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    Bug Guide by AKwong

    Updated: 05/30/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *BETA copy* 
                       The Street Fighter Alpha 3 Bug FAQ
                           <Written by Arlen Kwong>
                                {psx version}
                         (:   Legal Information   :)
    Unpublished work Copyright (c) 1999 Arlen Shawn Kwong.
    You may use this FAQ for private purposes only. You may freely distribute,
    edit, or otherwise use this FAQ, again, as long as it is for private usage
    only. However, please ask me first.... otherwise, you will die! Just kidding.
    But you MUST inform me befor you use this FAQ in anyway, okay? Thanks :)
                           O_O  Introduction  O_O
    Welcome to this phat unofficial publication for Street Fighter Alpha 3 
    (Street Fighter Zero 3 in Asia). This FAQ details the BUGS in the game!
    If you don't know what bugs are, they are programming mistakes that people
    made when they made the game. What is really cool, though, is that these
    bugs make for a much more interesting game when you are playing against
    the computer! For example, it seems very difficult to defeat the last boss,
    M.Bison (Vega in Japan), unless you use a bug, of course! 
    This FAQ will be updated when people send me bugs for the game. As I find
    more and more bugs, this FAQ will grow larger. Until then, just chill out
    and wait for me to update this BETA copy. This BETA copy is still early from
    being a complete product.
    Send all bugs you find to (armorMODE@thekingoffighters.com)
                               ^_^  Bugs ^_^
    qcf: quarter-circle forward, starting from down joystick position
    qcb: quarter-circle back, starting from down joystick position
    hcf: half-circle forward, starting from back on joystick position
    hcb: half-circle back, starting from forward on joystick position
    dpm: dragon-punch motion (ryu's dragon punch is forward, down, down/forward)
    ---Ryu vs E.Honda Bug---
    When you are playing E.Honda on Level 8 difficulty (not sure if it works
    for all of them), you can use Ryu to get into the corner and keep performing
    qcf+Fierce all day long. E.Honda will usually just sit there in the corner
    and let you perform them. However, if he does jump, you can still sap him
    with a qcf+Jab, and then you can just keep performing all day long. Do this
    so you can get perfects!
    ---Ryu vs M.Bison Bug--
    If you're at the last boss (this is Vega in Japanese version), you can use
    this bug to defeat him very easily. I did this on Level 8 difficulty -- I am
    not sure if you can do this for all difficulty, but it worked on Level 8.
    Anyway, just walk up to this scrub and perform a dpm+Fierce. Then, walk up
    to him again, and while he is getting up, perform a dpm+Fierce again. 
    Sometimes, he may escape, but again, dpm+Fierce, again, again, again!
    ---World Tour Mode vs More than 2 opponents Bug---
    Okay, if you are facing more than one opponent in World Tour Mode (e.g.
    Point 4086), then you can do this bug. Try to get both opponents on one
    side of you. Next, perform a sweep that hits both of them. The timing does
    not have to be right on the money. Keep doing this until you can get them
    in the dreaded corner. Then, keep repeating. You can get lots of perfects
    with this scrub-technique, but hey, win-win, right!?
                             ):  Closing Words  :(
    In conclusion, I think that bugs should be used only for fun. After all,
    they are like, scrubish when you use them against a real opponent (which,
    none of the bugs in my FAQ are).
    However, I still need people to help me find more programming mistakes 
    Capcom made! Again, my e-mail is at the top of the document. Please... I 
    need help!
    .... Special Thanks To .....
    Arlen Kwong . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . For writing this FAQ
    Capcom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . For making the game

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