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    DeeJay by Kazumi Jin

    Version: 0.01 | Updated: 01/04/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Deejay Faq v.01
    Kazumi Jin
    Legal:  I really dont care what you do with this being that all this 
    stuff is my opinion.  I doubt you'll find something real grand to 
    claim your own.  But if you do, try to remember where you got it.
    All characters are copyright Capcom......blah blah.
    Table of Contents
    1.  Background
    2.  Regular Moves Analysis
    3.  Special Moves Analysis
    4.  Mode Analysis 
    5.  Combos
    6.  Thanks
    1.  Background
    	Yall know who this guys is...dont you?  Deejay is the dancing
    singing fighting comboing machine that is really tryin to score some 
    big record deal.  I really dont know his history...I seriously hope 
    it isnt that important to you, but if youre lookin for it try checkin 
    out another faq.  Mainly I was only discussing his background in 
    Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (ST for short).  
    	Ok, so I never played in any huge tournaments, lets get that 
    out of the way now.  But i played plenty.  IMO Deejay was a dominating
    force next to the rest.  Of course there was Bison and all the others,
    but Deejay was just sooooo much fun to play.  I loved playin the 
    shotokan boys....Deejay always had the upper edge on them.  Hmmmmm..
    ..charge characters makin a comback.....na.  Anyways, this modern
    Bob Marley had all sorts of counters: air, ground, whatever.  His
    projectile attacks were fairly quick, however his Rolling Sobat
    was rather slow.  Combos were a plenty in ST for deejay.....if you 
    didnt get to see the gamest tape on ST then you are really missin out!  
    This faq is going on the premonition that youve played A3 and are
    familiar with all the goodies....modes, escapes, etc.  If you need 
    the basics like that I suggest Kao Megura's FAQ at gamefaqs.com.
    2.  Regular Moves Analysis
    	Moves work on all modes unless noted otherwise.
    	Standing Jab:  Fairly quick straight punch.  Can be comboed 
    	               three times in sucsession or mixed up with 
    	Standing Strong:  Standing uppercut punch.  No comboability
    			  found as of yet. 
    	Standing Fierce:  Another standing uppercut punch...with 
    			  opposite hand as strong.  More damage here,
    			  no comboability as of yet.  Fairly good air
    	Standing Short:  Swift kick to the shin.  Comboed up to three
    	Standing Forward:  Back kick....two hits.  Decent GB damage.
    	Standing Roundhouse:  Roundhouse kick with very good range.
    			      More GB Damage than Forward, however,
    			      Opponents can duck under, unlike the 
    	Crouching Jab:  Quick straight punch to knee area.  Can be
    		        comboed two times in sucsession or mixed up 
    			with shorts.
    	Crouching Strong:  Elbow to the foot.  Good priority over 
    			   most ground moves.  No comboability found
    			   as of yet....good luck (arcades another
    	Crouching Fierce:  Hard elbow to the midsection.  Nothing
    			   fancy here...no comboability as of yet.
    	Crouching Short:  Fast ground kick to the ankle.  Can be 
    			  comboed with two more shorts or one jab. 
    	Crouching Forward:  IMO Dee Jay's real roundhouse...sweep to
    			    opponents feet taking them to the 
    			    ground.  Good setup to crossovers.
    	Crouching Roundhouse:  Deejay gets on his back and slides 
    			       forward slightly.  Ok, im not real 
    			       sure about this move going under 
    			       projectiles.  I have slid under one or
    			       two fireballs....but to be honest, I 
    			       think I was just lucky.  Safest bet
    			       would be to block or jump over them.
    	Jumping Jab:  Weak punch at opponents head.
    	Jumping Strong:  A jumping version of the standing strong.  
    			 Near impossible to hit standing opp with.
    	Jumping Fierce:  Stronger punch similar to jumping jab.  Good 
    			 damage...I use this in conjunction with 
    			 jumping forwards to start combos.
    	Jumping Short:  Weak kick high in the air.  Again, near 
    			impossible to hit standing opp with.  A quick, 
    			straight jump up with short is good to stop
    			most jump in attacks.
    	*Note* Dee Jay has another short.  Press down and short
    	       afer you jump and he will drop with a knee.
    	Jumping Forward:  Jumping straight kick.  IMO what makes Dee 
    			  Jay deadly.  His crossover attack...with
    			  great priority for the crossup.
    	Jumping Roundhouse:  Kick in downward motion.  Good damge,
    			     ok priority.
    	*Note* Close moves refer to Z-ism and X-ism -- Dee Jay must
    	       be next to the opponent.  V-ism can perform these 
    	       moves anywhere by holding back and pressing the 
    	       appropriate buttons.
    	Close Jab:  Dee jay will punch with the opposite hand than
    		    he would if he were away from opponent.
    	Close Strong:  No difference from standing strong.   
    	Close Fierce:  Dee Jay elbows with one arm then punches with
    		       other for two hits.  
    	Close Short:  Dee Jay starts his standing short motion but 
    		      finishes with a knee not a kick.
    	Close Forward:  Side kick...reminiscent of Sagat's standing
    			forward.  Good to keep distance.  Decent GB
    	Close Roundhouse:  Dee Jay throws out a kick at the opponents 
    			   chin.  Similar to Jet Li's kick on Renee 
    			   Russo in LW4.  Hehe.  This is a great 
    			   anti air move for v-ism with high priority.
    3.  Special Moves Analysis
    	Modes will be listed along with the move name, motion, and 
    	XVZ  Air Slasher	Charge b,f + P	Dee Jay whips his 
    				hand and releases a projectile.  
    				Quick attack....with small recovery.
    	XVZ  Rolling Sobat	Charge b,f + K  Dee Jay hops with a 
    				kick, spins and does another.  The 
    				short version is only the first kick.
    				I dont use this move too often for 
    				lack of damage and payback if you
    				miss with it.
    	XVZ  Machine Gun Upper	Charge d,u + P, tap P rapidly  Dee 
    				Jay does his fierce animation while
    				striking multiple times.  Ok for an 
    				air counter if you time it properly.
    				I have yet to get more than 2 hits.
    	XV   Jackknife Maximum	Charge d,u + K	Dee Jay jumps with a 
    				kick at 45 degrees.  Can hit up to 
    				three times with roundhouse, two for 
    				forward, one for short.  Good for an
    				anti-air move.  Juggle opportunities.
    	XZ   Sobot Carnival	Charge b,f,b,f + K  Dee Jay does his
    				super version of his rolling sobot.
    				Hits six times with great damage and 
    				juggle opportunities.
    	Z    Climax Beat	Charge db,f,b,uf + P  The super type 
    				of his machine gun upper.  Rather
    				pointless if you ask me.
    	Z    Theme of Sunrise	Charge db,f,b,uf + K  The super type
    				of his jackknife maximum.  Hey, if 
    				you are good at pullin off this
    				motion on a PSX pad...then use it.  
    	Z    Zero Counter:      Roundhouse Jackknife Maximum.
     	V    Zero Counter:      Crouching Forward kick.     
    4.  Mode Analysis
    	See Kao's FAQ for basic ism benefits and detriments.
    	X-ism - Dee Jay has got strength here, as in damage.  A big 
    		plus is his jackknife maximum ability.  His Sobot
    		Carnival is one of the most powerful supers in the 
    		game, which can easily be followed with a roundhouse
    		jackknife.  On the other hand it may be hard to land
    		it during a match, especially after a GB.
    	Z-ism - The weaker of the three modes IMO.  His lack of the 
    		jackknife maximum is not made up with the addition
    		of two other supers.  Damn I hate that motion!  Still,
    		regular combos do more damage than in V-ism.
    	V-ism - This just may be my favorite mode.  Why?  Wait for 
    		the combo section.  This is the flashiest mode.  He 
    		also has the Jackknife ability not to forget the 
    		close moves at any distance.  The close roundhouse is 
    		such a great air counter.  Use this often.
    5.  Combos
    	*Note* all of these combos have been done by me.  Following 
    	will be a "possible section" containing combos that I believe
    	may be possible...I just havent stuck em yet.  I tried most of
    	these combos on different size opponents, but most were done
    	on larger characters.  So if one doesnt work...try fightin 
    	Sagat or Thunder Hawk.  These work for all modes unless noted
    	J - Jumping
    	C - Crouching
    	S - Standing
    	() - other moves that will work
    	XX - cancel
    	1.  J Fierce (forward), C short XX machine gun upper.  4 hits
    	2.  J fierce (forward), C jab, C short XX Air Slasher. 4 hits
    	3.  Same as above execpt follow slasher with either: C jab, 
    	    C short or S Roundhouse or S fierce.  5 - 6 hits
    	4.  Opponent in corner, Dee Jay close. Air Slasher, C jab, 
    	    C jab, C Short, Air Slasher, S roundhouse.  6 hits 
    	5.  XV J forward (crossup), C short, C jab, C short XX jackknife
    	    maximum.  7 hits
    	6.  XV Dee Jay near back corner. J forward (crossup), C short,
    	    C jab, C short XX jackknife maximum, close fierce.  9 hits
    	7.  XV Dee Jay near back corner. J forward (crossup), C short, 
    	    C jab, C short XX jackknife maximum, 
    	    jackknife maximum (machine gun upper).  9 hits
    	8.  Z Opponent in corner. C short XX Sobot carnival, 
    	    S roundhouse.  8 hits
    	9.  X Dee Jay near back corner. J forward (crossup), C short,
    	    C jab, C short XX jackknife maximum, Sobot Carnival. 10 hits
    	10. X Opponent in corner. C short XX Sobot Carnival,
    	    jackknife maximum.  9 hits
    	11. ZX Opponent in corner. C short XX Sobot Carnival, 
    	    Machine Gun Upper.  9 hits
    	12. Z Theme of Sunrise, Machine Gun Upper.  10 hits
    	Combos that combo into V-ism combos...all opponents must 
    	be in corner to work unless noted otherwise.
    	jab + short = 1 strong + forward = 2 fierce + roundhouse = 3.
    	13. J fierce (forward), C jab, C short XX Air Slasher, 
    	    activate 1, S jab XX Roundhouse Jackknife maximum XX 
    	    short jackknife maximums (repeat these).  Opponent can
    	    can tap out, so nail em with a roundhouse version if they
    	    do to pop em back up.  Will have to vary for size 
    	14. Air Slasher, C jab, C jab, C Short, Air Slasher, 
    	    activate 1, S jab XX Short Rolling sobot XX machine gun 
    	    upper XX short Jackknifes.  The Standing jab XX short
    	    sobot gets you back in close to the opponent to start
    	    the juggle.
    	15. (Definitely the hardest!) Dee Jay near back corner
    	    J forward (crossup), C short, C jab, C short XX 
    	    jackknife maximum, activate 1, S jab XX jackknife
    	    maximums.  Dee Jay must be almost in the corner for 
    	    this to work.  After the C short XX jackknife maximum, 
    	    the opponent should be falling in the corner.  
    	    Activate quickly and nail em with a standing 
    	    jab to slow their fall then take em up with more
    	Regular V-ism combos....opponents must be in corner to 
    	work unless noted otherwise.   
    	16.  activate 1, short jackknife maximum XX short jackknife 
    	     maximum (repeat).  This does the least amount of hits 
    	     but the most damage out of his jackknifes.
    	17.  activate 1, c short XX air slasher XX c short XX air 
    	     slasher (repeat).  You must do this fast to combo.  I 
    	     mean really fast.  Does excellent damage and great GB 
    	     damage too.  Someone out there claims to have stuck
    	     C jab, C short, C strong XX air slasher, this would 
    	     take tremendous speed, and I dont beleive it is
    	     possible because Dee Jay is pushed back.  If anyone 
    	     else has stuck it, let me know. For this one to work,
    	     after the first air slasher, walk a step then c short 
    	     XX air slasher again.  It would look like this:
    	     <-/ c short, -> punch, ->,  <-/ c short, -> punch, ->
                 all within seconds. 
    	18.  Similar to 16 but vary with Machine gun uppers.
    	Possible Section
    	19.  Ok, on the combos with the c. short XX Sobot Carnival
    	     I have yet to jump in with fierce or forward then
    	     go c jab c short sobot carnival.(Damn PSX pads)
    	20.  Im workin on gettin a level 2 Climax beat followed by 
    	     a level 1 Theme of sunrise.  If anyone gets it please 
    	     let me know.
    	There are many others but thats for another FAQ another time.
    6.  Thanks
    	Kao Megura	Kmegura@Hotmail.com
    	   -for his assistance and moves names.
    	   -for gettin me this damn game.
    	   -for puttin up with me while I played this damn game.
    Questions, Comments please mail them to me at kazumijin@aol.com
    	1999 unpublished work copyright CAS

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