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    FAQ/Move List by Jembo

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 01/11/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    street fighter zero 3 (playstation) faq v0.3
    by jembo <jge@mudspring.uplb.edu.ph>
    updated: Jan 11, 1999
    new on this faq:
    0.3 -- new info on new modes, added character moves
    0.2 -- new info on new modes, new isms, new chars
    0.1 -- all the rest
    note: for private and personal use only (no stealing please)
    this faq is not yet complete, so any additional info can be sent to me
    at jge@mudspring.uplb.edu.ph
    if there exist a better faq than this, i'll discontinue it
    (anyway, this is my first time)
    all cited are copyright of capcom of japan and capcom of america
    note: be sure to save the game in your memory card
    table of contents
    1. mode menu
    2. new characters move list
    3. world tour
    4. thanks
    1. mode menu
    the mode menu consists of these options:
    arcade mode		team battle
    vs mode			survival mode
    training mode		dramatic battle
    world tour		final battle
    entry mode		pocketstation
    option mode
    arcade mode -- fight your way thru 10 challengers and shin bison
    vs mode -- beat up your friend
    training mode -- work up your thumbs
    world tour -- create/customize a character
    entry mode -- add your world tour character in the character list
    option mode -- everybody knows what this is!
    team battle (not accessible at first) -- create a team up to three
       fighters to beat up the other team
    survival mode (not accessible at first) -- battle up as many opponents
       in one life bar
    dramatic battle -- play with two characters (the second character is
       either controlled by cpu or the other player)
    final battle -- play the last stage
    pocketstation -- upload/download your world tour fighter in your
       pocketstation (i think, i don't have one!)
    team battle & survival mode -- get them on the world tour mode
    final battle -- i don't know how the heck i got it
       i think one of these 2 did it:
          1. finish the arcade mode with half the cast
          2. play the game for 30 hours (look for the time
             in the option mode)
    dramatic battle -- finish the game on level 8
       at first, you will get only two options
          1. ryu and ken
          2. juni and juli
       the other options are...
          3. same character (of your choice)
          4. a character of your choice and a random partner
       i don't know how i got the other two options, i think after i finished
          the first two options.
       the fourth option sucks because you will only play one stage where the
          challenger is the same as your random partner.
    2. move list 
    note: sorry but i can't list all characters because i have no time.
    i'll list only the new characters.  please refer to other faqs like
    the great kao megura's sfa3 faq for the old characters.
    another thing... i don't know some move names so better to test the
       move anyway.
    hey...you know the abbreviations ok! you're not a street fighter if you
       don't know it.
    fei long
    qcf+p (can be done 3 times)
    d,f,uf+k (v-ism and x-ism only)
    qcb,qcb+p (level 3)
    charge b,f+p
    charge b,f+k
    charge d,u+p
    charge d,u+k (x-ism and v-ism only)
    charge b,f,b,f+k
    charge db,df,db,u+k
    charge db,df,db,u+p
    sonic boom			charge b,f+p
    somersault kick			charge d,u+k
    sonic hurricane			charge b,f,b,f+p
    somersault justice		charge db,df,db,u+k
    evil ryu
    hadouken			qcf+p
    hadou no kamae			qcf+start
    shakunetsu hadouken		hcf+p
    shouryuuken			dp+p
    tatsumaki senpuu kyaku		qcb+k (air) / qcb,ub+k
    shinkuu hadouken		qcf,qcf+p
    shinkuu tatsumaki senpuu kyaku	qcb,qcb+k
    shouryu reppa			qcf,qcf+k
    shun goku satsu			lp,lp,f,lk,hp
    super gouki/akuma
    gou hadouken                  qcf+p
    zankuu hadouken               jump,qcf+p
    shakunetsu hadouken           hcb+p
    gou shouryuuken               dp+p
    tatsumaki zankuu kyaku        qcb+k (air) / qcb,ub+k
    zenpou tenshin                qcb+p
    ashura senkuu                 f,d,df / b,d,db+ 3p / 3k
    hyakki shuu                   qcf,uf+p
    hyakki gou zan                do nothing after hyakki shuu
    hyakki gou shou               p after hyakki shuu
    hyakki gou sen                k after hyakki shuu
    hyakki gou sai                p after hyakki shuu (close)
    hyakki gou tsui               k after hyakki shuu (close)
    tenma kuujinkyaku             jump forward,d+mk
    messatsu gou hadou            hcb,hcb+p
    messatsu gou shouryuu         qcf,qcf+p
    tenma gou zankuu              jump,qcf,qcf+p
    shun goku satsu               lp,lp,f,lk,hp
    3. world tour
    in world tour mode, you can create/customize a character.
    you'll get to several countries to hone up your fighter.
    each battle will be handicapped either:
       team battle
       survival mode
       combo attack only
       super combo attack only
       original combo attack only
       guard crash mission
       maxed out opponent
       time attack
    you can change your characters stats by
       changing his/her ism
       changing speed
       changing special abilities/power-ups
       changing attack/defense balance
    in this mode your character can be anything like
       an x-ism character with air block
       auto guard
       infinite guard meter
       zero cancel (like sfz2)
       super zero cancel (like sf3 and sfex)
          and many more!
    and in this mode will let you get guile, evil ryu and super gouki.
    plus the 3 other isms (classical, saikyou (l-mode), mazi)
    and the team battle and the survival mode.
    note: the other isms can be accessed after some hours playing.
    save your world tour fighter and you can get him/her on the other
       modes in the mode menu by using the entry mode.
    note: guile and evil ryu will appear on the character list if you
       beat them in the world tour except super gouki.  but he is
       there!  to get him (after you beat him) put the cursor on
       gouki, hold L2, then press any button (o,t,x,s,R1,R2)
    all characters' final boss will be shin bison...
       except for evil ryu, he will get super gouki (cool intro)
       and bison will get ryu.
    4. thanks
    -- to you of course!
    -- to kao megura for his sfa3 faq and for encouraging me to continue it
    eventhough his faq is better) thanks anyway.
    -- to duday for her pc
    -- to my brother jay for his psx
    -- to boy for giving info on the release of the game
    -- gamefaqs for handling great faqs
    -- capcom for having guile (at long last) in this game
    	and for creating this game
    jembo aka jason g. embuscado
    url is http://members.theglobe.com/jembochan/index.html
    this is the end of the document. ;P

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