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" A 3D game with 2D style but hardly anything much to offer"

Storyline and characters-6/10
- Some of the newer characters are nice but there are also too many that I could not care less. Actually they could have pull off this one by not making it a street fighter since there are not too many of them in there.

The guys are blocky and probably the ugliest that Ryu will ever become. The bigger and supposedly more muscular guys like Zangief looked like guys with blocky muscles. Yes I believe that even Capcom has been affected by the 3D fighter rush. Well at that point of time there were suddenly many companies popping out of nowhere to make 3D fighters. Perhaps they have seen the rise of Namco ?However seriously speaking Tekken 1 and 2 also had blocky characters but they have other stuff. Besides Tekken 2 guys looked way and much better than the characters in here. The backgrounds of the stages looked terrible. Soul Edge beats in with one hand. Even Tekken 2 looked much better. I will not use Soul Edge as a comparison for graphics with this game since it might be too extreme to do so. As for the endings they are really badly done. Tekken 2's guys though blocky looked really good in their FMV endings and openings. What is Capcom thinking here ?

Everyone's ending music is the same. How lame can that be.
But some of the soundtrack are still good and nice to hear. Although some are just simple and boring to hear.

Firstly there is hardly any change in the game play. The same fireball trap style still works quite well here. But you have to give them credit in that the fireball trap style is not the best unless you play as Akuma. But this is getting old Akuma dominating nearly every game that he is in. Also unlike the really cool game made by Capcom known as Rival schools united by fate there is no nice looking tag team attacks that can amuse you. By the way Rival schools had nicer characters and better stages. It also had better game play. But anyway in this game basically there are not much new moves to learn. Most people's movelist is that of a typical 2D fighter. So why bother making it a 3D fighter if the guys has few moves and few combos and also does not make use of the 3D background to dodge and launch attacks.But seriously speaking I can not really condemn this game since 3D fighters with 2D movelist usually are not nice and fun to play. The only exception being rival schools because it is a simple game and also because of its innovative tag team attacks. But it has extra non figting modes which is seriously lacking in this one.

Conclusion- Do not play this one if you are a guy who believes that a 3D fighter should have great FMV openings and endings, great movelist and moves that make use of the 3D background. Do play this if you are a street fighter fan and you happened to love Akuma but even so you will prefer the 2D ones since they looked better there.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/15/03, Updated 06/15/03

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