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    Vega by Fiefo!

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/16/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    		     My Vega "The Spanish Ninja" FAQ 1.0
    		     (for Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3)
    Legal Stuff:
    	All of this FAQ was created by me. So, no one can just go off making 
    copies of this and putting your name on it without giving me the proper 
    credit. This FAQ is copyrighted by the author. Capcom, Street Fighter, Street 
    Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Zero series and other related characters are 
    copywrited by Capcom, Ltd.
    1) Introduction:
    	a) Welcome
    	b) The Goal of this FAQ
    	c) Revision History
    2) Basics in Controls
    	a) joystick
    	b) buttons
    	c) Universal moves (Blocking, Taunts, Air Recovery,...)
    	d) "-ISM's". What are they?
    3) About Vega
    	a) Storyline
    	b) History in the Street Fighter story
    4) Vega Moves List
    	a) Normal Attacks
    	b) Special Abilities and Attacks
    	c) Super Combos
    5) Strategies for using Vega
    	a) Strengths
    	b) Weaknesses
    	c) The Road to Victory
    6) The Versus Section
    7) Thanks to...
    a) Welcome!
    	Hi! This is the first time writing a FAQ file for... anything! This 
    FAQ is dedicated to one of the most useful, best, and coolest SF characters in 
    history: VEGA! Everyone who's played Street Fighter 2 should know who he is... 
    He's the guy wearing the mask and has a claw for stabbing people. He was also 
    known as being the only "gay" Street Fighter, or as the "muscular female" 
    Boss during that time.
    b) The Goal of this FAQ
    	Vega is one of the most underrated Street Fighter characters of now. 
    Most people tend to use the Ryu's and the Ryu clones now. If not, they use 
    Charlie/Nash, Chun-Li or Blanka. Most people underestimate Vega's ability. 
    This FAQ was created to give a good alternative to those who are just sick of 
    the other characters and want someone new and exciting to watch and fun to 
    	Vega can beat anyone... even a Ryu or Akuma/Gouki master... with very 
    good timing and skill, of course! Give a chance to Vega... he's very easy to 
    master because of his speed and range. Sure, he may not have the best range. 
    That title goes to Dhalsim... but Dhalsim doesn't have the speed of Vega! He 
    isn't the fastest. That title still belongs to Guy... but Vega has definitely 
    more range. 
    	Vega is one of the characters, when mastered is a very scary opponent. 
    What makes you have the edge mastering Vega over the other characters? No one 
    has really played against a master Vega! Play him, and you'll see I'm correct 
    when I say that Vega is one of the better characters in Street Fighter Alpha 
    c) Revision History
    	1.0. (01/16/99) Everything!
    a) Joystick
    	This is for the left hand side of the joystick layout (1st
    player), or when the character is facing right. If using the other side
    (2nd player), or the character is now facing the left, reverse any back
    or forward commands.
    	     u=jump up 
     ub=jump back   |   uf=jump forward
    	     \  |  /
    	      \ | /     
    b=walk back/ --   -- f=walk forward
      high block  / | \
    	     /  |  \
     db=low block   |   df=offensive crouch
    		d=low crouch
    b) Buttons:
    		START button=Taunt
    PUNCHES ------  Jab     Strong      Fierce
    	       (weak)   (medium)    (hard)
    KICKS -------- Short    Forward     Roundhouse
    	       (weak)   (medium)    (hard)
    c) Universal Moves:
    	This is the list of all the character's abilities in this game.
    Blocking (hold b/db on joystick)
    	Blocks attacks. High Block for jumping attacks and overhead attacks, 
    or Low Block for attacks that hit below the belt! Special Attacks or Super 
    Combos will chip a bit of lift even when blocking. Throws cannot be blocked!
    Air Blocking (hold b/db on joystick) {not available in X-ISM}
    	Block attacks while in the air! Note that you cannot block the attacks 
    of an opponent if his/her feet is planted solidly on the floor. Also, certain 
    Super Combos cannot be blocked (ie. Ryu's ShinkuHadoken AKA Super Fireball).
    Throws (close, b/f + 2 punch or 2 kick buttons)
    	Will toss your opponent, delivering some amount of damage. Note that 
    you can miss a throw attemp. Vega can only throw using 2 punch buttons, but 
    can Air Throw with both 2 punch and kick buttons. Go figure!
    Air Recovery (when knocked down, press 2 punch buttons) 
    	Causes your character to filp back right side up. This is mainly used 
    to escape juggle attempts or further attacks. You can also use this to 
    surprise your opponent by attacking while on the way down!
    Ground Recovery (when knocked down, press 2 kick buttons) {not available in 
    	Will make your character roll forward on the floor. Good for some 
    surprise attacks or getting in close quickly. It could be dangerous for your 
    character, though, because, if your opponent is alert, he/she can quickly 
    attack you as you recover from the roll.
    Tech. Hit (b/f + 2 punch or 2 kick buttons when being thrown)
    	Lessens the damage taken by throw attacks. Very hard to do. The timing 
    has to be done the instant (as you are being grabbed) your opponent grabs you.
    Counter Hit (attack while the opponent is attacking you)
    	If you strike your opponent while he/she is attacking you, and your 
    attack connects, a Counter Hit occurs. This will cause more damage than usual 
    and will sometimes knock your opponent down. This is where Vega excells at! 
    I'll mention this more in the Strengths section.
    Alpha Counter (block attack,f+same strength punch and kick button) {not 
    available in X-ISM}
    	Block an attack and immediately retaliate. This will have your 
    character take no block damage from Special attacks. The downside is that it 
    gives little damage to the opponent, takes off some power off BOTH your Guard 
    Meter and Power Meter! Use this only in a pinch because of all the cons 
    against it.
    Origianl Combo (in V-ISM, press same strength punch and kick buttons)
    	This will cause a trail of shadows behind your character. One of those 
    shadows are solid and will mimic your character! Pressing the weak attack 
    buttons will have the first shadow become solid, the medium attack buttons 
    will have the second shadow solid and the hard attack buttons will have the 
    last shadow trailing attack.
    Damage Reduction (press any punch or kick button rapidly when being hit)
    	If being hit by some multi-damaging attack, do this! This will cause 
    your character to flash while being hit. This is a sign that this is working!
    d) "-ISM's". What are they? 
    	This is the new thing for the Street Fighter Alpha/Zero series. After 
    you select your character (clue: VEGA!), you'll have to choose what "-ISM" 
    you're going to use. The "-ISM" is like what kind of attack mode you're 
    characer is going to be in for the entire duration of the game.
    	Below is a run-down of each "-ISM", their strengths, weaknesses, etc.
    X-ISM (Works like in Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo):
    	PROS: Attacks cause more damage, Guard Meter has a longer length, 
          which makes it harder to Guard Crush the character. The Super Combo does 
          massive damage.
    	CONS: No Air Blocking, No Ground Recovery, no Zero-Counter available. 
          The character has only one Super Combo available. No taunting is 
    	Good for: High offensive characters, guys who love to just attack, 
          attack, attack!
    Z-ISM/A-ISM (Very much like the Street Fighter Alpha/Zero series of games):
    	PROS: All Super Combos are available, can Air Block, perform the 
    	Ground Recovery and Zero Counter (uses up one bar of both the Guard 
    	Meter and Super Combo meter). Taunting is also available.
    	CONS: Some characters get very small Guard Meters when compared to X-
    	Good for: Beginners, players used to the Alpha/Zero setup, defensive 
          players, characters with very good Super Combos.
    V-ISM (Uses the Custom Combo attack found in Street Fighter Alpha 2):
    	PROS: Super Meter fills up very quickly, some characters can control 
    	    the range of their attacks using a combination of joystick 
    	    directions and button attack        presses, air-blocking, Zero 
    	    Counters (costs one  Guard Meter bar and 50% of the Super Meter), 
    	    and Ground Recovery is available for the character. You also take 
    	    less damage. The Original Combo is confusing for opponents! Vega 
    	    gains the "Scarlet Terror" anti-air special attack!
    	CONS: Characters do less damage, Zero Counters use up a lot of power 
    	      from the Super Meter.     
    	     Good for: very cunning players, characters who can perform a lot
    	      of hard hitting Combos and/or cross up attacks.
    3) ABOUT VEGA:
    a) Storyline:
    	Vega is a vain Spanish bullfighter who took up Ninjitsu. He managed to 
    mix up the two to create his own version of the Ninjitsu martial art. Being 
    the handsome creature that he is, Vega wears a mask to protect his face from 
    any harm that could harm his good looks. Vega is also very sneaky, using his 
    claw to poke at his opponents from far away and jumping on walls to confuse 
    opponents. He is a very vain, arrogant man, who wants to destroy anything 
    ugly! Vega is hired by Bison to become one of his right-hand men.
    	In Street Fighter Alpha 3, one of M.Bison's "dolls" (Cammy) has a 
    malfunction: free-will and is wandering the world. Vega is assigned the 
    mission to return Cammy to his master and his reward will be a powerful 
    fighter he can to battle with...
    	In the Street Fighter 2 series, he's fighting just to destroy the 
    	other Street Fighters to show that beauty and grace has the power to 
    	destroy the ugly. His ending in that series of games shows that he 
    	eventually does so by defeating even his own boss, the almighty Master 
    	In the Street Fighter Animated Movie, M. Bison sends Vega to go and 
    	kill Chun-Li in her apartment. A huge fight occurs and Vega's face 
    	gets disfigured a bit. He totally goes ballistic and almost tears 
    	Chun-Li to shreds. Chun-li recovers from the onslaught, performs the 
    	Spinning Bird Kick, and then does the Hundred Rending Leg kick to kick 
    	Vegathru the wall and into oblivion. He is supposedly killed, but 
    	there is no mention of the body being found.
    	In this game, Street Fighter Alpha 3, M. Bison hires Vega to capture 
    	Cammy, who has somehow managed to aquire a will of her own. After 
    	searching the world, he encounters Zangief and defeats him. 
    	Eventually, Vega arrives in Greece and battles Cammy. Vega wonders why 
    	Cammy, a mere child, is so important to Bison. After delivering Cammy 
    	to his master, Vega reveals that he is somewhat affraid of Cammy, 
    	because she has somehow gained free-will.
    	Bison must destroy this defect. Vega is angered by Bison's cowardice 
    	and defeats his former master. He looks at Cammy and decides to let 
    	her live, since she will make an excellent opponent in the future (I 
    	think it's more because Cammy just might be a pretty as he is!). 
    	Charlie Nash then bombs the hell out of the Psycho Drive.
    	Watching the SFA3 ending, I felt kinda discusted because it made Vega 
    look like some kinda Ryu "I-want-to-fight-strong-opponents-and-nothing-else" 
    wannabe. Still, it's nice to see the Vega, a cold-hearted guy in SF2 (kills 
    ugly people?) have some compassion...
    	Ahhhh! Now for the real meat of the FAQ. The Moves List! I'll give the 
    name of the move, description, and some notes on when to use it. For Special 
    Moves and Super Combos, this FAQ will say in what "-ISM" will this move be 
    a) Normal Attacks
    Jab (Light Punch) = Short Claw Stab
    	Description: Vega juts his claw just a bit to strike his opponent. 
    	Very little range and is, actually, has a slow recovery time.
    	Notes: Not a very useful attack. Don't use this much!
    Strong (Medium Punch) = Standing Claw Swipe
    	Description: The claw is used to slash the chest area. Good range and 
    	Notes: Although this is quite good, the Long Straight Stab (described 
    	 later on) is still much, much better!
    Fierce (Hard Punch) = Reaching Power Stab
    	Description: Claw is thrust in a straight motion. Slow, but has great 
          range and power.
    	Notes: This is great for delivering powerful strikes for opponents who 
    	 are big (Birdie) and/or has poor jumping heigth (Cody). Also good for 
    	 missed anti-air attacks.
    Short (Light Kick) = Knee to Chest
    	Description: Vega thrusts his knee to his opponent's chest. Actually, 
    	this has some good range for a light attack!
    	Notes: This has some anti-air priority if the opponent is going to 
    	land just in front of you.
    Forward (Medium Kick) = Shin Kick
    	Description: A side kick to the opponent's legs. 
    	Notes: Slow. Don't use this much...
    Roundhouse (Hard Kick) = Hopping Axe Kick
    	Description: A downward arc kick. It may look like an overhead attack, 
    	 but it's not!
    	Notes: Has a long startup time so the opponent can see it coming.
    	  Still, if you're fast enough to spot low attacks, this can go over 
    	  the opponent's strike while your attack hits!
    close, b or f + any two Punch buttons = Back Drop Suplex
    	Description: Vega grabs his opponent and bends backwards, sending his 
    	 opponent head first into the floor.
    	Notes: Simply put, it's a throw attack. Vega is fast enough to get 
    	 close and use this often, but you'll probably be called "cheap"
    f + Roundhouse (Hard Kick) = Spin Side Kick
    	Description: Vega turns back then strikes at head level. Good range, 
    	 but will not hit some crouchers. This is VERY, VERY SLOW!
    	Notes: Since this cannot hit some croucher and, like Chun-Li, not hit 
    	 even if she is standing, you should not, at all costs, use this!
    	  Speed is Vega's main weapon.
    	       Being slow, this isn't one of his strengths!
    Jab (Light Punch) = Low Short Stab
    	Description: A low version of the Short Claw Stab, in all aspects!
    	Notes: Like the other kind, do not use this much!
    Strong (Strong Punch) = Long Range Low Slash
    	Description: A very long range attack, especially if Vega still has 
    	his claw equipped. Has range, speed, good recovery, priority...
    	Notes: This is Vega's main attack! Use this to rack up the Counter
          If an opponent tries a low sweep, this can strike, but, becausee of the  
          range of this attack, your attack will connect!
    Fierce (Hard Punch) = High Angled Stab
    	Description: A claw strike that reaches up a bit.
    	Notes: This is NOT a good anti-air attack! This is great for a same 
    	 combo ender.
    Short (Light Kick) = Short Low Kick
    	Description: Vega spins and strikes low at his opponent's legs 
    	Notes: Although fast, this has a bit of range to it, but, damage-wise, 
    	it isn't useful.
    Forward (Medium Kick) = Forward Low Kick
    	Description: Looks exactly like the Short Low Kick, but slower, and 
    	 does more damage.
    	Notes: Being better than the Short Low Kick, use should use this is 
    	all cases when you can use that attack.
    Roundhouse (Hard Kick) = Sliding Sweep Kick
    	Description: A sliding version of the Short Low Kick, but will knock 
    	  the opponent down most of the time.
    	Notes: Being a sliding attack, this has great range. This will NOT 
    	  always strike his opponent down if Vega's opponent is kind of
    	  far. If this is blocked, be prepared to be pummeled hard.
    Jab (Light Punch) = Jumping Chop / Jumping Claw Poke
    	Description: In Z-ISM and V-ISM, Vega does a chop in front of him. In 
    	 X-ISM, Vega does the Jumping Claw Poke.
    	Notes: Both of these can be a good "shield" for Vega's opponents that 
    	 jump as high as he does. Not so damaging. though.
    Strong (Medium Punch) = Jumping Claw Poke
    	Description: Vega strikes just a bit lower than his level. Has great 
    	 forward coverage.
    	Notes: Good for starting combos because of it's attack priority and 
    Fierce (Hard Punch) = Swiping Claw Slash
    	Description: Vega strikes almost underneath him! Little forward 
    	 coverage, but will hit opponents under him perfectly!
    	Notes: Since this does not hit forward that good, do not use this in 
    	 air battles. Also, it's not as good as the Jumping Claw Poke for
    	 starting combos because this has a tendency to miss.
    Short (Light Kick) = Stiff Air Kick
    	Description: This is a downward angle heel kick. Weak, but has good 
    	Notes: Not that useful. 'Nuff said.
    Forward (Medium Kick) = Air Side Kick / Stiff Air Kick
    	Description: In Z-ISM and V-ISM, this kick will hit forward. In X-ISM, 
    	 this attack is just like the other Stiff Air Kick.
    	Notes: This is useful in X-ISM and V-ISM only, because you can will a 
    	 lot of air battles due to the incredibly high priority this has.
    Roundhouse (Hard Kick) = Downward Back Kick
    	Description: Vega uses his rear leg to strike opponents underneath 
    	him. High priority! This hits a bit below his waist level, but this 
    	is good due to the fact that Vega's jump is very high.
    	Notes: Actually, this is what I use as Vega's anti air. Jump straight 
    	 up, then use this attack. If this is air-blocked, Vega will usually 
    	 land first. The instant he does, use the Long Range Low Slash 
    	 (Crouching  Medium Punch). The timing is hard, but this will usually 
    	 shock most human opponents.
    close, b or f + any two Punch buttons = Graceful Air Toss
    	Description: Air grab that has Vega toss his opponent across the 
    	Notes: Most air throws are hard to pull off, and this is no exception. 
          Take note that Vega will throw the opponent in front of him.
    close, b or f + any two Kick buttons = Leg Scissor Throw
    	Description: Air grab where Vega uses his legs to snatch his opponent 
          while jumping by the neck.
    	Notes: Hard to connect. Vega will throw his opponent to the rear of 
    	 where he's facing.
    b) Special Abilities and Attacks:
    hold b for 2 seconds, f + any Punch button = Rolling Crystal Flash
    	Available in: X-ISM, Z-ISM, V-ISM
    	Description: Vega does a tumbling roll, ending with a High Angled 
    	Stab. Multi-hitter. The last part (the High Angled Stab) does a 
    	significant amount of damage when compared to the hurt that the 
    	rolling part delivers.
    	Notes: Great for cheap Special Block Damage. The initial part can be 
    	 used for anti-air attacks, but use the Jab version if you plan to do 
    	 so. The High Angled Stab will juggle if you do so, but the other
    	 versions won't.
    hold db for 2 seconds, f + any Kick button = Scarlet Terror
    	Available in: V-ISM
    	Description: Backflip that moves forward (That's the best description 
    	I can think of) that strikes with the legs. Great anti-air attack!
    	Notes: This makes up for the lack of Super Combos in V-ISM. Great if 
    	you activate the Original Combo before then use this, so that it will 
    	combine with a lot of juggle hits.
    hold d for 2 seconds, u + any Punch button = Sky High Claw
    	Available in: X-ISM, Z-ISM, V-ISM
    	Description: Vega jumps to the edge of the screen, afterwards, springs 
          horizontally to attack like a human torpedo. Press another Punch button 
          to make Vega thrust his claw even further while in flight.
    	Notes: This has a long startup time and is hard to connect with. But 
    	if you mix this up with his Wall Pounce moves, you can fool human 
    	opponents on what you're going to do. Alert human opponents and the 
    	computer are not fooled that easy, though.
    	     Also, the "wall" where he will jump to is done if you do the 
    	     ending motion with an ub to make him jump to the rear wall or
    	     uf to have him leap to the front wall.
    hold d for 2 seconds, u + any Kick button = Wall Pounce
    	Available in: X-ISM, Z-ISM, V-ISM
    	Description: Vega jumps to the "wall" and then leaps off.
    	Notes: The "wall" where he will jump to is done if you do the ending 
          motion with an ub to make him jump to the rear wall or uf to have him 
          leap to the front wall.
    	       You can also control the distance of Vega's leap with the 
    	       joystick. This is not an attack by itself! You must follow it 
    		up with either the Izuna Drop or the Flying Barcelona Attack.
    hold d for 2 seconds, u + all three Kick buttons = Cling to Wall
    	Available in: X-ISM, Z-ISM, V-ISM, and must be in Vega's Stage
    	Description: Vega clings to the wire mesh fence on his stage 
          He will automatically move around and jump after some time.
    	Notes: The leap after moving around the wire mesh fence can be 
    	controlled by the joystick. This will not attack by itself. You must 
    	follow it up with either the Izuna Drop or the Flying Barcelona
    Cling to Wall or Wall Pounce, any Punch button = Flying Barcelona Attack
    	Available in: X-ISM, Z-ISM, V-ISM
    	Description: After the Cling to Wall or the Wall Pounce, Vega will 
    	leap and slash in the air while in flight.
    	Notes: Because of the looooooong startup time for this attack, its 
    	very hard to have this connect without it being blocked or countered. 
    	The best time to do this is when you can predict your opponent's 
    	errors or confuse the opponent if you mix this with the Sky High Claw.
    Cling to Wall or Wall Pounce, in air, close, b or f + any Punch button = 
    Izuna Drop
    	Available in: X-ISM, Z-ISM, V-ISM
    	Description: Vega grabs his opponent in mid-flight and delivers a 
          devastating air Body Drop as he lands.
    	Notes: Best used on opponents who love to jump, since that's the only 
    	 time you can use this. Particularly easy against Dhalsim, Guy and
    	  Vega. In other words, do this on opponents who have particularly
    	  high jumps and/or long hang time.
    in air, close to edge of screen, uf = Triangle Leap
    	Available in: X-ISM, Z-ISM, V-ISM
    	Description: Using the "wall" as a springboard, Vega bounces off for a 
    	 higher leap.
    	Notes: Good for avoiding projectiles when close to the corner and 
    	 leaping over opponents if you want a distance battle.
    all three Punch buttons = Backslash
    	Available in: X-ISM, Z-ISM, V-ISM
    	Description: A backflip to hand spring, like the gymnasts do. Vega is 
          invulnerable to any attack while doing this. This is not an attack!
    	Notes: Used mostly for avoiding those jumpers and body torpedo 
    	 (Blanka's Rolling Attack, E. Honds's Sumo HeadButt, etc.)
    all three Kick buttons = Short Backslash
    	Available in: X-ISM, Z-ISM, V-ISM
    	Description: Vega backflips to his feet quickly, totally skipping the 
    	 hand spring part in the ordinary Backslash. Vega cannot be harmed 
    	 while performing this move. This is not an attack!
    	Notes: Used in all cases of the ordinary Backslash. Since the recovery 
          period is shorter, this is better to use. But if you're opponent has 
          quick reflexes, you might have not put enough distance between the both 
          of you. 
          He or she can attack you just after this is completed!
    c) Super Combos:
    hold db for 2 seconds, df, db, u + any Kick button = Super Rolling Leap
    	Available in: X-ISM, Z-ISM
    	Description: Looks exactly like the Wall Pounce move, except that Vega 
    		   will flash when he reaches the "wall". This is a setup 
    		   move for the following Super Combo Attacks. For Z-ISM, the 
    		   level used depends on the strength of the Kick button
    		   used, with the Roundhouse (Hard Kick) button executing
    		   Level 3.
    		Because the motion is very similar to the Scarlet Mirage, 
    		 you might do the other attack by mistake if you're in
    	Notes: This isn't an attack. Use this in order to perform the Rolling 
    	     Barcelona Attack or the Rolling Izuna Drop.
    hold db for 2 seconds, df, db, u + all three Kick Buttons = Cling to Wall SC
    	Available in: X-ISM, Z-ISM and only in Vega's stage
    	Description: Looks exactly like the normal Cling to Wall move but Vega 
          will flash the instant he leaps into the air.
    	Notes: Great to shock the opponent because not many people have seen 
    	this move. The Level is always the highest level in your Super Bar.
    Super Rolling Leap or Cling to Wall SC, any Punch button = Rolling Barcelona 
    	Available in: X-ISM, Z-ISM
    	Description: A souped-up version of his Flying Barcelona Attack. 
    	Notes: In X-ISM, Vega performs multi-hitting slash attacks. In Z-ISM, 
    	the amount of damage depends on the level used in the Super Rolling 
    	 This is very easily blocked because of the time for Vega to perform 
    	 the Super Rolling Leap is very slow. Use this if you can predict 
    	 your opponent very well.
    Super Rolling Leap or Cling to Wall SC, in air, close, b or f + any Punch 
    button = Rolling Izuna Drop
    	Available in: X-ISM, Z-ISM
    	Description: Basically, this is a more powerful version of his regular 
          Izuna Drop.
    	Notes: In X-ISM, Vega slams his opponent several times. In Z-ISM, the 
          Level used is determined by the level used for the Super Rolling Leap. 
           In Level 1, Vega slams his opponent once. In Level 2, he slams the 
    	opponent twice, and in Level 3, the opponent is dropped three times. 
    	Use this only against leapers.
    hold b for 2 seconds, f, b, f + any Kick button = Scarlet Mirage
    	Available in: Z-ISM
    	Description: Looks like the Scarlet Terror, only Vega backflips more 
    	 than once.
    	Notes: If you can spare the Level from the Super Bar, the Level 1 
    	version can juggle jumpers very well for three hits. This has high
    	priority, so use this often against jumpers.
    At Level 3, hold b for 2 seconds, f, b, f + any Punch button = Red Impact
    	Available in: Z-ISM and with claw equipped
    	Description: Vega swipes his claw like her does with his Standing Claw 
    		   Swipe. If this connects without being blocked, the 
    		    opponent is tossed into the air, and then the opponent
    		    lands on Vega's raised claw.
    	Notes: Visually impressive, but the damage is not that impressive, 
    		though. The range is good and you can nail jumpers who are at  
    		the range of this move.
    a) Strengths:
    Vega has GREAT RANGE! Especially with the claw!
    	All of his punch attacks reach at great distances. His claw also gives 
    him an edge over the competition as well, because the claw cannot be hit like 
    the other Street Fighters whose arms and legs can be struck for Counter Hits. 
    The claw gives him range to hit without fear of retaliation.
    Vega has HIGH LEVEL PRIORITY on all his attacks!
    	Vega has the uncanny ability to hit his opponents with the right 
    attack. In the air, his Jumping Medium Punch and Jumping Hard Kick will 
    strike jumpers while the Jumping Hard Punch will hit grounded opponents 
    without fear of retaliation. Also, if it becomes Crouching Medium Punch vs. 
    any air attack in the distance, Vega will usually win, with his attack 
    hitting without the opponent's attack touching him!
    He is probably the BEST AT COUNTER HITS!
    	Because of the speed and high priority of Vega's strikes, your attacks 
    will usually connect before your opponent's attack gets to come out. This 
    enables you to do more damage than normal. You don't even have to be able to 
    be a master at timing to Counter Hit effectively when using Vega.
    The SPEED of Vega's NORMAL STRIKES ARE FAST! Even his Hard Attacks!
    	If you do Vega's Crouching Medium Punch against a Fireballer, and both 
    attacks are done at the same time, Vega's attack will cause a Counter Hit! 
    The UNUSUAL SPEED of his JUMP!
    	This may sound weird, but because of Vega's speed of his rising and 
    landing of his jump is actually helpful! This is great if you can detect when 
    a projectile is about to be thrown, you can jump over the projectile before 
    the opponent can recover from his or her projectile stance! Also, since I use 
    Vega's Jumping Hard Kick/Crouching Medium Punch, this fact is very, very 
    Vega's OVERALL SPEED is BETTER than most characters!
    	Vega can get close quickly by jumping or simply walking. This is an 
    important fact, because you MUST be in his range in order for Vega to be an 
    effective fighter! In fact, you can get close enough for Vega to throw his 
    opponent! You can easily keep the pressure using this strength.
    The CLAW!!! Use the CLAW!!!
    	Vega's claw gives him the edge if you know how to use it! Use it for 
    delivering your long-range punch attacks without fear of being attacked.
    b) Weaknesses:
    Vega has NO real ANTI-AIR attack!
    	This is a real big weakness for Vega! Most characters at least have an 
    uppercut or attack that can strike jumpers. Vega does not have this luxury! 
    To offset this weakness, jump straight up against the leaping opponent, then 
    press Hard Kick. Don't worry because Vega's incredibly high leap is sure to 
    hit. If this is air-blocked (this is rarely done by human opponents), you can 
    juggle your opponent with Vega's Crouching
    	Medium Punch the instant you land.
    Most of Vega's Special Attacks LEAVE HIM OPEN!
    	Because of the lag time before the attack (ex. the Wall Pounch) or the 
    recovery after the attack (Rolling Crystal Flash), Vega becomes an open 
    target! The secret to this is to do his Special very rarely!
    	Vega's claw is one of his main strengths. The claw gets knocked loose 
    after about 13 blocked hits. If you do lose the claw, GET IT BACK by WALKING 
    over it. You can't slide or use the Rolling Crystal Flash to get it! Also, 
    the face gear of Vega can get knocked off as well. Vega takes more damage if 
    this is off. Grab it also if it gets lost!
    Most of Vega's STANDING KICKS SUCKS!
    	His kick attacks are kinda useless. They have a tendency to miss very 
    frequently. The correct method is for kicking is to do it in the air!
    Vega's SUPER COMBOS are kinda USELESS.
    	Like most of his Special Attacks, Vega's Super Combos don't work that 
    well because they are difficult to connect with. Also, there is usually an 
    incredible lag time for the startup of the attack and recovery afterward. The 
    only reliable one of bunch is his Scarlet Mirage because of its anti-air 
    attack ability. Otherwise, do the Super Combos 
    	very sparingly.
    Vega is TOO TALL!
    	Now, maybe this wouldn't be a weakness in a real fight, but in video 
    games, this means that Vega is just a large target to hit, making it easy to 
    connect with attacks! His height makes it easy for jumpers to start combos 
    quickly. To offset this, Vega has to move around a lot, dodging in and out of 
    his attack range.
    c) The Road to Victory
    	Now that you know about Vega's strengths and weaknesses, here are the 
    	best ways to win...
    Step 1: Speed and Range
    	Always get close enough into Vega's range. To do this, you'll have to 
    	walk up quickly and jump at the right time. If you're too far or too 
    	close, your opponent will have control over the match. 
    Step 2: Know the opponent
    	Basically, you'll have to know the abilities of your opponent. For 
    example, against those grapplers like Zangief, Sodom and Birdie, you'll have 
    to be careful not to get too close or you'll be slammed by their Super Slams. 
    Don't jump too often against those characters who have great anti-air 
    attacks. etc, etc, etc.
    Step 3: Do sneaky throws!
    	You may piss other people with this, but this is totally fair, okay? 
    Jump up close. Then, instead of attacking, throw your opponent. Usually, they 
    don't figure it out until the   second throw! This may not be so safe against 
    characters with good anti-air attacks.
    Step 4: Crouching Medium Punch = The Long Range Low Stab 
    	Ahhhhh! Your main offense should revolve around this excellent attack! 
    Against the Shotos, do this while in range. Poke them as they attempt a 
    fireball. They'll get Counter Hit!
    	They'll try it against. Do the Crouching Medium Punch again! Still 
    another Counter Hit! 
    	Still, they don't learn! Use this until they figure it out. When they 
    do they'll usually try a Dragon Punch. It won't matter. The Crouching Medium 
    Punch has enough priority over this to create a Counter Hit.
    Step 5: Don't do anything fancy!
    	Vega should be played simple. No fancy combos. Don't have the Special 
    Attacks as your main offense. Block when necessary. This way, Vega can attack 
    at any instant.
    Step 6: Without the Claw, Vega is less effective.
    	Get the claw the instant you lose it. If you're opponent is standing 
    over it, preventing you from getting it, follow Step 3.
    Step 7: Be Smart! Play Smart!
    	This is sort of a growth of Step 2. Against opponents against Dragon 
    Punches, jump forward but just OUT OF RANGE OF THE ANTI-AIR ATTACK! They'll 
    miss with the attack. Most opponents do not catch on quickly! Another 
    example: It is a little known fact that Charlie's normal Somersault Kick CAN 
    BE AIR-BLOCKED! Jump up to a Charlie. He'll try the Somersault Kick.
    Air-block it then attack! If you're in X-ISM, Vega's Jumping Hard 
    Punch  can Counter Hit it nicely, but the timing is at the exact time Charlie 
    is doing it.
    Step 8: Time is on your side!
    	Because of Vega's speed, you can hit your opponent anytime you want. I 
    know it sounds a bit cheezy but this works well. Do enough damage on your 
    opponent so that he has less health than you have. Then simply wait! Most of 
    the time, opponents will get panicky then try a Super Combo or jump in to try 
    to start a combo. Just block or Counter!
    	This section is still under construction. This will deal with specific 
    strategies against the different opponents and characters.
    7) THANKS TO...
    	This is where I can say thanks to the guys who did for me a lot of 
    stuff, even if they didn't know it!
    Kao Megura (kmegura@yahoo.com)
    	The man who puts up those great fighting game FAQ's. Without his 
    	FAQ's, most of us would be in the dark on "How does the computer 
    	do that?". I would like to thank him for the official names for 
    	Vega's Special Attacks and Super Combos.
    Joseph Parise (kingkung@earthlink.net)
     He made a really great Sodom FAQ. In fact, that FAQ of his inspired me to 
          make a Vega FAQ.  Thanks, man. 
    	The site that contains a huge amount of FAQ's! Go there! You'll love 
    	it there! But then, you probably knew that already because that's the 
    	only place this can be found!
    Copyright (c) Fiefo! (fiefo@hotmail.com)

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