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    Final M.Bison FAQ by Guy Type R

    Version: 1.30 | Updated: 09/15/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PSX) Final M.Bison/Vega FAQ
    A FAQ By Guy "Type R"
    E-mail: hsakuragi@xoommail.com
    Version 1.30
    Started on 5.10.1999
    First version finished on 00:01, 5.11.1999. 
    Latest version finished on 22:09, 9.15.1999.
    What's new in this version (1.30)
          -Someone called "Die Karstadt AG" [surfer.149@cyberbar.de] e-mailed 
    me and requested for the PAL version of Final M.Bison code for SFA3. 
    Unfortunately, I can't reply back to him because his e-mail server 
    has some "fatal" errors and the e-mail I sent has returned as 
    "Unknown User". Without any other choice, I put the codes here. 
    Mind you, though, that I haven't verify the codes are working or not.
    For Player 1:				And for Player 2:
    30194406 0000                    	3019484E 0000
    D01943AE 000A				D01947F6 000A
    30194406 0001				3019484E 0001
    D0194406 0001				D019484E 0001
    80194406 0F00				8019484E 0F00
    Anyone that got the PAL version of SFA3 can report back if the codes
    work (or not). E-mail address: hsakuragi@xoommail.com
    A) Introduction
    1) Who is he, anyway?
    2) How his artificial intelligence (AI) works?
    3) How to beat him, then?
    4) Can I play as him...? He's so powerful....
    5) My final thoughts about him
    6) Mailbox
    JP--- Jab Punch	  	SK--- Short Kick
    SP--- Strong Punch	FK--- Forward kick
    FP--- Fierce Punch	RK--- Roundhouse kick
    Part Alpha:  Introduction
    	Although I'm not an expert SFA3 player by any sort, I'm really
    interested of fighting Final M.Bison ever since he super-mega-giga-tera-
    omega psycho crushed me in a cruel way. So I checked out the final battle 
    mode and find some tactics about him. Around three hours later, I've noticed 
    something strange: Everytime when he ducks, he uses the fireball; everytime 
    when he finished the skull dive, he uses the psycho crusher. I said, 
    "What the.....(%&*@!)" And that's the main reason I'm writing this FAQ. 
    Part 1:  Who is he, anyway?
    	M. Bison (also known as Vega in Japan), is the leader of Shadaloo 
    (or Shadowlaw, which many people called). He has some kind of psycho powers 
    in his body called "Psycho Drive". In SFA3, his psycho drive starts 
    overwhelming that his body cannot handle the power. He has to find someone 
    who is strong enough to control that power....and that one is Ryu. That 
    should explains the basics of M.Bison's story. Oh, and his dream, as in 
    almost every Street Fighter game, is to rule the damn world.....  
    	Final M.Bison is just a variation of the original one except he has 
    more psycho power. In arcade mode (or in final battle mode), you'll fight 
    against him in either Stage 9 (Evil Ryu only), 10 or 11.
    Part 2:  How his artificial intelligence (AI) works?
    	Okay.....everyone should have some trouble beating him for the 
    first time. After a little practice, though, you'll be figuring out how 
    his AI works. Here's a little explanation about what he will do.....
    a) If you jumps, he will either do a crouching FP, a standing RK, a jumping 
    RK, or air throwing you.
    b) If he ducks for a second or so, he will do a fireball. During that 
    time, he is highly vulnerable.  Sometimes he will do a teleport, though.
    c) After he's finished a skull dive, he will [gasp] do the 
    super-mega-giga-tera-omega _psycho crusher_ because the AI will assume 
    you'll do a sweep. 
    d) He will teleport if you're trying to attack him while he gets up.
    e)  He'll do a standing FK, a scissors kick, crouching RK (slide) or just 
    moving around if he's on the ground.
    	Of course, these are just the five main points of his AI. There 
    are other attacks that I didn't mention yet (an unusual case will be the 
    scissors kick nightmare super), but they're not really critical.
    Part 3:  How to beat him, then?
    Just follow these tips.... 
    a) When he ducks, you should jump and kick (punch, it's all in mind =) 
    him because he will not block, then you can pull off a combo or something.
    b) If his super combo gauge is maxed out and he is performing the skull diver
    (he jumps, then air punch you without the stomping), be sure to _BLOCK_
    because he will do the super-mega-giga-tera-omega psycho crusher 
    (I'm sure of this)!
    c) Because he will teleport while he gets up, NEVER, EVER use a super combo
    or a custom combo!!! Save it for later (i.e. when he ducks).
    d) If he uses either the slide or the scissors kick (he'll do these often),
    you know what to do: pull off your most powerful (and the most effective) 
    super combo immediately (or else, he'll block).  
    e) Don't jump often. He has a lot of anti-air attacks (and one of them 
    is abruptly the super-mega-giga-tera-omega psycho crusher). 
    						....and you'll be fine.
    Part 4:  Can I play as him...? He's so powerful....
    	Powerful, eh? Well, IMHO, except that super-mega-giga-tera-omega 
    psycho crusher, he's kinda sucked.....
    	And yes, you CAN play as final M.Bison. All you need to have is
    a Pro Action Replay (Gameshark), and enter the codes below:
    In the Japanese version....
    For Player 1:			And for player 2:
    301941A6 0000			301945EE 0000
    D019414E 000A			D0194596 000A
    301941A6 0001			301945EE 0001 
    D01941A6 0001			D01945EE 0001
    801941A6 0F00 			801945EE 0F00
    And in the U.S. version.....
    For Player 1:			For Player 2:
    3019443E 0000		        30194886 0000
    D01943E6 000A			D019482E 000A
    3019443E 0001			30194886 0001
    D019443E 0001			D0194886 0001
    8019443E 0F00			80194886 0F00
    NOTE: -BIG thanks to Raul <JAIRMELO@aol.com> for Player 2's
           Final M.Bison in the US version. 
          -Other codes are brought to you by AGSCC and GSCCC. 
           If you just want to play as him and use the super-mega-giga-tera-
    omega psycho crusher again and again (and again and again and again and 
    again......), try to use the MAX Gauge code..... 
    In the Japanese version....
    For Player 1:		And for player 2:
    8019416A 0090		801945B2 0090
    And in the English version....
    For player 1:		And for player 2:
    80194402 0090		8019484A 0090
    	Please note that the super-mega-giga-tera-omega psycho crusher 
    is only available in Z-ISM (or A-ISM in the U.S.)....and you can play 
    as Final M.Bison, and you can't play as the _normal_ M.Bison as long as you
    turn the Gameshark on....and the converse is true, too (that is, 
    you can play as normal M.Bison, and you can't play as Final M.Bison 
    as long as you turn the Gameshark OFF). 
    	For dealing the most damage with the super-mega-giga-tera-omega 
    psycho crusher, here's what you need to do:
    a) Go to option mode, and change the SC Damage to 4.
    b) Go to world tour mode, select M.Bison (turn Gameshark ON!) and max out
    everything (try this: Gauge plus, Damage plus, and turn the power balance 
    to POW +4). This is relatively easy if you use the Max Gauge Code and use
    the super-mega-giga-tera-omega psycho crusher forever.
    c) After that, select any mode (except Entry, World Tour, and Option), and 
    before you select M.Bison, always turn to the MAZI mode (press select), and 
    oh, be sure you're in A-ISM (or Z-ISM).
    	NOTE: In Dual Battle (under Dramatic battle mode), be absolutely 
    sure you've entered "Play as final M.Bison" code for Player 1 and Player 2 
    or the game will freeze. 
    d) There you have it. Execute the super-mega-giga-tera-omega psycho crusher 
    and see the results. You can beat ANYONE in ANY ISM in just ONE shot! Even 
    the V-ISM/Z-ISM Zangief, which has the most stamina in the game!
    	WARNING: NEVER, EVER use this against a HUMAN OPPONENT. Humans have
    emotions, while the AIs doesn't.....you got the picture? I think so....
    Extra stuffs: 
    a) Slowdown will occur if more than 1 M.Bison executes the super-mega-giga-
    tera-omega psycho crusher (duh).    
    b) In X-ISM, you will not see the "psycho crusher" sprites (2D graphics) if 
    you turn the code on. Doesn't affect gameplay, though.
    Part 5:  My final thoughts about him
    	Final thought: While the original M.Bison sucked, THIS M.Bison 
    	That's it, actually =).
    Part 6:  Mailbox
    	I'm not the only one who is fighting him out there =>, so here's
    the other people's thoughts. Their skills better than me, at least.
    From Avatar (aaron@semo.net)
    	When he does the super-ultra-mega-nasty-my-god-that-hurts 
    psycho crusher, block it (duh), then as soon as your character turns 
    around (anticipating his teleport back in) start the motion for a level 3 
    super (just about anyone's really), then hit the button to activate it just 
    as he's about to re-form.  By the time the super's lead time (or maybe its 
    first hit, depending on who you're using) is up, he'll have re-formed and 
    the super will be nailing him (there's a very brief window here before he 
    blocks, but the only way I've found to reliably hit it is with a 
    super).  Works especially well with Rose's Aura Soul Throw (especially since 
    you can use his fireballs to build up your super meter with qcb+jab).	
    	Copyright 1999 by Guy "Type R". I can't stop you from stealing 
    the information about this FAQ (that is, if you WANT to), but at 
    least you should ask me first. Street Fighter and M.Bison (Vega) is a 
    trademark of Capcom Co. Ltd. 
    	1999 Capcom Co. Ltd.  

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