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    Bug Guide by Luxion

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    Street Fighter Zero 3
    Bug to take advantage of...
    by Anthony Nguyen, aka Luxion
    The following information is for Street Fighter Zero 3, note the "Zero".
    In other words, this is for the imported game and not the soon-to-be-released
    version.  Hopefully Capcom USA will catch this and fix it itherwise players will
    have to refrain from taking advantage of this "bug" if they want to play fair :)
    This is not really a FAQ, but I want to tell people so www.gamefaqs.com seems to
    be a nice place to do it.
    Disclaimer :
    This FAQ Copyright 1998 Anthony Nguyen.  If any information is used from this guide for 
    reproduction or mass distribution, please mention my name as well as e-mail me at:
    ICQ# 4462286
    If there any comments, corrections, and/or suggestions, please send them to me!
    Thank you for your support.
    On with the show...
    The "bug" I found is that once you trip (down + roundhouse, or any means to make the
    opponent fall) an opponent when you are facing more than one of them (ie. Juli and
    Juni), you can trip them again when they stand back up.
    Normally the computer (and hopefully humans) will defend against the attack when they
    are getting up, but I figure the computer is too busy thinking about both characters, 
    even when both have been tripped.
    Recommendations (if you decide to take advantage of this "fault"):
    In World Tour Mode, getting a perfect will net you 30,000 XP.  If you can trip both
    opponents in a multi-opponent match, and continue to trip them, they cannot retaliate,
    therefore you do not get hurt.

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