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"What is EX Plus @ anyway?!?"

The concept was simple enough, Street Fighter in 3-D. However, the reality played a little more like Street Fighter 2 with polygon charactors. This game was released to more or less lukewarm reviews from critics and mediocre sales from the public. When I first laid eyes on the game, I was surprised to see such fluid movement of polygon charactors. I had been conditioned to expect slow choppy movement of polygon fighters from such titles as VF and EX Fighter. But after putting the game through the proverbal "motions", I discovered a game that is marginally worthy of the Street Fighter name. Now, on with the review...

Graphics 5/10

Intially, I found the graphics to be beautiful, probably the best in the seris. However, after sobering up, I noticed the backrounds to be HOBBIBLE. Plain landscapes with a rolling hill in the backround? C'mon, are with having this tournament in Tulsa? The charactors are not spectaularly detailed either. Graphics and backrounds could have been done much better.

Music & Sound 5/10

Nothing spectacular here, if you're looking for great music, try Bust-a-Groove or Chrono Trigger. Sound Effects are great, if you don't like sound effects. All your getting here is the "Uhhh" sound when you hit somebody and a couple muffle yells.

Controls 8/10

The game controls pretty well, you can link moves and pull off combos with relative ease. You can even link super-moves togther to pull off incredible combos. The best move in the game is the Skullo-Dream, in which Skullomania runs up on you and beats you like your name was the Buffalo Bills. Doing the Skullo-Dream to someone in a match sitution is almost worth buying the game.

Reply 6/10

After beating the game with every charactor, the only thing left to do is try a combo challage mode. This part of the game is pretty fun, but very frustrating. As with any fighting game, the greatest reply value lies in beating down a friend in two player mode. And of course doing the Skullo-Dream.

Charactors 3/10

Now, I understand this is not a very orthodox catagory, however there is something that needs to be said about the charactors they put in this game. Allen? Darun Mister? Who are these people? This game would have been alot better (in my opinion) if classic charactors such as E. Honda, Blanka or Cammy could have made the cut. I know change is good but.......

Surprisingly, this game is one of my favorites on Playstation. It's a solid fighter that could have been much better. If you like Street Fighter games, then at least give this game a rent. Besides, everyone should get the opportunity to do the Skullo-Dream at least once.....

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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