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    M.Bison by CGrey

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 12/17/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PSX One)
    Balrog Guide version 2.1 - 12/17/2001
    by Charles Grey (iceout0002@aol.com)
    01) Updates       02) Legend
    03) Secret Codes  04) Movelist
    05) Combos        06) ISM Differences
    07) Strategy      08) Credits
    01) UPDATES
    2.1 (12/17/2001) Revamped the guide, redid the combos.
                     Now uses the same format as my Cap vs.SNK guides.
    02) LEGEND
    UB U UF  1 2 3  jab   strong  fierce     = P/PP
    B  * F   4 5 6  short forward roundhouse = K/KK  C= hold
    DB D DF                            a/v/x = that ISM only
    * To have a counter appear whenever Balrog charges a turn punch
      (0-9 then F for final) hold Short+Fierce until the round begins.
    * This has to be done every round.
    * To play as Original or Arcade Balrog, clear the 19th location
      in World Tour Mode. (This will be the last stage if you don't
      reach experience level 27).
    * Hold L2 (the default 3K button) while selecting Balrog.
    * With the exception of the crouch 6 (Fist Sweep), all of his
      basic kicks are identical to his punches. Also, the Buffalo is
      a recovery-only move in both A-ISM and V-ISM and all of his 
      jumping up attacks are the same angled versions.
    04) MOVELIST
       Air Recovery   : PP when knocked in air
    av Recovery Roll  : KK when knocked down
    av Taunt          : Select
    av Alpha Counter  : F+same P+K
       Throw Recovery : B or F+PP/KK
    Special Moves
       Turn Punch           : C all P/K, release
       Dash Straight        : CB,F+P
    av Dash Ground Straight : CB,DF+P
       Dash Upper           : CB,F+K
    av Dash Ground Upper    : CB,DF+K (knocks down)
     v Buffalo Head         : CD,U+P
     a Buffalo Head         : CD,U+P when knocked down
       Headbutt Hold : B or F+PP (also in air)
    x  Crazy Buffalo : CB,F,B,F+P/K (P/K = alternate punch)
    a  Crazy Buffalo : CB,F,B,F+P   (K = uppercuts)
    a  Gigaton Blow  : CB,F,B,F+K   (level 3)
    05) COMBOS
    v  (2) crouch 3 - Dash Straight / Upper
    v  (3) crouch 1 - (1) - Buffalo Head
    x  (3) (corner) Dash Straight 3 - 1 - Dash Straight / Upper
       (5) jump 5 - crouch 1,1 - 1 - Dash Straight / Upper
    x  (7) (corner) Crazy Buffalo - 1 - Dash Straight / Upper
    Here, Balrog has one long super bar like he did in SSF2T.
    Basic and special moves do a little more damage than in A or V-ISM.
    He can't use his 2 low dashing attacks in X-ISM, and he can't do his
    Buffalo Head move at all. WEIRD! His X-ISM super, the Crazy Buffalo,
    does more damage than even his level 3 A-ISM supers. However, he
    cannot air block, recovery roll,taunt, or use an Alpha Counter in
    this mode. Also, his Fierce Dashing Straight will knock down.
    His Crazy Buffalo can be done at 3 levels. He also has a level 3
    only super, the Gigaton Blow, which does great damage. The Buffalo
    Head can only be done as a recovery move.
    No super moves in this mode. Instead the bar is for "variable combos"
    which are like the custom combos from SFA2 except you can move freely
    and your shadows mirror your moves. Moves do the least amount of
    damage here so watch out. He also gets different basic moves with
    B+2/3/5/6, and the Buffalo Head is a standard move. Variable combos
    take a lot of skill and timing pull off and land, so only use this ISM
    if you are really good. A fully charged variable combo will last about
    6 seconds or until you get hit, the punch/kick pressed determines the
    interval in which your shadows attack.
    Same moves as X-ISM, no super bar. Also, you can't be juggled, and
    can't use air recovery. CLASSIC opens up after 3 hours or beating
    the game on difficulty 4-8.
    07) STRATEGY
    Using the Gigaton Blow
    The best time to use this is if you're really low on health and need a
    comeback move. If they block it, grab them with the Headbutt Hold.
    Vs. SHIN M. BISON (Final Boss)
    He uses his own custon ISM (A-ISM moves and supers with an X-ISM bar).
    Stay on the ground at all times, because his Psycho Crusher super takes
    off over 75% of a lifebar, and can't be air-blocked. Watch out for his
    Skull Diver mix-ups as well. Wear him down with frequent Dash Ground
    Punches and Fierces.
    08) CREDITS
    Kao Megura's SFA3 PSX FAQ: All ISM differences
                               Secret code
                               Original Balrog differences
    STREET FIGHTER (c) 1991-2001 CAPCOM

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