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    Dan Taunting by l0rl-

    Version: 0.01 | Updated: 07/26/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ver 0.01         26/7/99 (I’m  Australian and if you dont like the way
                              I write dates too bad)   
    _VERY_ minor update
    2.Why choose Dan??
    3.Special Moves and thier proper usage
    4.Character specific stratergies (to be added,possibly)
    5.Contact me
    6.Join the Dan mailing list
    Welcome to the ultimate Dan Hibiki Taunting guide! 
    This guide is designed to teach you how to ultimately infuriate your 
    opponent with the king of Alpha/Zero 3 fighters,Dan Hibiki,many people
    underestimate Dan's power......this is a BAD move on thier parts.
    This guide focuses on ways to annoy human oppponents to the point of 
    cardiac arrest. If you need to find ways to beat the 
    computer with Dan this guide is NOT the place to do so.
    (I highly reccomend www.saikyo.com)
    About the Author
    I am Mr_guy, Loony, !0rI- etc.(dammit gotta decide on one nick, probly Mr_guy tho)
    Im from Australia , if anyone cares and I like playing SF3:3rd Strike atm.
    I can usually be found on Saturdays and Sunday in timezone in sydney on George street.
    Im impossible to miss (_TRUST_ me) I will 90% of the time be using Ken with ShinRyuKen.
    If you happen to see me (you poor thing) come up and say Hi, or better yet challenge me (heh)
    but DONT ask me to play A3 with you as i havent really been practicing much lately
    Where to get this
    This Faq should be found at the following locations only
    http://www.saikyo.com (the _BEST_ Dan site)
    If this guide appears anywhere else please tell me
    I usually wont have a problem if you put it up,I just like to
    know where my work is.
    Disclaiming thing
    Ummmm. Don't use this guide for profit (EGM!!!) and don't steal bits of it 
    without giving me money.And ummmmm all character in this FAQ belong to 
    whoever owns them.Again I stole bits of this disclaimer from Kao Megura but 
    I'm giving him credit.
    2.Why choose Dan
    i) Why the hell not?? Live a little damn it!!
    ii)Why,you may be asking, should I choose Dan??Cause hes good dammit!!!Also 
    because beating a skilled opponent with Dan is a good way to get a laff from
     your friends (unless it was them that you beat).
    iii) Super Taunt!!!!
    iv) Mega Taunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dan also inflicts lotsa damage with each of his normal and special moves this
    is good and everything, but personally I dont think he needs the extra damage
    if you want to learn how to play to take advantage of Dans awesome strength..
    um go read someone elses FAQ his is the Dan Hibiki Taunting guide, not the
    Dan Hibiki Damage guide
    3.Basic moves.
    (Note: this is the final section to be added to this FAQ, unless people tell 
    me they want a vs. specific character section.) 
    B or F +PP
    Throws are considered cheap and annoying by many people, so all the more 
    reason for Dan to use them!!! Throws have two advantages and two 
    disadvantages. The first advantage is that they can be used to punish just 
    about anything that your opponent messes up and secondly they are unblockable
    (NOTE: This does _NOT_ mean they cant be countered, since Classic they have 
    been made much weaker)
    The two disadvantages are: 1.No range (barring special throws like Zangiefs 
                                            Spinning Pile Driver)
                               2.No priority, for example if someone is kicking 
                                 you,you cant throw them outta the kick.
    There is a thrid disadvantage and that is if your playing in an arcade with 
    people who dont like throws they are quite likely to beat you up (at least 
    where I live)
    Standing Attacks 
    Jab:a quick swat out with Dan’s fist useful for snuffing some attacks 
    (Blanka’s roll comes to mind....)
    Strong:A gut punch......this move is _NOT_ very good aside from its 
    deceptive range (Diego insists that this move has some uses but I just 
    cant see it happening,if you want to know why ask him not me)
    Fierce: A Strong hitting downward chop. Does lots of damage
    Short:a low-mid section kick also useful for snuffing some attacks
    Forward:not much to say aout this again.....good to counter some jump-ins
    Roundhouse: Well like it says a roundhouse kick to the face can sometimes 
    be used to juggle
    Jumping attacks
    NO!!! I refuse to do this section for he simple reason that if your in the 
    air your hand hould be on the taunt button. Taunts are Dans bread and butter 
    jump in. Think about it why use one of his less than useful punches or kicks 
    when you can scream YAHOOOOOOI into your opponents face....trust me jumping 
    taunts win matches. 
    'Course if you've been doing non stop taunts and they guy your playing is 
    about to explode with rage then by all means use a regular jumpin. There are 
    few enough Dan players as is without having one beaten to death with a 
    Crouching attacks
    Jab:Similar to the standing version........ thats about it use it just prior to 
    a standing or crouching taunt
    Strong:A slower, stronger version of the above (I think).Again I,suprisingly,
    DON’T like this if you have an opening to do this do a taunt instead. :o)
    Fierce: Undoubtedly Dan’s best anti air move. Pops them WAAAAAYYYYY up into 
    the air...and we all know what comes next..... CHOHATSU DENTETSU!!!! 
    or you could juggle I suppose...but a Super taunt is prefered
    Short: Similar in apperance to ARK’s (and Dan’s) crouching forward, 
    decent speed can be followed with a taunt
    Forward: THE combo started for Dan. Can be used to start ANY taunt and also 
    can be cancelled into most of his specials and supers
    Roundhouse: The basic trip move everyone has...best followed with the 
    Chohatsu Dentetsu that no-one has....
    4.Special Moves and thier proper usage
    QCF-any punch button
    Ok,so this move is no Hadouken......Its great for stopping them tho':).
    If you ever happen acrossa FB crazy ARK (and come on the game has been around 
    for 8 years!! who hasnt??) jump to the other end of the screen (make sure 
    you use a jumping taunt) and repeatedly use your Gadouken to stop their FBs,
    every now and then i reccomend taunting to show them what you think of thier 
    cheap patterns.With some timing and distancing the Gadouken can also 
    be used to thwart jumpins.
    DP-any punch
    Similar to ARK's famous move this has Dan performing an jumping uppercut 
    type thing........IMHO not particularly useful although there is a 1-in-8 
    chance that you will flash white, during that time Dan is invincible,which
    is VERY useful.
    QCB-any kick
    This is a slight variation on ARK's Hurricane kick,similar to Seans move in 
    SF3, (Die Sean you Dan hating little SOB)
    useful to knock the opponent down and give them the taunting of a 
    lifetime,also irritating as a chipping move.
    5.Super Moves (or how to make good use of the super taunt)
    1.Super taunt/Chohatsu Dentetsu (spelling anyone??)
    QCF,QCF taunt
    IMHO Dans best super move, when performed Dan rolls up into a ball and 
    performs a number rolling/standing taunts, then a jumping taunt and finishes 
    with a special taunt. 
    Leaves you completely open to anthing.....so why use it??......well some new
    players might not have seen it before and ‘block’ it (hehhehehe) so when it 
    finishes and no attack comes out they will be extremely surprised, so take 
    the opportunity to combo them. If your playing a vetran he or she
    (?? not to be sexist but I have never come across a girl who could play SF well, 
    might just be that I live in the middle of nowhere tho) will most likely let 
    you perform the whole thing anyway. So basically the only people you have to 
    watch out for when using this move are the semi-decent players or scrubs who 
    will smack you in the middle of it, anyone who does this sucks, there are two
    ways that you can deal with this the first one is to perform it, let them do a 
    massive combo on you then comeback and win the match 
    (VERY hard if you're playing against someone of any skill) 
    The second method is for using on scrubs.
    1.when someone starts being a scrub leave the controls
    2. Then walk behind the machine
    3.Push the machine onto said scrub crushing them horribly
    2. MEGA taunt/Chohatsu Shinwa (Again I’m not japanese so if some one could 
    tell me if its spelt properly)
    QCB,QCB taunt
    Ok so this is taking it a bit far..... when you perform the motion Dan uses 
    three levels of his super meter to perform a ‘custom taunt’ if you will, all 
    the basic unch and kick buttons become various taunts and the taunt button 
    does that special taunt that Dan does at the end of his normal Super Taunt.
    This move is fairly useless,if you want to  get the highest annoyance factor
    possible, you must use this move like you would use Wolverine in a Vs‘game’ 
    (i.e MASH them buttons)
    Dan apparently has increased agility (again making him more overpowered) while
    in this SC. Im not entirely sure of the commands in this mode but go have a look
    at Marc Concepcions guide at www.saikyo.com)
    And now for the super moves that actually inflict damage ^_^
    3. Shinkuu Gadouken
    QCF,QCF punch
    ok so almost every character uses this motion for one of thier supers so it 
    should be well known.
    When this super is activated Dan pulls back one hand chrges massive amounts 
    of ki energy, focuses all his years of training and put them into a 
    super-awesome blast of death.........that travels half the screen max......
    Hmmmmm ok, this super does have its advantages firstly its easy to combo and 
    secondly as far as I know it cancels out other peoples super fireballs but 
    only if thiers is a lower level than yours (i.e you cant use a level 1 
    Shinkuu Gadouken to stop a level 3 Shinkuu Hadoken) 
    OK I apologize I dont know what I was on when I wrote this does the most 
    damage, maybe it does in MSHvsSF but certainly not in this (dont know why 
    4 Super uppercut aka Kyouryurekka 
    QCF,QCF kick
    Hmmmmm, well controversy.....
    It has been pointed out to my by some fellow Dan players from the ML that 
    this move isnt as useless as I said it to be. I apologize as I was going on
    my Alpha 2 perceptions of it. this move does great damage (close to half the
    energy bar at level 3) and is very good in juggle combos. 
    If I find an anything else worth mentioning about this move you'll hear about 
    it. It also has a tendency to make people wary of jumping.(but I prefer an x-ism s.Taunt)
    5.Ryuko Ranbu Dan style/Hisshou Buraiken
    QCB,QCB kick
    This is Dans most visually pleasing super (cept the Super taunt obviously), 
    when used Dan performs a stationary flurry of attacks that ends with a 
    Kyouryuken. Looks cool does about the half the life bar when done on Level 3 
    (i.e use it on jumpers..must be done with good timing tho)
    As far as I'm concerned the way you use Dans taunts are what will make or 
    break your Dan. 
    Dan has 3 basic taunts, 2 special taunts and 2 super taunts. Seven taunts YEH 
    The basic taunts are;standing, jumping and crouching. They are all achieved 
    by pressing select (or start in the arcade) when Dan is either standing 
    jumping or crouching.All have various uses as descirbed here
    Standing: the least useful taunt IMHO.Good to rub it in if your opponent 
    completely misses with a move.
    Crouching:Very useful vs. people with high hitting moves.(such as Sagats 
    Tiger shot) Use these repeatedly everytime Sagat (or whoever) throws a high 
    move, eventually they will become so annoyed they will stop throwing high 
    attacks altogether an effective method for removing around half of thier 
    Jumping: My personal fave normal taunt........everyones played against an ARK
    who just fireballs all day. Well the jumping taunt is an alternative to 
    countering the FB's with yours. Make a point of just jumping over their FB's,
    dont try to hit them just constanly jump-taunt.
    Like with the crouching taunt the person will eventually stop throwing FB's 
    and a shoto with no FB........tsk tsk.
    Rolling forward taunt: only useful on people who havent seen Dan played well 
    before, who knows they might think its an attack. Other than the surprise 
    factor useful only for building up super meter.
    Rolling backward taunt: Now this is a taunt!!!! I personally like to use it 
    on ‘giefs just as they start the motion for a FAB. If done correctly this 
    looks very cool.... Zangief will try to grab Dan who will roll out of the way
    and scream some abuse at him. Similar things can be done with this taunt 
    (i.e Dragon punches) anticipation is the key........
    Character specific stratergies
    Can ANYONE help me with this please??
    Dan’s Ending
    Um ok I dont remember much about this and I don't speak any Japanese. 
    Basically what happens is you get to see Vega (M.Bison outside of Asia) 
    doing his old face exploding bit. Then Dan and Blanka (who were apparently 
    friends) bust into the Psychodrive and taunt it to pieces (DAMN STRAIGHT!!!)
    Charlie (Nash) and Chun-li stuff around outside in thier planes and then its
    (little help with the translation please someone??) 
    Things that Dan needs
    10.more taunts
    9. Someone to be as overpowered as him
    8.More taunts
    7. a SPD tpye throw which has him performing a series of throws (ala King in Tekken)
    which do no damage but are all followed with a taunt (heh)
    6.MoRe taunts
    5.a reversal of some sort
    4.MORE taunts
    3. To be in the next Vs game where he can ONLY be paired with Go Hibiki
    1.A taunting move so powerful that Dan uses ll of his SC gauge and all of the opponents
    (wouldnt that rock?? imagine the look only other guys face when he sees youve used HIS
    SC energy for a taunt lol)
    Contacting Me
    Ummm, if for some reason you feel a nedd to contact me about this you
    can email me at Dan_hibiki@hotmail.com or my ICQ # is 25751859 
    and go to Http://darkfact.cjb.net if your not already there
    Join The Dan mailing list!!!
    If you would like to join the Dan mailing list, a great place to share all 
    Dan related info go to 
    Its a great list started up by Diego.
    Diego (ICQ#10185718)
    For starting the Dan mailing list and for being a great source of all 
    things Dan related as well as someone who is very good to talk to. 
    A genuine Dan Fan.

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