me very useful information such as being 
    the first to tell me about the low fierce counter hit into a Soul Throw, 
    combo #10, the Aura Soul Throw traps, and for being an all around cool guy.  
    He also helped me in my other FAQs too.  If you already haven't, everyone go 
    out and read his Z-ISM combo FAQ, his Blanka FAQ, and his Juni FAQ, they're 
    all excellent.  Also the one that convinced me that Rose is THE shit!
    3. Desmund Wu
    Desmund made me change my mind about the usefulness of Rose's jumping short.  
    He also contributed the strategy of knocking people out of the air with an 
    air attack, and Soul Throwing immediately when you land on the ground.  I 
    think he was second to mention the low fierce counter hit into a Soul Throw.
    4. Peter Yao
    He also mention the low fierce counter hit into a Soul Throw, but I 
    appreciate the contribution nonetheless.
    5. Aurore Kim
    We exchanged a few e-mails about how we hated shotos.  Nice 
    conversationalist.  Is there a Dan FAQ on the way?  Sorry, but I don't think 
    I can write another character FAQ, plus SFA3 is old now.  Oh yeah, Sakura and 
    Dan are NOT shotos. :)
    6. Q2we@aol.com
    Sorry, I don't know your name, just your e-mail address.  Q2we@aol.com was 
    nice enough to wish me luck in my organic chemistry class in the beginning of 
    the summer.  Thankfully I was able to pull off an A, but the reactions, oh 
    God the number of reactions I had to memorize...  Thank God it's all over, 
    and thanks Q2we for being a nice guy.
    7. Ernest Kim
    For just recently giving me that much needed VC combo #2 and showing me that 
    I can combo a fierce soul reflect off of a jumping fierce, low strong.  Thank 
    you very much.
    8. Nefdar/Colin Caldwell (http://members.spree.com/sip/nefdar)
    For being a very cool person to talk to.  My penpal for basically all of July 
    and August.  He contributed more to my other FAQs, but he did give me the 
    generic VC combo #3.  Has one of THE coolest (and most importantly ORIGINAL) 
    Sailormoon webpages on the net.  We differ on how much we like Chun Li 
    though.  He hates the Alpha version, I hate the SFIII version.  Hopefully we 
    can one day fight each other (on SF of course).  We're gonna win the ECC4 
    too, so you might as well just give us the prizes now.  Read his really good 
    Adon FAQ and his Combo guide, they're both excellent.  Thanks for everything.  
    Very cool guy in my book, but Nephrite as the best?  Mistress 9 was way 
    9. Seong Kim
    Well, I haven't heard from him in over a year, but know that I'm glad I was 
    able to talk to you even if it were for just a little while.  Too bad we 
    never got a chance to meet up.  Tilt and Tyson's Corner sucks in general 
    10. Justus873@aol.com
    Unfortunately, I forgot to set it so that when I left for summer ('99), all 
    mail sent to my university addy would be forwarded to my hotmail account.  So 
    I felt really bad for all those that wrote in and seemingly didn't get a 
    response until September. Justus873@aol.com wrote in about using the strong 
    soul relfect as a reliable anti-air.  He also wanted me to write a vs. 
    Charlie section.  Sorry Justus873@aol.com for: 1) not knowing your real name 
    and 2) not responding earlier.  Thanks for writing in, though.
    11. Manny Dhono  (http://thethreshold.net/~ryuken/ryuken.htm)
    Victim #2 of the summer e-mail mess.  He was really nice in asking me if he 
    could paraphrase part of my FAQ, which he (and anyone) is more than happy to 
    do.  I feel bad because I must've seemed like a jerk for not answering him 
    right away.  When I tried to reply to him after getting back to school, his 
    e-mail apparently doesn't work so I couldn't apologize.  Well, if you're 
    reading Manny, know that I'm very sorry and of course you can use anything 
    from my FAQs.  No need to even credit me for taking a few sentences from my 
    random ramblings :).
    12. Winters Calvin
    Final victim #3.  He plays females fighters just like me, and more 
    importantly plays CHARLOTTE of SS2, IMO the coolest female fighter ever made.  
    Anyway, he gave me a cool training combo that involved using the Soul 
    Illision (Soul Surge as he called it), jumping in with fierce, standing 
    roundhouse, 2-in-1 into a Level 3 Aura Soul Throw for 21 hits(I think he was 
    using the World Tour Options).  Well, I if I had a training combo section, 
    it'd be there, but since I don't I'm listing it with him.  He had a really 
    cool closing quote at the end of his e-mail though, "If Rose Was A Weapon, 
    She Would Be An A-Bomb!!!"  
    13. Robert Iu
    I got fed up with the fast scrolling text of the endings in SFA3 and used his 
    VERY convenient Quotes/Dialogue FAQ to complete Rose's and Cammy's endings.  
    Thanks for writing such a useful FAQ.
    Is that everyone?  If I missed you, I sincerely apologize and know that you 
    are very much appreciated.  
    Well, this is it folks, the last revision of this FAQ.  I'm glad that this 
    FAQ was able help people try a new character.  No, I'm not going to preach 
    about not using shotos.  If you're happy with using those characters, go 
    ahead and use them (just know that your attack patterns will be VERY 
    predictable to all of us who can use a variety of characters ^_^).  Since 
    this is the last update, sending in more contributions won't help me.  But, 
    I'm more than willing to talk to you about anything.  Who doesn't like 
    opening up their e-mail and finding messages?  So go ahead and write to me at 
    lelbx@hotmail.com or lbl2f@virginia.edu  Until the next SF...
    If you want to use this FAQ, just email me at lelbx@hotmail.com or 
    lbl2f@virginia.edu and I'll be happy to give it to you.  Just give me credit 
    for my work.
    Do not use this FAQ for any kind of profit whatsoever.  Street Fighter Alpha 
    3 and Street Fighter characters are all copyrights of their respective 

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