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    Endings FAQ by KLantis

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    by Kailu Lantis
    	Welcome to my third official videogame FAQ, after my two story FAQs of 
    Street Fighter and The King of Fighters. This FAQ concerns the stories and 
    endings of every character from Capcom's Street Fighter Alpha 3. In this FAQ you 
    will find all the dialogues and adventures each character passes through before 
    meeting with their last boss. After feasting day after day on my Playstation 
    version of SFA 3, I've finally extracted all the endings of the 33 characters in 
    the game. I may say that Alpha 3 has been the SF game with the best story, 
    proving that Capcom can tell a good story, as they already showed us in Rival 
    Schools. They even put out a good story for M.Bison and his Psycho Power 
    gimmicks. I would say that they could have done this since SF II, but well, it's 
    a pretty darn good story. 
    	On with the show!
    I. Definitions
    II. Stories and endings:
    	* Adon
    	* Akuma
    	* Balrog
    	* Birdie
    	* Blanka
    	* Cammy
    	* Charlie
    	* Chun Li
    	* Cody
    	* Dan	
    	* Dee Jay
    	* Dhalsim
    	* E.Honda
    	* Evil Ryu
    	* Fei Long
    	* Gen
    	* Guile
    	* Guy
    	* Juli
    	* Juni
    	* Karin
    	* Ken
    	* M.Bison	
    	* R.Mika
    	* Rolento
    	* Rose
    	* Ryu
    	* Sagat
    	* Sakura
    	* Sodom
    	* T.Hawk
    	* Vega
    	* Zangief
    III. The bad ending
    IV. Conclusion
    	The sections will begin with the name of each character, and below it will 
    be the Japanese name (if available). Followed by that will be the prologue that 
    appears after selecting your character and before your adventure begins. 
    	Following that will be the dialogues between that character and several 
    chracters they will meet during their adventure. You must fight 10 stages, so 
    you'll find the first special character at the fifth stage, the second special 
    character at the ninth stage, and your final boss at the tenth stage. For some 
    characters, they must fight a special sub-boss before facing the final boss. 
    There will be a dialogue previous to all these matches as well.
    	After finishing the final boss, you will see your character's ending. As 
    many portraits are common of every ending, I will abbreviate them. These are the 
    following portraits I will abbreviate:
    * Happy Bison: Front portrait of Bison with an evil grin on his face. 
    * Angry Bison: Front portrait of Bison with an angry expression on his face.
    * Burning Bison: Front portrait of Bison with an anguished expression on his 
    face, half of his face burning in Psycho Power flames.
    * Exploding Bison: Portrait of Bison with his body inflated and light rays 
    emanating from several parts of his body.
    * Shadaloo base exterior: Portrait of a mechanized door covering a hole in the 
    ground in the middle of a forest. The door opens in certain endings.
    * Shadaloo base halls: An intersection in the halls of the Shadaloo base.
    * Psycho Drive: A room with lots of technical gadgets and a huge tube in the 
    middle, where people receive discharges of Psycho Power.
    * Psycho Drive statue: The Buddhist statue's face in Sagat's stage explodes and 
    reveals a mechanic skull face. Then, the statue can be seen getting up in the 
    water, and then it's eyes and nose glow. What happens later depends on some 
    * Explosion: A mushroom cloud explosion. 
    	Well, I guess that's it. I will be adding my two cents once in awhile, of 
    course. :)
    	Oh, and by the way, when I mention the word "portrait", it means that 
    there is a hand-made drawing. If there is no specification, then it means the 
    dialogue will take place with character sprites of the game.
    He is Adon, the self proclaimed "God of Muay Thai". After beating Sagat, his 
    master, one thing has been on his mind. Can Muay Thai stand against the power of 
    the "Raging Demon"?
    Fifth battle: vs. Ken
    Ken: You are the worthy first pupil of Sagat, aren't you?
    Adon: Shut up! He is no longer my master! You studied with the one who has the 
    "TEN" symbol upon his back? I see... In that case, show me that technique!
    (After the fight)
    Adon: You're overrated! You claim to be the "king of fighters"?! Ha! That 
    ultimate barrage attack... That's how I will identify him! Then, I'll teach him 
    that Muay Thai is truly invincible!
    (Lantis: Notice the SNK pun yet again...Anybody remember the "Wait! Do you know 
    the art of fighting?" dialogue between Dan and Ken in SFA 2?)
    Ninth battle: vs. Rose
    Rose: People are obsessed with power, which in turn, destroys people. Can't you 
    see it? Where your aspirations will lead you?
    Adon: Ruin and destruction, right? I know full well what it is! But Muay Thai's 
    power is far beyond your comprehension!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: You've changed. It's no surprise that your strength beat Sagat! It 
    seems... Well, it seems I underestimated you.
    Adon: I don't need you. I'm just interested in "that power".
    Bison: You want the secrets of the "Raging Demon". ...Right?
    Adon: ...!! How could you know about that?
    Bison: And what could you gain from such a pitifully weak move? I'll show you 
    true strength! The awesome might of Psycho Power!
    (Adon facing Bison, who is lying on the ground)
    Bison: I see... Is that the best you can do Adon?
    (Bison gets up and begins to float)
    Bison: Hm hm hm... Ha ha ha ha!
    (Happy Bison)
    Bison: No matter how many times I fall, my Psycho Power will never die!
    (Bison does a Psycho Crusher which blows Adon away)
    Bison: Psycho Crusher!!
    (Happy Bison)
    Bison: I fear nothing! Not eve death!!
    (Suddenly, Akuma's silhouette approaches Bison from behind with his Raging 
    Bison: ...?!
    (Angry Bison, which inmediately changes into Burning Bison)
    Bison: Why?!! You... You cannot overcome my Psycho Power!! 
    (Exploding Bison)
    Bison: What!?? Nooooooo!
    (Adon gets up)
    Adon: Guh... (gasp).
    (Portrait of Adon with his fist clenched, looking pretty pissed.)
    Adon: It was the man bearing the "TEN" symbol, as I suspected. He obliterated 
    Bison's Psycho Power in one deadly moment... I must have that power! For the new 
    Muay Thai legend... I will!
    (Finishes with Akuma standing on a cliff above the Shadaloo base exterior. He 
    seems to have a nasty gloat on his face.)
    Bottom line: Muay Thai and Shotos don't mix. :)
      (Gouki/Shin Gouki)
    Akuma... The supreme master of the fist. This lone warrior is a wanderer, 
    shrouded with "evil intent"... He searches for challengers with enough potential 
    to kill. 
    Fifth battle: vs. Adon
    Adon: "The master of fists".... You must be Akuma! Fight with me now... Show me 
    your "evil intent"! Your moves are nothing to me! Face the legend of Muay Thai!
    Akuma: Don't talk.... Just fight!!
    Ninth battle: vs. Guy
    Guy: My name is Guy.... I am the successor of the Bushin style. I am here for a 
    good reason. I cannot allow you to see "him". For the sake of Bushin.... Listen 
    to reason!
    Akuma: ...Your reason will fall before the might of my fist.
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: So you are Akuma; the one shrouded with "evil intent".... You'll never 
    defeat me, as long as my "Psycho Drive" exists!
    Akuma: To stand in my way, is to feed your soul to the jaws of death! You are 
    weak for not relying solely upon your fists....
    (Akuma faces a dizzy Bison)
    Bison: No...no...! How could I....
    (Angry Bison)
    Bison: Ngwoooooh!!
    (Akuma does his Raging Demon on Bison)
    Akuma: Messatsu...!!
    (Burning Bison)
    Bison: N...Nooooooo!!
    (Winning portrait of Akuma)
    Akuma: The Raging Demon.... It's power is unequaled.... It is not my fist, but 
    your past sins that will kill you.... The more evil your past doings, the more 
    painful your death....
    (Portrait of Akuma with his back turned towards the screen with the "ten" symbol 
    on his back, just like in the intro)
    Gen: Each victory is a missed opportunity to die...
    (Akuma scrolls to the right to reveal a portrait of Gen , with his hands folded 
    in his sleeves)
    Akuma: ...Ha ha ha...mastery of your fist may well mean the same...
    Gen: But don't worry.... Heh. Heh. You shall not be victorious again.
    Akuma: Face me now.... Witness the death of your soul!
    (Akuma does his Raging Demon, and Gen does his Zan'ei Super Combo. The screen 
    turns white before they do contact. The end.)
    Bottom line: Everybody has some sort of evil lurking in their hearts...even 
    Sakura and Mika!
      (M.Bison/Arcade M.Bison)
    Balrog is the former heavyweight boxing champion. This Shadaloo executive worked 
    his way up from the lower ranks. Armed with the world's strongest punches, his 
    ambition continues.
    Fifth battle: vs. Gen
    Balrog: White hair.... Traditional Chinese garb.... You must be Gen!
    Gen: ...What do you want?
    Balrog: I heard you've beaten up many of our dealers. Isn't that true? Nothing 
    personal, but my job requires me to end your life.
    Gen: You will repent your foolish ways in the other world....
    Ninth battle: vs. Birdie
    Birdie: No! You're here already?!
    Balrog: I don't know what you did, but Bison ordered your execution.
    Birdie: Ha! You only know how to punch! It is you who will be executed!
    (After the fight)
    Birdie: Curses!! The Psycho Drive was almost in my hands...!
    Balrog: ...Psycho Drive? What is that? Tell me or I'll punch you again!
    Birdie: ...! No, please don't! I'll tell you now! With it's power, you can.....
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: Impressive job, Balrog. You're well qualified as an executive. I expected 
    a lot from you. Work hard for my ambition....
    Balrog: I don't need a flashy title! Just give me the Psycho Drive!
    Bison: So, you've learned something from that guy.... You would have lived 
    longer had you been faithful to me. I will punish you for your greed! Repent in 
    the hereafter!
    (Balrog faces Bison)
    Balrog: How was that?! My special blow with giga-ton power!!
    Bison: Guh.... I was wrong, assuming you were all muscles with no brains.
    (Balrog extends his fist towards Bison)
    Balrog: You are no longer my boss! Now, hand over the Psycho Drive!
    Bison: If you want it, you'll have to take it! Follow me, if you dare!
    (Bison floats away)
    Balrog: Oh!! He escaped !! ...What?
    (Birdie comes into scene)
    Birdie: Hey! Come on! I'll take you to the Psycho Drive!
    (Shadaloo base exterior. In the Shadaloo base halls, Balrog and Birdie encounter 
    Juni and Juli. Birdie knocks Juli with a Bull Horn, and Balrog smacks Juni with 
    a Dashing Uppercut. Both follow their way.)
    Balrog: You're not so bad after all! Thank you for guiding me...
    Birdie: (Fool! I'll destroy both you and Bison with the Psycho Drive!)
    (Balrog and Birdie enter the Psycho Drive room, with Bison floating in the tube)
    Bison: You...!
    Birdie: Bison...look at the mess you are in now! I've learned all of your 
    secrets! Your life ends here!
    Balrog: Hey, where's the Psycho Drive? Tell me, now!
    Birdie: Shut up! I'm not done talking to this guy! Hey Bison, I might let you 
    live if you work for me. How's that?
    Bison: Hmph...! That joke is not funny at all! (My Psycho Power will be fully 
    recovered soon. Almost there....)
    (Balrog punches his fists together)
    Balrog: Hey, listen to me! Tell me now or else!
    (Balrog does a Dashing Straight which causes some mild explosions on the 
    mechanism. Bison turns around to face Balrog.)
    Birdie: No! You fool! What do you think you are doing?!
    Bison: You fools...!! I'll never forgive you!
    Balrog: Die already!!
    (Balrog does a Turn Punch which now causes the whole Psycho Drive to go nuts. 
    Then we see an Angry Bison.)
    Bison: No...! How can I lose to you? Is my power not complete yet?!
    (Burning Bison)
    Bison: Gwaaaaah!
    (Explosion. Afterwards, there is a portrait of a frustrated Balrog kneeling on 
    the floor. Birdie is standing next to him, pointing to Balrog.)
    Balrog: Darn!! I couldn't acquire the Psycho Drive, after all!
    Birdie: Huh? What are you talking about? You destroyed it yourself!
    Balrog: What do you mean? I thought it was just a way to get rich?!
    Birdie: So, you had no idea what its true value was? You are a fool!
    Balrog: Nooooo! Darn! I made a big mistake! Nooooooooo!!
    (Portrait of Balrog with a surprised face, and Birdie with a dull face, turning 
    his back on Balrog, who is still kneeling on the floor.)
    Balrog: Wait.... Bison still hasn't paid me for this mission! Nooooooo!
    Bottom line: Boxing sort of does that to your brain, eh?
    Birdie is a member of Shadaloo. But as a mere henchman, his daily life became 
    very dull. And so he gathered information to overthrow M.Bison. Soon, he found 
    the keyword.... "Psycho Drive".......
    Fifth battle: vs. E.Honda
    Birdie: Hey you! I like your hairstyle!
    Honda: The Mage is the hairstyle of the Sumo. Haven't you heard of Sumo?
    Birdie: Sumo?! What's that? Some kind of raw fish dish...?
    Honda: Gwa ha ha ha ha! You can't eat it, but it's quite exciting!
    Birdie: Then show me what Sumo is all about!
    (After the fight)
    Birdie: That was great! I see your hairstyle isn't just for show. You're strong 
    enough to be in Shadaloo after I take it over!
    Honda: Do you mean M.Bison's organization, Shadaloo? That's a funny joke! Gwa ha 
    ha ha ha ha!
    Ninth battle: vs. Blanka
    Birdie: Could he be a member of Shadaloo?
    Blanka: Uwo? <Who?> Uwoooooo!! <Let's fight!>
    Birdie: He doesn't know me.... It's no use trying to talk to this beast. I'll 
    defeat him.
    (After the fight)
    Birdie: If such strong fighters really exist...... They must be in one of those 
    buildings over there.... The "Psycho Drive" must be there too!
    Sub-battle: vs. Arcade Balrog
    Bison: Ga ha ha ha ha! Birdie.... What are you looking for?
    Birdie: None o' your business, mate! Get outta here!
    Bison: No.... It's time you departed, you treacherous vermin! Now, Balrog.... 
    Dispose of this rodent!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison  
    Bison: You defeated Balrog.... Impressive, but expected....
    Birdie: Ya like a little entertainment before the main event, eh? Now ya better 
    tells me.... Where is this "Psycho Drive"?!
    Bison: You know.... You know too much.... You are a fool! One with no respect 
    for his superiors.... Now I shall teach you what respect is!!
    (Birdie faces a Bison lying on the ground.)
    Birdie: I won't be able to take over Shadaloo by defeating him.... I'll poke 
    around the underground base....
    (Birdie walks away, and arrives at the Shadaloo base exterior.)
    Birdie: So this is the entrance to the underground base.... Now then....
    (Birdie arrives at the Psycho Drive room.)
    Birdie: I've found it at last! My information was correct.... This must be the 
    "Psycho Drive"...... It hasn't been easy gathering this. But without this, no 
    one but M.Bison could operate it.... Set! OK.... It's working! If it works, I'll 
    have M.Bison's power! ...Here goes nothing!
    (Birdie is in the tube, but he's dizzy.)
    Birdie: Ugh...ugh.... I'm losing my strength. Wh...why...? I...I can't get out!! 
    Some.... Somebody...help me!! Stop this machine!
    (Next, we see a portrait of a Harrier combat jet flying through the sky. A close 
    up reveals a portrait of a side shot of Charlie flying the Harrier.)
    Charlie: The origin of the Psycho Energy emissions has altered....
    (Portrait of Chun Li, with a leather jacket over her outfit, talking with some 
    headphones on the monitor located on the dashboard of the plane.)
    Chun Li: You're right! Set course for new location! I'll head there by ground! 
    We'll rendezvous there!
    (Charlie and Chun Li arrive at the Psycho Drive room, where Birdie is still 
    dizzy in the tube.)
    Charlie: What is all this equipment...?!
    Chun Li: First Lt. Charlie! There's someone trapped in there!
    Birdie: Help...help...me. I'm...saved.... I lost my strength instead of becoming 
    like M.Bison.... Why?
    Charlie: M.BISON! You! You know something about him, right?!
    Chun Li: He's too weak to run away! Let's take him in!
    Birdie: I didn't do anything! Why did this happen to me?! Blast it!
    Bottom line: There is no respect for the bottom tier characters! :)
    Blanka lived as he pleased, deep within the jungle of the Amazon. One day, he 
    unwittingly hitched a ride on a poacher's car. Curious and excited, Blanka now 
    ventures into the outside world.
    Fifth battle: vs. Dan
    Dan: Jimmy...?! You're Jimmy!!
    Blanka: Uwon!! Uwon!! <Oh! My dear old friend Dan!!>
    Dan: Long time no see...! I owe you my life, you know! How about a match? Let's 
    see if you're as strong as you were!
    Blanka: Uwho!! <OK! That's an excellent idea!>
    (After the fight)
    Dan: Ahh! That's the Jimmy I know.... You've got some stylish moves!
    Blanka: Uwo uwo, uwo uwo? <What have you been up to?>
    Dan: Huh?! What am I doing now? I've started my own dojo! If you're in any 
    trouble, just come by! I'll help you anytime!
    Blanka: Uwo uwo uwo uwooo! <Thanks for the offer! I will!>
    Ninth battle: vs. Zangief
    Blanka: Uwo...? <Who is that?>
    Zangief: Oh, just a beast.... I'm in the middle of an important mission. I have 
    no time to play with you!
    Blanka: Uwooo, uwo uwo uwo? <Uwoo, uwo uwo uwo?>
    Zangief: No use talking to a beast. Looks like we'll be playing after all!
    (After the fight)
    Zangief: How could I lose such a fight?! Great Leader, I am very sorry.... I've 
    failed my mission.... I could not destroy Shadaloo....
    Blanka: Uwo uwou? <What is this Shadaloo?>
    Sub battle: vs. Arcade Balrog
    Bison: Ha ha ha! You saved me time by defeating that Russian dog.... As your 
    reward, you'll have the honor of fighting Balrog!
    Blanka: Uwoooo! <Your toy soldier's going down!>
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: I don't know who you are, but you have great fighting power! I am 
    M.Bison, lord of Shadaloo! You'll do well as my guinea pig!
    Blanka: Uwo uwouuu.......!! <I'm not a pig! I'm a beast!>
    Bison: You should be honored to help me conquer the world! Ha ha ha ha!
    (Blanka faces a dizzy Bison)
    Bison: This.... This can't be.... I cannot be defeated!
    (Happy Bison)
    Bison: But I won't be destroyed as long as I have the "Psycho Drive"! Wa ha ha 
    ha ha ha ha!
    (Bison floats away)
    Blanka: Uwo uwo uwou...! <No! He's getting away!>
    (Cut to Dan's stage, where Blanka, Dan, and Sakura come in.)
    Dan: I'm sorry, Jimmy.... I kept you waiting! But, I brought my number one 
    disciple with me!
    (Sakura scratches her head.)
    Sakura: Is he talking about me...?
    (Dan does his taunting pose.)
    Dan: Now, let's go and defeat the bad guys, Jimmy!!
    (Blanka rises his arms and roars.)
    Blanka: Uwhoo! <Alright!>
    (Shadaloo base exterior.)
    Blanka: Uwho! Uwho! <This must be the place!>
    Dan: This place sure smells evil.... The bad guys must be here! Let's destroy 
    the entire base!
    (Blanka, Dan, and Sakura go into the Shadaloo base halls.)
    Dan: Well, then again.... This place is enormous! How can we destroy it?
    Sakura: Well, I suppose you could destroy it's power source. That would be a 
    Dan: My number one disciple never fails me! Okay, let's find it!
    (Blanka, Dan, and Sakura go into the Psycho Drive room.)
    Dan: Ha ha! This must be what we're looking for!
    (Blanka jumps into the tube, and Dan and Sakura remain crouched.)
    Dan: Jimmy! Let me see that move you always do!
    Blanka: Uwhoo! <Right!>
    (Portrait of Blanka doing the Electricity.)
    Blanka: UWOOOO! <UWOOOO!>
    (Back in the Psycho Drive room, the room begins to explode as Blanka keeps doing 
    the Electricity.)
    Sakura: Master Hibiki.... It looks like it's going to explode....
    Dan: Yahoo!! Let's get out of here!!
    (Dan and Sakura walk away, then Blanka jumps out of the tube and follows them.)
    Blanka: Uwo! <Let's go!>
    (Explosion. Blanka, Dan, and Sakura appear in Juni/Juli's stage.)
    Dan: Hey, that was a pretty big explosion....
    (Blanka turns around to face Dan and Sakura.)
    Blanka: Uwo! Uwo! <Sure was! But I have to go!>
    Dan: Wait! ...Are you going already Jimmy? Well, I believe we will meet 
    again.... Just like this time! Jimmy! The next time we meet, please spar with 
    me, okay?
    (Sakura wipes her mouth and bids farewell to Blanka, like in her victory pose.)
    Sakura: Bye bye, Jimmy!
    (Blanka rises his arms and roars.)
    Blanka: Uwhoooo! <Uwhoooo!>
    (Blanka walks out of the screen. Dan and Sakura see him walk away. Then the 
    winning portrait of Blanka appears.)
    	Blanka ran off to the horizon, as free as the wind.... The outside world 
    still has much to offer his curiousity!
    Bottom line: We should ask Dan how to talk "Blankanese". :)
    Enhanced by biotechnology, Cammy is an assassin of Shadaloo. She was made to be 
    the perfect soldier and killer.... However, Shadaloo had not perfected their 
    control over her mind.... She has no idea what destiny lies ahead of her....
    Fifth battle: vs. Dhalsim
    Cammy: Target in range.... Master of Yoga: Dhalsim.... Standing by to measure 
    his fighting data.... Commencing....
    Dhalsim: Is she an assassin of Shadaloo? Her aura is disturbing.... Her eyes.... 
    They are not human. They are just like...a machine.
    Cammy: Your words.... Useless...! And now, I will extract your fighting data 
    from you!
    (After the fight.)
    Cammy: Uhh.... Ohhhh.... My head.......
    Dhalsim: I can see inside your mind.... Is that...confusion? Or fear...?
    Cammy: I don't want to know! Never look into my mind!!
    Dhalsim: I heard Shadaloo has technology that can control human minds.... 
    Perhaps your suppressed mind is trying to come out...?
    Cammy: Shut up...! Go away...! Leave me alone...!
    Ninth battle: vs. Vega 
    Cammy: Designation...VEGA. You are disgusting....
    Vega: Heh heh.... Just like a doll, yet so beautiful when in agony. I was 
    ordered to bring back the guinea pig....
    Cammy: Guinea pig? I am an assassin of Shadaloo....
    Vega: Heh heh heh...! He doesn't need you anymore....
    Cammy: What do you mean?
    Vega: Resisting? Okay, let's see what the doll's blood looks like! (Lantis: He 
    isn't talking precisely about Barbies!)
    Cammy: Stay where you are.... I don't want to have to harm you!
    (After the fight.)
    Vega: I underestinated you. It's a shame you'll be destroyed.... You'll be 
    terminated by the hit squad of Shadaloo....
    Cammy: No! That can't be! You lie!
    Vega: Heh heh heh.... You will soon see the truth....
    Cammy: I am to be terminated...? Why.......?!
    Sub battle: vs. Juni/Juli
    Bison: I didn't expect you to return, Cammy...!
    Cammy: Master Bison!! Why me...?!
    Bison: Answer this question first.... Why didn't you finish Vega?
    Cammy: B...Because....
    Bison: You became conscious of yourself! You are useless to me! I'll leave these 
    two dolls to eliminate you!! 
    (Lantis: Geez, Bison is too obssessed with dolls, aint he?)
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: Impressive! Most impressive! But it's just too annoying to see a mere 
    copy of myself.
    Cammy: A copy?! Am I.... A copy...of Master Bison...?!
    Bison: That's right. We have the same DNA. You're only a copy of me.
    Cammy: !!
    Bison: But, you are a worthless defect! And now I will break you!
    (Lantis: Thank God she didn't come out like Bison in appearance!)
    (Cammy faces a dizzy Bison)
    Bison: How could I lose to a copy of myself...? I AM THE ORIGINAL!!
    (Angry Bison)
    Bison: My body...will be lost.... But soon, I'll be back again.... Back...in 
    your mind...!
    (Burning Bison)
    Bison: Gwooooooaaaah!!!
    (Portrait of a frozen-scared Cammy, which scrolls to the left to reveal a 
    portrait of Bison, as in the intro.)
    Cammy: He'll be...back.... (Lantis: Yeah, he IS! This aint no damn Terminator 
    movie!!) Master Bison.... Same DNA.... Copy.... I am....
    (Cammy gets dizzy.)
    Cammy: Uh...uh. My head...! Something is creeping into my head!
    (Cut to Chun Li arriving at the Shadaloo base exterior.)
    Chun Li: This is the secret Shadaloo facility! It's the Psycho Drive!
    (Suddenly, the gate of the Shadaloo base opens.)
    Chun Li: The gate opened!! This must be a trap.... But I have to go in! 
    (In the Shadaloo base halls, Cammy and Chun Li run into each other.)
    Chun Li: Wait! Where is Bison? You're just a little girl...!
    Cammy: Master Bison is no longer.... Psycho Drive.... Almost explode! We are 
    not...dolls...! I have to...save everyone...!
    (Cammy walks out of the screen. Chun Li tries to follow her, but stops midway 
    Chun Li: Wait!! Dolls...? What did she mean by that?!
    (Portrait of a Harrier jet flying through the air, then a portrait of a side 
    shot of Charlie in the cockpit.)
    Charlie: What is Chun Li doing? She said she wouldn't investigate alone! Is that 
    the Psycho Drive facility? Did she sneak into it?
    (Back in the Shadaloo base halls, Chun Li is in the middle of an earthquake, 
    pieces of junk falling from the ceiling.)
    Chun Li: I've got a bad feeling.... Are they trying to evacuate...?! I'll never 
    allow you to escape! Bisoooooon!!
    (In the Psycho Drive room, Cammy is kneeling in front of the mechanism. A lot of 
    Junis and Julis come out of the tube.)
    Cammy: Now...I can...save...everyone....
    (Explosion. Portrait of Chun Li shocked at the explosion.)
    Chun Li : I don't believe it! All the evidence is gone now! I wonder is that 
    girl managed to escape to safety?
    (Back to the portrait of Charlie flying the Harrier.)
    Charlie: The base exploded! I hope Chun Li is alright.... Rats! Now we have lost 
    track of Bison! Well, time to head back.
    (Portrait of the Shadaloo emblem.)
    	After the collapse of the base, all Shadaloo activity ceased. Even an 
    extensive investigation by the I.C.P.O. and U.S. army.... Could not place the 
    whereabouts of M.Bison...
    (Winning portrait of Cammy scrolls in from the left.)
                   or the girl whom Chun Li insists she saw...
    Bottom line: It's the rebellion of the psycho Barbie dolls, I tell ya!
    Charlie is a First Lieutenant of the American Air Force. His inquiries of drug 
    activity all pointed back to "Shadaloo". He gathered his comrades to form a 
    strike team. His objective: ...end corruption in the army, and punish the man 
    Fifth battle: vs. Cammy  
    Cammy: Target in sight. Ready to execute primary combat mode! Commencing 
    Charlie: Wait!! Stop...! Hold it! That's a Shadaloo uniform!! That little girl 
    couldn't be...!
    (After the fight)
    Charlie: Calm down now! It's over...! You've lost the battle!
    Cammy: Let me go! Grrrr.... Master Bison!
    Charlie: Wha...what...?! I suspected something unusual.... Her body was 
    artificially strengthened.... Shadaloo is inhumane! I'll make them suffer for 
    their cruelty!
    Ninth battle: vs. Rolento
    Rolento: Is it you who are so eager to destroy Shadaloo?! Well, too bad! It is 
    we who will triumph over their army! Their armament will help us to rebuild our 
    new nation! Leave!
    Charlie: You don't look like a member of Shadaloo.... If you don't get out of my 
    way,  I'll make sure you regret it!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: Thank you for meeting me here, First Lieutenant Charlie! Up until now, I 
    thought you men of justice were spineless.... But, I've changed my mind.... It 
    will be a pleasure exterminating you!
    Charlie: Are you done with your speech? Your words mean nothing to me.... Your 
    sins and atrocities will now be judged...and punished!
    (Charlie faces Bison)
    Bison: That was a surprise! Alas, your efforts were in vain! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 
    The Psycho Power grants me inmortality! You'll never win! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    (Bison then floats high up into the sky, and uses his Psycho Crusher to fly all 
    the way to the Shadaloo base exterior, enters the base, and stays in the tube of 
    the Psycho Drive room. Charlie gets on his Harrier, and flies his way to where 
    Bison is. Then a portrait of a front shot of Charlie in the cockpit appears.)
    Charlie: I won't give up until I've finished you for good!
    (Back in the Psycho Drive room.)
    Bison: My Psycho Drive is stronger than ever! The Psycho Power will send all of 
    you straight to your deaths! Now.... Realize the futility of your foolish 
    (The Harrier arrives directly above the Shadaloo base exterior. Once again, we 
    see the front portrait of Charlie in the cockpit.)
    Charlie: There's no time to lose! I'm gonna nuke this place!
    (Bombs frop from the bottom of the Harrier. It flies away, and then the 
    explosion occurs. The Harrier keeps flying nearby. There is a side portrait of 
    Charlie in the cockpit.
    Charlie: It's over.... ...?!
    (Portrait of Bison emerging from the flaming remains of his fortress, pretty 
    Bison: Gah ha ha ha ha ha!
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: It's not over yet! I'll show you the path to eternal agony!
    (Front portrait of Charlie in the cockpit, with a lever in his hands.)
    Charlie: Don't bother, I'm already there. Now it's your turn to suffer....
    (The Harrier begins to fire it's machine guns, and makes Bison reel. Then we see 
    the Burning Bison.)
    Bison: I am Bison.... You will die by my hand....
    (Exploding Bison.)
    Bison: Guh.... Gaaaaaaaaah!!!
    (Front portrait of Charlie in the cockpit...again.)
    Charlie: Bison has been exterminated at last! It's done! Only now is when the 
    real battle begins.... The roots of evil have been spread throughout the world. 
    Until every sin and atrocity has been punished by justice... ...my duty will not 
    be complete!
    (Then the Harrier flies off to the horizon. The End.)
    Bottom line: OK... Charlie doesn't die, and Bison gets the corniest death there 
    is. Anybody care to explain?
    *CHUN LI*
    Chun Li is the I.C.P.O.'s special detective assigned to Shadaloo. With 
    management corruption, she was powerless as an oficial. So, she works in 
    cooperation with Charlie to defeat Shadaloo. Now they take separate paths as 
    they attempt to find M.Bison.
    Fifth battle: vs. Birdie
    Chun Li: Excuse me.... May I have a moment of your time, Mr. Birdie?
    Birdie: You...? What does an agent of Interpol want with me?
    Chun Li: We have confirmed that you are involved with Shadaloo! Now.... Tell me 
    where the Shadaloo bases and M.Bison are!
    Birdie: Heh heh heh.... And what if I refuse?
    (After the fight)
    Chun Li: This is what happens when you don't cooperate! Now, talk!
    Birdie: Blast it! I'll never talk! Now bug off! I have business in Thailand... 
    Chun Li: I appreciate your cooperation, kind sir!
    Ninth battle: vs. Cammy
    Chun Li: ...?! Who are you?!
    Cammy: You...must not interfere.... We were born...to serve...to serve...Master 
    Chun Li: What's the matter...?! Are you okay...?!
    Cammy: No.... I will...destroy you.... Fear.... Death! Murder!
    Sub battle: vs. Juni/Juli
    Bison: Hmm.... A problem has arisen.... She has become aware of herself!
    Chun Li: How could you do such a thing to a little girl...!!
    Bison: Relax my dear. The show must go on. Now my pretty dolls.... Entertain my 
    guest...! Attack!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Chun Li: These children.... They are innocent! How could you?! Your acts are 
    unforgivable, Bison!
    Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You amuse me child! Okay then.... I'll let you earn 
    the right to be my guinea pig!
    (Chun Li faces Bison, who is lying on the ground.)
    Chun Li: Drug trafficking.... Illegal arms possession and manufacturing.... That 
    list of charges is enough. I'm arresting you now! What...?!
    (Bison gets up and floats.)
    Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I'm inmortal!
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: As long as hatred and fear exist.... I'll live forerver...! Now is the 
    time that you will be erased from existence! I will bestow terror upon the 
    weaklings of this world! I'll prove my strength by destroying you with fear!
    (Bison floats high up in the air, and uses his Psycho Crusher to fly. Then, we 
    see a portrait of Bison flying with his Psycho Crusher.)
    Bison: Mwa ha ha ha ha!
    (A Harrier fighter jet appears in the sky, and we see a side portrait of Charlie 
    in the cockpit afterwards.)
    Charlie: Chun Li? Can you hear me? This is Charlie! It seems that our situation 
    is critical! Bison is planning to use Psycho Power to destroy the capital! 
    (Lantis: Ummm...what capital?) I'll pursue him....
    (Chun Li arrives at the Shadaloo base exterior.)
    Chun Li: That is Shadaloo's top secret base. There must be something here! There 
    must be something I can do to stop this madman!
    (Portrait of Chun Li looking for something in a high-technology monitor room.)
    Chun Li: Maybe...?! Maybe I can use this!
    (The Psycho Drive statue begins to do its stuff...and fires a huge beam from 
    it's nose *gross!*. This beam arrives to Bison, who is still flying with his 
    Psycho Crusher. First we see the Psycho Crusher portrait again.)
    Bison: Mwa ha ha haa! You are weak! Witness your destruction!
    (The beam hits Bison, and we see the Angry Bison.)
    Bison: Whaaaaaat...?! 
    (Burning Bison.)
    Bison: No...it can't be...!
    (Exploding Bison.)
    Bison: Noooooo!!
    (Explosion. Once again, we see the Harrier flying in the sky, and the side 
    portrait of Charlie in the cockpit.)
    Charlie: Chun Li, can you hear me?! This is Charlie! We did it...! We did 
    it...!! He couldn't have survived such a large explosion. Yes...! At last...we 
    have destroyed him!
    (Chun Li kneels to attend the hurt Cammy.)
    Chun Li: Are you okay?
    (Cammy gets up, pretty dizzy. Chun Li gets up too.)
    Cammy: Ugh.... Oh.... What happened to me?
    Chun Li: It's okay now. The nightmare has ended! But...my job is not yet 
    finished. My fight to strike down individuals like M.Bison... ...has just 
    begun.... Yes...this is only the beginning!
    Bottom line: I think they do take classes to drive mechs in the I.C.P.O. eh? 
    Cody used to be a hero, famous for saving Metro City. Bored with the peaceful 
    life, he kept fighting, day and night.... Until he was jailed. One day, he 
    managed to break out of prison. Wandering outside, he now seeks something that 
    will satisfy him.
    Fifth battle: vs. Birdie
    Birdie: Hey! You used to be known for your strength around here, huh? But now, 
    ya miserable! I guess life can be unpredictable!
    Cody: Yeah, seeing that I have a date with a crazy guy like you today! It looks 
    like I'm out of luck. But it's gonna be your loss!
    Birdie: I'll make today the worst day of your life!
    Ninth battle: vs. Guy
    Guy: I don't like to interfere in the lives of others. Everything should be left 
    as is, but I want to ask you one thing. Cody.... WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? (Lantis: 
    Geez, Cody and Guy seem to be tone-deaf. They keep shouting to each other!)
    Cody: This way of life is simply who I am. Can't you understand that? Or would 
    you rather hear the sad, sad story of an EX-hero?
    Guy: That's enough.... Now, it's time to fight!
    Cody: Ha! I expected you to say that! I'm ready.... GO FOR IT!
    (After the fight)
    Cody: And now, this is the result.... Things never change....
    Guy: I don't see why you can't do positive things with such skill.
    Cody: Life was peaceful for awhile, but I kept fighting anyway. Saying " I can't 
    live in peace" would have been an easy excuse. I had no excuse, and could not 
    bear to live any other way.
    Guy: Where are you going?
    Cody: To the underworld or to heaven, I don't know. Nobody knows....
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: Hmm.... What does the former hero of Metro City want with me? If you want 
    to join Shadaloo, show me your strength....
    Cody: I'm not interested in such petty things. The only thing I want to do is to 
    kick your butt! Prepare yourself.... Defeat will soon have a new best friend!
    Bison: Hmm.... I accept your challenge. Let's see what you've got.... I wonder 
    if you'll still be confident in about 10 seconds....
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: Ha ha! You've entertained me by fighting well. But, no one can beat 
    me...! I am the lord of Shadaloo, Bison! I can't die, as long as Psycho Drive 
    exists to resurrect me!
    (Bison floats away to return to his base. Guy comes with Cody.)
    Guy: You ought to follow him, Cody.... If he gets away, the world will be 
    devastated by his evil acts. We should take this opportunity to strike him down! 
    Cody: I don't care about him anymore. The excitement is already gone. Where he 
    goes is of no concern tome.
    Guy: Fine. You disappoint me.... Sayonara!
    (Guy walks out of the screen.)
    Guy: Now, where would he be...? Yes, near the base's entrance....
    (Guy arrives at the Shadaloo base exterior.)
    Guy: He must be at the back of this base.... (Lantis: Ummm...wasn't he near the 
    base's entrance?)
    (Guy faces several Junis and Julis in the Shadaloo base halls.)
    Juni/Juli: You will go no further! We will protect Bison at any cost!
    Guy: Hm.... There are too many enemies. I have to find Bison quickly. !!
    (Suddenly, a hurricane blasts all the Junis and Julis away. Cody comes into 
    Guy: Cody! It's you! I knew you'd come.... HERO!
    Cody: We have no time to waste on talking.... Let's go!
    Guy: Right!
    (Cody and Guy arrive at the Psycho Drive room, where Bison is floating in the 
    Bison: ...! How did you get in here?!!
    Cody: This punk is mine! Relax...! I'm gonna take you downtown!
    (Cody executes his Final Fight Destruction Super Combo to trash the whole 
    mechanism. Then we see Burning Bison.)
    Bison: As long as I have the Psycho Drive device, I'm invincible!
    (Exploding Bison.)
    Bison: Oh? ....Noooooo!!
    (Portrait of Cody with his fist in front of him.)
    Cody: Well, I guess invincible just isn't your style.... Ha! Ha!
    (Cody and Guy run out of the Shadaloo base halls. The Shadaloo base suffers an 
    Explosion. Cody and Guy remain in Juni/Juli's stage. Then, a portrait of Guy 
    scrolls in from the right. The following dialogue takes place between the 
    portrait of Guy and another of Cody, who is touching his nose with his thumb.)
    Guy: Are you going back to the city? There must be some guy waiting for a piece 
    of you....
    Cody: Well.... What should I do? I guess I'll think about it, when it's time for 
    me to go. Looks like we'll go our own ways now.... It was a lot of fun!
    (Cody walks away from the scene. Guy remains, and we see his portrait again.)
    Guy: These are our lives.... Our fate. Until next time, my friend....
    Bottom line: Cody must ge his ears cleaned... Everybody keeps shouting at him!
    Dan finally defeated the man who killed his father.... He made his own fighting 
    style called Saikyo: "The strongest". But his ambition will not rest until he 
    achieves perfection....
    Fifth battle: vs Chun Li
    Chun Li: This man who dwells here.... He's supposed to be a fighter.... There he 
    is! The tip was right! Hey you! You over there!!
    Dan: Are you talkin' to me? You want my autograph or something? (Lantis: Is he 
    cool or what? :)
    Chun Li: You are a member of Shadaloo, aren't you? Where's Bison?!
    Dan: What?! Give me a break! I don't know anything about Shadaloo!
    (After the fight)
    Chun Li: ...Ugh.... How could I be beaten by such a pathetic style?! Hmph!
    Dan: I have nothing to do with Shadaloo! What is that, anyway?
    Chun Li: YOU! You are under arrest for assaulting an officer!
    Dan: WHAT?! It's not my fault! YOU attacked ME! Well, I guess there's just one 
    thing left to do.... RUN! Bye!!!
    Chun Li: Huh...? Wait a second! Hey! Stop! Come back here!!
    (Lantis: Even Chun Li loses her cool against Dan... That's why he's so great! :)
    Ninth battle: vs. Sagat
    Dan: You're better than I thought.... Huh?! (Ack!) Sagat!
    Sagat: You're the kid who pestered me the other day. What do you want?
    Dan: You are a true loser! I've come a long way to demand something. Learn my 
    Saikyo style so I can teach you to fight!
    Sagat: You don't know what you're talking about! I won't lose!
    Dan: You want a lesson from me, and I'll give you one! Let's go!
    (After the fight)
    Dan: Yahoo! This is my Saikyo style! I'm the real world warrior!! If you want to 
    learn my Saikyo style, just say "please"! 'Cos I'm the king of the world, I'll 
    be nice and forgive you.... If you can't decide now, you know where to find me.
    (Lantis: Anybody remember Mr. Satan of Dragon Ball Z fame? Well, Dan certainly 
    took something from him...:)
    Sub battle: vs. Arcade Balrog
    Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha.... Good.... You have defeated Sagat....
    Dan: Who the heck are you?!
    Bison: My name is M.Bison. I am the leader of Shadaloo.
    Dan: Shadalo...? Bison...?! That reminds me! The police were after me! I've been 
    on the run because of you! I'm ready to accept your apology.... Or else!!
    Bison: Did you come all this way for that? Now prepare yourself!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Dan: I just rung that guy's bell! Now it's your turn!!
    Bison: You defeated Balrog.... Impressive.... Most impressive! But soon you will 
    kneel before me and call me "master"!
    (Portrait of Dan pointing his finger to the screen.)
    Dan: I don't care if you're Bison or sheep! Saikyo style won't lose!
    (Dan taunts a dizzy Bison.)
    Dan: Do you understand? Yahoo!
    (Angry Bison.)
    Bison: Grrr...! How could I lose to a kid like you?!
    (Dan faces a still dizzy Bison.)
    Dan: You're finished! Say your prayers like a good little boy!
    (Dan rolls towards Bison and does his Hisho Burai Ken Super Combo on him.)
    Dan: Orah! Orah! Orah! Orah! Orah! Yahoooo!!
    (Burning Bison.)
    Bison: Gwooooooooooo! How could I..........?!
    (Portrait Dan pointing towards the screen.)
    Dan: This is my Saikyo style!! From now on, I'm gonna use your hideout.... For 
    the Thailand branch of my Saikyo style dojo!!
    (Shadaloo base exterior.)
    	.....Several days later.....
    (Dan and Blanka appear in the Psycho Drive room. Dan is doing his taunt to 
    Dan: Now, Jimmy! Do as I taught you!
    (Blanka rolls on the floor.)
    Blanka: Wow! Wow!
    Dan: No no no! Roll this way! Orah!
    (Dan rolls on the floor. Blanka then rolls faster than before.)
    Blanka: Wow! Wow! Wowowwoooooooooo!
    (Portrait of Dan with a thumbs up/snapping his fingers.)
    Dan: You got it Jimmy! I knew you could do it!! You're a student of Saikyo 
    style, now!!
    (Shadaloo base exterior.)
    Soldier: "The target is on the scanner! Commencing with the approach!"
    (Side portrait of Charlie in the cockpit of his plane. There seems to be others 
    with him.)
    Charlie: So this is Shadaloo's secret base.... We found it at last. Today will 
    be their last day on earth.... Let's neutralize this area, and crush them 
    all.... With the latest bomb developed for the counterattack!!
    (Portrait of Chun Li on the monitor of Charlie's control panel, with a leather 
    jacket and headphones.)
    Chun Li: "Be careful! We're detecting life readings within the base...!"
    (Back to Dan and Blanka who are rolling in the Psycho Drive room.)
    Dan: Yahooooooo! Rolling and rolling!!!!!!!!!!
    Blanka: Wowowoooooooo! Wowowowooooooooooooooo!
    (Portrait of Dan and his thumbs up pose.)
    Dan: Saikyo style will live forever! YAHOO!!!
    Bottom line: Do I need say more? :)
    *DEE JAY*
    Dee Jay is a young kickboxer, known as the "Southern Comet". This cheerful 
    fighter quickly rose to become a world champion. In high spirits, he now 
    searches the world for a good fight.
    Fifth battle: vs. Adon
    Adon: Who are you...? Are you looking for a fight?
    Dee Jay: Yeeaahhhh! This is gonna be the bomb boy!
    Adon: You are too happy for your own good. (Lantis: Yeah, he can talk...) Don't 
    you know who I am?
    Dee Jay: Yessss! You be Sagat's little boy! Not a champ, just a chump!
    Adon: What?! Sagat is no longer my master! I will crush you!! Now, I'll show 
    you.... I'll show you what a true warrior is!
    (After the fight)
    Adon: Why did I lose? I thought that Muay Thai was invincible!
    Dee Jay: Don't worry, mon! Your not bad.... I'm just that good!
    Adon: Remember.... I'll pay you back for this...soon!
    Ninth battle: vs. Sagat
    Dee Jay: The chest scar and eye patch.... Yes! The Emperor! Bingo!!
    Sagat: What do you want from me? I have no time to play or dance!
    Dee Jay: Oh, I mean business, mon! Let's get it on!
    Sagat: You are not afraid to die, are you...? Well then, come on!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: You have an interesting personality.... What a surprise! I admire your 
    courage, and am impressed that you beat Sagat.... Join Shadaloo.... The world 
    will be at your disposal!
    Dee Jay: No way! I'm perfectly happy as I am! Only with hard work do dreams ever 
    come true! Understand, mon?
    Bison: I'm sorry to hear that.... You made the wrong choice. Now, all of your 
    dreams will perish! I will make sure that you perish most miserably!
    (Dee Jay faces Bison.)
    Bison: Fool...! 
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: It was fun, but I'm afraid you've gone too far.... I am invincible, as 
    long as I have the "Psycho Drive"!
    (Portrait of Bison doing his Psycho Crusher. Then, there's a portrait of Dee Jay 
    doing a jump.)
    Dee Jay: Hey! You haven't felt the true beat of my groove yet! Here!
    (Portrait of Dee Jay kicking the living hell out of Bison.)
    Dee Jay: Da da da da da da.... Da du du du du daah!
    (Burning Bison.)
    Bison: What power! It can't be! Could you really be that powerful...?
    (Exploding Bison.)
    Bison: Noooooo!! Gwaaaaaaaaah!
    (Winning portrait of Dee Jay.)
    Dee Jay: Could you fell the rhythm of my victory? Yeeeaaaahhhh!!
    (Cut to a city stage, perhaps New York. Dee Jay and a weird blonde guy with 
    freaky clothes and even freakier glasses walk into each other, when they get 
    closer, they stretch their hand and shake.)
    Dee Jay: *music notes...obviously whistling*
    Bob: Hey mon! Is you be the world famous fighter, Mr. Dee Jay?
    Dee Jay: Yessssss? What do you want partner?
    Bob: My name is Bob. I'm an agent from Jamaican Music Productions.
    (Portrait of Bob handing over a card to Dee Jay, perhaps his presentation card.)
    Bob: Your song is fantastic, mon! I got caught up in the rhythm! Let us produce 
    your songs!! Please mon!
    (Back to Dee Jay and Bob shaking hands.)
    Bob: We could make you the biggest star from Latin America!
    (Portrait of Dee Jay thinking about a huge concert starring him and his band.)
    Dee Jay: World's strongest fighter turned superstar.... Hmm....
    (Portrait of Dee Jay taking Bob by the head in a headlock, making Bob foam in 
    the mouth.)
    Dee Jay: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! That's a good idea!! I like it!! To be the star of 
    both music and martial arts! What a challenge!
    Bottom line: Somebody must teach these guys how to talk in proper English! (Is 
    you be??)
    The yoga master, Dhalsim, fights for his family and for the poor. The 
    increasingly evil energy forces him to decide.... That one day he will renounce 
    the root of his power.
    Fifth battle: vs. Rose
    Dhalsim: Wait, young lady. You shouldn't live your life so carelessly.
    Rose: You assumed that I was thinking of dying? Is it because I looked sad? 
    Dhalsim: No, it's not your face. In your mind, you're ready to die....
    Rose: !! Who are you?! How could you read my mind?! Don't try to stand in my 
    way! No one can stop this fight!
    (After the fight.)
    Dhalsim: Hmm.... So he is called M.Bison.... I can feel an evil omen....
    Rose: You can read others' minds, so you must know how evil he is. I have to 
    defeat him. I must defeat him....
    Dhalsim: You cannot win if you give up the will to live.... Do not be impatient. 
    Wait for the right time.
    Ninth battle: vs. Birdie
    Dhalsim: Birdie, I would like to ask you a question.... Where is Shadaloo's 
    Birdie: Ha! Are you out of your mind?! Why should I tell ya? Ya know.... If you 
    play with me, I might consider telling you.... But now I got this urge to make a 
    pretzel! Ha! Ha! Ha!
    (After the fight.)
    Birdie: Blast it!! I lost!! OK.... I promised I'd tell you....
    Dhalsim: So, the hideout is in Thailand. I read your mind....
    Birdie: ?! What the heck?! Why didn't you read it in the first place?!
    Sub battle: vs. Juni/Juli
    Bison: You have an excellent body.... You'll make a fine guinea pig for the 
    Psycho Power....
    Dhalsim: So you're M.Bison.... What malevolent energy! So you're the one that is 
    giving out evil energy!
    Bison: You've taken the bait! I tricked you into increasing my powers! The other 
    maggots of justice did not help me in the way you have! Seize him!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: You didn't kneel before me! I'll make you sorry! My patience runs short. 
    I urge you to obey my will inmediately. It's such a pity that your power shall 
    not be seen again.
    (Dhalsim faces a dizzy Bison.)
    Bison: Ugh.... So it seems you have the ability to read minds....
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: But...no matter...the nightmare has already begun! I alone control power 
    of the "Psycho Drive"! Fools.... You'll all be sorry! Remember the name of 
    M.Bison when you are full of fear and hatred! 
    (Burning Bison.)
    Bison: Gwaaaaaaa!!!
    (Dhalsim remains alone.)
    Dhalsim: That's strange.... The evil energy didn't disappear....
    (Dhalsim does his Yoga Teleport.)
    Dhalsim: YOGA!!
    (Shadaloo base exterior.)
    	Shadaloo underground base.
    (Dhalsim is standing in the Psycho Drive room.)
    Dhalsim: The energy coming from this machine has the same feel to it. I must 
    destroy it!!
    (Dhalsim teleports inside the tube. Then there is a portrait of Dhalsim in his 
    typical praying/floating position. This will happen whenever Dhalsim shouts 
    Dhalsim: YOOOGAAA....
    (The Psycho Drive statue begins to get up.)
    Dhalsim: YOOOGAAA....
    (The Psycho Drive statue begins to charge up.)
    Dhalsim: YOGA!!!
    (Suddenly, the Psycho Drive statue ceases to function, drops down, and then it 
    explodes. Then we see a Harrier fighter jet flying in the sky, then a side 
    portrait of Charlie flying in the cockpit.)
    Charlie: An explosion coming from the direction of Shadaloo's base.... What 
    (Portrait of Chun Li, using a leather jacket and headphones, in a computer 
    Chun Li: By the info on the radar.... Psycho Power and a large amount of unknown 
    energy is increasing.... I can't detect M.Bison's vital signs, but there is 
    (Back to Dhalsim standing in the Psycho Drive room, which begins to explode.)
    Dhalsim: Yes...that will do. As long as the evil sources are completly 
    destroyed.... I can return to my village.
    (Dhalsim teleports out of the room. Then we see the winning portrait of 
    	Thanks to the mysterious Yoga power of Dhalsim.... The threat caused by 
    the Psycho Drive was terminated. However, there was no record of his 
    Bottom line: I wonder if the Psycho Drive statue can be operated with coins?
    Edmond Honda is the strongest Sumo Grandmaster, or "Rikishi". He is so powerful, 
    that no other Rikishi can compete with him. "I'll find worthy opponents and show 
    them the strength of Sumo!". In the hopes of finding stronger opponents, he 
    begins a journey.
    Fifth battle: vs. Ryu
    Honda: Hey, you look strong! I've never seen such a devoted fighter!
    Ryu: It's a rare honor to meet a Rikishi here. How about a fight?
    Honda: Ga ha ha! That's what I'd expect a fellow countryman to say! One cannot 
    comprehend a Sumo's greatness, until he fights one!
    (After the fight.)
    Honda: Ga ha ha! That was a nice fight! I feel refreshed! Your Hado energy...is 
    most impressive...!
    Ryu: Your wrestling power is superb! Fight me again someday!
    Honda: This feeling is new to me! (Lantis: Ahhh...love! :) The world sure is 
    vast, isn't it?
    Ninth battle: vs. Sodom
    Sodom: What the...! Hey!! Do you remember me?!
    Honda: You're the one who volunteered to fight at that Senshuraku! Have you 
    improved since then? Want to try your Tsuppari on me?
    Sodom: DOSUKOI!! Uhh.... I mean GO FOR IT!!
    (After the fight.)
    Sodom: "Domo crocodile!" .....Umm.... Aha! "Domo alligator!" (Lantis: He's 
    supposedly trying to say "Domo arigato" which means "Thank you very much".)
    Honda: Ga ha ha ha! I don't know what you are talking about.... But your 
    Tsuppari was great! You may be a true Sekitori someday!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: Huh ha ha ha! So, you are a Sumo wrestler.... Interesting!
    Honda: What a strange guy! Who...are you?
    Bison: I'm M.Bison, leader of Shadaloo. Are you here to be a guinea pig?
    Honda: Don't say things like that. It makes you sound like a bad guy! I should 
    knock some sense into you, with my Mekodamashi...!
    Bison: Come then!! I'll take over your body to further my ambitions!
    (Honda faces a dizzy Bison.)
    Honda: How was my Kimete?! Have you come to your senses yet?
    (Angry Bison.)
    Bison: This can't be.... How could the mighty Bison be defeated...?!
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: But, alas.... I will never die...! As long as the Psycho Drive exists, I 
    am invincible!
    (Bison floats up into the air. I think he receives a beam charge up from the 
    Psycho Drive statue, I'm not sure. After
    that he does a Somersault Skull Diver towards Honda. Then there is a portrait of 
    Bison doing his Psycho Crusher.)
    Bison: Wa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Your power is great, but I'll show you more! 
    You will join me!
    (Honda does his Oni Muso Super Combo. Then there is a portrait of Honda charging 
    with his shoulder.)
    Honda: That's only a Zutsuki! One of my favorites! DOSUKOI!
    (Honda and Bison meet in the air. However, it seems Honda wins the faceoff, as 
    we see the Burning Bison.)
    Bison: What?! I don't believe this.............! 
    (Exploding Bison.)
    Bison: Gwaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!
    (Honda stands alone in Juni/Juli's stage.)
    Honda: Who the heck was he anyway? Ummm...?
    (Juni and Juli come into scene.)
    Juni/Juli: Master Bison....
    Honda: Who are you?
    Juni/Juli: ............
    Honda: You don't even know your names? I understand! You two were being 
    controlled by him! Don't worry.... As they 
    say "live and let live"! Join me so that I can train you!
    (Back in Honda's stage, Juni and Juli deliver crouching punches. They are under 
    rhythm with Honda, who is also crouch 
    Honda: Ga ha ha ha! You definetly have the talents to become Rikishis! You are 
    welcome to stay here until your memory
    comes back! Now! Try again! Once more!
    Bottom line: I really don't care much about Honda, I just want to see Juni and 
    Juli in a Sumo uniform! DANDY! :)
    *EVIL RYU*
      (Satsui no Hado Ryu)
    There is an evil energy that causes absolutedestruction.... Ryu agonizes, 
    knowing that he cannot control his power. Will he 
    still become a master, or will his journey end in ruin?
    Fifth battle: vs. Sagat
    E.Ryu: Fight me, Sagat!
    Sagat: Ryu...? Look at yourself! You have lost control of your power! You are 
    not the same man that I wanted to 
    E.Ryu: Shut up! Get ready to fight!
    (After the fight.)
    E.Ryu: Why...? Why were you not fighting with all your strength?
    Sagat: Why should I? You are not the Ryu who left a scar on my chest! A warrior 
    wouldn't allow himself to be tempted by 
    such a cheap trick! I will wait for my true rival to return, and challenge me!
    Ninth battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: Ha ha ha! You've come a long way, kid.... You are only human.... You 
    cannot resist the evil energy within! You 
    plunge deeper into the darkness as your power grows.... Your darkness is 
    powerful enough to be my source of energy!
    E.Ryu: Never! You will not succeed!
    Final battle: vs. Shin Akuma
    E.Ryu: Do you know...? Do you know what lies ahead, and what this energy will 
    S.Akuma: Words do not have any meaning to us.... Now, satisfy your rage and 
    anger.... Attack me! Only the winner will 
    ever know the truth....
    (A dizzy Evil Ryu faces a Shin Akuma lying on the ground. Weird thing is, they 
    are in Bison's stage, instead of Shin 
    Akuma's stage.)
    E.Ryu: I won.... I defeated him...!
    (Portrait of Evil Ryu grabbing his chest in pain.)
    E.Ryu: Only a true martial artist could have this invincible evil power! 
    (Memory of Ryu nailing Sagat with a Shoryuken.)
    E.Ryu: My fist is soaked with blood.... The blood of death!
    (Portrait of Evil Ryu with blood red eyes.)
    (Memory of Ryu surrounded by corpses of other Street Fighters, mainly bad guys. 
    Then, it's back to the portrait of berserk 
    Evil Ryu.)
    (Portrait of Evil Ryu in a fighting stance in his stage.)
    E.Ryu: ................ I...am...the master.... The supreme master of the fist!
    (Suddenly, a Japanese symbol appears in Evil Ryu's back, similiar to Akuma's.)
    E.Ryu: Where...? Where can I find the one who can defeat me?!
    Bottom line: When good guys become bad guys, they REALLY get bad to the bone!
    *FEI LONG*
    Fei Long is a youthful, talented action star from Hong Kong. He is the master of 
    his own unique style of Kung Fu. On the 
    street, he seeks a good fight to sharpen his skills.
    Fifth battle: vs. Arcade Balrog
    Balrog: Yo, hotshot! You wanna join Shadaloo? You can get rich dealing drugs, 
    selling arms, and kidnapping!
    Fei Long: Hey! I don't want to to associate myself with criminals! Get lost!
    Balrog: You just don't get it, do you? You don't have any choice!
    (After the fight.)
    Balrog: You think you can get away after you dared to defy Shadaloo?!
    Fei Long: I won't yield to any threat! I'm always ready to fight!
    Ninth battle: vs. Vega
    Fei Long: Are you a gangster, too? You were waiting? I feel like a VAP!
    Vega: I'll only ask this once.... Join Shadaloo and swear your loyalty!
    Fei Long: No way! I have no desire to join you villains! Now, get lost!
    Vega: Hee hee hee.... I thought so! I will enjoy slashing you! I'll turn you 
    into a statue of agony, painted with your blood!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Fei Long: From the looks of things, you must be the leader of Shadaloo.
    Bison: What do you fight for? For money? A girl? For the status? You surely 
    won't say that you fight for justice, or will 
    Fei Long: What's with all these questions? I shouldn't have to answer them!
    Bison: Well, then.... This is your last chance. Join us, Fei Long!
    Fei Long: I'm sorry, but being a villain just isn't my style! And.... I'm not 
    very fond of you, either!
    Bison: Ha! Your destiny has been decided! You will die here!
    (fei Long faces Bison.)
    Bison: Guh! Not bad...your bite is as strong as your bark....
    Fei Long: You are also strong...but not strong enough!
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: You underestimate me.... Now, know what true fear is! 
    (The Psycho Drive statue begins to move, fires a beam towards a satelite in 
    outer space, which lands on a floating Bison.)
    Bison: As long as I have the Psycho Drive, I am INVINCIBLE!
    fei Long: What?!
    Bison: Muuuu!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    (Bison does a Psycho Crusher, which blows Fei Long away.)
    Fei Long: Gwaaaaah!!
    (A dizzy Fei Long faces Bison.)
    Bison: Fei Long, you are as good as ashes before my power!
    (Bison retreats out of the scene.)
    Bison: It's all over for you! PSYCHO CRUSHER!!!!!!
    (Fei Long recovers from the dizzy.)
    Fei Long: Not yet! It is time for you to see my Super Move! 
    (Portrait of Bison doing his Psycho Crusher. Then, there is a portrait of Fei 
    Long doing a flying kick.)
    Fei Long: Wa! Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    (Upon clashing with each other, Bison remains dizzy.)
    Fei Long: By depending on the Psycho Drive, you sealed your fate!
    (Then, Fei Long begins to beat the crap out of Bison, with flaming hits.)
    Fei Long: Waa! Chaaaaaa! Waa! Taaaaaaaaa! Yeah! Chaaaaaaaaaaa!
    (Burning Bison.)
    Bison: No...it's impossible! Nothing can be more powerful...
    (Exploding Bison.)
    Bison: than the Psycho Drive.... Gwaaaaaaah!!!
    (Black screen.)
    	The hit movie, "Street Fighter" was made, based on these events. 
    (Portrait of Fei Long, in a suit, receiving an award from an old man, and 
    shaking his hand, in front of a huge crowd in a 
    	Despite his achievements, he is not yet satisfied....
    (The portrait of Fei Long doing his flying kick appears again.)
    Fei Long: If you reach the top of a mountain, climb yet another! Ah! 
    Chaaaaaaaao! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
    	His cries echo forth, as he continues as an action star....
    Bottom line: Huh? Hit movie??! I see it as a major piece of crap! Is Fei Long to 
    blame? ( No wonder he didn't appear in 
    the movie!!)
    Gen is a wily assassin who uses legendary fighting techniques. He continues to 
    fight bloody battles, even though he is ill.
    What he desires now more than anything is a "death match".... And so he searches 
    for a worthy foe....
    Fifth battle: vs. Ryu
    Gen: I didn't think anyone could withstand my honed skills.... I see the world 
    is yet an interesting place to live in!
    Ryu: Your fighting style.... It's used for killing people, isn't it?
    Gen: And what if it is?
    Ryu: You are strong! I can sense your power just by looking at you....
    (After the fight.)
    Gen: I don't understand.... Your style is pure.... It is not like mine. But why 
    do I feel so empty when I look within...? 
    Perhaps it is because I use the "assassin's fist".... Or...is it because of the 
    power he has flowing through him...?
    Ninth battle: vs. Akuma
    Gen: ...................
    Akuma: .................. It's time to meet eternity old man....
    (After the fight.)
    Gen: .................... It would be a great honor to die in battle with a 
    worthy foe. But now that I've defeated you, my wish 
    can't be granted.
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: Are you the one who defeated the "Master of the Fist"? Ha ha ha.... I 
    will grant your wish as a reward for your skill.
    Gen: You are a big fool.... You will be the next victim to fall.
    (Gen faces Bison.)
    Bison: No...Nooooo.... I cannot be defeated...!
    (Angry Bison.)
    Bison: Muuuuu!!
    (Gen does his Zan'ei Super Combo which nails Bison. Then we see the Burning 
    Bison: Nooooooooo...!!
    (Winning portrait of Gen.)
    Gen: The weak shall perish.... That is nature's law.... You are a fool.... I 
    think those in the afterlife will agree.... 
    (Portrait of Gen on the front of a boat in the ocean, at sunset.)
    Gen: There is no reason to use this fighting style any longer.... 
    (The winning portrait of Akuma appears behind Gen.)
    Gen: He is in the underworld by now...the "Master of the Fist". Akuma was the 
    only warrior worthy of a "death match"....
    Bottom line: The shortest and less interesting ending, to say the least....
    Guile, an ace air force pilot, received an order one day.... COMMANDER CHARLIE 
    BRING HIM BACK. In the hard rain, Guile rushes to the heliport. He knows nothing 
    of the hardships that await him....
    Fifth battle: vs. Chun Li
    Chun Li: Nice to meet you, Commander Guile....
    Guile: Who are you? How did you know who I am? 
    Chun Li: You were ordered to stop Charlie, and bring him back, right? I'm sorry, 
    but I can't allow you to do that.
    Guile: I'm sorry, too, sweetheart.... But, you can't stop me....
    (After the fight.)
    Guile: Charlie is too determined. I'm the only one who can stop him!
    Chun Li: PLEASE! Leave him alone! There is too much at stake!
    Guile: Don't worry.... I'll take care of the enemy, too. As a soldier and 
    friend.... I also can't let the enemy go.
    Ninth battle: vs. Charlie
    Guile: Charlie.... I found you, at last!
    Charlie: Guile...?! I take it that you're not here to help me....
    Guile: They'll start the bombardment in an hour. Get out of here, NOW! A chopper 
    is ready to take you out of here. Leave 
    them to me!
    Charlie: Why should I? If I leave now, he will surely escape again!! You can't 
    stop me this time! I won't retreat! If you 
    insist.... I'll dispose of you so that I may proceed!
    (After the fight.)
    Charlie: Gu...Guile....
    Guile: Take it easy.... I know about them and what must be done. I'm not a hero 
    like you, but I still cannot tolerate 
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: What a heartbreaker.... A hero dies in vain.... Then, his friend 
    sacrifices himself in the name of honor! Ha ha ha! 
    Enjoy this! I, Master Bison, will finish you now!
    Guile: Nice speech. You should have been a politician.... It goes without 
    saying.... Evil will perish....
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: Your moves are sharp and your spirit is energetic...! But, even as a top 
    fighter, you are only human....
    (Guile and Charlie, who are facing a dazed Bison, are repeled by gunfire from a 
    Bison: We had a fun fight.... I'll give you a reward, now...
    (Bison floats up into the air.)
    Bison: Now, you will feel the weakness of being human! Wa ha ha ha ha!
    (Bison flies away. Guile and Charlie remain in the stage.)
    Guile: Hey, Charlie! Let's follow him!!
    (In the Shadaloo base, Guile and Charlie enter the Shadaloo base halls.)
    Guile: The "Psycho Drive" must be in here somewhere....
    Guile: The Psycho Drive caused us a lot of trouble. We must destroy it!
    (Chun Li enters the scene.)
    Chun Li: You...! Both of you...! Thank goodness you're safe! The bombardment was 
    called off! Another one of Bison's 
    tricks! I'm not sure if we can blow this place up, but we should try. Detonation 
    begins in 5 minutes. You must escape 
    (Guile and Charlie enter the Psycho Drive room.)
    Guile: This must be the Psycho Drive room....
    Charlie: Where is Bison?! Did he escape?
    Guile: Okay.... Let's fix this place so he won't want to come back!
    Charlie: I'll set my explosives now! Make sure this room gets leveled!
    (Portrait of Charlie setting up explosives around the Psycho Drive, while Guile 
    overlooks. However, Bison floats down....)
    Bison: I won't allow you to do that!
    (Bison launches a Psycho Shot which knocks Charlie away.)
    Charlie: Guuuuhhh!!
    Guile: Charlie?!
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: Pets are worthless if they begin to have their own will.... Ha ha! 
    Sorry.... "Justice" is something only fools believe 
    (Portrait of Bison doing his Psycho Crusher.)
    Bison: Die in your misery! PSYCHO CRUSHER!!!!
    (Portrait of Charlie getting right on top of Bison, holding him.)
    Bison: YOU!!
    Guile: Charlie...? Stop! Stay out of this! I'll finish him!
    Charlie: Just leave this to me! The base will collapse in time....
    Guile: ...! But...!
    Charlie: Now, go!
    (Explosion. There is also a portrait of Guile in front of the explosion, looking 
    at the disaster.)
    Guile: Charlieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    (Cut to a city scenery at the shores of a sea. The back portrait of Guile 
    Guile: ...................
    (Chun Li walks into scene.)
    Chun Li: You made it, Commander....
    Guile: ...................
    Chun Li: The base was totally demolished. Bison's Psycho Power is gone.... Most 
    of the Shadaloo facilities are now under
    our control.
    Guile: ...................
    Chun Li: Yes! I believe my father is alive somewhere, like Charlie! The real 
    goodbye will only happen when we stop
    (Chun Li walks out of scene. Then, there is a portrait of Guile holding 
    Charlie's dogtags in his hand.)
    Guile: Charlie.... I believe.... Yes, I believe that you're still alive, 
    Guile: The longest, and quite interesting ending, to say the least.
    He is the ninja who lives in the present. He is heir to the Bushin style, which 
    has endured for centuries. When a threat to
    the world rises so will the shadow of Bushin. These are the words Master Zeku 
    left. What do they mean?
    Fifth battle: vs. Karin
    Karin: Are you the legitimate successor of Bushin style; Guy? My father forbids 
    me to fight, but I can't resist the call! The 
    Kanzuki family detests any unearned victories.
    Guy: I'm afraid I don't understand.... Do you intend to fight me? If this is 
    true, then I will fight with all my strength!
    (After the fight.)
    Karin: I underestimated you, Guy! Your skills are amazing!
    Guy: And what do you know of Bushin style?
    Karin: When a threat to the world rises so will the shadow of Bushin. This is a 
    great opportunity to fight beside one such 
    as you!
    Guy: This "threat to the world". Do you know who this man is?
    Karin: Yes, if I remember correctly, his present name is BISON.
    (Lantis: Hmmmm.... This may be a clue that Bison has been in this world for many 
    Ninth battle: vs. Gen
    Gen: Wait, lad! Are you searching for the villain named Bison?
    Guy: Yes.... What do you know of him?
    Gen: Whether that man lives or dies is completly inconsequential. But you risk 
    interfering in my quest for the man of
    "Ten". You will not interfere with the "death match" I have planned! I will kill 
    you before I allow that to happen!
    (After the fight.)
    Guy: I can't imagine how dreadful the man called Bison must be. Master Zeku 
    predicted that I'd fight with Bison someday. 
    But there is still much I have to learn about Bushin style....
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: Bushin style.... Ah. Now I recall what I've heard about that name. Bushin 
    is a threat to my Psycho Power. It must 
    be exterminated. You are disrupting our work.... Leave here at once.
    Guy: I can't. You are the "threat of the world" I was warned of.
    Bison: I have gone by many different names throughout history. But each has 
    always been marked by fear and despair. Get 
    ready...the legitimate successor of Bushin style!
    (Guy faces a dizzy Bison.)
    Bison: Gu, gu.... Noooooo.... I'm.... Your Bushin style!! I underestimated it!!
    Guy: I can sense the true nature of your spirit now, Bison. Indeed, you are the 
    evil threat Master Zeku foretold! BISON! 
    You had best leave this area quickly! Or else!
    (Angry Bison.)
    Bison: Insolent child! How dare you!
    (Portrait of Bison doing his Psycho Crusher. Just before the Psycho Crusher hits 
    Guy, the action freezes.)
    Guy: I will crush the name of Bushin beneath the weight of my power. 
    (Suddenly, Guy does his Bushin Musou Renge Super Combo, which nails Bison in the 
    middle of his Psycho Crusher. The 
    action freezes in the middle of the beating.)
    (The action continues and Guy finishes giving Bison his ass kicked. Then we see 
    Burning Bison.)
    Bison: I.....I....am.... Ugh...beaten...by...you.... Wh...y......
    (Exploding Bison. Then we see a portrait of Guy standing in the middle of the 
    Guy: So this is the power of Bushin. An awesome burden for one man. I literally 
    hold the power of life and death before 
    my fists. Questioning the morality of right and wrong is irrelevant. Master Zeku 
    has trusted me as the successor of the
    Bushin style.... And so it is my destiny to be burdened with such great task.
    (Guy stands in the scene.)
    Guy: It is my duty to train, continue, and strengthen....
    (Guy rushes out of scene.)
    Guy: a mind capable of attacking without hesitation. 
    (Winning portrait of Guy.)
    Guy: This is indeed the heart of Bushin style!
    Bottom line: This game is full of death techniques, isn't it?
    Enhanced soldiers are created by Shadaloo's demonic technology.... Juli, one of 
    these soldiers, receives an order from 
    Bison.... "Find and destroy the enhanced soldier named Cammy!".
    Fifth battle: vs. T.Hawk
    T.Hawk: You.... Could you be...? Julia?! Julia!! I've been looking for you.... 
    Come home with me, now!
    Juli: ................
    T.Hawk: ...Julia? What's wrong?!
    Juli: Commencing attack....
    Ninth battle: vs. Cammy    
    Juli: Target confirmed.
    Cammy: You don't seem to realize it yet.... I'm not like you anymore...! I've 
    become my true self again!
    Juli: Exterminating subject....
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: Well done...! Your mission has been completed. Your enhanced metabolism 
    has shortened your life span. Now, rest in peace.... You should be content, 
    having served me!
    Juli: ...Changing mode. Preparing to attack....
    Bison: Ha ha...! Enhanced, indeed. Your will to survive is strong! 
    Interesting.... I will destroy you as payment for your service!
    (Angry Bison.)
    Bison: Guh...! The power of the Psycho Drive is weakening? How.... How could 
    something disposible like you.... I thought I was the only one who could control 
    the Psycho Drive?! It's too late, anyway! If I perish...you shall perish as 
    (Portrait of Juli grabbing her chin, breathing hardly.)
    Juli: Brain waves...abnormal....
    (Burning Bison.)
    Bison: Don't ever dream that you could live...as a human. Gwaaaaaaah!
    (Portrait of suffering Juli again.)
    Juli: Blood pressure abnormal...exceeding limit...Guuuunnnh!
    (Black screen.)
    Cammy: ...Have you awakened?
    (Portrait of Cammy kneeling near a resting Juli.)
    Juli: Ah.... Where am I? Who...are you?
    Cammy: I'm Cammy, an enhanced soldier, like yourself.... Listen...your body's 
    cells are on the verge of exploding!
    Juli: ...What? ...What...do you mean?
    Cammy: To stop it, we have no choice but to use the machine. Hurry.... Time is 
    running out! 
    (Cammy and Juli go to the Psycho Drive room. Cammy is kneeling near the 
    mechanism, while Juli is being charged up in the tube.)
    Cammy: Everything is going to be okay.... I'm the only one...who can activate 
    the Psycho Drive now.... And...only one can survive... ...You will survive...and 
    Bottom line: Help those who have beaten the crap out of you! Yeah, that's the 
    Enhanced soldiers are created by Shadaloo's demonic technology.... Juni, one of 
    these soldiers, receives an order from Bison.... "Pursue a warrior named Ryu and 
    collect his data as a sample!".
    Fifth battle: vs. E.Honda
    Honda: You.... You seem to be new around here.... Your eyes and behavior.... I 
    can tell you've been trained....
    Juni: Accessing subject data.... 20 seconds to go....
    Honda: Sounds fun! Let's fight!
    Juni: Judged as an obstacle.... Commencing object disposal....
    (After the fight.)
    Juni: Target deactivated. Subject data fixed. Resuming pursuit of Ryu.
    Honda: Ugh.... I was careless.... You must be...eating Japanese Chanko Nabe.... 
    Every day, right...?
    Ninth battle: vs. Ryu
    Juni: Target in view. 98% similiarity between object and sample data. 
    Ryu: ...Who are you? Do you want to fight with me?
    Juni: Unique energy detected. Unable to analyze.... Insufficient data. 
    Initiating sampling. Level 1 combat status activated.
    Ryu: I don't know what you want, but I will do my best in any fight!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: Ha ha.... Okay, then. I knew this would happen. Ryu's "Evil Energy" only 
    emerges under certain conditions.... I sent you, hoping for the best, but now 
    your mission is over. I'll be dealing with Ryu myself. You can die now, at my 
    Juni: ...Class A emergency. Class A combat status activated...!
    Bison: This is interesting...! You dare to rise against me? Ha ha ha!!
    (Burning Bison.)
    Bison: Guh...! The power of the Psycho Drive is weakening? How.... How could 
    something disposible like you.... I thought I was the only one who could control 
    the Psycho Drive?! It's too late, anyway! If I perish...you shall perish as 
    (Portrait of Juni in pain, grabbing her chin and breathing hardly. Similiar to 
    Juli's, but there is more pain in her eyes.)
    Juni: BP value decreasing rapidly.... Life maintenance at jeopardy.... (Lantis: 
    What is Juni? Heh heh...)
    (Exploding Bison.)
    Bison: Don't ever dream that you could live...as a human. Gwaaaaaaah!
    (Portrait of Juni in pain again.)
    Juni: Danger.... Dan...ger.... Guuuuh!!
    (Black screen. Screen then shows a portrait of Juni kneeling near the well-done 
    Juni: Sir.... Sir Bison.... ?! Who...who are you?!
    (Juni looks to her right. Juni is sitting right next to her, with her eyes 
    Juli: ................
    (Portrait of Juni and Juli taking each other's hands!!)
    Juni: We are...we are....
    Juli: al...always....
    Juni/Juli: Sir...Bison's....
    (Change to side portrait of Charlie in a cockpit of his Harrier. However, Chun 
    Li does all the talking now.)
    Chun Li: ...Shadaloo's enhanced soldiers....
    (Shadaloo base exterior. The Harrier flies near.)
    Chun Li: What was the true reason why Bison created those girls...?
    (Portrait of Juni and Juli together again.)
    Chun Li: They could have provided us with clues to help defeat Bison....
    (Charlie's Harrier on the ground.)
    Charlie: There were no vital signs when we attakced Shadaloo's base. 
    (Portrait of Juni and Juli together appears yet again.)
    Charlie: We couldn't confirm those enhanced soldier girls, either. Where did 
    they disappear to?
    Charlie: The truth, and the Psycho Drive, went up in smoke.... All we have now, 
    is fragmentary information on the mission file.
    Bottom line: Pretty disturbing stuff going on.... But hey, everybody talks about 
    it, so why not here?
    Karin Kanzuki is the only daughter of a corporate family. She must honor her 
    family motto. "Be the winner of everything". To do such, she must battle the one 
    girl who has defeated her.... To find Sakura, she will travel the world....
    Fifth battle: vs. Blanka
    Karin: Wha...What?! A beast!
    Blanka: Woooooooo!! <Hey cute girl, let's fight!>
    Karin: Ho, ho, ho.... All right! I'll fight you and beat you, if that is your 
    wish.... You'll fall pray to my fists! For they are the King of Beasts!
    (After the fight.)
    Karin: I never thought such a creature existed. The world is so vast. ?! I think 
    someone was watching my fight...! ...Or was it just my imagination...?
    Ninth battle: vs. Sakura
    Karin: I've found you at last, Sakura Kasugano!!!
    Sakura: Karin Kanzuki?! What the heck are you doing here?!
    Karin: I came here to fight you again!! Our last match helped me to train!
    Sakura: Yes..... I can feel your fighting spirit. I'm so excited!
    (After the fight.)
    Karin: My mind feels refreshed.... I won by chance. You are the better fighter. 
    I admire you!
    Sakura: You're great, too! I hope we can fight again someday!
    Karin: Ho ho! It's not the win or loss, but the moment of the fight.... That is 
    what is important to me now!
    Sub battle: vs. Juni/Juli
    Bison: Ha, ha! I watched your match. You fought well for young girls. Are you 
    the girl who defeated Blanka?
    Karin: How rude!! Who are you?!
    Bison: If you beat my dolls, I'll tell you my name! Now, my pretty dolls.... 
    Destroy her!!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: How entertaining.... You are stronger than I thought.... I'm M.Bison, 
    leader of Shadaloo. You are a qualified fighter.
    Karin: Shadaloo's M.Bison!! You are less than a man!! I'll use all my strength 
    to defeat you!!
    (Karin faces a Bison lying on the ground.)
    Bison: How can this be?! A man such as myself cannot be defeated!
    (Bison gets up.)
    Bison: I won't forgive you!! I'll NEVER forgive you!! 
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: Your zaibatsu (Lantis: Zaibatsu means basically "corporation".) was 
    foolish to neglect my demands! Now, I'll completly eliminate you.
    (Bison floats away. He returns to the Shadaloo base, where he enters the 
    Shadaloo base exterior, and inside the Psycho Drive room's tube. He keeps 
    floating in there.)
    Bison: Muuuuuuuuuuun!! (Lantis: Notice Bison's fascination in imitating cow 
    songs. :) As long as the "Psycho Drive" saves me.... It'll be impossible to beat 
    me! Fu ha ha ha ha ha!
    (Back in the stage, Sakura enters the scene with Karin.)
    Sakura: Karin!! I've got a bad feeling about this....
    Karin: Ho ho ho! You don't have to worry about me, Sakura!
    (Portrait of Karin talking with a cell phone.)
    Karin: SHIBAZAKI! Are you ready? Do it as we planned!
    (Portrait of Shibazaki, a man with a suit and glasses, doing a bow in the middle 
    of a computer room.)
    Shibazaki: Yes, miss Karin!
    (Portrait of a satelite in the sky. Then, return to the portrait of Karin 
    talking on the phone, now sporting a cocky smile.)
    Karin: Ho ho ho! I don't know what you're planning to do.... But you are a fool 
    to fight against the Kanzuki zaibatsu!
    (Suddenly, back to the portrait of the satelite, the machine fires a beam down 
    to Earth, right through the Shadaloo base, and straight on Bison's Psycho Drive 
    room tube.)
    Bison: Muu!!
    (Angry Bison.)
    Bison: Wha...what's happening here?!
    (Burning Bison.)
    Bison: I.... I've been defeated! I can't believe it!!!
    (Explosion. At the next day, in Sakura's stage, there is Karin and Sakura. Karin 
    is in her "beauty model" pose.)
    Sakura: Did you see the headlines this morning, Karin? Shadaloo's destruction a 
    mystery. Is this about that man?
    Karin: Yes...let me fill you in.... To tell you the truth, Shadaloo threatened 
    our Kanzuki zaibatsu. I suppose they forgot how weak and powerless they are. I 
    used Kanzuki zaibatsu's killer satelite, the "Manjushage". And destroyed the 
    underworld base completly!
    Sakura: Ma...Manju? Killer satelite?!
    (Sakura scratches her head. Karin laughs.)
    Karin: Some people just don't know who they're messing with!! Oh ho ho ho! (loud 
    Bottom line: I want to borrow the Manjushage to blow up certain schools down 
    Ryu's eternal rival, Ken Masters.... His title of "U.S. martial arts champion" 
    proves his strength. Yet his mind has become unsound. His friend's focus urges 
    him. Now he sets out to find the answer just beyond his fist....
    Fifth battle: vs. Karin
    Karin: You seem troubled, Mr. Masters.
    Ken: Long time no see, girl. Sorry, have no time for autographs!
    Karin: You don't sound like the U.S. martial arts champion.... I'll show you who 
    is the champion! Get ready!!
    (After the fight.)
    Karin: That was impressive.... I didn't think I would lose again....
    Ken: By the way, how is your rival doing, kid?
    Karin: I hope both she and I find our next fight to be worthwhile. That's why 
    I'm training hard day after day.... I'm certain Sakura feels the same way.
    Ken: You go, girl! I hope your next fight is exciting.
    Ninth battle: vs. Sakura
    Sakura: Ken! Please fight withme!
    Ken: Sure...but I thought it was Ryu you were interested in....
    Sakura: I'd love to fight Ryu, of course, but... ...I'd like to find out how 
    much progress we've made.... Both of us...you and myself!
    (After the fight.)
    Sakura: Thanks a lot, Ken! Whenever I fight a strong foe, I can't help but 
    think... ...how happy I am to be able to fight like this!
    Ken: Yes...you're right...what have I been thinking...? I can fight with 
    "him".... That's what I need.... You woke me up! Thanks kid!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: Ken Masters...the U.S. martial arts champion and Ryu's rival....
    Ken: Who the heck are you?!
    Bison: I'll see how much difference there is between the two of you!
    Ken: Don't get me wrong. I'm different from him.... I'll defeat you in my own 
    (Ken faces Bison who is lying on the ground.)
    Ken: Huh, huh, huh...you're a tough one to beat.... I'm exhausted....
    (Bison gets up.)
    Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: Then allow me to rejuvenate you. Accept my Psycho Power, and you won't 
    feel any wearingness nor pain.
    (Portrait of Bison doing his Psycho Crusher.)
    Bison: Nuuuoooooooooohh!
    (Ken is about to crouch block Bison's Psycho Crusher when suddenly, the action 
    Ken: ...I'll finish this with the move I perfected with him!
    (Once the action gets going, there is a pause, then Ken appears nailing Bison 
    with his Shoryuken.)
    Ken: Sho...Ryu...Ken!!
    (Burning Bison.)
    Bison: N...No way.....!! ...How could I......?!
    (Exploding Bison.)
    Bison: Gahaaaaaaaaaah!!
    (Portrait of a tired Ken, grabbing his head.)
    Ken: Hee hee hee.... How did you like my Shoryuken? Ryu's didn't make you feel 
    like dying, but mine did, didn't it?
    (Cut to a Harrier flying through the sky, and then a side portrait of Charlie 
    flying in the cockpit.)
    Charlie: What...?! We have lost track of Bison's Psycho Energy! What happened?! 
    Could he be...?!
    (Ken practices some hits in a coastside city.)
    Ken: Wait for me, Ryu.... I'm not the fighter I used to be.... With my own way, 
    I'll test my skill and...improve myself! 
    (Ken practices Shoryukens in Akuma's stage.)
    Ken: So the next time we meet we can remember every single moment of our fight! 
    For those are the most precious moments of all....
    Bottom line: OK, that's all good, but what will happen with Ken's red ribbon?
    Bison is the leader of the secret organization "Shadaloo". His inner power is 
    about to exceed what his body can hold. Psycho Power needs a host that can trap 
    it's demonic strength. A new body that only the strongest of warriors 
    Fifth battle: vs. Akuma
    Bison: So, you're the master of fists....
    Akuma: ...What do you want?
    Bison: To see if your "evil intent" can hurt me!
    Akuma: Do not mock me.... I will destroy you!!
    (After the fight.)
    Bison: So this is your "evil intent".... It is less than nothing! There is no 
    one who can stop me...! Ryu.... Just you wait! Your body will soon be mine!
    Ninth battle: vs. Sagat
    Sagat: You!! What are you planning to do with Ryu?
    Bison: Just know that your rival will be used to further my purposes.
    Sagat: So, you can't fight without someone's help...? Pathetic...!
    Bison: Fool! The body I have now is more than enough to crush you! If you 
    interfere, you will be the first to perish!
    Final battle: vs. Ryu
    Bison: Ryu, your existence has been critical to my ambitions.... My ambition to 
    rule this world forever.... And to be honored as the mightiest of all time!
    Ryu: All I care about.... Is to battle and crush worthy opponents.... Now.... It 
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: At last! You are finally in my hands, Ryu....
    (In the Psycho Drive room, Bison looks over Ryu, who is floating in the tube.)
    Bison: You.... Your power.... I will use it well! For my ambition! Ha ha ha ha 
    (The Psycho Drive statue begins to move.)
    Bison: Perish! All you fools shall perish now!
    (The Psycho Drive statue fires a beam to outer space, which reflects itself on a 
    satelite, sent back to the Earth, and blows up a city. After the explosion, 
    there is a portrait of an eerie Bison, like in the intro.)
    Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha! Magnificent! The ultimate destructive power!
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: Nothing can stop my ambition! As long as Ryu's power and body are in my 
    hands, I am supreme!
    (Shadaloo symbol appears.)
    Bison: Let the name of "Shadaloo" echo for all eternity!
    Bottom line: Bison really needs to stop seeing those Barney reruns...:)
    Rainbow Mika is ready to make her debut as a pro wrestler. She thought of the 
    perfect promotion to make her a star.... She would travel the world and fight 
    famous Street Fighters! Mika takes her first step to becoming "Star of the 
    Fifth battle: vs. Karin
    Karin: Well, well, well.... Training to be a pro wrestler? Hm hm hm....
    Mika: Hey! That was mean!! Why are you laughing at me?!
    Karin: Can't I laugh at something I find to be funny? Ho ho ho ho!
    Mika: What's so funny about pro wrestling?! (Lantis: Better say what's NOT so 
    funny!) Take that back!
    (After the fight.)
    Karin: Oh...ugh.... I didn't think you were this strong.... I guess I didn't 
    study enough about pro wrestling.... (Lantis: You don't need to study that 
    much.) If you make it to the top, my zaibatsu will be your sponsor.
    Mika: My sponsor?! Thank you so much!! I can't believe you're so nice!
    Ninth battle: vs. Zangief
    Mika: Are.... Are you THE Zangief?!
    Zangief: Yes. I am Zangief, the "Red Cyclone"!
    Mika: This is so exciting! M...m...my name is Mika.... I admired you so much 
    that I too, became a pro wrestler!!
    Zangief: Hmm.... That's a very nice thing for you to say. If you're a 
    professional, how about having a match with me?
    Mika: Really?! You mean it?! No joke?! Alright! I'd be happy to!!
    (After the fight.)
    Zangief: Gwa ha ha ha ha! How surprising! You've beaten me!
    Mika: Oh no!! I'm sorry! It was an accident! I'll tell my children about this 
    someday! It was so exciting!
    Zangief: Gwa ha ha ha ha! Your name's Mika, right? Most impressive!
    Sub battle: vs. Arcade Balrog
    Bison: Ha ha ha!! Master and pupil.... A happy couple.... How pathetic! 
    Zangief.... I thought you wanted to speak to me...?
    Zangief: Wha?! M.Bison!
    Bison: Your fight was very entertaining...... But instead of paying you, this 
    man will guide you to heaven!
    Mika: Zangief! Please let me fight this man!
    Zangief: ?! Alright.... To face a deviant style might be good practice. Do your 
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: You're a very strong girl.... But your luck has just run out! You will 
    regret your inexperience in the next world!
    Zangief: What?! No!! Mika! Look out!!
    (Angry Bison.)
    Bison: I was defeated by a mere girl.... How.... How can this be?!
    (Zangief comes into scene, where Mika is facing a Bison who is lying on the 
    Zangief: Mika...! Are you alright...!!
    Mika: Zangief.... Who is this M.Bison?
    Zangief: I'll explain later. First I'll destroy the "Psycho Drive"!
    (Shadaloo base exterior.)
    Mika: Uhh.... Zangief? What IS that Psycho thingy?
    Zangief: "Psycho Drive".... It is a weapon that Russia must never be tainted by. 
    The great leader told me to destroy it.
    (Psycho Drive room.)
    Mika: This.... This is the "Psycho Drive"..............?
    Zangief: Yes.... This is it. I'll have to destroy it quickly! Stand back 
    Mika.... Here I go.... Iyaaaaaaaaaa!!
    (Zangief does his Quad Lariat which runs through the Psycho Drive, causing it to 
    begin exploding.)
    Mika: Oh...! Look! The system is all sparkly!
    Zangief: Alright.... That's enough! Let's get out of here!!
    (In the Shadaloo base halls, everything is beginning to crumble. Zangief and 
    Mika pass by, but Mika slips.)
    Mika: Aiya!!
    (Zangief turns around.)
    Zangief: Mika...?! Oh no!!
    (Portrait of Zangief covering up an anguished Mika, shouting. Rocks fall on 
    Zangief's back.)
    Mika: AIYAAAAAAA! The ceiling is....
    Zangief: This is nothing to me!! Muuuuuuuuunn!!!
    (Portrait of a smiling Mika, glimmering all around.)
    Mika: Zangief! You.... You savedme!
    Zangief: It would be a shame to see your skills perish here. Don't worry. My 
    hard body is too strong to be hurt by mere rocks.
    (Back to the Shadaloo halls, where Zangief and Mika are standing together.)
    Zangief: Are you alright? Great! Let's go!
    Mika: Yes sir!!!
    (Both get out of scene. Shadaloo base explodes. After awhile, Mika is seen in 
    her stage, pulling a tire around with her body.)
    Mika: One...two...one...two....
    (Winning portrait of Zangief, which glimmers.)
    Mika: I wonder what Zangief is doing right now.... I wonder if he's out on 
    another dangerous mission.... Maybe I'll see him again someday.... Wait, I KNOW 
    I will be able to see him again.... When I'm a famous wrestler, standing in the 
    spotlight! I'm sure of it!!
    Bottom line: Hmmm...Mika vs. Goldberg. My bet's on Mika :).
    Rolento's goal is to build the most powerful military nation. He realizes he 
    needs powerful allies to strengthen his cause. He remembers a man named Cody, a 
    fighter who was once his enemy. Will Rolento fulfill his idealistic ambitions?
    Fifth battle: vs. Sodom
    Rolento: I'm ready to forgive you despite your rudeness in the past! Join me! 
    Help me build the ideal military nation! Well?
    Sodom: No! What I seek is my true spirit! I trust nothing else! Mad Gear.... 
    They have already lost their souls!
    Rolento: It's a serious crime to oppose my noble ideals! I no longer consider 
    you to be a blood brother!!
    (After the fight.)
    Rolento: You imbecile.... Now you've learned! Power is everything!!
    Sodom: Oh... ...Rolento! You've changed.... Money.... Power.... Before, you 
    didn't care about such things.... All you cared for back then was the perfect 
    Rolento: ........My ideals do not contradict that goal!
    Ninth battle: vs. Cody
    Rolento: What?! Cody!! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?! (Lantis: Cody must have some sore 
    ears.) Have I come all this way to scout someone this corrupted?
    Cody: Hey there! Long time no see.... I'm not corrupt!! I'm a loner! Hah! So 
    you're still playing your stupid military games?
    Rolento: How rude! It is your dead spirit that reeks of stupidity! Now I'll show 
    you! Prepare to be punished!
    (After the fight.)
    Rolento: ...After all, you are not a warrior! Control.... Discipline. Achieving 
    a goal, no matter what the cost! That's what first-class soldiers are all about! 
    Remember that! Now, I must concentrate on enhancing our armaments... ...and try 
    to compensate for the lack of soldiers with weapons.
    Sub battle: vs. Arcade Balrog
    Rolento: You must be Bison, the leader of Shadaloo!! Give all of your armaments 
    to me!! That's the best possible way to put this world back into order!!
    Bison: You want the "Psycho Drive"? Shadaloo's secret weapon...?! I doubt a dog 
    like you possesses the intelligence to operate it! Balrog.... Sweep this garbage 
    out the door!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Rolento: I expected more. Do you only hire amateurs around here?! A boxer 
    doesn't stand a chance against the ultimate strategist!
    Bison: ...Strategist? You must be joking! You're dreaming if you think you will 
    survive after defying me!
    (Shadaloo base exterior. Night time.)
    	Location: Shadaloo underground base.
    (In the Shadaloo base halls, Rolento rolls into scene.)
    Rolento: Sneaking in here was too easy! Where's the security here?! According to 
    my information, it's got to be back here.... Proceeding with the mission!
    (Rolento rolls out of the scene. He arrives at the Psycho Drive room.)
    Rolento: So this is the "Psycho Drive"! Hmm.... It's foolish to control a nation 
    by brain-washing people! A weapon with no political value is useless in my 
    utopian nation! This must be destroyed inmediately!!
    (Rolento rolls around and plants grenades around the Psycho Drive. When he's 
    done, he leaps out of scene. Outside the Shadaloo base, daytime has already 
    Rolento: Dawn is approaching.... I must leave now.
    (Rolento walks outside the base.... Suddenly, he spots something.)
    Rolento: ............What?!
    (A trailer with strange graffiti on it arrives. It's Sodom's trailer from his 
    SFA 2 stage. Rolento leaps. Then there is a portrait of Rolento on top of 
    Sodom's trailer.)
    Rolento: Sodom?! What are you doing here?
    (Portrait of Sodom in the driving seat of the trailer.)
    Sodom: You did not use that weapon, after all.... Your dream...! It must still 
    be possible to create a utopia! I'm interested in seeing how you will achieve 
    that goal!
    (Shadaloo base explodes. Right in front of the explosion scene, we see the 
    portrait of Rolento atop the trailer again, but now the trailer is moving.)
    Rolento: Mission complete!! My comrade Sodom! Follow me! I'll achieve the ideal 
    union and yes, the perfect peace! My noble ideals will bring forth the coming of 
    a new era!
    Bottom line: Bad guys have their heart, too!
    Rose is a mysterious woman who wields the mystic "Soul Power". She feels that 
    Doomsday is fast approaching.... She must seal Bison's power away even at the 
    cost of her life.... What fate awaits her in the end...?
    Fifth battle: vs. Guy
    Guy: You are Rose, are you not? It's not right to give up your life, even for 
    your mission. Risking life and surrendering it are two different things.
    Rose: My mind is made up. Is it your place to try and help me? Even if so, your 
    help is not anything that I need nor want.
    (After the fight.)
    Guy: "Soul Power".... Most impressive! But never underestimate his power. He's a 
    man of such evil energy, even my kindred fear him.
    Rose: Thanks for the advice, but I must continue on my path....
    Ninth battle: vs. Vega
    Rose: Vega! Warrior of Shadaloo! I've finally found you! You know where Bison 
    is, don't you? Tell me!
    Vega: I have no reason to do such.... However.... As your name implies, you 
    possess the beauty and thorns of a rose. So I shall adorn you in a pure red to 
    suit your name better.
    (After the fight.)
    Vega: Remember.... Bison looks forward to your challenge.... I don't understand 
    his thinking, and I probably never will.... Why would you dare to go to him, 
    only to be slain in the end...?
    Rose: By reading your mind, I now know where Bison is.... Once divided, two 
    separate fates unite. This is our fate.... I don't know what awaits us.... And 
    neither does he....
    Sub battle: vs. Juni/Juli
    Bison: You arrived earlier than I had anticipated.... Sorry, but I have another 
    appointment.... Come back later.
    Rose: Bison! You can't avoid this.... You know you can't.... Since the day we 
    met, fate knew it had to end in this way....
    Bison: Ha ha ha ha! Don't be so melodramatic! Why don't you play with them if 
    it's a challenge you desire? You have nothing to lose.... Except perhaps your 
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Rose: Did you truly believe they could defeat me? There's no escape...for either 
    of us....
    Bison: A rose without thorns means friendship.... Come now.... I should never 
    have allowed you to grow thorns....
    Rose: No! That obedience is what caused all this tragedy.... The game is 
    over.... Let's finish this now!!
    (Portrait of Rose doing a Soul Spiral on Bison's chest. Bison reels of pain.)
    Bison: Guwaaaaaaaahh!!!
    Rose: You are finished, Bison....
    (Portrait of Rose's face.)
    Rose: It wasn't supposed to end like this.... You were my master.... Now I must 
    destroy you with my bare hands....
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: Guh.... You impressed me.... There was no other way to end this.... 
    But...my "soul" will not be extinguished just yet!
    (Portrait of Bison punching Rose in the stomach. Rose bends over in pain.)
    Rose: Haaaaaaa!! Ugaaaaaaaahhhhh!!
    Bison: Just imagine your future...! Can you see it?! Can you see who truly 
    wields the power granted to us? It is YOU who stands victorious in the world of 
    eternal doom!
    Rose: ....!! ...What.... What is this...! This means...you will.... No...I 
    Bison: Right...we'll return to where we belong...as was our wish!
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: Two separate lives share the same...soul.... 
    (Burning Bison.)
    Bison: Guwaaaaaaaaahh!!!
    (Portrait of Guy carrying Rose in his arms.)
    Guy: Hmm.... I was wise to come here quickly.... I felt something unsettling.... 
    Her wound does not seem fatal but... ...she needs to be taken care of 
    (Quick flash of a portrait of Bison, like in the intro.)
    Guy: Hmm...! Was it all in my mind...? That man is gone.... He is no longer a 
    threat to this world.... Then.... What could this be...? What is this sudden 
    Bottom line: Pretty twisting, isn't it? What will happen??!
    Ryu is a man following the path to become a true martial artist. What is the 
    meaning of the "evil intent" building within him? He continues his journey to 
    find the answers, and new challenges.
    Fifth battle: vs. Rose
    Rose: Ryu.... You are not strong enough to win the battle with that man. Or 
    should I say, you COULD win, but at the cost of your soul....
    Ryu: ...?! Who are you? And who is "that man"?
    Rose: Fight me now.... And defeat me, if you can!
    (After the fight.)
    Rose: You must fight with your soul, not with your power! To become a true 
    martial artist is to understand that. You try in vain to look for the answer. 
    But, it lies within you. Keep that in mind...even when you confront that man!
    Ninth battle: vs. Ken
    Ken: Ryu.... It's time! Fight me! Now you will finally see that I am the 
    strongest! Not you!
    Ryu: Ken? What's wrong? Your eyes.... What's happened to you?!
    Ken: Shut up!! Don't assume that I'm what I once was! We fight!!!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Ryu: Ken!! Who...are...you?!
    Bison: Huh ha ha ha ha ha! You're as strong as I had hoped, Ryu! Ken was too 
    afraid that you'll be a master, and that he won't. I gave him great power, but 
    only at the cost of his mind.
    Ryu: What?!
    Bison: Now it's your turn! Prepare to be seduced... ...by my Psycho Power! I 
    will reveal your dark nature!
    (Ryu faces Bison, who is lying on the ground.)
    Ryu: The man Rose mentioned.... Is that the man? Wha...? What?!
    (Bison gets up and begins to float.)
    Bison: Muuuuuuh! Haa! Haa! Haaaaaaaaaaa!
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: Ryuuuuuuuuuu!!! You are destined to become my next host body! Even if 
    this body is vanquished.... My soul is eternal...!! Now, die...!!
    (Bison throws a Psycho Shot at Ryu. Then we see a portrait of Ryu grabbing his 
    chest in pain.)
    Ryu: Gw.... Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
    (Portrait of Chun Li in a computer room, with a leather jacket and headphones.)
    Chun Li: This is Chun Li, Special Inspector of I.C.P.O.! We're detecting a huge 
    burst of energy.... It must be Bison! What's happening down there?!
    (Portrait of a Harrier fighting jet flying through the sky. Then we see a side 
    portrait of Charlie in the cockpit.)
    Charlie: How should I know?! Just don't take your eye off that monitor! We've 
    cornered him at last. We won't lose him this time!
    (Portrait of Ryu with blood red eyes, about to turn into Evil Ryu.)
    Ryu: Gwooooooooooooo!! Is this...my true nature? The power is building within. 
    It wants me to destroy everything! The evil energy Akuma mentioned.... 
    Bison...is...the...answer.... Can it be the same...?!
    (Then, several characters begin to appear in Ryu's memory. When each one talks, 
    their winning portrait appears.)
    Sagat: I welcome your challenge anytime you so desire a match!
    Rose: Keep that in mind...even when you confront that man!
    Chun Li: You will be stronger when I see you next.... Won't you?
    Sakura: Would you give me the honor of another match? Please?
    Akuma: Show me...your true power!
    Ken: One more round! Let's go, Ryu!
    Ryu: ...!! Wooooooooooooooohhh!!
    (Everything begins to tremble. Angry Bison.)
    Bison: Why...? You have the power.... Power that is evil itself! Yet, you refuse 
    my command!
    (Burning Bison.)
    Bison: I don't believe it...... This is impossible.......! THIS IS 
    (Portrait of Ryu doing his Shoryuken, like in the intro. It nails Bison, and he 
    explodes. Back to the portrait of Charlie in the cockpit.)
    Charlie: ...What? It's gone? I believe Shadaloo's secret base has been secured.
    (Portrait of Chun Li in the computer room.)
    Chun Li: I don't detect Bison is anywhere in the base. Let's take this 
    opportunity to find out, shall we?
    (Back to portrait of Charlie in the cockpit.)
    Charlie: Roger! I'll be back in 2 hours! ...Now! Let's move! Let's exterminate 
    those cockroaches!
    (Black screen.)
    	Two days later....
    (Ken and Ryu are in Ryu's stage. Ryu is doing his arms crossed pose, while the 
    wind blows through him.)
    Ken: Are you leaving, Ryu?
    Ryu: I owe you more than I could ever repay you this time, my friend....
    Ken: Oh.... Forget about it!
    Ryu: I've found a new awareness! I thought I was finished.... But there are so 
    many things I had never thought possible. The more we study martial arts, the 
    more fearful it becomes.... But it is so magnificent in its unlimited vastness!
    Ken: Ha! Ha! That's you alright.... Old pal! Ryu.... Just remember next time, I 
    still owe you!
    (Portrait of Ken standing and watching his friend go. Then there is a back 
    portrait of Ryu walking away with that damn bag. The end.)
    Bottom line: Main characters always get the longest endings, you know?
    Sagat is known as the "Emperor of Muay Thai". The scar upon his chest serves as 
    a reminder of his defeat... ...to Ryu and his Shoryuken! He fights for vengeance 
    alone.... But, he's begun to realize that the power of hatred is limited.
    Fifth battle: vs. Dan
    Dan: Sagaaaaaaaaaat!! You killed my FATHER!! Remember my name before you die! I 
    am Dan Hibiki!! I am the strongest martial artist! Feel my wrath!!
    (After the fight.)
    Dan: I don't believe it! Why couldn't I beat him with my mighty power? One more 
    chance.... I must fight!
    Sagat: I can't bear to watch.... He is just like the way I was! I need 
    something.... Something other than hatred....
    Ninth battle: vs. Ryu
    Sagat: ...!! WHAT'S THIS?! What have you done to Ryu, Bison?
    Bison: Hmm.... What are you waiting for? Isn't this what you wanted? I charged 
    Ryu with Psycho Power to make him stronger. This is everything you could have 
    ever asked for!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Sagat: Did you really think that I would appreciate this? I wish to fight Ryu 
    when he uses his true power from within.... I have no need for your tampering 
    and cheap tricks!
    Bison: Hah! Then perhaps you'll never be a great fighter after all.... Your 
    pitiful pride will lead you to your own destruction.... I'll show you your 
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha...! Even if my body is destroyed.... My Psycho Power will 
    not die! The power deep within Ryu is the ultimate form of Psycho Power! Witness 
    it now...!
    (Bison turns around and begins to pellet the fallen Ryu with Psycho Shots. Then 
    we see a portrait of Ryu grabbing his chest in pain.)
    Ryu: Gwooooooooh.....!
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: Ryu's body will be mine, once it gives in to the Psycho Power! After I 
    finish Ryu, I'll finish you, Sagat! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haa!!
    (Sagat stands alone in the scene.)
    Sagat: Ryu.... Is this your true potential? You've always been my rival! Don't 
    let him use it like this! Is this all you're made of?! Ryu!
    (Portrait of Ryu with blood red eyes, about to turn into Evil Ryu.)
    Ryu: ...! Sagaaaaaaaaaaaat!!
    (Ryu blocks all of the Psycho Shots from Bison, and then he sends them back with 
    his Hadoken pose, nailing Bison. Burning Bison.)
    Bison: That's impossible.... A man cannot control such power! Psycho 
    (Exploding Bison.)
    Bison: Gwooooooooaaaaah!!
    (Cut to Ryu's stage, where Ryu is standing is his typical arms crossed pose with 
    the wind blowing through him. Sagat is standing behind him.)
    Sagat: Ryu.... I have something to tell you. You were almost destroyed. You are 
    not a master yet. I've trained to defeat you, but you're not ready yet, are you?
    Ryu: Right.... But, if there is weakness in me, I must someday overcome it. I've 
    chosen my destiny.... I have no regrets.... I won't turn back.... Wait for me, 
    Sagat, until the day I'm worthy to be a master.
    (Back portrait of Ryu walking with his bag over his shoulder. Then we see a 
    portrait of Sagat standing proud.)
    Sagat: Why...? I used to be praised as the Emperor of Muay Thai! But now, I feel 
    overwhelmed with excitement.... Yes...you are the one I need to defeat...Ryu!!! 
    My final destiny...you are the only man worthy of it! I'll be waiting! I won't 
    allow anyone to interfere next time!
    Bottom line: Sagat gets more and more forgiving with Ryu each game. 
    Sakura is a young girl who is fascinated by street fighting. "What is a street 
    fighter?". She asked herself one day. "I want to see him, and fight him again! I 
    want his answer!". She sets off on a journey of new meetings and old reunions.
    Fifth battle: vs. E.Honda
    Honda: Oh! Are you a street fighter, too little girl? Then you must spar with me 
    just this once!
    Sakura: Sure! No sweat! I want to fight you, too! Hm, hm (shy smile). It will be 
    great to fight a sumo wrestler!
    (After the fight.)
    Honda: Ouch! I need to train harder! I once fought a man who wore...a headband 
    like yours. He was strong, but you seem stronger....
    Sakura: What?! Whe...Where did he say was going?!
    Honda: He mentioned many places.... India.... Thailand.... (Lantis: And haven't 
    you noticed how Sakura goes elsewhere? Pretty nice sense of direction....)
    Ninth battle: vs. Ryu
    Sakura: ?! RYU!!!
    Bison: Huh? Annoying girl! We are in the middle of a ceremony!
    Sakura: What have you done to Ryu?!
    Bison: Hmph! I shall test your power.... Ryu! Kill that young girl!!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: Aha...! Even after I charged Ryu with Psycho Power, you beat him.
    Sakura: You violated Ryu's mind forcibly! I won't forgive you!!! That wild man 
    is not my Ryu! He would never be like that!
    Bison: Hm, hm, hm.... Bring him back by knocking me down.... If you can!
    (Sakura faces a dizzy Bison.)
    Bison: Wha...What?! I was defeated?!
    (Angry Bison.)
    Bison: It's impossible! I can't believe this!! Unless I make Ryu's body mine.... 
    I will never achieve true power!
    (Bison gets closer to the fallen Ryu and Sakura. Then there is a portrait of 
    Sakura spreading her arms.)
    Sakura: GET AWAY!! You'll never get him! You'll have to kill me first!!
    (Bison blows Sakura away with a Psycho Crsuher.)
    Sakura: Uaaaagghh!
    (Portrait of Sakura in bad shape on the ground, wiping her mouth. Behind her 
    looms a trashed Bison.)
    Bison: Insolent gnat!! Get out of my way!!
    (Ryu gets up, and there is a portrait of Ryu with blood red eyes, turning into 
    Evil Ryu. Then we see Happy Bison.)
    Bison: Hm, hm, hm.... Did you get mad? Do you care for this girl? Yes! Hate me! 
    Detest me!! Your secret power.... "Hado of Murderous Intent". Show me this move, 
    (Portrait of Sakura on the ground.)
    Sakura: "Murderous Hado"...?!
    (However, Ryu pushes Bison aside with a charge.)
    Bison: What?!
    (Angry Bison.)
    Bison: The "Hado of Murderous Intent" is kindred to Psycho Power! Why does he 
    refuse it?! 
    (Portrait of Ryu doing his Shoryuken, like in the intro. Then we see Burning 
    Bison: W...Why?! I don't believe this!
    (Exploding Bison.)
    Bison: Oh.... Noooooooo!!
    (Ryu faces a dazed Sakura.)
    Ryu: I'm sorry you missed it.... I feel as though I disgraced myself back 
    Sakura: Ha, ha (shy smile). I thought so, too.... But, it's no big deal. I 
    believe you have true power.
    Ryu: I'm still an unskilled fighter. I have much to learn (Lantis: Right about 
    that!). Can you wait to fight the next time we meet?
    Sakura: Yes, and by that time I'll be ready! I'll become ten times stronger than 
    I am now!
    Ryu: Right! And so do I!
    (Back portrait of Ryu walking towards the horizon with his bag over his 
    shoulder. Then there is a portrait of Sakura watching Ryu depart. All this takes 
    part in Ryu's stage.)
    Bottom line: And they lived happily ever after...OK??!
    The Kabuki Fighter, Sodom, seeks to achieve true "Japanism". How will he reach a 
    higher level of cultural worship? He now wanders the world, in search of his 
    Fifth battle: vs. Rolento
    Rolento: I'm trying to accomplish a vital mission! Join me right now, and you 
    will be rewarded handsomely! (Lantis: Huh?) Otherwise.... I'll assume you are 
    just an obstacle to my plan... ...and I will eliminate you!
    (After the fight.)
    Rolento: I never imagined my plan would end in such failure!
    Sodom: Your plan...?
    Rolento: Shadaloo is said to have constructed an underground base. We planned to 
    take it over and make it into our own!
    Sodom: Oh, that is a nice plan! I'll take that base for myself! I'll make it the 
    headquarters of the new "Mad Gear"!
    Ninth battle: vs. Chun Li
    Chun Li: You there! I'm in the middle of a very important mission! Please do not 
    Sodom: The Shadaloo base.... It's going to be perfect for the Mad Gear! Then, 
    everything will be mine!!
    Chun Li: There seems to be no point in talking to you. Get ready...!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: Oh well.... Another day, another piece of trash.... Look.... Garbage such 
    as yourself has no place here!
    Sodom: I'm not trash! I really have class I tell you! And...now I'll show you my 
    super special move, too!
    Bison: I see. Worthless trash came here to spew more garbage. Show me.
    (Sodom faces Bison.)
    Bison: Ha ha ha! You fool! Don't think for a moment that you've won!
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: However many times I'm beaten, death will never touch me.... Thanks to 
    the miracle technology of Shadaloo's "Psycho Drive"!
    (Bison floats away and flies back to the Shadaloo base,and lands inside the tube 
    of the Psycho Drive room. Then we see a Happy Bison again.)
    Bison: Ha ha haa! In moments I will be recovered stronger than ever! There's no 
    way to defeat me, the mighty Bison!!
    (Portrait of Chun Li, with a leather jacket and headphones, in a computer room.)
    Chun Li: I see.... So our information was correct. The "Psycho Drive" is 
    controlled by Bison's Psycho Power...and it can recover his vital energy at the 
    same time!
    (There's a Harrier fighter jet flying through the sky. Then we see a side 
    portrait of Charlie in the cockpit.)
    Charlie: That means he's invincible until the Psycho Drive is destroyed!
    (Happy Bison again.)
    Bison: Ha ha haa.... Ha ha ha ha ha!
    (Back to the portrait of  Chun Li in the computer room.)
    Chun Li: ...? What is that? 
    (Shadaloo base exterior.)
    Chun Li: A huge truck is approaching the Shadaloo base?!
    (There's a painted trailer moving towards the base. It's Sodom's trailer from 
    his SFA 2 stage. Then there is a portrait of Sodom in the driving seat of the 
    Sodom: This is the most exciting moment of my entire life! This is my big chance 
    to do the "Kamikaze" attack! 
    (The trailer nears the Shadaloo base exterior.)
    Sodom: KAA MII KAA ZEE!
    (The base explodes. Then we see Burning Bison.)
    Bison: No...it can't be...! 
    (Exploding Bison.)
    Bison: Nooooooooooo!!
    (Chun Li and Charlie are in a city.)
    Chun Li: I guess I was wrong about that guy all along! He wasn't just a sad 
    Japanese wanna-be after all!
    Charlie: Yes.... Sodom proved himself to be a true Samurai!
    Chun Li: ...Yes, he did!
    (Rolento is in another city, at the coast of a sea.)
    Rolento: Hmmm.... That guy Sodom.... He wouldn't die that easily.... I 
    believe.... He must still be alive!!
    (Winning portrait of Sodom.)
    	The Shadaloo base and the Psycho Drive have been destroyed. Behind the 
    destruction was one man.... One shining star.... We can never forget the soul of 
    Sodom.... A "true" Japanese guy.
    Bottom line: The cheeziest way to destroy the Psycho Drive! Those Macks sure 
    kick some ass!
    T.Hawk is the greatest warrior of the proud Thunderfoot tribe. Recently, many 
    villagers have disappeared mysteriously. Sensing something ominous, Hawk leaves 
    the village....
    Fifth battle: vs. Charlie
    T.Hawk: Tell me what you know about the people who vanished recently....
    Charlie: A novice's involvement will not improve the situation. The Shadaloo are 
    much tougher than you think they are.
    T.Hawk: "Shadaloo"? What is that?! Tell me!
    Charlie: It's better if you don't know a thing. You'll have to force me!
    (After the fight.)
    Charlie: Not bad, but it's too dangerous to stand against them. The power of 
    their boss, M.Bison, is literally demonic....
    T.Hawk: M.Bison.... I've heard that name from my father before.... The evil man 
    was called "The man who wields the blue beam". (Lantis: Wise stuff, Yoda!)
    Ninth battle: vs. Juli
    Juli: Target confirmed.
    T.Hawk: ...! You're...Julia! Why are you here?!
    Juli: Object verified as T.Hawk.
    T.Hawk: ...? What are you talking about? Let's go back to the village!
    Juli: Level 2 combat status activated.
    T.Hawk: I see.... This must also be the work of Bison!
    Juli: Commencing extermination of the object....
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: Just as I thought.... You are the son of Arroio Hawk....
    T.Hawk: You drove my father away, and now you use Julia! You will pay! But, 
    why.... Why do you do this?!
    Bison: ...For my Psycho Power, which rises from negative emotions. The more you 
    hate me, the more power I will possess!
    T.Hawk: Is that it...? You disgraced my sacred land, just for that...? My 
    land.... Grant me your power, your sacred power.... Please!
    (Exploding Bison.)
    Bison: How could I...lose...? to...you?! Gwaaaaaaaahhh!!
    (Portrait of T.Hawk carrying Juli in his arms.)
    T.Hawk: The demons are gone.... Now, Julia.... Let's go home....
    Juli: Ugh...ah.... Aaaaaaaah...Bison...Sir...Bison....
    T.Hawk: Julia.... However long it may take, I promise that I will save you. Like 
    myself, sacred blood must be running through your body.... I'll save you.... No 
    matter what the cost!
    (A Harrier fighter jet appears flying in the sky. Then there is a side portrait 
    of Charlie in the cockpit.)
    Charlie: I'm in the destination zone now. Chun Li, what's on the radar?
    (Portrait of Chun Li, with a leather jacket and headphones, on the monitor of 
    Charlie's control panel.)
    Chun Li: Bison's Psycho Energy has vanished.... I wonder why it disappeared so 
    suddenly? I guess this is our chance! It's time to attack their base!
    (Front portrait of Charlie in the cockpit, with his hand on a lever.)
    Charlie: Okay.... There is no turning back, now! We must destroy the base. Chun 
    Li, watch for any vital signs!
    Chun Li: Roger.... There's a building at 2 o' clock.... Go there!
    Charlie: As soon as I find the base, I'll begin the bombing!
    Chun Li: ...Bombing complete. The base was completly destroyed. No vital 
    signs.... However, it seemed that someone just left.... I sense no Psycho 
    Power.... Could it be one of Bison's henchmen? Somehow, I feel that we'll have 
    to fight them again.
    (Portrait of T.Hawk standing on the edge of a cliff, in the middle of a canyon, 
    the sun setting in the horizon.)
    	The warrior returns to his homeland as the sun sets.... He believes that 
    hope may one day reach the girl's heart.
    Bottom line: What is Juli of T.Hawk? Sister? Girlfriend? Mother in law?
    Vega is a masked noble with blood red eyes of insanity. By order of M.Bison, the 
    leader of the Shadaloo organization, he must find a girl named Cammy, and report 
    on her experiences.
    Fifth battle: vs. Zangief
    Zangief: I know you! You're Vega! You belong to Shadaloo, don't you? I won't let 
    their drugs infest my mother country Russia! I, the Red Cyclone, will crush you 
    on behalf of our leader!
    Vega: ...What? I've no affiliation with that organization! (Lantis: Free agent?) 
    But I'm still interested in seeing the color of your blood!
    Ninth battle: vs. Cammy
    Vega: You're the experimental subject. I've finally found you. He requested that 
    you be brought to him alive...in one piece.
    Cammy: Experiment...? What do you mean? I'm under Bison's direct orders.
    Vega: Hm, hm.... You're pathetic! You have no idea what you are.... And 
    now...you will die without understanding why.... (Lantis: Ummm...he said in "one 
    (After the fight.)
    Vega: ...Why, she is nothing more than an enhanced human! A mere doll! Why...? 
    Why should I care? Why did Bison want her? What is he going to do with her...? I 
    thought I cared only for worthy foes, but.... I suppose I should ask him about 
    this girl....
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: Excellent work Vega.... I'll arrange a worthy foe for you as promised.
    Vgea: Tell me.... That girl.... What are you going to do with her?
    Bison: She is my substitute body made during the Psycho Power study. But the 
    substitute should never exceed the original. A doll should never have its own 
    sense of self.
    Vega: ...Will you kill her because of that? Out of self preservation?! You 
    coward! You can't do that!
    (Angry Bison.)
    Bison: Vega.... You are making a vital mistake.... That girl...is a human weapon 
    with the same DNA as myself.... Losing control will cause the "Psycho Drive" to 
    run wild and....
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: Hee hee hee.... Never mind.... It's about time.... It's about time to say 
    goodbye to this body. Until next time.... Possibly with a different name and 
    appearance than now...!! 
    (Burning Bison.)
    Bison: Gwoooooooooooaahh!!
    (Bison vanishes in front of Vega. Vega goes to the Shadaloo base exterior.)
    Vega: ...Underground?
    (Vega arrives at the Psycho Drive room, where Cammy is floating in the tube. 
    Vega does a claw slash which breaks the tube and frees Cammy. Then there is a 
    portrait of Vega with his claws on the fallen Cammy's neck.)
    Vega: Bison's substitute...his DNA.... No...this girl could be reborn as a.... 
    ............... ...Well, that could have interesting possibilities, too. All I 
    need is a beautiful and strong foe, no matter who it is. 
    (Vega and the fallen Cammy in the Psycho Drive room.)
    Vega: This place is worthless now....
    (Portrait of Vega handing over his mask.)
    Vega: ...Come with me...beautiful soldier...!
    (A Harrier fighter jet flies in the sky. Then we see a side portrait of Charlie 
    in the cockpit.)
    Charlie: We've located Shadaloo's base. Ready for attack! ...?!
    (The Harrier flies in front of the explosion. Portrait of Chun Li, with a 
    leather jacket and headphones, in a computer room.)
    Chun Li: The scan picked up some very potent energy. What happened!?
    (Side portrait of Charlie in the cockpit.)
    Charlie: ...The base just exploded.... Everything's been leveled.... A faint 
    vital sign slipped through. It must be Bison's.... Blast! He escaped again....
    Bottom line: A Vega and Cammy team-up would be very interesting, eh?
    Known as the "Red Cyclone", he is the Russian hero, Zangief. He targets the 
    secret organization "Shadaloo".... A power that threatens the security of his 
    Fifth battle: vs. Rolento
    Zangief: I understand you were in an organization known as Mad Gear. Do you know 
    anything about "Shadaloo"?
    Rolento: What do you want with them? They are my target. If you stand in my way, 
    I'll eliminate you....
    (After the fight.)
    Zangief: Hmm.... Shadaloo has made enemies of everyone.... My Great Leader's 
    judgement was sound, after all.... I must destroy Shadaloo, for the glory of 
    mother Russia!
    Ninth battle: vs. Chun Li
    Chun Li: Where are you heading? Shadaloo isn't an organization you can defeat 
    all by yourself. You'd better leave it to the I.C.P.O.!
    Zangief: But.... I fight for the pride of my great country! I won't be disgraced 
    by backing out! Allow me to prove myself!
    Final battle: vs. Shin M.Bison
    Bison: What does the "Red Cyclone" of Russia want with me?
    Zangief: You're the one who oppresses the people of my country with fear! I will 
    use all my might to put an end to your misdeeds!
    Bison: Hm hm hm.... These visits are beginning to amuse me! The very thought of 
    you crushed, crippled and bereft of all hope!
    (Zangief faces a fallen Bison.)
    Zangief: Whoever commits evil acts will be destroyed in the end! If you repent 
    now, the people of Russia may reconsider.... It is not too late! You can still 
    make amends! Oh! How could I forget? I must take care of the facilities....
    (Zangief walks out of scene. He arrives at the Shadaloo base exterior.)
    Zangief: So, this is the underground base of Shadaloo....
    (In the Shadaloo base halls, Zangief walks in and stops suddenly.)
    Zangief: Huh?! Who are you?! You must be a member of Shadaloo...!
    (Honda walks into scene.)
    Honda: No...! Wait! My name is Honda.... I've come to teach these criminals a 
    lesson! I heard they're selling arms and drugs.... But.... I'm lost!
    Zangief: So, you're my comrade! If so, would you assist me? I heard that there 
    is a machine called the "Psycho Drive".... My mission is to destroy that weapon 
    with my bare hands!
    Honda: Could it be what I saw in the room back there? Something strange was 
    placed in the middle of that room....
    Zangief: Guide me there!
    (Zangief and Honda walk out of scene. They arrive at the Psycho Drive room.)
    Zangief: Yes!! This must be it!! I'll cut the power to this thing 
    inmediately.... Huh...?!
    (The Psycho Drive statue begins to move. It fires a beam which reflects itself 
    on a satelite in outer space, and falls on Bison, who stands up.)
    Bison: ...Hm hm hm.... Ha ha ha!!
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: My Psycho Drive is invincible!!! As long as I have Psycho Power, death 
    has no meaning to me!
    (Back in the Psycho Drive room.)
    Honda: Uh-oh.... It's moving!!
    Zangief: There's no time.... The only way to stop it is.... Yes! You! Help me 
    with this!!
    (Zangief and Honda face each other.)
    Zangief: Are you ready?!
    Honda: Anytime!!
    (Zangief grabs Honda and executes several Screw Piledrivers with him, trashing 
    the whole mechanism.)
    Zangief: Ha ha ha!! My destructive power combined with your weight...! Together, 
    there is nothing we cannot destroy!
    (Back in the stage, Bison gets dizzy.)
    Bison: ...?! Nonsense!! Why did the Psycho Drive stop?
    (Burning Bison.)
    Bison: No...it can't be...!
    (Exploding Bison.)
    (Portrait of Zangief and Honda shaking hands and laughing.)
    Zangief: Hey! You've really got something there!
    Honda: You are quite impressive yourself, my friend.
    Zangief/Honda: Wha ha ha ha ha!! Gwa ha ha ha ha!!
    	This is how Zangief, the hero of Russia, completed his mission. The 
    heroism of Zangief, and Honda, his comrade of Japan... ...will be admired and 
    praised by all of the people of Russia.
    Bottom line: Ouch! Pass me some Alka-Seltzers!
    	Obviously, when you face and win against your final opponent, you most 
    likely see that character's ending. But what if your final boss defeats you? 
    Maybe you say that you can continue anytime, and beat his ass the next time. 
    Well, you could do this in the Arcade mode of SFA 3 for the Playstation, but 
    definetly not in Final Battle mode, nor in the arcades. If you lose, you get a 
    bad ending, and it's game over, forcing you to be a lot more cautious. This 
    applies for all characters (except Ryu/Evil Ryu, which get Bison's ending.). No 
    matter who you lose to, Bison will have your hide:
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: You should be happy.... I have a use for you.... As my pawn!! Ha!
    (In the Psycho Drive room, Bison floats as your character floats in the tube.)
    Bison: Your power should feed my ambition nicely....
    (The Psycho Drive statue begins to move.)
    Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Perish, you pathetic wretch!
    (The Psycho Drive statue fires a beam which reflects on a satelite in outer 
    space, and falls upon a city, destroying it. Then we see a portrait of Bison, 
    just like in the intro.)
    Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What incredible power! 
    (Happy Bison.)
    Bison: My name will live forever!! As long as I have the Psycho Drive in my 
    (Shadaloo's symbol appears.)
    Bison: ...no one on earth will ever forget the name Shadaloo!
    	Well, this is supposed to be the end. All these endings were extracted 
    from the Playstation version, and perhaps it may change from the arcade version 
    (I haven't played the arcade game all that much, not much one player gaming, 
    that is.). Of course, it was very easy to copy the dialogues and epilogues, 
    because you could advance the dialogues whenever you wanted. However, copying 
    the endings was another different story. The endings don't stop, so I had to do 
    the Final Battle mode about 5-6 times per character. The most tedious were 
    Guile's and Ryu's, the longest endings. The easiest were Gen's and Evil Ryu's. 
    	Well, I guess that's it. I personally think Alpha 3 is a great game, with 
    a bit of work in some spots, but good nonethless. Thank God for the raping of 
    Dhalsim in the PSX version. And well, let's see Dan and Cody in Alpha 4!! See 
    Credits go to:
    * alt.games.sf2: Mostly the best source of SF on the net. Best source of trolls 
    on the net. Best source of cyber gals on the net (Hey, that always helps a bit 
    for getting more attention, heh.). Well, specific credit goes out to all the 
    good guys, and I clearly dedicate the Cammy ending to well...Cammy White, of the 
    newsgroup. Hah hah. Well, OK....
    	Be happy!
    al760412@campus.ira.itesm.mx (soon to be canceled.)                                   

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